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Michael Chiavacci named Chief Revenue Officer for 3SI

3SI Security Systems, a world leader in innovative security technology, announced today the addition of Michael Chiavacci as Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, he will focus on the growth and revenue areas of 3SI including sales and channel management.

"2019 has been a busy year for 3SI" said Todd Leggett, CEO of 3SI. "It's the perfect time for Michael to join us and capitalize on new opportunities, including our enhanced 4XG tracking solutions, our SafeBanker SaaS technology, the new display protection offerings through our partnership with Scorpion, and much more."

"I am excited to join 3SI, a known leader in the security market" said Chiavacci. "With a strong foundation to build on, I'll be looking to leverage our strengths to grow the business organically but also with our new strategic partners. There are so many opportunities for the innovative approaches 3SI brings to our customers."

Chiavacci comes to 3SI with a broad range of industry experience in electronic and life safety products as well as building technology, aerospace and biotechnology. In his most recent role with United Technologies, he led a large global business unit to significant growth through innovative segment strategies, tactical product development, and focused engineering management. 3sisecurity.com

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Sensormatic Solutions powers retail operations with combination of smart, connected theft detection and cloud-based shrink management
Johnson Controls today announced that Sensormatic Solutions, its leading global retail solutions portfolio, now offers retailers the powerful combination of cloud-based shrink management services in a single, smart detection platform to enhance store performance, maximize Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) investments, and better manage loss.

The latest offering combines cloud-based Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) with the next generation Sensormatic Synergy Storefront Detection Series. SMaaS provides retailers with both device management and predictive analytics to better manage shrink and address underlying root causes. Sensormatic Synergy systems leverage the power of multiple technologies at the storefront to help retailers enhance loss prevention efforts and boost store performance. These integrated solutions are now available with an extended warranty that reflects the quality of the genuine Sensormatic brand, through an extensible and modular platform that can take retailers into the future. sensormatic.com

ISCPO Appoints Two Members to its Board of Directors
The International Supply Chain Protection Organization (ISCPO.org) announced today two new additions to its Board of Directors: Tom Meehan - CSO & CISO of CONTROLTEK USA and Malcom Beckwith - Safety/Loss Prevention Manager of Tuesday Morning.

Tom Meehan, CFI is a leading loss prevention expert in all things cybersecurity and information technology. He is the chief strategy officer and chief information security officer at CONTROLTEK, the retail technology editor at Loss Prevention Magazine and the co-host of the Loss Prevention Research Council podcast CrimeScience.

Also joining the ISCPO Board is Malcolm Beckwith, who has an extensive background as a loss prevention executive. He currently works for Tuesday Morning as the Safety/Loss Prevention Manager. Previously, he worked for Ross stores as the Director of Loss Prevention for the supply chain network. He also served as the Regional Loss Prevention Director for Ross Stores. iscpo.org

Apply for a 2019 Bob MacLea LPQ or LPC Course Scholarship
Deadline for submissions is Sunday, September 1st

Bob MacLea, a founding member and Board Member Emeritus of the LPF, spent his 41-year career in loss prevention/asset protection until his retirement in 2016. Bob knew the value of continued education for the LP industry and it is in his honor that the scholarships are offered.

The goal of the LPF Scholarship Program is to provide LPQ & LPC scholarships to well-deserving loss prevention / asset protection practitioners and new entries to the retail LP industry who have a willingness to commit themselves to continuing their education. The scholarships fund the cost of course materials needed to obtain certification from the LPF (LPC or LPQ). The cost of the exams is not included in the scholarship. For more information, visit: yourlpf.org


Hurricane Dorian - The Labor Day Disruptor - Update
Retailer's Command/Operations Centers Will be in Full Operation

Gaining strength, Hurricane Dorian heads for Florida
Hurricane Dorian was gathering strength on Thursday as it churned towards Florida, where it could make landfall as a powerful Category 4 storm.

Florida's governor declared a state of emergency, warning residents on the east coast of the "Sunshine State" to prepare for a potentially major hurricane.

At 11:00 am (1500 GMT), the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami said that Dorian was a Category 1 hurricane packing maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour (140 kilometers per hour).

As it approaches Florida, Dorian could be a Category 4 hurricane on the five-level Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale, the NHC said, with winds of 130 mph (210 kph) and the potential to cause life-threatening storm surge along the coast. yahoo.com

Hurricane Dorian to become dangerous Category 4 storm
prior to making US landfall

As Dorian spun into the warm, open waters of the Atlantic Thursday, concern grew about the storm's projected path towards the United States, where it could strike as a major hurricane over the upcoming holiday weekend.

The National Hurricane Center said during its 11 a.m. advisory that the storm was about 220 miles north-northwest of San Juan and 370 miles east-southeast of the Bahamas. The storm, still packing maximum sustained winds of 85 mph, was moving at 13 mph as it entered the open -- and warmer -- waters of the southern Atlantic.

"The strengthening to a major hurricane is projected to occur while making a more westward turn toward the northern Bahamas this weekend," According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

"With Dorian forecast to pass over extremely warm water of the Gulf Stream, where the water is rapidly replaced by more warm water, you have to be concerned that a Category 5 storm is on the table before reaching the U.S. coast," Sosnowski said. accuweather.com

NOAA Post Key Messages for Hurricane Dorian - 11:00 AM AST Aug 29, 2019
1. Residents should have their hurricane plan in place and listen to advice given by local emergency officials.

2. Life threatening storm surge likelihood along portions of the Florida east coast late this weekend or early next week.

3. The risk of devastating hurricane-force winds along the Florida east coast and peninsula late this weekend and early next week continues to increase.

4. Heavy rains are expected to occur over portions of the Bahamas, Florida, and elsewhere in the southeastern U.S. this weekend and into the middle of next week.


McDonald's Under Fire From All Sides
President & Company Responds

The Threat of Violence Remains All Too Real for Fast-Food Workers
At least once a week, a viral video or news story will emerge about a fast-food employee being attacked, often with a tabloid-ready headline: On August 14, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a "McDonald's customer hurled CDs, slushie at employee because her order was wrong." Two days later, a paper in Bradenton, Florida, reported "Customer didn't get his filet-o-fish so he 'pitched a fit' at McDonalds." On August 17, in Oklahoma City, a Taco Bell employee was shot by a customer at a drive-thru window.

The last few weeks have seen a flurry of attention around fast-food chains, including the Fight for $15's minimum-wage bill being quashed in the Senate. Amid the fight for higher wages and protections against harassment and abuse, the threat of violence to employees remains overlooked by customers and corporations alike.

Earlier this year, the nonprofit National Employment Law Project released a report titled "Behind the Arches: How McDonald's Fails to Protect Workers From Workplace Violence." It began with a series of horrifying stories: the drive-thru customer in South Carolina who threw hot coffee at a 16-year-old employee over the wait for an order of fries; the customer in Florida who reached across the counter and grabbed a worker because there were no straws at the condiment station; the customer in Arizona who threatened an employee with a shotgun over a missing packet of hot sauce. These incidents all happened within the span of a few weeks in January this year.

Looking at three years of news coverage, NELP researchers found 721 instances of violence against McDonald's employees at work. Widening the lens beyond what made the news, a single store in Chicago had nearly double that: 1,356 calls made to 911 over a three-year period.

Editors Note: The writer's statement that "the threat of violence to employees remains overlooked by customers and corporations alike," is certainly overstated and uninformed. It's hard to believe that any customer in today's world is not aware of the dangers posed at any retailer or public area. And as our annual 'Retail Fatalities Report' has shown for years, the convenience store and gas station retailers regretfully have posted the highest fatality rates of any retailer due to their payroll restrictions and having only one employee on duty between 8 pm and 4 am, the highest fatality period. And a number of cities have passed or have tried to pass laws in response to that specifically.

But this writer is calling out an industry concern which warrants discussion. Especially with the rising violence trends. Just a thought - Gus Downing

McDonald's start new worker training program following criticism
over workplace safety issues

McDonald's (MCD) announced Wednesday a new training program for restaurant workers and supervisors that aims to mitigate issues like bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination.

The company will roll out training materials, developed in partnership with sexual violence prevention organization RAINN, for all its US stores in October. The training will include computer-based and in-person lessons on issues such as discrimination and retaliation prevention, how to diffuse violent situations with customers and how to report a harassment complaint.

The announcement comes after months of criticism of McDonald's by its restaurant workers, who say they have experienced violence, sexual harassment and other workplace issues at both corporate and franchise locations. In May, workers' rights organizations and the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund said a number of sexual harassment charges and lawsuits had been filed against the fast food chain, and workers hosted a protest in Chicago over the issue.

"There is a deeply important conversation around safe and respectful workplaces in communities throughout the US and around the world," Chris Kempczinski, president of McDonald's USA, said in a statement. "Together with our franchisees, we have a responsibility to take action on this issue and are committed to promoting positive change."

"The resulting training, announced today, might be good PR, but it isn't a solution," said a joint statement from Fight for $15, the American Civil Liberties Union and Futures Without Violence. cnn.com

Summer Of Mass Shootings: US Secret Service Report Looks For Answers
Rising active shooting incidents

One attempt to analyze trends and commonalities among mass shooting incidents is a research report published by the U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) titled "Mass Attacks in Public Spaces - 2018." Looking at the totality of major mass attacks last year, the report seeks to find patterns that can shed light on the attacks and suggest strategies to prevent and mitigate future incidents.

Between January and December 2018, 27 incidents of mass attacks - in which three or more persons were harmed - were carried out in public spaces within the United States. In total, 91 people were killed and 107 more were injured in locations such as workplaces, schools, and other public areas.

The National Threat Assessment Center report considered all the mass attack incidents in 2018 and analyzed some trends and statistics:

Over half (59%) took place between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., and 63% of the attacks ended within 5 minutes of when they were initiated. publicintelligence.net securityinformed.com

Security Systems News Poll
76% Say Facial Recognition Will Be Adopted
'Despite privacy concerns, readers bullish on biometrics'

With the debate on biometrics and data privacy heating up, and more and more states seeking to regulate the collection, use and retention of biometric data, this month's News Poll focuses on the future of biometrics and its role in security.

Interestingly, despite privacy concerns, readers are bullish on biometrics. While a whopping 94 percent of respondents feel there should be biometric laws in place, an overwhelming number, 76 percent, think facial recognition will continue to be adopted.

While many respondents see the benefit of biometric technology within security, price is still a factor for some. For example, 64 percent said, "It creates a safer, more seamless experience," while the remaining 36 percent said they see, "Some [benefit], but the price is still prohibitive."

This month's News Poll stirred up some interesting comments from respondents. securitysystemsnews.com

Chinese messaging App WeChat Introduces Frog Pro - Pay With Your Face

Incarceration Alerts Mitigate Criminal Activity Risks
6 Compliance Considerations When Implementing a Continuous Monitoring Program
The screening industry has been trying to move its clients-employers-to recurring screening (or continuous monitoring) for well over a decade, and it finally looks like we've reached the tipping point where technology can match the promise.

Continuous monitoring is a true game-changer for employment screening, and I firmly believe that it will add immeasurable value to any employer, particularly those in regulated industries. These real-time incarceration alerts are an early indicator of risky employee behavior that could potentially threaten a business and its employees. Incarceration alerts equip employers with the knowledge needed to mitigate business risks that stem from an employee's criminal activity.

As we all know, even with the promise that accompanies such innovation, there comes a certain degree of questioning-especially when it comes to background screening, which is highly regulated. This need for thorough evaluation on behalf of employers by their legal counsel is understandable and prudent. shrm.org

Authentic Feet Manages Nike Stock via RFID
The sports shoe manufacturer ships products with radio frequency identification tags already attached, which has automated 60 percent of the store's inventory management.

Authentic Feet's CEO, the successful deployment has raised operational demands and improved inventory control, especially for Nike products. "With Nike's initiative to ship its RFID-tagged products," he explains, "we had the idea to take this opportunity to manage our inventory of its products with the same technology."

Since March 2019, RFID has been used in the company's inventory and sales processes, including the in-store receipt and verification of products. rfidjournal.com

Olive Garden is delivering complimentary meals to First Responders this Labor Day
Labor Day is a fun, family-filled event, but for first responders, it's all about making sure their communities are safe. Olive Garden is taking the time to give back to those hard-working people. All 850+ restaurants are catering complimentary meals to a first responder organization in their community on Monday. mynbc15.com

Labor Day weekend cargo theft trends infographic and security tips
Holiday periods are known for increased risk of cargo theft because cargo thieves look to exploit an abundance of unattended trucks and closed warehouse facilities. To help preempt their activities, CargoNet® analyzed theft trends from the Thursday before Labor Day to the Wednesday after Labor Day from 2013 to 2018. CargoNet is a Verisk business.

In this analysis period, CargoNet recorded 114 cargo thefts across the United States and Canada. Cargo theft activity was highest in California, Texas, New Jersey, and Florida; but theft was recorded in 24 states and provinces during this period. Cargo theft most commonly occurred on Thursday in this analysis-a shift from the Friday or Saturday we usually see. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were tied for the second most targeted days. In this analysis, 2013 had the record for the highest activity, with 29 recorded cargo thefts; but 2015 was the costliest year on record due to a single $5.7 million theft of cell phones. The value of the stolen cargo among all thefts exceeded $16.56 million for the entire analysis period. ajot.com

CertifiedInterviewer.com rolls out new website

NY will expunge 10,872 records & clear 13,357 of those convicted of low-level marijuana crimes

Forever 21 reportedly eyeing bankruptcy

Quarterly Results

Williams-Sonoma Q3 comp's up 6.5
Dollar Tree Q2 comp's up 2.4%, sales up 3.9%
Best Buy Q2 comp's up 1.6%, online comp's up 17.3%, sales up 1.9%
Tiffany Q2 comp's down 4%, U.S. down 4%, sales down 5.8

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Nedap launches RFID Loss Prevention Academy

Online academy supports retail executives by providing a resource center of knowledge, study guides, and tests to help aid in adoption and education of RFID technology

Nedap, the global leader in RFID-based retail solutions, today launches the RFID Loss Prevention Academy. This is an online learning environment, which consist of free online courses, study guides and tests. This will help retail executives to develop critical skills, test knowledge, and demonstrate expertise in the area of RFID-based loss prevention.

Rob Schuurman, Managing Director of Nedap Retail comments: "Reduction in inventory due to shoplifting, employee theft, or other errors, significantly impacts a retailer's bottom line - to the tune of nearly $100 billion annually in direct losses worldwide. Regardless of where retail operations are located, shrink is a universal foe. Nowadays, RFID is the technology that enables retailers to prevent losses. With this e-learning, we as Nedap are sharing our expertise in the field of RFID-technology. This will help retailers to gain more understanding in the area of RFID-based EAS, enabling them to reduce the impact of losses affecting the retail industry."

RFID-based EAS
RFID-based EAS technology creates a real-time understanding of what, when and how specific items go missing by integrating item-level inventory and loss prevention data. This new insight leverages EAS and RFID inventory-visibility technologies to provide a complete pictures of loss events to help take loss prevention efforts to the next level.

  • Track and manage retail shrinkage from all source to store, in real time

  • Facilitate secured & seamless checkouts

  • Creating Unique Shopper Experiences with open entrances

  • Differentiate between actual store shrink and other forms of inventory distortion

  • Pinpoint shrink sources, in the store and all along the retail supply chain

  • Ability to respond directly to alarms using an Alarm Notification App

  • Analysis of system data, which predicts potential shrinkage

Closing the gap between loss prevention and inventory management
More and more retailers and brands are choosing RFID to gain insight into their inventory at item level. This ensures optimal product availability. The foundation of most RFID implementations is that all items are provided with an RFID label at the source of production. The same RFID label is used for inventory management and item security. This means that no additional loss prevention is needed, as stock is already 100% security tagged from source. This eliminates additional in-store tagging costs and in the same time, it enables retailers to unlock omnichannel services such as secured mobile checkout.

RFID for loss prevention is also available as a stand-alone option. This provides retailers with a future-proof loss prevention system if they prefer to implement RFID for inventory management at a later stage.

For more information regarding the RFID Loss Prevention Academy,





Advice for CISOs on Building a 'Personal Brand'
Joyce Brocaglia of Executive Women's Forum on Making the Right Moves

Security leadership requires far more than knowing about the latest technology, says Joyce Brocaglia, founder of the Executive Women's Forum, who offers insights on how CISOs can enhance their reputations.

In a video interview at Information Security Media Group's recent Cybersecurity Summit in New York, Brocaglia discusses:

● What companies look for in a CISO;
● The importance of a personal brand and a security leader's reputation;
● How CISOs can get a seat on the corporate board.

Brocaglia is CEO of Alta Associates, an executive search firm, and founder of the Executive Women's Forum. careersinfosecurity.com

The C-Suite Attack Surface
Physical & Digital Security Merging Even More
Even 'Stealth' Executives Are at Risk for Serious Security Breaches

It's near impossible to hide online. No matter how under-the-radar an executive tries to be, it's not just notoriety that attracts attention anymore - it's their access to wealth, power, and information.

Digital assailants no longer remain hidden behind computer screens holding a company's hardware hostage with ransomware. The lines between cyberattacks and physical attacks are increasingly blurred.

Ten years ago, a person's constant public exposure would have had a strong correlation with needing increased security. Back then, an executive's security team would audit their physical space, installing alarm systems, security cameras, and assigning a bodyguard. However, that level of security falls short by itself nowadays.

Executives need boots on the ground and savvy hands online. By scouring the web for sensitive information related to an individual, cybersecurity teams can quickly handle credible threats and escalate them to physical teams when necessary.

The executives who have the most sophisticated security see safety holistically. No longer are digital threats isolated to the abstract space of the internet. Physical security teams must work with digital counterparts to understand risks in both worlds and develop a plan that protects against it all because, after all, it's near impossible to hide on the internet.

Internet-wide Visibility for the C-Suite

Executives are 12 times more likely to be the target of security incidents and nine times more likely to be the target of data breaches than they were last year. With financial losses related to reputational attacks ballooning above 400% between 2012 and 2017, much of it from leaked information, organizations can no longer afford to ignore the risk of C-suite's attack surface. riskiq.com

Magecart Shops for Victims as E-Commerce Market Grows
Crime Syndicates Grabbing Your Customers Payment Info

Magecart, the e-commerce threat behind security breaches at Ticketmaster, British Airways, and other prominent targets, remains a top concern among researchers: In 2.5 hours, one security expert discovered more than 80 e-commerce sites actively under the control of Magecart groups.

For the report "In Plain Sight II: On the Trail of Magecart," conducted by Aite Group and commissioned by Arxan Technologies, researchers explored the broad attack surface available to cybercriminals when e-commerce apps aren't properly protected. The study, released today, analyzes the trail of servers compromised by Magecart groups, as well as the servers where attackers send data.

Magecart is an umbrella name given to different crime syndicates targeting payment websites, inserting malicious code, and lifting payment card data. It's not a new threat, but it is growing alongside the popularity of more secure payment methods like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and contactless cards. Magecart groups monetize data via Dark Web markets and shipping scams.

A lack of security controls can expose Web applications to formjacking, an increasingly popular type of attack in which Magecart groups inject e-commerce checkout forms with malicious code that sends shoppers' credit card information to an external server under adversaries' control. Unsecured sites make it easy for attackers to debug and read JavaScript or HTML5 in plain text.

Magecart groups can break into target systems in a number of ways, but formjacking is the most common. "Any website that conducts financial transactions or collects user credentials is a target." Victims ranged from luxury fashion retailers to motorcycle manufacturers and children's learning websites. darkreading.com


Express air dominates as pathway for counterfeit goods
Most international trade moves by ocean, but when it comes to counterfeit goods, airfreight is king. And that means more regulatory steps to follow for legitimate shippers and logistics providers.

More than 90% of merchandise seizures for intellectual property rights violations for the fiscal year ending September 2018 were in the express consignment and international mail environment, according to the latest statistics released this month by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Air express facilities accounted for $549.2 million of the $1.4 billion in fake goods confiscated, while another $197.3 million worth of copycat goods were intercepted at the nation's five international mail centers, the agency reported.

Online and mobile sales have caused a spike in the shipment of small packages, which are much more difficult for authorities to track and inspect. In fiscal year 2018, 161 million express shipments and 475 million packages moved through the international mail system into the U.S.

CBP is trying to implement an e-commerce strategy it rolled out 18 months ago to address the vulnerability from e-commerce shipments. Under the plan, the agency intends to expand its risk management and enforcement capabilities. Its wish list includes:

● Acquiring sophisticated software for data analytics and soliciting more advance information from supply chain parties to identify suspicious packages;
● Developing industry partnerships and providing trade incentives to companies with proven internal security processes, similar to what is done in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism;
● Improving interagency and international cooperation on targeting violators, information sharing and developing commerce standards;
● Modernizing inspection procedures, including new training methods for offices and realigning staff allocation;
● And ramping up enforcement and penalties to compel compliance.

An upcoming regulation, for example, will require customs brokers who handle e-commerce shipments to gather much more information, including pictures, about the importer of record to verify they are legitimate companies. freightwaves.com

How to Improve Ecommerce Security
If you have an ecommerce website, you are certainly concerned about its security. Business revenue depends on your online presence and having a website compromise is far from desirable.

In order to have a successful ecommerce business, you need to follow the requirements outlined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). The major credit card companies are behind the PCI requirements whose goal it is to ensure there's secure credit cardholder information transmission, storage, and handling.

That's why we designed our new PCI DSS compliance requirements guide, an email course on ecommerce security, and a few webinars to help you reduce the risk of a data breach.

This guide offers a basic PCI DSS compliance requirement checklist for anyone who has an ecommerce business. Read the Guide Now! securityboulevard.com

Target Reports 34% Growth in Ecommerce, Blows Out Projections

Could Barneys be saved from bankruptcy by online retailer?

81% of US consumers say they never buy groceries online




Paso Robles, CA: Team of Burglars stole thousands in jewelry from Kohl's
Paso Robles Police are asking for the public's help in identifying suspects that were involved in a robbery last week. Last Wednesday, Aug. 21, near closing hours, a crew of burglars entered Kohl's in Paso Robles. One burglar acted as a lookout, as another unscrewed a jewelry display carousel from the counter. The crew then fled with the entire carousel, containing thousands in jewelry. Once outside, the burglars got into a waiting silver car before leaving the area. delcotimes.com

Macon, GA: 2 steal over $10K in purses from Dillard's, attack employee
Bibb County investigators are looking for the man and woman who stole multiple vintage Louis Vuitton purses from a Macon Dillard's store and attacked an employee. A report filed with the sheriff's office says the incident happened Friday evening. The employee says the suspects came into the store and immediately went to the women's section, where they stole about six of the purses, each valued at $1,800. According to the report the suspects also used a tool to cut the security cables from the purses before leaving the store. wgxa.tv

Chicopee, MA: Police arrest 3 suspects after they allegedly stole $900 worth of power tools from Home Depot

Manatee County, FL: Walmart shoplifter says she can't be arrested because she is pregnant; arrested with $800 of merchandise

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Shootings & Deaths

Dolton, IL: Girl, 16, fatally shot sitting in a car outside C-Store
Police say a 16-year-old girl has been fatally shot while sitting in a car outside a convenience store in a Chicago southern suburb. Dolton police say the shooting about 9 p.m. Tuesday killed Akeira Foster of Chicago. She was shot twice in the abdomen and pronounced dead at a hospital. Police say a car pulled up to Moonlight Food Deli & Liquor, a man got out and opened fire at the car the girl was sitting in. Andrew Holmes, a Dolton village trustee, says authorities believe a male who had just gotten into the car with her was the intended target. newschannel20.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Goshen, IN: Kroger employee charged with $170,000 cash theft
Kevin Escobedo, 59, is charged with theft following his arrest at the Kroger store, 209 Chicago Avenue, last Friday. When a Goshen police officer responded to a call to the store, company loss prevention staff took him to a room where Escobedo, an employee, was sitting. During an interview, Escobedo told the officer he stole a total of $168,000 in increments from the business over a two-year period. Escobedo explained he worked in the cash office and would take $500 out of a safe at different times. He said he's addicted to cocaine and would use the cash to pay bills. goshennews.com

Port Orchard, WA: Burglary ring targets multiple pharmacies to steal thousands of prescription narcotics
Thousands of opioid pills are on the streets including Hydrocodone, Percocet, Morphine and Oxycodone after more than 14 pharmacy burglaries in western Washington this summer. The latest of these burglaries was in South Kitsap County, where two suspects broke into a locally-owned pharmacy in the middle of the night. The owner says it's the first time in over 50 years that anything like this has happened. The surveillance video from the pharmacy shows two suspects using a pry bar to break the locks on the front door before racing inside. q13fox.com

Saginaw Township, MI: Four High School Football Players arrested in connection with Gun Store Burglary
Four players listed on the Heritage High School varsity football roster were among those arrested in connection to a gun store burglary in Saginaw Township. Saginaw Township Community Schools Superintendent Bruce Martin confirmed the players were named on the roster but are no longer on the team. The robbery happened about 3 a.m. on Aug. 2 and at the time, officials estimated about 50 firearms were stolen from Showtime Guns and Ammo. Kaiser said six guns were recovered. wnem.com

Kennewick, WA: Instant Karma: Man's Pickup Is Stolen
While He's Out Robbing a Store

According to the police, a call came about a stolen vehicle on Sunday: Kelley told dispatch that he had parked his red pickup and left the keys on the seat. Someone walked by, saw the keys and got an idea, so they ended up leaving at the wheel of the vehicle. What Kelley conveniently forgot to mention was the reason for which he'd left the keys inside the car: he needed to be able to make a quick escape because he was out robbing a store across the street. So, while he was there committing a crime, someone else committed another crime and left him without his car, aka getaway vehicle. shorenewsnetwork.com

Modesto, CA: Two Arrested In Vintage Faire Mall Smash-And-Grab Robbery; Search Continues For Third Suspect

Glenshaw, PA: $1,000 of Harley Davidson merchandise stolen

Halesowen, England: Asda Security guard assaulted by suspected shoplifter

Manchester, England: Tesco Beer thief with 7 year old son, fought with Security; bit his nose so hard that it had to be rebuilt

Bolton, England: Shoplifter attempting to flee attacks 80 year old shopkeeper


Bessemer, AL: He stole $50 and got life without parole
35 years later, he's coming home

At 22, Alvin Kennard was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. His crime? Stealing $50.75 from a bakery in 1983. Now 58, Kennard is coming home after spending more than 35 years - nearly his entire adult life - behind bars. On Wednesday, when an Alabama judge ordered that he be released from prison, more than a dozen friends and family members who had gathered in the courtroom leaped to their feet and cheered. washingtonpost.com



Boost Mobile - Houston, TX - Robbery
Boost Mobile - Fairfax County, VA - Robbery/ Assault
C-Store - Middletown Township, PA - Burglary
C-Store - Erie, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - West Ocean City, MD - Burglary
Dollar General - Orangeburg, SC - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Pueblo, CO - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Sarasota County, FL - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Henderson, NV - Robbery
Jewelry - Raymore, MO - Robbery
Jewelry - Farmington, CT - Robbery
Jewelry - Marcos, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Elkhart, IN - Robbery
Motorcycle - Glenshaw, PA- Burglary
Pharmacy - Port Orchard, WA - Burglary
Restaurant - Portage County, WI - Burglary
Restaurant - Greenwood, SC - Robbery (Burger King)
Restaurant - Monahans, TX - Armed Robbery (Sonic)
Thrift - Willcox, AZ - Burglary
Thrift - Lake Wylie, SC - Burglary
7-Eleven - Hampton, VA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Wilmette, IL - Robbery
7-Eleven - Southgate, MI - Robbery


Daily Totals:
16 robberies
7 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed






Agustin Jaramillo promoted to District AP Manager for Safeway
Patrick Turner promoted to Area LP Manager for Ross Stores
Alex Collins promoted to Program Manager - LP for Nordstrom

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Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities...

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Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

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Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

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Getting involved in a process is an obligation and taking it seriously is absolutely critical to your success regardless of what the process involves. Whether it's looking at a job or sitting on a company committee. Once you've committed, your reputation, your image, your future is at stake. Minimizing it won't decrease the impact nor will it reduce the expectations of others. Because when you become part of a process, other people are either looking at you or they're counting on you to be your best or give your best. So once you've committed, follow through and deliver your best.

Just a Thought,

Gus Downing

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