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LPNN On Location with Axis Communications

Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager, Axis Communications
with LPNN MC Amber Bradley

With limited budgets these days, retailers are being tasked to do more with less. That includes leveraging existing technology in stores wherever possible. And nobody owns more technology in retail locations than loss prevention professionals - from cameras and alarms to POS, EAS, RFID, the list goes on.

Hedgie Bartol of Axis Communications tells us how LP/AP teams can integrate technology within their stores to go beyond reducing shrink, adding value to other parts of the business including operations, marketing and sales.

To learn how Axis can help you do more within your store, visit www.axis.com


2019 GLPS - Group LP Selfies

Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Burlington Celebrating Team Success at GROC in Atlanta

"Having fun while being the best"

Lowest Shrink in Company History!

From left to right:
Jim Mauldin, Will Tucker, Caleb Bowman, Jazz Durakovic, Samuel Davies, Mike Jacobs, Shaneka Jackson, and Tammy Oister

Thanks to Jim Mauldin, Regional Loss Prevention Manager at Burlington, for submitting this team selfie!

Hey LP/AP Teams,
Got a picture of your team on your cell phone?

Send it to us!




FBI Crackdown
Mass Shootings/Active Shooters
A National Problem - Domestic Terrorism - Some Inspired by El Paso

Over 40 People Have Been Arrested As Potential Mass Shooters Since El Paso
From Juvenile's Setting Parents on Edge to Well-Developed Walmart Plots/Threats
With Some Inspired by El Paso

Tips about potential acts of mass killings have spiked, and law enforcement appears to be paying close attention to threats.

In the four weeks since the shootings in Walmart in El Paso, Texas, law enforcement authorities have arrested more than 40 people as potential mass shooters - an average of more than one per day.

A HuffPost survey of these arrests likely didn't capture every one, but it offers a snapshot of the types of cases that law enforcement officials face in a country with easy access to weapons capable of killing a lot of people quickly. The cases range from allegations of vague social media threats from juveniles that set parents on edge to well-developed plots from people who had access to weapons and appeared to authorities to have been planning a mass murder. There were roughly a dozen cases involving right-wing ideology. There were at least a dozen alleged threats against schools. There were half a dozen cases involving alleged threats against Walmarts.

In the wake of El Paso, law enforcement is clearly paying very close attention to threats of mass violence. Our review of court filings reveals that federal law enforcement officials, after El Paso, took investigative steps against a few defendants who had been already been on their radar.

And some of those arrested were inspired by the El Paso attack, according to authorities. The public is paying closer attention as well, as evidenced by the spike in tips to the FBI after that Aug. 3 massacre.

A number of the alleged threats, if carried out, would have qualified as instances of domestic terrorism. A top FBI official told reporters this year that domestic terrorism cases were "challenging" for the bureau. The disparate handling of right-wing and Islamic terrorism has set off a debate over the need for a domestic terrorism law, and one prominent lawmaker has introduced such legislation, which has already raised objections from civil liberties advocates.

As of late July, FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate committee that the FBI had already been involved in 100 domestic terrorism-related arrests in the first three-quarters of the 2019 fiscal year, which began in October 2018. The rapid pace of new cases suggests that the number of domestic terrorism-related cases in the 2019 fiscal year could outpace the 2017 and 2018 fiscal year figures.

A detailed article outlining the arrests week by week. A must read. huffpost.com

Potential Six Flags Mass Shooter Stopped in Holmdel, NJ
'Quick Thinking Security at Six Flags Averts Fright Fest'

According to a news release from the Jackson Police Department, at approximately 11:00 am on Thursday August 29, 2019 while working a security detail assignment at Six Flags Great Adventure, Sgt. Michael Kelly and P.O. Andy Falzarano were alerted by SFGA Security in reference to Jonathan Fruchter, age 38 of Allentown NJ.

He was at the employee training center and had reportedly come to the park seeking a job and was acting irrationally and asking questions about the park's security protocols.

The officers responded to the location and were advised that he had been previously escorted out of the park due to his behavior but had returned and began to allegedly harass employees because he had not been hired.

The officers learned that he was in possession of a handgun in his vehicle, parked in the SFGA parking lot. When searched officers found a Glock 9mm handgun, three loaded 15 round magazines, several knives, a SOG machete, a SOG tactical tomahawk, handcuffs and a hat with NYPD logo. At his home they found an AR-15 and several 30 round magazines for the rifle and a Sig Sauer 40 caliber handgun and more ammunition. Police arrested the suspect.  privateofficerbreakingnews.blogspot.com

Police Short Circuit Burris Food Warehouse Killers Plans to Kill
Assaults Supervisor - Promises to Return & Kill Everybody

After unleashing an assault on a manager and damaging property inside a food warehouse facility a Delaware man fled the scene, "promising to return and kill everyone," say police.

Maryland State Police received a 9-1-1 call from an employee at Burris Logistics, a food distribution warehouse on Fletchwood Road in Elkton, MD. The caller reported an irate individual inside the building damaging property and threatening to kill everyone in the building. Troopers were immediately dispatched to the area.

A Delaware man has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a supervisor and making threats of mass violence at the food distribution warehouse where he worked, Maryland State Police said. Brian Knight, 26, was charged with threat of mass violence, second-degree assault and malicious destruction of property after he was arrested without incident Friday at his home in Newark, Delaware, according to the state police. thechesapeaketoday.com

Armed Man killed in officer-involved shooting following foot chase outside
St. Louis Galleria Mall
Police said a 23-year-old man was killed after he ran from a Richmond Heights officer near the St. Louis Galleria Mall Saturday afternoon.

St. Louis County Police said this all started when a mall security officer noticed an armed man inside the mall around 3 p.m. The security officer contacted a Richmond Heights police officer who observed a handgun on the man's waistband. The officer approached the man to tell him about the Galleria's no guns policy. Police said the man ran away while the officer was speaking to him.

The officer chased him on foot and reached the parking lot across the street from the Galleria and then shot and killed the man while at the parking lot. Police said the handgun was recovered on the scene and did not provide any information on why the officer discharged his weapon. St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell promised transparency throughout the investigation. kmov.com

West Texas Shooting Spree Terrorized Two Towns and Killed 7
The 36-year-old man who terrorized two West Texas towns with an assault-style rifle Saturday had been fired from his trucking job a few hours before he led the authorities on a chaotic high-speed chase that ended with his death and the deaths of seven others. Along a 15-mile stretch between the sister cities of Midland and Odessa, the aftermath of the gunman's rampage - in which he indiscriminately fired on motorists and police officers with an AR-15-style rifle while driving - clashed with the typically serene and dusty rural landscape of the region.

Military-style assault weapons were largely banned from 1994 until 2004, and remain at the center of a continuing national conversation about gun control.

A total of 22 people were wounded, officials said, including three law enforcement officers and a 17-month-old toddler who was recovering Sunday from injuries that included shrapnel in her chest. nytimes.com

Passing a Domestic Terrorism Federal Law?
Politicians pushing for laws to address domestic terrorism

"Domestic terrorism is in our backyard, and we need to call it and treat it under the law the same as other forms of terrorism," said Senator Martha McSally, an Arizona Republican who intends to introduce legislation when Congress returns in September.

McSally's proposal would allow federal law enforcement to charge suspects with acts of domestic terror and add punishments for those crimes, including the death penalty.

Congressman Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, introduced legislation on August 16 that he described as a "very high priority."

"It is an epidemic. There is no question there's a rise in anti-Semitism, racism," Townsend said. "What we need to understand is many of the lessons learned about fighting international terrorism apply here domestically." cbsnews.com

Congress's Publication - 'The Hill'
Gun debate to shape 2020 races

Lawmakers return to Washington next week with both sides vowing a robust debate on gun reform following a pair of deadly mass shootings in Texas and another in Ohio.

Experts say, the outcome could have far-reaching effects on the 2020 elections, as liberal gun control advocates warn of a voter backlash if Congress sits idle and conservative gun rights proponents caution against any new restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Whatever the outcome, the debate is likely to play an outsize role in races for the House, where Democrats are hoping to make gun violence prevention a major campaign issue. The political consequences could be especially profound in the suburbs, where Republican campaign operatives are starting to sound early warnings against doing nothing.

"A lot of suburban voters, especially college-educated women, don't understand why we can't do something in the face of the obvious national problem of gun violence." thehill.com

Reposting Due to Significance - 1st Time Ever - AI Voice Spoofing
Mimicking Your Boss's Voice & Getting Away With It
Anyone Can Do It

Fraudsters Use AI to Mimic Parent CEOs Voice With Division CEO
A Direct Report, Division CEO Wires $243K in Voice-Spoofing Scam

Criminals used artificial intelligence-based software to impersonate a chief executive's voice and demand a fraudulent transfer of 220,000 euros ($243,000) in March in what cybercrime experts described as an unusual case of artificial intelligence being used in hacking.

The chief executive of a U.K.-based energy firm thought he was speaking on the phone with his direct boss, the CEO of the firm's German parent company, who asked him to send the $243,000 funds to a Hungarian supplier. The caller said the request was urgent, directing the executive to pay within an hour, according to the company's insurance firm, Euler Hermes Group SA.

Several officials said the voice-spoofing attack in Europe is the first cybercrime they have heard of in which criminals clearly drew on AI. Euler Hermes.

The money that was transferred to the Hungarian bank account was subsequently moved to Mexico and distributed to other locations.

Editor's Note: This was with a direct report at the CEO level and it worked. That's a whole different league of fraud that no one has ever dealt with. Building the safeguards for this is going to be quite interesting and frustrating and how does that translate at a store level fraud. Potentially approving fraudulent refunds over the phone, verifying store alarms, and a host of schemes. cybersecurity.cmail20.com

Forbes Article
Searsageddon: Massive Sears HQ Layoffs, More Store Closings
80% of the workforce at Sears HQ laid off Last Thursday night

Reports from vendors who visited the offices Friday said there were vast empty spaces in the offices and hundreds of workers were already long since gone. What was particularly telling was the suddenness of the move. The entire merchandising staff for the home area for Sears had been reduced to four buyers and one divisional merchandise manager.

Sears has closed some 200 stores since bankruptcy filed in October 2018. The company retains over 500 locations, including 480 full-line department stores. It also operates 360 Kmart stores. forbes.com ibtimes.com

Editor's Note: Which makes total since after Sears Hometown was sold last week. Now this article is obviously quoted from what appears to be one Home vendor and refers to other vendors having commented to this vendor and Forbes apparently.

U.S. Prosecutors Probe Huawei on New Allegations of Technology Theft
New Theft Investigation - Recruiting Competitors Employees - Theft Bonus Bounty

The inquiries into the Chinese telecommunications giant overlap with findings from a Wall Street Journal investigation

U.S. prosecutors are looking into additional instances of alleged technology theft by Huawei Technologies Co., according to people familiar with the matter, potentially expanding beyond existing criminal cases against the Chinese telecommunications giant.

Among the situations being examined are episodes in which Huawei was accused of stealing intellectual property from multiple people and companies over several years, as well as how the company went about recruiting employees from competitors, these people said. The government is investigating aspects of Huawei's business practices that weren't covered in indictments of Huawei issued earlier this year.

The new inquiries overlap with findings from a Wall Street Journal investigation in May that documented numerous allegations of intellectual property theft against Huawei throughout its history, these people said. They include alleged theft of smartphone-camera technology from a Portuguese multimedia producer and Huawei's practices of recruiting employees from rival companies, the people said.

The indictment also accused Huawei of launching a bonus program to reward employees who stole confidential information from rivals. Huawei called the charges "politically motivated" in an Aug. 9 motion to dismiss the case.

The Wall Street Journal reported in May that Mr. Read helped Huawei recruit laid-off workers from nearby offices of Ericsson AB during those years. Mr. Read described how Huawei at its Sweden office stashed foreign-made equipment in a secure basement to be dissected by Huawei engineers. The chamber had counterparts in other Huawei facilities, according to current and former U.S. officials. Mr. Read confirmed he was approached by investigators after the article's publication. wsj.com

Industry Changing Impact

Juul & Retailers Implementing Strictest Age-Verification POS Standards in History
Juul Announces Aggressive New Measures to Reduce Underage Use

In November 2018, in response to the troubling rise of youth vaping, the company suspended the distribution of non-tobacco and non-menthol-based flavored JUULpods to all of our traditional retail store partners (more than 90,000).

Juul discontinued its U.S.-based Facebook and Instagram accounts, and its team has successfully removed more than 30,000 third-party social media listings to date, including 25,405 individual Instagram posts, and an additional 1,250 Instagram accounts (impacting over 1.1 million followers).

Juul has also intensified efforts to combat illegal and potentially dangerous counterfeit and compatible products through multiple legal actions and complaints to the United States International Trade Commission.

Retail Access Control Standards

Juul is working with retailers across the U.S. to implement the strictest age-verification point-of-sale standards ever imposed for an age-restricted product at retail, far exceeding those in place for other tobacco products or for alcohol. Under Juul Labs' Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) program, every retail point-of-sale (POS) system immediately locks when a JUUL product is scanned and remains locked until a retailer electronically scans a valid, of-age government-issued I.D. to verify both the age and the I.D. validity.

More than 50 retail chains, totaling more than 40,000 outlets, have already committed to being RACS-compliant. To expedite the adoption of these standards, Juul is providing over $100 million of incentives and financial support to retailers that implement RACS by May 2021. To increase ease of retailer certification, Juul has partnered with premier service providers to build and deploy technology integrations

The initial list of retailers who have agreed to implement RACS is encouraging and demonstrates the commitment many retailers are willing to make to combat underage use. Some of the earliest adopters include leading retail partners throughout the country, including Chevron ExtraMile, Cumberland Farms, Kum & Go and QuikTrip. cstoredecisions.com

Last Man Sentenced in $25M Xerox Ink Toner-Resale Ring
Haynes Brothers Furniture Operators Ran the Copiers & Copy#'s Up at Sham Companies, Then Sold the Free Cartridges To a Guy in Miami

The last person remaining to be sentenced in a Xerox toner-theft scam involving three family members of Ormond Beach, FL.-based (5) Haynes Brothers Furniture stores will be sent to federal prison for 18 months and pay $3.8M in restitution to Xerox. Fisher provided "valuable information" to investigators in the case.

The three Haynes and two other men were convicted of fraudulently reselling toner cartridges they obtained by falsifying the number of copies they made at their five furniture stores and the sham businesses they set up. Selling them to mostly one man in Miami for $11M from 2008 to 2013. Selling more than 63 printers to sham companies they had set up and over-ordering $25M worth of toner from Xerox. The defrauding happened through HDH breaching the manual meter read process.

The criminal complaint notes that Xerox wrote to Fisher in April 2011, explaining it will stop sending toner to Aldar until Xerox received a reasonable explanation as to why so much toner was ordered.

Soon after, Fisher allegedly sent through some "false print samples that made it appear Aldar was legitimately using more toner than the industry average," according to the criminal complaint document, resulting in Xerox stopping the supply of toner.

David Haynes is responsible for paying $885,000 in restitution to Xerox. The other three are collectively responsible for paying a total of $9.475 million to Xerox. therecycler.com news-journalonline.com 13wham.com

Hurricane Dorian downgraded to Category 2 storm,
but grows in size as it moves north toward Carolinas
Hurricane Dorian is moving northwest toward the U.S. after virtually stalling over the Bahamas where it caused devastation and was blamed for
at least five deaths.

A storm surge warning meanwhile was extended northward from Florida to about midway up South Carolina's coast. Much of South Carolina's coast is also now under a hurricane warning.

As of late Tuesday morning, the "extremely dangerous" storm began to move slightly faster at 2 mph, although its maximum sustained wind speed slowed a bit to 110 mph, the National Hurricane Center said. nbcnews.com

Sacramento Police open safety station in a Raley's Store this past week

Great job, Matt Hilbrink, Dir of AP at Raley's.

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Sr. Director, Enterprise Risk Management for YMCA of Greater Seattle
- based in Seattle, WA

The Senior Director of Enterprise Risk Management will directly lead a holistic evaluation of risk identification against the organization's core business model and strategy. The incumbent is responsible for working across the organization to identify, mitigate and manage emerging strategic, financial and operational risk related to member and team member safety, organizational reputation and optimization and retention of assets.

With 13 branches, two overnight camps and more than 200 program sites, the YMCA of Greater Seattle is the Northwest's leading nonprofit organization strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. ymca.net

NYC: Shootings Spike 40% in Parts of Queens - Gang Feuds Over Drugs

Best Buy Notes in Q2 Statement: Tariffs Hit 12/15 on Mobile Phones, Gaming, TVs, & Smartwatches & Headphones

Giant Food Stores Named Retailer of the Year by Supermarket News

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) Announces ALTO as Newest Associate Level Partner

Quarterly Results
Best Buy Q2 comp's up 1.6%, net sales up 2%
Big Lots Q2 comp's up 1.2%, net sales up 2%

Last week's #1 article --

Social media antics causing grief at Walmart, Target, Lowe's and other stores
In a popular new social media fad that retailers wish will soon grow stale, YouTubers are creating click bate video content by staging pranks in big chain stores, most notably Walmart, but also in Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, Ikea and others. Often, the videos depict pranksters dancing and acting up in front of employees to instigate reactions for the camera, but oftentimes the performances involve vandalism with the intent of getting the workers to contact the police. businessinsider.com


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Your Marketing Exec's May Be Having a Bad Week - They Got Conned
Fed's Indict email Advertising Firm For Large Scale Hijacking & Spamming
'Adconion Direct' Worked With Kohl's, T-Mobile, Adidas, AT&T & Others in Past

Adconion Direct was in the business of delivering bulk commercial emails on behalf of "well-established" client companies to advertise their goods and services.

Indictment alleges that Defendants, acting on behalf of Company A, took actions to acquire IP addresses to send commercial emails.1 To deliver large amounts of emails, advertising companies must seek out a steady supply of Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses that are not blocked by spam filters. The dispute in this case is whether Defendants, as employees of Company A, acquired certain IP netblocks2 unlawfully, and whether Defendants along with Company A unlawfully sent bulk commercial emails facilitated in part by these netblocks. The Government has alleged that Defendants "hijacked" certain abandoned IP netblocks by means of wire fraud (Counts 2 through 5), and that Defendants sent commercial emails from "hijacked" IP.

The Government Alleges Defendants Defrauded Hostwinds, a Hosting Company, by Using Purportedly Forged Letters of Authorization. Prosecutors say the accused were able to spam from the purloined IP address blocks after tricking the owner of Hostwinds, an Oklahoma-based Internet hosting firm, into routing the fraudulently obtained IP addresses on their behalf.

Adconion in 2014, bills itself as the world's leading independent advertising platform. The CEO of Amobee is Kim Perell, formerly CEO of Adconion.  krebsonsecurity.com

So - Are Some of Your C Level Executives Getting Conned?
$9 Billion Loss Since September 2016
AIG: Organized Crime Driving BEC & Doubling in 1 Year
"Top Reason" Businesses Make Cyber insurance Claim: Business Email Compromise

AIG, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, has issued a report which reveals that there is a new leader in the list of top threats causing losses for businesses.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is now the top cause of loss for cyber claims, accounting for a massive 23%.

That outstrips ransomware (18%), which has become increasingly targeted & disruptive in the last year.

Click to see full chart

One of the reasons that Business Email Compromise attacks work so well is because we're all too trusting of email. Just because you receive an email which appears to come from your boss's email account, doesn't mean that your boss really sent it to you.

It's perfectly possible that it's someone who is forging your boss's email address or - worse - has managed to compromise your boss's email account in order to send you fraudulent messages, perhaps asking you to transfer funds into a bank account under a hacker's control, or forward sensitive information. (Today's top article - AI Voice Fraud BEC)

An alternative form of BEC attack sees fraudsters pose as suppliers working on projects for your company, and then send bogus invoices asking for payments to be made into their accounts.

AIG says it created a new category for BEC attacks following "a high number of BEC-related claims" over the last 12 months. By comparison, says that BEC only accounted for 11% of claims in 2017

"Ultimately what's behind a lot of these compromises is organised crime," "We're still seeing a surprisingly high level of these forms of fraud being perpetrated and some are affecting quite large and sophisticated clients," said Jose Martinez, AIG's vice president of financial lines major loss claims in EMEA. "You may think that every CFO at a large company would know about this by now, but it's still happening." bitdefender.com

Click to see full chart

False Positive & Alert Fatigue
Arguably An SOC's Top Challenge - Only Topped by Skills Shortage
'Every Hour SOCs Run, 15 Minutes Wasted on False Positives'- 25% Wasted Time

New research out in the past few weeks show that false positives and alert fatigue continue to plague security operations centers (SOCs) worldwide. And, according to the research, it's killing the SOC's ability to keep teams intact and to respond quickly to threats.

The most recent report out earlier this week shows that close to half of security analyst teams battle false positive rates of 50% or higher from their security tooling. Meantime, another report released earlier this month from Ponemon Institute and SIEM provider Exabeam shows that as much as a 25% of a security analyst's time is spent chasing false positives-sifting through erroneous security alerts or false indicators of confidence-before being able to tackle real findings. That means that every hour an analyst spends on the job, they're wasting 15 minutes on false positives. On average, the typical organization wastes anywhere between 424 hours and 286 hours per week on false positives.

Another similar Ponemon report sponsored by Devo on the state of SOC capabilities and threat hunting today shows that this wasted time is pushing false positives into standing as one of the top five issues that make the SOC ineffective. Some 49% of organizations report it as a top challenge.

The data points bombarding security analysts today is causing them to experience "sensory overload." Goldfarb writes.

If you aren't familiar with the term "alert cannon," you should be. Most security organizations contend with noisy, imprecise rule logic that produces an exorbitant number of false positives. The result is a cannon of alerts that can bury even the largest security teams in noise. Developing precise, high fidelity, low noise alerting designed to incisively root out activity indicative of the prioritized risks is the right way to filter out all of that unhelpful noise.

All of the wheel-spinning on false positives and alert overload wears on security analysts long-term, eventually causing serious burnout and turnover throughout SOC teams. Some eight in 10 teams experienced measurable churn over the last year, and two in 10 reported more than 40% analyst churn in that time. This makes it even harder than it already is to keep staffing levels in line with the work-in 2019 some 38% of SOCs report that they're understaffed.

This is a considerable problem considering that the skills shortage is typically cited as the number one challenge in maintaining SOC efficacy, above false positives and alert volume. Clearly it is all interrelated-the Fidelis study, for example, reported that the two biggest barriers to threat hunting are a lack of time (49%) and a lack of skills (41%). Clearly the pain points are all interconnected. bitdefender.com

Senior Security Jobs


The Dangers of the Digital Market - And How to Guard Against Online Fraud
Companies have long battled footwear's dark underbelly, facing issues ranging from counterfeits to minimum advertised price (MAP) violations and retail shrinkage to illicit chargebacks. But the proliferation of online marketplaces can leave brands more vulnerable than before.

Marketplace Watch
Monitoring unauthorized sellers is another digital challenge for brands. Most are now selling through multiple retail channels, both online and offline. So if products are being sold - with deep discounts - on third-party sites such as Amazon, Alibaba or Walmart, a company might not even know.

On the MAP
Still, brands can face issues with pricing at their legitimate retail partners, if their distribution agreement does not comprehensively cover online marketplaces. MAP violations are dangerous as they can result in a race to the bottom; retailers have to stay competitive, so one storefront selling at a discounted price can have a knock-on effect. Fortunately, this is fairly easy to resolve with a rigorous MAP policy. Fundamentally, a MAP policy sets the terms for the lowest price at which a retail partner can advertise a brand's product.

Money Back Guarantee?
Once a brand has safeguarded its retail partners, attention also needs to be paid to the transaction process. Chargebacks occur when a customer queries a purchase and requests a refund. Since the burden of proof lies with the merchant, it's very easy for shoppers to claim their money back. In legitimate cases, this means a smooth customer experience and an increased likelihood that they will return to that retailer. footwearnews.com

How Facebook Unfriends Ad Fraudsters & Stays Ahead of Advertising Fraud
Advertisers Expected to Lose $5.8 Billion in 2019 Due to Ad Fraud
Digital fraud continues to be one of the most pressing issues that marketplaces face today. Experts estimate that total fraud losses in 2018 totaled $3.9 trillion - an increase of 49.5 percent over the last 10 years.

How Facebook Stays Ahead Of Advertising Fraud
Social networking giant Facebook is a power player in the advertising market, with 2.3 billion active monthly users and $16.6 billion in quarterly ad revenue. Its broad presence makes it an extremely attractive target for fraudsters, which employ a variety of illicit methods to make off with their slice of the pie. For this month's Feature Story, PYMNTS spoke with Rob Leathern, Facebook's director of product management, on how the company prevents ad fraud via automated detection systems and thorough advertiser vetting.

Ad fraud is one of the most prevalent forms of digital fraud, with advertisers expected to lose more than $5.8 billion because of it this year. pymnts.com

How student discounts factor into online retailers' back-to-school strategies



La Quinta, CA: Over 50K in products stolen from Ulta Beauty stores across Southern California
On August 12, the La Quinta Special Enforcement Team responded to the La Quinta Ulta Beauty after property was reported stolen. The team used surveillance footage to identify the suspect as 22-year-old Abraham Barragan from Baldwin Park, who is now in custody. They issued a search warrant at a residence Barragan was known to frequent in Baldwin Park. Later, on August 26, the stolen property belonging to the La Quinta Ulta Beauty was found at the 1400 block of East 4th Street, Ontario after a search warrant was served. Barragan is linked to over 30 grand thefts throughout the Riverside, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties. The total loss Ulta Beauty suffered across Southern California was approximately $50,400. kesq.com

Round Rock, TX: Man arrested in Target electronics Robbery; maybe tied to 30 Target stores in Texas
Police say a man charged with robbing a Target store in Round Rock has been at the center of a months-long investigation into a series of Target robberies across Texas. Surveillance video shows who police say is 22-year-old Corliss Lacue-Randall running out of Target after stealing almost $3,000 in Apple products on July 28. An electronics employee says Lacue-Randall asked him to look at product in a locked case. Once the employee opened the case, Lacue-Randall pushed him to the ground and grabbed four Apple watches and two Apple iPad Air tablets. Police say surveillance video shows Lacue-Randall fleeing through the fire exit at the back of the store with the electronics. Target security officers say they've been tracking Lacue-Randall since January. They believe he is responsible for 30 other thefts at Target stores across the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Randall-Lacue has been arrested and faces a second degree felony robbery charge.  kxan.com

Monona, WI: New York based ORC ring busted with $40,000 of merchandise in central Wisconsin
Police arrested three people they say are part of an interstate theft group based in New York. Police say Diego Bahamondes, Marco Suarez and Michelle Cardenas were caught shoplifting at the Kohl's in Monona Wednesday night. Officers seized bags of stolen goods they say the suspects took. There were gift cards valued at several thousand dollars. In their car, they had more than $40,000 in stolen merchandise from other stores. Police say the three were shipping the stolen goods back to New York. Investigators are still looking for a fourth person involved with this group.  wkow.com

Lower Paxton Township, PA: Five women charged in $10,000-plus Dick's Sporting Goods shoplifting scheme
The Baltimore women were charged after a Saturday afternoon incident at a Dick's Sporting Goods. Police were called to the Dick's about 3:59 p.m., and when officers arrived, they were told that the women had entered the store earlier and grabbed armfuls of merchandise before fleeing the area in a vehicle. pennlive.com

Bettendorf, IA: California Identity theft ORC Ring busted in Iowa

Twin Falls, ID: Two men arrested following alleged attempt to steal and impersonate an officer at Walmart

Manteca, CA: Two Arrested For Stealing Nearly $2,000 Worth Of Merchandise From Kohl's

Elizabethtown, TN: Police charge 2 JC Penney shoplifters with Felony Robbery and Assault; merchandise valued at $1,600

Laredo, TX: Suspected thief jailed after taking over $700 in perfume from Macy's at Mall del Norte

Chicago, IL: 5 Male Teens charged with stealing from Zara in the Loop; over $300


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Shootings & Deaths

Sugar Land, TX: C- Store Clerk Shot and killed in Armed Robbery
A Sugar Land convenience store clerk killed Saturday night on the job was identified as Hamid Lakhani. He was 63 years old. Police were called to the W B Food Mart at 8:30 p.m. Saturday in response to a robbery and shooting in progress. Customers found the clerk inside the store with a gunshot wound. He was taken by EMS to a hospital where he later died. According to police, three men were involved in the robbery and shooting. They fled the area afterward.  abc13.com

Hobart, IN: 1 wounded in Indiana Walmart shooting; 2 in custody
A shooting Sunday at a Walmart in Hobart, Indiana, wounded one person and two others were in custody, police announced. "There are two suspects in custody and weapons have been recovered from the scene," the Hobart Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.  foxnews.com

Youngstown, OH: Two suspects shot and arrested in C-Store Robbery

Johannesburg, South Africa: 31 people arrested for looting, setting shops and cars alight in Johannesburg; 3 people killed

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Lewiston, ID: Three admit to staging Armed Robbery at Dollar Tree
Police arrested Heather Massie, Felicia Nash and her husband, Christopher Hubbard, Friday after investigation showed the robbery was staged. Massie called 911 Thursday, reporting a man armed with a knife robbed the store, then fled on foot. Detectives continued to investigate on Friday and found discrepancies in witness statements. lmtribune.com

Burien, WA: Safeway shoplifters survive after crashing into truck attempting to flee
Two shoplifting suspects struck a box truck after fleeing a Safeway in Burien Saturday, according to the King County Sheriff's Office. The driver of the vehicle was speeding and tried to make a turn before crashing into a truck. The passenger of the shoplifting vehicle sustained life-threatening injuries, while the driver suffered broken bones. komonews.com

Perth, Australia: Two Apple stores hit in $300,000 Smash & Grab

Memphis, TN: Accused Chick-fil-A robber named in string of other crimes; 4 month crime spree

Dayton, OH: Dollar General clerk, robbery suspect fought inside store, no injuries reported

Opelika, AL - Truck smashes into Gun Shop, loaded with smashed gun showcases

Sentencings & Charges

Philadelphia, PA: Update: DA: No charges against Metro PCS employee who killed robbery suspect
Prosecutors say no charges will be filed against a mobile phone store clerk who shot and killed an armed man during an alleged robbery attempt in Southwest Philadelphia. The Philadelphia district attorney's office said last week that police deemed the shooting justifiable self-defense after reviewing surveillance video from the Metro PCS store.  fox29.com

Michigan Man Gets 54 Months in Fed. Prison - Scheme to Acquire Cell Phones
Gage Davis, 37, of Detroit, Michigan, was sentenced Monday in federal court in Omaha, Nebraska, for identity theft and the fraudulent use of Social Security numbers to obtain cell phones from retail outlets in Central Nebraska. From December 2017 through June 2018, Gage and another used stolen identifications of credit worthy individuals to purchase high-end cellphones at retail stores in Kearney, Holdrege, Norfolk, Beatrice, Columbus, Grand Island, Hastings, Ainsworth and O'Neill, Nebraska. justice.gov



Auto Parts - Columbia, MD - Burglary
C-Store - San Juan, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Woodfin, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Greenwood County, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Mobile. AL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Cumberland County, VA - Robbery
C-Store - Medford, BY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
C-Store - New York, NY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Bryan, TX - Robbery
C-Store - Huntington, WV - Armed Robbery
C-Store - St Johnsbury, VT - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Youngstown, OH - Armed Robbery / 2 suspects wounded
C-Store - Sagadahoc County, ME - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Sugar Land, TX - Armed Robbery/ Clerk killed
C-Store - Erie, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Memphis, TN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Hartford, CT - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Wenatchee, WA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Gainesville, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Chester, MD - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Roanoke, VA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Omaha, NE - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Indio, CA - Armed Robbery
CVS - Vinton, VA - Robbery
Dollar General - Dayton, OH - Robbery/ Assault
Dollar General - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Lewistown, ID - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Huntsville, AL - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Omaha, NE - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Brooklyn, NY - Burglary
Guns - Opelika, AL - Burglary
Guns - Westerville, OH - Burglary
JC Penney - Elizabethtown, TN - Robbery/ Assault
Jewelry - Anderson, SC - Burglary
Jewelry - Odessa, TX - Robbery
Jewelry - Broomfield, CO - Robbery
Liquor - Rochester, MN - Robbery
Restaurant - Clinton, IA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Lyndonville, VT - Armed Robbery (Subway)
Restaurant - Johns Creek, GA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Wichita, KS - Armed Robbery (Domino's)
Tobacco - Athens Township, NY - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Rantoul, IL - Burglary
Walmart - Twin Falls, ID - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Ottawa County, MI - Armed Robbery



Daily Totals:
41 robberies
6 burglaries
2 shootings
1 killed




David Sanford promoted to Regional Director for CVS Health

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Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

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Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

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