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7PSolutions announces Dereck Middleton promoted to Vice President, Global Business Development
Dereck Middleton has been with 7PSolutions since it was founded in April of 2010. Over the past nine years, he has been instrumental in the design and development of 7P's RouteWatch SaaS as well as overseeing and ensuring 7P customers' requirements are exceeded. Moving into his new role as VP of Global Business Development, Dereck's primary focus is the continued growth within our current business as well as acquiring new customers and business partners. Developing strong relationships is fundamental in everything he does, both professionally and personally. Read more here

Anthony Ortega promoted to Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager for Ross Stores

Anthony has been with Ross Stores since 2010 when he began as a Store Protection Specialist. Prior to his promotion to Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager, he spent more than five years with the company as an Area Loss Prevention Manager. He has also held the positions of Area Supervisor-Manager and Senior Store Protection Specialist. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from California State University-Los Angeles. Congratulations, Anthony!

Geoffrey Styles promoted to Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager for Ross Stores

Geoffrey has been with Ross Stores for nearly three and a half years. Before he was promoted to Senior Area Loss Prevention Manager, he served with the company for over three years as Area Loss Prevention Manager. Prior to his time at Ross, he spent 8 years at Target as a Senior Investigator and Executive Team Leader of Assets Protection. Congratulations, Anthony!

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2019 GLPS - Group LP Selfies

Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time


Five Below Asset Protection
Team Members

Members of the Five Below Asset Protection team joined the over 950 Store, District and Regional Managers at the annual Wow Experience Conference held at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida

From left to right: Dan Helmick - RAPM, Brad Reeves - Sr. Mgr of Asset Protection, Eric Koopmeiners - RAPM, Gregg Smith - Sr. Director of Asset Protection and Inventory Control, Matt Dorgan - Manager of Investigations, Ryan Torres - RAPM, and Gerald DeClemente - RAPM

Thanks to Gregg Smith, Sr. Director - Asset Protection & Inventory Control at Five Below, for submitting this GLPS


Appriss Retail Named One of the Best Vendors and Best Newcomers at
the 2019 UK Fraud Awards
Three Awards on Two Continents Shows Momentum for Appriss Retail Around the Globe

Appriss Retail, the industry leader in retail performance improvement solutions, today announced that the company was "Highly Commended" in both the Vendor of the Year and Best Newcomer categories by Retail Knowledge during its 2019 Fraud Awards. The awards were distributed at the annual gala dinner on October 4 in Leicester, UK. The accolades highlight Appriss Retail's increasing momentum as it expands its presence among retailers around the globe.
  Read more in today's Press Release column below.

California's Back in the Stone Age
Red Flag Warning: No Power No POS No Customers
Power Outage in California Affects Millions as PG&E Tries to Avoid Wildfire
Seeking to limit fire risk amid high winds, PG&E cuts electricity across Northern California

The lights went off in stages in Northern California on Wednesday, from the forests near the Oregon border, down the spine of the Sierra Nevada and finally through the dense hillside communities across the Bay from San Francisco.

Hundreds of thousands of households lost power when California's largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, shut down a vast web of electrical lines as a precaution against wildfires. Not knowing how long the outage would last, residents hurried to gas stations and supermarkets, stocking up on essentials as if a hurricane were bearing down.

It was an extraordinary moment for California. In the state that brought the world the iPhone and the internet as most people know it, residents fumbled for flashlights, hauled jerrycans of gasoline and read instructions on how to manually open their automatic garage doors. In the fifth-largest economy in the world, hundreds of thousands of people were forced off the grid.

By one estimate around 2.5 million people were without power early Thursday morning.

It also contributed to multiple crashes at intersections where traffic lights went dark. Banks and businesses in some Northern California towns shut down; agricultural processing machines were inoperable in the thick of the fall harvest.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the largest concentrations of wealth and cutting-edge technology in the world, the shut-off felt like an anachronism, something that might happen in a less-developed country. Long lines formed at gas stations a dozen or so miles from the headquarters of Apple and Google.

"Millions without electricity is what a third-world country looks like, not a state that is the fifth-largest economy in the world," he said. nytimes.com wsj.com edmdigest.com

Hikvision And Dahua Banned From Buying U.S. Exports
Hikvision and Dahua have been added to a U.S. government list of entities "reasonably believed to be involved, or to pose significant risk of being or becoming involved, in activities contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States."

Indirectly and more broadly speaking, the measure affords a new downside to the Dahua and Hikvision brands in the U.S. market. Anyone concerned about human rights abuses might hesitate to buy from the two companies, although the entity list does nothing to prohibit sales of the company's products. securityinformed.com

Retail's Reality - Making the Case for Fitting Rooms
'8 dressing rooms and what they say about the state of retail'

the reality is that there is a large gap between the promise of technology and what is currently happening in retailers' dressing rooms. While some physical stores have embraced what will certainly become normalized tech in the future, most brick-and-mortar locations are struggling to cover the essentials of providing a clean space with decent lighting where customers feel welcome - and aren't continually being eyed as potential thieves.
"A lot of stores think that it's a shrinkage problem. So they almost look at the dressing room as a negative," said Suketu Gandhi, partner in the digital transformation practice of A.T. Kearney, a global strategy and management consulting firm. Even a customer getting handed a card with the number of items that are being carried into the fitting room can potentially create a negative association with the brand.

Dressing rooms also could position a company better to reframe the brand while pointing to the continued importance of brick-and-mortar locations.

In order to understand the reality of dressing rooms, here is a glimpse at eight different retailers in the Washington, D.C. area and their approach to the experience. 

Macy's, Aerie, Pink/Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, Altar'd State, Zara, Norstrom, and Marshalls. retaildive.com

Video Monitoring in the Sights of Guard Companies and Their Clients
How can remote guarding and video surveillance help security directors to go to sleep with complete peace of mind?

Whether they are servicing commercial office buildings, college campuses, brick-and-mortar retail, healthcare facilities or other types of locations, security officer services companies and the clients who employ them are trying their best to keep on top of quickly evolving video monitoring technology. They want to figure out on a continuous basis how video monitoring can help keep their businesses secure, particularly in remote locations or at odd times of the week when a lone worker - or no human at all - is on patrol.

"Technology is a huge player in that space," says Sean Meehan, director of sales and marketing at United Security, Inc. "And clients are always coming to our operations people, and the question they ask us is, 'What type of technology solutions can you offer us that can assist with and improve upon the officer solution that you're providing, at a reduced cost?' " securitymagazine.com

Did Kohl's Pressure or Offer a Deal He Couldn't Pass Up?
Dick's Says Exec Must Give Back $750K After Jumping Ship

Dick's sued its ex-chief technology officer in PA federal court Tuesday, saying he has to return half of his $1.5M signing bonus because he left before his first two years, as per the signed agreement. Hired Nov. 20, 2017 and resigned on Sept. 6 of this year.

Kohl's announced hiring Paul Gaffney on Sept. 6th as their CTO. law360.com

Editor's Note: Sounds like Kohl's wouldn't wait the 75 days. Or someone made a rather poor call. But it is the fourth quarter and it is the CTO position. Bet Kohl's made a deal with him. As all the articles and studies point to, companies are paying top dollar for CTO's, CSO's and CISO's. And a lot can happen in 75 days right before the holidays.

TMA issuing Certificates of Verification to qualifying alarm companies
McLEAN, Va.-Announced in April, The Monitoring Association (TMA) reached an agreement with AT&T to provide qualified alarm companies with a TMA Certificate of Verification that will enable them to apply for eligibility to use FirstNet services for alarm transport communications. TMA has started issuing these certificates.

FirstNet is the nationwide public-safety wireless broadband network platform, built and deployed through a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership between the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority) and AT&T. The FirstNet Authority is an independent authority of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

For companies to receive a certificate, they must meet accepted alarm industry standards that result in the transmission of public-safety-related alarms from systems designed primarily to protect life and/or property - robbery, burglary, unlawful intrusion, fire, emergency medical - to a central station monitoring facility that confirms and verifies the authenticity of the alarm and notifies a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for relay to a public safety agency for the purpose of initiating an emergency response. securitysystemsnews.com

Brivo's Steve Van Till to receive SIA's 2019 Lippert Award
SILVER SPRING, Md.-The Security Industry Association (SIA) selected Steve Van Till, co-founder, president and CEO of Brivo, as the 2019 recipient of the George R. Lippert Memorial Award. This honor is presented annually to a distinguished individual for long-term, selfless service to the security industry and to SIA. Van Till will receive the award during SIA Honors Night on Wednesday, November 20, in New York City.

Van Till, a former SIA Board of Directors and SIA Executive Committee member, currently serves as chairman of the SIA Standards Committee, which develops, promotes and advocates security industry standards in a coordinated effort with other standards and specification writing bodies. securitysystemsnews.com

Should Amazon rent out its Just Walk Out tech?
Amazon.com is "in talks" to bring the Just Walk Out technology it uses to support its Amazon Go stores to OTG's CIBO Express stores at airports and Cineworld's Regal cinemas, sources told CNBC. Amazon is also exploring deals with concession stands at stadiums and baseball parks.

While Amazon is seen having a lead over most others, selling its Just Walk Out technology to others will face competition from Microsoft, a slew of technology start-ups, as well as homemade solutions from Walmart, 7-Eleven and others.

A bigger priority may be making retailers more comfortable signing up for AWS, the biggest contributor to Amazon's bottom line. AWS, which controls about half of the cloud computing space, works with many suppliers to retailers but apparently few retailers themselves due to competitive concerns. Microsoft Azure clients in the retail space include Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger and Gap. Target in 2018 moved from AWS to Google Cloud. retailwire.com

Sabotage and Flattery: Two Tried-and-True Tricks to Getting Ahead at Work
There are a few ways to succeed at your company. You can work hard, show initiative, and be reliable and trustworthy. Or you can make others look bad and cozy up to your boss.

Managers are more than twice as likely to sabotage others so they look better at work. Men, more than women, resort to sabotage or duplicitous self-promotion to get ahead. And pretending to like a boss or co-worker and stealing others' ideas are among the most popular of the insincere tactics people use for getting ahead.

"The degree and frequency of deliberate sabotage at work is concerning but enlightening," said Rachel Ernst, Reflektive's vice president of employee success. "People, managers included, are human and therefore fallible."

Motivations for Sabotage

What are the top tactics for sabotaging others at work? According to the survey, pretending to like a co-worker to get information, meeting with a co-worker before a larger meeting to steal his or her ideas, and withholding important information from a colleague ahead of a meeting.

Motivations for sabotage can be competition, ambition or revenge, said Lewis, who has his own experience with sabotage. shrm.org

Flu Season: Ready Your Workplace
Carpooling, crowded workspaces and using public transportation are conducive to the spread of the influenza virus, new research says. People with influenza can spread it to others up to about 6 feet away, and they're most contagious in the first three to four days after becoming ill.

Workers with school-age children or who have children in day care are more than twice as likely to become infected with the flu, Ball State University (BSU) researchers say in their report, The Effects of Employment on Influenza Rates.

Click here for a complete list of resources from SHRM.org to help you prepare for flu season.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister launch Instagram Checkout

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Police: Shop in Quakertown Farmer's Market bought
stolen health and beauty items

One Stop Health and Beauty Shop on 201 Station Road in Richland Township bought the stolen items and resold them for profit within the stand and on eBay, the Quakertown Police Department said in a news release. The shop bought the stolen products from many drug-addicted customers who would commit retail thefts at area retail stores, police said. Michael Gill would specifically provide lists to those committing the thefts indicating which items he needed for the stand, police said.

Michael Gill, one of the shop's operators, reported making between $2,500 and $5,000 each weekend in sales, including through the sale of stolen items, and buying about $1,000 in products from private sellers each week, the Bucks County district attorney's office said, citing a criminal complaint. Read more

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com.





Appriss Retail Named One of the Best Vendors and Best Newcomers at the 2019 UK Fraud Awards

Three Awards on Two Continents Shows Momentum for Appriss Retail
Around the Globe

Appriss Retail, the industry leader in retail performance improvement solutions, today announced that the company was "Highly Commended" in both the Vendor of the Year and Best Newcomer categories by Retail Knowledge during its 2019 Fraud Awards. The awards were distributed at the annual gala dinner on October 4 in Leicester, UK. The accolades highlight Appriss Retail's increasing momentum as it expands its presence among retailers around the globe.

"We are honored to receive this recognition for our efforts helping retailers based in the United Kingdom provide outstanding customer service while curtailing employee and consumer fraud in brick-and-mortar stores and online. These recognitions are particularly meaningful coming so close on the heels of our Australian success," said Tom Rittman, vice-president of marketing, Appriss Retail.

Appriss Retail's expansion has flourished from its roots in the US and UK. Its solutions are used in 45 countries and on six continents, including many well-known retailers in the UK and EU. The Appriss Retail Performance Platform of solutions incorporates analytics and artificial intelligence to create real-time automated decisions, post-transaction insights, and recommended user actions. These are delivered to its retailer clients via several well-known product brands including Verify® return authorization and Secure exception based reporting.

About Appriss Retail
Appriss Retail, a division of Appriss Inc., provides artificial intelligence-based solutions to help retailers protect margin, unlock sales, and cut shrink. With more than 20 years of retail data science expertise, the company's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform generates advanced analytical insights and real-time decisions that drive action throughout the organization, including operations, finance, marketing, and loss prevention. Its performance-improvement solutions yield measurable results with significant return on investment among retail store, ecommerce, and inventory functions. Appriss Retail serves a global base of leading specialty, apparel, department store, hard goods, big box, grocery, pharmacy, and hospitality businesses in more than 150,000 locations (brick and mortar and online) in 45 countries across six continents. For more information about Appriss Retail, visit https://apprissretail.com.





RH-ISAC Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit - Award Recap
Another Round of Applause for our Peer Choice Award Winners!
Target's Cyber Team Is #1 For Third Year Running

2019 has been another great year for RH-ISAC! During the Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit in Denver, CO, RH-ISAC members came together to share ideas, collaborate, talk threat intelligence, and celebrate the year. RH-ISAC hosted an annual member meeting during the Member Gala as a way to honor our community, congratulate them on all that they do and to announce our Peer Choice Award winners!

Cybersecurity Team of the Year: Target

This is Target's third time in a row winning this award. The Target team provides important information to the community and continues to lead the RH-ISAC in not only intel shared, but valuable intel AND analysis. Other RH-ISAC member teams have stepped up their game due to the expertise shared out of the Target team. Target understands how to share information as a means to advance the collective defense of the retail and hospitality industry and they are true ambassadors to our motto, "Protect as One."

Rich Agostino, Target's Chief Information Security Officer said of his team, "At Target, we think industries should come together to help advance capabilities in cybersecurity and we take this collaborative spirit to heart. I'm proud of the team's efforts to consistently share intelligence with our peers, all while investing in developing their own technical skills and lending their time to help others enhance their programs."

CISO of the Year: Benjamin Vaughn, CISO, Hyatt

Cybersecurity Practitioner of the Year: Kyle Davis, Principal Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Target

Associate Company of the Year: Flashpoint

Click here to read more about RH-ISAC's award winners.




"Cyber Hunt" Legislation Passes U.S. Senate: Any Implications for Business?
In a legislative environment charitably described as challenging, the fact that the Senate recently passed cybersecurity legislation by unanimous consent is noteworthy and highlights the bipartisan nature of this issue. The DHS Cyber Hunt and Incident Response Act (H.R. 1158) responds to the recent spate of ransomware attacks against government agencies and private sector organizations¹. It would require the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to form "cyber hunt" and incident response teams that could be called upon to assist federal, state, and local entities to respond to a ransomware or other type of cybersecurity incident or to identify vulnerabilities in their systems that may increase the likelihood and success of a future attack. While continued government attention to the availability of cybersecurity capabilities should be welcomed by the private sector, the extent to which businesses will directly benefit from this legislation is unclear given its focus. lexology.com

Digital transformation requires an aggressive approach to security
Organizations agree, building security into digital transformation initiatives is a priority, yet the recommended path to progress is unclear, according to a survey conducted by ZeroNorth.

Companies of all sizes and in all industries are experiencing the pains of digital transformation, with 79% of survey respondents indicating their organization already has related initiatives underway.

All participants indicate the importance of digital transformation to the future of their organization, even those who have not yet embarked on a program. Further, identifying bugs, flaws and vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is considered "extremely" (58%) or "very" (42%) important to all participants. helpnetsecurity.com

Successful approach to digital transformation

Security Analysts & SOCs Overwhelmed By Alert Overload
The typical security team today continues to struggle with the same frustrating and potentially dangerous problem:
a sea of security tools that churn out waves of alerts and siloed data that often requires manual correlation - or get altogether dismissed by overburdened security analysts.

"If it takes a SOC analyst more than three clicks to make a decision, he/she is going to move on. They have thousands of other alerts" waiting for them, says Jill Cagliostro, product strategist for security firm Anomali.

That frightening - but understandable - conundrum for security analysts who under so much pressure that they literally pitch some alerts that take too much time to investigate underscores the perils and
real possibility of missing that one needle in a haystack in security operations centers (SOCs) today. At the root of the alert overload, of course, is a mix of multiple security tools from various vendors - most of which don't work together and security analysts don't even have time to fully master.

Organizations on average run some 25 to 49 security tools from up to 10 different vendors, according to the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), and
40% of organizations are so taxed that they can't act upon at least a quarter of their security alerts. And in many cases, that's leading to organizations literally shutting off some alerting functions, SOC vendor CriticalStart found. darkreading.com

USB Drive Security Still Lags
While USB drives are frequent pieces of business hardware, a new report says that one-third of US businesses have no policy governing their use.

Though nearly nine out of 10 US businesses use USB drives in their IT operation, less than half use any monitoring or encryption to protect the data on those highly portable devices. And the trends are getting worse: Only 47% have a policy for lost or stolen drives compared with 50% with such policies in 2017. darkreading.com

FBI: Cybercriminals Are Bypassing Multifactor Authentication
Threat Actors Using Social Engineering, Other Technical Techniques to Circumvent MFA Protections
In a Private Industry Notification issued in September, which Forbes first reported, the FBI notes that cybercriminals and other threat actors are now taking advantage of inherent flaws in multifactor authentication to bypass the security filters in order to take over accounts or steal additional credentials.

In one form of multifactor authentication, a user enters credentials into a system or device and then receives a one-time password to help verify their identity. Now, however, it appears that threat actors and cybercriminals have found new ways to circumvent this type of protection, the FBI warning notes. govinfosecurity.com

Winning the security fight: Tips for organizations and CISOs



Top 5 LPNN Videos of 2018
#2 Most Watched

Technology: Redefining Loss Prevention

The Future of LP/AP

Mike Lamb, VP of AP, Kroger
Mark Stinde, VP of AP, 7-Eleven
Kevin Colman, Group VP of AP, Macy's

With retail rolling out a multitude of new technologies faster than ever before, how are the core LP/AP executives in the store and at corporate being impacted? How involved are we in these rollouts on the front end? And on the back end, does it change the essence of LP's training, awareness, and investigative abilities?

With e-commerce fraud growing and a number of LP/AP executives now managing those processes, we now have a slight, invisible merging of IT Security and Loss Prevention that is being talked about. How far will this evolve?

In this roundtable discussion, three industry leaders share their perspectives on how technology is impacting LP's role now and in the future.

Episode Sponsored By

See our 'Live in Dallas' Top 5 and 'Live in NYC' Top 5 videos here.




Battling Account Takeover Risks Without Compromising User Experience
Account takeover and fraud schemes are costing consumers, banks, retail organizations, healthcare and other online businesses billions of dollars each year. What's more, the cost of these attacks is on the rise-according to Riskified, losses from account takeover rose 122 percent from 2016 to 2017 and increased by 164 percent the following year.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is being championed as a means of addressing account takeover schemes and other security vulnerabilities, as it forces people to use something other than a password to confirm they are who they say they are. But the reality is that users perceive 2FA to be a burdensome technology that detracts from their experience and, when given the choice, many prefer not to implement it. Case in point, according to Google, fewer than 10 percent of its users have signed up for 2FA to protect their Google accounts.

As digital transformation efforts continue and customers demand an ever-increasing high-quality, seamless online experience, we can only expect more users to grow more frustrated with the friction introduced by 2FA. As such, in its current form, it's clearly not the right approach for ensuring security while also keeping the quality of the customer experience at the forefront.

Our modern, digital world demands a modern approach that ensures the security of digital accounts while simultaneously prioritizing the customer experience. In addition to the security benefits, a user-centric security approach also helps IT teams get buy-in from other lines of business. Once marketing and sales have an assurance that customer friction will be eliminated unless critically necessary, these departments are much less likely to fight against the introduction of new account protection technologies. securitymagazine.com

E-Commerce Driving Bigger Demand for Smaller Warehouses, CBRE Says
Rents for U.S. warehouses of between 70,000 and 120,000 square feet rose by more than 33.7% over the past five years, to an average of $6.67 per square foot, according to real-estate consulting firm CBRE Group Inc. Availability for such spaces plunged to 7.4% from 11.3% during that same period, the biggest drop of any segment in the broader warehouse market.

By contrast the cost to lease bigger industrial spaces of more than 250,000 square feet-including the big-box warehouses that have traditionally anchored retail and industrial distribution networks-grew by 15.6%, CBRE found. Overall industrial rents rose by 23.9% between the second quarter of 2014 and the second quarter of 2019. wsj.com

Up to 20,000 ecommerce websites at risk of Magecart attacks following Volusion server compromise


FBI Crackdown on Skimming Gangs Nationwide

Biggest International Organized Gang Busted in History
Nationwide ATM Skimming Gangs Hit U.S. for $20M - All Coordinated

-18 Members Of International Fraud & Money Laundering Conspiracy
-ATM Skimming Gangs
-Charged In Manhattan Federal Court

Defendants directed, or worked in, teams that the Skimming Organization deployed across the United States in order to carry out ATM skimming attacks, casing ideal locations for the attacks, installing skimming devices on ATMs, removing those devices, and cashing out large numbers of fraudulent debit cards manufactured as a result of the skimming operations. Other defendants assisted in receiving packages containing skimming devices or component parts that were shipped from other parts of the U.S. and from abroad. Other defendants assisted in engineering the skimming devices that the Skimming Organization used. Still other defendants laundered the proceeds of the skimming attacks through bank accounts, properties, businesses, and the transportation of bulk cash.

The defendants carried out hundreds of ATM skimming operations across the U.S., including in New York and at least 17 other states. The scheme defrauded financial institutions and individual victims of more than $20 million. justice.gov

Seven from Miami, Fla., Indicted in Connection with Gas Station Skimming Scheme

Romanian nationals unlawfully in U.S. charged in $1M ATM skimming & cash-out scheme

Citrus Heights, CA: Three Suspects Fill Trash Bags At Victoria's Secret And Run Out
Police say three suspects stole thousands of dollars in merchandise from the Victoria's Secret in Citrus Heights Wednesday afternoon. A spokesperson for Citrus Heights police said the suspects came through filling trash bags before driving away from the mall in a white Hyundai with paper plates. No one was hurt in this burglary. Police said this is the second time in a week the store was burglarized in a similar way. The previous case also has three suspects. Investigators are working to see if the suspects are the same in both cases. sacramento.cbslocal.com

Gwinnett County, GA: Couple accused of stealing from Belk store, using Taser on security guard
Donya Butler and her boyfriend Trenton Collins, both 18, were arrested Monday after the incident at the Scenic Highway shopping center, Police said the store's loss prevention officer witnessed the duo pocket a package of men's underwear and a jacket. When they were confronted as they tried to leave the store, Butler allegedly pulled out a pink Taser and zapped the employee in the back. The confrontation then turns physical as the suspects try to leave. ajc.com

Lubbock, TX: Burglar arrested with thousand in merchandise from Anderson Brothers Jewelers; suspect in body armor
A 31-year-old man was arrested early Wednesday morning after he was reportedly caught leaving the parking lot of a jewelry store with thousands of dollars' worth of stolen rings and jewelry. James Casias was arrested on charges of burglary of a building, being a felon in possession of body armor, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Lubbock police responded about 4 a.m. to a burglary alarm at Anderson Brothers Jewelers where they found Casias leaving the store's parking lot. Officers stopped Casias, who exited his vehicle in a bullet proof vest. Police saw contraband and jewelry in the vehicle.  lubbockonline.com

Rensselaer County, NY: Man stole $5k worth of cigarettes from Walmart
Rensselaer County man has been charged with two felonies for allegedly stealing $5,000 worth of cigarettes from the Walmart store in Wilton. Anthony T. Moore, 41, of Renssalaer, allegedly stole 500 packs of smokes from the Route 50 supercenter after he had previously been banned from the property, State Police said. poststar.com

University Heights, OH: Couple steals nearly $3,000 worth of jewelry from Macy's



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Shootings & Deaths

Dayton, OH: Dollar General clerk shoots, kills armed robbery suspect
An armed robbery suspect was shot and killed by a Dollar General store clerk in Dayton Wednesday evening. Sgt. Schloss with the Dayton Police Department said that a man entered the store located at 2228 North Gettysburg Avenue around 6:20 pm and pointed a handgun at the worker, demanding money. The clerk then pulled out a gun and shot the suspect in self-defense, police say, adding that the employee was allowed to be in possession of the weapon. The suspect tried to flee but collapsed just outside the front doors of the store, where he was pronounced dead. No other injuries were reported. wdtn.com

Layton, UT: Man shot by U.S. Marshals outside of Layton Hills Mall dies
Zackary Aldridge Hall, 28, was wanted for an aggravated robbery out of 3rd District Court in Salt Lake City when he was approached by members of the Violent Fugitive Strike Team around 3 p.m. Tuesday, according to a news release from Utah's U.S. Marshal Matt Harris. When officers approached Hall as he left the mall, he reportedly refused to comply with their orders and ran toward his vehicle, the release said. Hall got into his car and tried to escape by ramming his vehicle into police vehicles. An officer fired into the car to stop Hall from ramming the vehicles, the release said. Hall was hit by the shot and exited the car. Officers removed a firearm from his person and began treating him for his injuries, police said. standard.net

Billings, MT: Man shot and wounded by Police at a Gas Station ; 'intentional, aggressive act to injure or kill police Officers'
Billings Police Chief Rich St. John said he believes a man who rammed into multiple Billings police cars Wednesday morning committed an "intentional, aggressive act to injure or kill police officers" before officers then shot him. "This was a rapidly evolving incident," Rich St. John said a Wednesday press conference at the Billings police training facility. "It took place under 60 seconds from the time the truck entered the Holiday parking lot. In that time one officer injured, three cars severely damaged, private business damaged, and then we have an individual who was wounded by police." ktvq.com

Omaha, NE: 17 year old charged as Adult in Murder at tobacco and vape store

Wilmington, DE: Police arrest 2 in 2013 convenience store homicide cold case

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Des Moines, IA: Women accuse Family Dollar employee of racially profiling, falsely imprisoning them
Two Des Moines women are accusing a Family Dollar employee of false imprisonment after the employee demanded to look in one of their purses before unlocking the door and allowing them to leave, police records show. Kia Mead, 39, and Korea Elliston, 31, who are black, said the confrontation with an employee, who is also black, happened last Friday night at one of the chain's metro locations at 3720 E 14th St., in Des Moines. Elliston said she recorded the incident on her phone and provided the video to the Des Moines Register. desmoinesregister.com

Mugshots Of Two Women Who Vandalized Costa Mesa Store Go Viral
The suspects in the mugshots have been identified as Passion Shenay Coleman, 27, and Laglennda Damona Carr, 24. One of the women is reported to be a former employee. The pair were arrested after they walked into a Maggiano's Little Italy in Costa Mesa wearing hoodies, with painted faces and a bat. Apparently, they began to smash tables and plates and cause customers to run out of the establishment. A small fire also ignited by the bar. One witness said he heard one of the women yell, "I'm not good enough? Take that." Luckily, all the customers were able to evacuate the restaurant before any injuries were inflicted. The women were booked on assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, felony vandalism, burglary and felony conspiracy to commit crimes. thehollywoodunlocked.com

Orange County, FL: 'Ghost Mask Armed Robbers' arrested following Florida crime spree that reached multiple counties

Lincoln, NE: Hy-Vee employee charged with embezzling $8,600


Forsyth County, GA: Man sentenced to 230 years in prison for Armed Robbery at McDonald's
On Wednesday, a Forsyth County jury returned guilty verdicts on 16 counts against Kaleem Ariff Tariq-Madyun, a 35-year-old man who was accused of robbing a north Forsyth McDonald's at gunpoint and trapping store employees in a cooler during the robbery in October 2018. According to Assistant District Attorney Heather N. Dunn said that Tariq-Madyun was sentenced under Georgia's recidivist statute OCGA 17-10-7(a), which deals with individuals that are convicted multiple times with felonies and serious violent felonies. Superior Court Judge David L. Dickinson sentenced Tariq-Madyun to two consecutive life sentences for the charges of armed robbery, five 20-year consecutive sentences for counts of aggravated assault, and seven 10-year consecutive sentences for counts of false imprisonment, Dunn said. forsythnews.com

Bevil Oaks, TX: Man sentenced to 10 years for robbing Dollar General

Nashville man found guilty in 2017 Rite Aid shooting



C-Store- Moline, IL - Robbery
C-Store - Floyd County, KY - Burglary
Dollar General - Dayton, OH - Armed Robbery / suspect shot-killed
Dollar General - Orange, TX- Armed Robbery
Electronics - Milwaukee, Wi - Burglary
Family Dollar - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
Grocery - San Bernardino, CA - Armed Robbery
Hardware - Sanford, FL - Burglary
Jewelry - Allenton, PA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Lubbock, TX - Burglary
Jewelry - Gurnee, IL - Burglary
Jewelry - Chalmette, LA - Burglary
Sprint - Elkhart, IN - Burglary
Restaurant - Garden Grove, CA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Greenwood County, SC - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - Cayce, SC - Armed Robber
7-Eleven - Ventura, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Austin, TX - Robbery/ Assault


Daily Totals:
• 11 robberies
• 7 burglaries
• 1 shooting
• 1 killed


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Ben Fredbloom promoted to District Asset Protection Manager for Lowe's

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Loss Prevention Operations Specialist
Tucscon, AZ
The Loss Prevention Specialist will oversee the Burglar/Fire Alarm and overall Physical Security function for stores including CCTV for all new stores, renovations, acquisitions, closing, existing stores and warehouses. In addition, this position supports the security/property control component for the Corporate Headquarters main campus...

Region Asset Protection Manager
Jacksonville, FL
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...
Region Asset Protection Manager
Charleston, SC
Responsible for managing asset protection programs designed to minimize shrink, associate and customer liability accidents, bad check and cash loss, and safety incidents for stores within assigned region. This position will develop the framework for the groups' response to critical incidents, investigative needs, safety concerns and regulatory agency visits...
Brand Protection Specialist
New York, NY
The role of the Brand Protection Specialist is to deter shrinkage, and to assist in educating the store teams regarding the prevention / deterrence of both internal and external theft and fraud, while serving as an Ambassador to the brand and the department...

Organized Retail Crime Manager
Houston, TX
Oversee organized retail crime (ORC) interactions within a defined region, execute against ORC initiatives and respond to cases involving executive protection, critical incidents, threat analysis, and threat assessments. Identify, exploit and lead investigations related to ORC and other assigned investigations...

Manager of Loss Prevention & Security
Wawa, PA
The Manager of Loss Prevention and Security serves as the subject matter expert in the area of Loss Prevention and Physical Security for the Company with focus on developing and driving solutions that will create an optimum associate and customer experience in a safe and secure environment...

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