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LP Industry Evolution

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MetrORCA seeing increase in ORC incidents and membership

By TJ Flynn, President & Co-Founder, MetrORCA

Since the MetrORCA meeting in April 2018 the group has seen a major uptick in usage of the website, alerts, log in and alerts.

Increase in incidents reported of 24%
Increase in Membership by 153 new members
Increase in site overall visits 16,000 vs. 10,000 or 60%
Increase in daily visits 84 up from 54 or 56%

"There is certainly a passion out there amongst professionals to collaborate, but we do see some retailers becoming restrictive in their policies when it comes to reporting crimes and collaboration within retail." "We will continue to challenge points of view and build on the collaborative effort as we see ORCA groups as a force multiplier"

In October we made some changes to our board:

Executive Director- Lt. Tarik Sheppard
President- TJ Flynn
Vice President- Amanda Hobert
Vice President- Maj. Ron Hampton
Membership Director- Sean Huggins
Treasurer- Rob Ruiz
Secretary- Dermot Fitzsimons

All board positions will be up for voting each year in September. If interested, please email info@metrorca.org for more information.

In 2019 we look to make some very interesting changes: Monthly/Quarterly Webinars/Training; More Resources on Website (Crime Alerts and Analyst Reports) and legislative efforts.

We represent over 5000 active members and we believe as an organization we can drive change and represent some of the major issues effecting the retail and law enforcement community

We understand that there are major issues effecting B&M Retail, violence events are increasing, resources are being cut thin and law enforcement agencies are over-worked. We look forward to discussing initiatives in 2019 during the D&D live event upcoming Jan. Stay tuned for more!

Learn more about MetrORCA here



NEDAP: Introducing Tom Bolanos, Account Executive & RFID Expert
Tom Bolanos, Account Executive, first joined Nedap nearly two years ago, bringing a wealth of knowledge in the RFID space. His extensive experience includes working for an RFID label manufacturer and providing RFID hard tags and labels to various industries before joining the Nedap team. This makes Tom an incredible asset to Nedap's customers who may be curious about the best practices of tagging.

"What makes me successful is a simple philosophy I have each day I go to work," said Tom. "My entire mission is to learn. I learn how my customers approach technology, how they typically go about solving their challenges, and how their business operates daily. This puts me in the best position to provide only those solutions that fit within my customers' operations, and their future roadmap of technology." nedap-retail.com

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California Wildfires Impact

California wildfires death toll rises to 59 with dozens still unaccounted for
Nearly 11,000 structures destroyed, tens of thousands evacuated

California officials said they've identified most of the 59 people known to have died in wildfires that started a week ago. Searchers recovered eight more victims of the "Camp Fire" north of Sacramento on Wednesday along with a third victim of the "Woolsey Fire" near Los Angeles. In the "Camp Fire," 130 other people are still unaccounted for. The blaze has destroyed nearly 9,000 homes and forced at least 52,000 people to evacuate. Between the two fires, nearly 11,000 structures have been destroyed. cbsnews.com

Malibu Posse Threatening to Shoot Looters
As the Woolsey Fire continues to force evacuations throughout the region, stories have surfaced of gun-wielding residents warding off looters. On Tuesday, KTLA aired an interview with a Malibu man who shared a photo of himself holding a gun and posing next to a sign at Malibu Gardens Condominiums. And in a now-viral photo shared on Instagram by former motocross celeb Carey Hart, a dozen men-most with masks or handkerchiefs covering their faces-hold guns and pose behind a spray-painted sign that says "LOOTERS WILL BE SHOT ON SITE [sic] P.D.C. POSSE."

Hart, husband of pop star Pink, included the caption, "It's unfortunate that some people take advantage of others in a crisis. While the malibu fires have been burning, some locals have been fighting off and defending their property against the fires. There have been sightings of looters breaking in to homes. Well, if you are a looter, think twice if you are heading back into malibu. #DefendYourLand #2ndamendment"

LACSD has allotted significant resources to performing looter suppression security checks, saturating evacuated areas with several hundred patrolling deputies on the lookout for suspicious people or activity. lamag.com

7-Eleven Supports California Wildfire Relief Efforts
7-Eleven is participating in the California wildfires relief efforts by raising money at its c-stores to support the American Red Cross as it aids residents impacted by the disaster. The convenience retailer is inviting customers to add $1 to their purchase at participating U.S. stores or donate online. Customers can donate through Dec. 15.

"The latest California wildfires quickly became one of the state's worst on record, and many families and communities had little warning, and face a very long recovery," said Greg Franks, senior vice president, operations for 7-Eleven Inc. "7-Eleven stores will be open and available for immediate needs such as food, water and groceries, but the American Red Cross is who is first in to help after firefighters and first responders. Contributions such as ours are critical to their success as they help these communities facing such monumental losses." cstoredecisions.com

The Latest: Fire looting suspects arrested in N. California

At least 6 arrested in Camp Fire aftermath; One duo allegedly stole a motor home

Face It Security Industry, More Technology Disruption Is Coming
The Surprising Global Forward March of Facial Recognition - Part 2

By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer

In Part 1 of this FaceID article series, we explored retail applications in USA / UK and were introduced to the face as the next computer cookie. Part 2 introduces us to GAFAM and face recognition in the security and health care industry sectors.

Security has been a primary market for face recognition for some time. Threats of terrorism and violent crime have accelerated its adoption by governments and law enforcement worldwide.

With a 25% CAGR, the security sector is leading facial recognition deployments worldwide.

● From London, Tokyo, Helsinki, Rome and now to Atlanta in USA, airports worldwide are adopting FaceID solutions. Delta Airlines will soon roll out 'curb to gate' facial recognition for travelers departing out of the International Terminal F in Atlanta, the first biometric terminal in the United States. Smile for the camera at self-service check-in including baggage, through security checkpoints, and boarding your flight. Using the technology is optional and will save travelers up to nine minutes per flight.

● NEC has already provided biometric identification systems, including facial recognition to approximately 50 airports around the world. Shanghai's Hongqiao airport unveiled kiosks for flight and baggage check-in, security clearance, and boarding powered by facial recognition.

● The Federal Bureau of Investigation's database contains over 30 million mugshots of criminals and ID card images.

● Implemented in 2010 and upgraded in 2016, the New York facial recognition system connects to the databases of ID photos and identify information recorded by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Since implementing the upgrade, the governor claims the software has led to more than 4,000 fraud arrests involving criminals attempting to steal identifies. tonydonofrio.com

Tennessee Mall Security Fails Racial Profiling Test - Goes Viral
These women wore hoodies at mall where black men were kicked out to prove point about racial profiling

In a viral social media post, a group of white women challenged a Tennessee mall's unwritten policy against hoodies and accused the facility of racial profiling. The social experiment comes after a video from a local former journalist showed mall security stopping four young black men wearing hoodies, and placing one of them in handcuffs, at Wolfchase Galleria in Cordova earlier this month.

Along with three of her friends, Shannon Arthur set out Saturday to prove a point about the incident, according to her Facebook post. By walking around the mall with their hoodies on and off, the women wanted to show how they were treated differently than people of color. 

"If a security guard spotted us with our hoods up, they very politely asked us to take them down," Arthur wrote. "One guard said it was because they need to be able to identify everybody's faces. So we said, 'Sure,' took them down, walked on, and put the hoods back up a bit later. Repeat. No threats. Point made."

"Wolfchase Galleria does not have a policy against hooded garments as has been reported. Our retailers sell hooded garments. We do, however, ask our shoppers to not conceal their identities while on mall property for security reasons. Our focus in on the safety of all shoppers. Security personnel are trained and required to enforce mall policies fairly and evenly." cbsnews.com

How Robots and Drones Are Shaping the Future of Security
Corporations are faced with a growing need to address security threats across the organization and are finding a greater need for strategic personnel. As security teams become more focused, replacements are sought for the repeatable tasks of detecting and monitoring. Technology solutions are increasingly more capable of meeting these replacement needs.

Robots can help track both people and assets, and act as a force multiplier enabling one security guard to gain visibility into many areas at a time. This visibility, combined with the enhancement of issue prevention and operational efficiency, makes robotics one of the most compelling technologies today for the security industry.

Autonomous robots also have the ability to detect problems that may not be noticed by a human and using remote two-way audio and video chatting capabilities, can allow one person to monitor and respond to events in real-time, in multiple locations at once.

Within the next five to 10 years, it's predicted that security robots will be a common tool for security professionals. As the scale and use of security robots increases, costs will decrease and capabilities will continue to improve.

Drones Led the Way For Robotics

Corporate security directors are incorporating drones as part of their security programs to monitor remote parking lots, protect large infrastructure such as wind farms, and monitor sports events and concerts. This technology is proving its value because it enables security professionals to access information quickly and doesn't hinge upon the presence of an existing installed surveillance system, which often proves too costly to deploy in remote or expansive areas. sdmmag.com

A Real Chance at Criminal Justice Reform
Retail's Armed Robbery Problem May Continue

While most of the proposed changes won't impact retail crime the one that could won't help retail's growing armed robbery rates.

The Senate bill aims to be more comprehensive. It would reduce mandatory sentencing guidelines for certain drug crimes, allow judges greater wiggle room in sentencing nonviolent drug offenders, do away with the "stacking" provision that tacks on years for the use of a firearm during the commission of a crime and, at long last, make retroactive the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, which reduced the sentencing gap between crack and powder-cocaine offenses.

Further fueling optimism about the legislation's future, last week the Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement in support of the bill, specifically endorsing its sentencing reforms. nytimes.com

SLC 2018: Workplace Bullying is a Safety Issue
OSHA Duty of Care to Create Safe Environment

What might start out as harmless banter could lead to workplace harassment.

Bullying, harrassment and violence (BHV) are safety issues in the workplace, even though they normally fall to human resource departments.

David Daniels, president and CEO of ID2 Solutions, explained the safety professional's role when it comes to protecting workers from violence on the job at the 2018 Safety Leadership Conference in Louisville. "Your services could be suffering because workers were not treated correctly in their position," he told attendees.

What ends as a violent act starts out slowly as incivility, or the intent to harm a worker. Negative interactions or jobs at someone could be brushed off as a cultural norm at the workplace. However, this could escalate to hazing or harassment and progresses to a physical act.

Workplace violence falls under OSHA's general duty clause, stating the companies have to create a safe and healthy environment for workers. 
"We are we not having conversations about the value of kindness in the workplace?" I. David Daniels said.

Recognize bullying, harassment and violence as a safety hazard in the group or organization. ehstoday.com

October retail sales increased 5.6 percent over last year
"Today's pickup in retail sales shows a healthy pace of spending and a sign of ongoing consumer strength which is consistent with the state of the US economy," NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said. "The figures bolster expectations for the major shopping period of the year, the holidays. Thanks to a high level of consumer confidence surrounding the current and future economy, we expect spending to maintain its strong momentum."

"The pickup in October was also due in part to delayed spending associated with the hurricanes in early fall," Kleinhenz said.

October sales were up 4.3 percent on a three-month moving average compared with the same period a year ago. nrf.com

Global Safety Director posted for McDonalds in Chicago, IL
Provide strategic leadership in the design and development of a global organization inclusive of safety strategies, programs and policies that minimize risks to people, assets and to the brand. Provide leadership and counsel to align, coordinate and share best practices, safety processes and programs across McDonalds safety functions. Provides safety expertise, direction and guidance on safety-related matters to Corporate and Market leadership and serves as the functional lead to the Governance Board on standards. mcdonalds.com

Amazon Operations Center to Create 5,000 Jobs in Nashville

Sears finalizing $350 million bankruptcy loan with Great American - Could Stay Afloat For Holidays

Saks Closing Aberdeen DC - Laying off 150

Coming soon to Bloomingdale's: LG TVs, washing machines and refrigerators

Quarterly Results
Walmart Q3 U.S. comp's up 3.4%, International net sales down 2.6%, Sam's comp's up 3.2%, total revenue up 1.4%, online sales grew 39.4%
Dillards Q3 comp's up 3%, sales 2%
Canada's Loblaw Q3 food retail comp's up 0.9%, drug (Shoppers Drug Mart) comp's up 2.5%, revenue up 1.8%
JC Penney Q3 comp's down 0.6%, sales down 5.8%

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InstaKey Announces New Cost Control Reporting Features in SecurityRecords.com

InstaKey® Security Systems announces new features in the key management system SecurityRecords.com® for the budget-conscious key system administrator. The new features released include Order and Freight Analysis Expense Summaries and they are easily accessible on the SecurityRecords.com dashboard.

These features were introduced as a snapshot into fiscal responsibility to help track spending in different expense groups, regarding key system spending.
Read More Here

The Order Analysis report reflects associated cost and spending for various order types. Users can drill down into order types and get a detailed report of costs. This data may be exported as a custom report for further manipulation in Excel.


The Freight Analysis report reflects costs associated with various shipping types. This report can also be drilled down for more detail. Like the Order Analysis report data, this data is also exportable to Excel.





Another Third Party Breach
Nordstrom Blames Breach of Employee Data on Contractor

Breach Exposed Social Security Numbers, Birthdates, Salaries, Bank Account Data.

The Seattle-based retailer has issued a statement saying that a contract worker "improperly handled some Nordstrom employee data" and that no customer data was exposed.

"The contract worker who improperly handled this information no longer has any access to our systems, and we're putting additional measures in place to help prevent this from happening again," according to the statement. "We have no evidence data was shared or used inappropriately." govinfosecurity.com

The Cybersecurity Imperative: Key Benchmarks and Takeaways for Security Companies
As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and cyberthreats become more sophisticated and prevalent, it's more important than ever for security companies to understand the cybersecurity landscape and have strong cybersecurity postures. The security industry is recognizing the urgency of this issue, too - in the Security Industry Association's (SIA's) research to forecast the 2019 Security Megatrends, cybersecurity was identified as the standout trend shaping the security industry. Industry leaders said that cybersecurity's impact on physical security solutions was the top trend they expected to face in 2019 - by nearly 30 percentage points.

In an effort to strengthen the industry's cybersecurity understanding and preparedness, this National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, SIA sponsored a groundbreaking global study from ESI ThoughtLab and WSJ Pro Cybersecurity that analyzes and benchmarks the cybersecurity practices and initiatives of 1,300 companies. The report shares insights on cybersecurity best practices, performance metrics and calls to action to help companies address the complex, evolving cyber risk landscape.

Digital Innovation Presents Cyber Risks and Backlash

As companies embrace new technologies, adopt open platforms and tap supplier and partner ecosystems, they face heightened cyber risks. Companies noted several key threats they are seeing now and expect in the near future:

● Firms report their biggest current threats are malware (81%), phishing (64%) and ransomware (63%).
● Companies expect substantial growth over the next two years in cyberattacks through partners, customers and vendors (247% growth), supply chains (146%), denial of service (144%), apps (85%) and embedded systems (84%).

Further, those companies that do not keep their cybersecurity practices on pace with their digital transformation initiatives are more likely to face $1 million+ in losses from cyberattacks. Digital leaders in the early stages of cybersecurity management have a 27-percent chance of facing major attacks - 10 percent higher than for digital leaders whose cybersecurity systems are advanced. securitymagazine.com

IoT related security missteps cost enterprises millions
Enterprises have begun sustaining significant monetary losses stemming from the lack of good practices as they move forward with incorporating the IoT into their business models, according to a new study from DigiCert.

Among companies surveyed that are struggling the most with IoT security, 25 percent reported IoT security-related losses of at least $34 million in the last two years.

Security and privacy topped the list of concerns for IoT projects, with 82 percent of respondents stating they were somewhat to extremely concerned about security challenges.

The top five areas for costs incurred within the past two years were:

● Monetary damages
● Lost productivity
● Legal/compliance penalties
● Lost reputation
● Stock price. helpnetsecurity.com

Congress Votes to Create Federal Cybersecurity Agency
The United States House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass legislation creating the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  The CISA Act (H.R. 3359), which passed the Senate in October and now heads to the President's desk to be signed into law, would reorganize DHS' National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) into a new agency and prioritize its mission as the Federal leader for cyber and physical infrastructure security. securitymagazine.com

Congress Warned of Chinese IoT Security Threat
US lawmakers have been warned of the growing risk to national and corporate security posed by Chinese efforts to dominate 5G infrastructure and the IoT supply chain.

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission's 2018 report to Congress claimed that significant state support for these technologies, along with alleged cyber-espionage, IP theft and other measures, have helped China to achieve dominance in the manufacturing of "global network equipment, information technology, and IoT devices."

"China's central role in manufacturing global information technology, IoT devices, and network equipment may allow the Chinese government - which exerts strong influence over its firms - opportunities to force Chinese suppliers or manufacturers to modify products to perform below expectations or fail, facilitate state or corporate espionage, or otherwise compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of IoT devices or 5G network equipment," the report warned. infosecurity-magazine.com

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a nonprofit organization that promotes research into best practices for securing cloud computing and the use of cloud technologies to secure other forms of computing. CSA leverages the expertise of industry practitioners, associations and governments, as well as its corporate and individual members, to offer research, education, certification, events and products specific to cloud security. The CSA currently has 90,000 individual members, 80 global chapters and 400 corporate members. techtarget.com


Look out store thieves: Halton police unveils Retail C.O.P.
New tool helps loss prevention officers identify theft suspects

Halton Regional Police has a new tool to help identify suspects of retail thefts in the region. The service says it is the first in Ontario to utilize a website dubbed Retail C.O.P. (Cameras on Patrol).

Images of suspects in retail thefts, along with brief suspect descriptions, are uploaded to a secure site operated and monitored by Halton police. The images are gathered from retail store surveillance cameras. Loss prevention officers are then provided access to the website in the hope of helping to identify suspects.

Any tips about suspects that are generated are sent to the Halton police's Retail Theft Unit for investigation. The program provides retailers, security, loss prevention and law enforcement agencies opportunities to identify offenders and, through education, reduce and prevent organized retail crime, and prosecute identified offenders.

Retailers/loss prevention officers have to be vetted by Halton police in order to gain access to the site. So far Halton police has trained more than 100 loss prevention officers from across Ontario to take part in the program. insidehalton.com

How one simple idea has cut robberies at Peel Circle K stores by 18%

Circle K stores removed posters from windows, creating a sight-line from the street to the cash register

Robberies of Circle K convenience stores have decreased by 18 per cent after shop owners in Peel Region removed posters from certain windows. It's called the Clear Zone program and Circle K tried it out in 2013 when Peel Regional Police approached the company with the idea. Peel police's crime prevention constable, Amy Boudreau, says the concept is simple. When you can see directly into a store and the front counter is visible from the street, you deter criminals because they know it's more likely they'll get caught.

Program expanding to other cities
Clear Zone has done so well that Circle K put it to work in other cities, like Thunder Bay, Ottawa and Toronto, as part of a pilot program. The company's manager of security, Sean Sportun, says in some high-risk areas, crime incidents have decreased 100 per cent. But most of all, he says, it's an added sense of security for shop owners and their employees.

"When we go into a store and we remove the signage that's in there ... it's an immediate sense of safety because you can see outside and people can see you," said Sportun. cbc.ca

Circle K launches 'Operation Freeze' in Airdrie
Rewards youth who positively influence community

Operation Freeze launched November 7th in Airdrie and is a collaborative effort between the RCMP, Boys & Girls Club of Airdrie, and Circle K convenience stores.

These tickets, a part of the Positive Ticketing Program known as 'Operation Freeze', will be awarded to Airdrie youth who display positive behaviour and influence in the community. It could be as simple as following proper pedestrian rules or helping carry someone's groceries. The tickets will be redeemable for Frosties or cold beverages at local Circle K convenience stores.

Cst. Morley Statchuk, Airdrie RCMP School Resource Officer, says it is important for youth to establish a positive relationship with enforcement. Sherry Coey, Security & Loss Prevention Manager with Mac's/Circle K convenience stores is excited to have Operation Freeze integrated into Airdrie's community.

"We wanted to have something out there that we could partner with police in a positive fashion so that kids could become, as they are today, a part of a positive community outreach with the police." discoverairdrie.com

Montreal man alleges racial profiling at Hudson's Bay
A black man says two security guards held him for nearly two hours at a Hudson's Bay store in Montreal on suspicion that he was using a fake ID, and he's accusing the store of racial profiling. But the store denies that race was a factor and says staff followed fraud prevention measures.

The incident happened on Sept. 16 at a downtown Bay location. Bryan says he was buying a watch and accepted an offer from a salesperson to apply for a credit card, which would come with a rebate. The salesperson asked Bryan for a piece of ID, and he provided his driver's licence. Shortly after, Bryan says, two security guards approached him.

"And they said that your driver's licence, which I was going to renew the next day anyway, is fake and we have reasons (to believe) that all your identification is also fake. I said that's crazy." For the next two hours, Bryan says, he was held at the store. Witness Kris Gupta says he saw the security guards use force against Bryan. ctvnews.ca

Canada Store Openings & Expansions
Yves Rocher Kicks Off Store Expansion in Expanded Markets

Quebec's largest sports store opens in Kirkland
T&T opens new Toronto, Kitchener, ON stores
Sleep Country expands in Etobicoke
Real Canadian Liquor Store opens three more locations in Saskatchewan
Buy-Low plans to open new store in Saskatchewan

Retail Council Of Canada Holiday Shopping Survey
Black Friday Is Bigger Than Boxing Day

Ontario releases regulations for cannabis retail stores set to open April 1

Over 4,000 Canadians have lost more than $15 million in fraud schemes

Expect no quick end to Canada-wide cannabis shortages, producers warn

Quebec Liquor Store Employees Vote for Three Day Strike

Toys R Us Canada preps for holidays under new owner

Walmart, nonprofits work to cut food waste in Canada

Calgary, AB: Cashier stabbed in attempted robbery at convenience store
Shortly after 10 p.m., a man entered the Lucky 7 convenience store and demanded cash. The cashier at the time was in the back of the store with customers. After demanding money, police say the man attacked and stabbed the cashier. The cashier was cared for by two customers, who also called police. He was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition. Police say he's now in stable condition. cbc.ca

Calgary, AB: Seven teens arrested following violent robbery spree targeting stores across province; staff & shoppers assaulted

Kinuso, AB: Thieves arrested after stealing 40 firearms from hardware store

RNC Seek Culprits Believed Responsible For Series Of Retail Break-Ins

What Police Are Doing to Stop Truck Thefts in Brampton

St. John's, NL: Police Nab Two Shoplifters

RCMP respond after businesses damaged in Alberta


Robberies & Burglaries

C-Store - Red Deer, AB - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Calgary, AB - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Labrador City, NL - Armed Robbery
Costco - Calgary, AB - Armed Robbery
Foot Locker - Calgary, AB - Armed Robbery

General Store - Alder Flats, AB - Robbery
Hardware Store - Kinuso, AB - Burglary
Jewelry Store - Windsor, ON - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Lower Sackville, NS - Robbery
Liquor Store - Trail, BC - Armed Robbery

Naomi - Calgary, AB - Armed Robbery

Telus - Fort Saskatchewan, AB - Armed Robbery
Undisclosed Business - Winnipeg, MB - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Calgary, AB - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Calgary, AB - Armed Robbery



Serving the Military Worldwide and 'Down Range'

In this episode, learn how we're taking care of our troops around the world by ensuring they receive some of the same services, products and food that you buy at the corner store.

Eric Stewart, VP of LP, The Exchange, Army & Air Force Exchange Service, and Jim Palmer, CSO & Sr. Director, U.S. Coast Guard Community Services Command, share how their team's LP efforts contribute to the Morale, Welfare and Recreation of our troops, families and veterans - what the military calls the MWR funds.

With stores and facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad, Eric and Jim tell us about the similarities and differences of managing retail LP in a military environment.

MCs Joe LaRocca & Amber Bradley - Quick Take 17

Joe and Amber discuss the serious subject of active shooter threats and emergency preparedness. From the NRF's widely used Active Shooter Guidelines for retailers to the Calibration Group's hotline awareness posters for schools, learn about some of the free resources and information available that can help you save lives.




U.S. Retailers Cybersecurity Rankings
Top 5: Apple - Best Buy - Home Depot - Amazon - Qurate Group

Apple is the most secure U.S. online retailer for customers, followed by Best Buy, The Home Depot, Amazon and Qurate Retail Group (owner of QVC, HSN and Zulily), according to research from LastPass by LogMeIn, a password management software company.

The rankings are part of LastPass' Online Retail Naughty and Nice List. So who's been naughty? Topping that part of the list is e-commerce furniture company Wayfair, followed by Walmart, eBay, Macy's and Costco. In conducting the research, LastPass examined 17 criteria related to the account, password and website security features of top retailers.

LastPass said it wanted to present consumers with guidance as to which sites best protected their personal information from data breaches. Among the criteria for the research: password requirements; the use of security questions; personal information collected; use of two-factor authentication; social media logins; and how forgotten passwords are handled.

Of the 10 retailers LastPass ranked, all are reputed to be leaders in technology, with the possible exception of Costco, which has been catching up of late. Apple, the "nicest" on the list, has been at the forefront of emphasizing technology solutions to security, and CEO Tim Cook has been outspoken among Silicon Valley leaders on the subject of privacy. Wayfair, which is the "naughtiest," is in the midst of a growth spurt, reporting the largest year-over-year direct retail dollar growth in the company's history in its second quarter. Wayfair's low ranking on the LastPass list could indicate it is experiencing some growing pains. retaildive.com lastpass.com

Online shopping fraud to surge during Black Friday and Cyber Monday
New benchmark data from ACI Worldwide revealed a projected 14 percent increase in fraud attempts during the upcoming 2018 peak holiday season. Based on hundreds of millions of merchant transactions, the data shows that fraud attempts are going to be at their highest across the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

● Fraud attempts expected to increase 14% during 2018 peak holiday season
● Cross Channel fraud continues to grow: In addition to traditional online channels, "buy online, pick up in-store" and call centres will be areas of focus for fraudsters
● On Black Friday, 1.36% of all purchase attempts are expected to be fraudulent
● On Cyber Monday, 1% of all purchase attempts are expected to be fraudulent
● The attempted fraud average ticket price is projected to be $243
● This expected value of fraud attempts is an increase of 17% compared to the same period in 2017.  helpnetsecurity.com

Walmart Overtakes Apple as No. 3 Online Retailer in US

Holiday season is good time to put AI to work for e-commerce

5 Trends That Will Drive Online Shopping In 2019

Speed, cost and seasonal increase in volume are the Biggest Online Holiday Season Pains for Retailers

2018 holidays could be the biggest readiness test for online retailers ever

New concept makes it easier for online retailers to get physical



Sarasota, FL: Five arrested in $830,000 Smash & Grab Theft Ring in Florida
Five people have been arrested and one man is still wanted in connection to a massive smash and grab theft ring in Florida. Authorities say the members of the crime organization face charges connected to burglaries of at least 14 businesses, spanning several Florida counties. The crimes occurred from May through September and followed a similar pattern. The thieves would smash a hole in the wall of a business, rush inside, disable the security system and take off with thousands of dollars' worth of merchandise. The investigation estimates the ring is responsible for more than $830,000 in stolen goods and property damage. Stores targeted include boating, discount, liquor, tire stores among others. mysuncoast.com

San Francisco, CA: Creative lie allows thieves to steal thousands of dollars in Louis Vuitton merchandise
It was like a heist from a movie--a movie like "Ocean's Eleven." A plot that even makes former FBI agent Rick Smith marvel at the thieves' creativity. "You have to give them some credit for an ingenious idea." It happened earlier this month. "The police department received a report from a local shipping company that some high-end merchandise destined for a US retailer had been stolen," San Francisco police Sgt. Michael Andraychek said.

That's all police will say, but a source with knowledge of the theft tells us how it went down. The shipping company is UPS. The retailer--the Louis Vuitton store in Union Square. The UPS Center on Potrero received a call from someone who said he was from the Louis Vuitton store. The caller reportedly asked UPS to stop deliveries temporarily because its basement storage area was flooded and that someone would come by and pick up its shipments. For three days, a driver purporting to be from Louis Vuitton made the pickups at UPS and then disappeared with hundreds of thousands of dollars of expensive Louis Vuitton products. By the end of the week, the store asked why its deliveries had stopped. UPS said it was because of the flooding. But in fact, the basement was dry. And the store knew nothing about the pickups. abc11.com

Natick, MA: Woman charged $4,600 on fake Neiman Marcus credit card
A New York woman tried to buy more than $4,600 worth of clothing from Neiman Marcus on Monday using a counterfeit credit card, authorities said. Dan Lin, 19, got caught because a store security officer noticed a "P" on the back of the store credit card was lower-cased, not upper-cased, meaning it was fake, according to a police report.

Security became suspicious of Lin because they noticed she never looked at the size of any of the clothing, but rather grabbed "items that were (security) cabled, which meant they were expensive brands," police wrote in the report. Among the items she took included jackets valued at more than $1,500 and $950, as well as other coats and sweatshirts ranging in price between $500 and $800. In all, the total value of the items was $4,615, police wrote in the report. metrowestdailynews.com

Leader Of South Jersey Retail Theft Ring Gets 5.6 Years
Yasin Knight, 43, of Salem, has been sentenced after admitting to leading a large-scale retail theft ring that spanned South Jersey.

Knight served as organizer, supervisor, financier or manager of an organized retail theft enterprise that stole baby formula, diapers and laundry detergent from local grocery stores in Camden, Gloucester and Salem counties. They then resold those items to stores in Camden City for profit, according to authorities.

He was originally charged following a six-month investigation by New Jersey State Police, the prosecutor's office and Acme and ShopRite Loss Prevention. He must serve two years, six months of his sentence before becoming eligible for parole. patch.com

Erie, PA: Rochester, NY man waives charges in ORC theft case

Fergus Falls, MN: $1,700 of stolen merchandise and $10,000 in meth seized during Warrant search

Oxford Township, MI: Repeat offender suspected of stealing $1,700 in merchandise from Meijer

Lebanon County, PA: Man arrested after $850 theft of perfumes from Kohl's then crashes car in parking lot

Chambersburg, PA: A pair of shoplifters flee with nearly $600 worth of merchandise from Victoria's Secret at Chambersburg Mall

Lower Merion, PA: Police investigating $1,200 theft of cigarettes from Acme

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Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Candler County, GA: Chance encounter at Waffle House leads to arrests in burglary
Hungry burglary suspects found more than food Sunday night at the Waffle House in Metter - they also ran into sheriff's deputies who were looking for them. Candler County sheriff's deputies Rhett Kelley and Corey Glisson had just left the scene of a burglary at a BP gas station in Aline just after midnight Sunday and decided to stop at the Waffle House to eat, said Candler County sheriff's Capt. Justin Wells. While inside, they noticed two men walk in who matched the descriptions of the burglary suspects who had been caught on store surveillance cameras. statesboroherald.com

His run of Robberies ended when KFC and McDonald's employees weren't having it, BSO says
A serial armed robber's story ended when a KFC crew member and a McDonald's manager, respectively, stood up to him and took him down Saturday afternoon, the Broward Sheriff's Office said. Before 52-year-old Pedro Alvarado's bad Saturday, BSO detectives believe, he'd hit the Lauderdale Lakes Payless ShoeSource on Feb. 24, Oct. 8 and Oct. 24; a McDonald's in Oakland Park on March 3 and May 31; and, Oct. 30, Fallas Department Store, in Lauderdale Lakes. BSO said he walked into the KFC on N. State Rd. 7, on Saturday and ordered a soda. "When the cashier opened the register, Alvarado insinuated he had a gun and demanded she hand over the money," BSO said. Yet, she resisted. And Alvarado left without the money and his soda. BSO says Alvarado went a mile away to the McDonald's on Oakland Park Blvd. That robbery attempt got unplugged by the store manager, who handed Alvarado over to Lauderhill cops after a short scuffle.  miamiherald.com

Port Charlotte, FL: Uber driver leads Deputies to pawn store theft suspect
The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office posted a photo of two suspects in a November 6th theft at Lone Star Pawn in Port Charlotte on their Facebook page and say that within an hour, a man contacted the sheriff's office. He told detectives that he was an Uber driver, was not involved in the crime but had apparently driven the suspect. Using Uber driving records, deputies identified 26-year-old Scott Joseph Humbert. Deputies say Humbert went to Lone Star Pawn to pawn a GoPro but stole three pieces of jewelry from the counter display. Surveillance video shows Humbert prying open the glass counter, according to deputies. Humbert was located and arrested. He is charged with grand theft. mysuncoast.com

UK: London: Mini Cooper Smashed Into Oxford Street Selfridges In Smash-And-Grab Raid

Fresno, CA: Second defendant pleads guilty to Armed Robbery conspiracy in Tulare and Kern Counties

Moorehead MN: Fleeing Shoplifter jumps in the river, later apprehended

Sentencings & Charges

Philadelphia, PA: Man Sentenced to 30 Years for Armed Robbery of Pharmacy

Florence, SC: Resident Sentenced for Manufacturing and Passing Counterfeit Money

Kansas City, MO: Man Sentenced to 30 Years for Armed Robberies


C- Store - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Hackettstown, PA - Robbery
C-Store - Henrico County, VA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Phoenix, AZ - Robbery
C- Store - Norfolk, VA - Armed Robbery
C- Store - Springfield, IL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Detroit, MI - Robbery
C-Store - Spokane, WA - Armed Robbery
Clothing Store - San Angelo, TX - Robbery/ Assault
Computer Store - Beaumont, TX - Burglary
CVS - Columbia, SC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Ascension Parish, LA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Newport News, VA - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Bibb County, GA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station, Metter, GA - Burglary
Gas Station - Topeka, KS - Robbery
Liquor Store - Madison, WI - Burglary
Restaurant - Sherman Oaks, CA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Columbia, SC - Armed Robbery
Waffle House - Huntsville, AL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
17 robberies
3 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings




None to report.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback: Communication Tips from Smart Retailers, Jeff Bezos' Guide to Criticism and How to Keep Your Fear at Bay

Need to Communicate with Employees? Steal These Techniques from Smart Retailers
Your team receives so much communication every single day, it can be overwhelming. Even mission-critical material can fall to the bottom of all their messages, so here are some great techniques retail stores use to effectively get their point across that any company can utilize as well. One Day Only

Don't Let Fear of Conflict Keep You from Delivering Essential Performance Feedback
Giving and receiving feedback is a part of the job for many, however it's a process with which many are not comfortable. We let fear of conflict get in the way of distributing important information that could improve our teams, and companies. Here's how to keep the feedback process positive in 3 steps. Deliver in person

When Someone Criticizes You, How Do You React? Jeff Bezos Relies on This 3-Step Framework Every Time
Dealing with criticism can be tough, but it's an important skill to learn to accept criticism and use it to improve your business. Just use this 3-step framework for staying open to criticism and deciding whether or not you want to act on it from Amazon's own Jeff Bezos. "Listen, ask, change"

Four Steps to Giving Effective Feedback at Work
Research shows that 98% of employees will be less engaged in their work when leaders give limited or no feedback. While giving feedback is no easy task for a number of reasons, it's too important to overlook. Here's how you can give feedback that's effective, empowering and productive to your team in just four simple steps. Observe with both eyes open


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