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Randy Johnson named Corporate Director of Loss Prevention for BMC Stock Holdings

Before being named Corporate Director of Loss Prevention for BMC Stock Holdings, Randy spent five years with Performance Food Group as the Corporate Director of Loss Prevention. Prior to that, he spent more than 4 as the Controller - Shrink at Ferguson Enterprises. Earlier in his career, he held LP roles with HD Supply, Publix Supermarkets, and Target. He also proudly served in the United States Army. BMC is an American construction supply company with corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company operates principally in the South and West regions of the United States and has in excess of 10,000 employees. Congratulations, Randy!

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13th Annual Security 500 Conference
"Most Influential People in Security Honorees"

Honorees (Left to Right): Rick Lee Morris, Jeff Karpovich, JT Mendoza, Hector Erazo, LPC, CFI, Tom M. Conley, CPP, CISM, CMAS, Elena Carrington, Michael Gips, J. Gregory Dunn, Philip Halpin, Dr. Chase C. Cunningham, Scott Starkey, EIT, JD, CPP, PSP, Matthew Payne, Joseph Ranucci, CPP

Security magazine is pleased to announce the 2019 Most Influential People in Security - 26 top security executives and industry leaders who are positively impacting the security field, their organization, their colleagues and peers, and the national and global security landscape. These security leaders have been nominated by their colleagues and associates, and were chosen based upon their leadership qualities and overall positive impact on stakeholders, enterprises, colleagues, constituents and the general public.

View the full list of honorees here: securitymagazine.com

Sensormatic RFID Solutions Bring Clear Sightline Into $1.2 Trillion Shrink Problem
Expanded line of smarter LP helps retailers gain new insights into key areas of impact

Johnson Controls today announced that Sensormatic Solutions, its leading global retail solutions portfolio, has expanded its innovative line of RFID-based shrink visibility solutions, providing actionable data to help retailers reduce loss and better manage shrink. Leveraging RFID technology for smarter loss prevention, Sensormatic shrink visibility integrates multiple technologies to meet the unique needs of each individual retailer-while helping decrease shrink based on the source and location of loss.

These new Sensormatic RFID-based electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems reveal item-level insights into stolen merchandise to help retailers react effectively to loss conditions. Electronic product code (EPC) information is captured through connected IoT devices to deliver real-time data, resulting in improved inventory accuracy and actionable analytics.

Shrink visibility takes loss prevention to the next level with an innovative portfolio of Sensormatic RFID-based EAS detection systems, which include: discreet door mounted, overhead to blend into any store environment, and traditional pedestals. The combination of trusted Sensormatic hardware and analytics gives retailers unprecedented item-level shrink visibility to impact key areas of the store, including fitting rooms, transition areas, stockroom and receiving, points of sale (POS), store exits and the sales floor. businesswire.com

Avery Dennison to Acquire Smartrac's RFID Inlay Business
Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY) today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Smartrac's Transponder (RFID Inlay) Division, for the purchase price of 225 million euros, subject to certain closing and post-closing adjustments. The division is a leader in the development and manufacture of RFID products, with 2019 estimated global revenue of approximately 125 million euros, or approximately $140 million, and approximately 900 employees. businesswire.com

Why states are rushing to seal tens of millions of old criminal records
A bipartisan movement to do so is under way across the country

Last year lawmakers from both parties in
Pennsylvania - nudged by an odd-bedfellows coalition of left-leaning activists, unions, chambers of commerce, Koch Industries and others - voted overwhelmingly to be the first state to do so. In June it started sealing over 30m records, and will soon be finished. That spurred others. In March Utah's governor signed legislation to clean old records automatically, probably 30,000 cases yearly, amid hopes of boosting the supply of local labour. California enacted an automatic clean-slate law last month. That law does nothing to wipe old records, but at least allows for future expungement, from 2021, for arrests and less serious crimes. Michigan is next on the list.

About 19m Americans have felony convictions. Millions more have been arrested, charged or convicted for a misdemeanour. Perhaps one-in-three adults, some 70m-100m people, have a criminal record reckons the Centre for American Progress, a think-tank.

Researchers say that eight years after someone has committed a violent offence, or
four years after they have committed a property one, they are no likelier than anyone else to break the law.

This month in
Michigan several bills passed its assembly, with broad cross-party support. They should be law within months, making more crimes eligible to be expunged and implementing automation for old records from early 2022. Others including Louisiana, New York, North Carolina and Washington will probably opt to go automatic in the coming months. Some, like Illinois, that are legalising marijuana are at the same time enacting automatic clean slates for some drug convictions. Congress is also likely soon to consider clean-slate bills for federal records.

Why the bipartisan rush for reform? Polls suggest 70% of voters like clean-slate efforts, and both parties want ways to shrink prison populations. An activist who campaigned for this for years says Republicans mostly seek economic gains from a bigger workforce, while Democrats talk of social fairness and not criminalising poverty. Happily, the same policy suits both.

More broadly, states fret about putting up economic and other barriers for so many Americans with records. In recent years
35 states and over 150 cities have passed "ban-the-box" laws that forbid some employers (mostly in the public sector) asking job applicants about criminal records until late in the hiring process. economist.com

Dollar General to pay $6M settlement in in racial-discrimination lawsuit
over criminal background checks

Major retail-chain Dollar General will be required to pay $6 million and provide other relief stemming from a class-action discrimination lawsuit, according to a release Monday from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The lawsuit states Dollar General, the largest small-box discount retailer in the country, violated federal law by denying employment to African Americans at a significantly higher rate than Caucasian job applicants for failing the company's reportedly "broad" criminal-background checks.

New background checks

If Dollar General wants to use the criminal background check during the terms of the decree,
the company will have to hire a criminology consultant to develop a new criminal background check based on numerous factors like time of conviction, number of offenses, nature and gravity of the offense and risk of recidivism. Once the consultant provides this recommendation, Dollar General will only be allowed to use the approved criminal background check for its hiring practices. timesrecordnews.com

Despite Ban-the-Box Laws, Employers Are Still Avoiding Former Inmates

Op-Ed: How California can use technology to wipe the slate clean for millions with criminal records

Rapid retail hiring may have caused first static US workplace injury rate in years
2018 marked the first year since 2012 in which the rate of nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private U.S. employers didn't decline, according to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report published Nov. 7.

Private employers reported a total of 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses last year, which is unchanged from the previous year. But only one industry sector - retail trade - recorded a year-over-year increase in its injury and illness rate, BLS said. Strains, sprains and tears were the most common type of injury or illness experienced by retail trade workers.

The problem has become more pronounced due to the high numbers of seasonal and temporary workers employers in the industry took on in 2018, Vance said. Leading retailers are projected to add even more such workers going into 2019's holiday season. "When you have that, you're going to have more employees that are not trained as well [and] who are more prone to injury."

Staff who aren't properly trained in areas like routine cleanup can make catastrophic mistakes. Employers saw an example of this recently: a Buffalo Wild Wings employee died earlier this month after inhaling fumes from a strong cleaning agent, an incident that left 10 others injured, Massachusetts newspaper The Republican reported. hrdive.com

Walmart CEO says the biggest 'hazard' for in-home grocery delivery is dogs
Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said dogs "big and small" have become a hazard for those making in-home deliveries for the retailer in three markets. "We have this place on the app where customers can tell us whether they have a dog or not," Mr. McMillon told CNBC. "And sometimes they misinform us about whether the dog is in the house, or not in the house."

To make deliveries, Walmart said, employees must have at least a year of service with the company, background checks, motor vehicle record checks and extensive training. cnbc.com

D.C. AG sues DoorDash, claiming it misled customers and pocketed workers' tips
D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine brought charges against DoorDash on Tuesday, accusing the company of pocketing tips meant for workers and misleading customers about where their money was going. Racine is seeking to recover millions of dollars in tip money customers paid through DoorDash over two years under its previous model, which the attorney general's office called "deceptive." cnbc.com

Watch the IMPACT 2019 Recap Video!

Relive the IMPACT 2019 experience with the Loss Prevention Research Council's brief highlights video. Find clips from the different sessions and events showcasing our amazing community.
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LPRC CrimeScience Episode 34: The Importance of Innovation & Continuous Improvement Ft. Tony D'Onofrio
In this episode, Tony D'Onofrio (TD Insights) joins co-hosts Dr. Read Hayes (LPRC) and Tom Meehan (CONTROLTEK) to discuss LP/AP issues and opportunities, how to use and better leverage LPRC, what's coming up for TD Insights, and more. lprsearch.org

Walmart CEO: We've seen 'a little' customer blow-back over our stricter gun and ammo policies

Macy's stock sinks after reports of a data breach

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is placing a big bet against struggling mall owners, report says

Apple launching 'Apple Music for Business' to provide music to retail stores

Quarterly Results
Target Q3 comp's up 4.5%, total revenue up 4.7%
Canada's Metro Q4 food comp's up 4.1%, pharmacy comp's up 3.4%, total sales up 3.3%
Ace Hardware Q3 comp's up 3.4%, revenue up 7.2%
Urban Outfitters Q3 comp's up 3%, net sales up 1.4%
Lowe's Q3 comp's up 2.2%, total sales down 0.1%

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Vector Security Introduces New Online Experience with Launch of Redesigned Website

Users who visit www.vectorsecurity.com will notice a new and improved online experience now that the company has launched its redesigned website.

The website features bold, crisp images along with clear, concise and easy-to-navigate content. In addition to home and business security information, the site highlights solutions for multisite customers, including retailers.

Click the "multisite commercial" tab from the homepage to learn about Vector Security Networks' business-transforming, one-source solutions including video, monitored alarms, access control and energy management, as well as managed network services that include SD-WAN, Enhanced Network Management and VPN solutions.

Created with convenience and ease for the user in mind, there are multiple access points to request a consultation or more information, so help is never more than a few clicks away!

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There are 4x more fake retailer sites than real ones
Over 100,000 Fake Domains With Valid TLS Certificates Target Major Retailers

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, Venafi, a company that helps organizations secure cryptographic keys and digital certificates, has conducted an analysis of lookalike domains targeting 20 major retailers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and France.

The analysis led to the discovery of 109,045 lookalike domains that use valid TLS certificates to make them appear more trustworthy. This is more than double compared to last year and the company has pointed out that only less than 20,000 certificates have been issued for legitimate retail domains.

Of the 109,000 typosquatted domains, nearly 84,000 target retailers in the U.S., including almost 50,000 domains that imitate one of the country's top retailers. In the U.K., Venafi identifier nearly 14,000 certificates issued for fake retailer domains. securityweek.com sophos.com

Top 5 Holiday Shopping Season Threats for Retail and Hospitality
The holiday season brings out more than decorations, carols, and hot chocolate. The drastic influx in retail activity as people scurry to cross items off their shopping lists means that hackers come out in droves and malicious activity intensifies around this time of year as well.

Retailers should be aware of some of the most common threats facing their operations as the holiday shopping season kicks into full gear. Below are the top five threats that become prominent around the holiday shopping season as observed by retail and hospitality organizations.

1. Digital skimmers
2. BYOD and internet of things (IoT)
3. Ransomware
4. Social engineering
5. Internal threats

Read more about these threats here: rhisac.org

Three Predictions for Retail Drone Delivery
The era of drone delivery in retail is finally arriving, but what will it actually entail?

In recent weeks, both Walgreens and CVS have launched historic pilots of "store to door" on-demand drone delivery. Meanwhile, industry leaders like Amazon and Walmart are actively developing drone programs of their own. The "dawn of the drone" is here, but how drone delivery will ultimately unfold in retail is anyone's guess. Here are three of mine.

Regulators, saddle up
Commercial drone flights are heavily regulated by the FAA. Even the broadest certification, which allows carriers to fly as many drones supported by as many operators as necessary to meet customer demand, still requires authorization for each individual delivery operation. The FAA is unlikely to grant delivery authorizations to the point drones are blocking the sun.

In addition, drones are not the only autonomous delivery vehicle coming of age in retail. There has been far more activity in piloting ground-based deliveries via self-driving vehicles and robots, which will undoubtedly account for much of the driverless delivery traffic that appears to be heading our way.

Think small
Drone delivery is complex. Drones must either land and take off in a very precise customer delivery zone (which could be as small as a front stoop) or hover while a package is lowered via winch or simply dropped. This will restrict where drone deliveries occur geographically. CVS has already said it is eyeing drone-based delivery of prescription medication as a useful service for rural areas where customers may not have convenient access to the nearest store.

This complexity, combined with the size dimensions of drones, will also consign drone deliveries to smaller items. Drug stores, convenience stores and fast-food restaurants will be much more likely users of drones than consumer electronics or furniture chains.

Higher standards
Currently, there is little to no uniformity in drone design. The Wing Aviation drone in the Walgreens pilot resembles a grown-up version of a balsa wood flyer, while Amazon's Prime Air prototype vaguely conjures the Imperial TIE fighters from "Star Wars".

Inevitably, retailers will figure out what shapes and sizes best suit drone deliveries, and industry or even governmental standards bodies will likely arise. Whatever the future of drone delivery ultimately looks like, its appearance will have uniformity. chainstoreage.com

Senate bill would limit law enforcement use of facial recognition
Sens. Chris Coons, D-Del., and Mike Lee, R-Utah, introduced a bill last week that would put some guardrails on the use of facial recognition technology by federal law enforcement agencies.
The Facial Recognition Technology Warrant Act would require law enforcement to obtain a warrant (except in exigent circumstances) to use facial recognition as part of the "ongoing public surveillance of an individual." It would also require that any such warrant last a maximum of 30 days and the technology be used "in such a way as to minimize the acquisition, retention, and dissemination of information about the individuals other than those for whom there was probable cause to seek the covered court order obtained." fedscoop.com

Amazon uses aggregated seller data to help business, it tells lawmakers
Amazon.com Inc uses "aggregated data" from sellers in its third-party marketplace to improve its overall business, the online retailer said in response to a congressional antitrust probe that could raise concerns with such sellers. Such data, also culled from public sources and Amazon's first-party sales, is available to the company's retail and private brand teams, it said in an Oct. 11 document released by the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Data on individual sellers is not used to improve Amazon's business, the company said, and its teams do not use seller data to launch, source or price private label products, which number about 158,000. reuters.com

82% of SMB execs expect employees to put business devices at risk with holiday shopping

'Juice Jacking' Criminals Use Public USB Chargers to Steal Data

DDoS Attacks Up Sharply in Third Quarter of 2019


A crime of opportunity: Why some shoppers steal at self-checkout

Average people may be able to rationalize their behaviour as 'part-time thieves'

Self-checkout theft is an acknowledged problem, but what's less talked about is who's committing the crime. Turns out, it may be someone you know - even you. Perhaps an item you tried to scan didn't have a barcode, so - pressed for time - you slipped it into your bag without paying, instead of flagging down a store employee for assistance. U.K. criminologist Adrian Beck calls this a crime of opportunity, one that's turning average shoppers into "part-time thieves."

From 2016 to 2018, Beck studied retail sales losses caused by self-checkout theft and honest mistakes made by customers scanning their own items. The emeritus professor at the University of Leicester said it's hard to differentiate between the two acts, because a customer's intent is unknown. Beck's research included interviewing and gathering data from 13 major U.K. and U.S. retailers such as Walmart and Target. Based on his findings, he estimates a large retailer with half its transactions being processed through self-checkout can expect added losses in the millions of dollars.

Loblaws said that it has implemented effective security measures and doesn't see a difference in theft rates when customers use self-checkout rather than going through a cashier. The Retail Council of Canada said it doesn't have specific data on self-checkout theft, but believes the problem is small compared to the more calculated crime of shoplifters concealing items and exiting.

But Beck warns self-checkout theft could grow as retailers add machines to save labour costs, and unscrupulous shoppers become more savvy. cbc.ca

Union wants policy changes, more police in grocery stores to address shoplifting
Shoplifting has become such a problem at Winnipeg-area grocery stores that a union representing retail workers is calling for changes to improve safety and reduce theft. Employees are advised not to intervene in thefts, said Jeff Traeger, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 832, so he thinks more police in stores are needed to solve the problem.

UFCW also represents the security guards working at the stores, who Traeger said are "visual deterrents" but have no authority to actually stop anybody engaged in a theft. The union represents 8,000 employees in Manitoba who work at Red River Co-op and the stores underneath the Loblaw brand, including the Real Canadian Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, Extra Foods and No Frills. Unlike Liquor Marts, where people have been swiping from shelves, at grocery stores thieves have been accessing back rooms, Traeger said.

Loblaw officials said they do occasionally use company-paid Winnipeg police officers but did not say whether that is something they would do more frequently. cbc.ca

Fired for confronting store criminals?
Superstore manager terminated after altercations with violent customers

The Real Canadian Superstore's parent company is standing behind its decision to fire a long-serving employee at its Prince Albert store, after he was involved in altercations with two customers - including an alleged shoplifter who he says pulled a knife on him. He was also the manager on duty when a naked man who Long believed to be high on drugs burst into the store and caused damage in March.

Following the second incident, Long was fired from his position at Superstore on Sept. 17. He said he was told he was fired with cause. When contacted, Loblaw, Superstore's parent company, said a strict policy on apprehensions is in place at their stores. "While we appreciate the sentiment behind his efforts, the colleague in question had violated our policy in the past and had been formally warned of the consequences for additional violations," the statement from Loblaw said. cbc.ca

Manitoba developing new measures to deal with 'swarm thefts'

Protesters March on Canada Goose Store in Vancouver
Hornby Street shoppers got a surprise last Friday evening from PETA supporters and members of Direct Action Everywhere's Vancouver chapter, who marched to the local Canada Goose store in order to urge shoppers not to buy the retailer's coats made with coyote fur and goose down. "Every Canada Goose coat represents the suffering of coyotes who were caught in painful steel traps and geese who were violently killed," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "PETA is calling on shoppers to steer clear of Canada Goose as long as it continues to profit from animal suffering and death." peta.org

Loblaw streamlines BOPIS even more with 12,000 sq. ft. facility
   -Assembling orders of up to 60 items within minutes - at 99.9% accuracy

Walmart Canada launching blockchain-based freight & payment network

Costco warns of fake coupon 'scam' circulating on social media

Tech startups join race against Amazon Go for cashierless shopping

Lowe's Canada stores deemed underperforming, 34 locations set to close

Williams Sonoma to Exit Quebec Amid Multiple Store Closures in Canada

Penticton, BC: Police watchdog looking into death of shoplifting suspect
A man recently arrested by Penticton RCMP for shoplifting has died in custody and now the province's police watchdog has begun an investigation. The Independent Investigations Office of B.C. announced today, Nov. 18, it is investigating after a suspected shoplifter died in hospital. The man was arrested by Penticton RCMP on the morning of Nov. 8 following a theft from a store in Penticton, according to a media release. The unidentified man resisted arrest, sustaining a minor head injury and was taken to hospital. The suspect later left the hospital and had to be returned later by police. The man was admitted to hospital again where his condition deteriorated. He died six days later on Nov. 14. infotel.ca

Mission, BC: Thieves rip door off business and steal $50,000 worth of equipment
Pascal Deissner, owner of Mission's Prospect Outdoor Equipment, figures the thieves that hit his business - and boy, did they hit it - made off with about $50,000 of merchandise during the two break-ins. The first theft occurred in the early morning of Nov. 9. Surveillance-video footage shows three masked men bashing through the store's front door with a sledgehammer and then grabbing all they could carry during a three-minute stealing spree inside the store. The thieves returned, along with a fourth masked man, on Nov. 15 to carry out an even more brazen robbery as they used a truck to remove the store's entire front entrance. "It proved an even more fruitful visit," said Deissner, who figures he'll need to spend another $20,000 to repair the damage caused by the thieves. vancouversun.com

Belleville, ON: Store owner speaks out about violent attack and attempted robbery

Brockville, ON: Man tried to steal $1,050 in merchandise from Real Canadian Superstore

Barrie, ON: Police searching for suspect following reported Circle K assault, theft

Steinbach, MB: RCMP nab store theft suspects

Tecumseh, ON: OPP hope video will help nab Subway robbery suspect

Campbell River, BC: Suspects sought in smash-and-grab

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Technology: Redefining Loss Prevention

The Future of LP/AP

Mike Lamb, VP of AP, Kroger
Mark Stinde, SVP of AP, JCPenney
Kevin Colman, Group VP of AP, Macy's



With retail rolling out a multitude of new technologies faster than ever before, how are the core LP/AP executives in the store and at corporate being impacted? How involved are we in these rollouts on the front end? And on the back end, does it change the essence of LP's training, awareness, and investigative abilities?

With e-commerce fraud growing and a number of LP/AP executives now managing those processes, we now have a slight, invisible merging of IT Security and Loss Prevention that is being talked about. How far will this evolve?

In this roundtable discussion, three industry leaders share their perspectives on how technology is impacting LP's role now and in the future.

Episode Sponsored By

Joe & Amber Share
LinkedIn Advice

As we wind down LPNN Season 9, Co-MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley share some tried-and-true LinkedIn advice and Joe tells us about the "Wayne Hoover test".




Black Friday 2019:
How online scammers use gift cards, hot toy deals to trick you

Retailers are being warned that sophisticated scammers could target online Black Friday deals in highly automated schemes that use fraudulent accounts created with stolen data and fictitious identities.

The goal would be to scoop up door-buster deals or special coupons and deplete the inventories of hot merchandise for the holidays, according to Shannon Wu-Lebron, senior director of retail for TransUnion's diversified markets group.

Once the fraudsters use fake credit cards or hijacked accounts to order the stuff at bargain prices, they'll turn around to sell the popular toys, TVs or other deals on online marketplaces and elsewhere at inflated prices.

About 75% of shoppers plan to do half or more of their holiday shopping online, according to TransUnion's 2019 Holiday Retail Fraud Survey, released Nov. 19. Of that group, 46% worry about becoming a victim of fraud.

Here are tips to stay safe:

Beware of pitches for hot toys you can't find Examine that gift card before you buy it
React fast if your password doesn't work Don't fall for text from the bank - it's a scam
Take the extra steps for ID verification Be aware of e-skimming usatoday.com

RETHINK Retail Podcast with Tony D'Onofrio: Alibaba's Singles' Day sales, Amazon's upcoming grocery store, Nike cuts ties with Amazon
In a new podcast with RETHINK Retail, TD Insights CEO Tony D'Onofrio discusses Alibaba's Singles Day in China (the largest shopping day in the world completed November 11 in which Alibaba sold $38.4 billion in 24 hours), Amazon planning to open a new supermarket format outside of Whole Foods, and insights into why Nike is leaving the Amazon shopping platform.

Click here to listen.

Walmart plays catch-up in Amazon ecommerce battle

How ecommerce will change automotive retail





Update: Miami, FL: Police searching for group who targeted Sephora at Miami Int'l Mall
Investigators are seeking the public's help to identify the crooks who robbed a cosmetics store inside Miami International Mall in Doral. Doral Police sent out surveillance pictures hoping to identify the thieves on Tuesday. According to police, the crooks sole more than $16,000 worth of cosmetics from Sephora last Thursday. wsvn.com

Update: Chicago, IL: More charges for Round Lake brothers accused of stealing from Home Depot stores across the suburbs
The brothers Miotke now face more serious charges of continuing financial crimes enterprise related to alleged thefts from Home Depot stores throughout Cook, DuPage, Will, Kendall and Lake counties. A DuPage County grand jury on Nov. 19 indicted Michael R. Miotke on 34 counts of retail theft, 32 counts of burglary, two counts of theft by deception and one count of continuing financial crimes enterprise. John J. Miotke is charged with nine counts of retail theft, two of theft by deception, seven of burglary and one of continuing financial crimes enterprise. The indictments allege John Miotke stole a DeWalt pressure washer, LED lights, vinyl flooring and Honda lawn mowers. Michael Miotke is alleged to have taken DeWalt pressure washers, Toro snowblowers, Honda lawn mowers, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, lights, laser projectors and a Weber grill. The indictments say the thefts happened at Home Depot stores in Downers Grove, Carol Stream, Woodridge, Glendale Heights, Oak Lawn, Schaumburg, Bartlett, Mount Prospect, Naperville, Northlake, Niles, Mundelein, Oakbrook Terrace, Oswego, Ingleside, Lake Zurich, Gurnee, Alsip, Elgin, Calumet City, Countryside, Shorewood, Homer Glen and Elk Grove Village. dailyherald.com

Metairie, LA: Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office attempting to identify $5,000 Oakwood Mall thieves
Six suspects participated in the simple robbery of about $5,000 in fragrances from a store in Oakwood Mall, during which one of the females pepper sprayed a security guard. wgno.com

Lancaster, PA: Couple tied to 9 thefts at Giant Food
Police have identified a man they say stole more than $1,200 worth of merchandise during nine trips to the same grocery store. Manheim Township police are looking for 33-year-old Norman Clifton-Coleman and 32-year-old Robin Greiner, both of Lancaster. They say Clifton-Coleman was responsible for the series of thefts at the Giant Food Store at 1360 Columbia Avenue in Lancaster Township between Sept. 11 and Oct. 4. Police have warrants charging the pair with theft. abc27.com

Laurel County, KY: Walmart apprehends Female Shoplifting Felon, wanted in Virginia and Kentucky

Show Low, AZ: 4 Arrested in Walmart Knife point Robbery, merchandise valued at $2,500

Newport, VT: Smash and Grab Suspects steal 13 Chainsaws and John Deere parts

Chattanooga, TN: Thieving Couple Get $1,130 In Items From Burlington Store

Update: Menomonee Falls, WI: Man pleads guilty to stealing 24 bottles of Hennessy from Costco


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Shootings & Deaths

Houston, TX: 3 shot during massive brawl in northeast Harris County strip mall
Several women were shot early Tuesday inside a car during a massive brawl in a northeast Harris County retail center. Up to 60 people were involved in the brawl, at least one of whom pulled a gun and started shooting, Ecke said. Three women who were involved in the altercation were each shot amid the gunfire, all of whom piled into a car and fled the strip center to safety with the help of another woman, who was not shot, Ecke said.

They spotted a pair of deputies who were investigating an unrelated vandalism case at a gas station at the Eastex Freeway and Aldine Bender and flagged them down for help. Paramedics rushed to the service station and took all three women, all in their late teens to early 20s, to nearby hospitals, Ecke said. chron.com

Carson City, NV: Burglary suspect dies after falling through roof of a salon
A burglary suspect was found dead inside Cutting Edge Salon in Carson City on Sunday morning after he fell through the roof and hit the ground, according to the Carson City Sheriff's Office. Detective said Ronald Edward Kidd was found unresponsive on the ground inside the salon. Burglary tools were found in a bag he was carrying. Kidd has a large record for theft and robbery. foxreno.com

Willis, TX: Brink's Armored Truck Guard shot and killed Robbery Suspect outside of Chase Bank

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Charlotte, NC: Panhandler stabbed a customer inside Lowe's
A southwest Charlotte Lowe's has reopened Wednesday after police said a man was stabbed inside the store Tuesday morning. Witnesses told Channel 9 an aggressive panhandler stabbed the victim after a confrontation inside the Lowe's on South Tryon Street near Arrowood Road around 11:30 a.m. Authorities said the suspect, 24-year-old Justin Campbell started asking for money, then demanded it from the victim, who was shopping.

Moments later, police said Campbell pulled out a saw used for cutting drywall and stabbed the victim at least half a dozen times near his head and neck. The victim was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Campbell was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill or cause severe injury and communicating threats. wsoctv.com

Spirit Lake, IA: Suspect in C-Store stabbing still at large, victim in good condition
In Spirit Lake, Iowa the search continues for a suspect in a stabbing Monday night. The suspect, 43-year-old Teangelo Grice of Spirit Lake, allegedly stabbed a woman inside the Kum and Go store around 11:pm Monday night. Grice is wanted on six charges, including Attempted Murder, False Imprisonment and Violation of a No Contact Order. ktiv.com

Denver, CO: FBI searching for serial robber who hit 5 metro Denver businesses; tied to over 12 nationwide

Stockton, CA: 50 Arrested, Dozens Of Guns Seized In Operation Targeting Norteño Gang

Canton, OH: 5 Armed Robberies in 13 hours terrify workers, customers

Westerly, CT: Home Depot employee charged with Felony theft of nearly $7,000

Lancaster County, PA: Weis Market employee charged with $7,000 cash theft




Beauty Salon - Carson City, CA - Burglary
Beauty Supply - Long Beach, CA - Burglary
C-Store - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Canton, OH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Sulphur Springs, TX - Burglary
Dollar General - Trotwood, OH - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Miami, FL - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Schenectady, NY - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Montgomery, AL - Robbery
Hardware - Newport, VT - Burglary
Jewelry - Dayville, CT -Robbery
Jewelry - Annapolis, MD - Robbery
Jewelry - Sacramento, CA - Robbery
Liquor - Turlock, CA - Armed Robbery
Liquor - Fargo, ND - Armed Robbery
Liquor - Moorhead, ND - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Savannah, GA - Armed Robbery (KFC)
Restaurant - Skagit County, WA - Armed Robbery (Jack n the Box)
Restaurant - Bossier City, LA - Armed Robbery (Applebees)
Restaurant - Providence, RI - Armed Robbery (Subway)
Restaurant - Detroit, MI - Robbery (McDonald's)
Verizon - Derby, VT - Burglary
Walmart - Waco, TX - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Show Low, AZ - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
• 19 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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Dominic J. Ward
named District Loss Prevention Manager for Nike

Nikki Swiney named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for AutoZone

Alexandria Hampton
named Asset Protection & Safety Analyst for Southeastern Grocers

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Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Become the Newest Member of the VF Family. As the Regional Loss Prevention Manager, you will have the critical function to support an entire region of stores and serve as the subject matter expert in loss mitigation. You will have the great responsibility to own and oversee all matters and investigations of internal and external theft...

Senior ORC Investigator
Boca Raton, FL

The Senior Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our customers. The Senior Investigator is responsible for assisting with implementing a strategy to combat organized retail crime and external theft across the TJMaxx and Marshalls brands...

Loss Prevention Investigator
Seattle, WA

The Loss Prevention Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our internal and external customers. With a focus on internal cases, the Investigator takes complex investigations head-on through establishing solid partnerships with store and LP leadership...

Loss Prevention Investigator
San Jose, CA

The Loss Prevention Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our internal and external customers. With a focus on internal cases, the Investigator takes complex investigations head-on through establishing solid partnerships with store and LP leadership...
Area LP Manager
San Jose or Fresno, CA

The Area Loss Prevention Manager (ALPM) drives shrink improvement and asset protection programs for two (2) to four (4) Districts which contain approximately 25-65 Ulta Beauty Stores. The Area Loss Prevention Manager is responsible to assess store procedures, promote awareness and methods to prevent, protect and control losses...

Area LP Manager
Sacramento, CA

The Area Loss Prevention Manager (ALPM) drives shrink improvement and asset protection programs for two (2) to four (4) Districts which contain approximately 25-65 Ulta Beauty Stores. The Area Loss Prevention Manager is responsible to assess store procedures, promote awareness and methods to prevent, protect and control losses...

Regional Asset Protection Manager (North East)
Boston, MA

The successful candidate will be responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function in their assigned area. Guide the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

Loss Prevention Operations Specialist
Tucscon, AZ
The Loss Prevention Specialist will oversee the Burglar/Fire Alarm and overall Physical Security function for stores including CCTV for all new stores, renovations, acquisitions, closing, existing stores and warehouses. In addition, this position supports the security/property control component for the Corporate Headquarters main campus...

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