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Protecting + Serving Makes Chris #oldnavyproud

Gap Inc. features Chris Nelson, VP of LP, Gap Inc./Old Navy in blog post

Year after year Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served in the military, and we have many Gap Inc. vets to celebrate and thank. Chris Nelson, 11-year Old Navy employee, is one of them! As VP for Stores Loss Prevention (LP), he leads the LP team's efforts to protect Old Navy stores, teams and customers from harm's way, theft and fraud.

Read on to learn more about Chris's impressive career and what makes him #oldnavyproud!

YOUR TIME IN THE MILITARY: I served in the Minnesota National Guard for four years during college as Military Police (MP). After graduating from college and the ROTC program, I did 10 years in the U.S. Army as a Commissioned Officer in the Military Police Corps. I had the chance to serve and lead MP teams in South Korea; Fort Riley, Kansas, San Antonio, Texas; Washington, D.C. and Mogadishu, Somalia. My roles varied from major security operations in Korea to Law Enforcement at big bases, to teaching investigations, to protecting the President and foreign dignitaries at Federal events in Washington, D.C. and leading a unit in Combat. I was a lucky guy.

HOW YOUR SERVICE INFLUENCED YOUR CAREER: It taught me life lessons and perspective. Leadership can be hard, challenging and scary, but it is so worth it when you create success. Teamwork is the key - when you have it you are bound to win; when you don't, winning is unlikely at best. Finally, working as part of something bigger than myself was an awesome epiphany that changed my world.

YOUR FAVORITE ROLE: Of all the titles I've had, my clear favorite is Grandpa! We have two granddaughters, Elle (5) and Addy (3), and they have a little brother on the way due in January. Life is good!

YOUR CAREER #PROTIP: Leadership is not about you as much as it is about your team - don't lead with "I" or with your ego. Colin Powell advises to separate your ego from your position/title, and I agree. I learned this in times of great stress. In those times, your team will look right to you. You may be mad, sad or scared, but that's not the point. How you show up for them is what matters. How you make them feel makes all the difference. When you know your team, you know your mission and create an environment for success, they will amaze you every time.

Read more here: gapinc.com

Staying Left of Boom!
Watch Chris Nelson and Rich Giaquinto of Gap Inc.
in LPNN's #2 Most Watched Video of 2019

"Left of Boom" is a military term referring to the timeline before an explosion. When the explosion happens (the boom), then the timeline shifts to "right of boom". Left of boom is where you want to be. Chris Nelson and Rich Giaquinto explain how the concept applies to the retail environment - whether it's active shooters, natural disasters, or other events that disrupt the business. Learn how Gap Inc. maintains business continuity and organizational resilience by applying a "Left of Boom" approach. Watch Here




Michael Burch, CFI named Vice President of Risk Management & Asset Protection for The Green Solution

Before being named VP of Risk Management & AP for The Green Solution, Michael was with Tilly's for more than 13 years, starting there as a Division VP of LP & Risk Management and moving up to Director of LP. Earlier in his career, he also held LP roles with Petco, Brookstone and The Disney Store. The Green Solution runs 21 dispensaries in Colorado with two more under construction and expected to open later this year. It also operates one of the country's largest marijuana products manufacturing facilities, and a network of indoor and outdoor growing facilities expected to produce more than 48,000 pounds of marijuana by the end of this year. Congratulations, Michael!

Matthew Robinett CCSP promoted to Director of Operations - Supply Chain for Macy's

Matthew has been with Macy's for nearly eight years. Prior to his promotion to Director of Operations - Supply Chain, he served as District Manager of Asset Protection Investigations for nearly two years. He held various other roles with Macy's as well, including Manager - Supply Chain Asset Protection, Manager - Logistics and Operations Asset Protection and Supervisor - Supply Chain Asset Protection. He has also held LP/AP roles with Sears and Saks Fifth Avenue. Congratulations, Matthew!

Brooke Smith named Director of Security for MaxSent

Prior to being named Director of Security for MaxSent, Brooke spent more than eight years with Macy's in various roles, from LP Detective to Asset Protection Manager to Manager of Operations & AP. Before that, she spent time at both H&M and Sears as a LP Detective. Her new company, MaxSent, provides professionally trained armed/unarmed security officers to the federal government, municipalities, commercial clients, utility companies, airports, and shopping center developers on a national level. Congratulations, Brooke!

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Study Unveils 2020 Travel Risks & Country Medical/Safety Ratings
Heightened security threats, civil unrest and geopolitical instability are expected to be top disruptors to the mobile workforce in 2020, says a new study by International SOS. The company's Travel Risk Map and Business Resilience Trend Watch report forecasts the Top 10 Health & Security Risks that organizations should be prioritizing in 2020:

1. Risks borne from geopolitical shifts will be the most important mobility challenge for businesses
2. Mental health issues will increase in importance
3. Physical health: organizations will be more proactive in safeguarding physical health
4. Cybercrime is likely to grow and be an increasing risk to security
5. Climate change will exacerbate the occurrence of environmental disruptions
6. Infectious disease outbreaks from established and newly emerging pathogens will increase due to multiple factors, including climate change, increasing urbanisation, diminishing vaccination coverage and security instability
7. 'Bleisure' travel: the debate about whether an employer is responsible to cover bleisure as part of employee Duty of Care will amplify
8. Millennials and Generation Z entering the workplace with different preferences, expectations and attitudes to risk, will continue to challenge businesses to evolve their risk strategies.
9. High profile Duty of Care legal cases will increase
10. Start-ups and SMEs that are under-resourced and inexperienced will struggle to meet Duty of Care obligations

Business Resilience Trends Watch Survey Findings
Results from the Business Resilience Trends Watch reveal the top reasons business travel managers expect to change itineraries in 2020, as 51% believe that health and security risks increased in the past year and 47% anticipate risks will rise in the coming year:

1. Security threats (68%) - up 23pp on the past year
2. Civil unrest (52%) - up 14pp on the past year
3. Geopolitical Unrest (52%) - up 20pp on the past year
4. Natural disasters (51%) - up 15pp on the past year

Boston, MA: Security Guard Indicted for Violent Choking, Punching
11-Year-Old Shoplifter at Primark Store

A security guard who was working at a Boston store has been indicted on charges that he choked and punched an 11-year-old shoplifter last summer. Mohammad Khan, 36, is charged with assault and battery on a child under 14 and a civil rights violation.

His employer, Securitas Security Services USA Inc. of New Jersey, was also indicted on the same two charges. Securitas Security Services USA Inc. is a subsidiary of Securitas AB, one of the world's largest security firms.

According to the Suffolk District Attorney's Office, Khan used "excessive and unreasonable force" to detain the 11-year-old girl, who admitted taking several articles of clothing valued at $175 from the Irish clothing retailer Primark in Downtown Crossing on June 9. nbcboston.com

OSHA Guidelines for Retailers on Holiday Shopping & Crowd Management Safety
As the holiday shopping season approaches, we are again reminding retail and hospitality employers of the importance of taking safety precautions during the holiday season's major sales events, such as Black Friday.

Holiday shopping has increasingly become associated with violence and hazards. There has been numerous instances of riots, shootings, and pepper-spray attacks in crowds looking for holiday deals. In one case, a worker was trampled to death while a mob of shoppers rushed through the doors of a store to take advantage of a Black Friday sales event. Events of violence and shooting at malls and retail establishments have become all too common in our society. Additionally, retail distribution centers that fill customer orders are exceedingly busy at this time of year and often staffed with new and/or temporary workers. Such increased staffing levels can lead to increased workplace accidents.

Under OSHA's general duty clause, "employers are responsible for providing a place of employment free of recognized hazards that are likely to cause serious injury or death." To minimize injuries in the workplace during the holiday season, OSHA's website on
Holiday Workplace Safety provides employers with recommendations for crowd management plans and safe practices for retail distribution centers.

Retailers are advised to review and implement the OSHA suggestions for crowd management. Adopting, implementing, and training store employees on the crowd management plan will both lessen the risk of employee and shopper incidents, and will assist the employer in fending off potential OSHA enforcement proceedings, should an accident occur.

Employers should also
review workplace violence programs and remind supervisors to keep their eyes open for signs of potential workplace violence issues. jdsupra.com

Two Major Trends This Holiday Season: Free Shipping and BOPIS
In 2018, advancements in shipping were some of the biggest retail stories of the holiday shopping season. Free shipping offers by Target and Walmart prodded Amazon to expand its own free shipping policy for the holidays. Meanwhile, buy online, pick up in-store shopping became widespread.

Those were big changes. But even bigger ones would follow. This spring, Amazon raised the bar by pushing its Prime program to one-day shipping versus two-day. Soon after, Amazon started offering secure package delivery to customers' car trunks.

As shipping options continue to evolve, shoppers' expectations shift right along with them. So what does that mean as we head into the 2019 holiday shopping season?

Shoppers Expect Free Shipping - Growth for In-store Pickup? - More Delivery Options wwd.com

Survey: Retailers adjust for short holiday season
Retailers are optimistic about the 2019 holiday season, despite its brevity. According to the new edition of the annual Adobe Analytics Holiday Retailer Insights survey, 61% of 403 surveyed U.S. retailers with annual revenues over $500,000 expect the holiday season to be better than 2018. However, 41% of respondents are concerned about the shorter season this year.

In response to there being
six fewer days between Black Friday and Christmas in 2019 than in 2018, three-quarters of respondents plan to start sales earlier.

More than half (55%) of respondents offer buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) services. Forty-eight percent of larger respondents and 45% of smaller respondents say BOPIS represents a significant portion of their sales.

Only 7% of respondents currently use
voice technology as a sales tool. However, 62% are investigating or plan to use voice technology for sales in the future, while 31% don't see value in voice. chainstoreage.com

NRF: Half of holiday shoppers have already started
More than half of consumers have already started their holiday shopping and nearly a quarter of purchases have already been made, according to the annual survey released today by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

The survey found 56 percent of consumers asked during the first week of November had already begun their holiday shopping, about the same as the past few years. That was up from 48 percent who had already started at the same point a decade ago. On average, consumers had completed 24 percent of their shopping, the highest level in the history of the survey and up from 16 percent in 2009. Only 4 percent had finished shopping. nrf.com

Lowe's new scheduling policies leave workers 'walking on eggshells'
Lowe's employees say that a series of policy changes around workers' schedules have sunk morale within the home-improvement retailer's stores. Last month, Business Insider published a story about declining spirits among Lowe's workers, interviewing 17 current and former Lowe's employees from 14 different states.

One of the primary issues these workers spoke about had to do with changes to the scheduling policies for full-time employees. The old four-week rotation for full-time employees was replaced with a new system billed as
"customer-centric scheduling," which workers say has brought about less predictability and negatively affected their work-life balance. msn.com

Talent Rentention: Why Walmart is turning its new headquarters into a walkable town square
In May, the company announced plans to build a new campus spread across 350 acres just blocks from Bentonville, Arkansas' downtown. A vast reimagining of the company's headquarters, complete with of-the-moment design trends - mass timber construction and bike paths bisecting cafes and outdoor meeting rooms - the planned campus offers a vision of corporate evolution, showcasing the retailer as a high-tech, cutting-edge talent magnet. An early rendering shows a bolt of sunshine streaking across the campus, as if corporate Eden has arrived in northwest Arkansas. curbed.com

Amazon's Migraine: Walmart
Robin Report Founder/CEO writes about Amazon's challenges in facing Walmart

The Elephant in the Room: Walmart's grocery dominance and their ability to leverage both the superior physical and digital integration (because of sheer size) accelerates their growth before Amazon even gets out of the gate.

Jeff Bezos may have seen and understood the Walmart elephant early on when he declared that Amazon had to become dominant (or at least a major player) in apparel and grocery. And I believe his acquisition of Whole Foods and his roll-out of Amazon Go were attempts at finding the formula or pathway to become competitive with the elephant.

But now Bezos finally gets it. Even though Amazon is late to the party, they are opening a supermarket in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of LA next year. And it sounds just like ... well, a supermarket. I guess this is a test? Or is it going to be another differentiated tech-infused supermarket like the Amazon Go convenience stores, that they will roll out and serve up against Walmart, Kroger and Costco, all of whom already have thousands of stores across the US and well-honed supply chains. therobinreport.com

How serious a threat is Amazon's new grocery store?
Amazon's new grocery chain is no longer a vague concept subject to speculation. Slowly but steadily, the idea is taking shape. While the company's previous efforts in grocery have centered around e-commerce and Whole Foods' brick-and-mortar stores, the new reported chain, which will open its first store in a Los Angeles suburb in 2020, is different. It will have lower prices than Whole Foods. It could sell mainstream products like Cheetos and Coke. And it will utilize traditional checkout stands. And it will be run by a company with access to troves of customer data and millions of tuned-in Prime members. grocerydive.com

Amazon Has Become America's CEO Factory
The world's largest e-commerce retailer is shipping out a new commodity: CEOs. Amazon has become an incubator for startup founders and corporate chiefs spreading the company's "scrappy mentality" while leaving more controversial aspects of its culture behind. Ex-Amazonians stand at the helm of companies such as Vimeo, Groupon and the We Company. While Amazon hopes employees will choose to stay, its executives are "proud that they're going out into the world and building great things," according to The Wall Street Journal. wsj.com

Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Associate Director/Director, LP job posted for Carvana in Phoenix, Ariz.
Carvana is looking for an experienced and collaborative Associate Director or Director of Loss Prevention to join a rapidly growing organization and build out a comprehensive program to efficiently and effectively provide security services and protection at its facilities. The Loss Prevention AD/Director will design cross-functional policies and procedures and partner closely with Operations and other company stakeholders (such as HR, Corporate Insurance, Supply Chain, and Facilities) to foster buy-in and implement same. Additionally, this individual will hire, supervise and support a combination of external and internal loss prevention team members to manage day to day efforts. linkedin.com

Walmart is doubling down on China with 500 new stores

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon: 'We could go away at any minute'

Read more in today's 'Cannabis LP & Risk' column below:
House committee approves landmark bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level

Violent Day: Five deadly incidents reported in today's 'Retail Crime' column below

Quarterly Results
Stage Stores Q3 comp's up 17.4%, net sales up 15%
La-Z-Boy Q2 comp's up 5%, sales up 1.8%
Cato Q3 comp's up 4%, sales up 1%
Stein Mart Q3 comp's down 0.1%, net sales down 1%
L Brands Q3 comp's down 3%, total sales down 3.5%
   Bath & Body Works comp's up 5%, total sales up 7.8%
   Victoria's Secret comp's down 8%, total sales down 8.2%

Macy's Q3 comp's down 3.9%, net sales down 4.3%


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As Retailers Prepare for the Holiday Season, So Do Cybercriminals
'Tis the season for domain spoofing, fraudulent giveaways, and other scams

With all signs pointing to another record-breaking year for online merchants, crooks have begun ramping up their efforts to divert dollars their way via malicious domains, coupons, gift card scams, counterfeit goods, and other means.

Security vendor ZeroFOX recently analyzed threat data gathered from its retail customers over a period of 12 months. Their analysis showed that retailers face a diverse and multifaceted threat landscape, says Ashlee Benge, a threat researcher at ZeroFOX. Most threats attempt to abuse the brand in some way. But the way it happens varies widely, she says. "The diversity in this landscape makes it more difficult for retailers to defend themselves and their brands from these attacks," Benge says.

Domain-based attacks top the list of threat that retailers - and, by extension, consumers - face this shopping season. These are attacks where threat actors set up websites that are spoofed to look like the domains of popular brands - and where users can land if, for example, they make a single typo or misspelling when entering the URL of the original sites. Users tricked into interacting with these domains can end up giving up account and payment card information and other sensitive data.

Fraudulent giveaways, coupons, and gift cards are another major concern, as are counterfeit goods. ZeroFOX counted 2,900 such scams across its retail customer base over the last year - or roughly five scam alerts per brand asset monitored. Of these, 86% were giveaway scams, where users are tricked into parting with sensitive personal information under the belief they will get free holiday gifts, gift cards, or other products in exchange.

Brand impersonation is another issue that could trip up holiday shoppers this year. ZeroFOX identified over 33,000 instances where attackers tried to impersonate a brand by mimicking its pages, logos, and images in order to trick users. It counted another nearly 9,000 instances of executive impersonation among customers in the retail sector. darkreading.com

Online Retailers Ill-Prepared for Holiday Season
Retail industry is experiencing more breaches than any other industry in 2019, report says

The attraction of retail for criminals is obvious. Criminals go where the money is, and the population is spending increasing fortunes online. On Cyber Monday 2018 alone, $7.9 billion was spent online.

The problem, according to IntSights, is that retailers are spending their budgets on improving their e-commerce platforms to receive money while neglecting to invest adequately in advanced security protocols to safeguard the data behind that money. "This trend," says IntSights, "makes retail one of the most vulnerable industries for cyberattacks."

Retailers face four primary challenges. Three are directly related to cybersecurity while the fourth could be reduced using cybersecurity principles. These are organized retail crime (ORC), network-based threats, the cost of compliance -- and fourthly, the cost of shrinkage and store-based thefts. securityweek.com

Twitter spy scandal a wake-up call for companies to clean up data access
Two Twitter employees accessed user data on behalf of the Saudi government.
Neither should have had access, and this is a sign of a bigger problem at all companies.

A tremor rippled across the information security community last week when the Justice Department announced criminal charges against two Twitter employees, Ahmad Abouammo (media partnerships manager) and Ali Alzabarah (site reliability engineer), for acting as foreign agents under the direction and control of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The complaint alleges that the two men used their ability to access user data to provide the Saudi rulers with private information on more than 6,000 Twitter users.

Insider breach raises questions
The situation of insiders spying on behalf of a foreign government raised alarm bells among cybersecurity specialists about what they fear is widespread lax tech company employee access to sensitive data.

"Why did employees who had nothing to do with interactions with individual users have access to the systems that contain that information where they were able to go in and pull this profile information," asks Mike Chapple, senior director of IT and associate teaching professor, IT, Analytics and Operation at Notre Dame University. "Anybody who's been around cybersecurity for a while knows that there's this principle of 'least privilege' that we've embraced for decades. It says people should only have the access they need to do their jobs." csoonline.com

'No One Gets a Free Pass'
White-collar jobs susceptible to AI too

Artificial intelligence is not only poised to disrupt blue-collar work, it will upend white-collar jobs as well. New data from the Brookings Institution suggests that everyone from radiologists to legal and marketing professionals will find themselves in diminished roles. Cities that will be "highly exposed to AI disruption" include tech hubs San Jose, California; Seattle, Salt Lake City; Boulder, Colorado and Huntsville, Alabama.

The prediction that robots would mainly impact factory-floor and cashier work no longer reflects the entire picture. As one official from Brookings said, "No one gets a free pass." linkedin.com

Android phones hacked; 'hundreds of millions' cameras, GPS, microphones affected

Democrats raise privacy concerns over Amazon home security system

Hacking and cyber espionage: Countries that are going to emerge as major threats in the 2020s



House panel approves marijuana decriminalization, but it faces a long, hard road
The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted 24-10 to approve the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, or MORE, which would remove marijuana from the federal list of controlled substances, where it's now banned alongside powerful drugs like heroin and LSD. The bill would require federal courts to expunge convictions for marijuana offenses and authorize a 5 percent tax on marijuana sales to encourage minority communities to enter the cannabis business.

It's believed to be the first time a congressional committee has backed legislation to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. Eleven states and Washington, D.C., have already done so. But it isn't a lock to pass the Democratic-led House, because members are sharply divided over whether to try to push through sweeping legislation like the MORE Act or to go more slowly, emphasizing regulatory issues like the financial ramifications of decriminalization. Meanwhile, the measure is likely to be dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate, opponents and even its primary sponsor suggested. nbcnews.com

New Mexico leaves medical cannabis security specifics up to producers
Records from the New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) show cannabis producers reported nine other break-ins or attempted robberies since January. The Labor Day armed robbery was the first of its kind this year. But the incident also highlights the relaxed security standards for New Mexico medical cannabis producers.

Compared to other states with medical or recreational cannabis programs, New Mexico dispensaries have much more autonomy when it comes to securing their facility. Some surrounding states require dispensaries use video monitoring, with specific camera placement. The only hard-line requirement for New Mexico dispensaries' alarms and security plans is that they have both.

Security plan: have one

Duke Rodriguez, president and CEO of Ultra Health, has long encouraged the state to take a less regulatory role with medical cannabis, but specifically regarding the number of plants producers can grow. He said safety and security are things the state should take a more active role in.

In Arizona, New Mexico's neighbor with a comparable medical cannabis program, the state requires dispensaries to have "Security equipment to deter and prevent unauthorized entrance into limited access areas" and a surveillance system with "At least one 19-inch or greater call-up monitor." Colorado's rules dictate specific camera placement and California requires dispensaries use cameras with a specific resolution.

Darren White, the head of medical cannabis company PurLife, is a former law enforcement officer and state public safety secretary. He said even facilities with the toughest security measures are not immune to armed robbery, but they are less appealing to would-be criminals. nmpoliticalreport.com

A cannabis entrepreneur was kidnapped and killed.
Video shows suspects with a bag and rifle.
Shortly after the footage was captured at 2:47 a.m. on Oct. 1, authorities say, Tushar Atre was kidnapped from the house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The 50-year-old man was later shot and killed, his body left on land he owned in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office released the video Wednesday, hoping that someone might recognize the mannerisms, clothing or gait of the three, whose faces are not visible. An agency spokeswoman said investigators think the trio is responsible for the "horrific murder."

In the months before his death, Atre had started a new venture: a cannabis manufacturing business, Interstitial Systems. The company was licensed by the state of California, which legalized the drug in 2018. Some questioned whether his involvement in the industry might have contributed to his killing. One of Atre's friends, Robert Blumberg, told local station KSBW that it was "what my mind goes to." Investigators do not know whether there's a connection, according to another station, KION. They say they think robbery was the motive. washingtonpost.com

Cannabis Retailers In A Goldilocks Moment: Stores transforming from 'sketchy' dispensaries to welcoming storefronts

Support for marijuana legalization is at an all-time high in a new poll

MedMen cuts 190 jobs, sells assets as pot firms come down off an expansion high

Who stole $1M in marijuana from a Portland cannabis company? Suspects at large, reward offered




Retailers Hit with 206K Web Attacks Per Month
New Signal Sciences Retail E-commerce Report Unveils Top Web Attack Methods, Patterns and Defensive Measures

Signal Sciences inspects over 70 billion web requests and blocks over two billion web attacks for customers operating e-commerce sites. For this report, the company analyzed 4.9 million web attacks over a five-month period from June 1 to October 31, 2019 to identify significant trends and patterns in e-commerce fraud.

With annual sales projected to reach over $630 billion by 2020, online retailers are a rich target for hackers, so much so that annual losses are estimated at $12 billion. And with holiday sales representing nearly 20% of the years' sales for retailers, hacks and breaches can be especially painful during this time of year when businesses are most dependent to reach profitability and build a healthy balance sheet.

The report aims to help online retailers take more effective, proactive countermeasures to prevent web attacks and protect their business. Through in-depth research, the study found the following key insights:

On average, a typical medium to large scale retailer serving web traffic of roughly 3 billion requests per month experiences 206,000 web attacks monthly.

Attacks tend to spike on day 15 and day 30 of the month, as well as on weekends, following the tendency of consumers to shop on paydays and on their days off.

The most common types of attacks include account takeovers (29.8%), bot impostors (24.1%), cross-site scripting (8.7%), SQL injection (SQLI) (8.2%) and backdoor file attempts (6.4%).

The largest number of malicious web requests originate from the U.S., followed by Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Brazil. Malicious web requests stemming from the U.S. utilized advanced attack tooling and were more widely distributed. businesswire.com

PayPal to acquire shopping and rewards platform Honey for $4B

Target CEO says cost of handling online orders drops 90% when shoppers use same-day options

Online shopping could be considered an addiction



UK: Sydney, Australia: Baby formula, cosmetics and groceries among $175,000 of stolen goods seized, three people charged
More than $175,000 of stolen goods, including baby formula, has been seized as part of a shoplifting sting in Sydney. NSW Police executed four search warrants at two businesses at Bankstown, a warehouse at Milperra, and a home in Condell Park yesterday, as part of Operation Lightfingers. During the searches, officers seized more than $55,000 cash, and stolen goods, including baby formula, cosmetics and groceries, with a total value of more than $175,000. 9news.com.au

Trussville, AL: 2 Suspects Sought in $5,000 Sam's Club thefts
The Trussville Police Department is seeking help in identifying two suspects they say stole more than $4,000 of merchandise from Sam's Club in Trussville Crossings. The Trussville PD said the suspects stole a television from the business Nov. 15 - valued at $1,400. Police say Tuesday the pair struck again at the same location and stole $3,700 worth of merchandise. patch.com

Tampa, FL: Shoplifters claim they stole $3,200 of Polo merchandise for Funeral Money
Four women arrested on shoplifting charges in central Florida claim they wanted to steal clothing to raise money to attend a funeral. The Pasco Sheriff's Office arrested 24-year-old Moet Pope, 19-year-old Vinesha Howard, 20-year-old Cedriana Lawson, and 17-year-old Dai'zha West. Deputies said the group tried to walk out of a Polo Ralph Lauren store at a mall in Wesley Chapel with more than $3200 worth of merchandise. Investigators said one woman had a device that removed the magnetic security strip from the clothing. Another girl admitted to taking the clothing to raise money for a funeral. All four face charges of retail grand theft and use or possession of an anti-shoplifting device. fox28media.com

Two arrested for $700 Walmart thefts using keys to access locked-up goods
Two theft suspects were arrested at the Ceres Walmart Friday evening after a store loss prevention agent observed them using specialized keys to gain access to security packaging. Store employees told police that Timothy Harmon, 21, of Turlock and Lace Chapman, 26, of Modesto, attempted to leave the store without paying for over $700 in items they had removed from security packaging. Officer Jon Blount arrived at 11:32 p.m. and discovered that both were in possession of specialized keys that allowed them to open security packaging of high-end items, such as digital cameras. During a search of their car police found suspected heroin and drug paraphernalia. cerescourier.com

Southaven, MS: Man accused of stealing $1,100 worth of Polo shirts from Tanger Outlet store


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Shootings & Deaths

Chicago, IL: Man dies after being detained by security at Jewel-Osco for allegedly shoplifting
Officers were called to the Jewel-Osco store on North Broadway around 6:45 p.m. for a report of a retail theft, officials said. The man had become "combative" when store security tried to stop him, police spokeswoman Kellie Bartoli said in an email. "Store merchandise was in the male's bag and (he) was observed walking past the point of sale, at which point he was detained," she said. "The report states the male subject became combative with the store security who had attempted to detain him." Responding officers found the 55-year-old man unresponsive and began to perform CPR, police said. Paramedics arrived and pronounced the man dead. chicagotribune.com

Preston, ID: Knife-wielding man dead after being shot by Officers outside Grocery Store
A man was fatally shot by law enforcement officers Tuesday night after pulling a knife on them outside of a grocery store in this Southeast Idaho city, authorities said. The man died at the scene outside of Stokes Marketplace after being shot by the officers, according to the Pocatello Police Department,. Authorities have not yet said exactly how many officers from the Preston Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff's Office opened fire on the knife-wielding man. The incident began to unfold around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday when the Preston Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff's Office responded to Stokes to investigate a report of a suspicious man at the store.

According to witnesses, the man was escorted out of the store by officers from those two law enforcement agencies. The man then reportedly pulled a knife on the officers. A standoff ensued for several minutes outside of Stokes between the man and the officers, Pocatello police said. The man then threatened the officers with the knife and the officers tried to subdue him with a Taser, authorities said. When the Taser didn't stop him, the officers fatally shot the man, authorities said. idahostatejournal.com

Houston, TX: Pawn shop customer dies after trying to stop armed robbery
A customer died after he was shot trying to stop a robbery at a southwest Houston pawn shop, police said. This happened just before 8 p.m. at the EZ Pawn on Bellaire Boulevard. Houston police say the masked suspects entered the pawn shop, which sent employees seeking cover in the back of the store. The victim, who had a concealed handgun license, waited for the suspects to come back out from the rear of the store. When the suspects returned, the victim and the suspects exchanged gunfire. The victim was struck multiple times and fell to the floor. Police said the suspects fled the store on foot in an unknown direction. khou.com

Bronx, NY: Robbery at Bronx tobacco shop leaves customer shot, an employee killed
A shooting at a tobacco shop in the Bronx Wednesday night left one person dead and another hospitalized, officials say. At approximately 11:15 p.m., officers responded to reports of a shooting at 192 East 167 Street. Upon arrival, police found a man inside of the tobacco store unconscious and unresponsive, with a gunshot wound to the head. Authorities later identified him as 23-year-old Kashka Richards, who worked at the store. Police also discovered a 32-year-old man (a customer) that was shot in the leg. EMS transported the victim to the hospital in stable condition. 1010wins.radio.com

Milwaukee, WI: Employee shot and killed inside liquor store
A Milwaukee man, 58, was shot and killed late Monday afternoon, Nov. 18. Police confirmed it happened inside a liquor store. Witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots, and indicated the victim was an employee of S&A Liquors. Police would not confirm that. fox6now.com

Chicago, IL: Teen Music Store Intern Shot During Police Shootout Likely Struck by Des Plaines Officer's Gunfire
The incident began as a bank robbery in suburban Des Plaines at around 4:30 p.m., according to police, who said officers responded to the scene and arrested one of two offenders who fled on foot. A second suspect evaded capture and later stole a couple's car and drove into the city of Chicago. The FBI along with Chicago and Des Plaines police tracked the suspect's whereabouts and officers waited for the suspect to exit the Kennedy Expressway at Irving Park Road. Authorities said when the suspect realized he was being followed, he began firing at police vehicles, hitting one of the officers in the temple of his head. The 46-year-old officer, a 17-year veteran of the force, was taken to the hospital and is listed in "serious but stable" condition. The police pursuit continued before ending at the music store located in the city's Old Irving Park neighborhood, Johnson said. "The offender and the Des Plaines police officer then exchanged gunfire," Johnson said. "The 32-year-old offender was fatally shot in the exchange." The 15-year-old bystander, who was at the music store at the time, was shot in the arm and in the abdomen and taken to an area children's hospital, according to police. nbcchicago.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Portland, OR: Who stole $1M in marijuana from a Cannabis company?
Suspects at large
The Shadow Box Farms was burglarized during the last weekend of October, its president, Tim Winner, said. "They did a two-day operation," Winner said. "They cut through the bars, dropped a ladder and went to town." The Shadow Box Farms was burglarized during the last weekend of October, its president, Tim Winner, said. "They did a two-day operation," Winner said. "They cut through the bars, dropped a ladder and went to town." spokesman.com

Las Vegas, NV: LVMPD launches holiday anti-crime efforts
With Black Friday only days away, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department held a briefing to inform the public about anti-crime efforts through the height of the holiday shopping season. "We are increasing our uniformed patrols, our undercover patrols, and our plain clothes patrols in high traffic retail areas," said Lt. William Matchko from the Downtown Area Command. However, that is only the beginning of the massive law enforcement effort which will also involve the Henderson and North Las Vegas Police Departments. news3lv.com

San Diego, CA: Smash-and-Grab Robbery Targets Jared in National City
A group of six masked burglars smashed display cases and swiped jewelry from a store at the Westfield mall Tuesday in National City. At least four suspects participated in the robbery, and at least one of them was armed with a handgun, according to Police. The suspects held some employees at gunpoint while others broke display cabinets and loaded up on valuable jewelry. There were five employees in the store at the time. nbcsandiego.com

Vallejo, CA: Police K-9 OK after incident with burglar at Big 5 store
Officers responded at approximately 9:36 p.m. to investigate reports of a possible burglary in progress at the Big 5 Sporting Goods. Witnesses reported that a suspect driving a white vehicle was trying to drive the vehicle through the store's front glass doors. Officers arrived and found a white vehicle wedged in between concrete pillars that were erected in front of the glass doors. The suspect, later identified as Toti Anamani, 31, was still maneuvering his vehicle by accelerating forward and in reverse, attempting to free the vehicle from the fixed objects, Sgt. Jeff Tai said in a press release Tuesday night. "Despite numerous verbal commands, the suspect did not comply and continued to move the car back and forth," Tai said in the press release. "Officers deployed a sponge round/projectile at the windows of the suspect's vehicle so that officers could access the driver and ultimately disable the vehicle." Tai said in the release that Anamani still refused commands from officers to surrender, at which point officers deployed a police K-9. Anamani "proceeded to violently strike" the police K-9 numerous times on the dog's facial area, causing injuries to the police dog, Tai reports. The police dog was removed and officers then shot Anamani with a Taser, after which they were able to get him out of the vehicle. He continued to resist while on the ground but officers were able to restrain and handcuff him, Tai reports. dailyrepublic.com

Atlanta, GA: Police seek suspects who broke into 4 metro Atlanta pharmacies in 1 night

Moses Lake, WA: Woman punches Home Depot loss prevention officer, drops phone while running away

Milford, CT: Man charged with Robbery, pulled a knife on manager in $1,500 theft from Dick's Sporting Goods

Spokane, WA: Macy's agent left with bite wound after fight with teen shoplifters

Liberty, MO: Thief uses sledgehammer to steal Mahomes and Hill collectible cards, cause $10K in damage

San Antonio, TX: Series of reported crimes at North Star Mall raises safety questions



C-Store - Fairfax, VT - Burglary
C-Store - Chesterfield County, VA - Robbery
C-Store - Bronx, NY - Armed Robbery/ 1 kiled
Collectables - Liberty, MO - Burglary
CVS - Augusta, ME - Robbery
CVS - South Bend, IN - Robbery
Department Store- Amarillo, TX - Burglary
Jewelry - San Diego, CA - Robbery
Jewelry - Davenport, IA - Burglary
Jewelry - Vacaville, CA - Burglary
Jewelry - Jacksonville, FL - Robbery
Marijuana - Portland, OR - Burglary
Pawn - Houston, TX - Armed Robber / customer killed
Pawn/ Guns - Harker Heights, TX - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Towson, MD - Burglary (Sonic)
Restaurant - Henderson, NV - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Cleveland, OH - Armed Robbery (Little Caesars)
Restaurant - Fargo, SD - Armed Robbery
Sporting Goods - Milford, CT - Armed Robbery
Sporting Goods - Vallejo, CA - Burglary
Thrift - Grove City, PA - Burglary
Tractor Supply - Mankato, MN - Burglary


Daily Totals:
• 12 robberies
• 10 burglaries
• 2 shootings
• 2 killed


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