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Keith White, SVP LP for Gap Inc., promoted to Executive Vice President and will now lead Loss Prevention (LP) and Global Sustainability
Keith is an inspirational leader who truly embodies the Gap Inc. values. He has a passion for the work Gap Inc. is doing with sustainability and is adept at leading large global teams.

At the core of who Gap Inc. is as a company are their values. They believe in access to opportunity and protecting and preserving the world in which we all live and operate. As they continue to expand their work in those areas, and their business needs they've separated Global Sustainability, Gap Foundation and Government Affairs into three distinct functions. While they have separated those functions to ensure they have a more dedicated focus in their respective areas, there will still be a high level of cross-functional collaboration among these groups in order to tell their larger values and sustainability story.

These changes are designed to provide Gap Foundation, Sustainability and Government Affairs teams with more leadership, and more focus with their individual missions.

Congratulations Keith in being named to lead this effort.

LPNN's Leadership & Development Series

Keith White sits down with Gus Downing in May 2014
At the International Organization of Black Security Executives Conference at Sears Holdings Corp. Office
An Inspiring, Insightful, and Philosophical Discussion

In a ground-breaking interview spanning a multitude of topics, Keith White, then Senior Vice President of Loss Prevention for Gap Inc., sat down with LPNN's Gus Downing back in 2014 for a one-on-one discussion about his philosophies on leadership, professional development and the state of retail Loss Prevention.

Keith recounts his managerial transition from single store - to regional - to corporate - to an eventual directorship. He talks about the critical first six months of a directorship - and his strategy involving team members, policies and procedural changes. As one of the first LP executives to set up an ORC program, Keith tells us what makes a successful one and how to react to the emerging technological trends.

This highly informative interview offers a wealth of knowledge for the LP professional at any stage of his or her career. Watch the full hour-long interview here.

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Staring Into the Auspicious Future of FaceID Technologies
The Surprising Global Forward March of Facial Recognition - Part 4

By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer

In this Part 4, we look at the growing list of emerging FaceID applications, introduce defeating technologies, discuss privacy, and close the series with insights on our digitally connected future. The genie on the potential disruption and business opportunities of face recognition solutions is out of the global bottle.
The Face of an Increasingly Digital World

● More than one billion smartphones featuring facial recognition will ship by 2020. Apple and Samsung will lead the pack followed by multiple Chinese manufacturers. 64% of all smartphone shipments in 2020 will include facial recognition versus 5% in 2017.

USA Army researchers have developed an artificial intelligence and machine learning technique that produces a visible face from a thermal image of a person's face captured in low-light or nighttime conditions. Hiding in the dark is not an option.

Google was recently awarded a patent for 'Facial Recognition with Social Network Aiding'. The invention envisions incorporating "information from social networks - potentially including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, online blogs, and more - to help identify who people are."

Walmart has patented technology that would capture shoppers' facial expressions while in the checkout lines so that it could measure levels of dissatisfaction.  Read More Here

Acting U.S. AG Validates Violent Crime & Robbery Spike Nationwide
Violent Crime up 7% Nationwide
New Memphis Crime Gun Strike Force

When President Trump came into office, violent crime had risen sharply. After two decades of historic decreases in crime, the trends had suddenly reversed.

From 2014 to 2016, the violent crime rate went up by nearly seven percent nationwide. Robberies went up.  Assaults went up by over 8 percent. Rape went up by nearly 13 percent. Murder went up by 21 percent. Here in Memphis murder went up by 40 percent.

Unfortunately, violent crime in Memphis went up by another 10 percent in 2017. Last year the murder rate, the assault rate, and the robbery rate in Memphis were each five times the national average.

Obviously these are deeply concerning trends-and we've got to stop them. We've got to get back on track. We've got to get back to reducing crime like we did for 20 years, including over my five years as a United States Attorney.

There has also been a dramatic increase in thefts from gun stores. I'm told that in 2018 there has been about a 66 percent increase in burglaries and robberies of gun stores.

Over the last few decades, the law enforcement community has developed new technologies and new strategies that have made us better able than ever to take these violent criminals off the streets.

Two months ago, we awarded $1.1 million for technology and for personnel to operate an ATF Crime Gun Intelligence Center - or CGIC - here in Memphis. This is a model that was pioneered in recent years in Denver. Now we're bringing it to Memphis.

CGICs help reduce violent crime by using forensic science and data analysis to identify, investigate, and prosecute shooters and their sources for the guns they use for crime. Relying on intelligence from NIBIN, crime gun tracing, and good old fashioned police work, CGICs provide law enforcement leads in real time to identify serial shooters, disrupt criminal activity, and prevent future gun violence.

Today I am announcing a new Memphis Crime Gun Strike Force, led by the ATF.

The Strike Force will initially be composed of highly experienced ATF agents and officers from the Memphis Police Department. To launch the Strike Force, ATF is realigning five agents and one senior supervisor. Over the long-term, we plan to add more ATF agents and expand participation to additional law enforcement partners.

The Strike Force will allow us to increase the focus of our investigations on those actively engaged in gun violence-the "trigger-pullers" and gun traffickers who supply them. That will enhance our capacity to investigate the criminals and organizations who operate across districts and state borders. The Strike Force will work closely with this office and Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich to ensure violent firearm offenders are identified, investigated and prosecuted. justice.gov

Editor's Note: The DOJ is finally recognizing and responding to the violent crime and robbery spikes we've all been facing and tracking for a few years now. Strangely enough we haven't seen this type of support nor have we seen any recognition of what the nations retailers have been dealing with since the crack down on opioids four or five years ago. As the reports continued to show decreases which made it impossible to truly solicit resources.

This is the type of information the senior management teams of retailers across North America need to see this press released itself. Because they haven't been hearing it or seeing it other than in their own companies. As a number of times we've heard how the data hasn't been validating our claims and this press release does.

Should "Made in China" Be Seen as a Negative in Video Surveillance Marketplace?
In the case of "Made in China", the location of a manufacturer has become more high-profile and possibly more urgent. The U.S. government recently banned the use in government installations of video system components from two Chinese manufacturers, presumably because of cybersecurity concerns.

- Apart from politics, there are environmental issues, forced labor and/or treatment of ethnic minorities to consider. I'm all for socially conscious consumption, but it's a bit simplistic and even naïve to single out China. Regarding the products themselves, there's clear evidence that products from some Chinese companies suffer from cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Some manufacturers' products may be more vulnerable than others - even maliciously so - so not buying products made by those companies would make sense. Branding all products from an entire country doesn't.

- More than the source of origin, the discussion should be more broadly about whether the vendor has the best interests of the customer at heart. Customers need to choose security vendors that can be relied on, and that won't create a breach in their network. They should ask the right questions when evaluating manufacturers, and this is not only about ownership, business model, partnerships or identified vulnerabilities. There needs to be a network of trust between customers, manufacturers, integrators and consultants.

- Being made in China, by itself, should not be a cause of concern, but it is important to hold all manufacturers accountable by insisting that they maintain a level of resiliency and quality that safeguards against intrusions and exploits. It is also important that all manufacturers strive for a new level of transparency and responsiveness with their cybersecurity policies, fixes, and design implementations.

Made in China" has become a high-profile concern in the physical security market of late, driven largely by the U.S. government ban on use of video surveillance products manufactured by two Chinese companies. Our Expert Panelists point out that the broader issue of "Made in China" is a complex one, including political, environmental and human rights considerations, and especially cybersecurity. Even so, Chinese-made goods tend to offer good value at a lower price. It remains to be seen what the long-range impact of current controversies will be on the global demand for Chinese goods in the physical security market. securityinformed.com

Update: Rite Aid Warehouse Shooter Was Acute Schizophrenic -
But Still Bought a Gun
Girlfriend: Woman prone to violence before shooting at Rite Aid DC
Girlfriend & Roommate of Shooter Commits Suicide

The girlfriend of a woman who gunned down three co-workers at a Maryland warehouse told investigators her companion was prone to violent outbursts, heard voices in her head and had threatened her with a gun before September's rampage, according to a police report obtained by The Associated Press. Snochia Moseley, 26, legally purchased the handgun she used to fatally shoot three people and wound three others before killing herself at a Rite Aid drugstore distribution center.

Maj. William Davis, of the Harford County Sheriff's Office, said that Moseley had been diagnosed with acute schizophrenia. But when she filled out the paperwork for buying a handgun, Moseley answered "no" to questions about whether she had been diagnosed with a mental illness, Davis said.

Forrest killed herself several weeks after the warehouse shooting. delawareonline.com

Visa's Counterfeit Fraud Declines, But Some Other EMV Measures Signal a Conversion Lull
Counterfeit fraud losses continue to decline, according to Visa Inc.'s latest report about the U.S. conversion to the EMV chip card standard. But Visa's EMV dollar volume was lower in September than in June, and the number of merchants that accept chip cards remained unchanged at 3.1 million.

Visa says card-present counterfeit fraud dollars for merchants that have completed their chip card acceptance upgrades were down 82% in quarter ending June 30 from levels they experienced in the September 2015 quarter, just before the card networks' U.S. EMV liability shifts took effect. In the March 2018 quarter, counterfeit fraud was down 75% from September 2015. digitaltransations.net

Retailers Re-Embrace Self-Checkout for a Quick Win
Retail store leaders are facing three huge asks: Squeeze more productivity from the workforce, operationalize click and collect, and make shopping fast, fun and friction-free. Oh, and of course, move fast. Many retailers are scoring a quick win on all three by adding or expanding self-checkout, considered an easy way to automate on the store floor to free up labor for click and collect and customer assistance.

Mature users like grocers and discounters are expanding self-checkout to as many as half of their checkout lanes at top performing locations, while simultaneously introducing the concept at lower-volume stores. New verticals including convenience, drug, dollar, department and even apparel are testing the self-checkout waters; Urban Outfitters is expanding to additional locations after a NYC pilot, for example, and Macy's is planning phone-based self-checkout in 450 stores. risnews.com

Are Millennials taking advantage of retailers' goodwill?
Twenty-four percent of Millennials have falsely reported an unpleasant experience to a customer service department with the expectation of a receiving a discount or coupon, according to a survey from UJET.

The study's findings show that Millennials are more eager than Gen-Xers (14 percent) and Baby Boomers (two percent) "to take advantage of a retailer's goodwill efforts to make up for a bad experience."

UJET said Millennials' readiness to punish businesses that deliver poor experiences - whether through posting poor reviews or seeking discounts - points to a need for real-time communications for customer support across channels. retailwire.com

CEO: Future of retail may see consumers dealing directly with manufacturers
The future consumer will deal directly with a manufacturer, potentially leaving out retailers, predicts Chen Xiaodong, CEO of Intime, an e-commerce platform run by Alibaba.

"Before, the controlling rights belonged to the retailer, but in the future it will shift to the manufacturer," Chen told CNBC's Arjun Kharpal. "The consumer will still be there, the manufacturer will still be there, but we need to consider who will be between these parties?"

A department store or a shopping mall will become a warehouse in the future, Chen said. cnbc.com

Educate Managers About Third-Party Harassment
Many managers aren't aware that their companies could be liable for harassment when their customers and vendors harass the employees. And worse-when this does occur, some managers try to squelch the third-party harassment claims to avoid losing business.

"Unfortunately, you could find dozens, maybe hundreds, of cases where managers get a complaint from an employee about customer or third-party potential harassment, and the response is something along the lines of 'grin and bear it,' " said Jennifer Betts, an attorney with Ogletree Deakins in Pittsburgh.

She recommended that all anti-discrimination training address how to head off third-party harassment. "This [should be the case] even if the company isn't in a business line where customers come into their workplace," she said, such as organizations where primarily contractors or other third parties visit the site.

We Might be Nearing the End of all the Blood Letting in Retail
When it all started actually back in 2009 with the great recession we saw some retailers closing dozens of stores and a couple closed a hundred or so and a few went out of business.

Then the temporary stay of execution for a time until the reality of the new millennial consumer and Amazon got their wind and all hell broke loose.

Virtually everything changed with the ones deepest in it yelling it's an apocalypse. While the true visionaries like Mat Shay at the NRF and others saying it's not an apocalypse it's a market adjustment and the Omni word became the driving force behind everything retail.

With a number of retailers responding, like Walmart buying Jet, and starting their tech revolution.

Buying tech startups and opening innovation labs became the answer so many needed to make up for lost time and decreasing traffic.

And now we have those retailers everyone knew were in trouble with heavy debt and too many stores in malls that had seen better days, closing hundreds of stores at a time and to use the Gap CEO's phrase, closing them aggressively.

Which brings us to the point that once all of these stores in this next round of closures close, that'll last until next spring and summer, where will the industry be?

After all, twenty retailers have declared bankruptcy since 2017 and this round of closures pretty much sheds the industry to the point that we might be near the phase of normalcy in retail. Where how you operate determines your survival and not the changing consumer. That is only if we take Amazon and leave them out of the conversation for the purposes of this article. Because that's the one gun every retailer.

Just a thought
Gus Downing

Gus Downing

More retailers go cashless to cut costs, theft as holiday shopping ramps up
"I can't understand why (the cashless trend) is happening at all," says Craig Shearman, spokesman for the National Retail Federation. He says the card processing fees merchants pay are passed to consumers, costing the average household several hundred dollars a year.

Cash is losing favor
The retailers are largely following shoppers' habits. Thirty percent of all retail transactions are in cash, down from 40 percent in 2012, according to IHL and the Federal Reserve.

Only about a quarter of Americans made all or most of their retail purchases with cash in 2016, down from 36 percent five years earlier, a Gallup poll shows. Millennials are especially cash averse. Twenty-one percent of those age 23 to 34 said they make most or all of their purchases with cash, down from 39 percent five years earlier.

Why? Think about holding up a line of New Yorkers with cash exchanges during the lunch hour rush. Tender Greens says ditching bills shaves in-store orders by about 10 seconds. The cost of cash is also steep. Bills are constantly ferried from tables to the register and many hands touch them, making accountability a challenge if some go missing, according to an IHL report.

One Last Push & Then She's Gone
Sears Entertaining Offers From Liquidators as ESL, Cyrus Prepare Takeover Bid

Edward Lampert's ESL Investments and Cyrus Capital are preparing joint bid for Sears that would allow bankrupt retailer to survive

Sears Holdings Corp. is considering offers from liquidators that would result in the closure of all its stores while Chairman Edward Lampert and Cyrus Capital Partners prepare a bid that would keep the bankrupt retailer in business, according to people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Lampert, who believes a slimmed-down Sears can emerge from bankruptcy, and Cyrus are expected to make an offer for roughly 500 of Sears's best-performing stores, the people said.

Sears's major bank lenders had pushed for a closure of Sears's stores prior to the company's mid-October bankruptcy filing. wsj.com

Director, Ross Investigations & Safety Center - Ross Stores - Dublin, CA
The primary responsibility of the Loss Prevention Director, RISC is to manage day to day operations of the Ross Investigative & Safety Center (RISC). The Director, RISC is responsible for leading all internal/external investigative efforts through the use of technology and other available resources (i.e. exception reporting, store and corporate reporting, etc.) that are designed to support both the RISC and Field Loss Prevention organization. The Director, RISC works closely with partners in various pyramids within the company to help deliver the company and LP mission. rossstores.com

Director, Distribution Asset Protection - Dollar Tree - Chesapeake, VA
Oversight of Distribution Center Asset Protection Program for the enterprise. Responsible for planning, implementation and maintenance of physical security program for entire network. Support and counsel distribution management in the design, development, and administration of programs relating to the protection of company assets within distribution centers. Program will be coordinated with DC Operations VPs. sjobs.brassring.com

MedMen - Director of Safety job removed from website

Greenburgh, NY: Family of Best Buy Shoplifter Sues Police for $20M After Son Dies in Scuffle in Nov. 2017

Gymboree Buckling Under Debt Leftover From Leverage Buyout By Bain Capital

National Landing in pictures: A walk through Amazon's new headquarters location

U.K. Job Ad: 'Rob our shop and we'll pay you £50 an hour'

Secret Service trials facial recognition system around White House complex

NCR Announces Age Verification Facial Recognition Technology "FastLane" tills To Be Used in UK Supermarkets






Spotlight on Leadership: The Unsung Hero and "Best Kept Secret" of the LP Industry
Professor Robert Hanson and Northern Michigan University's Loss Prevention Management Program


Here Come The TOP LPNN Videos of 2018
Who's Got the TOP One?

●  Week of Dec. 3: 'LIVE in Dallas' at NRF Protect
Week of Dec. 10: 'LIVE in NYC' at NRF Big Show
Week of Dec. 17: LPRC Impact 2017
●  Starting Jan. 2: Top 5 of 2018

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Oklahoma Sporting Goods store manager charged with embezzling products that were later sold on eBay

A former sporting goods store manager was charged Thursday with felony embezzlement, accused of stealing thousands of dollars of products and selling them online.

Brandon Mace, 45, worked as an Academy Sports + Outdoors store manager until this past summer when he was confronted by company officials with evidence that he was allegedly behind the thefts and sales. Mace was charged in Oklahoma County District Court Thursday with two counts of felony embezzlement. Read more

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com.


Is Privacy Evolving? Experts Weigh In

By Jesse Davis West
Director of Content Marketing, FaceFirst Face Recognition Software

Earlier this year, Amazon unveiled a service called Amazon Key, in which delivery people are given a key to enter customers' apartments without the customer being at home. More recently, the service expanded to car delivery. Is this a sign that we've entered a post-privacy era, or has the definition of privacy merely changed?

To shed light on how privacy is evolving, I asked several technology and privacy leaders their opinions. Here's what they had to say:

"We're currently in the midst of a massive shift in the way that we interact with technology. With the end goal in mind being that technology will help get us from point A to Z in all facets of our lives, we are living in a time where humans still need to "fill in the gaps" where technology hasn't yet been fully integrated. The Amazon Key is a great example of this. It is not the end goal of Amazon to offer a service allowing delivery people into their homes. Rather, Amazon is merely using the human delivery drivers as the beta version of what they have in mind for the future - end-to-end robotic delivery. By offering Amazon Key early, Amazon kills two birds with one stone. First, they're able to offer a better delivery service. They don't have to spend time sending out drivers to recipients who weren't home and they don't have to pay to replace stolen/misplaced packages. Second, they're preparing people for the future, where this type of service will be normalized and taken over through means of a robot and/or drone, rather than human. We've entered an era where the definition of privacy has changed and will continue to change as technology catches up." -Dan Scalco, Owner, Digitalux

"I wouldn't characterize it that way. I think it's more fair to look at it in terms of value exchange. What kind of privacy are consumers willing to give up, and what are they asking for in return in order to give up their privacy? Consumers have always been willing to give up their privacy, as long as they feel like they are getting something out of the exchange. In the case of Amazon Key, with the rise of "porch pirates" (people stealing boxes off of people's front porches), some consumers are willing to give up the overall security of their home in order to continue the convenience of having products delivered to their house. If porch piracy was a non-issue, then I don't think people would be as interested in letting delivery people open their front doors." -Nikki Baird, Vice President of Retail Innovation, Aptos

Click here to read more expert opinions.


Dunkin' Donuts accounts may have been hacked in credential stuffing attack
Hackers targeted DD Perks customer rewards program

Dunkin', the company behind the Dunkin' Donuts franchise, has notified owners of DD Perks rewards accounts that a hacker might have accessed their profiles and personal data last month.

The company said it didn't suffer an actual breach of its backend systems but only fell victim to an automated attack known in the cyber-security field as a credential stuffing attack.

"Third-parties who obtained DD Perks account holders' usernames and passwords through other companies' or organizations' security breaches may have used this information to log into certain DD Perks accounts if the account holders used the same username and password for unrelated accounts," a Dunkin' Donuts spokesperson told ZDNet today.

The company said it learned of the attack from one of its security vendors, which, Dunkin' said "was successful in stopping most of these attempts." zdnet.com

U.S. Congressman Says Internet Bill of Rights Will Not Follow EU Model
Once Democrats take over the House in January, some members of the new majority will make a foray into rule-making for the internet.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), who developed 10 principles he dubbed the Internet Bill of Rights, said he expects the House to pass an internet regulation bill in the next two-year session. Whether it becomes law is an open question.

"I think my Internet Bill of Rights is more consistent with American constitutional law and leaves more space for innovation," Khanna said in an interview earlier this month.

Allowing for innovation is a key element of any proposed internet legislation, Khanna said, if the U.S. is to maintain its status as the incubator of the world's most successful technology companies.

"There's a reason Europe hasn't produced any great tech companies and really hasn't led in technology," he said, citing regulations that are "overbroad and overprescriptive," compared with the "more nuanced and better crafted" laws in this country. "We need to make sure that any Internet Bill of Rights allows for innovation and is also respectful of the First Amendment."

Legislative changes in the United States, which is home to the largest internet companies, could have a profound effect on how enterprises can operate online. A Silicon Valley Democrat, Khanna represents an important view, as his party ascends to the majority in one chamber of Congress. But progress on legislative has been slow, despite ample evidence that regulation is needed. techtarget.com

Retailers Fix Software Flaws Quickly, Despite Continued Code Quality Issues
Retail's State of Software Security Receives High Marks - Yet There's More to be Done

The good news is Veracode's State of Software Security Volume 9 (SOSS Vol. 9) found that retail is faster than most industries - second only to healthcare - when it comes to addressing common vulnerabilities found in software, thereby reducing risk exposure. Through our flaw persistence analysis, or how long a flaw lingers after first discovery, we found that the retail industry remediates a quarter of its vulnerabilities in 14 days, and 50 percent of flaws in 64 days. Retail outpaced the average fix speed at every interval across all industries, keeping consistent with its urgency to close vulnerabilities.

However, two-thirds (66 percent) of applications retailers use are at risk from information leakage attacks. This means that an application may reveal sensitive data that an attacker can then use to exploit the web application, its hosting network, or the user. Retail reported the third-most information leakage issues after technology and financial services. SOSS Vol. 9 also shows that the retail industry has the highest number of code quality flaws when compared to all other verticals at 65 percent. Code quality is the third most common vulnerability category across the board, following information leakage and cryptographic issues, suggesting that developing quality, secure code is an industry-wide issue for the retail sector.

Secure Software Development Education and the Skills Gap

It is estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will go unfilled by the year 2020. Our research shows 76 percent of developers say that security and secure development education is necessary - but not offered in current curriculums - so this hardly comes as a surprise. The onus falls on organizations such as retailers to ensure that their development teams are receiving the education necessary, and are equipped with the appropriate tooling, to make security a priority in the software development process.

As the retail industry offers new ways to buy, pick up, and ship goods, it is also increasing the threat landscape by producing a wider portfolio of web applications. It will be critical for them to ensure their developers have what they need to keep their systems and their customers' sensitive information safe from potential cyber attacks. securityboulevard.com

Who's the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain?
Nearly 60% of organizations have suffered data breaches resulting from a third party, as suppliers pose a growing risk to enterprise security.

Do you know how many third parties your organization works with?

If not, you're not alone: Only 34% of companies have a comprehensive inventory of all third party suppliers they work with, according to a survey of 1,038 professionals across multiple industries in the US and UK, according to the recently released "Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem" report conducted by The Ponemon Institute and commissioned by Opus.

Third party breaches are significant and in the US at least, they are growing. (This is the first year UK respondents were polled, so no earlier data exists for comparison in that region). In the US, 61% of businesses have had a third-party breach, up 5% from last year and 12% from 2016.

More than three-quarters of respondents say the number of third-party security incidents involving vendors is going up, researchers found. Part of the reason is greater reliance on them: in the US, the number of third party suppliers increased 25% over 2017 and sits at an average of 583.

However, companies struggle to keep an inventory of all their suppliers due to a lack of centralized control (69%) and the complexity of these relationships. Only 15% know how their information is accessed and processed by the companies they work with, and only 28% receive notifications when their information is shared with a third party, researchers report.  darkreading.com

Majority of holiday shoppers concerned about identity theft
Retailers will end up on consumers' naughty lists this holiday season if they don't protect their personal data. This was according to new data from Generali Global Assistance (GCA), which reported that 71% of shoppers are concerned that their financial and personal information could be compromised due to data breaches while shopping for holiday gifts.

This holiday season, most (65%) plan to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, online via a laptop / desktop computer (59%), and through mobile devices (36%). Regardless of their preferred shopping method,
33% of consumers don't believe businesses are doing all they can to protect their personal information; another 33% said they are unsure if businesses are doing enough. This was a decrease of 7% and 5%, respectively from 2017.

if a retailer experienced a data breach in the past, 83% of shoppers feel concerned making an online or in-store purchase at that retailer.

When it comes to identity theft, data breaches from online merchants (51%) far outweighed other risks on shoppers' minds. Twenty percent believed brick-and-mortar point-of-sale systems cause a threat to identity theft, while 15% feared their identity theft could result from being pick-pocketed or robbed. Ten percent feared it would result from having their car broken into. chainstoreage.com



LPNN Season 10 Finale

Building a Culture of Adaptability and Resilience

Retail has undergone a seismic shift and the ripple effect on loss prevention is undeniable. The list of challenges range from e-commerce transformation to risk mitigation to the relentless pace of cybersecurity challenges.

In this LPNN interview, Rich Giaquinto, Senior Director, and Jerett Sauer, Director, Digital Loss Prevention, tell us how Gap Inc. has made adaptability a core component of it its DNA, allowing them to mitigate risk and position the company for future growth.

Episode Sponsored By:

'Live in Dallas' 2018 - Final Event Sendoff!

MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley wrap up our "Live in Dallas" at NRF Protect 2018 shoot by recognizing all our outstanding supporters who helped make this industry-only digital loss prevention conference possible.

Thanks for watching and following along over the past couple months. If you missed any episodes in our series, you can catch up on all our videos here.

Stay tuned for our next LIVE broadcast at the NRF Big Show in NYC in January 2019!



Experts Fell For a Fake Product From A Nonexistent Company In A Fraud Test

Cyber security pros and risk analysts should be better than the average person at detecting fraud, but a little over three percent submitted their personal identification information to sign up for an app described as "Shazam for voice identification."

Credit Trulioo, a global identity and business verification company, which launched an online fraud experiment to evoke some interest around International Fraud Awareness Week.

So Trulioo set out to learn whether fraudsters, under the guise of a fake company, offering a fake product, could convince internet users to disclose their personal information.

Trulioo ran a week-long campaign that delivered ads to compliance professionals, fraud and risk analysts, and other individuals who showed an interest in data privacy, cybersecurity and technology, and may even have had credentials. They were directed to a fake company's web page where visitors were asked to sign up for Audentity by providing their personal information including name and email addresses. None of the information was recorded or stored, unfortunately eliminating the possibility of followup interviews.

The campaign resulted in a total of 2,139 unique visits to the fictitious company's website. Of those visitors, 66 people completed the sign-up form. forbes.com

Research shows consumers are worried about online fraud
Earlier this year, identity verification and fraud prevention firm IDology conducted a survey of U.S. consumers focusing on their concerns about online fraud. Most respondents - 57 percent - said they were more worried that their personal information would be compromised than they had been a year ago; 83 percent indicated extreme to moderate concern that their identities would be used to fraudulently open accounts.

The study also disclosed a significant disconnect between what worries consumers and what, at least so far, they're willing to do about it: 45 percent of respondents said they write their passwords down (almost always on some sort of device that can be hacked) and 73 percent never change them.

"That surprised us," says Christine Luttrell, IDology's vice president of client solutions, product and marketing, "especially with all the publicity about account takeovers and data breaches and so on. There's something on the news about this practically every day. We see it, and we thought all this awareness would give rise to a higher level of caution. But we were wrong. People are still not changing their passwords."

Luttrell attributes much of this to sheer human nature. People don't like to change their habits, and they tend to avoid doing so until something personally impacts them. stores.org

eBay polishes plans for online second-hand luxury watch market

Electronic Identity Verification (eIDV) reduces ecommerce fraud by 90+ percent

Chanel Is Suing Two Popular Resale Companies for Allegedly Selling Counterfeit Bags



Wyoming, MI: Four Grand Rapids area cell phone heists likely linked
Four separate robberies and burglaries of Grand Rapids area stores that sell mobile phones are likely linked, police say. Wyoming Department of Public Safety officers on Wednesday, Nov. 28 said they believed the following incidents are related:

-- A Nov. 12 robbery at Best Buy, 4830 Wilson Ave. SW in Wyoming
-- A Nov. 27 burglary at Verizon, 5563 28th St. SE in Kent County
-- A Nov. 27 robbery at T-Mobile, 705 28th St. SW in Wyoming
-- A Nov. 28 robbery at T-Mobile, 5301 S. Division Ave. in Wyoming

Wyoming police said they are working with Kent County sheriff's investigators on the cases. Police said that, in the robberies, 3-5 males appear to be involved and there is typically a threat of force and someone claiming to be armed with a gun. mlive.com

Des Peres, MO: Police: Man with 'fake nose' stole $4,000 of merchandise from North Face store
A shoplifter wore an unusual disguise when he stole nearly $4,000 in merchandise from a West County store, Des Peres Police said. Security camera footage shows a man before and after he entered a restroom at the mall. When he leaves the room, his appearance is noticeably different.

"Whether it was a fake nose, plastic nose, we're not sure. There's definitely a difference in his appearance when he comes out of the restroom. And that's before he took multiple items," Des Peres Department of Public Safety Detective Trent Koppel said. The man allegedly walked into the store with another man and rushed out with armloads of clothing from the North Face Store last Tuesday. The incident happened at about 10:30 a.m. No one was injured. fox2now.com

Butte, MT: Man arrested for tool thefts from Ace Hardware and True Value
A 27-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly attempting to steal from both ACE Hardware and True Value stores. Around 5:30 p.m., police received a call from True Value and Stokes store employees that informed them Austin Campbell had attempted to steal from their building. Police said the employees had found Campbell trying to steal drills and power tools and attempted to stop him, when he took off running. Employees reportedly pursued Campbell on foot and were able to stop him near the Civic Center. When officers arrived, they took Campbell into custody. mstandard.com

Update: Newport Beach, CA: 2 More Thieves Wanted In Louis Vuitton Handbag Heist From Neiman Marcus
Two more men are wanted Thursday in connection with the theft of $20,000 worth of Louis Vuitton handbags from the Neiman Marcus. Police say four suspects had stolen the bags from Neiman Marcus on Tuesday at about 4:20 p.m. and were driven away by a fifth suspect who was waiting in a vehicle nearby. Less than two hours later, three of the five suspects were found at a pawn shop in Los Angeles. cbslocal.com

Adelaide, Australia: Brazen $30,000 Lego burglary caught on camera
at toy stores

Security cameras have captured robberies at two Adelaide toy stores where close to $30,000 worth of Lego was stolen, a little over three weeks from Christmas. Thieves cleared out Laygo on South Road in St Marys in the early hours of yesterday morning, two days after Daw Park's Toys R Go was targeted. Laygo store owner Steve Campbell said the bandits "emptied and destroyed his shelves". The pair used a crow bar to smash their way into the business, before kicking down the door and making off with 100 sets of Lego, valued at around $10,000. The brazen robbery also comes after a vintage and collectables toy shop was broken into on Goodwood Road at Daw Park on Sunday evening. Sixty-nine of the store's most expensive and rare Lego sets were stolen in the break-in. 9news.com.au

Guelph, Ontario, Canada: Shoplifter brings suitcase to steal drones and cold medicine valued at over $5,000
A 26-year-old Guelph man has been charged with theft under $5,000 after police say he brought his own suitcase to a store Wednesday night and shoplifted a number of items. Police say they were called to a store on Woodlawn Road at 10:34 p.m. Wednesday. Police did not name the business. Officers learned the man had filled the suitcase with two drones, cold medicine, camping equipment and some beverages. Police confronted the man "as he was on conditions not to be in the business from previous charges." cbc.ca

New Hartford, CT: JC Penney Associate and 2 others charged in $2,800 theft of merchandise

Milford, CT: Man arrested for $700 Shoplifting from Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works

UK: Dunfermline, Scotland: Romanian perfume thief busted with foil-lined backpack, nearly $2,000 of merchandise recovered; sentenced to 8 months in jail

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Shootings & Deaths

St Louis, MO: Woman accused of fatally stabbing stranger inside Family Dollar
St. Louis County prosecutors on Wednesday charged 34-year-old Cameka Cathey of Memphis with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. The attack happened Tuesday at a Family Dollar store in Breckenridge Hills, Missouri. Officer Robert Bittick says in a probable cause statement that Cathey grabbed two knives from a store shelf, approached a customer, 65-year-old Marybeth Gaeng, and stabbed her in the head. The statement says that Cathey attacked the Gaeng even as employees tried to render aid. Gaeng was taken to a hospital, where she died later Tuesday. Police say the attacker and victim did not know each other. wate.com

Lewisville, TX: Liquor Store Owner shot and killed in Armed Robbery
Suresh "Sam" Shah, 46, was shot and killed Monday night by a robber as he was closing his liquor store for the night. He was a husband and father of two girls. Lewisville police said it happened at Liquor City on Corporate Drive. Surveillance video shows the store's owner locking up, preparing to leave and then being attacked by his vehicle. star-telegram.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Houston, TX: Suspects arrested in Metro PCS robbery in NW Houston connected to five other crimes
Police say the six suspects arrested after robbing a Metro PCS store in northwest Houston are connected to five other crimes. According to Houston police, the robbery took place in the 7600 block of Kempwood, where three of the suspects entered the store wearing hoodies and took more than $100 and new cell phones before taking off. Shortly after the robbery, police say they spotted the suspected vehicle and recognized it from previous crimes. Police began chasing the vehicle and cornered the suspects at Westcott near Memorial, where they began ramming into the patrol car. They were later arrested. During the arrest, police recovered a handgun. The suspects are believed to be between the ages of 14 and 22 years old. abc13.com

Houston, TX: Impatient Family Dollar Get-A-Way driver tell Armed Robber to 'hurry up'
Police are searching for the people responsible for an aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon earlier this month. On Nov. 6 around 8:15 p.m., police said a man entered the Family Dollar and immediately jumped over the counter and pointed a handgun at the clerk. The man demanded money from the register, according to police. While the man had the employee at gunpoint, police said a woman walked up to the front door and told the man to get all the money and hurry up. click2houston.com

Maxton, NC: Man arrested, charged with 3 Armed Robberies and 4 counts of 2nd degree Kidnapping; 2 Dollar Generals and a C-Store
Trenton Dwayne Pearson, 34, was arrested Tuesday in St. Pauls, where he is accused of robbing the Dollar General store the same day. He is charged with the Monday robbery of the Sun-Do Kwik Stop in Red Springs. Pearson is accused of robbing a Dollar General store in Lumberton on Saturday. fayobserver.com

Tulare County, CA: Three arrested in Armed Robbery spree; Dollar General, C- Store and Smoke Shop

New Orleans, LA: 12-year-old accused in 2 knifepoint Robberies outside Family Dollar

Poplar Bluff, MT: Police have "Zero tolerance" for shoplifters during holiday shopping season

Mobile, AL: Man stole a ladder from Walmart, attempts to return it the next day

Jared in the Forum at Olympia Parkway, Live Oak, TX reported a Grab & Run on 11/28, item valued at $7,904

Zales in the Superstition Springs Center, Mesa, AZ reported a Credit Fraud on 11/26 items valued at $9,310

Zales in the Arrowhead Towne Center, Glendale, AZ reported a Credit Fraud on 11/26 items valued at $11,313

Arson & Fire

Arson suspect uses aerosol can, lighter to torch items in store
Philadelphia police are asking for the public's assistance in identifying a woman they say used hairspray and a lighter to start a fire inside a store. Police say the incident occurred back on November 20 inside a store on the 2100 block of West 65th Avenue around 10:30 a.m.

According to investigators, a customer was involved in a dispute with store employees when she pulled a can of hairspray from her pocketbook and proceeded to light it with a torch, sending a flame through an opening in the protective window. fox29.com

Sentencings & Charges

Lubbock County, TX: Suspect in deadly shooting at Lubbock 7-Eleven indicted on murder charge
A Lubbock County grand jury on Tuesday indicted a 30-year-old man after he was arrested in connection with a fatal shooting in October at an East Lubbock convenience store. Arthur Manahan is charged with murder and faces between five years to life in prison in connection with the Oct. 23 slaying of 21-year-old Ashaundre Grimes at the 7-Eleven convenience store in the 2500 block of Parkway Drive. lubbockonline.com

Cleveland, OH: Man charged in 2017 deadly shooting outside C-store

Northeast Ohio: Ten people sentenced for installing credit-card skimmers on gas pumps, stealing info from thousands of people


AT&T - Cypress, TX - Burglary
AT&T - Kitty Hawk, NC - Robbery
Auto Parts - Madison, WI - Robbery
CVS - Muncie, IN - Robbery
C-Store - Springfield, TN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Haverhill, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Tulare County, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lake County, IL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Tomball, TX - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Port St Lucie, FL - Armed Robbery
Coffee Shop - Boise, ID - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - St Pauls, NC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Kansas City, MO - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Lake County, IL - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Marion, OH - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Tarboro, NC - Armed Robbery/ Assault
Liquor Store - Lewisville, TX - Armed Robbery / Owner shot & killed
Liquor Store - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Prince Williams, VA - Armed Robbery
Nordstrom Rack - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Fresno, CA - Burglary
Tobacco - Tulare County, CA - Armed Robbery
Taco Bell - Kansas City, MO - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Houston, TX - Robbery
Walgreens - Birmingham, AL - Armed Robbery
7- Eleven - East Hartford, CT - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Joliet, IL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
26 robberies
2 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killing




None to report.

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