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Calandra Guiry promoted to Director of Loss Prevention

Prior to being named Director of Loss Prevention for SEPHORA, Calandra previously worked with the company as a District Loss Prevention Supervisor from 2016 to 2017. Before that, she spent more than two years with Rexall, first as a Loss Prevention Analyst, then Corporate Loss Prevention Manager and most recently a Regional Loss Prevention Manager. She has also held LP positions with Target and Hudson's Bay Company. Congratulations, Calandra!

Shawn Abernathy, CEFI, LPC named Manager of Fulfillment Investigations, North America - Loss Prevention for Amazon

Before being named Manager of Fulfillment Investigations, North America - Loss Prevention for Amazon, Shawn spent more than 10 years with Target, first as Investigations Team Leader and more recently as Assets Protection Director. Before that, he spent more than 17 years with Sam's Club, starting as an Hourly Associate and working his way up the ladder from District Loss Prevention Manager to Director, Asset Protection Region D to Regional Fresh Director. Congratulations, Shawn!

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2019 GLPS - Group LP Selfies

Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Old Navy - Greater Manhattan
Loss Prevention Team

"Together We Protect"

The picture includes the LP Service Representatives, LP Agents, Sr. LP Agents, LP Leads, LP Managers, and RLPM from the Greater Manhattan Region which encompasses Long Island and the Five Boroughs of NYC:

Bryan Astacio, Jennifer Baez Gonzalez, Cyndi Whittington, Davon Hughes, Heydi Garcia, Christian Crawford, Arthur Taliaferro, Pedro Simonetti, Shaun Thompson, Chimaobi Nwosu, Zhane Jackson, Rhiannon Lodovici, Efrain Serrano, Tiffany Cole, Reynny Cruz, Carol Luna, Kendran Berry, Destiny Hamilton, Shavon Dryden, Desmond Fugar, Brenda Styles, Thomas Dipresso, Abelardo Martinez, Keith Davis, Denise Alvarez, Kelsey Rambali, Henry Cayambe, Khalil Lee, Michael Metcalfe, Eric Bennett, Derrek Ferreira, Giovanni Hernandez, Miguel Gomez, Jade O'leary, Kevin Correa, Marcellus Carroll, Andre Walker, Robert Torres, Franklin Gonsalez, Wafee Mincey, Tavaris Jenkins, Barbara Holder, Pedro Flores, Joseph Tam, Gay Taylor, Devin Goldstein, Clarance Ross, Anthony Thomas, Lauren Lugo, Craig Mueller, Debra Ortiz, Pablo Cabrera, Bryan Peranzo, Lisa Libby, Jorge Checo, Krystal Torres, Joseph Perretta

Thanks to Bryan Peranzo, Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Greater Manhattan at Old Navy, for submitting this GLPS.


Biometrics Institute finds privacy, data protection, legislation lead industry
concerns in 2019

NIST Shows Facial Recognition Has Improved 20 Times in 4 Years

A significant increase in the use of biometrics in all sectors was noticed in 2019, however a higher concern was expressed regarding controversies around the technology's use such as privacy, ethics and responsible use, says the State of Biometrics Report 2019 released by the Biometric Institute. The report found that public opinion had a direct influence in where policy is heading with a number of U.S. cities limiting biometrics use on the public, however biometric technologies were still deployed for activities that raise ethical concerns, such as mass surveillance in China.

The report quotes 2018 findings by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) which showed that facial recognition performance had improved 20 times in just four years. Facial recognition, however, is seen differently by the public, who is concerned about its capabilities and future deployments in relation to privacy, ethics, and data protection, and the private sector that has widely accepted it and is already working on different roll out strategies.

The Biometrics Institute Annual Survey found that privacy, data protection, ethics, and legislation are top concerns among its respondents who are both members and non-members. With almost twice as many respondents for its tenth annual survey, 44 percent said legislation is not strict enough, showing that industry experts don't consider legislation a roadblock for innovation and investment in biometrics. biometricupdate.com

Background Checks Litigation Rising
FCRA Litigation on Track to Reach a New High
The number of lawsuits brought under the
Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) will be the highest on record at the close of 2019-a reminder to employers that conduct background checks that they need to comply with the law to avoid expensive legal action.

FCRA litigation increased by 8.7 percent year-over-year, with 4,163 claims filed through October 2019, according to data-tracking firm WebRecon LLC.

The number of claims has more than doubled since 2009, and they have mostly been brought against screening firms for reporting inaccurate information or employers for failing to satisfy consent and adverse action requirements. Because individual departments in large companies use standardized documents and screening processes-and thus repeat the same violations-many FCRA claims have been filed as class actions, resulting in multimillion-dollar settlements, often for procedural or technical violations.

"FCRA cases are getting more publicity, and increased publicity is, in turn, generating more filings," "Simultaneously, the spike in FCRA litigation can be attributed to the heightened consumer expectation of privacy," he said. "As we see more concerns about maintaining privacy of personal data and more sensitivity to the disclosure and authorization of that data, we see more people looking at the FCRA as a potential cause of action."

Additionally, the structure of the FCRA is attractive to the plaintiffs' bar, since remedies include defendants' paying actual damages, punitive damages, lawsuit costs and attorney fees. "It's so easy for plaintiffs' lawyers to quickly enter into settlements with employers because of the availability of statutory damages, especially in the class-action context,"

The marked increase in the number of employment background checks conducted over the last decade has also likely given rise to more claims.

Two employer actions present the greatest risk of falling into noncompliance: when preparing the stand-alone disclosure and authorization form before performing the background check, and when providing notice to the applicant or employee before taking adverse action, such as disqualifying an applicant or firing an employee. shrm.org

Former CEO Convicted of Fixing Prices For Canned Tuna
Affected hundreds of millions of dollars on Consumers
The former President and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble Bee Foods LLC, Christopher Lischewski was convicted today in San Francisco, California, for his participation in an antitrust conspiracy to fix prices of canned tuna, from in or about November 2010 until in or about December 2013.

According to evidence presented at trial, Lischewski participated in a conspiracy to fix prices of canned tuna that affected hundreds of millions of dollars in sales throughout the United States. He also authorized and supervised his subordinates' participation in the conspiracy. Lischewski and his co-conspirators employed measures to conceal their conspiratorial conduct, including meeting at offsite locations, using third-party e-mail addresses, and discouraging retention of documents concerning the conspiracy.

Bumble Bee pleaded guilty and was sentenced to pay a criminal fine of at least $25 million. In September, StarKist Co. was sentenced to pay a $100 million criminal fine. In addition to Bumble Bee and StarKist, four individuals, including Lischewski, have been charged in the investigation. The other three individuals pled guilty and testified in Lischewski's trial.

"A company's senior leadership sets the example for how it should operate, and in this case a CEO prioritized his own greed at the expense of American consumers." justice.gov

UPS Driver Filed "Whistleblower Complaint" For Safety & Wins
OSHA backs UPS driver who refused to drive without an ELD

UPS Ground driver who was fired for refusing to drive without an ELD will receive more than $47,000 in compensatory and punitive damages, according to an announcement from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The driver filed a whistleblower complaint against the company. Per Department of Labor guidelines, the agency does not release the names of employees involved in whistleblower complaints.

OSHA investigators determined that in March 2019 the driver refused in good faith to drive a truck without either a permanent ELD or a mounting device for a portable ELD because he believed doing so would violate the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. FMCSR required the driver to use an ELD, and the company to provide a vehicle with either a permanent ELD or a portable ELD mounted in a fixed position during his assigned route.

Investigators also determined that the driver's supervisor was not trained on FMCSR's requirements for ELDs and that company managers "attempted to coerce the complainant into violating the regulation" the release stated. When the driver refused to comply, the company terminated him for "gross insubordination."

Investigators reportedly found that the company later modified the driver's termination to a suspension and engaged in post-reinstatement harassment.

In addition to the monetary award, OSHA also ordered the company to take additional corrective actions to resolve violations of the whistleblower provisions of STAA. landline.media

OSHA Press Release: U.S. Department of Labor Orders Compensation For Employee Who Refused to Drive Without Safety Measure

UPS Workers Arrested in Nationwide Drug Shipping Bust
Police say Tucson, Ariz., UPS Ring moved bulk amounts of drugs, evading authorities for a decade

Detectives Frustrated For Years - Thought UPS Could Have Been More 'Proactive'

Four United Parcel Service Inc. workers have been arrested as part of a two year investigation into how criminal organizations use the shipping giant to move narcotics into the U.S.

The UPS drivers and supervisors were among 11 people arrested in the Tucson, Ariz., area, over approximately the past two weeks, law-enforcement officials said.

Tucson-area law enforcement had been tracking Barcelo since at least 2009, but Tucson Police Sgt. William Kaderly said detectives were frustrated for years that the company did not work more "proactively" with them to intercept and prevent the suspected criminal behavior. Barcelo was arrested on Nov. 13.

The lucrative operation at times involved moving thousands of pounds of marijuana and narcotics each week from narco-traffickers into the United States to destinations across the country, using standard cardboard boxes that were carefully routed through the private mail carrier's trucking and delivery systems, authorities said. washingtonpost.com wsj.com

The Final Act?
Sears Limps into the Holidays with 128 Stores

Many of the stores that remain have the same old problems. They're grungy and understaffed, poorly stocked and losing vendors. At the end of the year - a crucial time for retailers - Sears' threadbare Black Friday catalog signals it's going to have problems getting shoppers to its doors. And online, it can't compete with Amazon and its traditional rivals.

A store needs to have stuff on its shelves to attract customers, and Sears is having issues with some suppliers cutting it off. The signs at Sears are ominous heading into the holidays. Is this the final curtain for Sears? nbcnews.com

LPF Announces November's LPC and LPQ Professionals
The Loss Prevention Foundation would like to recognize and congratulate the following individuals who successfully completed all of the requirements set forth by the board of directors to be LPQualified (LPQ) and/or LPCertified (LPC). View Full List Here


Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Dir. AP & Inventory Control posted for Rent the Runway in Secaucus, NJ
Rent the Runway has five retail stores of the future, 11 million community members and employs nearly 1,800 people. linkedin.com

Senior LP Job Posting Removed from Website:

● Dir. Risk Management & Insurance - Carvana - Phoenix, AZ


Lord & Taylor to lay off nearly 200 as it shutters two Northern Virginia stores

Kearney, NE: Firearm simulator opening in Hilltop Mall

Quarterly Results
J Crew Group Q3 comp's up 3%, sales up 1%
   J Crew comp's flat, sales down 4%
   Madewell comp's up 10%, sales up 13%


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WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Executive Forum - Yesterday in NYC

CISO's & CSO's Panels Talk Industry Concerns

NSA to issue updated cloud security guidance
The National Security Agency, amid a series of attacks that have targeted service providers in recent months, is fine-tuning advisories that will describe attack methods used by nation-state and advanced hackers and will lay out methods to counter them.

"We'll be coming out with an unclassified advisory on the techniques used to compromise clouds and some mitigation advice," said Anne Neuberger, director of the NSA's Cybersecurity Directorate, speaking at the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Executive Forum in New York on Tuesday.

This new NSA advisory follows previous guidance issued by the agency on cloud services last year, detailing basic cybersecurity precautions that companies should take. An NSA spokesperson said the coming release would be more sophisticated than that document. wsj.com

Equifax CISO & Former Home Depot CSO Talks About Equifax Breach
Spends $1 Billion on Systems & Hires Hundreds

Speaking on the same panel, Jamil Farshchi, chief information security officer of Equifax Inc., said that the effects of a cybersecurity incident can stretch out for months. Mr. Farshchi joined Equifax from Home Depot Inc., where he cleaned up after a 2014 breach that had exposed data about 56 million customers. It was one of the biggest cyber incidents until the Equifax breach, which affected nearly 150 million consumers. Equifax announced it in September 2017, several months before Mr. Farshchi joined the company.

"What you step into, when you get into an organization that's post-breach, is chaotic. You have a workforce that's been grinding day-in, day-out for several months, and I'm talking about situations where people have put cots on the floor and are staying there night after night," he said.

Mr. Farshchi defended Equifax's response to the breach.

"You can armchair quarterback any breach and the response. I think Equifax actually did a great job in responding to this situation," he said.

Executives from Equifax were brought before Congress to testify about the breach. The company eventually paid around $700 million to resolve claims from state and federal investigators, as well as class-action lawsuits.

Equifax has since invested more than $1 billion in its technology systems and has hired hundreds of staff in security roles, Mr. Farshchi added.

Plaintiffs have criticized the company for its technology controls, with one lawsuit claiming that Equifax used "admin" for a username and password for a portal containing sensitive information. Mr. Farshchi, however, said Equifax's pre-breach controls shouldn't be characterized as poor, and suggested that attacks are simply a part of a large organization's day-to-day risks.

"I don't care what number of controls you have, what infrastructure you have, every organization out there can be the victim of a breach," he said. "We are at war here."

    Former Equifax U.S. CSO Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading Before Going Public About Breach

Businesses Use AI to Thwart Hackers
AI-powered apps can root our security vulnerabilities, executives say

Companies are racing to improve products and services with artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other emerging technologies, stoking fears that data is becoming more vulnerable to hackers.

But rather than impeding the pace of innovation, these concerns are prompting many corporate security chiefs to accelerate the development of advanced capabilities, in a bid to turn the tables on attackers by better detecting the misuse of data and keeping it safe.

"Artificial intelligence is a backbone of security initiatives," Camille François,chief innovation officer of social-media analytics firm Graphika Inc., said Tuesday at the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Executive Forum in New York.

Among other applications, AI is being used in cyberattack modeling, where smart tools identify security vulnerabilities in simulated breaches or hacks, Ms. François said.

Securing data is expected to account for at least 10% of total spending this year. wsj.com

Why Cloud Security Is a Murky Issue
Lines of responsibility for cybersecurity measures are often blurred between companies and their cloud providers, leaving businesses vulnerable to attacks, security experts say.

It can be challenging to identify security features that are included in cloud platforms and those that companies need to build themselves, said Sameer Malhotra, chief executive and founder of security firm TrueFort Inc.

The problem is compounded by corporate information-technology strategies to use multiple cloud providers for different workloads, he added.

"The industry has to come up with a way to normalize all of this," Mr. Malhotra said Tuesday at the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Executive Forum in New York.

Cloud providers need to be much clearer about what security features come with a basic platform and those that need to be purchased separately. wsj.com


Retail Violence & Theft Continues in Canada

'We were trapped inside': Eyewitness to police shooting at 7-Eleven warns store security measures can backfire

Systems that require customers to be buzzed in through locked doors don't work as deterrent: security expert

Edward Fitzgerald says he was at a 7-Eleven store at Arlington Street and Ellice Avenue on Nov. 21 when police responded to a robbery report - an incident that ended with police shooting a 16-year-old. He says in recent weeks, the convenience store has been locking its doors during the day as well as the evening - requiring customers to be buzzed both in and out by staff.

He said just after 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 21, he and his two children went to the store for a hot chocolate. Shortly after they were buzzed in by staff, Fitzgerald heard his son screaming about someone with a shiny weapon. One security expert says locking people inside a store fuels the "flight or fight" response - and that can be dangerous.

"They are trapped inside and it becomes a hazard. People's lives are at risk," said Ron D'Errico, owner and CEO of Impact Security. "The first thing they do is [try] desperately to get out. They can get hurt."  cbc.ca

Manitoba drive to reduce booze thefts may crack down on repeat offenders
Justice Minister Cliff Cullen says representatives from police forces, liquor stores and Crown attorneys are to work together to find solutions. Cullen says the effort may include new ways to crack down on repeat offenders, but details are to be worked out by the group.

The CEO of Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries has said the government-run stores have been "under siege" for more than a year now. Videos that have circulated on social media have shown groups of thieves walking into stores, filling bags and backpacks with booze and then simply walking out.

One robbery last week turned violent as a thief punched a worker unconscious and left her with a concussion and other injuries. Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries has beefed up some security measures. New entrances will require customers to show photo identification before being allowed in. The new doorway has been installed in one store so far and the corporation aims to eventually have similar ones in all its Winnipeg stores. nationalpost.com

'We should be protected'
Employee knocked out during violent Winnipeg liquor store robbery says employers should do more to protect workers
Manitoba's government-owned liquor stores have seen an epidemic of violent robberies in the past year, with estimates rising to more than 10 a day. The provincial government and its Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries both say measures have been taken, but robberies continue.

Chase recalls that right before she was knocked out, she felt paralyzed with fear as one of the robbers demanded she turn over money from the cash register.

"I couldn't do anything, because I was afraid that I would get fired or I would be disciplined for protecting myself, because I would've provoked him," she said. "So here I am behind the counter, so helpless, and then minutes later, unconscious," Chase said through tears, shaking her head in the video.

"We should be protected by our employer," she said. "I was physically hurt, and now I have to deal with the emotional issues." cbc.ca

"Four to eight shoplifters per day"
Vancouver store owner says shoplifting is way up downtown. Police say they haven't noticed

A Vancouver store owner is growing frustrated with what he calls a rampant wave of shoplifting at his downtown business - a trend police say is not on their radar.

David Sullivan, who owns the IGA grocery store at Robson and Richards streets, says his staff catch four to eight shoplifters per day, and many of the thieves are growing increasingly violent. Even with dozens of cameras mounted to cover every corner of the store, Sullivan says the shoplifters simply don't care.

But the owner says he doesn't blame police for the shoplifting scourge. Sullivan instead blames the court system that puts repeat offenders back on the street. He described one person who was arrested at his store in the morning, but later returned that same night. globalnews.ca

'I'm scared:' Young workers nervous about violence, but still taking retail jobs

Manitoba drive to reduce booze thefts may crack down on repeat offenders

Fear, anger and humiliation: Employees fed up with rise of shoplifting in Winnipeg

Manitoba commits to retail store theft summit after string of Liquor Mart incidents

What ails Canada's legal cannabis industry? Lack of stores, mostly
The first year or so of legal cannabis in Canada has been a bumpy ride. There is a growing legal industry where there wasn't one before, but there have also been collapsing share values and mass layoffs. People involved in Canada's cannabis industry say some of the issues just come with the territory of companies pressured to get too big too fast and the fact that legal weed still costs a lot more than the competing grey-market product.

But over and over again, members of the cannabis industry say their main problem is a painful lack of retail stores in high-population provinces like Quebec and Ontario. globalnews.ca

Canadians forecasted to spend $1,593 per person on average during the 2019 holiday season

Forever 21 Closes Canadian Stores, CHANEL Opens 1st-in-Canada Shoe Boutique

Beaconsfield, Que. becomes latest municipality to ban single-use plastic bags

Cough medicine with codeine gets tougher restrictions in B.C.

Toronto, ON: Eaton Centre shooter sentenced to life in prison for killing two & injuring six in mall food court
More than seven years after he opened fire in the Eaton Centre food court, killing two and injuring six, Christopher Husbands has been sentenced to life in prison. Husbands' defence team tried to argue that he suffered from PTSD due to a stabbing months earlier, but the judge decided PTSD was not a "main factor" in the crime. Husbands was found guilty earlier this year of two counts of manslaughter and five counts of aggravated assault. On Friday he was handed seven concurrent sentences, of which he has four years left to serve. He'll be eligible to apply for parole after serving one-third of that time - sometime in the spring of 2021. citynews.ca

Edmonton, AB: Police identify, charge man allegedly responsible for $25,000 in credit card fraud

Massive Distraction Theft Bust in York Region; More than $8,000 in merchandise

4th person charged in connection with shooting at CrossIron Mills

Montreal, QC: 12 people arrested for gluing hands to store windows for Black Friday protest


Robberies & Burglaries

● C-Store - Thunder Bay, ON - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Thunder Bay, ON -Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Edmonton, AB - Armed Robbery
Outlet Mall - Edmonton, AB - Robbery
Sussman's - Arthur, ON - Armed Robbery

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Axis Communications

Integrated Systems & Solutions - Finally Able to Do More in Your Store

Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager,
Axis Communications


As the global leader in network video, Axis Communications is helping retailers create the connected smart store of the future. With more secure, open and flexible platforms, Hedgie Bartol explains how retailers can utilize their network infrastructure and bring together their video surveillance, physical access control, audio systems, and now, add analytics to develop creative solutions that go beyond security, helping to grow the business and improve customer experience.

Quick Take 5 with Gatekeeper Systems

Robert Harling, CEO,
Gatekeeper Systems

with MCs Joe LaRocca
and Amber Bradley


Loss Prevention professionals work in dramatic environments. With shoplifter confrontations becoming increasingly violent, many retailers have shifted from an apprehension to a prevention approach. Robert Harling shares how Gatekeeper's Pushout Theft solution supports this approach by helping retailers stop merchandise from leaving the store in the first place.




Cybercriminals targeting e-commerce website vulnerabilities this holiday season
Expect unprecedented levels of online data theft this holiday season due to a lack of deployed client-side security measures.

Disturbing lack of security measures

Tala Security highlights the widespread vulnerability resulting from integrations that enable and enhance website functionality. These integrations, which exist on nearly every modern website operating today, allow attackers to target PII and payment information.

98% of the Alexa 1000 websites were found to be lacking security measures capable of preventing attacks. In related warnings, both the FBI and the PCI Council cautioned that hackers are targeting online credit card information. helpnetsecurity.com

Rich people chose Cyber Monday over Black Friday, and it's changing the entire holiday shopping season
For people bringing home between $50,000 and $100,000 a year, 37.7% of respondents said they prefer Black Friday, against 62.3% of participants who rather shop on Cyber Monday.

Shoppers who earn over $100,000 a year showed the strongest preference for Cyber Monday, with 64.1% of respondents from that demographic preferring the e-commerce event. That's compared to just 35.9% of the wealthiest tier of participants who said they'd rather check out Black Friday.

The numbers from the survey that Morning Consult and Business Insider ran seem to indicate that not only is Cyber Monday increasingly important to the world of retail, it's also becoming a more aspirational event for shoppers. In years past, media coverage of Black Friday has been accused of taking on classist and racist tones and of shaming low-income shoppers. businessinsider.com

Amazon tests cheap warehouses to make Cyber Monday glitch-free




Santa Rosa, CA: 2 Men Arrested for $15,000 Robbery at Lululemon Store; Security Guard assaulted
Two Vallejo men were arrested Monday on suspicion of robbing the Lululemon store in Montgomery Village in Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa police said. The suspects, were arrested after police responded around 1:30 p.m. to the robbery at the high-end athletic wear store, Sgt. Dave Marconi said. When officers arrived, the two suspects had fled, Marconi said. A security guard was assaulted during the robbery and was treated at a hospital for his injuries. The robbers stole more than 150 items worth approximately $15,500 and fled in a vehicle described as a gold Nissan Pathfinder. Police stopped the car and took the suspects into custody, and recovered store merchandise from the vehicle. nbcbayarea.com

Wilmington, NC: Florida brothers sentenced in $54,000 International Scheme to defraud Belk
Two men behind a scheme involving items bought at Belk department stores using stolen bank account information and then sold on the black market were sentenced in federal court Tuesday. Florida brothers Gustavo Teixeira Mendes De Almeida, 35, and Henrique Teixeira Mendes De Almeida, 30, were both sentenced to two and a half years in prison and three years of supervised release on charges of conspiracy to commit access device fraud and aggravated identity theft. Additionally, the court ordered restitution for $54,806 payable to Belk and forfeiture of the proceeds. wwaytv3.com

Henrico, VA: 4 Arrested may be members of the South American Theft Gang
Henrico police have arrested four Floridians who face fraud charges after police say they stole a woman's wallet in Short Pump. On November 22 police were called around 3 p.m. for a reported larceny. "The victim's wallet was in the cart right behind her and upon turning around, it was gone," police said. "There was cash and other property inside which was stolen." "A traffic stop was initiated as the vehicle [with out of state plates] exited the parking lot," police said. Police arrested the 4 suspects, all from Miami, Florida, according to police. A Henrico Police spokesman said investigators believe the four are members of the South American Theft Group, which are skilled pick pocketers. According to the FBI, the group is made up of organizations "predominately consisting of Colombian nationals who commit jewelry thefts, burglaries and robberies" and typically enter the U.S. illegally with false identification. nbc12.com

Glen Carbon, IL: Trio accused of stealing $15,000 worth of Apple products from Illinois Walmart
An officer with the Glen Carbon Police Department stopped a suspicious vehicle outside of a business on Junction Drive near Walmart during the early morning hours on Nov. 21. The officer allegedly found more than $15,000 of unopened Apple products inside the vehicle. Police said their investigation revealed the trio went to several Walmart stores the previous day. kmov.com

Update: Jefferson City, MO: Walmart Repeat Offender sentenced to 2 years and $1,300 in restitution
A Harrisonville man charged with stealing from multiple Walmart stores in Missouri, including the Jefferson City store on West Stadium Boulevard, has been sentenced to prison for charges he was facing in the Jefferson City case. Charles Newton, 42, pleaded guilty during a Tuesday hearing before Cole County Judge Dan Green to three counts of felony stealing. He was sentenced to two years in prison and ordered to pay $1,339 in restitution. Newton stole several Dyson and Shark Robot vacuum cleaners, once in November 2017 and twice in January 2018, according to a Jefferson City Police. Court records show Newton has six prior convictions for theft. Authorities said Newton was a suspect in several Missouri Walmart theft cases including stores in Columbia, Boonville, Moberly, Marshall, Sedalia and the Kansas City area. newstribune.com

Broadview Heights, OH: Man arrested stealing more than $1,000 worth of razor cartridges and whitening strips

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Shootings & Deaths

Evergreen, AL: Pregnant woman shot and killed inside grocery store
The Conecuh County District Attorney's Office has identified the suspect as Michael Colin Mitchell. The DA's Office intends to charge Mitchell with capital murder. A family member said the victim and suspect knew each other. The Conecuh County District Attorney's Office confirms a woman was shot and killed at the Pic-N-Sav grocery store along Highway 31 Monday evening.  wkrg.com

Orange County, FL: Man accused of fatally shooting suspected diaper thief withdraws from plea deal
A man in jail for fatally shooting of suspected diaper theft withdrew his plea in court Monday. An Orange County Judge allowed Lonnie Leonard, 51, to take back his plea of no contest meaning he will soon stand trial after he told the court he wasn't satisfied with his attorney. Leonard said he never fully understood the plea deal when he accepted it earlier this year. State prosecutors say Leonard shot and killed 19-year old Arthur Adams, a suspected shoplifter, outside of Walmart in February of 2017. Orange County Sheriff's Office officials said that four people, including Adams, were trying to steal shopping carts full of baby items, including diapers, and load them into a stolen car when a Walmart employee confronted them in the parking lot, deputies said. Leonard said he thought Adams had a gun. Leonard is charged with manslaughter, possession of a concealed firearm, and aggravated battery. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison. Leonard maintains that he's innocent. A pre-trial and stand your ground motion hearing is scheduled for Feb. 27. clickorlando.com

San Antonio, TX: Suspect in alleged Robbery attempt at Gas Station
killed by customer
The shooting occurred before 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, inside the Shell gas station on Culebra Road, according to Police. Witnesses told police a man, possibly in his early 20s, wearing a black mask approached a clerk and brandished a handgun. Police did not immediately know whether or not the suspect made demands to the clerk. Police said two patrons, including a man with a gun and a license to carry, confronted the suspect. mysanantonio.com

Radcliff, KY: 21-year-old charged with murder of man outside Walmart
Police were called to Walmart on North Wilson Road off Dixie Highway just after 10 p.m. Monday for a report of a shooting. When they arrived, officers said they found a man's body in a vehicle outside the store. The name of the victim has not been released. Police Chief Jeff Cross said Kendall Lincoln, 21, was arrested around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and charged with murder and first-degree robbery. According to the arrest report, Lincoln shot the victim eight times, stole a handgun and an antihistamine. The report read that Lincoln confessed to the crimes. wdrb.com

Springfield, MA: Office involved Shooting inside Sunoco Station; suspect killed pulling gun on Police

Denver, CO: Update: 7-Eleven owner allegedly stabbed to death by manager in late November identified

Ingleside, TX: Armed C-Store Burglary suspect injured in officer-involved shooting

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Oakland, CA: Metro by T-Mobile stores robbed at gunpoint, employee put on hold during 911 call
At least three Metro by T-Mobile phone stores in Oakland have been robbed at gunpoint in the past two months - and store owners say the same man is to blame. One owner said when his employee dialed 911 for help during the robbery, she was put on hold. Two of the robbery cases happened this week. kron4.com

Nashville, TN: Walmart Security Employee posing as off duty Tenn. State Univ. Police Officer

Shelby County, TN: Former FedEx worker indicted after trying to take $12,000 of Gold bars from sorting facility

Cape Cod, MA: Man charged with stealing $50,000 from Acushnet Credit Union ATM

Winter Haven, FL: Shoplifter almost ditches young boy at Walmart

Orland Park, IL: JC Penney Employee busted for theft of electronics

Credit Card

Buena Vista Township, MI: McDonald's employee took pictures of at least 50 customer Credit Cards
Police in Buena Vista Township are investigating a credit card fraud case involving cards used at the McDonald's on Holland. Police say the suspect was an employee who would take photos of credit cards handed over for payment at the drive thru window. After photographing both the front and back of the card, she would return it to the owner. Information from the cards were used to make phone and online purchases. wsgw.com

Edmond, OK: Three Arrested, Credit card fraud tops nearly $11,000
Police have booked one man and two women from Arkansas on charges of credit card fraud. On Nov. 25 police arrested three suspects, "In total, approximately $10,958 was fraudulently spent," said Edmond Officer Aaron London. A search of the car located a stack of gift cards from Walmart and Target in the trunk and underneath the carpet. London stated he also located a Walmart sack with a dated receipt showing the purchase of gift cards. "In the trunk of the vehicle was a large Target sack that had new clothes that still had the tags on them. I also located an empty Walmart sack that had a receipt from Rockwall, TX, dated 11/20/19 and showed the purchase of $1,500 worth of gift cards," London said. edmondsun.com

Opelika, AL: Multiple suspects wanted for credit card fraud; cards stolen at Auburn Football game


Cleveland, OH: Man gets jail time for throwing Hot Coffee on a McDonald's employee

Hot Springs, AR: Shoplifter who attacked Walmart employees with knife given 10 years in prison



C-Store - Ingleside, TX - Burglary
C-Store - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Cellphone - Irondequoit, NY - Armed Robbery
Coin Shop - Silver Springs, MD - Burglary
Department Store - Santa Clarita, CA - Robbery / Assault
Family Dollar - Green Township, OH - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Detroit, MI - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Chicago, IL - Burglary
Gas Station - Lowndes County, MS - Burglary
Gas Station - Louisville, KY - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Hallowell, ME - Robbery
Lululemon - Santa Rosa, CA - Robbery / Assault on Sec Guard
Motorcycles - Rosenberg, TX - Burglary
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Bridgeport, CT - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - Oakland, CA - Armed Robbery
Thrift - Salt Lake City, UT - Armed Robbery
Tobacco - Lowndes County, MS - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Dumfries, MD - Armed Robbery



Daily Totals:
• 15 robberies
• 5 burglaries
• 0 shootings
• 0 killed


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Steve Mathews
promoted to Safety & Security Leader Canada
for IKEA Group

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Regional Asset Protection Leader
St. Louis, MO

The Regional Asset Protection Leader is responsible for driving a low shrink and safety culture in a geographical area consisting of 235 ascena retail locations and approximately $400+M in revenue within the ascena family of brands. They develop, monitor and execute programs that create awareness around shrink, safety and integrity...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Become the Newest Member of the VF Family. As the Regional Loss Prevention Manager, you will have the critical function to support an entire region of stores and serve as the subject matter expert in loss mitigation. You will have the great responsibility to own and oversee all matters and investigations of internal and external theft...

Senior ORC Investigator
Boca Raton, FL

The Senior Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our customers. The Senior Investigator is responsible for assisting with implementing a strategy to combat organized retail crime and external theft across the TJMaxx and Marshalls brands...

Loss Prevention Investigator
Seattle, WA

The Loss Prevention Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our internal and external customers. With a focus on internal cases, the Investigator takes complex investigations head-on through establishing solid partnerships with store and LP leadership...

Loss Prevention Investigator
San Jose, CA

The Loss Prevention Investigator is part of a fast-growing, ever changing environment that partners with Store Operations to ensure we provide the best experience to our internal and external customers. With a focus on internal cases, the Investigator takes complex investigations head-on through establishing solid partnerships with store and LP leadership...

Loss Prevention Operations Specialist
Tucscon, AZ
The Loss Prevention Specialist will oversee the Burglar/Fire Alarm and overall Physical Security function for stores including CCTV for all new stores, renovations, acquisitions, closing, existing stores and warehouses. In addition, this position supports the security/property control component for the Corporate Headquarters main campus...

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