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Eric Pidgeon, CFI promoted to Vice President - Asset Protection & Safety for Ascena Retail Group, Inc.
Eric has worked in loss prevention and security fields for over 19 years. 16 of those have been spent with Ascena Retail Group in various roles such as Director - Global Operations, Safety & Risk Management - Asset Protection, Director of Loss Prevention - Global Supply Chain, Sr. Manager of Loss Prevention & Safety, Sr. Manager of Loss Prevention, Manager of Loss Prevention and Supervisor of Security. He also worked for Gap for just over three years, as Asst. Supervisor Loss Prevention and LP Officer. Eric earned his Bachelors of Arts in Criminology/Sociology from Capital University. Congratulations, Eric!

Darian Griffin named Vice President Asset Protection for Superior Grocers
Prior, Darian was the Division Manager-Loss Prevention Kroger (Ralphs) for over three years. He has held various roles in loss prevention and civil service including Managing Director - Operations & Loss Prevention, Director of Operations and Loss Prevention and Regional LP Manager for The Paradies Shops and also as an Investigator for the City of St. Louis! Congratulations, Darian!

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Interactive Map: Look up shoplifting, retail theft arrests by county in Michigan

This map shows the 83 counties based on the number of 2017 police reports per 10,000 residents for retail fraud or theft. You can click on any county to see the underlying data. The numbers come from the Michigan State Police, and include all four categories of retail fraud and theft.

Almost 17,000 Michigan residents were arrested in 2017 on charges related to shoplifting or otherwise trying to defraud a retail store, according to data collected by the Michigan State Police.

That's down about 10.5 percent compared to 2016. However, the number of police reports for retail theft are down only 4 percent.

In 2017, about 1 in 15 arrests in Michigan involved retail fraud or theft.

92% of retail theft/fraud arrests are for shoplifting
About 92% of the arrests for retail theft or fraud in 2017 involved simple theft. That compares to 4% that were for misrepresentation, such as switching price tags and 3% that involved a fraudulent return or exchange. Less than 1% of arrests involved an organized crime ring.

Number of arrests have been dropping since 2008
Michigan arrests for retail theft and fraud dropped 21% between 2008 and 2017. During that same time frame, the numbers of arrests for all crimes dropped 25%. mlive.com

CVS Completes Rollout of Time Delay Safes in All Kentucky Pharmacy Locations
New time delay safe technology in use for controlled substances will help combat opioid epidemic, reduce robbery incidents

CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health (NYSE: CVS), announced today that it has completed the rollout of time delay safes in all of its 77 CVS Pharmacy locations in Kentucky. The safes will help prevent pharmacy robberies and combat the ongoing opioid epidemic by helping to prevent diversion of controlled substance narcotic medications by keeping them out of the hands of unauthorized individuals. In addition, the safes will help CVS Pharmacy ensure the safety and well-being of its customers and employees.

Controlled substance narcotic medications that are sought after by robbers, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, are now stored in safes using time delay technology in every CVS Pharmacy in the state of Kentucky. Time delay safes help deter pharmacy robberies by electronically delaying the time it takes for pharmacy employees to be able to open the safe. CVS Pharmacy first implemented time delay safes in Indianapolis, a city experiencing a high volume of pharmacy robberies, in 2015. The company saw a 70 percent decline in pharmacy robberies among the Indianapolis stores where the time delay safes had been installed. cvshealth.com

Lawmakers demand answers from Amazon on facial recognition tech
Their questions center on potential privacy threats and whether the software is being marketed to law enforcement without adequate precautions.

Eight Democratic lawmakers are demanding answers from Amazon regarding privacy concerns with the company's facial recognition software that has been used by some local police departments.

The lawmakers said in a letter Thursday that Amazon had "failed to provide sufficient answers" to questions about the program, called Rekognition, that they had previously presented to the online retail giant.

"We have serious concerns that this type of product has significant accuracy issues, places disproportionate burdens on communities of color, and could stifle Americans' willingness to exercise their First Amendment rights in public," the lawmakers wrote.

The letter demands transparency regarding Rekognition's accuracy, biases and built-in "protections." nbcnews.com

Amazon may want to identify burglars with facial recognition tech
Patent application reveals residential facial recognition plans

An Amazon patent application sheds light on a way to monitor neighborhoods with a doorbell camera that could alert homeowners and police of suspicious activities and people.

The patent application, which was made public on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website Thursday, describes how a network of cameras could work together with facial recognition technology to identify people, and respond accordingly.

The application describes creating a database of suspicious persons. Unwanted visitors would be added to the list when a homeowner tags them as not authorized. Other people could be added to the database because they are a convicted felon or registered sex offender, according to the application. Residents may also alert neighbors of a suspicious person's presence. cnn.com

Drones To Remain Niche Vehicle & Not Widely Used - The Obstacle: Battery Life
Law Enforcement Worried About Terrorists

CEO of DHL's - "If you have to recharge them every other hour, then you need so many drones and you have to orchestrate that. So good luck with that," he told The Associated Press.

Appel said human couriers have another big advantage over drones: They know where customers live and which doorbell to ring. "To program that in IT is not that easy and not cheap," he said.

Analysts say it will take years for the Federal Aviation Administration to write all the rules to allow widespread drone deliveries.

Snow, the CEO of Skylogic Research, says a rule permitting operators to fly drones beyond their line of sight - so critical to deliveries - is at least 10 years away. A method will be needed to let law enforcement identify drones flying over people - federal officials are worried about their use by terrorists. abcnews.go.com

FBI Database To Track Deadly Encounters With Police
The FBI national database, announced recently and being launched in January, will catalog incidents in which a death or serious bodily injury occurs, or when officers discharge a firearm at or in the direction of someone. It also will track gender, age, ethnicity and other demographic information. There will be limitations, however, because police departments are not required to report their information to the national database.

There are an estimated 60 million encounters between officers and civilians every year. About 1,000 people are killed in altercations with police each year.

"The whole point of having a national database is so everyone can speak from a factual basis about what's really happening. There's so much news today about police use of force and yet there has never been a factual, established database against which to compare."  edmdigest.com

NYC: Big bust of smuggling ring unlikely to stem flow of illegal smokes
Thanks to high taxes, more than half of all cigarettes sold in New York are trafficked in from out of state and costing half as much.

The city is now the nation's capital for tobacco smuggling. Nearly 57% of all cigarettes smoked here are carted in from out of state, the highest rate in the country, according to Tax Foundation data.

Last week they revealed a big win in Operation Big Wheels, with the New York attorney general's office charging 17 individuals with smuggling 18 million cigarettes into the city, evading $3 million in taxes. "The defendants ran a massive criminal enterprise."

New York's smuggling problem includes rampant booze bootlegging. According to a 2016 Crain's investigation, one in every four bottles of liquor sold in the city has been smuggled in. crainsnewyork.com

Luxury Retail Hit By Paris Protests; Sales Down as Much as 40%
French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said Tuesday the government would suspend fuel tax hikes after a third weekend of antigovernment protests led to scenes of violence and ransacking that officials compared to the May 1968 student riots.

Paris' mayor Anne Hidalgo estimates that the protests thus far have caused 3 to 4 million euros ($3.4 to $4.5 million) worth of damages. Iconic monuments at the Arc de Triomphe, Tuileries Gardens and Place Vendome have been vandalised, while three deaths and hundreds of injuries have been reported.

Some of Paris' top department stores, from Printemps to Galeries Lafayette, have had to shut their doors, and storefronts belonging to brands such as Burberry's were damaged. According to French finance minister Bruno Le Maire, some brands have seen sales plummet by around 20 to 40 percent since the demonstrations began. businessoffashion.com wwd.com

Breaking Bad
What the CFOs Are Reading

Investors and the public will no longer tolerate personal misconduct by executives. Now, boards have to do the same.

In this age of 24/7 social media feeds, chief executives and other high-ranking corporate officers - the public faces of their companies -have never been more public. Careless comments, thoughtless actions, and criminal conduct go viral quicker than you can say "resignation," damaging a company's reputation and all the businesses and people that rely on the organization for their livelihoods.

Some CEOs curry the attention. Nothing wrong with that if their statements and deeds enhance their organization's long-term financial performance and their social media quips don't violate securities laws governing material misstatements. The ability to transform a CEO's fame into corporate and product brand-building is a positive, but there is a downside if their fame is used carelessly or inappropriately. A CEO's (or any other corporate officer's) unguarded comments or conduct can unmoor the corporate ship and attract government investigators.

They can also affect how people within the organization treat their subordinates. "The CEO sets the tone and the culture of the organization; if they raise their voices, use profanity, or express certain beliefs, others in the company may infer these behaviors and beliefs are OK."

"Combine a smart guy with a huge ego and give them a bully pulpit, and at the end of the day their ego can destroy the organization," says Kasnet. "The more power someone gets, the more it justifies their 'genius.'" cfo.com

Here are the best retailers to work for in 2019, according to Glassdoor
Glassdoor just ranked the best places to work in 2019. Eight retail companies made the job site's list this year, accruing average scores on Glassdoor well above the site average of 3.4. Glassdoor also provided Business Insider with seven additional companies that just missed out on the top 100 rankings.

Here are the top retailers to work for in 2019:

1. Lululemon
2. Trader Joe's
3. H-E-B
4. Nebraska Furniture Mart
5. Wegmans Food Markets
6. ABC Supply Co.
7. Costco Wholesale
8. Discount Tire


9. REI
10. Nike
11. Best Buy
12. Wawa
13. Publix
14. Ralph Lauren
15. LUSH North America

BBB: Watch out for pop-up shops during holidays
The Better Business Bureau receives hundreds of complaints a year about temporary retail locations, reporting everything from poor quality merchandise to difficulty obtaining refunds after temporary stores have closed their doors. Pop-up shops can be fun, but keep the following BBB tips in mind if you choose to buy from one of them: kplctv.com

Director of Loss Prevention, APLA for NIKE Inc. - Based Beaverton, OR
As the Director of Loss Prevention for Asia Pacific and Latin America (APLA), you will lead a team of LP professionals and share your expertise to implement solutions that will protect people and profit. You will be responsible for the following:

● Lead the implementation of Retail Loss Prevention strategies and awareness programs in the geography.
● Lead and develop a Team
● Drive effective communication | Read more and apply here: jobs.nike.com

Department Stores Still Take Up 350M Sq. Ft. of Mall Space - Or 350 Average Malls

Shopko Looking at Restructuring & Strategic Alternatives - Closing 39 Stores

Massive ground beef recall expands to more than 12 million pounds

Dick's CEO says gun ban was the right thing to do

Robbinsville Twp., NJ: About 80 people are sick after a can of bear repellent exploded in an Amazon warehouse

Quarterly Results
Hudson's Bay Co. Q3 consolidated comp's up 2.9%, sales up 5.6%
   DSG comp's up 0.9%
   Saks Fifth Ave. comp's up 7.3%
   Saks OFF 5th comp's down 2.3


'Live in NYC' at NRF's Big Show - LP's Only Digital Conference

Why You Should Get Involved - Shoot a Video - See & Hear Industry Leaders

From collaborating with influencers and live streaming to interactive and shoppable content, digital video has made a number of significant leaps forward this year, opening new opportunities for brands to engage shoppers - end users.

Digital video can connect with consumers on an emotional level that helps drive results for marketers, which is why global spending on video advertising has skyrocketed in recent years and is expected to continue to grow rapidly.

With digital video consumption on the upswing thanks to trends like cord-cutting, increased mobile use and the proliferation of hardware devices like the Amazon Echo Look and Google Home Hub, the need for a video strategy that runs the gamut from heartfelt stories to performance-drive snippets is crucial. retaildive

Learn more about our upcoming 'Live in NYC' 2019 event here.

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TotalGuard is Sonitrol's newest small to medium business security solution where the Sonitrol Multi-Sensor acts as a standalone IoT panel and now has Sonitrol's unique impact activated audio built-in. Wireless connectivity keeps cost down since no security panel is required, and it is an easy installation for our Sonitrol technicians. TotalGuard offers full volumetric and video intrusion coverage. With over 178,000 criminal apprehensions and counting, Sonitrol is the industry leader in verified electronic security.

TotalGuard is packed with features:

Impact Activated Audio
   ● Video Verification
   ● Wireless Connectivity
   ● Motion & Glass Break Detection
   ● Professionally Monitored 24/7
   ● $15,000 Performance Warranty
   ● Arm/Disarm with the Sonitrol Mobile App



You Best Vet Your Vendor's Vendor
How much can one company really know about its vendors' vendors? Sometimes it seems supply-chain security is a mirage.

A major healthcare breach happened because hackers merely targeted a vendor of a vendor to a major healthcare provider. Creative! wsj.com

Backdoors Up 44%, Ransomware Up 43% from 2017
Nearly one in three computers was hit with a malware attack this year, and ransomware and backdoors continue to pose a risk.

The Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2018 found malware should be among everyone's top concerns as we head into the new year. Kaspersky Labs handled 346,000 new malicious files each day in the first 10 months of 2018 and detected 21,643,946 unique malicious objects this year.

Backdoor detections made up 3.7% of all new malicious files analyzed by Kaspersky Lab researchers in the first 10 months of 2018, increasing from 2.27 million to 3.26 million year over year. Ransomware (Trojan-ransom) detections made up 3.5%, up from 2.2 million detections to 3.13 million.  darkreading.com

The Convergence Discussion Continues
Retail Security in a World of Digital Touchpoint Complexity

The mindset of security as a first thought and not an afterthought is absolutely crucial to the success of retailers going forward.

With the breadth and depth of the threats, it is best to work with a primary vendor who understands and can provide an integrated security plan for all of your touchpoints so you can stop attacks at the edge, protect your users, control who gets on the network, simplify your administration, find and contain problems quickly when they occur and provide for continuous monitoring.

It is important to note, however, that a complete and integrated security plan is not just about cybersecurity or data security alone but is inclusive of both physical security that protects both you as a retailer, your customers and suppliers.

In fact, let's look at physical security first. First and foremost, there is a need for systems that protect the physical security of your customers. This can include security personnel, security cameras, and proper staffing to physical barriers and access control to keep everyone safe.

Next, there is security and safety for your own employees either at stores, warehouses, and home offices. Once again, this plan includes cameras, access control systems, time and attendance systems and physical protection.

Then there is security for loss prevention that affects both employees and customers. These systems will include CCTV, behavioral analytics, cashier monitoring, checkout cameras, motion and lighting systems and electronic article surveillance along with a human team of LP professionals. Retailers lose between 1-2% of revenue annually due to shrink (either inventory losses or cash theft), and 60% of that comes with employee involvement.

Then there is a security of cash and receipts where smart safes, vaults, and armored personnel carriers play a role.

And finally, there is physical security to protect against false legal claim from consumers and employees, more commonly known as "slip and falls".

All of these areas of security have both physical and systems components. cisco.com

Facial recognition 20 times more accurate with advances in convolutional neural networks, NIST finds
Facial recognition algorithms can identify matches with error rates as low as 0.2 percent given good quality photos, 20 times better than the top 4 percent error rate recorded only five years ago, according to the latest report from NIST's Ongoing Facial Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT).

The NIST Interagency Report (NISTIR) 8238 (PDF) shows that algorithms from 28 developers are now more accurate than the top-performing algorithm observed in late 2013, and that impressive gains made from 2010 to 2013 have been outstripped by even greater improvements from 2013 to the technologies NIST has tested in 2018. The improvements are due the integration of or change to deep convolutional neural networks, NIST says.

"As such, face recognition has undergone an industrial revolution, with algorithms increasingly tolerant of poor quality images. Whether the revolution continues or has moved into a more evolutionary phase, further gains can be expected as machine learning architectures further develop, larger datasets are assembled and benchmarks are further utilized."  biometricupdate.com

Walmart arms store associates with online shopping app
Walmart on Tuesday announced the rollout of a new app for store associates that allows customers to order and pay for items from the retailer's online shopping site while in brick-and-mortar stores. retaildive.com

70% of consumers still want human interaction versus bots

Canadian 1-800-FLOWERS operation discloses four-year breach


Lawyer Responds to Toronto Not Charging First-Time Shoplifters
"Shoplifter demand letters are often exorbitant"

Your article describes a practice of retailers, usually through the services of lawyers and paralegals, sending "demand letters" to alleged shoplifters, requesting that they pay a sum of money to avoid civil proceedings by way of a lawsuit against them.

As a lawyer, I have helped dozens of clients who have received these letters following an incident of shoplifting of a small-value item where police have not laid charges. The letters are in very legalistic language and demand exorbitant amounts that bear absolutely no relationship to the value of the item taken (an often retrieved) or the loss experienced by the store in terms of security and other related costs.

The basic first step in court is proving your losses. At most, the loss would be one hour of a loss-prevention officer's wage and certainly not the amount claimed in these letters. Many of us in the legal community view this practice as, at worst, extortion-like and money-grabbing or, at best, bullying. Not a good reflection on our profession.

My suggestion: Do not pay until you are provided with an accounting. thestar.com

Cargo Thieves in Canada Cash in on Christmas
Reports Raise Alarm Over Multibillion-Dollar Cargo Theft Threats

There's an enterprising group in Canada other than retailers marking their business calendars with holly and other Christmas cheer in anticipation of bottom-line bounty: the fraternity of cargo thieves and smugglers. And, as it does during any holiday, long weekend or other celebratory time of the year when social distractions abound, that fraternity is looking to cash in big time.

Recently released reports from major North American insurance companies and supply chain management auditors have underscored the need for better security and awareness all along goods movement networks, especially when it comes to the transportation of containerized cargo via trucks.

Canadian Cargo Theft Trends: What's New, What's Now, and What's on the Horizon notes that annual cargo theft in Canada now runs into multibillion-dollar losses. That theft, it notes, is often linked to money laundering, terrorist funding and the drug trade. biv.com

Canadian Sears Pensioners Going After Lambert & His ESL Fund
For Unwarranted 2013 $509M Dividend Payment

A court decision has given Sears Canada retirees hope they can recoup some of the millions of dollars missing from the now-defunct retailer's underfunded pension plan. An Ontario Superior Court judge on Monday gave the green light to two lawsuits targeting U.S. billionaire businessman, Eddie Lampert and his hedge fund, ESL Investments, in connection with $509 million in dividends paid to Sears Canada shareholders in 2013. cbc.ca

Only 11 Percent of Canadians Use Self-Checkout
Why Canadians Don't Like the Automated Machines

A new grocery shopping study out of Dalhousie University suggests many Canadians have dabbled in self-checkout, but few have found reason to embrace the technology - which, along with reducing labour costs, is supposed to make shopping more convenient. Out of 1,053 people surveyed in October, two-thirds said they have tried the machines when grocery shopping. However, just 11 per cent of those shoppers report that they use them regularly, while the rest opt to use self-checkout only occasionally. Although the technology has advanced over the years, it remains a source of frustration for many shoppers who have opted not to use the machines on a regular basis because they often have to call for a store attendant anyway. cbc.ca

Pot Is So Hot in Canada That Firms Are Importing Workers
Job Openings Have Tripled Over Past Year; High Turnover Rate

A lack of qualified local labor forced Aphria to dispose of almost 14,000 cannabis plants in the quarter ended Aug. 31 after they weren't harvested in time, costing it nearly C$1 million ($750,000). Since then, the company has doubled the staff at its Aphria One greenhouse thanks in part to Canada's Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program, which has allowed it to hire about 50 temporary workers from the Caribbean and Guatemala with plans to bring in up to 100 more.

Aphria's experience underscores the swelling demand for labor in Canada's five-year-old cannabis sector, where openings have tripled in the past year to 34 out of every 10,000 job postings, according to employment search engine Indeed.com.  bloomberg.com

'Picked a fight with labour':
Unions block mail trucks at B.C. Canada Post depot to protest back-to-work bill
Just after the federal government passed a law this week forcing an end to strikes by Canadian Union of Postal Workers members, the union warned that other unions could act out in response. And, Wednesday, they did just that. CUPW says several major unions in British Columbia set up picket lines at the Pacific Processing Centre in Vancouver. The protesters said they would allow workers into the facility, which is the third-largest postal sorting plant in the country, but trucks with mail would not be allowed in or out. The Crown corporation said it was doing what it could to get mail and parcels sorted in B.C. while the non-CUPW pickets disrupted delivery truck traffic. financialpost.com

Canada Store Openings & Expansions
Michael Kors Unveils 1st-in-Canada Yorkdale Flagship
Liquor retailer JAK'S Beer Wine Spirits to open pot stores in Vancouver and across B.C.
Ivanhoé Cambridge Launching Pop-Up Retail Spaces at 10 Canadian Shopping Centres

Friendly Stranger Cannabis Culture Shop Plans 50 Store Expansion
Holiday pop-up store opens in Toronto's Mount Dennis neighbourhood
Shawn Mendes Is Opening A Pop-Up Shop In Toronto Today For His First-Ever Clothing Line
●  Pacific Football Club opens flagship store in downtown Victoria
●  Nesters Market opens new store in Vancouver

Loblaws cranks up self-checkout with app that scans items while you shop

Amazon files trademark application for Amazon Pay in Canada

What retail workers are dying to say to you, but can't

Sleep Country Canada to buy Endy in $88.7M deal

Montreal, QC: Robbery suspect killed after fleeing with cash, police say
Death being treated as a homicide

A robbery suspect was killed during an altercation with three citizens who stopped him from fleeing the scene of a holdup, Montreal police said Wednesday. The 34-year-old victim is the suspect in the robbery of a convenience store in the borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Const. Raphaël Bergeron said. His death is being treated as a homicide. The man was fleeing with cash when three men stopped him late Tuesday evening, he said. Perron has an extensive criminal record dating back to 2004, including charges of theft and breaking and entering. cbc.ca

Longview, AB: Maple syrup bandits busted with $20K in stolen syrup after dramatic police chase
Dramatic video posted online captured part of a police chase through a school zone in a southern Alberta village that ended with three arrests and the seizure of $20,000 worth of stolen maple syrup. Const. Michael Hibbs confirmed the video shows part of a chase that started northeast of Nanton just after 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday after Mounties spotted a truck and cargo trailer reported stolen out of Chestermere earlier that morning. The driver ditched the truck and jumped into a silver car waiting nearby as officers approached. The car took off and led officers from Turner Valley, Nanton, High River and Claresholm on a chase, ending with the arrest of two women and one man. calgarysun.com

(Update) Edmonton, AB: Teen sentenced to 3 years for role in fatal Mac's shootings

Hamilton, ON: Thieves steal van from local art shop, return it full of stolen merchandise, drug paraphernalia

Montreal, QC: Molotov Cocktail Thrown Into Kosher Pizza Shop

Windsor, ON: Police seek female c-store robber with golden gun

Robberies & Burglaries

C-Store - Windsor, ON - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Charlottetown, PEI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Drumbo, ON - Armed Robbery
CashCho Financial - Quesnel, BC - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Blairmore, AB - Armed Robbery
McDonald's - Sooke, BC - Robbery



'Live in Dallas' 2018 at NRF Protect
#3 Most Watched

The NRF ORC Effort

Trends - Value - Get Involved

With 96% of the nation's retailers experiencing Organized Retail Crime, 67% experiencing its continued growth, and the National Retail Security Survey showing shoplifting and ORC as the leading cause of retail shrink for the fourth consecutive year, it's no wonder that Organized Retail Crime continues to be the biggest physical store security risk for retailers in the U.S.

In this roundtable discussion, the two Co-Chairs of the NRF's ORC/Investigators' Network Committee, Jon Shimp (Louis Vuitton) and Gabe Esposito (Verizon), talk about the NRF's ongoing ORC efforts and the challenges and trends they're seeing on a national level. And two of their team members, Robert Ruiz (Louis Vuitton) and Chris Baker (Verizon), share some of the recent developments for ORCA's on a regional level. 

 Episode Sponsored By:

Watch the full 'Live in Dallas' video series here.




Is Your Ecommerce Site Secure for the Holidays?
The holiday season is here again and it is a prime time for cybercriminals to target websites to steal sensitive data. On Cyber Monday alone, online transactions are set to exceed last year's record of $6.59 billion. Manatt is taking this opportunity to alert our clients about recent vulnerabilities impacting ecommerce entities and to provide best practices to mitigate risk.

Cybercriminals target ecommerce entities and syphon personally identifiable information (PII), including payment card data, consumer name, billing address and other sensitive data. They are often able to compromise ecommerce sites, modify the web parameters and inject malicious code to capture PII in real time. The unauthorized disclosure of PII can have negative consequences for both the victim entity and impacted consumers.

The Attack Vectors

Attack vectors are the means by which a cybercriminal can gain access to a device or network in order to deliver a malicious outcome. Examples of attack vectors cybercriminals use to gain access to ecommerce sites include:

Unpatched applications, systems and default configurations: Out-of-the-box applications and operating systems are delivered in a default mode that is not secure. The main reasons to use a default configuration are ease of deployment and administration. But default configurations, such as passwords, built-in user IDs, unnecessary services, unneeded software and insecure protocols can be exploited by cybercriminals, who generally use a scanning tool to identify default configurations and unpatched applications and systems.

Excessive permissions: Systems, applications and users with excessive permissions or lack of access controls can lead to unauthorized access to PII.

Cross-site scripting (CSS): This exploit has the ability to insert malicious programs (scripts) on web pages that can then perform a remote code execution on a user's web browser and subsequently expose sensitive data or deliver malware onto a user's system.

SQL injection: When user-supplied input is not validated or sanitized by the web server application, it can result in disclosure of sensitive information, such as PII, passwords and database content, and may destroy the data or make it unavailable.

Lack of logging and monitoring: A lack of logging and monitoring allows cybercriminals to hide their malicious activity on the business's network. Organizations that do not have robust logging and monitoring processes in place are blind to the details of the attack and to subsequent actions taken by the attackers. Read more manatt.com

DHL uses robots to handle the surge in e-commerce demand at its warehouses
Worldwide delivery service DHL is deploying artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles and product-picking robots at its warehouses in North America to help handle the surge in e-commerce demand.

The U.S. unit of Deutsche Post AG will spend $300 million on its plan to equip 350 of its 430 facilities with new technology that includes autonomous trolleys that shadow human workers and robots that can pick and sort products by themselves, said Scott Sureddin, CEO of DHL Supply Chain North America. digitalcommerce360.com

Black Friday Surpasses Cyber Monday in Global Ecommerce
Black Friday global ecommerce sales growth surpassed Cyber Monday in major markets by more than 34%, according to data by eShopWorld.

The data revealed that in these same markets, global ecommerce sales growth was higher on both Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 24 and 25) than on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

The five countries that generated the highest year-over-year revenue growth over Black Friday through Cyber Monday included The United Kingdom (up 71%), Canada (up 23%), Australia (up 114%), Germany (up 17%) and The Russian Federation (up 137%). multichannelmerchant.com

Abercrombie & Fitch expects to sell $1 billion online this year

Toys and hobbies e-retailers' web sales growth grew 21.5% in 2017

Mobile accounts for nearly half of all orders placed over the Cyber 5 weekend

Signifyd to expand its ecommerce fraud protection business in Europe




Goodyear, AZ: CVS Pharmacy technician pleads guilty to stealing diabetic strips
Facing over 7 years in prison and $100,000 in restitution

Phoenix-area pharmacy technician has pleaded guilty in a case where he is accused of stealing hundreds of boxes of diabetic test strips from his employer. Robert Brian Kemple, 30, pleaded guilty last week to one count each of fraud, trafficking in stolen property and computer tampering. The guilty plea will allow the dismissal of dozens of other counts that accused Kemple of stealing over $100,000 of medical supplies from a CVS pharmacy in Goodyear in 2017.

Kemple's plea agreement calls for a prison sentence of up to 7.5 years in prison and an order to payment restitution of $100,540.44. He is accused of ordering diabetic test strips for the store and selling them online. Kemple is set to be sentenced on Jan. 15. He was indicted on June 11 for fraudulent schemes, theft, trafficking in stolen property and 30 counts of computer tampering. ktar.com

Wayne County, MI: Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy speaks out on newly created 'Business Protection Unit'
She touched briefly on how her office, which is headquartered at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in Detroit, tackles prosecutions in one of the nation's most populous counties. The office handles between 18,000 and 22,000 felony cases annually, she said, and 41 percent of all felony trials in the state are in Wayne County. The Prosecutor's office has units that focus on specific types of crimes, some staffed with specially trained attorneys. These include Child Abuse, Elder Abuse and the newest department, the Business Protection Unit. That unit, Worthy said - understaffed with just one attorney currently handling 51 cases - tackles organized retail fraud, which involves fence operations posing as legitimate pawn shops that hire "boosters," or shoplifters, to hit area retail outlets, especially big-box stores, and fill specific orders. On the police side, she said, Canton Township led the way in investigating such operations, which she said cost county retailers hundreds of thousands of dollars. "We are on it and we want to focus on this," she said. hometownlife.com

Atlanta, GA: Shoplifting suspect jumped over Perimeter Mall balcony to try to evade arrest
"Don't do it. You're gonna get hurt!" an officer said, according to the video. Jeffrey Newell allegedly jumped over the balcony railing at Perimeter Mall from one floor to another after a scuffle with officers, then ran into a 5-year-old girl on the way into the parking garage. He faces several charges, including felony shoplifting, reckless conduct, aggravated assault and obstruction of law enforcement officers. Newell also allegedly pulled a knife on someone while he was running. Newell had taken $1,200 worth of clothes. ajc.com

Columbia, MD: Nordstrom Rack Employees Threatened With Stun Gun
Three women stole merchandise at the Nordstrom Rack in the Columbia Crossing. Before leaving, they threatened employees with a stun gun. Nobody was injured, and the investigation is ongoing. Police categorized the crime as a robbery. patch.com

Greenville, SC: Shoplifter arrested with $800 of merchandise at Ulta Beauty

Brentwood, TN: Police stepping up efforts to stop shoplifting before Christmas; 'focusing efforts on TJ Maxx'

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Shootings & Deaths

Update: Pine Bluff, AR: 2 suspects arrested in connection with pawn shop homicide
During a press conference Tuesday, authorities said Daryl Strickland and Rodney Henry, both 21-year-olds, were arrested at two different locations in Camden and are believed to be responsible for shooting and killing Wise Buck Pawn Shop owner Brandon McHan. McHan was killed in an exchange of gunfire with two suspected robbers on Nov. 12. A second person injured in the shooting was hospitalized with injuries to his chin, abdomen and hand. katv.com

Moultrie, GA: Armed Robbery suspect shot and killed in gun battle with C-Store clerk
A suspect in a BP Gas Station attempted armed robbery died Tuesday. Coroner Verlyn Brock said Jaelon Powell, 19, died from gunshot wounds and was a suspect in the incident. Moultrie Police Officers who responded at about 1:45 a.m. found that a clerk had been shot. The employee did not appear to have life-threatening injuries. He engaged in a shootout during the armed robbery attempt, Moultrie Police Department Lt. Freddie Williams said. "We're investigating an attempted armed robbery," he said. "A clerk was shot and a bad guy is deceased. The clerk was armed and returned fire." moultrieobserver.com

Ogden, UT: Police shoot, kill man they say pointed gun at officers; suspected 7-Eleven Armed Robber
Police in Ogden say officers shot and killed a man suspected in several robberies after a stakeout led to a vehicle pursuit, after which the suspect pointed a gun at police. Additional details have been released on an officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of an 18-year-old Tuesday afternoon. Eric Young, Ogden Assistant Chief of Police, said investigators were conducting surveillance at an apartment Tuesday on a suspect who was believed to have been involved in a robbery at a 7-Eleven where a clerk was pistol-whipped. fox13now.com

Fort Worth, TX: C-Store Clerk Shoots Robbery Suspect
A clerk shot and injured a suspect who was attempting to rob a convenience store in Fort Worth Wednesday morning. Police say the robbery suspect and the store clerk exchanged gunshots. The suspect fled the scene on foot but was later found by officers with a gunshot wound to his leg. The store clerk was not injured in the shooting. dfw.cbslocal.com

Robberies & Thefts

Lakewood, CO: Thieves crash cement truck into Gun store and steal weapons
Lakewood Police Det. Timmy Marquez said the department received a report of a verified alarm around 4:20 a.m. at Green Mountain Guns. When police arrived at the scene, they found that a cement truck had been used to remove the store's doors, Marquez said. The truck was reported stolen out of Arvada.
Police said that the suspects are two men wearing gloves and hoodies. This is the third time in two years that Green Mountain Guns has been targeted. whnt.com

Dallas, TX: Skull-Mask, Hammer Wielding Robber Arrested In Pawn Shop Heist

Mobile, AL: Family Dollar robbery suspect arrested

Lexington, KY: O'Reilly Auto Parts Armed Robbery suspect in custody

Sacramento, CA: Search On For Multiple Suspects Connected To String Of C- Store Robberies

Manchester, NH: JC Penney, Mall of New Hampshire Shoplifter wanted in hit-and-run crash that injured 2

Kays Outlet in the Ellenton Premium Outlets, Ellenton, FL reported a Burglary on 12/2, items valued at over $100,000

Kay Jewelers in the Sun Valley Mall, Concord, CA reported an External Swich on 12/3, item valued at $4,599

Kay Jewelers in the Towne West Mall, Wichita, KS reported a Grab & Run on 12/3, items valued at $2,024

Fire & Arson

Overland Park, KS: Shoplifters used Arson to thwart Oak Park Mall security
It was the acrid smell of burnt plastic that gave them away. Two alleged shoplifters are charged with arson, accused of burning off anti-theft sensors attached to clothing at department stores in Oak Park Mall. Jamesha Baskin, 19, and Miracle Williams, 18, are each charged in Johnson County District Court with felony theft and two counts of arson. The charges allege that they used fire to damage the anti-theft devices on Sunday at Macy's and JC Penney stores in the mall. The theft charge alleges that the two stole merchandise from three different stores in a 72-hour period. After store employees noticed a burning smell coming from the fitting room area, they contacted Overland Park police, who arrested the women. Overland Park Police Detective Byron Pierce said it was the first time people have been caught at the mall using flames to melt off the plastic pins that attach the sensors to clothing. kansascity.com

Skimming Thefts

New Paltz, NY: Man had forged credit cards, credit card skimming device during traffic stop
New York State Police arrested a man they say had forged credit cards and a credit card skimming device during a traffic stop. Police say they initially stopped the vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver, Lord Williams, 26, is accused of having five forged credit cards, the skimming device, and marijuana in his possession. news10.com

Sentencings & Charges

Illinois appeals court upholds 10-year sentence in robbery over $33 of underwear
A divided Illinois Appellate Court panel on Tuesday upheld a 10-year prison sentence to an addicted homeless man who had robbed $33 of underwear from a Family Dollar Store in Chicago in 2015. Appellate Judge Terrence Lavin, writing for himself and Appellate Judge Mary Anne Mason, stated that it is not the job of the appellate court to substitute its judgment for the decision of the trial judge. In this case Circuit Judge Margaret Brosnahan had imposed the harsh sentence on defendant David Lundy, who had 10 prior convictions. But in a stinging dissent, Appellate Judge Michael B. Hyman wrote that the "sentence punishes Lundy more for the numerous difficulties brought about by his economic status (impoverished), illness (drug addiction), and condition (homelessness) than for the offense for which he was convicted." suntimes.com

Erie, PA: Man pleads guilty in Verizon store robbery
A Cleveland resident is facing up to a maximum of 20 years in state prison after pleading guilty to stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise during a June robbery at a Millcreek Township Verizon Wireless store. Marquel D. McCutchen, 23, pleaded guilty to a first-degree felony count of robbery at a hearing before Erie County Judge John Garhart. McCutchen could receive up to 20 years in prison at his sentencing before Judge Daniel Brabender on Feb. 19. goerie.com

Greenbelt, MD: Felon Convicted After Federal Trial of Committing Three Armed Robberies in Less Than One Hour

Gatesville, TX: Man accused of stealing 26 guns from local pawnshop pleads guilty


C-Store - Corpus Christi, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Beach Park, IL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Durham, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Melbourne, FL - Armed Robbery
Check 'N Go - Holland, MI - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Albuquerque, NM - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Moultrie, GA - Armed Robbery/ suspect shot & killed
Gas Station - Lorain County, OH - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Kennewick, WA - Robbery
Gun Store - Lakewood, CO - Burglary
• Jewelry - Ellenton, FL - Burglary
Liquor Store - Midland, TX - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Independence, MO - Robbery
Restaurant - Minneapolis, MN - Armed Robbery
Sally Beauty - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - San Diego, CA - Armed Robbery
Target - Clifton Park, NY - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Medford, NY - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
2 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killing





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