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Cyber Security:
How Far Does Digital Retail Go?

Quick Take 6

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2018 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Ascena Retail Group, Inc. - Asset Protection Team

"Promotes and ensures the safety and integrity of our
Associates, Clients, Assets & Brands"

Featured in Picture: Eric Pidgeon, Rick Pfeifer, Korey Smith, Joe Rapacz, Randy Council, Charles Cherry, Deana McLees-Bailey, Michael Bouley, Mike DiDomenico, Katie Wade, Mark Elliott, Byron Gibson, Deanna Bonachea, Dave Harben, Dwayne Bryant, Christie Delaney, Jeff Aldinger, Tim Krueger, Jeff Turk, Michael Peteja, David Powers, Jeff Gilkey, Jeff Nicholson, Fred Rodriguez, Matt Francis, Albert Metuge, Josh Machtinger, Scott Pethuyne, Gary Watson, Michelle Benjamin, Eric Brill, Jim Kuenzli, Kimber Johnson, Chris Gomez, Mark King, Shawn Dempsey

Not Pictured: Kerry Wick & George Lembessis

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Gatekeeper Systems Purchek Honored with 2018 PERIFEM Award in Security
Gatekeeper Systems Purchek was honored with the 2018 PERIFEM Award in Security and Safety. PERIFEM is a French non-profit who seeks to represent and defend the Retail sector. Its members make up three-quarters of French food retailers, most specialized retailers, and retail property companies like Unibail and Rodamco-Westfield. PERIFEM members represent 200 billion Euros in sales, 30,000 locations and 210 million square feet of retail space.

PERIFEM is a leading institution for European retailers with representation in forty committees across Europe and influence over legislation and standards across the EU. PERIFEM connects retailers with over 150 technical experts, 15 professional organizations and 10 ministries, with the goal of gathering and sharing best practices, identifying innovations, presenting market research and establishing legislation. gatekeepersystems.blog

FBI Releases 2017 Crime Data
2017 NIBRS Crime Data Released
Law Enforcement Continuing Transition to More Detailed Reporting System
1st Time FBI Shows Retail Robbery Spike at C-Stores, Gas Stations & Restaurants

The FBI released information today on more than 6 million criminal offenses submitted to its National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) last year, as law enforcement nationwide continues transitioning to the more informative crime reporting system.

In 2017, 6,998 law enforcement agencies reported data to NIBRS. About 42 percent of law enforcement agencies who participate in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program are now submitting their crime data to NIBRS, with the goal of completing the transition to NIBRS by 2021.

Highlights from NIBRS, 2017 include:

● Data from 2017 contained information on about 5.4 million incidents with 6,290,042 criminal offenses.

● Of the reported offenses, 61 percent were crimes against property, 23 percent were crimes against persons, and 16 percent were crimes against society (such as animal cruelty).

More NIBRS data is available in the NIBRS interactive map and in the Crime Data Explorer (CDE) tool. The CDE is an interactive tool that allows the public to more easily use and understand crime data through a variety of interactive features, such as tailored reports and the ability to build web applications.

To learn more about the FBI's transition to NIBRS, visit fbi.gov/nibrs.

Full report: NIBRS, 2017  fbi.gov

2018 Security 500 - Retail Sector Report
Finance is Leading the Way & Spending is Up

Security Magazine publishes this report annually and while their focus is more overall security with a heavy emphasis on cyber, they do touch the retail sector.

Interestingly enough, their reporting structure results are, in fact, very close to what we surveyed for years at Downing & Downing. With finance managing the functions in 41% of the retailers surveyed and operations only managing in 31%.

However, our findings showed a heavier operations reporting structure leaning towards the high 40's, and much lighter Legal and Risk reporting structure in the single digits. With specialty stores reporting to operations, big box retailers leaning more towards finance and grocery reporting to legal.

The 41% increased in spending number is considerable and certainly reflects both the increasing technology investments and the increase in violence. securitymagazine.com

Neiman Marcus Accused Of Funneling $1B To LBO Sponsors
Neiman Marcus Moves $1B Away From Creditors
Neiman Marcus Group Inc. was hit with a suit in Texas state court Monday alleging the company orchestrated a plot to loot its own luxury department store and online retailer of about $1 billion and transfer the cash to indirect owners Ares Management LP and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. The complaint alleges Neiman Marcus Ltd. LLC undertook the scheme to place assets beyond the reach of the creditors to hinder and delay creditor recovery. law360.com

Sporting Goods Industry Under the Magnifying Glass
Under Armour Ousts Two Executives After Review of Expenses

Company questioned practices in sports-marketing unit, spending by longtime associates of CEO Kevin Plank

Under Armour ousted two sports-marketing executives who were longtime associates of CEO Kevin Plank, according to people familiar with the matter, after the apparel brand conducted an internal review of their department's spending.

Ryan Kuehl, a former player in the National Football League, and senior vice president of global sports marketing, and Walker Jones, senior director of sports marketing, were both removed from their roles last week, the people said. Employees were informed of their departure on Thursday, but no reasons were given for the abrupt changes, employees said.

Behind closed doors, the company's management questioned the way the two men had been running the sports-marketing department and whether some of their spending was appropriate, some of the people said. The funds at issue included events, gifts to athletes and nights out, the people said, and some were costs that were approved in previous years.

Both men first joined the Baltimore company years ago and were part of Mr. Plank's inner circle, helping to recruit athletes to endorse products, said current and former employees. Mr. Plank started the business in 1996 with a sweat-wicking shirt for football players and built it into a global brand with $5 billion in annual sales.

The company has for years given a long leash to the sports-marketing department, with Mr. Plank himself holding lavish corporate events for athletes and VIP guests and often telling executives to give in to the demands of athletes, even those who are no longer useful to the company, these people said.

The sports-marketing staff were among the employees who sometimes attended strip clubs with athletes and expensed the visits to the company, the people said. Under Armour stopped the practice in February, The Wall Street Journal reported last month. wsj.com

Fashion retailer Cato agrees to $3.5M settlement over discrimination claims
Charlotte-based women's fashion retailer Cato Corporation has agreed to a $3.5 million settlement with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Com­mission, the agency said Monday, after a "nationwide, systemic investigation" uncovered discrimination against pregnant employees and workers with disabilities.

Cato denied reasonable accommodations for those employees and made certain workers take unpaid leaves of absence and/or terminated them because of their disabilities, the EEOC said in announcing results of a joint investigation by the agency's Chicago and Philadelphia offices. citynews.com

JCI to sell Power Solutions business for $13.2 billion
Johnson Controls International announced a definitive agreement to sell its Power Solutions business to Brookfield Business Partners L.P. in a cash transaction valued at $13.2 billion. "With this transaction, Johnson Controls becomes a pure-play building technologies and solutions provider that is better positioned to lead the integration and evolution of the connected building and to capture strategic opportunities in the HVAC industry," JCI chairman and chief executive officer George Oliver said. securitysystemsnews.com

Dumac Business Systems acquires Total Retail Solutions
DeWitt-based Dumac Business Systems Inc. has acquired Total Retail Solutions, a provider of point-of-sale and loss prevention solutions to independent grocers. TRS supports approximately 400 supermarkets in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Dumac said all TRS customers and most of its employees will transition to Dumac. syracuse.com

Detroit Lakes, MN: Apparel Store Puts Shoplifters to Work to Pay Off Their Crimes
A Minnesota lakes country apparel wholesaler has taken a different approach to punish people who shoplift from their store. Rather than the usual route of catching the culprits and pressing charges, Detroit Lakes-based Lakeshirts let a few teens who were caught stealing a good amount of merchandise this summer work off their crimes.

"It was enough to prosecute ... we could have done that, but we chose not to," said Frankie Hutchinson who has been managing the Lakeshirts store since last spring. She said they haven't had a lot of shoplifting incidents, but the ones she has caught have mostly involved minors, and the company has decided to go this route as punishment to teach a lesson without putting permanent marks on young kids' records.

Hutchinson said that across the company, they choose to take similar approaches to these kinds of situations. They'd rather work with shoplifters, disgruntled employees, etc. than make situations worse by burning bridges. grandforksherald.com

Turning Point for China's Stance on Counterfeit Luxury Goods
New Laws & Training 100,000 Authenticators Across the Country

The Chinese government is finally ready to crack down on the country's black and grey luxury market and better regulate its booming e-commerce sector.

According to US Chamber of Commerce estimates, Greater China is the source of 86 percent of the world's counterfeit goods, a portion valued at a staggering $397 billion.

Even e-commerce giant Alibaba, itself a major target of anti-counterfeit critics worldwide, has called on the Chinese government to do more to fix its "ambiguous" efforts.

Prompted perhaps by these attacks on its record as well as the prospect of driving more tax revenue by encouraging legitimate luxury spending in China, the government finally seems to have made its anti-counterfeiting drive a focus of more attention and energy.

At the start of this year, the government's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology established the China Luxury Authentication Centre, a sub-department tasked with training a government-licenced army of luxury authenticators to battle the increasingly high-quality fakes being manufactured and sold in the Middle Kingdom.

The Chinese government plans to implement the country's most comprehensive e-commerce regulation legislation to date on January 1, 2019.  businessoffashion.com

Japan: AI technology helps arrest shoplifter by studying suspicious movements
Analysis of security camera footage using artificial intelligence technology has helped arrest a shoplifter at a convenience store in Japan. Police arrested an 80-year-old man for stealing a hat at a convenience store in Yokohama last week. The store had suffered about 9,000 dollars in losses from shoplifting in the past 6 months.

The store worked with a Tokyo-based image analysis company to study 3,000 hours of images captured on 6 security cameras at the store. The analysis used artificial intelligence that had studied characteristics of shoplifters.

The AI is programmed to extract images of people putting merchandise into their bags and leaving the store without paying. It also determines if 2 images are of the same person by studying more than 100 comparison points including length of stride and movement of body joints.

The analysis extracted images of the shoplifter moving suspiciously on a previous visit to the store. A store clerk later spotted the man. nhk.or.jp

Twice as many consumers in emerging markets support retail facial recognition for purchase security
Using facial recognition to ensure purchase security is a good idea according to 61 percent of consumers in emerging markets, but only 26 percent of those in developed markets, according to a global survey by Oracle. The survey results show that retailers have become responsible for earning the right to remember customer data, Oracle says.

The "New Topography of Retail" study found that a digital retail experience including in-store facial recognition, virtual sales assistants and kiosks that provide product recommendations is desired across emerging markets, while only 28 percent of those in Europe, Australia, and North America view such technology use favorably. It also found that while 34 percent of those in Europe would deprive all brands they engage with of all data about them if they could, but 87 percent of those in North America, 90 percent of those in Latin America, and 91 percent of those in the Middle East, India, and the APAC region would do so.

"As consumers question the benefit of sharing their information, research shows they want to receive offers that are both relevant and personalized while maintaining a level of anonymity. Retailers have the opportunity to deliver personalized incentives, converting an emotional response towards privacy into a meaningful interaction," says Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Retail. "As retailers address data privacy issues head-on, brands who reinvent their approach to consumer engagement, look towards attracting the right customers and recognize that capturing shoppers at the point of intent will drive increased engagement and retention."

Biometric industry stakeholders told Biometric Update recently that retailers need to offer incentives for consumer to accept retail deployments of facial recognition in developed markets. biometricupdate.com

Microsoft announces 6 principles for responsible facial recognition, urges new laws
Microsoft President Brad Smith is at it again. In a move to accept corporate responsibility and forward public policy dialogue, Smith announced in a blog post that the company will carry out a plan to implement six principles for ethical facial recognition by the end of Q1 2019.

After he called for facial recognition to be specifically regulated in July, Smith warned in November that failing to act soon could have a profound impact on fundamental civil liberties. Now Smith writes that believes a basis exists for initial legislation which would allow facial biometric technology to continue advancing while protecting public interests. It is also up to tech companies to address the issues related to the growing use of facial recognition, according to Smith.

He identifies three problems that need to be addressed. The current state of the technology increases the risk of biased decisions and outcomes in certain situations, its widespread use can lead to privacy intrusions, and its use by governments for mass surveillance could encroach on democratic freedoms, Smith asserts.

To address those problems, Microsoft is adopting six principles for facial recognition; fairness, transparency, accountability, non-discrimination, notice and consent, and lawful surveillance. biometricupdate.com

NRF: 250 Retail and Restaurant Companies Urge Congress to Fix Tax Reform Error Delaying Investment Before Going Home

Amazon plans cashierless store in heart of London's West End

Franchisees taking complaints to McD's annual meeting

Kid Rock pays off layaways for 350 families at Nashville Walmart

Quarterly Results
DSW Q3 comp's up 7.3%, revenue up 17.2%
Ascena Q1 total comp's up 3%, Premium fashion up 8%, Value fashion down 3%, Plus fashion down 2%, Kids up 12%
Casey's General Stores Q2 merchandise comp's up 2.7%, food comp's up 2.2%, fuel down 1.1%
Destination Maternity Q3 comp's down 2.6%, net sales down 3.7%
Francesca's Q3 comp's down 14%, net sales down 10%


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Cloud Managed Video Surveillance

Watch the video above to learn about OpenEye Web Services

OpenEye Web Services is a scalable and secure video surveillance solution that simplifies operations and management by moving these functions to the cloud. Combining the performance and reliability of local recording with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud, OWS produces a greater return on your investment, saves you time, and provides an easier, more secure surveillance solution.

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Retailers in an Omni-channel Environment Increasingly Deploy RFID for Superior Customer Experience Management
The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has caused a sea change in the buying patterns of customers and, by extension, the market strategies of retailers. E-commerce and m-commerce have virtually transformed every store into a distribution center and retailers need to adopt technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), videos, cameras, and data analytics to keep track of inventory in each outlet and, eventually, enhance customer experience management.

"Retailers are looking to empower their mobile workforce to enrich customers' purchase experience, and this will augment investments in technologies such as handheld readers and smart point-of-sale (PoS) solutions," said Ram Ravi, Industry Analyst for Industrials at Frost & Sullivan. "RFID sales will get a further boost from the intensifying focus on loss prevention, inventory management, and customer behavior analysis."

"To cater to the changing retail environment, system integrators need to develop partnerships with data analytics and cloud service vendors," noted Ravi. "The growing interest in item-level tagging in the retail industry will further augment RFID demand." prnewswire.com

Report: 91% Of Retailers Aren't PCI Compliant
With retailers struggling to get compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, qualified security assessors are going to be in more demand and can offer tokenization as one way of achieving compliance.

In a press release, TokenEx pointed to a new analysis by SecurityScorecard that shows the alarming rate at which retailers aren't prepared. It found based on an analysis of 1,444 domains from October of 2017 to March of 2018 that about 91 percent of retailers did not comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which puts them at risk from a data protection point of view.

According to TokenEx, the higher percentage of retailers that aren't complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is likely the
result of companies' inability to keep up with the changing regulations and cybercriminals that are constantly getting more sophisticated. pymnts.com

International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP) Appoints Four New Members to Strategic Advisory Board
The ICMCP, the leading destination for issues related to cybersecurity career and industry developments impacting minority cybersecurity professionals, today announced the appointment of four new members to its Strategic Advisory Board:

● Shelley Westman - Partner/Principal at EY
● Aaron Hughes - Vice President of Information Security and Deputy CISO at Capital One
● Gleb Reznik, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at Synchrony
● Michael Palmer - Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at The National Football League prweb.com

NSA Cyber Chief Says Companies Are Losing Ground Against Adversaries
"The trend is going the wrong way," Mr. Joyce told security experts and other enterprise information-technology officials Tuesday at the WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Executive Forum in New York.

"It's not getting better, it's getting worse," he said, urging firms to be more vigilant in protecting applications, systems and infrastructure.

While some security threats have been known for a long time, responding to them has been a slow process, he said.

"We've put a lot of important things into technology and we may not have done everything necessary to protect that technology," he said, citing baked-in security features, stronger passwords and other measures.

In the corporate world, he said protective measures need to start with greater oversight of approved access to secure networks: "You need to think about the people you give the keys to your kingdom." That should be followed by critically evaluating sources of a company's software and apps, hardware and other tools. wsj.com

Walmart is testing a robot fry cook named 'Flippy' at its delis
Walmart (WMT) is in the early stages of testing a kitchen robot assistant named "Flippy" at its Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters to see whether or not it's the right fit for its in-store delis.

Flippy is the world's first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant powered by artificial intelligence from Miso Robotics, a two-year-old startup. The robot made headlines a year ago debuting as the burger-flipping robot at a CaliBurger franchise in Pasadena.

More recently, Flippy got a gig at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with vending food service company Levy Restaurants, part of Compass Group, to fry up chicken tenders and tater tots. Through the World Series, Flippy churned out 17,000 pounds worth of the fried foods. It's able to fry up to eight baskets of food simultaneously. yahoo.com

Will automation take online grocery to the next level?

BurgerFi chain speeds up fast food service with facial recognition

Google+ hit by another data security breach, over 52M user accounts affected


How to Search the Internet Privately

Tired of online login requests or pesky ads that follow you around? Try https://www.startpage.com. This search engine works like any other, except it removes all trackers and logs. It uses Google's backbone, so you search result will be the same.



'Live in NYC' 2018 at the NRF Big Show
#4 Most Watched

Digital Loss Prevention

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Bob Oberosler, Group VP of AP, Rite Aid

As retailers cope with limited budgets in this digital age, how is LP evolving and how do we continue to improve performance with what appears to be decreasing resources?

Bob Oberosler, Group Vice President of Asset Protection for Rite Aid, shares where he thinks the industry is going and how LP/AP teams can harness the power of social media, crowd sourcing, and artificial intelligence to fight retail crime and reduce shrink.

Episode Sponsored By:

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New Formjacking Technique Used to Skim Payment Details Off Websites
30 online retail websites affected

Researchers at cybersecurity company Symantec have identified a new formjacking campaign targeting a French ecommerce site that is prominently featured in global shopping aggregator listings.

Over 30 online retail websites from all over the world were redirecting traffic to the compromised site.

Formjacking is a term used to describe the injection of JavaScript code into the payment section of a website. This code then skims the payment details of unaware customers sending it onto to threat actors to abuse.

The online-store in Paris was injected with a formjacking script which collects the payment information entered onto the website and then sends it to the domain google-analyitics.org; a "typo-squatted" version of the genuine url google-analytics.com.

Another piece of injected code on the same web page looks for the presence of debugging tools, such as Firebug, to thwart security researchers analysing the malicious script; a trend security researchers have increasingly noticed.

Siddhesh Chandrayan Threat Analysis Engineer at Symantec wrote: "This latest formjacking campaign highlights the fact that attackers are continuously altering and improving their malicious code and exploring new delivery mechanisms to infect more users."

Symantec researchers say they have identified more than one million formjacking attempts on over 10,000 websites in the last three months alone. cbronline.com

These online gifts top fraudsters' holiday lists this year
Fraud picks up during the holidays when many online retailers get too busy to properly evaluate all suspicious orders. Here are the types of products that criminals have been stealing most frequently this season from e-commerce sites.

Luxury Reselling
Luxury goods are always popular with fraudsters, given they only need to steal one item to cash in on a big payday. This year shoes were the most popular fraudster target in the high-end market.

Gamer's Delight
Electronics tend to be favored by fraudsters for their steep sticker value and their high market appeal. PS4s and Xboxs were extremely attractive targets this year, part of a trend that saw three times the typical number of attackson gaming consoles over Thanksgiving weekend.

Keeping Warm
Popular apparel items were influenced by the impending winter weather, with fleece hoodies and waterproof boots taking the top spots. Online items both affordable and expensive were targeted, showing that the seasonal market for such goods is more important than the cost of the individual items themselves.

The Great Gift Card Rush
Digital goods, such as online gift cards, are a year-round favorite with fraudsters. digitalcommerce360.com

Amazon to penalize sellers who ship unsafe packages to its warehouses, like leaky chemicals and unmarked aerosols

How the USPS' proposed changes could impact online retailers

7 Conversion Snafus That Kill Ecommerce Sales



Janesville, WI: Store Employee accused of stealing $10,000 of mattresses
A Janesville mattress store employee stole more than $10,000 worth of mattresses and other furniture that was later sold via social media. Owen A. Peterson, 23, is charged with felony theft in the case. Peterson is accused of taking the items from Janesville Comfort Shoppe and selling them to a Milton woman, telling her that they were being taken to the dump or were discontinued items that he bought with an employee discount, according to the complaint. Peterson told police the money supported his heroin habit, and he gave some of the money to his mother. Sofas, love seats, dressers and box springs also were taken, according to the complaint. gazettextra.com

Dixon, CA: Burglars Smash Window of Sporting Goods Store; $10,000 of merchandise
Burglars struck a Dixon sporting goods store early Monday morning, leaving with thousands of dollars in merchandise. Surveillance video from Pacific Flyway Supplies shows a 15-passenger van back into the large front window, and two people run inside. The smash and grab burglary happened around 12:30 a.m. Monday. The shop owner says the two thieves were inside for just about 90 seconds before leaving with an estimated $10,000 in hunting apparel. Dixon Police are investigating the theft. fox40.com

Costa Mesa, CA: Four Women Sought for Purse Robbery at Costa Mesa Store
Authorities are asking the public to help them identify women who are suspected of stealing purses from a Costa Mesa store and attacking a man who tried to stop them. The store, called Treasures, is located inside the Mitsuwa Market Place. The manager said the employee is OK, just shaken up. Police said the women walked into the store around 7:30 p.m. Sunday after the store had closed. They got away with more than 10 bags, many of them valued around $1,000 or more. abc7.com

Chesterfield, MO: Chesterfield Police Special Enforcement Unit cracking down on shoplifters
Chesterfield Police Officer Trevor McBride is a member of his department's Special Enforcement Unit or SEU. The group responds to calls for shoplifting, fraudulent activity and any other potential criminal activity in retail areas. With the holiday shopping in full swing, Chesterfield Police want shoppers and any law-breakers to know that the unit is out patrolling shopping areas in both uniform and plain clothes. In a Fox 2 exclusive, Jasmine Huda rode along with police on patrol for the Special Enforcement Unit. fox2now.com

Greenwood, IN: Greenwood Park Mall Shoplifters struck witnesses, mall employees with vehicle; $4,000 of merchandise recovered
Two women were arrested after they attempted to steal more than $4,000 in merchandise from a mall department store, pepper sprayed an employee and hit two people with their car, police said. Tina R. Rabiu, 44, was arrested on a charge of robbery, and Dominique C. Sheridan, 29, was arrested on charges of theft and criminal recklessness, according to a police report. dailyjournal.net

Brockton, MA: Stop & Shop shoplifter busted twice in a week; merchandise totaling nearly $3,000

Joplin, MO: Two Walmart shoplifter arrested; 27 items from Walmart and 36 items from other stores recovered

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Shootings, Incidents & Deaths

Cumberland, IN: Customer killed in robbery outside Dollar General was also robbed
Police have arrested two people after a customer leaving a Dollar General store was robbed and fatally shot had exited the Dollar General on Monday night when suddenly a man ran up to the customer, making him the victim of a robbery in the parking lot, police said. During the investigation of the robbery of the customer, police learned a second robbery was underway in the store. Police say the customer, identified as 37-year-old Gregory Raley, was coming out of the store. He was then taken around the corner where he was robbed and shot. Raley was found laying on the ground outside the store and later died. fox59.com

Louisville, KY: Police searching for missing Armored-Car driver and money that disappeared from Jefferson Mall
Authorities in Louisville are looking for an armored-car driver who disappeared along with an undetermined amount of money while waiting for his partner outside a mall. On Wednesday, around 3:15 p.m., officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department went to the Jefferson Mall after getting a call from Garda Armored Truck Services that one of its drivers was missing. Police found the armored car at the back of the mall, authorities said Thursday. Authorities identified the missing driver as Mark Espinosa, 29, of Louisville. abc7.com

Robberies & Thefts

Anchorage, AK: 3 suspects arrested following Armed Robbery of Walmart
Anchorage Police states that officers responded to a shoplifting incident that had turned into a robbery. Security for the Walmart on A Street told officers that three store employees approached a woman who had hidden merchandise in her purse. The woman then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the employees before exiting the store and leaving in a white SUV.

Chicago, IL Group of 8-10 people used pepper spray while robbing Akira store
Chicago police are looking for a group of people who robbed a clothing store in Bucktown, and pepper sprayed several employees. Police said the Akira store on W North Ave. was robbed around 9 p.m. Monday. The group of eight to 10 people used pepper spray as they robbed the store. The group then ran to the CTA Blue Line stop at Damen, where two of them were detained for jumping the turnstiles. Paramedics treated two store employees at the scene.

Houston, TX: Robbers with rifle steal cash from Houston armored truck courier
Two men are on the run after opening fire on an armored truck courier and taking cash outside a bank in southeast Houston. Gunshots rang out just after 11 a.m. Monday at the Chase Bank on Scarsdale at Beamer. The FBI said two robbers armed with a rifle began shooting at the courier, who was working to fill an ATM. Investigators said when the courier took cover, the two men stole money and then fled the scene in a black SUV. abc13.com

Knoxville, TN: Suspects wanted for multiple jewelry heists across the country arrested in Knoxville
Three men are facing charges and officials say additional local charges are pending. Officials also say multiple cases in other Tennessee counties as well as incidents in three other states are pending on the suspects. wbir.com

Vancouver, WA: Holiday Patrol nets 10 arrests; 4 shoplifters, 5 drug related and 1 firearm violation

Long Beach, CA: Man wanted for 6 Armed Robberies in past 3 weeks; pet store, wireless store and restaurants

Pueblo, CO: Bomb Squad called to Natural Grocers, store evacuated; Robbery with note

Zales in the West Town Mall, Knoxville, TN reported a Grab & Run on 12/10, items valued at $15,888

Credit Card Fraud

Casper, WY: Police arrest 2 over $35,000 in Credit Card Fraud
Casper police officers arrested two men Friday in connection with a large alleged credit card fraud scheme which included over 300 fraudulent ATM transactions and over $60,000 being taken. Michael Voss, 37, was booked into jail on a charge of credit card fraud and an immigration hold. Ionut Manea, 35, was arrested on a single charge of credit card fraud.

The Casper Police Department was notified of fraudulent ATM activity at Jonah Bank on Nov. 27. The activity had occurred five days earlier from midnight through 6 p.m. and involved 70 different transactions by 17 different cards from the same credit union in Arizona. During that time, $19,600 was removed from the ATM. The Arizona credit union told a detective that their clients' credit card numbers had been used at ATMs in Laramie, Rock Springs and Casper from Nov. 16 through Dec. 6 in a total of 352 transactions. The suspects had taken a combined $61,052, though they had attempted to withdraw $110,471. In Natrona County, 140 transactions were made or attempted. Police note that the numbers reflect only charges made on the Arizona accounts, and only the charges made in Wyoming. k2radio.com

Blackman Township, MI: Police searching for credit card thief who may be part of larger crew
The Jackson County Sheriff's Office released images captured recently from surveillance video at Walmart, 700 W. Michigan Ave, showing a man enter the store and buy items with a stolen credit card. Surveillance video shows the man using the stolen credit card to purchase prepaid gift cards along with a basket full of candy and cookies. Police believe the suspect shown in the images may be part of a larger crew committing these crimes, police said. mlive.com

Sentencings & Charges

Skokie, IL: Man Charged With Stealing Dozens Of Items From Apple Store
A 27-year-old Chicago man has been charged with a smash-and-grab burglary of Apple products from the Old Orchard Shopping Center. A Chicago man has been charged with a late-night smash-and-grab burglary from the Old Orchard Shopping Center, police said. At 4:38 a.m. on Nov. 28, a burglary was reported at the Apple Store, where officers arrived to find the front door shattered. Police said 20 iPhones, eight Apple watches and three laptops were reported stolen from the display area of the store were stolen between 4:22 and 4:37 a.m. A week later, prosecutors issued a warrant for the arrest of Edin Madjdanac, 27, of the 1700 block of West Estes Avenue in Chicago following an investigation into the incident.

Clarksburg, WV: Florida man sentenced for multi-state gas station skimming scheme

Gulfport, MI: Illegal Alien Sentenced to 37 Months for Skimming, ID Theft


Boutique - Costa Mesa, CA - Robbery
C-Store - Lakewood, CO - Burglary
C-Store - Haltom City, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Corpus Christi, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Manchester, CT - Robbery
C-Store - Birmingham, AL - Robbery
C-Store - Bulloch County, GA - Armed Robbery
Clothing Store - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Cumberland, IN - Armed Robbery / Customer killed
Gas Station - Phoenix, AZ - Robbery/ Clerk injured
Grocery - Siloam Springs, AR - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Pueblo, CO - Robbery / Bomb scare
Jewelry - Chicago, IL - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Grand Rapids, MI - Armed Robbery
Smoke Shop - Lakewood, CO - Burglary
Pacific Flyway Supplies - Dixon, CA - Burglary
Pawn Shop - Lakewood, CO - Burglary
Restaurant - Cumberland, IN - Armed Robbery
Subway - Murray, UT - Armed Robbery
Walmart - Anchorage, AK - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Abilene, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - New Windsor, MD - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
18 robberies
4 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killing




Jaclyn Clarke
promoted to Field Investigator for Nordstrom

Nick Koehler, CFI
named Regional Supply Chain LP Manager for Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

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Divisional Loss Prevention Director

Provides strategic loss prevention management for a division of 2,000+ stores with sales volumes totaling +/- $4B. Maximizes profits by developing and executing programs to reduce and prevent the loss of company inventory/assets and managing Regional Loss Prevention Managers within an assigned geographical area...

Retail Security and Safety Specialist
Multiple Locations

This job contributes to REI's success by ensuring the security and safety of your store team and members by providing a presence on REI property and events. Activities include but are not limited to: fostering partnerships with and training store management and staff and taking action to address shrink and security. Models and acts in accordance with REI's guiding values and mission. Apply now for positions in: Soho, NY Washington D.C. San Francisco, CA Portland, OR Bellevue, WA...

Regional Safety and LP Specialist
Miami, FL

The Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist is a subject matter expert responsible for partnering with both our corporate stores and franchise store operations to improve the safety and training processes. This includes reducing motor vehicle accidents, reducing work-related injuries, and ensuring OSHA / DOT compliance through the implementation of corporate or franchisee plans in accordance with local, state, and federal rules and regulations...

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It's Annual Review Time! Tips to Make it Effective,
Avoid These Mistakes and Lessen the Stress


Tips for Effective Performance Reviews for Both Employers and Employees
For many companies it's that dreaded time of year: performance review time. While many managers don't look forward to annual reviews, many employees may be nervous too. Here's how both parties can make the most out of this process. Set aside time to prepare

13 Ways to Make Performance Reviews Less Stressful
Performance reviews are an essential feedback exchange between leaders and employees, but they are often dreaded and stressful for all involved. Here's some great ways to make it less stressful and beneficial. Keep it simple

Manager Must Avoid These 10 Mistakes if They Want to Have a Productive Annual Review
Mismanaged performance reviews can cause confusion and tension between managers and employees. Here are 10 common mistakes you'll want to avoid when giving your performance review. Don't dwell

How to Take the Pain Out of End-of-Year Performance Reviews
Performance reviews don't have to be the dreaded and nerve-wracking situations we often think they are. What if the reason they were so painful was because they've been done wrong? Here's how to get a fresh perspective on annual reviews! Practice makes perfect




No matter what you do, there's always two sides in every stadium, both supported by their beliefs, convictions and opinions and both equally opposed in their desire to win. While winning is everyone's objective, how you play the game is in actuality more important. Regardless of how the other side plays, one must always remember that afterwards regardless of the win or loss everyone respects the one who played like a professional and gave it their best.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing


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