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How Reducing Theft Penalties Impacts Community Safety

Quick Take 8

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Retail Crime Analysis
From the FBI's 2017 NIBRS Crime Index

2017 NIBRS Crime Data Released
Key Retail-Related Data from the FBI's Latest NIBRS Report

In 2017, 6,998 law enforcement agencies reported data to NIBRS. About 42 percent of law enforcement agencies who participate in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program are now submitting their crime data to NIBRS, with the goal of completing the transition to NIBRS by 2021.

Only 39 states are represented in this report. Many of the highest crime states - California, Florida, New York, New Jersey and most of Texas - did not participate.

According to the report, larceny-theft accounted for 71.7 percent of all property crimes in 2017. The FBI defines larceny as the following: Pocket-picking, Purse-snatching, Shoplifting, Theft From Building, Theft From Coin-Operated Machine or Device, Theft From Motor Vehicle, Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts or Accessories Property.

The graphs below show increases in burglaries, robberies and larceny at many retail locations over the past year. They also lay out the top states and times during which the incidents occur. 

Click here to see the full 2017 NIBRS Report

Burglary by Location
Increases in 6 out of 9 categories


Robbery by Location

Increases in 8 out of 9 categories

The fact that C-stores see the most robberies is no surprise. As the Daily reported in its 2017 Robbery Report, C-stores make up nearly 50 percent of robbery incidents.

Larceny by Location

Increases in 8 out of 9 categories


Burglary, Larceny and Robbery Incidents by States

High Crime States Left Off FBI Report

Burglary Incidents Larceny Incidents Robbery Incidents

1. Ohio
2. Washington
3. Tennessee
4. Michigan
5. South Carolina

1. Ohio
2. Washington
3. Tennessee
4. Michigan
5. Virginia

1. Ohio
2. Tennessee
3. Michigan
4. Washington
5. Virginia

According to the Daily's 2017 Robbery & Burglary Report, these are the top states with the most robbery incidents: California, Texas, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Many of those highest crime states - including California, Florida, New York, New Jersey and most of Texas and Pennsylvania - did not participate in the FBI report.


Burglary, Larceny and Robbery Incidents by Time

Burglary Incidents Larceny Incidents Robbery Incidents

1. Midnight to 1am
2. Noon to 1pm
3. 5pm to 6pm
4. 8am to 9am
5. 6pm to 7pm

1. 12pm to 1pm
2. 5pm to 6pm
3. 4pm to 5pm
4. 3pm to 4pm
5. 6pm to 7pm

1. 9pm to 10pm
2. 10pm to 11pm
3. 8pm to 9pm
4. 11pm to 12am
5. 7pm to 8pm

Like the FBI's Data, the Daily noted in its most recent yearly robbery report that most robbery incidents - over 50 percent - occur in the late night and early morning hours. 

Click here to read the full FBI 2017 NIBRS report.



Brian King named Director of Asset Protection for Whole Foods Market
Brian was the Director of Global Security (CSO) for YFAI for over three years before taking this new position. Prior, he was also a Global Director, Security (CSO) for Visteon Corporation for 12 years and a Divisional Vice President of Loss Prevention for Kmart for 11 years. Congratulations Brian!
Doug Ramey named Senior Group Manager - Field Investigations for JCPenney
Prior, Doug was the Senior Director, Investigations for Target for over two years before he retired. While at Target for over thirty years, he held positions as an Investigations GAPTL and Senior GAPTL. Doug was also a Regional Loss Prevention Director for Cook United Incorporated. He earned his Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management from California Coast University. Congratulations, Doug!

Submit Your New Corporate Hires/Promotions or New Position

Stop Theft in Its Tracks With STANLEY Video Alarm Verification

During the holiday season, loss prevention is top of mind for all retail organizations as retailers often see an upsurge in criminal activity, which can quickly lower profits. In order to reduce losses, you need real-time shrinkage security that can stop theft in its tracks.

STANLEY Video Alarm Verification combines the impact of traditional security with the intelligence of video analytics to help accelerate:

Priority Police Response
Increased Apprehension Rates

Decreased Business Losses

Learn How Alarm Verification Can Make Your Business More Secure This Holiday Season!

New Technology Automates Procedures and Secures Stores during Vulnerable Openings and Closings

Retailers of all sizes use SafeResource to increase staff safety and efficiency.

Crime continues to climb at all types of retail establishments...from Jewelers to Convenience Stores to Electronics Retailers to Pharmacies and others. Adding to security concerns is the trend of reducing staff costs by having fewer staff onsite during opening and closing hours, which leaves staff more vulnerable to crime. SafeResource technology works perfectly for all types of retailers to improve safety and provide comprehensive reporting of security protocols being met.

Based on the successful SafeBanker® platform, SafeResource automates store openings and closings.

Read more here.

China's Espionage Strategic Goals - Security Services Industry Ranked in Top 4
Senate Judiciary Committee Ranks Security Services Industry in Top 4

In Senate hearings yesterday the FBI and DHS testified how China's espionage strategic goals are focused on different sectors in the U.S. with the security services industry being ranked in top four.

After all the news surrounding a few solution providers in hardware and software this comes as no surprise to anyone. The issue is now that it's a matter of public record and has been substantiated. However without naming any specific companies.

But it does make sense that they'd target the security industry and attempt to layer in the ability to use the surveillance systems and other hardware.

On a side note we have just in the last two weeks Alibaba's Jack Ma labeled a communist and an active member of their party. Then we have Macy's pulling products off Alibaba within days of this report.

With Texas Senator Cornyn saying, "this is one of the most urgent issues facing our country."

Are you concerned about any of your systems? - Gus Downing

Gus Downing

China's New Counterfeiting Law - Jan 1, 2019

Whistleblower Inc. - Your Co. In The Crosshairs?
Bounty Hunting Tipsters Aim to Cash In on Next Big Corp. Fraud
Watch Out Seniors Bounty Hunters May Be Watching

Today, an entire industry is devoted to surfacing tips from company insiders and expert analysts who scrutinize corporate filings. Whistleblower Inc. is the most tangible consequence of the Madoff scandal a decade after the money manager's Dec. 11, 2008 arrest.

At the center of this new ecosystem stands the Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of the Whistleblower, which has paid more than $326 million to 59 whistleblowers in seven years. The potential for sharing in such a huge payday has attracted plaintiffs' lawyers, forensic accountants and former FBI agents to this government-sanctioned fraud hunt.

Congress approved the idea in 2010 as part of the Dodd-Frank financial overhaul law and the SEC officially opened its centralized tip system in 2011.

Critics say the deluge of those seeking rewards is now overwhelming the system. More than 5,200 tips have been filed this year, compared to 3,000 in 2012.

The existence of the program has already changed corporate behavior, says Dick Walker, a former SEC enforcement director now at King & Spalding LLP. Firms have to move faster to probe problems because they know the SEC may soon hear about them from a whistleblower, he added.  wsj.com

What the CFOs Are Reading
Pace of CEO Departures Spikes in 2018

Disruption in Consumer Behavior - #MeToo - Retail Called Out

The last time so many U.S. chief executives left their posts, the country was sliding into a historic recession.

A boiling cocktail of business turmoil and uncertainty has contributed to more U.S. CEOs leaving their posts in 2018 than in any year since 2008, when the Great Recession dawned.

And by year-end, the number of such departures is virtually certain to surpass the 1,361 chief executives who left their jobs a decade ago. Through November of this year there were at least 1,323 exits, and the annual December toll invariably exceeds 80. In fact, the 11-month total for 2018 was 14% greater than the full-year count for 2017.

Most of this year's CEO departures have been of the usual types: retirements (27%); transitions to other positions in the organization, often board chair (26%); resignations (19%); moves to other organizations (10%); and interim-period endings (6%). In 4% of cases, no reason was given.

But it's the sheer number of transitions that's eye-opening. The trend is very unlikely to be a mere statistical oddity.

"A number of industries are undergoing serious disruptions due to shifting consumer behavior," he added. "Companies in finance, technology, retail, and manufacturing are finding that in order to respond fully to those shifts, changes need to be made at the top."

Twenty-one CEOs have been terminated by their boards this year, and 27 have left following allegations of sexual misconduct, professional misconduct, other scandals, or legal trouble.

"In light of the #MeToo movement, companies are not taking any chances with leaders who engage in inappropriate behavior or conduct in violation of companies' codes of ethics," Challenger noted. "It not only harms companies brands and reputations, it very much impacts current and future employees, productivity, the work environment, and company culture." cfo.com

Wicklander-Zulawski Q&A Webinar:
"Isn't it Obvious? The Truth in 'He Said, She Said' Investigations"

In our recent training session, "Isn't in Obvious? The Truth in 'He Said, She Said' Investigations" hosted by our friends at HRCI - we discussed the importance of the investigative interview in identifying the truth. With a few thousand HR Professionals attending our session, we didn't get the chance to answer all of the questions that came in. We've compiled the top questions submitted and provided some insight. Read more here.

EMV is here to stay - but has it helped?

The din from the drum of the EMV mandate is not what it was three years ago. But the reverberations over compelling retailers to adopt costly new point-of-sale technology in order to accept new chip-based credit and debit cards - and the debate over whether doing so has reduced fraud - continue to ripple through the industry.

Indeed, EMV has sent the traditional magnetic-stripe card the way of the dinosaur, with chip cards gaining ubiquity with retail's most important stakeholder group - consumers. According to Visa, 97 percent of in-person card purchases were made with chip cards as of June. stores.org

Johnson Controls partners with Civic Technologies
Johnson Controls has announced that it has partnered with Civic Technologies, a global digital identity company. Johnson Controls will integrate the Civic Secure ID Platform (SIP) with C-CURE 9000 Security and Event Management Systems from Software House to provide visitor management with greater data privacy and protection, enabling building visitors to securely present their verifiable identity using the Civic App. securitysystemsnews.com

Insurance Claims At $9 Billion From California Fires
2,000 Commercial Property Claims

About $7 billion in claims are from the Camp Fire that destroyed the Northern California city of Paradise and killed at least 86 people, making it the deadliest U.S. wildfire in at least a century. The rest is for the Woolsey and Hill fires in Southern California.

Collectively, the fires destroyed or damaged more than 20,000 structures, with the vast majority in and around Paradise. On Tuesday, state and federal authorities estimated it will cost at least $3 billion to clear debris. There are more than 28,000 claims for residential personal property, nearly 2,000 from commercial property and 9,400 in auto and other claims for the fires. edmdigest.com

Memphis: Crime analyst concerned about large amount of 'dollar store' robberies
in Memphis

A crime analyst is calling on Family Dollar and Dollar General stores to invest into armed security.  

A law enforcement analyst said the latest incidents are draining departments' resources because they're spending so much time attending to these crimes. Most of the robberies were caught on surveillance cameras, but an expert said cameras aren't enough.

"I guarantee you this is happening several times a week across Memphis and Shelby County - the holidays are approaching, it's going to get worse," said Bernie Cobb, retired SCSO captain. fox13memphis.com

Charlotte, NC: Mapping data shows high crime at Charlotte malls; all crimes within 1,000 feet of the malls over the past six months
The NBC Charlotte Defenders team reviewed the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department's crime mapping data for the most popular malls. The investigation found Northlake Mall and SouthPark Mall had the highest number of crimes of the four malls looked at.

Carolina Place and Charlotte Premium Outlets had the lowest crime in the list. Crime mapping data shows SouthPark Mall had the most non-violent crimes with 50 thefts and more than 160 shoplifting cases in the past six months.

Disneyland is quietly revoking annual passes of guests who buy and resell souvenirs
Disneyland has been quietly revoking the annual passes of so-called "personal shoppers" and others who buy collectible merchandise inside the parks and then resell it, either to individuals or online, according to observers and people who say it happened to them.

The collector craze has led to a secondary market ranging from small-time personal shoppers who go to the parks and fetch items for individual clients to resellers who buy large numbers of products and post on sites such as eBay. ocregister.com

JCPenney Repost VP, Asset Protection - Dallas, TX. on LinkedIn this morning
J. C. Penney Company, Inc., one of the nation's largest apparel and home furnishings retailers, is on a mission to ensure every shopping experience is worth the customer's time, money and effort. Whether shopping jcp.com or visiting one of over 850 store locations across the United States and Puerto Rico, customers will discover a broad assortment of products from a leading portfolio of private, exclusive and national brands. Supporting this value proposition is the warrior spirit of over 100,000 JCPenney associates worldwide, who are focused on the Company's three strategic priorities of strengthening private brands, becoming a world-class omnichannel retailer and increasing revenue per customer.

As the Vice President of Asset Protection you will provide leadership and direction in the development, implementation and monitoring of effective, coordinated programs to reduce the possibility of internal and external theft, to reduce shrinkage, to ensure physical protection of associates, customers and Company assets, and to investigate losses. jobvite.com

Asset Protection Director, Analytics & Fraud Management - ascena retail group - Based in Pataskala, OH
The Asset Protection Director, Analytics & Fraud Management will be responsible for leading teams focused on delivering insights and managing fraud risk for the enterprise through the use of advanced technology and statistical analysis. The Analytics & Fraud Management teams will serve multiple internal customers at the Ascena level and within the brands. The Director, Analytics & Fraud Management role will be tasked with providing strategic direction as well as ensuring high-level execution for multiple Asset Protection functions including exception-based reporting, investigative support, fraud review, fraud ruleset management, shrink reporting, statistical modeling, and delivery of data-driven responses to business inquiries.

ascena retail group, inc. is a leading national specialty retailer offering apparel, shoes, and accessories for women under the Premium Fashion segment (Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Lou & Grey), Value Fashion segment (maurices and dressbarn), Plus Fashion segment (Lane Bryant and Catherines), and for tween girls under the Kids Fashion segment (Justice). ascena retail group, inc. operates ecommerce websites and approximately 4,800 stores throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. myworkdayjobs.com

Hollywood, CA: Prosecutors Considering Evidence in Security Guard's Shooting of Alleged Shoplifter at Walgreens

China retaliates in Huawei row by detaining two Canadians

L Brands Selling La Senza

Apple Opening $1B New Campus in Austin

Security Industry Association opens submissions for ISC West New Product Showcase Awards

Quarterly Results
Tailored Brands Q3 retail segment comp's up 2.3%, sales up 0.2%
   Men's Warehouse comp's up 1.7%, sales up 1.3%
   Jos A. Bank comp's up 3.8%, sales up 4.1%
   K&G comp's up 4%, sales up 4.3%
   Moores comp's up 1.2%, sales down 4.7%


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The Unsung Hero and "Best Kept Secret"
of the LP Industry

Professor Robert Hanson and Northern Michigan University's Loss Prevention Management Program

Read full Spotlight on Leadership here

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ALL-TAG's Q-Tag® Recognized with Most Innovative In-Store Solution Award for 2018

ALL-TAG, a manufacturer of U.S. made RF EAS Labels, and a leading supplier of AM and RF Anti-theft Security Tags, Security Labels, and other loss prevention products, was recently awarded "Most Innovative In-Store Solution" of the year for the Q-Tag, at the 2018 Fraud Awards.

The UK Retail Risk Conference hosted the 2018 Fraud Awards. The event recognized the technological advancements and innovative approach that ALL-TAG's Q-Tag brings to the market.

To qualify for the "Most Innovative In-Store Solution," the judges looked for innovative approaches to an existing, tried and tested solution or genre. The solution had to be from either a vendor or be an in-house retailer solution.

"It's a great honor to receive this recognition for the Q-Tag," commented ALL-TAG Europe's General Manager, Tim Moore. "We faced some stiff competition, and this award is a testament to the innovation delivered by the Q-Tag in a very mature market where genuinely new ideas are rare."

"The global response to our launch of the Q-Tag has been amazing," commented ALL-TAG's Vice President of Sales, Andy Gilbert. "It is very challenging to create a revolutionary EAS hard tag these days, but the Q-Tag truly has tackled this objective."

For additional information about products mentioned in this release, or to learn more about ALL-TAG, please visit https://all-tag.com.


Why an RFID Strategy Is Important for Retailers
Radio-frequency identification has helped companies like Macy's virtually eliminate errors and claims costs in the supply chain

While a report published by IDC earlier this year notes that nearly 8 in 10 retailers have set aside funds to spend on visibility platforms, including radio-frequency identification, research out of Auburn University's RFID lab indicates that such technology could potentially remove claims costs in the supply chain.

The study, which reviewed the flow of product information of eight retail brand owners and five retailers from June 2017 through July 2018, found that order accuracy for brands using RFID tags to capture information and reconcile shipments exceeded 99.9 percent.

"In an era of omni-channel retail - which demands high inventory accuracy - the errors created in the supply chain propagate downstream and ultimately impact a retailer's ability to meet customer demand in a timely manner," the study's authors write. "As our results suggest, several of these errors found at the store or in direct shipments to the consumer via a retailer's fulfillment center are caused by the upstream disparity between the information flow and the physical product flow amongst brands and retailers. RFID technology eliminates the errors commonly found in the process, ensuring the accurate flow of information and products."

Despite the already widespread use of RFID in the industry, analysts from Frost & Sullivan say that retailers need to adopt the technology, along with videos, cameras and data analytics, to keep track of inventory and improve customer experience management.

Ram Ravi, the firm's industry analyst for industrials, states that such tools will strengthen investments in handheld readers and smart point-of-sale solutions. "RFID sales will get a further boost from the intensifying focus on loss prevention, inventory management and customer behavior analysis," he says.

Macy's is one retailer that has notably benefited from deployment of RFID. In 2016, it announced a plan to expand use of the technology to track 100 percent of items in all stores by the end of 2017, according to RFID Journal. According to an article in Supply Chain Dive, Macy's is tagging individual apparel items for 900 locations with an accuracy rate of 97 percent. biztechmagazine.com

Bug Hunting Is Cybersecurity's Skill of the Future
The vast majority of white hat hackers who reported that they were looking for jobs in cybersecurity said that their bug hunting experience helped them land a job, according to Bugcrowd's 2018 Inside the Mind of a Hacker report.

The report looked at the community of white hat hackers to better understand the skill sets and career aspirations of more than 750 security researchers and found that 41% of white hat hackers are self-taught. In addition, 80% of bug hunters said that their experience in bug hunting has helped them get a job in cybersecurity. infosecurity-magazine.com

Deception: Honey vs. Real Environments
A primer on choosing deception technology that will provide maximum efficacy without over-committing money, time and resources.

Deception technology is offering defenders the ability to finally gain a rare advantage over adversaries by doing something that other forms of defense can't: provide early and accurate detection by planting a minefield of attractive decoys to trip up attackers. We've seen examples of this type of defense used by the FBI and other top law enforcement to catch criminals such as child pornographers and, more recently, egregious financial theft.

Decoys are designed to catch early-stage activity as the adversary looks to understand the network and how to find its target. I call this early stage of an attack "casing the joint," and my research has shown that interrupting this stage - ultimately, reducing the dwell time of a potential attack - is crucial to protecting data. Defenders can watch what is happening, learn more about the nature of the attack, and better understand the way that the attacker is moving through a network or even a cloud-based file share.

More organizations are starting to look at deception as a way to plug the gaps of existing deployed security solutions such as data loss prevention, encryption, access management, and user behavior analytics. But how can security teams determine which form of deception is the right one for their organizations? It's up to each organization to determine which deception approach makes the most sense for them. darkreading.com

Business E-Mail Compromise Scheme Targeted Thousands of Sr.-Level Exec's
Nigerian National Sentenced to 45 Months in Federal Prison

ADEYEMI ODUFUYE, also known as "Micky," "Micky Bricks," "Yemi," "GMB," "Bawz," and "Jefe," 32, a citizen of Nigeria, was sentenced this week by U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall in New Haven to 45 months of imprisonment for his supervisory role in a business e-mail compromise scheme.

According to court documents and statements made in court, Odufuye and others, including Olumuyiwa Yahtrip Adejumo, operated a business compromise scheme that targeted hundreds, if not thousands, of CEOs, CFOs, controllers and others at businesses, nonprofit organizations, and schools in Connecticut and across the United States. As part of the scheme, Odufuye and others sent e-mails addressed to executives that were made to appear to be sent from the legitimate e-mail address of the CEO or other executive from the business. The emails were sent with the intent of having the recipients send or wire money to bank accounts used by members of the conspiracy. justice.gov

New Android Malware Can Steal Money From PayPal
An Android Trojan virus has been discovered that has the ability to steal money from PayPal. According to We Live Security, the malware, which is hiding as a battery optimization tool distributed via third-party app stores, "combines the capabilities of a remotely controlled banking Trojan with a novel misuse of Android Accessibility services to target users of the official PayPal app." pymnts.com

49% of Cloud Databases Left Unencrypted
About half of all databases are left unencrypted - one of several security practices researchers say businesses overlook when protecting information stored in the cloud. Businesses also leave information vulnerable in the cloud by failing to implement MFA and configure Kubernetes settings, new research reveals. darkreading.com

63% of UK retailers plan to beef up cyber security during holiday season

Payments provider ACI Worldwide partners with BioCatch to reduce online and mobile banking fraud with behavioral biometrics



'Live in NYC' 2018 at the NRF Big Show
#2 Most Watched

Technology: Redefining Loss Prevention

The Future of LP/AP

Mike Lamb, VP of AP, Kroger
Mark Stinde, VP of AP, 7-Eleven
Kevin Colman, Group VP of AP, Macy's

With retail rolling out a multitude of new technologies faster than ever before, how are the core LP/AP executives in the store and at corporate being impacted? How involved are we in these rollouts on the front end? And on the back end, does it change the essence of LP's training, awareness, and investigative abilities?

With e-commerce fraud growing and a number of LP/AP executives now managing those processes, we now have a slight, invisible merging of IT Security and Loss Prevention that is being talked about. How far will this evolve?

In this roundtable discussion, three industry leaders share their perspectives on how technology is impacting LP's role now and in the future.

Episode Sponsored By

Watch the full 'Live in NYC' 2018 video series here.



Sting uses fake Amazon boxes, GPS to catch would-be thieves
The explosion in online shopping has led to porch pirates and stoop surfers swiping holiday packages from unsuspecting residents. The cops in one New Jersey city are trying to catch the thieves with some trickery of their own.

Police in Jersey City, across the Hudson River from New York, are teaming up with Amazon to install doorbell cameras and plant dummy boxes with GPS tracking devices at homes around the city. They didn't have to wait long Tuesday for someone to take the bait.

"We had a box out on the street for three minutes before it was taken," said police Capt. James Crecco, who is overseeing the mission. "We thought it was a mistake at first." The suspect was caught, Crecco added.

Exact figures on porch thefts are hard to come by. A company commissioned by comparison-shopping service insuranceQuotes.com surveyed 1,000 people and extrapolated that 26 million Americans have had a holiday package stolen from their home. That would be nearly one in 12 Americans.

Amazon - which is providing equipment free for the Jersey City program - declined to provide figures on how many packages are reported stolen or missing, as did UPS and FedEx.

Jersey City Police Chief Michael Kelly told The Associated Press that the locations for cameras and boxes were selected using the city's own crime statistics and mapping of theft locations provided by Amazon.

"Most of the package thefts we've made arrests on revolve around (closed-circuit TV) or private surveillance cameras that give us a still image," Kelly said. "With the bait packages, some will be under video surveillance, and some will have GPS."

Kelly said the program has undergone a legal review and has been approved by a municipal prosecutor. He said the city is hoping to expand the program with assistance from Amazon, the nation's largest online retailer. abcnews.go.com

Friendly Fraud - The Headache That Arrives After Holiday Cheer Ends
Black Friday and Cyber Monday can undoubtedly do wonders for revenue, but many merchants forget that the holiday season also brings about increased headaches and costs associated with friendly fraud. Much like a New Year's hangover, the real pain of this headache isn't usually felt until right after the holidays are over.

Often resulting in chargebacks, friendly fraud occurs when consumers receive their credit card statements and the reality of their expenditure triggers buyer's remorse. As a result, the consumer contacts their card issuing bank to dispute or reverse the charges. Fearful of losing valued customers, and often without detailed transaction information, issuers tend to offer refunds or initiate chargebacks.

To prevent severe losses, merchants and issuers must collaborate and share transaction information to resolve issues at the earliest possible stage. With rising sales ringing through the registers on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the entire holiday season, merchants need to ensure they deliver the best customer experience while arming themselves against chargebacks at an already frantic time of year. "The Chargeback Triangle" study found that collaboration between issuing banks, merchants, and consumers can significantly mitigate fraud and chargebacks. paymentweek.com

How top online merchants' conversion rates fared in the Cyber 5

80% of younger shoppers make impulse purchases online-here's how sites trick you into spending




Los Angeles, CA: 5 Indictments Handed Down in LA in Movie
and TV Show Piracy Ring

A Los Angeles federal grand jury has indicted five men who allegedly ran an international piracy ring that offered hundreds of stolen movies and TV shows online, including "Fifty Shades of Grey," ''Godzilla" and "The Walking Dead." Wednesday's indictment alleges the men hacked computer systems used by Hollywood film production companies to steal digital files; recorded movie theater screenings and obtained copies of movies sent to industry professionals. The ring allegedly had a server in France that contained 25,000 files including stolen movies, trailers, TV episodes and audio tracks. The men are charged with conspiracy, computer hacking, ID theft and copyright infringement. They live in the United Kingdom, India, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. None are in U.S. custody but the UK resident awaits trial on similar charges there. waff.com

Five Shoplifting suspects lead Fort Worth PD on high-speed chase; now in custody
The crime just happened to have been spotted by an off-duty Fort Worth police detective Monday around 9 p.m. It was good timing for police when an alert off-duty detective out doing some shopping. It was the same time a group of accused thieves tried to pull off a pretty bold grab-and-dash heist. Police say five young adults were busted after they stole a large amount of clothing from a Dick's Sporting Goods in Fort Worth. Police say several in the group grabbed bundles of items from the Nike section of the store and ran to a waiting getaway vehicle outside. fox4news.com


Menifee, CA: Thieves Steal $2K Worth Of Exotic Baby Birds By Stuffing Them Up Their Sleeves
Owner Lori Lister says the thieves were a group of five people who came into the store together. Two adults distracted the employee at the register, while the kids grabbed the baby birds and stuffed them up their sleeves.

Jefferson County, MO: The owners of a longtime music shop in Jefferson County are trying to recover from a costly theft
Darrell Stiles and his business partner have operated Jefferson County Music for more than 30 years. "They got 9 guitars and 2 amplifiers," said Stiles. He said thieves smashed the glass of his front door and then appeared to go straight to his expensive guitars. "We're talking about nearly $5,000 worth of merchandise." fox2now.com

Gastonia, NC: Man pretends to be Walmart employee in order to shoplift
Gastonia Police are searching for a man accused of trying to impersonate a Walmart employee in order to steal from the store. The incident, which happened at the Walmart along E. Franklin Boulevard Monday, turned violent when a shopper said he tried to stop the man, only to end up scuffling with the suspect. A customer and his family were walking out of the store after buying gifts for his grandchildren when they were approached by a man who allegedly claimed to be a Walmart employee. "He had a coat on [that looked] like Walmart," Butler said. The man told the family he needed to see their gift receipt so Butler's wife handed it to him, according to Butler. "But when he turned, he didn't have that Walmart sticker on his back," Butler said. "My wife said something ain't right." Gastonia Police said the man tried to use Butler's receipt to trick the real Walmart employees into thinking he had bought some items he shoplifted. But the real workers weren't buying it, and Butler said when he and his wife identified the man to employees, the suspect ran out of the store. wcnc.com

Update: Nashua, NY: Man pleads guilty to $50,000 theft
from Merrimack Outlets Mall

A plea agreement accepted Tuesday by a Superior Court judge spares New York resident Oscar Mosquera jail and prison time, but he must abide by all the terms of his sentencing order or risk a substantial stint behind bars. Mosquera, 39, a native of Colombia who came to the U.S. and became a citizen at age 18, pleaded guilty to three of the five charges stemming from his arrest in April on accusations he took part in the theft of $50,000 worth of merchandise from a Merrimack Premium Outlets Mall retail store. Mosquera was sentenced to two terms of two to five years each in State Prison, all deferred for one year, on the felony charges, and to 12 months in jail, all deferred for one year, on the disobeying police offense. nashuatelegraph.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Tumwater, WA: Woman found dead, shot in chest, behind Tumwater Costco
A 24-year-old woman was found dead alongside the road in Tumwater early Wednesday, and police say they are investigating it as a homicide. Officers discovered the woman's body behind the Costco store at about 3:20 a.m. The first officers on scene attempted lifesaving measures, but were unsuccessful. The woman was pronounced dead, and medics determined she had sustained a gunshot wound. komonews.com

Albany, NY: 1 man shot and killed outside a downtown Grocery Store
Police say it happened around 8 p.m. outside a grocery store near the area of Second and Judson streets in the city. They believe the victim, a 28-year-old Dalon Blunt, of Albany, knew his attacker. Blunt was shot multiple times in the torso before he was taken to Albany Medical Center where later died. news10.com

Third suspect Arrested for Murder in the of an 81 year old Sears
Loss Prevention employee

A third man has been charged in the death of an 81-year-old veteran, Charles Duaine Hamilton who died last August while trying to stop people from shoplifting at a Columbia Place Mall, Sears store. Ervan Matthew Harvey, 49, was charged with murder and strong armed robbery, according to a statement from the Richland County Sheriff's Department. Harvey, along with Jeffrey Alan Simmons and Jason Randolph, was stealing two flat-screen TVs when they were confronted by Charles Duaine Hamilton, according to the statement. Hamilton was working as a loss prevention officer at the Sears on Two Notch Road. The men shoved Hamilton onto a concrete floor. The Air Force veteran sustained a head wound, which he later died from. thestate.com

Martinsburg, WV: Grocery store owner in critical condition; shot during alleged robbery
The proprietress of Lupita's Grocery store located in downtown Martinsburg remains in critical condition after being shot in her store. Martinsburg City Police were called at approximately 4:36 p.m. Wednesday to investigate a shooting. Officers entered the store and found Guadalupe Bustillos, 64, of Martinsburg, on the floor. Police were unable to locate the suspect. journal-news.net

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Detroit, MI: Burglary Crew At Large On Detroit's West Side
Police are tracking down a burglary crew that was trying to break into businesses on Detroit's west side. The situation unfolded early Thursday morning at the corner of 7 Mile and Telegraph roads. The group apparently burglarized a business, then disappeared into a residential area. Police are now searching for at least three suspects. At this time, it's unclear if the suspects got away with anything.

Jensen Beach, FL: 1 Suspect shot, another arrested following an early morning Jewelry Store Robbery
The Martin County Sheriff's Office said a robbery at a jewelry store in Jensen Beach ended with one suspect getting shot and a second person being captured after a brief manhunt. The Sheriff's office says the incident was not an officer-involved shooting. cbs12.com

Belleview, FL: Woman crashes into Winn Dixie, steals Jim Beam; she lives next door to the store
A Belleview woman crashed a car into a liquor store early Tuesday and then stole a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey. Shortly after 5:30 a.m., BPD officers responded to the Winn-Dixie Liquor Store in response to an alarm. The front glass door was significantly damaged. Store surveillance video showed a woman driving a Nissan Altima into the door. The woman, who was wearing a gray sweatshirt and dark pants, got out of the car and went inside. She took a 1.75 liter bottle of Jim Beam that had a sale price of $23.99, with an extra $10 off. An employee who viewed the film told officers that the woman, Suzanne Campbell, lives next door to the store.

Spring, TX: WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Couple protects $250,000 in cash after witnessing ATM smash-and-grab
A couple caught $250,000 cash blowing in the wind outside a Chase bank in Spring. They kept only a photo and story few believe. "You didn't take just one is what they say to me at work," Alicia Nelson said. "I say no I didn't take any money." Two weeks ago, Nelson and boyfriend Jason O'Leary heard a crash from their home patio. It happened a block away. "Somebody was hurt in an accident is what I thought and we were going to help them," Nelson said. Instead, they saw an ATM ripped open, people in a car and truck dragging a chain speeding away. They also saw money flying.

Cary, NC: Restaurant Armed Robbery suspect linked to crimes in Durham, Knightdale, Morrisville, Raleigh, and Wake Forest

Los Angeles, CA: Suspect arrested in series of Gas Stations and Restaurant Armed Robberies across OC, including Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa

Norfolk, VA: 9 Indicted in highly sophisticated string of Grocery Armed Robberies in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach

Three busted for Shoplifting at Acme Supermarket - had 240 Bags of Heroin, 11 grams of meth on them

Jared on Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ reported a Grab & Run on 12/12, item valued at $3,477

Kay Jewelers in the Westshore Mall, Tampa, FL reported a Grab & Run on 12/12, items valued at $9,899

Zales in the Valley Mall, Union Gap, WA reported a Grab & Run on 12/ 11, item valued at $2,600

Zales in the Columbia Gorge Outlets, Troutdale, OR reported a Grab & Run on 12/11, item valued at $3,000

Sentencings & Charges

Edmonton, AB, Canada: Mac's store murderer given life sentence, no chance of parole for 25 years
A man who killed two Mac's convenience store clerks in December 2015 has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. Laylin Delorme and two accomplices robbed and shot Karanpal Bhangu and Ricky Cenabre three years ago. The clerks were working overnight shifts alone at two Edmonton Mac's stores. Edmonton Court of Queen's Bench Justice Robert Graesser rejected the Crown's request to impose consecutive sentences, which would have made Delorme wait 50 years to apply for parole. cbc.ca

Decatur, AL: Man Sentenced to Life for 3 C-Store Armed Robberies

Albuquerque, NM: Man gets 25 years in prison for C-Store Armed Robbery in New Mexico; High Speed chase and fired gunshots at police officers

Store Owner & Ten Customers Plead Guilty To $437K Food Stamp Fraud

Knoxville, TN: Police arrest three after string of jewelry store robberies

Hanover County, VA: Woman gets life in prison for deadly Walmart shooting

Akron, OH: Man sentenced to 12 years for armed robbery of Dollar General

Nigerian National Sentenced to 45 Months for Role in Business E-Mail Compromise Scheme


Boost Mobile - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
Boost Mobile - Bryan, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Linden, NJ - Armed Robbery/ Owner stabbed
C-Store - Binghamton, NY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
Cash Store - Kent County, MI - Robbery
Dollar General - Rocky Mount, NC - Robbery
Gas Station - East Providence, RI - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Altoona, PA - Armed Robbery
Grocery - South Elgin, IL - Robbery
Grocery - Ocala, FL - Burglary
Grocery - Pittsburgh, PA - Robbery
Grocery - Martinsburg, WV - Armed Robbery/Shooting - owner shot
Jewelry - Jensen Beach, FL - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
Little Caesars - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
McDonald's - Ferndale, WA - Robbery
Metro PCS - Garden Grove, CA - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - New Orleans, LA - Armed Robbery
Music Shop - Jefferson County, MO - Burglary
Restaurant - Cary, NC - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - San Diego, CA - Armed Robbery
Tobacco - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
21 robberies
2 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killings




Josiah Leite
named District Asset Protection Leader for Rite Aid

Alberto Vanegas
named Asset Protection Manager - ORC Canada for lululemon

Chris Ortega
promoted to Loss Prevention Investigations and Security Manager for The Michaels Companies, Inc.

Xavier Soule
named Area Loss Prevention & Compliance Auditor - Consultant for HS Brands Global

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Asset Protection Director, Analytics & Fraud Management
Pataskala, OH

The Asset Protection Director, Analytics & Fraud Management will be responsible for leading teams focused on delivering insights and managing fraud risk for the enterprise through the use of advanced technology and statistical analysis. The Analytics & Fraud Management teams will serve multiple internal customers at the Ascena level and within the brands...

Divisional Loss Prevention Director

Provides strategic loss prevention management for a division of 2,000+ stores with sales volumes totaling +/- $4B. Maximizes profits by developing and executing programs to reduce and prevent the loss of company inventory/assets and managing Regional Loss Prevention Managers within an assigned geographical area...

Sr. Loss Prevention Manager
Charlotte, NC

The Senior FLPM position is responsible for direct leadership of the Global Loss Prevention team and indirect leadership of the operations and field team (Store teams, DM's, HR team) to achieve Loss Prevention. Leadership includes relationship building with cross functional teams, staff development and administration, Program and policy execution and development...

Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager
Rockville, MD

The Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager will lead the Region in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts. The position will proactively seek to bring economic value to the company, promoting profitable sales and world class customer service while ensuring a safe place to work and shop...

Retail Security and Safety Specialist
Multiple Locations

This job contributes to REI's success by ensuring the security and safety of your store team and members by providing a presence on REI property and events. Activities include but are not limited to: fostering partnerships with and training store management and staff and taking action to address shrink and security. Models and acts in accordance with REI's guiding values and mission. Apply now for positions in: Soho, NY Washington D.C. San Francisco, CA Portland, OR Bellevue, WA...

Regional Safety and LP Specialist
Miami, FL

The Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist is a subject matter expert responsible for partnering with both our corporate stores and franchise store operations to improve the safety and training processes. This includes reducing motor vehicle accidents, reducing work-related injuries, and ensuring OSHA / DOT compliance through the implementation of corporate or franchisee plans in accordance with local, state, and federal rules and regulations...

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