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'Inside the LPRC IMPACT Conference' 2018
An Eight-Episode Series Presented by Sensormatic

Assessing The Real-World Impact of LP Efforts
The LPRC Delivers Evidence-Based Solutions and Actionable Results

Sensormatic - Supporting the LPRC & Industry Development

How and why Sensormatic has played such a huge role in LPRC and case studies

Randy Dunn, Sales Director - Americas, Tyco Retail Solutions & LPRC Board Member
Ned McCauley, Director of Retail Strategic Accounts, Tyco Integrated Security

In our 2nd episode, we sit down with two tenured members of the LPRC who speak directly to the role and impact the LPRC is having on the industry as the leading academic resource dedicated to the Loss Prevention / Asset Protection community in the U.S.

Randy Dunn, Sales Director - Americas, Tyco Retail Solutions & LPRC Board Member, gives us a little history on Sensormatic's involvement and role with the LPRC in recent years - including sponsoring the LPRC's Innovation Lab, which has provided a space for industry collaboration, innovation and thought leadership.

Ned McCauley, Director Retail Strategic Accounts at Tyco Integrated Security, talks about the partnership from an RFID perspective and how the LPRC has helped advance his field of interest.

Hear their advice to fellow solution providers on why they should join and how to ensure its beneficial for their organization.

Exclusive Sponsor:

See more of our 2nd LPRC series here. Watch our 1st series here.
Take the time to learn. As this is the LP/AP academic "Think Tank".



Bruce Katz named Chief Financial Officer for Agilence
Agilence, Inc., the leader in vertical-focused business intelligence solutions for the retail, restaurant, grocery, convenience, and pharmacy industries, today announced the addition of Bruce F. Katz as Chief Financial Officer. This hire brings stability to Agilence's financial and accounting functions as the company enters their next stage of growth.

Katz has nearly 30 years of diverse leadership experience in finance, accounting, and operations for technology companies backed by venture capital and private equity. In his new role, he will be responsible for leading all aspects of Agilence's finances including investments, capital structure, and management of income and expenses. More specifically, Katz will help align Agilence's ownership of intellectual property with recognition from the larger investment community. Prior to joining Agilence, Bruce held financial leadership positions with a number of technology companies including Datapipe and EnterpriseDB. Congratulations Bruce! Read more here
Jammel Ward promoted to Director of Loss Prevention
for Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

Jammel previously held the role of Regional Manager of Loss Prevention and Safety for the retailer. He's also held various other loss prevention positions including Regional LP Manager for CVS Health, Regional LP Manager for Aeropostale, Market LP Manager for Loss Prevention Innovations, RLPM for Abercrombie & Fitch and LP Agent for Nordstrom. Jammel earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice and Corrections from Tarleton State University. Congratulations, Jammel!
Jess DeValkenaere promoted to Senior Manager Asset Protection
for Staples

Prior, Jess was the AP Manager for over eleven years for the retailer. Previously, she'd held other loss prevention and investigations positions such as LP Manager for Kmart, Assistant LP Manager for The May Department Store Company and Supervisor of Investigations for Cedar Fair Parks. Jess earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Central Missouri State University. Congratulations, Jess!

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'How Fake Handbags Fund Terrorism and Organized Crime'
12-min TED Talk presentation by Tommy Hilfiger's Sr. Brand Protection Manager

What's the harm in buying a knock-off purse or a fake designer watch? According to counterfeit investigator Alastair Gray, fakes like these fund terrorism and organized crime. Learn more about the trillion-dollar underground economy of counterfeiting -- from the criminal organizations that run it to the child labor they use to produce its goods -- as well as measures you can take to help stop it. "Let's shine a light on the dark forces of counterfeiting that are hiding in plain sight," Gray says.

"What I've learned in the 10 years of investigating fakes is that once you start to scratch the surface, you find that they are rotten to the core, as are the people and organizations that are making money from them, because they are profiting on a massive, massive scale," Gray says. "You can only make around a hundred to 200 percent selling drugs on the street. You can make 2,000 percent selling fakes online with little of the same risks or penalties. And this quick, easy money then goes on to fund the more serious types of crime, and it pays the way to making these organizations, these criminal organizations, look more legitimate." ted.com

Gift Cards... Don't Let The Holidays Get Stolen?
Gift cards are the most convenient and one of the most popular gifts for the holiday season. Not only can you purchase a plastic gift card for a specific retailer, restaurant or experience, you can also purchase them digitally and send to another person through email, social media and virtually through the cloud. Billions are spent on gift cards yearly; it is a thriving business which fraudsters are eager take advantage of by using stolen credit cards to activate gift cards. Most fraudulent gift card activity includes low dollar amounts, lessoning the prospect of jail time. The ease of converting the gift card values into cash and merchandise is big business.

The U.S. Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), created anti-fraud rules and thresholds to limit the opportunity of abuse and fraud. However, organized retail crime groups are constantly looking for gaps in the system to obtain these cards illegally. These cards are used to launder money through fraudulently purchasing merchandise, convert to cash and to the extreme of using these cards to directly fund illegal activity.

At the link below are some best practices and scenarios you should be on the lookout for to protect your business, avoid unnecessary loss, and have peace of mind throughout the Holiday Season and into the New Year. zellmangroup.com

More US consumers ditching cash for cards, mobile
About 29% of more than 10,600 U.S. adults surveyed said they no longer use cash for their purchases during a typical week, up from about 24% in 2015, according to a Pew Research Center study.

More Americans are adapting to a culture in which even small merchants accept a wide variety of payment methods, and the cash-only merchant is becoming an endangered species. However, the U.S. remains far from the model for a cashless society (China may be closest to holding that claim). Fewer than three in 10 consumers pass an average week without pulling a dollar from their wallets. retaildive.com

Illinois Security Professionals Association (ISPA) Recognizes Outstanding First Responders, Professionals and Administrators at 57th Annual Awards Gala
The ISPA recently held its 57th Annual Awards Gala on December 4 to recognize 41 security professionals who exceeded the standard of excellence in their careers and professional positions during 2018. The ISPA has recognized and awarded such exemplary first responders and security professionals for over half a century at its prestigious annual event.

2018 ISPA Award Recipients (Partial List):

● Lindberg Bell Security Executive of the Year: Christina Duffey, SOS Security
● Laurence P. Mulcrone Lifetime Achievement Award: Christopher Thornton, Allied Universal Security
● Life Saving: Aid Kurtovic, Riccardo Eliacin, Elvis Kujukovic - all of Lutheran General Hospital, Carlos Panizo - Park Ridge Police Department, Shawn Avery - Securitas Security, Michael Malone - Titan Security Group
● Mentorship Award: Keith Toms - Securitas Security Services USA
● Chairman's Award: Joshua Adler - SOS Security See more here  prnewswire.com

Executive's Arrest, Security Worries Stymie Huawei's Reach
While a Huawei executive faces possible U.S. charges over trade with Iran, the Chinese tech giant's ambition to be a leader in next-generation telecoms is colliding with security worries abroad.

Australia and New Zealand have barred Huawei Technologies Ltd. as a supplier for fifth-generation networks. They joined the United States and Taiwan, which limit use of technology from the biggest global supplier of network switching gear. Last week, Japan's cybersecurity agency said Huawei and other vendors deemed risky will be off-limits for government purchases. ecnmag.com

UK: Upcoming Workshops Hosted by the ECR Shrink Group

The ECR Community Shrink & OSA Group is a retailer-manufacturer working group focused on creating imaginative new ways to, together, better manage the problems of on-shelf availability, shrink and food waste. The rallying cry of the group is "Sell More and Lose Less" and participation in any of the regular meetings is free for any retailer or manufacturer.

Jan. 24, 2019: Video in Retail
A one-day, invitation only workshop for retailers, academia and law enforcement only to be held at Goodenough College in London.

The event is designed to enable participants to understand both the ways in which video analytics can be used and also how their peers are using the technologies featured in this workshop. As such, it will provide an excellent opportunity for networking and information sharing. Click here to learn more.

Feb. 13, 2019: Understanding and Controlling the Risk of Self-Checkout Technologies
This workshop is based upon the findings from a ground-breaking new report commissioned by the ECR Community Shrinkage and On-shelf Availability Group, together with support from NCR. For the first time, the report provides a major review of not only the scale and extent of the losses associated with different types of self-checkout technologies (SCO), but also the various ways in which they might be more effectively managed.

This workshop will provide attendees with an opportunity to not only hear the findings from the report but also critically review what they might mean for their businesses. Click here to learn more.

In Paris, 'Yellow Vest' Protests Cut Sharply Into City's Luxury Trade
Several weekends of violent demonstrations across France have hit the capital's sellers of high-end goods hard during the year's most important shopping period

Five straight weekends of demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron and his economic policies by members of the so-called Yellow Vest movement have caused some of the worst civil unrest France has experienced in more than a decade. Storefronts have been smashed, cars have been set ablaze and some of Paris's best-known landmarks have been damaged.

The number of protesters dwindled significantly this past Saturday compared with previous weekends, but many shops were closed nonetheless in anticipation of further violence, including those owned by the French group Kering, like Gucci and Balenciaga.

The protests have already taken a heavy toll. Retailers across all sectors have lost approximately 1 billion euros, about $1.1 billion, since the protests began, according to the French Retail Federation.

Bruno Le Maire, the finance minister, has declared the riots "a catastrophe" for the French economy. For small retailers, many of which have also been forced to close, revenue that was 20 to 40 percent below expectations this month, he said. Hotel reservations were down 25 percent, and restaurants in Paris had seen revenue collapse 20 percent to 50 percent depending on their location, he added. nytimes.com

Minneapolis, MN: Amazon Muslim workers protest that they they don't have enough time to pray
Muslims working for Amazon in Minneapolis say they fear being fired from the distribution center after taking breaks to pray. All workers are required to meet strict packing quotas of 240 boxes an hour but the performance of practicing Muslims is affected because they are required to pray five times a day.

Amazon has refuted the claims saying the workers were given a paid prayer break of less than 20 minutes but would be allowed to take unpaid prayer breaks for longer.

On Friday a group of Amazon workers, mainly Somali refugees living in Minnesota, protested outside the Shakopee center warehouse to demand better working conditions. dailymail.co.uk

Too much 'CRaP'?
Why Amazon Can't Continue To Be 'The Everything Store'

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is growing tired of selling products referred to as CRaP, which is short for "Can't Realize a Profit." Originally designed to be "The Everything Store," Amazon prided itself on being able to offer products that met the needs of customers globally.

Unfortunately for Amazon, not all products are profitable to sell due to the product characteristics of each item sold. Water is inexpensive to buy but it is heavy, bulky and expensive to ship. Apparel, shoes, and books are smaller, weigh less and therefore cost less to ship. forbes.com

Conscious Consumers Lead to Retail Shift
In contrast to some of those in power thumbing their noses at the notion of climate change and an overall eco-friendly outlook, more consumers are becoming interested in living more mindfully, according to market researchers.

Maria Coronado, senior consultant, natural resources at Euromonitor International, said 61 percent of consumers are worried about climate change, while 53 percent believe their purchase choices could make a difference in the world.

"Sustainability has become the new normal," Coronado said. "The fashion industry, which is considered the second-most polluting sector in the world, is no exception." wwd.com

Green Bay, WI: Life-sized cutout of Green Bay Police Chief warning
against shoplifting swiped from store

Cardboard cutouts of police Chief Andrew Smith don't just walk out the door on their own, you know. You've probably seen them around in area stores: life-sized cutouts of the Green Bay police chief looking very stern as he warns people against the evils - and the risks - of shoplifting.

Well, some dastardly thief accepted it as a challenge. He walked off with one of the cardboard cutouts of the chief. It happened Sunday night at the Kwik Trip at 1712 E. Mason St. As you can imagine, the police are taking it extremely seriously. "No demands have been received from the kidnappers at this point," reported Lt. Tom Buchmann on the official "attempt to locate" notification he put out to the evening patrol officers. He helpfully included a photo of the chief, in case some of the younger officers weren't quite sure who or what they were looking for. greenbaypressgazette.com

VP - Loss Prevention and Security - Metro One LPSG - Based in San Francisco, CA
Metro One is the nation's leading loss prevention firm, servicing more than 100 national, marquee brands, for both Retail LP and Logistics LP. Our differentiated approach includes a network of Talent Specialists who play the primary role in our service centers, which we call Talent Centers. These sourcing professionals locate, vet and onboard top local talent for our clients, with each Talent Specialist owning a portfolio of clients. The Vice President will manage the entire Northern California region to include financial performance, client satisfaction, talent managers, and business growth. indeed.com

Top Amazon exec who was large shareholder is leaving after 2-year hiatus, adding to exodus

Saks Fifth Avenue to close its women's store but keep its men's shop at Brookfield Place in New York

Proposed T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Passes Two Key Security Reviews

NRF's top 8 stories from 2018

2018 in Review: The Daily's Top ORC Cases of the Year
See today's ORC column below


Apply Now to the Asset Protection Innovation Awards!

These awards showcase game-changing technology that mitigates total retail loss and recognizes the visionary companies that are developing these solutions.

A panel of top executives in retail asset protection will review all submissions and finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their technology to over 1,000 retail safety executives at the
Retail Asset Protection Conference, May 5-8 in Denver, CO.

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During the holiday season, loss prevention is top of mind for all retail organizations. Retailers often see an upsurge in criminal activity, which can quickly lower profits. In order to reduce losses, you need real-time shrinkage security that can stop theft in its tracks.

STANLEY IntelAssure, Powered by Viakoo, is the first and only automated service assurance solution on the market today to continuously:

DETECT security system problems for immediate reporting of failures
DIAGNOSE root causes of failure to increase accuracy and eliminate guesswork
RECOMMEND the specific fix to reduce system downtime and increase employee efficiency

Let STANLEY help to ensure peace-of-mind for your business.  



GDPR Makes Some Police Work Tougher
An unintended consequence of Europe's GDPR is an apparent misalignment between privacy and security playing out in law enforcement. The organizations that maintain data about who owns and operates websites are now taking that information out of the public realm so as not to violate the General Data Protection Regulation.

But investigators had come to rely on that information as a tool to help track down cyber criminals.

Caught in the middle are the companies that must take on the burden of complying with GDPR as well as possibly face a world in which cyber crime becomes even tougher to police. wsj.com

Democratic Senators Introduce Data Security Legislation
Separately, Digital Rights Group Pushes for National Privacy Law

Democratic senators have introduced yet another version of data security legislation that would create a federal breach notification requirement. Meanwhile, the nonprofit digital rights group Center for Democracy & Technology has drafted a model for a broad national privacy bill.

Some 15 Democratic senators, led by Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, last week introduced the Data Care Act, which would require those offering websites and apps, and other online providers, to take steps to safeguard personal information and stop the misuse of users' data, according to a statement issued by Schatz's office.

The bill would require prompt notification of individuals affected by data breaches; prohibit the use of individual identifying data in ways that harm users; and ensure that the data protection duties extend to third parties when disclosing, selling or sharing individual identifying data. It would grant the Federal Trade Commission rule-making authority to implement the legislation. govinfosecurity.com

Cybercrime gangs continue to innovate to hide their crimes
According to the APWG's new Phishing Activity Trends Report, after spiking in the spring, phishing has been taking place at a steady pace - but phishers are using new techniques to carry out their attacks - and obfuscate their origins - to make the most of every phishing campaign.

The total number of phish detected by APWG in Q3 2018 was 151,014. This was down from 233,040 in Q2 and 263,538 in Q1. There was an unusual rash of phishing in the spring of 2018, and the amount of phishing in Q3 was a return to the kind of levels seen through 2017. But while the number of attacks subsided, APWG's contributing researchers noticed ways in which phishers have been making their attacks more effective and harder to detect.

Phishers are increasingly using web page redirects as a way of hiding their phishing sites from detection. When victims click on links in phishing emails, redirects take the user on an unwitting journey through other sites before arriving at the phishing site itself. And then once the victim submits his or her credentials, still more redirects make take the victim to yet another domain. helpnetsecurity.com

Global retailers stepping up cyber-security measures for holidays
Data collected from retail IT professionals in the United States UK, Germany, and Netherlands in a new survey revealed that threats like unpatched security vulnerabilities, insecure IoT devices, and online consumers themselves are a risk to retailers this time of year.

While retailers worldwide are adopting technology innovations to bolster customer experiences and streamline operations, 44% of U.S.-based IT decision makers said implementing new technology makes them more concerned. Yet, 44% of retailers also plan to implement IoT devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home in stores within the next 12 months.

In the UK, artificial intelligence (AI) (43%) leads as the technology most likely to be implemented within the next year, followed by IoT devices (35%), fourth screen technology (24%), omnichannel technology (23%), and augmented reality (AR) (17%). Similar to the U.S., the majority of IT decision makers in the UK are concerned about new technologies, a stark contrast from the Netherlands where only 20% are concerned. chainstoreage.com

How supply chain security has evolved over two decades
The cyber aspects are finally getting some attention

The concept of supply chain security is not new. While it surfaced around the time of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, the cyber aspects are just recently getting attention.

Prior to the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, common discussions regarding supply chain risk management primarily took place in the insurance and risk management industries. For instance, there were concerns about whether shipments of spices were protected from loss due to force majeure, piracy or other threats. However, there was no systematic methodology to analyze shipment risks.

After 9/11, supply chain security began to evolve into a more structured and methodological approach. However, the focus from 2001 to about 2006 was primarily about the physical security of shipments, and cybersecurity was not a necessity per the rules and guidelines. Since 2012, there has been increased awareness and emphasis on cybersecurity in the supply chain process. techtarget.com

Kroger starts use of unmanned vehicles for delivery in Arizona

Walmart May Bring Robots to Store Kitchens, Delis



How to Watch YouTube Videos Frame by Frame

If you need to watch a YouTube or Vimeo video in slow motion (even frame by frame), then try www.watchframebyframe.com. This neat site allows you to have a more in-depth look at videos where you really need to see details.


The End of Free Returns?
Top 10 eCommerce Trends That Will Impact Retailers and Consumers in 2019

Absolunet reveals the top 10 eCommerce Trends that will impact North American retailers in 2019. The effects will be felt across the entire supply chain by brands, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers alike.

Of the over 200 digital and eCommerce projects analyzed, examples come from major brands and retailers, including Absolunet clients Ashley Furniture, Stokes and others.

The top 10 eCommerce Trends for 2019 are:

1. ACTIVIST CONSUMERS: THE RISING PRESSURE OF ETHICAL ECOMMERCE. Consumer values will strongly influence purchasing (and merchant) behavior: wasteful packaging, the environmental cost of 2-day shipping, ethical brands...

2. THE END OF FREE RETURNS? Retail's $400 billion a year elephant in the room is about to hit a tipping point: returns have increased 53% since 2015.

3. SALES TAXES: THE TAX-FREE PARTY IS OVER FOR CONSUMERS AND MERCHANTS. Consumers will have to pay applicable sales taxes on all their purchases, and merchants will have to manage sales taxes in multiple jurisdictions.

4. MOBILE ECOMMERCE FASTER AS PROGRESSIVE WEB APPS BLUR LINES BETWEEN SITES AND APPS. Mobile eCommerce is about to get much, much faster and more fluid.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA GETS TRANSACTIONAL. Consumers will be able to BUY, directly on social platforms.

6. THE QR CODE STRIKES BACK. No longer app-dependant, the QR code will fulfill its potential and help brands provide product information.

7. MAJOR RETAILERS BECOME MARKETPLACES TOO. Retailers will fight Amazon by becoming just like the eCommerce giant: a digital marketplace.

8. IN-CAR ECOMMERCE: SHOPPING ON THE GO. The new "Drive-to-store."

9. RETAILERS WILL HIRE THEIR FIRST AI EMPLOYEE. AI will help retailers and merchants create more and better product content, improve SEO and merchandizing.

10. PRODUCT CONTENT SYNDICATION. Brands and manufacturers reclaim control of their product content. prnewswire.com

Resellers Find Treasure Trove In Returned Goods
The holiday season brings in a staggering number of returns for eCommerce sales: According to estimates from CBRE, online returns could reach $37 billion amid the gift-giving season. Some of those unwanted items, however, don't end up being resold by retailers themselves. They fall into the hands of entrepreneurs who scour liquidation and auction websites for items like routers, televisions and printers. These sellers, in turn, are reportedly listing these items back on the websites of eCommerce merchants to offer up for a profit.

According to liquidation marketplace B-Stock Solutions, roughly one-third of consumers will return an item after the holidays - and those returns add up to more than $90 billion in value. Some product categories, such as toys and seasonal items, lead the pack for product returns. And B-Stock found that the number of truckloads of returned merchandise doubles in the first quarter when inventory from its clients skyrockets by 60 percent. pymnts.com

Amazon toy sales surge 30%

Amazon Overhauls Low-Margin Products In eCommerce Shift

Former NASA engineer designs glitter bomb trap to avenge Amazon delivery theft victims



2018 in Review:
The Daily's Top ORC Cases of the Year
Based on Dollar Amount

7 Suspects Totaling $32.5 Million

#1 - July 13, 2018
Roxbury Township, NJ: Defendant Indicted In $12M Go-Go Bar ORC Theft Ring
An Edgewater man conspired with the owner of a shuttered go-go bar to use stolen credit card information - and illegally acquired gift cards - to steal more than $12 million. Kevin Bae, 30, shared a bank account with the Morris County bar owner "into which millions of dollars were transferred" through the scheme, Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said Friday. The investigation - dubbed "Operation Smiles" -- found Lipka and others buying stolen credit card information on the dark web and cloning it onto blank cards with a special machine that made them look legitimate, Grewal said.

Groups of runners used the bogus credit cards to buy pre-paid gift cards issued by Master Card, Visa and American Express at retail stores - among them, Target and Home Depot -- stretching from Brooklyn to southeast Pennsylvania, the attorney general said. They then converted the collected gift cards to cash through bogus transactions at Smiles II, keeping 20 percent of the proceeds for themselves and dividing the rest among the runners, he said. dailyvoice.com

#2 - July 20, 2018
Anderson County, SC: 3 arrested in connection with $9M Organized Retail Thefts, 'Operation Turning Tables'
Investigators worked since June to identify shoplifters who stole large amounts of merchandise from retail stores in Anderson. The shoplifters would sell stolen merchandise for a fraction of its retail value to others, referred to as fences. These people would then resell the stolen merchandise at flea markets for a profit, according to a press release form the Sheriff's Office. Troy Fowler, 75, of Piedmont; William "Billy" O'Leary, 44, of Anderson; and Peggy O'Leary, 41, of Anderson were identified by deputies as suspected fences, arrested and charged with organized retail theft. Search warrants were executed at the suspects' properties where an estimated $121,997 of stolen merchandise was recovered. The arrests were made as a part of "Operation Turning Tables" that included investigators from the Anderson County Sheriff's Office, Home Depot, CVS, T.J. Maxx, Belk and Publix. independentmail.com

#3 - March 20, 2018
North Haven Man Pleads Guilty in U.S. Court to Role in Large-Scale $5.9M
Fencing Operation

#4 - March 9, 2018
Worchester, MA: Man held on ID theft charges worked at store tied to $3.6M
food stamp fraud

#5 - March 21, 2018
Detroit, MI: Store Owner Pleads Guilty To $2M Food Fraud

Secaucus, NJ: Gucci employee stole $50,000 worth of wallets,
scarves and handbags

Police say an employee at a Gucci store in Secaucus has been charged with stealing more $50,000 worth of merchandise, including wallets, scarves and handbags. According to police, Jerry Almazan, 40, of Jersey City, was arrested earlier this week and charged with theft. Almazan is accused of robbing the store sometime between October and last Wednesday. news12.com

Lower Manhattan, NY: Armed robbery of $45k in cell phones from Verizon caught on camera, suspect leaves with suitcase in taxi
New video shows an armed robbery at a Verizon store in Lower Manhattan. You can see the suspect holding a gun as he walks into the store on Broadway with a rolling suitcase on November 29th at 7:45 p.m. He points the gun at a worker, forcing him to open the store's safe. The suspect packed up $45,000 worth of cell phones and electronics in his suitcase and stole $400 from the register, before taking off in a taxi. abc7ny.com

Richfield, UT: 2 arrested, 2 others remain at large after $23K worth of generators stolen from Honda dealership
Police responded to a report of a burglary at Jorgensen's Honda, shortly before 12:30 a.m. Saturday. Eighteen portable generators worth more than $23,000 were stolen during that burglary, according to Richfield police. ksl.com

Santa Clarita Valley, CA: Specially assembled 'retail squad' arrests 9
One of the specialty squads assembled by Capt. Robert Lewis in response to identified crime trends - in this case, a team assigned to address crime at retail stores - made nine arrests in just 24 hours. Members of the Crime Suppression Unit carried out an operation in response to what deputies had spotted as a particular problem - one involving retail outlets. During an operation Thursday, the specialty unit arrested nine people and seized a variety of contraband material. "The operation... Thursday was to identify and arrest people who are coming into the Santa Clarita Valley to victimize the retail stores and residents," Lewis said Friday. "These are mission-specific, community-based policing efforts set to reduce crime. signalscv.com

Columbia, MD: Four DC-area women charged in Columbia store robberies
Four Washington, D.C.-area women have been accused in multiple robberies at Howard County stores. Police believe they may be responsible in similar cases in other parts of Maryland and nearby states. Howard County police charged the women in "a series of robberies" at Nordstrom Rack, on Columbia Crossing Circle, between Nov. 28 and Dec. 1. foxbaltimore.com

Raleigh, NC: Four members of same family arrested for shoplifting at Belk store
Holiday shopping is often a family affair. Just ask Raleigh's Clemmie Hutchins who was shopping with her son near Triangle Town Center on Monday. But Raleigh police said one family made shoplifting a family affair -- and a profitable one. On Saturday, police served warrants on five females at Triangle Town Center's Belk store. Each faces multiple charges and organized retail theft. abc11.com

Update: Wrentham, MA: Police say Wrentham outlet shoplifting suspects
 part of organized ring

Three outlet mall shoplifting suspects arrested over the weekend after their car crashed in Plainville are part of an organized ring, police said. Maria Denise Perez, 29, Erika Lorenzana, 40, and Hector Bauza-Mercado, 40, all of New Haven, Conn., were arraigned Monday on shoplifting and related charges in Wrentham District Court. The suspects face charges including shoplifting, receiving stolen property, possession of a magnet device to defeat inventory control, trespassing and possession of a "booster bag." thesunchronicle.com

UK: Birmingham, England: Thieves steal $13,000 worth of Armani gear in Sutton Sports raid in Sutton Coldfield

UK: Birmingham, England: Watch burglar swipe $500 of Tom Ford, Hugo Boss and Chanel perfumes from King Pharmacy

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Shootings & Deaths

Baltimore, MD: C- Store Owner shot & killed outside his store
A 64-year-old convenience-store owner is gunned down outside his business in northwest Baltimore. Police say a group of individuals confronted Mousa Mohammad Jaber, then one of them shot him in the chest. foxbaltimore.com

Walnut Hills, OH: Man Shot and Killed outside C-Store
Monday, Police were called to a market at the corner just after 9:30 p.m. Officers said the shooting happened in the parking lot of the N&I convenience store. On the scene, they found 22-year-old Terrance Smith suffering from a gunshot wound. He died after being transported to UC Medical Center. local12.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Petersburg, VA: Robber accidentally shoots gun during attempted robbery, narrowly misses clerk and accomplice
Sunday night, a gunman almost shot a clerk and his own accomplice during an attempted robbery at the Gulf Express convenience store. The duo walked in with their hoodies pulled tight, apparently hoping to conceal their identity. "Another guy walks in and they got scared," said owner Mubashir Kahn as he looked over his surveillance video Monday. When another clerk came from the back, the gunman got visibly spooked, and began walking backwards into the candy aisle. As he pointed the gun, he racked the slide and fired a single shot, seemingly by accident. wtvr.com

Shenandoah County, VA: Gun-store burglary led to drug arrests
A break-in at a Shenandoah County gun store led authorities to ring of accused drug dealers now facing federal charges. Shenandoah County Sheriff Timothy C. Carter recently disclosed that his agency's investigation into the burglary of a Toms Brook firearms dealership and the theft of guns from the store in 2017 tipped the department off to what led law enforcement to charge more than a dozen people with drug distribution. nvdaily.com

Stillwater, OK: Employee reports Armed Robbery to cover embezzlement; lockdown of local schools
The Stillwater Police Department has determined that a reported robbery, which prompted Stillwater Public Schools to shelter in place, was false and have taken a clerk into custody. According to SPD, police responded just before 3:30 p.m. to a reported armed robbery at Pleasant Pool Supply. SPD interim chief Kyle Gibbs wrote in a release that "as the investigation continued, officers discovered evidence and information indicating the reported armed robbery was a false report." The clerk, 23-year-old Shanette Melana Stokes of Stillwater, was arrested for false reporting of a crime and embezzlement by an employee. stwnewspress.com

Katy, TX: Armed suspects rob man outside Katy Mills Mall

Lansing, MI: Man robbed at gunpoint outside Quality Dairy store

Maple Grove, MN Police using new cameras to catch holiday thieves

St Mary County, MD: Sheriff's office again presents 'Maximum Deployment'

JB Robinson in the Southgate Mall, Taylor, MI reported an Armed Robbery on 12/16, items valued at over $100,000

Jared in the Rivertown Crossing, Grandville, MI reported an Smash & Grab / Armed Robbery on 12/15, 2 cases smashed, no loss, no injuries

Kay Jewelers in the Prime Outlets at Jeffersonville, Jeffersonville, OH reported a Grab & Run on 12/13, item valued at $2,499

Kay Jewelers in the Vancouver Mall, Vancouver, WA reported an Armed Robbery on 12/17, items valued at over $12,000

Peoples Jewellers in the White Oaks Mall, London, ON, CN reported a Grab & Run on 12/14, item valued at $1,399

Piercing Pagoda in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, San Francisco, CA reported a Grab & Run on 12/14, item valued at $749

Piercing Pagoda in the Southland Mall, Hayward, CA reported a Grab & Run on 12/16, item valued at $1,299

Zales in the Fashion Center at Pentagon City, Arlington, VA reported a Distraction Theft on 12/15, item valued at $34,000

Zales in the Yuma Palms Regional, Yuma, AZ reported a Grab & Run on 12/14, item valued at $4,699

Zales in the Village Square Mall, Effingham, IL reported an Attempted Burglary on 12/16, no loss

UK: Wythenshawe, England: Security Guard steals over $250,000 from parking lot machine

Sentencings & Charges

Valley Stream, NY: Queens man sentenced to 30 years in Valley Stream
clerk's murder

Jermaine Jackson was sentenced on Dec. 17 to more than 30 years in prison and five years' supervised release for the December 2016 murder of Edwin Lopez, a clerk at AL Mini Mart in Valley Stream. liherald.com

Baltimore, MD: 2 women charged with assaulting Ellicott City Target employee
Two women from Baltimore and Owings Mills have been arrested in Ellicott City, as Howard County reports multiple incidents of store employees assaulted by potential shoplifters. Tocarra Taylor, 21, and Brittany Cooley, 31, are accused in a Dec. 14 incident at Target, on Montgomery Road in Ellicott City.

An employee said at 2:09 p.m. that a male and three females stole merchandise and were trying to leave, reported Howard County police. "When the employee confronted the suspects, the male suspect pepper sprayed the employee. The suspects then fled," said police. Two of the suspects, Taylor and Cooley, were arrested and charged with armed robbery, robbery, assault and theft. foxbaltimore.com

North Attleboro, MA: GameStop Armed Robbery suspect indicted by Grand Jury


Arby's - Middleton, WI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Pittsburgh, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Petersburg, VA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lake Stevens, WA - Burglary
C-Store - Fort Smith, AR - Armed Robbery (E-Z Mart)
C-Store - Fort Smith, AR - Armed Robbery (Midland)
C-Store - Pooler, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Parkville, MD - Armed Robbery
GameStop - Emeryville, CA - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Cromwell, CT - Burglary
Gas Station - West Cocalico Township, PA - Burglary
Gas Station - Columbus, OH - Burglary
Hardware - Richfield, UT - Burglary
• Jewelry - Vancouver, WA - Armed Robbery
• Jewelry - Effingham, IL - Burglary
McDonald's - Cary, IL - Robbery
McDonald's - Columbus, OH - Robbery
Papa John's - Statesville, NC - Armed Robbery
Pawn Shop - Edgewater, CO - Robbery
Rite Aid - Brandywine Hundred, DE -Armed Robbery
Sprint - Hartland Township, MI - Armed Robbery
Sprint - Deerfield Beach, FL - Robbery
7-Eleven - Waldorf, MD - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
17 robberies
6 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings




Tony Raab
promoted to Sr RLPM Mid-Atlantic for Spencer Gifts

Ralph Frangioni
named Asset Protection Solutions Partner for Walgreens

Andy McLaughlin, CFI
promoted to Loss Prevention Manager for McCoy Corporation

Juan Escruceria
named Multi-District Asset Protection Leader for CVS Health

Carmine Mele
named ORC-Loss Prevention Investigator for TJX Companies

Brittany Jeffery
named District Loss Prevention Investigator for TJX Companies

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Vice President - Security Operations
San Francisco, CA

The Vice President will manage the entire Northern California region to include financial performance, client satisfaction, talent managers, and business growth...
Asset Protection Director, Analytics & Fraud Management
Pataskala, OH

The Asset Protection Director, Analytics & Fraud Management will be responsible for leading teams focused on delivering insights and managing fraud risk for the enterprise through the use of advanced technology and statistical analysis. The Analytics & Fraud Management teams will serve multiple internal customers at the Ascena level and within the brands...

Divisional Loss Prevention Director

Provides strategic loss prevention management for a division of 2,000+ stores with sales volumes totaling +/- $4B. Maximizes profits by developing and executing programs to reduce and prevent the loss of company inventory/assets and managing Regional Loss Prevention Managers within an assigned geographical area...

Sr. Loss Prevention Manager
Charlotte, NC

The Senior FLPM position is responsible for direct leadership of the Global Loss Prevention team and indirect leadership of the operations and field team (Store teams, DM's, HR team) to achieve Loss Prevention. Leadership includes relationship building with cross functional teams, staff development and administration, Program and policy execution and development...

Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager
Rockville, MD

The Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager will lead the Region in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts. The position will proactively seek to bring economic value to the company, promoting profitable sales and world class customer service while ensuring a safe place to work and shop...

Retail Security and Safety Specialist
Multiple Locations

This job contributes to REI's success by ensuring the security and safety of your store team and members by providing a presence on REI property and events. Activities include but are not limited to: fostering partnerships with and training store management and staff and taking action to address shrink and security. Models and acts in accordance with REI's guiding values and mission. Apply now for positions in: Soho, NY Washington D.C. San Francisco, CA Portland, OR Bellevue, WA...

Regional Safety and LP Specialist
Miami, FL

The Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist is a subject matter expert responsible for partnering with both our corporate stores and franchise store operations to improve the safety and training processes. This includes reducing motor vehicle accidents, reducing work-related injuries, and ensuring OSHA / DOT compliance through the implementation of corporate or franchisee plans in accordance with local, state, and federal rules and regulations...

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