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2018 Q3 ORC Report

 Q3 Case Total Up 22% Since '17
Average Dollar Amount In Q3 Up 54% Since '16
Most Female Q3 Suspects Ever Recorded

Year-to-Date (Q1-Q3) ORC Case Comparison - Up 15% Over '17



Q3 ORC Cases by Total & Average Dollar Amount

Year (Q3) $ Amount Reported Average $ Amount
2014 $102,678,607 (Pre-EMV roll-out) $218,254
2015 $56,272,683 (Pre-EMV roll-out) $162,169
2016 $26,731,252 $60,615
2017 $52,156,035 $156,155
2018 $38,147,479 $93,270

54% increase over Q3 2016
Average Case Values: Ranged from $60,615 to a high of $218,254.
2016 to present represents post-EMV

Special note: 2014 and 2015 amounts reflect the pre-EMV roll-out and a larger amount of big counterfeit credit card cases.

The following high-dollar counterfeit credit card case was excluded in the average calculations:
One $30M cc fraud case on Sept. 26, 2014

Quarterly ORC Cases by Merchandise Stolen


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Moving Up
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Keith Clarke, CFI named Director of Loss Prevention for Family Dollar
Keith was previously the Zone Manager of Loss Prevention - US North for Cracker Barrel for over three years. Prior, he was the Regional LP Manager for the restaurant chain, and has held other loss prevention and operations positions including Operations Manager for Bass Pro Shops, Zone Senior Manager - Loss Prevention and Regional LP Manager for American Eagle Outfitters. Keith earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration, Management and Operations from Lenoir-Rhyne University. Congratulations, Keith!

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Top Industry News

Noncash Payment Fraud Values Rise 37% Since 2012
According to data from the Federal Reserve Payments study, it found the value of noncash fraud jumped 37 percent to $8.3 billion in 2015 from $6.1 billion in 2012. During the same period, the Federal Reserve found the total value of noncash payments increased to $180.3 trillion from $161.2 trillion. The Federal Reserve said in a press release that the fraud data was collected as part of surveys of depository institutions in 2012 and 2015 and payment card networks in 2015 and 2016.

The Federal Reserve said data from the depository institutions survey showed that the overall rate of payments fraud, by value, rose from 2012 to 2015 in the United States, driven largely by card fraud. On the positive side, the Federal Reserve found that between 2015 and 2016 the rate of in-person card fraud decreased by a notable rate, while the rate of remote card fraud increased by a significant amount. Even with the uptick, the Federal Reserve said card payment fraud accounts for less than one-tenth of a percent of all card payments and is a small fraction of the value of card payments.

According to the study in 2015, the payments fraud rate by value was more than 20 percent bigger than in 2012. The fraud rate by number was close to 70 percent larger in the time frame.

What the CFOs Are Reading
Boards Sharpen Focus on Social Issues
79% of Board Sees Middle MGT Setting Cultural Tone

Directors increasingly see matters such as resource scarcity, human rights, and income inequality as important components of strategy discussions.

While the population grows ever-more polarized around social issues, corporate boards of directors don’t necessarily need to consider them. Increasingly, though, they are doing.

In a survey released Wednesday, PricewaterhouseCoopers asked 717 directors about the extent to which they think their company should take various social issues into account when forming company strategy.

With respect to health-care availability and cost, 36% answered “very much” — up eight percentage points from last year’s annual director survey by PwC. Resource scarcity, with 31% of survey participants strongly agreeing that companies should factor it into strategy. Last year, only 21% said so.

Human rights earned a “very much” response from 28% of the surveyed directors, a solid climb from 20% last year. Even income inequality is rising in prominence, with the proportion of directors deeming the topic very important rising from 8% in 2017 to 15% this year.

Boards are also taking a harder look at corporate culture, a likely response to such news items as the #MeToo movement and cases of companies defrauding clients.

Surveyed directors overwhelmingly (87%) agreed that corporate culture problems often start with the tone set by the executive team. But 79% of them said cultural issues are also growing out of the tone set by middle management, while 74% pointed the finger at an excessive focus on short-term results.

Some directors said their companies have enhanced employee training about culture issues, while others are improving their whistleblower programs, according to PwC’s survey report. “Still, only 17% say they have revised compensation plans, even though 67% say those plans can drive bad behavior when poorly designed.”

5M Walmart Workers Want Cert. In Background Check Suit
A proposed class of five million Walmart applicants and employees have pressed a California federal judge for certification in a suit accusing the retail giant of adding extraneous material to background check notices it issued to applicants and new hires in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Employees and applicants urged the court to certify several classes Monday on the allegation that Walmart Inc. routinely violates the FCRA requirement that disclosures about obtaining a background check be a stand-alone document so as to not confuse the consumers.

Instead the company directly asked for applicants' criminal history and sought permission to inquire from other people, schools, companies and businesses despite the FCRA's mandate that employers seeking those things must tell applicants via clear, conspicuous disclosures contained in separate forms, the motion states.

Walmart allegedly included legal waivers and "extraneous" information about state laws in its applications, according to the motion. But more important, Walmart acknowledged during a deposition that its forms before Nov. 5, 2015 were unclear, meaning "liability for that subclass is all but certain in this matter," applicants and employees said.

NYC Councilman Aims to Regulate Use of Face-Screening Technology
A New York City councilman will introduce legislation this week requiring businesses to disclose if and how they use facial-recognition technology, potentially giving a glimpse into how widespread use of the tool is in the private sector.

Companies would be required to disclose if they’re using it by posting a sign near a store entrance or publishing an online post, according to a draft of the legislation provided to The Wall Street Journal. The companies would also be required to tell the public what information they collect and share from the technology, and how long they store the information. They would also have to draft a policy governing the tool.

Nine West lenders look to sue Sycamore over 'outright fraud'
A group of unsecured creditors to Nine West have asked a federal bankruptcy court for permission to sue the fashion retailer's private equity owner, Sycamore Partners, over an alleged fraudulent transfer and other claims totaling "well over $1 billion," according to a court filing.

But the unsecured lenders' complaint also highlights the fraught relationship retail has had with private equity over the past decade and a half or so. In a January paper published with the American Bankruptcy Institute, Chuck Carroll and John Yozzo of FTI Consulting found that two-thirds of retail bankruptcy filings in 2016 and 2017 were by private equity-controlled companies.

Nine West lenders allege Sycamore, which has made dozens of acquisitions in retail, engineered an acquisition of the Jones Group that essentially set up the remaining Nine West entity for failure. At the same time, the lenders say, Sycamore essentially sold to itself valuable assets from Jones "at prices hundreds of millions of dollars below their true value" while leaving $800 million in new debt on the books of the Nine West holding company created out of the deal.

"To justify selling the Carve-Out Assets to its affiliates for below market prices, Sycamore engaged in outright fraud," the group said in a filing. Specifically, the lenders allege that starting in 2013, when it bid for Jones Inc., Sycamore, "prepared increasingly aggressive 'pro forma' estimates and projections to inflate the supposed value" of the Nine West company created in the buyout, while "simultaneously driving down the implied value of and forecasts" of the assets sold off in the buyout.

Convicted Sex Offender Gets 40 Yr's For Plot To Bomb Target Stores
U.S. District Judge Roy B. Dalton today sentenced Mark Charles Barnett (50, Ocala) to 40 years in federal prison for attempted arson, possession of an unregistered National Firearms Act (NFA) destructive device, and making an unregistered NFA destructive device. A federal jury found Barnett guilty on July 27, 2018.

According to testimony and evidence presented at trial, Barnett offered a confidential source (CS) $10,000 to place improvised explosive bombs inside Target stores along the east coast of the United States. Barnett purchased the bomb components and assembled at least 10 of the destructive devices, which he disguised inside the packaging of common grocery items. Barnett had theorized that the company’s stock would plunge after the explosions, allowing him to cheaply acquire shares of Target stock before an eventual rebound in prices. Barnett told the CS, “If someone has to die so that I can make some money, so be it.” 

Barnett delivered the devices to the CS with instructions to put them on the shelves of Target stores from New York to Florida. The CS, however, promptly surrendered the destructive devices to authorities, and Barnett was arrested on February 14, 2017.

Barnett, a registered sex offender, had been conditionally released from state prison in 2013, following multiple felony convictions for sexual assault, kidnapping, and grand theft. He was also previously convicted of kidnapping in Mississippi.

Ex-Equifax Engineer Gets 8 Months House Arrest For Insider Trading
Ex-Equifax CIO for U.S. Info. Solutions - Charges To Move Forward As Well

A former Equifax Inc. software development manager who pled guilty over the summer to making a nearly $76,000 profit on inside knowledge of the credit reporting giant's headline-grabbing data breach was sentenced in Georgia federal court on Tuesday to eight months of home confinement. U.S. District Court Judge Amy Totenberg handed down a sentence that included an order for Sudhakar Reddy Bonthu, 44, to pay a $50,000 fine and forfeit $75,979 — the same amount he made by trading stock options after deducing from confidential company information.

Bonthu is one of two former Equifax employees federal authorities have accused of using insider information to make a profit before the company informed the public about the breach. Last month, a Georgia magistrate judge recommended that two insider trading charges against Jun Ying, the former chief information officer for Equifax's U.S. Information Solutions, move forward.

Editor's Note: Over 10 years ago walking stores with the Associate Member Advisory Council, one of the industry's leading consultants predicted the end of Sears because of two factors: one was Lampert's move to silo the business units and form internal competition, and the other was that he simply wasn't a merchant and had no idea of how to run a retailer and grow customers.

‘Retail is the place to be’ in cannabis, says MedMen CEO after ‘blockbuster’ $682M PharmaCann acquisition

Nevada Tops List of States Most Vulnerable to Identity Theft & Fraud

Amazon store count tops 600

A timeline of J.Crew's rise and fall

David's Bridal misses debt payment, setting stage for restructuring

Quarterly Results

Domino's Q3 US comp's up 6.3%, international up 3.3%
Sonic Q4 comp's up 2%, full yr. comp's down 0.3%
Del Taco Restaurants Q3 comp's up 1.4%, sales up 6.2%


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Spotlight on The Zellman Group

The Zellman Group - Reflection and the Next 20 Years

Filmed "Live in NYC" at the NRF Big Show 2018

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, The Zellman Group continues to expand their offerings of LP and consulting services for retailers - from civil recovery, restitution and LP analytics, to the recent launch of their ORC Recovery solution.

In this LPNN interview, Stuart Levine, CEO; William Ramos, Director of ORC Recovery; and Jason Davies, Director of ORC Investigations, reflect on the company's history, what's changed, what's new, and what's in store for Zellman Group's future.

Nine Public Cos Lost $100M in BEC Fraud
SEC Warns Cos To Prioritize Cybersecurity

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a stern warning to public companies: tighten cybersecurity controls or risk being in violation of federal law.

The regulator issued a report based on the SEC Enforcement Division’s investigations of nine public companies that lost millions of dollars as the result of cyber fraud. The companies, which each had securities listed on a national stock exchange, were in sectors including technology, machinery, real estate, energy, financial, and consumer goods.

The SEC’s investigations focused on “business email compromises” (BECs), where criminals posed as company executives or vendors and used emails to trick employees into sending large sums to fraudulent bank accounts. The activity sometimes lasted months and was often only discovered after law enforcement or other third parties got involved.

Each of the companies lost at least $1 million, two lost more than $30 million, and one lost more than $45 million. In total, the nine companies wired nearly $100 million as a result of the frauds, most of which was unrecoverable.

“Cyber frauds are a pervasive, significant, and growing threat to all companies, including our public companies,” SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said in a press release. “Investors rely on our public issuers to put in place, monitor, and update internal accounting controls that appropriately address these threats.”

The agency has warned that companies subject to the internal accounting controls requirements of Section 13(b)(2)(B) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 “must calibrate their internal accounting controls to the current risk environment and assess and adjust policies and procedures accordingly.”

“In light of the facts and circumstances, we did not charge the nine companies we investigated, but our report emphasizes that all public companies have obligations to maintain sufficient internal accounting controls and should consider cyber threats when fulfilling those obligations,” said Stephanie Avakian, co-director of the SEC Enforcement Division.

Meet 5 Women Shaping Microsoft's Security Strategy
Profiles of some of the women currently leading Microsoft security operations - and their efforts to drive inclusivity.

It's all too easy to get discouraged by the gender gap in cybersecurity. Women - who make up 11% of the industry - hold few leadership roles in security. The World Economic Forum says it could be 217 years before women and men achieve global economic parity, while in the security field some 63% of women make less than their male counterparts, the Cyentia Institute and Cybrary found.

Even so, there are many women in security doing important work. Over time, many have moved into leadership positions, where they can bring in members of the next generation, educate them, and push for more inclusivity.

But it's not just leaders who are responsible. Diversity is a company-wide initiative, and it takes an organizational effort to move those negative numbers in a positive direction. Microsoft, for one, this year appointed Lindsay-Rae McIntyre to the role of chief diversity officer (CDO), a role in which she will be responsible for driving initiatives to promote a more diverse culture.

Given Microsoft's role in enterprise software and cybersecurity, its female leaders are in a position of power to not only influence security, but diversity as well.

Ann Johnson, Corporate VP, Cybersecurity Solutions Group
Johnson is wrapping her third year at Microsoft, which she joined back in 2015 when CEO Satya Nadella brought her in to start its Enterprise Strategy Group. Now she works on strategy development, determining where Microsoft's security priorities should be and how its 3,500 security engineers will build technology in the future. When she thinks about the potential for security tech, Johnson says there are a few things that come to mind.

For starters, she's working on series of blog posts around artificial intelligence and what it means for infosec. Microsoft processes six trillion signals in its security graph each day, Johnson points out, and she believes this amount of data is "a tipping point for security." Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can inform admins' priorities, she notes.

Johnson is also involved recruitment for the security team. While Microsoft has 3,500 security engineers, there remain open roles. "It's not easy, and I personally do a lot of the cyber recruiting," she adds. She's also a mentor and executive sponsor for Microsoft Women in Security.

Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO
Kelley's role as Microsoft Cybersecurity CTO is the latest in her security career, which has spanned more than 25 years. She was previously global executive security advisor at IBM.

So what brought her to Microsoft? A couple of reasons: one was Ann Johnson, who recruited Kelley for the role. The other was Microsoft's growing focus on cloud.

"The passion I had for the Internet is now a passion for cloud, and cloud being the future," explains Kelley, dialing in from Japan, where she was keynoting Security Week. "We need to focus on building trust in the cloud." Microsoft's focus on cloud and security "was incredibly exciting," she says.

In her first year at Microsoft, there have been two major projects capturing her interest. The first is the Security Intelligence Report, a biannual analysis of Microsoft security data and research. The second is ongoing work with Sian John, Microsoft's UK Chief Security Adviser, focused on SOCs and data gravity, a concept introduced by David McCrory in 2010.

Hayden Hainsworth, Principal Group PM Manager CxE, C+AI Security
Hainsworth heads up Microsoft's Global Customer and Partner Experience (CxE) team in its Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (C+AI) division. Essentially, she's in charge of figuring out how to drive usage of products designed to protect data from security threats.

"Six to seven years ago, the Office 365 team realized when we move to the world of services, engineering needed to take a more active role in the success of our customers," Hainsworth explains. The customer experience engineering team she works in was created about three years ago; since then, she has been working to improve security tools and inform product teams on which problems to prioritize and which features to release first.

"Initially customers didn't see Microsoft as a strong security provider," she says. As the company built its security strategy, its priorities have changed: it no longer needs to communicate this focus, but it does need to improve the process of classifying, protecting, and monitoring information for users.

When she isn't working on cloud security, Hainsworth is trying to recruit and retain more women in the security space. One of her efforts was the creation of a women's community for security engineering, in which she worked with 46 women to teach skills in technical skills.

Hemma Prafullchandra, CTO, M365 Security and Compliance
Prafullchandra is the newest hire of this group, having joined Microsoft the week before we spoke – just in time to attend its 2018 Ignite conference. But she's no stranger to cybersecurity, the industry where she has been building her expertise for the past 28 years.

Throughout her career, technologies like cryptography and identity management have all matured, and as a result the need for more accessible security systems has grown. Now, Prafullchandra is interested in helping people use security tools as technology gets more complex.

This is core to her new role: "Being able to understand the customer, their risk appetite, their obligation, their security culture," she explains. In doing so, she can help inform the products Microsoft will build. The Security and Compliance team she recently joined is focused on helping clients achieve business compliance with Microsoft 365 applications.

It's not just about making security more accessible to customers. Prafullchandra also views this as an opportunity to educate policymakers and regulators, translating technical concepts for those in charge of lawmaking and policy creation.

She also sees a chance to give back. Back in March, she helped create a group for women in cyber located in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area. The idea was to facilitate discussion and engagement around industry challenges of diversity and inclusivity.

Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Issues Management
Hall heads up issues management for Microsoft, which she joined in 1990. After moving up through the Enterprise and Partner Group, she moved to its Trustworthy Computing Group in 2004 and went from working directly with users to helping engineers build more secure code.

It was a big switch for Hall, who was joining a team focused on how to address systematic security themes and Microsoft's overall approach to systems and infrastructure amid the evolving threat landscape. However, she soon found she was able to build on her experience.

In her role, Hall primarily focuses on responding to security incidents across all of Microsoft's products. "I also respond to questions my team gets related to cloud services [and] deal with a wide range of cases across all products," she adds. This could be questions on features in Microsoft tools, or related to policies around doing business in certain countries.

The number one threat type, she notes, continues to be attacks on unpatched machines; cases in which Microsoft has provided a fix but it hasn't yet been deployed. "That continues to be where we see cybercriminals target activity," Hall says. "Some of [the fixes] are two, three, four years old."

Part of her role involves building a team of people from different backgrounds. "Diversity is often about the diversity of experiences that people have," Hall explains. Looking back on her career, she recalls being one of a small number of women, but also someone who had shifted from a sales role to a technical role. She could bring more to the table.

"I do find myself listening, based on the position I'm in, for places where I can highlight an idea or bring forth a diverse point of view, or showcase a person who might feel like they're not being heard," she says.

New Global Research Shows that Digital Transformation Heightens Risk of Costly Cyber Attacks

Consider international cloud security standards, legal reqs

Visa Accelerates Tokenization Of Credentials On File For Digital Payments

Canadian Connections
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'Dazed and Confused': Canada Kicks Off 'Messy' Rollout of Legal Cannabis
New Rules - Black Market Impact - 100+ Stores - Pardons Issued

It's Legalization Day in Canada
Your complete guide to retail sales of weed in Canada

Canada will become the first G7 country to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide today (Oct. 17). In the months leading up to this landmark move, cannabis companies have closed hundred-million-dollar deals, pot stocks have soared, and even Coca-Cola has announced it’s looking to invest in the weed industry.

Different provinces and territories, however, have their own rules on how Canadians can buy or consume weed.

Consumers can buy weed from privately run retail stores that receive approval from the Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis agency, or online through a website run by the AGLC. So far, the majority of physical stores will be in the Edmonton area.

British Columbia
You can buy from government-run physical and online stores, and eventually, private retail stores. However, only one government-run store in the province, located in Kamloops, is on track to open by Oct. 17. Over 100 private-store applications have been submitted and are being vetted, so the BC Liquor Distribution Branch’s online system will likely be the best option for a while.

For now, the online Ontario Cannabis Store is the only legal place to buy weed. The government has introduced legislation, that if passed, would allow sales at private retail stores starting April 2019.

The Société Québécoise du Cannabis will open 15 stores on Oct. 17, and expects to add five more by year’s end. You can also purchase cannabis via the SQDC online. See rules for the other providences here.

Here’s What Happens to the $8B Black Market Now That Weed Is Legal
If you’re to believe the Canadian government’s hype, legalizing recreational weed is all about eradicating the black market.

“The sale of cannabis is the easiest money that organized crime makes,” said Bill Blair, the Liberals’ Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Minister, at a town hall hosted by CBC’s The Current Monday night in Ottawa. Blair said he estimates black market weed in Canada is a $6 to $8 billion industry.

Canada is also introducing severe n ew punishments for selling “illicit” cannabis—as in, anything not provided via the 129 licensed producers—once legalization kicks in October 17. Those punishments include up to 14 years of jail time for selling weed to a minor or selling it without a licence.

So while October 17 seems like the day we’ve all been waiting for, the reality is legalization is still in the very early stages and the rollout is going to be messy. In the meantime, the black market that has operated in Canada for decades isn’t likely to vanish.

Read more here from dealers, farmers and more.

Massive midnight queues at pot shops in Canada as drug is decriminalized
111 stores to open right away; Pardons to be issued for prior pot convictions
Huge queues formed at cannabis shops across Canada overnight after the drug was legalised. Canada became the largest country with a national legal marijuana policy on Wednesday. A number of shops held special midnight openings to mark the occasion, with thousands of people across the country queueing for their first lawful blaze. The Newfoundland stores are among at least 111 legal pot shops expected to open across the nation on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a government official said anyone with prior convictions for possessing up to 30g of cannabis – which is now the legal limit – will be pardoned. A formal announcement is expected later on Wednesday.

No stores will open in Ontario, which includes Toronto. The most populous province is working on its regulations and doesn't expect stores until next spring.

Cannabis forbidden for federal prison guards 24 hours before work
Federal prison guards and other front-line correctional workers will not be allowed to use cannabis 24 hours before reporting to work. The policy, made public today, says Correctional Service employees must be fit to perform their duties and cannot be intoxicated or impaired by drugs, alcohol or other substances when at work.

Canada now world's largest legal marijuana marketplace

B.C. suggests private marijuana stores shutter until licensed

6 stores will open on 1st day of legal weed in Manitoba

Cannabis NB expects sales of $45M in first year

Click here to read more about the retail cannabis roll-out in the Daily's Special Report

Inside the C.E.O.’s Social Media Meltdown at Deciem
Canadian-Based Brand, The Ordinary, Is Deciem's Most Popular Brand

In the last two years, Canada-based The Ordinary has become one of the hottest brands in skin care. It is one of a cluster of brands run by Deciem, which was founded in 2013 by a computer programmer named Brandon Truaxe.

Truaxe on Tuesday capped off a year of increasingly outlandish behavior with a minute-long Instagram video posted to the Deciem account, in which he said that the company would stop all operations and that almost everyone at Deciem “has been involved in a major criminal activity, which includes financial crimes.”

Emails obtained by The New York Times sent by Mr. Truaxe before and after the video was posted show that his behavior was similarly disorderly in private. In one email, sent Tuesday afternoon with the subject line “EXECUTIVE ORDER,” the Deciem founder said: “All offices, production facilities and stores are shut down as of this moment.”

Mr. Truaxe’s run of unusual behavior in public began in late January, when he posted a video to Deciem’s Instagram account saying that he had canceled the company’s marketing plans. After a chaotic flurry of news set off by Mr. Truaxe’s posts earlier in the year, Deciem seemed until this week to have regained some stability.

Though Deciem has had at least a dozen product lines, The Ordinary has been its most popular brand.

Ontario judge grants injunction to have Truaxe removed as co-CEO of Deciem
Multiple sources are reporting that Brandon Truaxe has been removed as co-CEO of Deciem. A judge from the Ontario Superior Court granted an injunction sought by Estée Lauder to have Truaxe removed and co-CEO Nicola Kilner appointed as the sole, interim CEO.

Deciem stores reopen after founder and CEO ousted on interim basis

Canada Store Openings
FAO Schwarz comes to Canada with holiday pop-ups at all Hudson's Bay Co. store

SAIL Plein Air to Open 3 Stores and New Warehouse as it Grows Operations
Longo’s to open Canada’s ‘first net-zero’ grocery store
Magnotta Winery opens Sudbury store this week
Sleep Country Expands in Nanaimo, British Columbia
GrowForce and Sweet Tree to Launch Premium Cannabis Retail Stores in Calgary
Black Goat Cashmere Opens 1st Shopping Centre Retail Space
Peloton Enters Canada with Retail Expansion
Giant Tiger opens store in Saskatoon, SK

Canada Post union issues strike notice; workers could begin rotating strikes Monday

Walmart Canada spending $175 million to upgrade stores across the country

Canadian bookstore chain Indigo plans to compete against Amazon in the U.S.

eBay Sellers in Canada Rely on US but Face Shipping Barriers

L Brands pursuing “all” options for La Senza

(Update) Toronto, ON: 19-year-old arrested in shopping plaza murder
Toronto police have arrested a 19-year-old man in connection with a fatal shooting at a plaza in Scarborough earlier this month. Elliott Reid-Doyle, 18, was shot multiple times in the parking lot of a strip mall on the afternoon of Oct. 3. He was pronounced dead in hospital. On Friday, investigators released video and surveillance images of the suspect and on Saturday, they identified him as Amal Jones of Toronto. Jones surrendered to police on Sunday evening. He is facing a charge of second-degree murder and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Delta, BC: Shipment of Rocky Mountain bikes worth $600K to $800K stolen
A container shipment of the bikes – unassembled and in boxes – arrived at the 1600-block of Clivedon Avenue in Delta at 3:30 p.m. on September 24. By 9:30 p.m. the container had been removed from the lot by a semi-truck suspected to be stolen out of Richmond. The container contained 160 Rocky Mountain bikes, which retail from $3,000 to $6,000 each. The total value of the stolen bikes, all 2019 models, is between $600,000-$800,000.

Hamilton, ON: Man hides inside Walmart to steal $18K in electronics after close, police say
Hamilton police are trying to identify a man who they say hid inside an east end Walmart until it closed, so he could make off with thousands of dollars in electronics. Investigators say the man walked into the Walmart at Centre Mall on July 26. He then proceeded to hide until the store closed, a police news release reads. After the employees closed the store, the man left his hiding place, heading to the electronics section, and loaded up a bin with around $18,000 in merchandise, police say. The man then left the store. Police released his photo on Thursday in an effort to track him down.

Edmonton, AB: 2 people charged after $120K robbery at west Edmonton coin shop

Napanee, ON: OPP searching for shoplifter who took $1,600 worth of toothbrushes

Milton, ON: Female suspect sought following failed $500 theft

Brampton, ON: Thieves caught stealing turkey from grocery store during Thanksgiving

Halifax, NS, Canada: Man admits to setting fire at The Atlantic Superstore; $5,000 in damages

Robberies & Burglaries

C-Store - Windsor, ON - Robbery
C-Store - St. John's, NL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Saskatoon, SK - Armed Robbey/Assault
Coin Shop - Edmonton, AB - Robbery
Lawton Drugs - Conception Bay South, NL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Toronto, ON - Robbery


Sponsored by The Zellman Group

Don't let holidays become the season of fraud
With the holidays quickly approaching, merchants are preparing anticipated increases in sales, but are they ready for increases in fraud? For many, this preparation is multi-faceted and begins with identifying blind spots that resulted from what they experienced last season and their changing strategies throughout the year. These changes may have been from introducing international geographies to their sales plan, adding products or new sales channels, making their site mobile-friendly, or from creating and launching a mobile app.

An annual audit may be urged in order for online retailers to review their changes and make sure their fraud system is still operating at peak efficiency to identify real fraudsters from real customers. Outlined below are some suggestions to help merchants prepare for the holiday season, minimise fraud, and reduce the negative financial and brand ramifications associated with chargebacks in the new year.

1. Use your data to understand your consumer.
2. Determine the right risk vs sales ratio for your business.
3. Utilise a multi-layered approach to detect and deter fraud.
4. Review, analyse, and repeat.
5. Engage your data team and/or fraud solution provider or even your payment provider.
6. Train, train, train.

Senate Dems target Amazon over anti-union practices
Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) are asking Amazon to explain reports of “potentially illegal anti-union behavior,” challenging the corporate giant’s labor practices shortly after it agreed to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The senators have sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos over a video that warns managers at Amazon’s Whole Food Markets about the dangers of union organizing, and ask him to respond to recently surfaced worker allegations that voicing their concerns led to retaliation from company management.

US online sales grow an estimated 16.7% in September

Online grocery sales more than tripled between 2013 and 2018

Albertsons launches an online marketplace for food, wellness and household products

Wayfair Rolls Out MyWay Membership Program

Gucci wary of Chinese ecommerce tie-up because of fakes

The future of commerce will be the human touch

Study finds online retailers are ineffective at website personalization

"Fraud is not a person - it is a dynamic grouping of statistics that deviate from the norm."
Stuart B. Levine, CFI, CFCI
CEO, The Zellman Group & Zelligent

ORC News
Sponsored by Auror

Scott Depot, WV: Kmart hit for nearly $100,000 in jewelry in Overnight Burglary
A person hides in a store until it closes, then steals tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry. This happened at the Kmart in Scott Depot, one that is closing in less than six weeks. Investigators said it could be related to a similar burglary at a Kmart in Charleston. Putnam County deputies said at least one thief did stayed in the store after closing on Saturday, then stealing anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 worth of jewelry, finally running out a side door about 2:45 Sunday morning, triggering an alarm.

Burnsville, MN: Update: Walgreens Pharmacist Stole 500+ Pills from 3 area stores
Tessaca Lynn Sanchez was charged with two counts of theft of a controlled substance in connection with the case. Authorities say the thefts happened in March and April in both Burnsville and Lakeville. The complaint states the employee told police Sanchez was hired in February to work as an assistant in the pharmacy department. Sanchez also worked at another Walgreens store in Lakeville, and a store in Burnsville.

Authorities conducted a search at all three stores Sanchez worked at, and found more than 500 pills to be missing. They included Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Oxycodone and Tramadol. Sanchez was confronted about the pill thefts on April 17, and admitted to taking 70 Hydrocodone and Vicodin pills from the store off 160th Street starting on March 18, and 70 Hydrocodone pills from the Lac Lavon store. Sanchez denied taking pills from the County Road 42 location. She admitted she didn’t have a prescription for the pills and took them for personal use. Sanchez faces up to 15 years in prison and $30,000 in fines.

Tyler, TX: 3 suspects in Gas Pump Skimmer case Indicted
The three men were arrested July 27 when investigators were called about men taking skimmers off of gas pumps at an Exxon station in the 800 block of South Southeast Loop 323. The suspects ran into the woods when police arrived, but were taken into custody. Police believe they used stolen credit card information to obtain cash from several ATM machines and purchased numerous gift cards at several retail outlets in Tyler. Bond was set at $3 Million for each suspect.

Columbus, IN: Man arrested for shoplifting $2,100 worth of items from Walmart
Police arrested a Columbus man for allegedly trying to walk out of a store with a shopping cart full of merchandise. Police were called to the Walmart on Whitfield Drive in Columbus early Tuesday after employees confronted 29-year-old Dustin Jessie. They told police he was trying to push a cart out the door with more than $2,100 worth of goods for which he hadn't paid.

Denham Springs, LA: Thieves steal $2,000 in merchandise from Juban Road retailer, maybe connected to Baton Rouge theft
Livingston Parish sheriff's detectives seek identification of suspects who allegedly took $2,000 worth of cologne and perfume products from a retail store off Juban Road on Oct. 10. Detectives believe the same suspects are responsible for a similar theft in the Baton Rouge area.

Hoboken, NJ: Rite Aid Shoplifters crash car into building fleeing police; $1,000 of merchandise recovered

Dalton, GA: Woman Tries To Shoplift $700 In Merchandise from Walmart; Loss Prevention recovers merchandise

Greenwich, CT: Man charged with the theft of 3 laptops from Apple Store

Beachwood, OH: Two women arrested for Shoplifting and possession of criminal tools

Bolingbrook, IL: Meijer reports theft of $2,400 in Baby Formula and Diapers

Retail Crime News

Shootings & Deaths

Anaheim, CA: Man found stabbed to death in strip center parking lot
Police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a man found in an Anaheim parking lot early Tuesday morning. The incident was reported just before 1 a.m. at a strip mall in the 2900 block of Lincoln Avenue. Arriving officers found a man down suffering from at least one stab wound. He was later identified as 39-year-old Anaheim resident Raymond Tovar. It was unclear if Tovar had been stabbed at the location or ended up in the parking lot after being stabbed elsewhere. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Phoenix, AZ: Woman accused of manslaughter after fatal collision at gas station
A 33-year-old woman was in custody on a manslaughter charge in the death of a man struck near the pumps Saturday at a gas station near 35th and Glendale avenues. Phoenix police recommended that Shanika Bennett, 33, be charged with manslaughter in the death of Sergio Grimaldo, 34. About 3:10 p.m. Saturday, Bennett and a friend were in a Mustang when it went over a curb, entered the gas station lot and struck Grimaldo, whose car was parked at a gas pump. Three witnesses identified Bennett as the driver, police said.

Grimaldo was taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries, police said. A drug recognition expert evaluated Bennett for impairment and said slow speech and slow responses were observed. Bennett said she takes oxycodone for back pain, police said.

Charlotte, NC: CMPD investigates shooting in parking lot of Habitat for Humanity Restore
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is investigating a shooting outside the Habitat for Humanity Restore in southeast Charlotte Tuesday afternoon. Customer Tika Rai said he heard several gunshots and ran to see what was going on. “I just see two cars come from that way. One went to the left. The other went to the right,” Rai said. Police said both the man who was shot and the suspect drove off.

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Grayson, KY: Rite Aid Pharmacy manager accused of illegally dispensing drugs
Authorities say a pharmacy manager at a Rite Aid in Kentucky has been indicted on charges including dispensing a controlled substance without a proper doctor’s prescription and criminal falsification of medical records. Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear tells news outlets in a statement 30-year-old Tommy Dearfield Jr. was indicted by a Carter County grand jury this month on 37 counts. The illegal conduct is alleged to have occurred last year while Dearfield was a pharmacy manager at the drugstore in Grayson. Beshear’s detectives and Grayson police arrested Dearfield on Friday. The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy and Rite Aid Loss Prevention helped Beshear’s office investigate.

Homewood, IL: Shoplifter’s Getaway Car Swiped Another In Kohl's Parking Lot
Larry Holmes was charged with retail theft and Germaine Henderson with leaving the scene of a property damage accident, operation of an uninsured motor vehicle and driving while license suspended/revoked at 4:38 p.m. on Oct. 5 at Kohl's, 17620 Halsted. Holmes concealed items and exited the store without paying for the merchandise which had a total retail value of $75. Holmes entered a vehicle driven by Henderson, which struck another vehicle as they attempted to leave the area.

Walmart Shoplifter arrested for Theft and Domestic Violence charges; stabbed boyfriend with 2 pronged grilling fork

UK: Chelmsford, England: Addict back in jail just 4 days after release after shoplifting for the 282nd time

Jared in the Town Center at Cobb, Kennesaw, GA reported an Attempted Smash & Grab on 10/14, no merchandise was taken

Jared in the St. Louis Mills, Hazelwood, MO reported a Grab & Run on 10/14, item valued at $7,398

Kay Jewelers in the West Park Mall, Cape Girardeau, MO reported a Grab & Run on 10/14, item valued at $7,299

Piercing Pagoda in the Arizona Mills, Tempe, AZ reported a Grab & Run on 10.13, item valued at $349

Zales in the West Town Mall, Knoxville, TN reported a Grab & Run on 10/15, item valued at $3,300

Zales in the Coronado Center Mall, Albuquerque, NM reported a Grab & Run on 10.14, item valued at $2,399

Arson & Fire

Ocala, FL: OPD searching for Macy's Arson suspect
The woman shown in this surveillance video entered Macy’s at the Paddock Mall and walked around the store, before setting fire to a rack of undergarments. Ocala Police says she left in the vehicle shown in this video.

Sentencings & Charges

Hamilton, NJ: 7-Eleven robber get 25 years

Urbana, IL: Sprint Armed robbery getaway driver sentenced to 15 years; $32,000 in restitution

Burley, ID: Man was sentenced to 10 years for robbing a C-Store with a rifle

Catawba County, NC: C-Store Armed Robber sentenced to 8 years

Kankakee Man Sentenced 15 Years in Prison for Armed Robbery of Champaign Sprint Store

South Bend, Ind., Police Officer Charged with Switching Price Tags at Walmart


Robberies and Burglaries
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Scarsdale Security Systems

American Natural Gas Station – Pittsburgh, PA – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Cowpens, SC – Armed Robbery
C-Store – Las Vegas, NV – Armed Robbery
Deli – Bronx, NY – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Saline County, AR – Armed Robbery
Dollar General – Fairview Heights, IL - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar – Killeen, TX – Armed Robbery
Game Stop – North Attleboro, MA – Armed Robbery
• Jared – Tustin, CA – Burglary
Jewelry store – Folsom, CA – Burglary
JC Penney – Bloomington, IL – Burglary
Kmart – Scott Depot, WV – Burglary
McDonald’s – Walterboro, SC - Robbery
O’Reilly Auto – Warren, MI – Armed Robbery
Pawn Shop - Arkansas City, AR – Burglary
Pharmacy – Sedalia, MO – Armed Robbery
Resale Shop – Overton County, TN – Burglary
Smoke Shop – Latham, NY – Robbery
Sunglass Hut – Folsom, CA – Burglary
Target – Wilmington, DE – Robbery
T-Mobile – Miami Township, OH – Armed Robbery
Tire Shop – Derry Township, PA – Robbery
Veterinary Clinic - Overton County, TN - Burglary
7-Eleven – Warren, MI – Armed Robbery

Daily Totals:
16 robberies
8 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings

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The Regional Asset Protection Manager will lead their region in Shrink Reduction, Asset Protection and Safety efforts through an in-depth understanding of the overall business, effective partnerships and by directing the region with integrity and professionalism...

Loss Prevention Market Specialist
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To monitor store locations to detect, investigate and resolve internal and external situations and circumstances that could lead to or result in losses to the company. All actions and conduct within the scope of the position must be performed according to performance standards set by Burke’s policies, procedures and Code of Ethics...

Loss Prevention/Asset Protection Investigator
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Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
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● Maintain surveillance of the store via CCTV and conduct physical inspections including perimeter checks...

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AP Analyst based in Norcross, GA reporting to the Director of Asset Protection. This high-visibility role will be responsible for business-wide security administration, multiple fraud detection programs and functional communication...

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• GameStop - Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Grapevine, TX

• JC Penney -
VP Asset Protection, Dallas, TX
• Hyatt - Director, Loss Prevention and Claims, Chicago, IL
• Domino's - Director, Information Systems Security, Ann Arbor, MI
• Associated Grocers - Director of Risk Management, Baton Rouge, LA
• rue21 - Director of Loss Prevention, Warrendale, PA
• MedMen - Director of Safety, Culver City, CA
• Domino's - Director, Safety Supply Chain Services, Ann Arbor, MI
• Conn's Home Plus - Director of LP, Inventory Control & Fraud, Spring, TX
• Gulfstream Goodwill Industries - Director of Safety, West Palm Beach, FL
• Netflix - Director of Data Privacy and Security, Legal - Los Angeles, CA
• Food Lion - Director of Asset Protection, Salisbury, NC
• Ahold Delhaize USA - Manager | Corporate Investigations - Retail Business Service, Salisbury, NC
T-Mobile Express Stores - LP Operations Manager, East Brunswick, NJ
Living Spaces - Director of Safety, California
Kings - LP Investigator - Northern New Jersey

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