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NCORCA Annual Symposium
Oct. 10

National Association of Bunco Investigators 2018 Conference
Oct. 17-18

Florida Law Enforcement Property Recovery Unit Annual Training Conference
Oct. 24-26

Q4 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Nov. 7th
BJ's Wholesale Inc Corp. Office - Westboro, MA

RLPSA Connect
Nov. 15

NRF Big Show
Jan. 13-15

ISCPO 2019 Conference
March 6-7

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How Reducing Theft Penalties Impacts Community Safety

Quick Take 8

ADT/Protection 1

Quick Take 7

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Shrink Management as a Service provides UK retail chain Asda with real-time intelligence in the cloud
Tyco Retail Solutions today announced its Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS), is delivering clear visibility into Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and loss prevention systems for all 642 Asda stores in the UK. For the first time a UK retailer has a fully connected estate and a browser-based, real-time view of its entire shrink management ecosystem, enabling increased reliability and performance of EAS systems for a new generation of innovative loss prevention. Read more in today's Vendor Spotlight below.

Special Note: The UK's third largest grocer, Asda, owned by Walmart, has 631 retail units with 339 of which being superstores. They're currently in discussions with the UK's second largest grocer, Sainsbury, about merging and creating the UK's biggest grocer. If merged Walmart would hold 42 percent of the share capital of the Combined Business. walmart.com

Johnson Controls simplifies enterprise-level security operations and management with victor and VideoEdge 5.3
Johnson Controls is announcing the latest version of the victor and VideoEdge flagship video management solution (VMS). This release features an array of tools to improve analytic reporting, and streamline device and user management across multi-location installations. The victor client on VideoEdge hardware platforms allows users to leverage high-performance video streaming, audio, video intelligence and an expansive feature set for improved real-time command and management. tycosecurityproducts.com

The Five Amazing Innovation Leadership Videos of 2018
By Tony D'Onofrio, Global Retail Influencer
The Internet, mobile and social media have forever transformed the distribution of viral messaging. No longer the best kept secret, at the center of successful communication is the medium of video.

82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. Ten million videos are watched on Snapchat per day. Over 500 million (half a BILLION) people are watching video on Facebook every day. The Top 10 YouTube stars of 2017 generated over $110 million in personal pre-tax income. Every second, a million minutes (17,000 hours) of video content will cross global IP networks by 2021.

Having a passion for powerful visual communications, weekly through my personal website I share one to three new videos. As we enter the fourth quarter, it is time to showcase my 2018 top five amazing innovation leadership videos. Watch the videos here.

CLEAR Day 1 Recap: Conference Kicks Off with LP
& Law Enforcement Awards

Day one of the CLEAR Conference is in the books with 175 attendees from loss prevention and law enforcement in attendance. The day's topics included: Federal Resources in ORC Investigations, Leadership and case building for ORC Investigations, and Advancements in Credit Card Fraud/Identity Theft.

The day started with awards presented for the loss prevention and law enforcement investigations of the year, as pictured below:

Detective Charlene Tombaugh, Huntersville NC Police Ruben Banuelos,
The Home Depot
Ben Schwartz,
The Home Depot

Chicago Municipal Code Amendment Would Allow Businesses to Use Facial Recognition
WHEREAS, facial recognition technology provides an invaluable tool for law enforcement in the apprehension of suspects and criminals, as well as identifying the whereabouts of missing persons; and

WHEREAS, on June 28, 2018 the Capital Gazette shooter, who killed five and gravely wounded several others, was promptly identified because law enforcement had access to facial recognition technology in spite fingerprint technology not yielding a match; and

WHEREAS, INTERPOL, the Federal bureau of Investigation (FBI), and other law enforcement . agencies employ facial recognition technology to streamline security screenings, apprehend criminal suspects, and locate missing persons; and

WHEREAS, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) has employed a facial recognition system called NeoFace since 2013; and

WHEREAS, businesses have a unique interest in gathering facial geometry data for security purposes, the Las Vegas gunman had rented two hotel rooms at Chicago's Blackstone Hotel overlooking the Lollapalooza music festival in Grant Park in August, two months before he opened fire at a country music concert in Las Vegas, but never showed up; and

WHEREAS, the regulated collection of face geometry data by licensed businesses fosters greater security for all residents; NOW, THEREFORE


Corporate Fraud At The Highest Level at UK's Tesco
Two Sr. Execs at UK's Biggest Retailer Coerced Subordinates To Overstate Profits by $327M
"False Accounting on Industrial Scale Took Place at Tesco" Court Hears

Two former senior executives of Tesco abused their positions to encourage practices that resulted in a 250 million pounds (US$327 million) overstatement of expected profits and misled the stock market, a prosecutor told a London court on Monday.

With a motive to support the share price of Britain's biggest retailer, secure huge compensation packages and retain their jobs, the two executives "pressurized or coerced" unidentified subordinates into compliance, lead prosecutor Sasha Wass told London's Southwark Crown Court.

Tesco, having dominated the British retail market for decades, by 2014 Tesco had seen a dramatic reduction in profit and market share, hurt by the rise of German discounters Aldi and Lidl.

According to the indictment, Bush and Scouler concealed Tesco's true financial position from its auditors and other employees between Feb. 1, 2014 and Sept. 23, 2014.

When it came out in the following days and weeks, Tesco suspended eight senior members of staff, including Bush and Scouler. Tesco's shares lost 2 billion pounds of value and the retailer was plunged into the worst crisis in its near 100-year history.

The profit forecast overstatement, identified three weeks after a new CEO, Dave Lewis, took over as chief executive from Philip Clarke, was later raised to 263 million pounds. channelnewsasia.com pressreader.com/uk

Walgreens mobilizes ahead of Hurricane Michael
Walgreens on Tuesday announced that it was preparing its customers, employees and communities in the expected path of Hurricane Michael ahead of it making landfall, including plans to support areas impacted in the aftermath of the storm.

With a state of emergency declared in parts of Florida, Walgreens said pharmacists can refill up to a 30-day supply of medication without refill authorization for any non-controlled substance.

Additionally, the company is staging mobile pharmacies near the region that it said it would deploy if necessary to damaged drug stores, as well as emergency power generators for areas that lose power. drugstorenews.com

Hurricane Michael Live Updates: Category 4 Storm Lashes Florida

$400 Million Counterfeit Fraud Problem Solved by Oct. 2020
EMV Finally Coming to Gas Stations & C-Stores in 2019

According to petroleum market organization Conexxus, gas stations account for roughly $400 million of counterfeit fraud annually. As a result, Visa, MasterCard and American Express moved to mandate that all gas stations must replace their magnetic strip-based pumps with EMV chip-reading pumps - or else be held liable for any fraud incurred through those pumps. The EMV change-over deadline extended from 2017 to October 2020, but that's little solace to outlets now faced with upgrade costs that start at $25,000 and easily run north of $150,000. For some gas stations, such numbers may exceed their annual profit.

For small, often unbranded gas stations, these five- and six-figure expenses can close a business. Even larger operations may be forced to take on debt to survive the staggering up-front conversion costs.

Another problem facing gas stations heading toward the 2020 EMV deadline is a significant labor shortage. Across the U.S., approximately half-a-million gas pumps need EMV upgrades, and it's reasonable to expect the press of upgrade requests to increase as the deadline grows closer.

Switchly and Gas Pos platform installations assist c-stores with transition to EMV upgrades at the pump.

Las Vegas Purchasing Analyst Pleads Guilty to $6.7M Ink/Toner Resale Scheme
McCain worked as a purchasing analyst for the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) and she was responsible for transmitting orders and payments to vendors. McCain-Bray admitted that between January 1, 2007 to about December 7, 2015, she devised the scheme to defraud the LVVWD by falsely representing that her purchases of ink and toner cartridges, when she knew that the products were actually purchased for a New Jersey company which they received from her after repackaging them herself, and then resold the cartridges for its own profit. Between 2007 and 2015, McCain-Bray fraudulently purchased approximately $6.7 million in ink and toner cartridges with LVVWD funds.

Sentencing is set for January 29, 2019. The maximum penalty for mail fraud is 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, and the maximum penalty for subscribing to a false tax return is three years in prison and a $250,000 fine. She also faces a $6,715,531 criminal forfeiture money judgment. justice.go

Retail Industry's CEO Turnover Rate Has Hit A Record High
The retail industry saw its rate of announced CEO changes among S&P 500 companies rise to nearly 23% last year, from 16%, according to the Conference Board's annual study CEO Succession Practices, developed in partnership with the executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles. That was the highest rate the sector has seen since the Conference Board began the study in 2001 and more than double the industry's historical average rate of 10.5%.

As retailers scramble to respond to the new demands of fickle consumers and to disruptors like Amazon, the industry is taking a page from those shoppers who show little loyalty and changing CEOs at a faster pace than ever.

"The wholesale and retail industry is among the most vulnerable to today's changes and disruptions, including ongoing pressure to develop an omnichannel presence to compete with online shopping." forbes.com

Digitally native brands set to open 850 stores in 5 years
JLL cites plans from mattress retailer Casper to open 200 stores in North America within three years, lingerie startup Adore Me for up to 300 in five years, and athleisure footwear company Allbirds for stores in four cities in the next year. "The clicks-to-bricks retailers' expansion plans demonstrate the value these brands place on having a physical presence with which to engage shoppers," JLL said. retaildive.com

From largest US retailer to possible bankruptcy
Sears lines up emergency financing for potential filing

Sears Holdings has contacted banks in recent days to arrange the financing necessary to file for bankruptcy, people familiar with the situation told CNBC.

Sears has a $134 million debt payment due Monday that it previously said it may not be able to cover. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Sears hired M-III Partners to prepare for a bankruptcy filing that could come as soon as this week. cnbc.com

Fred's Repost Vice President Loss Prevention Position in Memphis, TN
The Vice President Loss Prevention is responsible for providing direction, development and leadership to Loss Prevention, Safety, Security and Audit teams for corporate, distribution centers and the field. These teams directly impact enterprise shortage control, security awareness, and program compliance for all Fred's retail locations.  The Vice President manages multiple Security, Loss Prevention and Safety programs and initiatives for stores and in our corporate offices. fredsinc.com

Fred's, Inc. operates approximately 600 general merchandise and pharmacy stores, including 13 franchised locations, and three specialty pharmacy-only locations. fredsinc.com

Big Lots - Vice President Asset Protection job has been removed from website

Tailored Brands Vice President Loss Prevention job has been taken down

Quarterly Results
Levi's Q3 direct-to-consumer sales up 14%, wholesale up 8%, net revenue up 10%

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Shrink Management as a Service provides UK retail chain Asda with real-time intelligence in the cloud

Tyco Retail Solutions today announced its Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS), is delivering clear visibility into Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and loss prevention systems for all 642 Asda stores in the UK. For the first time a UK retailer has a fully connected estate and a browser-based, real-time view of its entire shrink management ecosystem, enabling increased reliability and performance of EAS systems for a new generation of innovative loss prevention.

Sensormatic SMaaS is a Google Cloud-based service that provides both device management and predictive analytics to manage shrink while addressing underlying root causes. With easy to navigate dashboards, it helps makes sense of the data enabling retailers to identify problems earlier and make better business decisions.

The SMaaS implementation with Asda is part of a wider five-year strategy that one of Britain's leading retailers is carrying out with Tyco Retail Solutions to refresh its EAS solutions and tagging eco-system, as well as drive meaningful alarm action at the store level. Using SMaaS, Asda's loss prevention professionals receive real-time, exception-based, automatic notifications to help identify serious issues that need immediate attention. By taking preventative measures, Asda can begin to streamline operations and help ensure their investments are futureproofed, through initiatives focusing on centralized management processes, optimizing store labor and possible training gaps.

"Building upon our EAS foundation, we now have new insights and centralized management which provides efficiencies with our EAS equipment, allowing us to refocus our efforts and more proactively manage our estate in real-time across 642 stores. The true benefit will be realized when we can act predictively to support our stores with this new level of visibility SMaaS delivers," said Andrew Rees, senior manager, Asset Protection, Asda.

"Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service delivers actionable intelligence for operations and merchandising," said Catherine Walsh, senior vice president and general manager, Tyco Retail Solutions. "By examining this data, Asda is now in a better position to understand the potential impact on shrink, and make effective data-driven decisions that will positively influence bottom-line results."

Read More Here.

CISO of the Year: Rich Agostino, CISO, Target Corporation
Cybersecurity Team of the Year: Information Security Team, Target Corporation

R-CISC 2018 Summit: A Conference that Felt More Like a Team Meeting

The R-CISC celebrated its most successful Summit to date with a fascinating closing keynote by LTG John Mulholland Jr (Ret), commander of the "horse soldiers" of the Iraqi Freedom campaign, who gave attendees advice on great leadership: Leadership demands moral courage-be equal to it! It would not have been possible without our quickly growing, global community. There are now more than 128 companies sharing information and intelligence daily through the R-CISC.

Highlights of the Summit included Doug Stephens, the Retail Prophet, who spoke to attendees about "what's next" in retail; as well as a breakdown of the Magecart card skimming operation given by RiskIQ, who have been publishing details on this set of groups under the umbrella name, profiling their attacks on e-commerce from small shops to major online merchants like Ticketmaster and British Airways. M ore than 18 breakout panels and forums followed 4 keynotes, where, in many instances, practitioners opened the curtains on how they have dealt with challenges, sharing their pain points in order to help strengthen the industry as a whole. A self-organized Birds of a Feather luncheon gave attendees the chance to delve further into particular topics of interest in their organizations. One attendee said it felt more like a team meeting than a conference!

The R-CISC Annual Meeting was held during the Gala, where the R-CISC Nominating Committee (board members Ken Athanasiou and Roseann Larson) presented the results of the board election. The four incumbents: Jim Cameli of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Dave Spooner of The TJX Companies, Grant Sewell of Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, and Warren Steytler of Lowe's Companies were reelected to the board.

The Peer Choice Awards-the highlight of the evening-are voted on by members and honor those individuals and organizations who show dedication to sharing cyber intelligence on incidents, threats, vulnerabilities and associated threat remediation because, as a community, we understand that we are stronger together.

● CISO of the Year: Rich Agostino, CISO, Target Corporation
● Cybersecurity Team of the Year: Information Security Team, Target Corporation
● Breakthrough Female in Cybersecurity: Angeline Button, Dillard's and Vanessa Aranda, Gap, Inc.
● Cybersecurity Practitioner of the Year: Ryan Miller, Target Corporation
● Associate Member of the Year: Intel 471
● Fast Starter Award: Wendy's Company

Next year's Summit: The 2019 Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit will take place September 23-25 at the Four Seasons, Denver. r-cisc.org

Shift to outcomes-based security by focusing on business needs
What is the first step towards moving from a tick-box approach to security to one that is outcomes-based and how can an organisation test whether its security defences are delivering the desired outcome?

Box-ticking in any business discipline has a rightfully poor reputation, associated as it is with heedlessly carrying out processes and procedures with little thought about whether these are the best course IT security is no exception. However, moving to an approach that focuses instead on outcomes should not shrug off tick-box activities altogether because these are proof-points of action being taken.

The trick is to make sure these actions are business enablers, rather than performed merely to adhere to administrative rules. Critical to this is ensuring people know why a process needs to be carried out over and above it needing to be "ticked off".

This requires everyone to be involved, including the senior members of the organisation. As well as bearing overall responsibility for any security threats, they often create the drivers that allow breaches to happen. computerweekly.com

Blockchain Battles China's Fakes
From Chanel handbags to baby formula, the issue of fake products in China hits every product category. As brands seek out new technologies to get one step ahead of counterfeiters, they're hoping blockchain can be their new secret weapon to help them win the fight.

The luxury industry has been especially eager to pursue blockchain technology in the battle against counterfeits. In May, Hong Kong jeweler Chow Tai Fook announced that it had introduced blockchain ledger technology to verify the provenance of diamonds from its new T Mark brand that was founded last year. The company is working with luxury-focused blockchain solutions provider Everledger and IBM Blockchain Platform to create a digital record for each diamond with information on its sourcing and quality rating from the Gemological Institute of America.

One major benefit of blockchain for luxury brands is the ability to create a "permanent and immutable" record of an item's provenance, according to Everledger's CEO. In addition to written records of quality and authenticity, the technology allows brands to create a permanent "digital twin" of the diamond with high-definition photography and ultrasounds. This builds trust by ensuring that the diamond that makes it to the end of the supply chain is the same one that started at the beginning of it.

It's not just handbags and diamonds that are being verified with blockchain, but also another type of luxury in the China market: organic lettuce. E-commerce giants Alibaba and JD.com have both rolled out blockchain verification programs to allay upper middle class Chinese shoppers' concerns about food safety. l2inc.com


Circle K StreetART Brings Toronto Community Together After Shooting
Youth, Law Enforcement Paint Tribute Mural
In the aftermath of the July 22, 2018 mass shooting incident, the Circle K Central Canada Loss Prevention Team was moved to do something to help the healing process and show support for the community, while also recognizing the efforts of all the first responders who worked in unison to courageously save lives and protect people that night.

The Circle K StreetART program brings the community together for a common cause to make the community and our stores a safer place by reducing violence and breaking down barriers. The Loss Prevention Team approached the Toronto Police Service, Toronto Crime Stoppers and the local BIA to propose the StreetART tribute idea; which was overwhelmingly accepted and created a positive energy amongst the group. On Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018 the Danforth mural began with local youth and uniformed Toronto Police Officers working together to paint the initial backdrop of the wall.

As designed, barriers came down and conversations began to occur between the youth, community and police-the program was working. A few days later, on Friday Aug. 10, 2018 the Danforth mural was complete and officially revealed with a community street party at the store, which brought together the police, youth and the Danforth community as a whole. The Danforth mural was the twenty-third StreetART Mural for Circle K's program.

Circle K StreetART Program
The StreetART Program was developed in 2012 to combat crime issues at stores and works to create strategic partnerships in an effort to help prevent crime and strengthen community relationships; while working diligently towards a community-based shared responsibility. Engaging the community, especially the youth will only empower them to develop a stronger ability to make a positive difference. cstoredecisions.com

CEO Shuts Down All Stores
'Almost Everyone' at Retailer Involved in Criminal Activity

A Toronto-based beauty brand that has become a cult hit and garnered attention from the likes of Kim Kardashian West is abruptly closing all of its stores. Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem, said in an Instagram video he posted over the weekend that he is shutting down operations until further notice.

Truaxe did not give a clear reason for the closure of the stores, which are often emblazoned with "the Abnormal Beauty Company" slogan, but alludes to criminal charges in the video.

"Please take me seriously," he said. "Almost everyone at Deciem has been involved in a major criminal activity, which includes financial crimes and much other. You have no idea what a soldier I have been for 13 years."

In a statement made to The Canadian Press, Estee Lauder distanced itself from the matter by calling it a "minority" investor in the brand, and noting "we do not control the company's operations, social media or personnel decisions." financialpost.com

More than a dozen federal departments flunked a credit card security test
Canada Revenue Agency, RCMP among 17 federal agencies that failed to meet security standard

The Canada Revenue Agency, the RCMP, Statistics Canada and more than a dozen other federal departments and agencies have failed an international test of the security of their credit card payment systems.

Altogether, half of the 34 federal institutions authorized by the banking system to accept credit-card payments from citizens and others have flunked the test - risking fines and even the revocation of their ability to accept credit and debit payments.

Those 17 departments and agencies continue to process payments on Visa, MasterCard, Amex, the Tokyo-based JCB and China UnionPay cards, and federal officials say there have been no known breaches to date.

These institutions all fell short of a global data-security standard launched in 2006 that's meant to foil fraud artists and criminal hackers bent on stealing names, numbers and codes for credit and debit cards. cbc.ca

National RCMP Campaign Targets Cyber Security
This is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the RCMP urge you to take note. Media Relations Officer Tara Seel tells us it's a national campaign through the RCMP to help ensure you're not victimized. While she acknowledges there aren't any statistics, Seel says it appears there's an increase in threats.

"We are seeing a lot of scams being reported, through the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre," she says, "And we encourage anyone who has become a victim, or suspects online fraudulent activity, to report to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, because does help us track trends, and be able to warn people about certain scams that are out there."

Seel recommends several websites you can access for information on how to protect yourself.

"Visit cybertip.ca, or visit getcybersafe.ca," she says, "Cybertip.ca especially focuses on keeping your children safe on the internet. And that's always a very important thing, so it's a great resource, for sure. Just reminding everyone, you're checking your smoke alarms, you're changing your clocks, it's just to remind you to review your online habits as well." discoverwestman.com

Canadian companies are overconfident when it comes to cyberattacks

Malware Outbreak Causes Disruptions, Closures at Canadian Restaurant Chain

Walmart Canada Eyes Cannabis Industry
Still No Immediate Plans for Cannabis Products

Ontario could see up to 1,000 private pot shops after cannabis legalization

17 Alberta shops will sell cannabis on 1st day of legalization

Why Canada Goose's CEO has a love-hate relationship with counterfeiting
Counterfeiters 'Helped Raise Awareness' for the brand

Like most business owners, Reiss prefers his products not be ripped off and he's spent considerable time and money trying to stop the flow of counterfeit Canada Goose goods from clandestine overseas manufacturers to markets where fake items are on full display or hidden in back rooms.

However, Reiss has a complicated relationship with counterfeiting because he admits it has benefits - especially in Asia, where Canada Goose recently opened stores in Beijing and Hong Kong and a regional office in Shanghai.

"It helped raise awareness...for people who perhaps didn't know who we were until we were being counterfeited," Reis said. "It is something that people have referred to as a backhanded compliment and I suppose it is of sorts." cbc.ca

Canada Store Openings

Davids Footwear Kicks Off National Retail Expansion with 1st New Store

Judith & Charles opens first store in Atlantic Canada
Rabba Fine Foods Launches New Design Prototype Store
Calgary's New Horizon Mall announces opening of new stores

Protest in Halifax urges boosting minimum wage to $15 an hour

Surprise backlash from Canada-U.S. trade deal

Mission, BC: Gang associate who posed 'significant risk' to public shot dead in targeted hit outside 'busy' mall
A 19-year-old gang associate who posed a "significant risk" to the public has been shot dead outside a mall in Mission, B.C. Investigators say Varinderpal Singh Gill was targeted and shot outside the Mission Junction Mall around 9 p.m. PT on Wednesday. Gill was pronounced dead at the scene, which isn't far from a movie theatre and a number of restaurants. "This was a brazen shooting in a busy shopping complex," said Cpl. Frank Jang with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team. cbc.ca

'Boost and Bust': Delta police go undercover in Tsawwassen malls
Officers worked with mall security teams to arrest shoplifters

Delta police joined forces with security officers working at two Tsawwassen malls to help capture shoplifters, in a venture informally known as "Boost and Bust."

The Boost and Bust program - so named because a "boost" is when a someone shoplifts, and a "bust" is when they're arrested by police - took place at the Tsawwassen Mills and Tsawwassen Commons malls, and was an exercise in relationship building, DPD public affairs coordinator Cris Leykauf said.

During the program, Delta police officers worked both overtly and covertly with mall security, spreading officers throughout the mall and surrounding area to find people committing crimes (or people wanted on arrest warrants) and then safely arrest them. Police also looked for stolen cars, theft-from-auto suspects and property crime offenders. surreynowleader.com

Teen boy charged for stealing $19K of booze from Winnipeg liquor stores

Scarborough, ON: Car crashes into Shoppers Drug Mart; Cause unclear

Kingston, ON: Man who stole jewelry, electronics, cigarettes and more gets an earful from victim

Barrie, ON: Brazen thief steals 86-year-old woman's walker outside store

Robberies & Burglaries

C-Store - Brantford, ON - Armed Robbery
Mary Brown's Restaurant - Holyrood, NL - Armed Robbery

Pharmacy - Niagara, ON - Armed Robbery



Captis Intelligence specializes in developing highly sophisticated means of suspect identification. Their I-4 solution (Information, Intelligence, Investigation, and Identification) unifies situational awareness, geographic crime intelligence, social media investigation, criminal databases, access to solveacrime.com, and secured information exchange portals for national retailers, neighboring businesses and law enforcement.

Dan Santell, CEO, Captis Intelligence, tells us what makes the I-4 platform so unique, how it's reduced theft rates in stores by 50%, and how it helped police solve a high-profile murder/robbery case within 72 hours.

Tom Meehan & Steve Sell - CONTROLTEK - Quick Take 9

Steve Sell, VP of Global Sales & Marketing for CONTROLTEK, chats with Amber Bradley about some of the new solutions CONTROLTEK is rolling out this year, and then takes on the "Lightning Round", before Tom Meehan, Chief Strategy Officer & CISO - and famous author of the D&D Daily's "Tom's Tek Tip" column - crashes the party to share a little wisdom on business cards and LinkedIn.



An e-commerce pitfall: never-ending returns
With the limitless selection and convenience that e-commerce offers consumers, online retailers are selling more and more goods. But they are also taking a lot back.

What's going on: Some of the biggest e-commerce businesses report staggering sales numbers - but huge pieces of that revenue often get erased in refunds to customers and shipping costs for returns.

By the numbers:

● Customers returned $351 billion of all purchases - brick-and-mortar and online - in 2017, according to the National Retail Federation. That's about 10%.

● Return rates jump to about 30% or higher when looking at just online purchases. For example, Revolve, the popular online clothing seller, made $400 million in net sales in 2017, but paid out an almost equal amount, $385 million, for returns, writes Recode's Jason Del Rey. That doesn't include the cost of return shipping.

● About 6.5% or $22.6 billion of the returns were labeled fraud or abuse of store return policies. That includes falsifying receipts to profit or buying something with the intention of wearing it once before returning it. axios.com

A Massive Bump In Data Breaches Is Stoking Bot-Driven Attacks On Retailers
Rarely does a month go by without the news of another large data breach at some company, organization or government entity. Recently, there was a massive breach of an Exactis marketing firm database that contained 340 million records of personal information on American adults and businesses and a breach of 27 million records on concert and sporting event ticketing site TicketFly. Ninety-two million users were breached on online genealogy platform MyHeritage, and untold numbers of Adidas customers in the U.S. were compromised. We are well into the billions of breached accounts globally.

At the same time, we have seen marked increases in the volumes of bot-driven attacks. In Q1 2018, LexisNexis ThreatMetrix detected 210 million attacks, a 62% increase over last year. The most rapid growth of attacks was on the e-commerce industry. In fact, e-commerce transactions are now more than 10 times more likely to be fraudulent as compared to transactions in financial services.

So is this massive growth of the target pool of purloined user information stoking the growth of bot-driven attacks on websites? The answer is, almost certainly, yes. In my firm's observations, based on data collected from billions of daily requests we protect for some of the world's largest websites, we see a steady and alarming increase in credential-stuffing attacks, growing in complexity and sophistication. In fact, the sheer size of the supply of stolen user information is radically changing the cybercrime landscape, causing major spikes in multiple types of online fraud and also shifting the nexus of fraud more heavily toward e-commerce companies.

Here's why: The vast majority of people who use the internet to shop, purchase travel or send email reuse the same passwords across multiple sites. At the same time, the growing pool of stolen credentials fed by unending data breaches gives cybercriminals a far greater supply of ammunition to try to break into existing valid accounts. This availability has pushed the success rates of fraudsters to all-time highs and attracted more professional fraud rings. forbes.com

The high-risk, high-reward world of selling stuff on Amazon




Coldwater, MI: Habitual Shoplifter faces up to Life in Prison
A history of shoplifting has Steve Jaquish, 60, facing life in prison as a habitual criminal. Friday morning loss prevention at the Coldwater Walmart recognized Jaquish from previous arrests as he was pushing a shopping cart from the store. It was filled with three televisions, antifreeze, and golf balls valued at $370. Jaquish was ticketed for driving on a suspended license and arrested for first degree retail fraud because of his prior arrests. His conviction began in 1991 in Jackson, Branch and Mason Counties with three in the last 12 months. As a habitual offender the five year offense can result in a sentence of years up to life. Jaquish was held under a $150,000 bond with preliminary proceedings set for Oct. 16 and 23. thedailyreporter.com

Erie County, PA: Update: State Police accuse a group of stealing more than $40,000 from Walmart stores in 3 counties
Authorities have apprehended the second of two men accused of being part of an organized retail theft ring responsible for stealing more than $40,000 worth of merchandise from Walmart stores, including stores in Erie and Crawford counties, earlier this year.

Darin L. Thompson had been wanted since Aug. 15 on charges including felony counts of corrupt organizations, organized retail theft, receiving stolen property and retail theft in an investigation into a rash of thefts from Walmart stores in Erie, Crawford, and Bradford counties between March 17 and June 18. Investigators charge that a group of suspects targeted 24-hour Walmart stores in the early morning hours and would fill plastic storage tubs with printer cartridges and other electronic items that they would steal.

Investigators charge in Thompson's criminal complaint that he was involved in thefts totaling $30,780 and attempted thefts totaling $27,555. Authorities reported previously that at least eight to 10 suspects are believed to have been involved in the theft ring. goerie.com

Chico, CA: Thieves steal over $10,000 in merchandise from Chico area stores
On October 8, the Chico Police said they received a call from the CVS Pharmacy on East Avenue about a couple of people shoplifting a significant amount of items. They provided a description of the subjects and the vehicle they left in. Just before 4:00 p.m., Chico Police said they got a call from a citizen who said they saw the thieves and their vehicle at Target. Officers responded to the area and eventually located the vehicle, at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Officers contacted a female suspect in the vehicle identified as a 17 year old from Oakland. Officers then contacted a male and a 10-month old child inside the store. The man was identified as Jihad Muhammad, 21, of San Francisco. According to police, the investigation revealed the thieves had not only stolen from CVS but also had a trunk full of items from several stores. Officers found products taken from Victoria's Secret, BevMo, and J.C. Penney's. Police said CVS lost over $4,300 of product, Victoria's Secret $3,000, and BevMo $242. Most of the stolen property consisted of small, but expensive, items. krcrtv.com

Houston, TX: 3 masked men beat employee after Verizon store break-in
Authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying the men accused of robbing a Verizon Wireless store and beating up a cleaning crew employee who was working inside. On Sept. 21, the Houston Police Department responded to reports of a robbery on Gulf Freeway. Authorities say a cleaning crew had locked the doors and were about to begin working when they heard a loud noise and spotted someone breaking into the business. The crew ran towards the back of the store to run out, but one of the victims was caught by the suspects and dragged back into the business. The crew member was then allegedly beaten by the three masked men. abc13.com

Westmont, IL: More Than $7K In Merchandise Stolen From Store In Westmont; $12,000 stolen in Aurora
Police in Westmont are investigating an incident in which more than $7,000 in items was stolen from an electronics store. The burglary took place on Oct. 1 in the first block of E. Ogden Avenue. Police say the store was burglarized sometime between 12 p.m. and 7:10 p.m. The total estimated loss was $7,187. Similar burglaries have been reported recently in other nearby suburbs. In Aurora, two cellphone stores were burglarized within 24 hours of each other and more than $12,000 in merchandise was stolen. patch.com

Paducah, KY: 3 wanted in connection to Ulta theft; over $2,000 of merchandise

Memphis, TN: Man and woman steal $1,200 of merchandise before attacking Kroger employees

Petaluma, CA: Police looking for $500 Dick's Sporting Good thief

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Shootings & Deaths

Greer, SC: No signs of foul play in Walmart parking lot death investigation
Greer police said a death investigation is underway after a body was found at the Walmart on US 29 Wednesday. Lt. Patrick Fortenberry said officers were asked to make contact with the driver of a commercial vehicle parked in the parking lot. They arrived and found the person was deceased. "Our detectives are just now starting their investigation into this incident and there are no further details at this time," Fortenberry said. Police were surrounding a tractor trailer in the parking lot when a FOX Carolina crew arrived at the scene. foxcarolina.com

Fort Myers, FL: Two killed, two wounded as volley of gunshots reported at Florida shopping center
Two people were killed and one other woman was injured in what the sheriff's department called a "targeted shooting" Tuesday night at Bell Tower Shops. A witness said she was celebrating her birthday before the shooting began around 10 p.m, when someone came up to her family and shot and killed her husband. The woman's son then tried to run before the gunman shot and killed him as well.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno identified the men killed as Kevin Robinson, 56, and Javarcia Riggins, 22. Robinson used to work for the City of Fort Myers. A woman was also shot and is in critical condition. Another man was also hurt from glass but was not shot. Initially, we were told four people had been shot, but the sheriff's office corrected that number to three. Riggins was arrested for attempted murder in 2013. nbc-2.com

Robberies & Thefts

Salt Lake City, UT: 4 men arrested after allegedly robbing 5 Utah 7-Eleven stores, leading police on a high-speed chase and crashing into a wall
Four people suspected of committing a series of armed robberies were arrested following a chase with police early Tuesday. The four allegedly held up more than a half-dozen 7-Eleven stores since last week. A Unified Police Officer spotted the suspects' vehicle and waited for backup to get into place. The suspect vehicle took off at a high rate of speed, starting a chase that involved several different agencies. The chase ended when the fleeing driver took the off-ramp too fast and crashed into the sound wall. sltrib.com

Indianapolis, IN: 911 Dispatcher fired during Investigation into Robbery Spree
When the Family Dollar store was robbed Friday afternoon, a witness in the parking lot took a picture of the license plate on the getaway car and noticed a young woman in the front seat. When emergency communications operators, literally across the street at Marion County's dispatch center, ran the plate, they came up with a name: Madison Shockley. Immediately, a supervisor contacted the IMPD robbery detective at the store and told him the suspects were most likely a 911 dispatcher and her boyfriend. Now, Shockley has been questioned by police and fired from her job as a trainee dispatcher, her boyfriend is in jail and detectives are trying to determine if the pair is responsible for at least a half dozen store robberies across Indianapolis late last week into the weekend. cbs4indy.com

Dekalb County, GA: Serial Dollar General robber caught after chase
Police have arrested a man accused of being responsible for multiple robberies in DeKalb County after a police chase on Friday. Police say on Oct. 5, Pierre Beasley robbed two Dollar General Stores. At one of those locations, the responding officer was able to get a description of his vehicle and sent it out to the rest of the DeKalb County Police. Police now say he's responsible for at least 8 robberies and will be facing several charges. fox5atlanta.com

Thousand Oaks, CA: Suspect breaks gas line, leaps from Old Navy store in possible attempted burglary
The Ventura County Sheriff's Office is investigating a possible attempted burglary incident in which a male allegedly climbed atop a Thousand Oaks mall and broke a gas line. The investigation began at approximately 12:50 a.m. Tuesday when security personnel at the Janss Marketplace, contacted the sheriff's agency to report a someone on the roof of the Old Navy store. In the process, the intruder allegedly broke a gas line on top of the building, authorities said. He then jumped from the roof and suffered injuries, authorities said. vcstar.com

Houston, TX: Police release surveillance video of suspects wanted in smash-and-grab robbery at jewelry store

Canine Crimestoppers?
Restaurant Sign Asks What Dogs Think When They See Canine Cops

Tucson, AZ: Mother and son accused of stealing 20 computers from Rehabilitation Center; also wanted for shoplifting at Target and Walmart

Michigan City, IN: Minnesota 'Most Wanted' felon taunts Police Investigators on Social Media, caught 24 hours later

Arson & Fire

Mercer County, KY: Suspected Arson destroys decades old Grocery store; 2nd fire in 3 weeks

Sentencings & Charges

Raleigh, NC: Update: C-Store clerk charged with Voluntary Manslaughter in death of Robbery suspect
The Wake County District Attorney would not say why a North Raleigh convenience store clerk was charged in the shooting death of a robbery suspect in July. But investigators believe the clerk, Ramy Ramsis Hanna, chased the armed suspect who had robbed the business of cash. Hanna and the suspect, Derrick Malik Wiley, got into a physical altercation outside of the store and exchanged gunfire, according to a search warrant made public Tuesday. A Wake County grand jury on Sept. 24 indicted Hanna on charges of voluntary manslaughter. newsobserver.com

Man Receives 106 Year Sentence After String of Violent Convenience Store Robberies in the Triangle, NC

Anderson County, SC: Man gets 18 years for Shop Rite Armed Robbery

Fresno, CA: Tulare County Man Pleads Guilty To Gun Charges In Series Of Armed Robberies

Osage Beach, MO: McDonald's Robber sentenced to 8 years; facing additional charges

Freeborn County, MN: Dairy Queen Employee charged with Felony Theft; $2,700 in cash

Volusia County, FL: 11-year-old girl charged with Grand Theft after allegedly stealing dog


Ace Hardware - Baltimore, MD - Robbery
Albertsons - Great Falls, MT - Robbery
C- Store - Akron, OH - Armed Robbery/ Owner shot & Wounded
C-Store - Hertford County, NC - Robbery / Assault
C-Store - Lima, OH - Robbery / Assault
C- Store - Macon, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Davenport, IA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lincoln County, TN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - New Bedford, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Shreveport, LA - Burglary
C-Store - Williams, AZ -Robbery
C-Store - Sioux Center, IA - Burglary
CVS - Peoria, AZ - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - New Orleans, LA - Robbery
Dollar General - Groveland, FL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Hamlin, TX - Robbery
Electrical Supply - Miami, FL - Burglary
Game Stop - Smyrna, TN - Robbery
Gas station - Bowersville, OH - Robbery
Gas Station - Mansfield, MA - Armed Robbery
Jack in the Box - Greenville County, SC - Armed Robbery
Jewelry store - Redding, PA - Burglary
Liquor Store - Beachwood, NJ - Burglary
Old Navy - Thousand Oaks, CA - Burglary
T- Mobile - Edina, MN - Burglary
7-Eleven - Salt Lake City, UT - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Portsmouth, VA - Armed Robbery
7- Eleven - Woodbridge, VA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Oak Park, IL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
22 robberies
7 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killings





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● Establish goals for EHS performance and implement effective EHS systems to ensure continuous improvement
● Provide oversite to Regional Environmental Health and Safety Administrators and Global Risk Leadership on EHS matters with a focus on environmental issues...

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This position is responsible for managing all aspects of loss prevention for a geographic area to reduce and control shortage and other financial losses in 120 to 140 company stores. The coverage areas average $550 million in sales revenue and $3.5 million in shrink losses annually...

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The Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for utilizing proper investigative techniques and act as the primary liaison with field operations management. Conducts investigations into cash losses, deposit shortages, associate theft, overall shrinkage, and other matters...

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The Regional Asset Protection Manager will lead their region in Shrink Reduction, Asset Protection and Safety efforts through an in-depth understanding of the overall business, effective partnerships and by directing the region with integrity and professionalism...

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To monitor store locations to detect, investigate and resolve internal and external situations and circumstances that could lead to or result in losses to the company. All actions and conduct within the scope of the position must be performed according to performance standards set by Burke's policies, procedures and Code of Ethics...

Loss Prevention/Asset Protection Investigator
Boston, MA

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
● Protect the assets of the store as well as the associates and visitors.
● Maintain surveillance of the store via CCTV and conduct physical inspections including perimeter checks...

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AP Analyst based in Norcross, GA reporting to the Director of Asset Protection. This high-visibility role will be responsible for business-wide security administration, multiple fraud detection programs and functional communication...

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