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Dress Your Fixtures to Keep Them Secured

CIS Security Solutions' Sleeves and Boots with
Gen6 Alarming Tethers


Due to the increase of flash mobs, ORC gangs, and brazen shoplifters swarming through stores and sweeping entire departments, clients requested CIS Security Solutions to develop "Caveman solutions for Caveman behavior". We accepted the challenge and started designing a new line of larger and stronger alarming recoiling tethers, and systems to secure them, to slow these thieves down.

In 2022, CIS built hardware to keep Gen6 alarming tethers locked to fixtures in neat clean lines by using the Sleeve and Boot Systems. CIS had started "Dressing the fixtures" while allowing the securing of merchandise with thick 49-strand recoiling tethers.

The Sleeve system is a tested and proven success because the Sleeve has already prevented mobs from sweeping the handbag departments where they were deployed. The Sleeve is now currently in use in over 2,500 stores nationwide!

In 2023, the Boot was implemented with the Gen6 SP (with Smart Padlock tag) for protecting outer wear on racks. The Smart Padlock Tag is a Smart EAS tag with customizable lanyard length, to which the Gen6 SP connects. It communicates with the alarm if it is tampered with.

The Boot, holding 10 tethers, wraps around the leg, or support, of the fixture. The 48" or 72" Smart Padlock lanyard is run through the sleeve of the individual piece of outerwear, then gets locked and connected to the Gen6 SP that is on the Boot. This system allows the customer to comfortably try the garment on while it is tethered to the fixture.

The Boot is now in 500+ stores, with great success so far. The Boot has been proven to protect outer wear. In one NY store, an ORC sweep was prevented the day after the Boots were installed!

For more information on our solutions email info@cisssinc.com, or call us at 772-287-7999.