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What's Small And Round And Makes Lots Of Sound?
The Tick-R-Tape Tag and Super Mini Tape Tag


The Tick-R-Tape Tag can be used alone or with conductive tape or a conductive label, creating additional alarm capabilities. It can replace wire package wraps and "keepers". When the merchandise goes through the POS, the associate keeps the tag and leaves the base and tape on the package to go home with the customer for removal later, with no damaged packaging.

This tag has 6-alarm capability when using 2-pieces of conductive tape. Its 98 dBl alarm can be heard throughout the store. The Tick-R-Tape Tag is water resistant and cannot be "jumped".

CIS focused on testing and refining the younger sibling to the Tick-R-Tape Tag that is smaller, simpler, and discreet yet effective. The Mini Tape Tag can protect most items, with or without using the conductive tape or label. Prevent shoplifters from taking the product out of the box and leaving JUST the box! Use the Mini Tape Tag with the conductive tape, to keep all components together.

With dimensions of 2"w x ¾"h The Tick-R-Tape Tag can provide up to 630% more available shelf space compared to keepers and can provide up to 33% more available shelf space compared to small wire package wraps. Both the Tick-R-Tape Tag and the Mini Tape Tag can be placed anywhere on the package to optimize merchandising and visual appeal.

Reduce shrinkage, increase available shelf space, reduce check-out time by up to 50%, and reduce labor at the front end.

We may not stop shoplifting in its tracks, but we CAN deter, displace, and discourage thieves from targeting your stores using the CIS Tape Tag solutions. Call 772-287-7999 for more information.

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