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Operational Analytics: Turn Your Video Security Into a Business Tool Using AI

Operational Analytics for OpenEye Web Services detects the complex behaviors of customers, staff, vehicles, and objects, giving you access to advanced operational intelligence.

See how Operational Analytics gives you advanced AI tools to make your business more efficient:

Get more accurate people counts

Easily exclude employees from the main retail entrance count and view a report at the end of the day.

Stay on top of customer service

Analyze how long customers are waiting before being helped and get notified in real time.

Maximize returns from sales initiatives

Aggregate data on in-store merchandise and sales engagement to improve customer experience.

Identify trends for occupancy with 360-degree heat-mapping

Monitor and track customer journey as well as areas with significant dwell times throughout your store.

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Webinar: Increase Profitability with
Advanced Video Analytics

Uncover new business insights with AI-powered video analytics. For retail businesses, the applications of Operational Analytics are nearly limitless.

Join our free webinar on Tuesday, Dec. 19th at 11:00 am PST to see:

  • How Operational Analytics benefit your retail business

  • A host of advanced AI-based tools

  • A live Q&A on this solution

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