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Join us for "From Reactive to Proactive: Rethinking Your Returns Strategy," hosted by The Loss Prevention Foundation and featuring Kari Dorsher and Cheryl Murphy from Agilence. Dive deep into the murky waters of returns fraud, a burgeoning challenge that saps retailers' profits and distorts inventory management. As the retail landscape evolves, so does the cunning of fraudulent returns, making it a pressing concern for store owners across all sectors.

Leveraging their extensive background in loss prevention and asset protection analytics, Kari and Cheryl will guide you through the complexities of returns abuse, shedding light on its financial impact and the delicate balance between deterring fraud and maintaining customer satisfaction. Discover how Agilence Analytics complements traditional security measures, offering a beacon of hope with its prescriptive analytics and AI-driven solutions.

Don't miss this opportunity to rethink and rework your returns strategy and fortify your defenses against the ever-evolving threat of returns fraud.

Register now and step into a world where every return is an opportunity for enhancement, not a loophole for exploitation.