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Agilence Webinar: Tomorrow @ 1:00 PM ET

Mindset of Modern Shoplifters & How to Ensure Safety of Your Store Staff

Explore the Complexities and Solutions for Effective
Shoplifting Prevention

As shoplifting continues to pose significant challenges for retailers, it's crucial to understand this behavior's motivations, tactics, and impact. In this webinar, we will explore comprehensive solutions, staff training, the role of technology, customer service, and the significance of analytics in loss prevention.

Register now and learn how data-driven insights empower your retail business to proactively detect, deter, and reduce shoplifting incidents, safeguarding your profitability, customer experience, and staff well-being.

Agilence’s Director of Product Management, Keneavy Krenzin, will guide you through various shoplifting motivations, tactics, and prevention strategies.

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