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ALL-TAG is proud to introduce the most tamper resistant AM or RF Overlay & Box Seal combination anti-theft label available, with retailers producing 30-50% shrink reductions on many targeted high-shrink categories today. Our innovative, enhanced anti-theft label not only protects the AM or RF label from being peeled off the package, but often also functions as a box-seal for vulnerable packaging which prevents removal & theft of the product inside.
Many retailers prefer custom printed Overlays & Seals to create an effective, retailer specific theft deterrent. Others, also desire clear Overlays paired with our market proven & widely used EAS labels (AM or RF), so critical product information on the packaging exterior can still be viewed by shoppers.

In all cases, the extra strong bonding glue & best-in class, unique Overlay material render an overlay & seal that's virtually impossible to be removed from the product without defacing & impacting the item's resale value. This protects the product from theft & resale in gray market channels, a common problem with Organized Retail Crime (ORC) rings.

The Overlay & Seal

Covers & protects the AM or RF Label from tampering

Seals packages to prevent removal & theft of the product inside

Ultra-thin yet extremely durable material is virtually impossible to peel-up or cut through

The most aggressive adhesive available bonds the Overlay to high-shrink product packaging

Completely destructible material frustrates thieves by ripping into tiny pieces if a corner or edge is peeled up

Crystal clear, almost invisible material allows important product information to remain visible

Custom printing available on the AM & RF Labels or on the Overlay/Seal itself

Visit ALL-TAG's booth at the RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference for more information, demonstrations, and product samples.

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