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ALL-TAG, an American manufacturer of RF Labels, and a leading supplier of AM Anti-theft Security Tags, Security Labels, and other loss prevention products, announces the development of the industry's first eco-friendly, AM (acousto-magnetic) anti-theft label. AM technology is a critical and core loss-prevention technology utilized widely across leading retailers and their consumer goods manufacturing and packaging partners.

The 80% average weight of recycled plastics in our new Eco AM labels has been certified by Intertek and the Global Recycled Standard for using a majority of post-consumer recycled material in production. This change will greatly reduce new plastics consumption for multi-billion unit disposable AM labels utilized annually in retail, a key sustainability focus for the retail industry. In addition, this will lead to a higher number of "green" or sustainable retail product packages.

ALL-TAG is already progressively switching all of their retail approved, proven AM label production to this eco-friendly standard. It's important to note, our retailer and consumer good partners will not acquire any cost-increases, nor experience impact to our standard operations and deliveries.

ALL-TAG offers the only narrow AM label available in roll-format, for high-speed applications. ALL-TAG's patent protected narrow AM label roll is proven to function reliably & seamlessly across all existing high-speed machine applicators. This high-speed applied narrow label innovation expands application options for implementing a narrower version of this proven loss prevention technology. ALL-TAG's Eco version also requires about 30% less plastic and glue to produce, furthering environmental impact reduction. The Narrow label covers up less content printed on the outside of product packaging, but still provides an effective theft deterrent.

For our patented quadruple resonator performance in the narrow label housing, lab tests and retailer approvals have confirmed comparable performance to its larger, premium performance counterparts.

To find out more about the product listed in this release, please visit https://all-tag.com/.