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Introducing the future of Retail Crime Intelligence

Auror recently introduced an expanded product range for the Retail Crime Intelligence movement to help retailers and law enforcement reduce crime, loss, and violence.

Retail Crime Intelligence is a software platform that connects people and organizations with timely intel to proactively reduce the impacts of crime in retail stores. It's used by loss prevention, asset protection, and law enforcement departments - alongside store and security teams - to identify and prevent the people driving theft-related loss and violence in stores.

"Our retail and law enforcement partners have made it clear that keeping people safe has never been more challenging." said Auror CEO, Phil Thomson. "Retail Crime Intelligence has been grounded in connection from the beginning. This new generation takes that to another level, empowering an outcome-based approach to stopping crime and keeping people safe. At Auror, we believe Retail Crime Intelligence is the key framework for which retailers confidently design their crime prevention and safety strategies."

Thousands of retail and law enforcement users already trust Auror's Retail Crime Intelligence platform to safely prevent crime among the world's leading retail communities. With this announcement, Auror is revealing the next generation in crime prevention to help its customers and partners connect their prevention strategies with a true system of intelligence.

Auror's product modules now include: Intel, Connect the Dots, License Plate Recognition, Investigate, and Insights.

Read the full announcement and product descriptions at auror.co.