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Reduce the environmental burden of your company’s cash transport and deposits with EcoLOK4, the first GreenCircle Certified 90% Post-Consumer Recycled Tamper-Evident Cash Deposit Bag

For nearly half a century CONTROLTEK has helped the nation’s leading retailers, financial institutions, and armored couriers transport cash safely and securely. Leading the way in innovative and responsible product design and manufacturing practices, our team of experts evaluated the need for a sustainable option when using tamper-evident packaging.

Introducing EcoLOK4

Without compromising the durability, security, and clarity that our customers have come to expect from CONTROLTEK’s tamper-evident packaging, EcoLOK4 is certified by GreenCircle, a third-party internationally recognized verifier of sustainability claims, as 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) material.

Unlike traditional recycled deposit bags, which are made from post-industrial recycled (PIR) plastic, which reuses the scrap material collected during manufacturing production, EcoLOK4 is made from PCR plastic which is waste collected from consumers that would normally be destined for a landfill.

CONTROLTEK uses a close-looped process to produce EcoLOK4 with forensic follow-thru on every step of the manufacturing journey to ensure a truly sustainable solution. From sourcing consumer plastic waste, extrusion, printing, converting, and finally, ensuring that it gets recycled and converted into a new product.

Discover the Impact

Using PCR reduces the amount of virgin plastic used and lowers our industry’s carbon footprint. If every U.S. retail location and bank branch used just one EcoLOK4 bag a day, it would divert nearly 9.5 million pounds of waste from a landfill a year. With EcoLOK4, retailers can make a great impact on our environment while achieving their corporate sustainability goals.

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