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Solink Partners with Noonlight to Offer Customers 24/7 Professional Video Monitoring

Noonlight monitors and protects Solink business customers and their locations, dispatching emergency services when needed, while reducing false alarms


ST. LOUIS, April 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Solink, a video surveillance company for businesses, today announced a strategic partnership with connected safety platform Noonlight, offering customers an affordable, additional layer of business security.

Solink provides a complete video security solution to commercial retailers, restaurants and other businesses, allowing owners and operators to easily manage security in their business remotely. Through this partnership with Noonlight, Solink will offer customers 24/7 professional video monitoring and the ability to seamlessly dispatch emergency services when needed. Noonlight greatly reduces the burden of costs associated with false alarms, providing Solink customers a significant reduction in false alarm fees and improving peace of mind.

Through this partnership, Solink customers have greater visibility into after-hour activity and alarms in their business. When an event is detected on premises, Noonlight's certified dispatchers verify footage for suspicious activity in real-time. If Noonlight identifies a potential emergency, the business is immediately notified and the corresponding footage is shared for verification. Once the emergency is confirmed, Noonlight immediately dispatches emergency services and empowers local authorities with the relevant data, including access to live security footage and property specifications, ensuring first responders arrive on scene informed and prepared to help.

"Businesses need dependable, affordable security, and with this partnership the burden is no longer on the business to monitor or stress about their business when they're not on site," said Solink Chief Executive Officer, Michael Matta. "Noonlight's ability to automatically verify incidents greatly reduces the high fees business owners experience from false positives - some on a weekly basis. We're thrilled to offer our customers better protection through Noonlight and look forward to expanding our offering together in the future."

"Missed notifications are a big stressor for businesses struggling to monitor locations around the clock. Noonlight's ability to quickly review video footage of a potential emergency is critical, especially after hours," said Noonlight Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Brittany LeComte. "We have trained agents in our 5-diamond monitoring facility to verify alarms 24/7 and better prioritize dispatching of emergency response. Noonlight is a modern alternative to the traditional monitoring centers that rely on 3rd party solutions. We want to help businesses and local authorities save resources associated with false alarms."

About Solink
Solink is the leader in video security for businesses of all sizes. Solink's hardware and software is purpose-built for business owners, IT and security teams. Solink integrates with over 200 solutions to help give visibility into business. With over 6,500 customers in 15 countries, Solink helps provide customers of all sizes with peace of mind for their security and operations. Solink has built a reputation as a trusted partner that solves real business problems for many of the world's most respected brands. For more information, visit www.solink.com.

About Noonlight
Noonlight combines advanced technology with real humans to protect and comfort people so they can live freely. Launched in 2013 as a mobile application, Noonlight has since grown into a connected safety platform - partnering with products and services to enable modern and affordable 24/7 professional sensor monitoring, video monitoring, and data-rich emergency response via an API. Noonlight's technology works everywhere in the United States, allowing end users to quickly get help in any situation, without requiring a 911 call or the ability to talk or text. For more information visit www.noonlight.com.

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