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Tally Integrates their ORC Early Warning System with the Clinton Electronics Connect PVM

Integration to be debuted at the LPRC Impact Conference Oct 2-4 in Gainesville, Florida.

October 2, 2023 -- Tally Retail Solutions announced today that they have integrated Clinton IP Connect PVM with Tally's ORC Early Warning System. If ever one + one could equal three, this is it. The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) has researched both technologies independently and given them their highest grades. When used in combination it is an unmatched force multiplier against organized retail crime, point of purchase advertising, and store safety. Suppliers have wanted to help retailers address organized retail crime as it erodes their brand and sales. They've never found a loss prevention solution that brings benefits to both retailers and suppliers until now. While retailers are stopping organized retail crime and shoplifting at the shelf, not at the exit, the CPG's are getting truly affordable point of purchase advertising to their targeted customers without changes to their product, displays, or planograms.

"Our retail and CPG customers tell us their tired of locking cabinets, chains, cables, and devices that detract from their product presentations. The combination of IP Connect PVM's and smart shelving which switches between advertising messages and real time video when actual ORC events are happening is a game changer", said Sean Ryan Chief Marketing Officer at Tally.

"We have been on the forefront of innovative video solutions for retailers. Combining smart shelving from Tally with our IP Connect PVM solutions is a natural progression for us. Not only does this approach bring greater value to retail loss prevention it gives CPG's true benefits by investing in loss prevention technologies. We don’t know of any other solution that can deliver real value to both retailers and CPG's."

About Tally Retail Solutions

Tally Retail Solutions LLC works with retailers and Consumer Products Manufacturers to discover
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