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Workcloud Actionable Intelligence 7.0 is the AI-based analytics platform built for the modern store - optimized for big data and modern usability with a cloud-native backend, 100% powered by Google Cloud Platform.

Do more directly within the UI without having to click through different pages. Utilize robust, state of the art AI and Machine Learning models. Connect data and build models from any of the products in Zebra's solution portfolio. Here are some of the powerful new feature highlights of Actionable Intelligence 7.0:

Automate data ingestion with a flexible data model

Bring together multiple key datasets from across your organization and establish a single source of truth for generating both insights and actions. Build models from any data source or size and go from insight to actionable intelligence faster.

Advanced analytics and automated tasking

Leverage state of the art AI and ML to efficiently sift through the noise and complexity of data to identify anomalies. Once opportunities are found, the simple remedy action is sent directly to the associate via an easy-to-use workflow complete with directions on what actions need to be taken.

Closed loop intelligent workflow

Capture outcomes and feed them back into the application to ensure accountability, track root causes of issues, monitor financial impact, and continuously improve analytics.

Designed for scale

With a cloud-native backend, 100% powered by Google Cloud Platform and HTML5, Actionable Intelligence 7.0 is built for big data and modern usability.

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