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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics Publishes First-Ever Case Study

After an extensive product selection process, Lowes Foods chose the ZPA Sales module to replace its existing exception-based reporting (EBR) tool. ZPA's ease of use, excellent customer service, quick implementation process and use of targeted prescriptive actions sent directly to stakeholders were the deciding factors.

Lowes Foods has already seen many notable successes and wins with the help of the ZPA Sales module. The ZPA Sales module unlocks granular-level analysis of individual functions like voids, which can be due to a mistaken charge or used to hide theft. Lowes Foods began monitoring all voids, particularly at self-checkout where the attendants were required to keep a log of all voids they performed. Incidents of both fraud and non-compliance were uncovered via this ZPA-powered scrutiny, and appropriate action was taken.

Ultimately, Lowes Foods was able to reduce voids by 76% over the course of a year. In the words of Lowes Foods' Director of Store Operations, "that's 76% less opportunities that I have a customer standing in line, waiting on someone to fix a void." This examination and review of voids is ongoing.

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