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Garrett Petraia named VP of Global Security for Levi Strauss
Garrett was previously the Vice President and CSO, Global Security and Resilience for Starbucks for over two years before taking this new role. Prior, he was a Senior Director (CSO), Global Assets Protection for Yum! Brands, Regional Security Advisor for BP and also worked in various roles for the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Congratulations Garrett!

Byron J. Smith Completes Homeland Security Program
at Naval Postgraduate School

Byron J. Smith CFI and LPC, Corporate Security and Business Continuity Manager with 7-Eleven, INC, completed the Executive Leaders Program (ELP) at the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) on February 14.

Byron is a veteran asset protection professional with 29 years' experience building LP and Risk Management teams for various retailers including Eckerd Drugs, Office Depot, Circuit City and 7-Eleven. His experience has specialized in business continuity, safety and corporate security, regional and corporate asset protection/loss prevention, as well as distribution/logistics, risk management. Byron currently is the Chairman of the International Supply Chain Protection Organization. He has been an active member of other organizations including the LPRC where he serves as a board member, RILA where he is involved with the RILA Asset Protection Conference Steering Committee. He has also held board member positions with The Houston Crime Stoppers and The Texas Retailers Association. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Political Science degree from Sam Houston State University.

During the 18-month online and in-residence program, Byron collaborated with Homeland Security officials from across the nation on current policy, strategy and organizational design challenges. Congratulations Byron!

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Article in the UK's 'The Grocer'
'Shoplifting: are we giving thieves a license to steal?'
The Loss Prevention Challenges in the UK - Sounds Just Like the U.S.

From raising thresholds, to shrinking police budgets, to increased violence and to problems with self-scan checkouts. This sounds just like the U.S.

UK: 23% Spike in Retail Theft
17% Drop in Shoplifting Arrests Since 2013
Shoplifting Under $257 U.S. 'not pursued' by police

There's been a 'considerable spike' in shoplifting. What's causing it? Experts blame legislation, policing policy, austerity, the growth of self-checkouts and even bags for life. But what can be done to tackle it? And how are retailers fighting back?

Instances of shoplifting nearly doubled to 950,000 last year, according to the ACS - the equivalent of 200 thefts per hour. It isn't just small stores either, with data from the BRC revealing a 15% increase in theft across all UK retailers, accounting for more than 70% of the cost of all crime on our high streets (£700m - $900M U.S.).

The even more alarming statistic here, however, is that the number of arrests for shoplifting have plunged. Home Office figures reveal that during the same five-year period there was a 17% drop in those arrested for shoplifting, and the number charged fell 25%. So, what's caused this spike? And what are retailers doing to fight back?
Many trace the sharp rise back to a change in legislation in 2014, which said anyone stealing goods worth less than £200 ($257 U.S.) not pursued by police. Instead, if caught, they could enter a plea via post before facing a fine or custodial sentence.
Then in late 2017 London's Met. police added that they wouldn't investigate any losses under £50 in value unless a suspect was already identified. The move was taken to help save $514M U.S. by 2020 amid swinging budget cuts, they said.
But at huge cost to the retail sector, some believe. Police crime figures show that from 2013 to 2017 - the years after the change came into force - shoplifting has seen a "considerable spike" of 23%, the only type of common theft to do so, says BRC policy advisor on crime and security James Martin. And the increase could be higher.

"Police just don't care," he says. "They're giving these people more opportunity to go and do it because they know they're not going to end up behind bars."

The BRC says it is putting pressure on police and crime commissioners to do better and "give retail crime the priority it deserves" says Martin. "We understand the resourcing and prioritisation pressures, but given how central retail is to the economic and social cohesion of pretty much every community in the country, we think theft could be prioritised a bit more." thegrocer.co.uk

UK: Violence Against Staff Doubled Last Year
To Six Victims per 1,000 workers, According to BRC Figures

The ACS recorded 13,437 incidents of violence directed at staff in just one year, 39% of which resulted in injury, with a weapon used in 3,690 instances.

"Our research shows that challenging thieves is one of the biggest triggers of abuse in stores, so it's a real problem for staff who can feel helpless against crime in their store," says Lowman.

At Iceland 90% of physical violence against staff results from attempts to stop a shoplifter, adds head of security Duncan Miles. And 65% of incidents of verbal abuse (of which there are around 5,000 per year at Iceland alone) arises from dealing with thieves.

Putting this into context, in the six years to our 30 March 2016 financial year, Iceland had an average total of 551 physical attacks per annum," says Miles. "In 2017 this figure jumped to 913, in 2018 it was 849, and in 2019, to date, it's 618. Although the figures have fallen since 2017, this reflects an increase of over £1m per annum in our store security budget and additional investment in teaching our staff to stay safe."

Among BRC members there was an average spend of £29m per year in 2017. The year before it was £6.7m. It's a hefty price to pay, but "less expensive than the million pounds worth of shrinkage", says Nick Carolan, store manager of the Tesco Extra in central Hull.

Article Covers the Entire Security Picture in the UK - Great Read!

How to negotiate
with a thief


How one store manager fought back


The problem with self-scan checkouts


The Scan & Go Theft Argument

  Walmart Killed Their Scan & Go Pilots Due to Theft, Reports Say

  Forbes Writer Explains Why Dismissing Amazon Go and its New
  Checkout Technology Could Do a Disservice to Retail

Over the past week, there were a number of articles written in criticism of Amazon Go and the use of scan-and-go technology. A former Walmart executive, Joel Larson, even went so far as to say that Amazon Go is "a fairy tale for retailers that actually want to make money" and that scan-and-go technology pilots will eventually give way to employee-based mobile checkout solutions, akin to what Apple pioneered a decade ago.

Reports are that Walmart killed its scan-and-go pilots because of theft. If so, that is cool, and there is no reason to fault Walmart for that. But these reports should not be used as validation to stop all experimentation with scan-and-go as a concept.

The issue with such a logic leap is that it too, just like the Amazon Go arguments above, assumes that the shopping experience of the future will always be the same as it is today. It assumes that people will always shop the same way they have for centuries -- where stores are essentially shelves upon shelves of products, and customers essentially do their own picking by placing products within carts or bags.

Imagine a different world, a world where the elements of micro-warehousing work with scan-and-go to form a new equation. The items on a shelf are no longer for customers to pick but for show. Consumers simply shop a showroom of products with their mobile phones, and products are actually picked and packed behind the scenes while they scan the floor to tell retailers what they want.

You may think the above sounds nuts, but what was just described is no different from what exists already at an IKEA today, only modernized by way of technology.

In this new world, pencil and paper to write down Swedish names you cannot pronounce are replaced with scan-and-go technology, and automation and robotics evolve to do the picking on the behalf of customers. All of which means no more lines, no more checkout, and no more worries about theft because all the merchandise is bifurcated from the showroom and held within a micro-warehouse. forbes.com

Bezos Proves You Don't Mess With the Richest Man in the World
He's Not going to Back Down Regardless
In Two Separate Actions Jeff Bezos Says - No You Won't

With hundreds of protestors in New York, politicians flipping on Amazon about the billions in tax incentives and the U.S. Congressman representing Long Island City itself, Amazon's proposed future home, literally flipping from supporting the move to actively protesting against it. Bezos pulls the plug and said nope we're not going.

Who can blame him. The risk factors tripled and at one point it looked like there were more detractors then supporters. And who is going to invest and build that big of a facility, with all of the staffing issues, with hundreds of protestors probably showing up the first day you open it and they've probably been there throughout the entire build out. Talk about security risk.

I wonder what his security executive is saying now about the decision. You know one thing, Bezos will be incognito when he visits NYC for quite some time.

Couple this with his hard line stance on the tabloid pictures and the sheer defiance he showed and you've got one man you don't mess with. You've got to take your hat off to him.

Will Amazon's decision to bail cause a New York backlash?
As the song goes, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Based on yesterday's announcement by Amazon.com that it is abandoning plans to build part of its HQ2 campus in Long Island City, Queens, it appears as though Jeff Bezos and company weren't willing to deal with the public and political scrutiny of the deal made by local and state government officials to attract the e-tail giant in the first place. Instead, Amazon has said it plans to expand 17 existing corporate offices and technology hubs it has around the country and add workers that would have wound up in New York to those locations.

While recent public opinion polls showed the majority of New Yorkers supportive of Amazon planting roots in Long Island City, the nearly $3 billion in incentives put forward by the state and local governments to attract the e-tail giant was less popular. Politicians and activists questioned the fairness of awarding huge breaks to one of the world's largest companies when smaller businesses have to compete without any such advantages. retailwire.com

Statement from Mayor de Blasio on Amazon HQ2:
"You have to be tough to make it in New York City. We gave Amazon the opportunity to be a good neighbor and do business in the greatest city in the world. Instead of working with the community, Amazon threw away that opportunity. We have the best talent in the world and every day we are growing a stronger and fairer economy for everyone. If Amazon can't recognize what that's worth, its competitors will." nyc.gov

Real estate brokers were banking on the 'Amazon Effect.' Their bubble just burst

Amazon Will Pay a Whopping $0 in Federal Taxes on $11.2 Billion Profits

Progressive Democrats Claim Victory as Amazon Scraps New York Plans

Apple's Former Sr. Director of Corporate Law Charged With Insider Trading
Lawyer In Charge of Apple's Insider-Trading Policy Accused of Insider Trading

The former Apple Inc. executive who enforced the company's insider-trading policies was charged with criminally violating those rules by allegedly dumping over $10 million in stock before the company in 2015 announced it fell short of iPhone sales expectations.
Gene Daniel Levoff, who was senior director of corporate law at Apple until he was fired in September, used material nonpublic information that he learned on the job to illegally trade at least three times in 2015 and 2016 and avoid losses of about $377,000, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in New Jersey federal court. Authorities said he also earned more than $220,000 by trading ahead of good news he learned about in 2011 and 2012.
Mr. Levoff, 45 years old, for a decade sat on a corporate committee that helped Apple's chief executive and chief financial officer review the firm's compliance with investor-protection laws. wsj.com

Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Hitting ATMs Nationwide
Payment Alliance Assists Law Enforcement to Stop ATM Fraud

Payment Alliance International (PAI), the nation's largest, privately-held ATM provider, is collaborating with the United States Secret Service and local law enforcement agencies to thwart man-in-the-middle attacks at ATMs. Using proprietary real-time reporting software, PAI is able to alert officials of potential attacks while they occur, enabling criminals to be apprehended on the spot.

In recent months, ATMs across the country have come under siege. With man-in-the-middle attacks, criminals place a foreign device between an ATM and its wireless communication box, altering vital settings so cash is dispensed incorrectly. It is unknown how many attacks have occurred nationwide or the amount of vault cash stolen, but certainly tens of thousands of dollars have been lost. businesswire.com

Marvin Ellison Continues Reconstruction, And Deconstruction, At Lowe's
As he approaches his one-year mark since being named president and CEO of Lowe's in May, Marvin Ellison continues to move quickly to put his mark on the home improvement retailer, a perennial No. 2 to archrival Home Depot but also a company that has struggled in its own right to find a winning formula for success.

Ellison, who assumed his posts in July, has been bold and dramatic in initiatives on both sides of the construction equation, building up parts of the business that had been underdeveloped while at the same time cutting or eliminating completely other aspects that didn't fit the bigger picture.

How is Ellison doing all of this? There have been aggressive deals with the National Football League and Craftsman, and he has brought in a whole new suite of C-level managers. This week, he held a national hiring day to recruit 50,000 seasonal workers. He has also refocused attention on the company's omnichannel capabilities since 60% of its online orders are picked up at a physical store. Ellison is also looking to revitalize the store's pro contractor business, an area where it badly trails Depot. forbes.com

Toronto Woman Gets 7 Yrs Prison for 4 Terrorism Charges
For Attacking Canadian Tire Store Workers

A woman convicted of terror charges for attacking workers at a Canadian Tire store in Toronto was sentenced to seven years in prison on Thursday after a judge found her mental illness played a key role in her crimes.

Rehab Dughmosh, 34, was found guilty of four terrorism charges for attacking store workers with a golf club and a butcher's knife while draped in an ISIL banner in June 2017 and for trying to travel to Syria join the terrorist organization the year before.

Justice Maureen Forestell said Dughmosh's mental illness, likely schizophrenia, played a central role in her crimes and "rendered her vulnerable to extremist beliefs."

Court heard that Dughmosh flew to Turkey in April 2016 with the intention of crossing over into Syria, where she was born and raised, to join ISIL. Her brother alerted authorities and Turkish officials did not allow her to enter the country, forcing her to return to Toronto, according to the agreed statement of facts.

Court heard that in fact, Dughmosh had been planning at attack for months.

On June 3, 2017, she attacked people at a Canadian Tire store in the city's east end, clad in a homemade ISIL banner and bandana. She swung a golf club at an employee, which was then taken from her. Then she swung a knife at another employee, but was quickly disarmed and restrained by the store's employees. One man suffered some bruising, but no one was seriously injured.

With credit given for time already served in jail, Dughmosh has about 4.5 years left of her sentence. columbiavalleypioneer.com

Bumble Bee, Sysco Strike Deal To End Tuna Price-Fixing Suit
Bumble Bee Foods LLC has reached a deal with Sysco Corp. to end claims that it colluded with other major tuna companies in a widespread conspiracy to keep prices for canned fish high.

Sysco's suit was one of more than 70 locked in sprawling multidistrict litigation accusing the "big three" U.S. tuna companies - StarKist Co., Bumble Bee and Tri-Union Seafoods LLC, which does business as Chicken of the Sea - of fixing the price of canned tuna in the U.S. Sysco is a major marketer and distributor of food products to restaurants, hotels, health care facilities and other companies.

The settlement comes on the heels of a $20 million deal StarKist struck with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in January to end the retail giant's allegations that StarKist participated in the price-fixing scheme. law360.com

EBay cuts 135 jobs, announces reorganization amid investor pressure
As an activist investor calls for big changes at eBay, the online commerce giant has announced a reorganization and laid off 135 employees this week.
The affected workers are from three Bay Area locations - 119 workers from eBay's newest location on North First Street and at its San Jose headquarters, 15 from an office in San Francisco and one employee from a location in Rancho Cordova, according to the company's filings with the state Employment Development Department.
The job cuts, which started Wednesday and ended Thursday, included directors, managers, software engineers, data scientists and legal counsels. mercurynews.com

eBay Evolves Regional Markets Organization
eBay is bringing the company's geographic regions together under one global leadership team that will be led by Jay Lee, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Markets. The markets included in the new structure will be the Americas, APAC, UK, Central and Southern Europe, as well as Cross-Border Trade. See eBay Inc.'s full leadership team here. ebayinc.com

"I'm Fixin To Blow It Up"
Bathroom Warning Mistaken For Bomb Threat At Home Depot

A report of a bomb threat at a Home Depot store in Wichita, Kansas turned out to be a big misunderstanding. Someone at the store in Wichita called 911 after a customer reported they had overheard the threat in the store's restroom.

"We just had a customer here made what may have been a bomb threat," said the caller. "He said, uh, somebody told me there's a bomb in here and you need to leave the building. He said it three times."

Police did some investigating and learned the "bomb threat" came from a man in a bathroom stall warning others about the severity of his need to use the restroom.

"You all need to get out of here because I'm fixin' to blow it up," he was heard to say.

One witness said he laughed at the remark and took it as a joke. Once police tracked the man down it became clear it was all a misunderstanding. kwch.com

NRF contradicts government figures, spotlighting 2.9% holiday sales gain

Payless Shoe Source to Liquidate All 2,300 Stores

Congress Considers Nationwide Ban on Salary-History Questions

Security Industry Association Names New Director of Education and Training

Samsung opening stores to rival Apple and Microsoft in U.S. malls

Visa, Mastercard mull increasing fees for processing transactions

Quarterly Results
Bloomin Brands Q4 comp's up 1.6%, sales down 5.9%, full yr. comp's up 2.5%, sales


Connect & Collaborate Conference
Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
Draper, Utah

Please join eBay's Global Asset Protection team for Connect & Collaborate 2019, our biennial opportunity to host some of the nation's leaders in combatting organized retail crime at the eBay facility in Draper, Utah, just fifteen minutes south of Salt Lake City. The event provides retailers, law enforcement, and eBay an opportunity to "Connect and Collaborate" on challenges, strategies, tools, and solutions related to organized retail crime.

More details to follow, including an agenda and suggestions for travel accommodation. Please feel free to send the invitation to any Law Enforcement or Retail Investigator that would be interested in attending!

Please send your RSVP by April 1st, with number and names of attendees, to: proact@ebay.com

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Turning Point Justice Differentiation

By Lohra Miller, CEO, TPJ

   "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy
   not on fighting the old,
   but on building the new"

Last week, many of you read the press release from Turning Point Justice announcing a new service, Direct Reporting. We truly appreciate those, both friends and critics, who took the time to respond. These ongoing conversations have been both informative and enlightening as they have helped us to understand that for every response received, there were many more with similar questions, including pre-conceived opinions regarding who TPJ is, how we are evolving, and the solutions that we now provide.

Like many of you, we believe in the effectiveness of offense-specific offender education in changing individual behaviors. But we also understand and respect the industry's hesitancy to use retail-led offender programs, which is why we have removed these from our Direct Reporting solution.

Direct Reporting simply utilizes TPJ's existing platform to streamline retail theft responses for retailers and criminal justice agencies. It does not incorporate any offender programs. Once the matter is reported to law enforcement through the TPJ system, they handle the incident using traditional criminal justice processes; saving substantial time, improving offender accountability and increasing civil demand collections.

At the end of the day, Turning Point Justice was founded upon the belief that recent technology provides new opportunities for retailers and criminal justice professionals, working together, to address the retail theft epidemic. While this core belief has never changed, our approach in 2019 most definitely has....that is what has differentiated us from the outset, and why we have continued to evolve where others have ceased moving forward.

George Bernard Shaw once said, "[t]hose who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." Turning Point Justice has changed...and we look forward to telling you about it.



High Stress Levels Impacting CISOs Physically, Mentally & Personally
Does This Parallel Their Colleagues in LP & AP?

A quarter of chief information security officers (CISOs) suffer from mental and health disorders as a result of tremendous and growing work pressures, a new survey shows.

Contributing to the strain are concerns about
job security, inadequate budget and resources, and a continued lack of support from the board and upper management.

Domain name registry service provider Nominet recently polled 408 CISOs working at midsize and large organizations in the United Kingdom and United States about the challenges they encounter in their jobs.

A whopping 91% of the respondents admitted to experiencing moderate to high stress, and
26% said the stress was impacting them mentally and physically. A troubling 17% of the CISOs who took Nominet's survey admitted to turning to alcohol and medication to deal with the stress, and 23% said their work was ruining personal relationships.

Nominet's survey showed that
40-hour workweeks are a rarity among CISOs. Twenty-two percent said they are available on an around-the-clock basis, and nearly nine in 10 of US-based CISOs said they don't have a break from work for two weeks or more at a stretch.

"The demands of the [CISO] job are growing much faster than the resources available," he says. Business executives are constantly asking CISOs to do more even as security leaders themselves often have to contend with understaffed teams, manual processes, and a patchwork of tools.

More than half (57%) of the CISOs said a
lack of resources is holding them back from implementing a more effective security posture, and 63% are having trouble recruiting the right people. Despite substantial increases in overall enterprise security spending in recent years, less than half (43%) said they have an adequate or very adequate security budget, and just 51% said they have the requisite technologies for protecting the enterprise.

Nominet CEO Russell Haworth says the
constantly evolving threat environment is one major reason why CISOs feel they are under-resourced despite all the spending. "There are always new threats and threat variants, which drive the need for new defenses," he says.

"We would expect that
CISOs may have the highest stress levels among other senior technology executives, [considering] many CISOs feel the burden of protecting the entire organization is on their back." darkreading.com

Biometric data protection bill introduced in Massachusetts
In late January four Massachusetts state senators introduced a bill that would require companies to refrain from collecting personal and biometric data without consent.

Under the proposal, consumers could request a copy of their personal data that has been collected, restrict disclosure of the data to third parties, or request it be deleted. And Massachusetts citizens would have the right to pursue legal action should their personal information or biometric data be illicitly collected or stored. The proposal contemplates granting consumers a private right of action to obtain the greater of actual damages or $750 per incident, injunctive or declaratory relief, and reasonable attorneys' fees.

The bill is similar to the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, in that consumers not need to prove they suffered actual losses to seek damages.

Arizona is also considering new regulatory rules that would make it illegal for businesses to use biometric data for commercial purposes without consent and legislators in New York City are expected to consider a bill this year which would amend municipal laws to include similar rules for biometric data collection. biometricupdate.com

Why employee monitoring software is making a comeback
Companies are increasingly implementing employee and user activity monitoring software to:

  ● Ensure data privacy
  ● Protect intellectual property and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands
  ● Stop malicious or unintentional data exfiltration attempts
  ● Find ways to optimize processes and improve employee productivity.

Modern user activity monitoring software is incredibly flexible, providing companies with the insights they need while offering the protection they demand. By examining three prominent use cases, it's evident that employee monitoring software is the right tool for our digital moment.

Data privacy
One of the loudest complaints about employee monitoring software is that it can be used to spy on employees. However, as anyone with a smartphone knows, there are numerous ways to avoid making personal information detectable by employee monitoring software.

The software actually preserves privacy on many fronts. Perhaps most obviously, it helps protect client data, a privacy component that is increasingly important. No company wants to be the next Marriott or Equifax, and in a post-GDPR world this isn't just an altruistic value proposition. 2019 is expected to be a year of GDPR enforcement, bringing fines and penalties for companies that fail to adequately secure customer information.

IP protection
Process optimization
Privacy-friendly monitoring: An evolution in the right direction

J.P. Morgan to launch a U.S. dollar-backed cryptocurrency
JPM Coin, the first of its kind from a major bank, will initially be used to transfer funds over a blockchain network internally and between internationally between institutional clients. computerworld.com

Chinese facial recognition company left database of people's locations exposed

Pirates reportedly use Apple certs to release hacked apps on iPhone




LP Industry Evolution & A Look Into The Future

Editor's Message: 

For Most It's a Career. For a Few It's a Profession.

A Professional looks back after 30+ years helping to guide the industry.

With a unique individual style, defined by a quiet strength, level balance, sincere leadership, and depth of knowledge respected by senior management, stores, and AP teams alike, this true professional took the time to share his thoughts and advice for the next generation as he gently closes the door.

Leaving his mark on dozens if not hundreds, with many following his footsteps and hopefully carrying his qualities forward.

Hear his advice that we're honored to share with all of you.

The LP industry has evolved dramatically over the last 40 years. And over the next 10 to 20, it'll evolve to a place we're only getting glimpses of now. While the digital revolution may increase the amount of information you'll be able to manage, it will all still boil down to managing people, data, processes, theft, crisis, and keeping stores safe.

Chad McIntosh, VP of LP & Risk Management for Bloomingdales, has spent the last 40 years developing teams, building programs, delivering shrink results, solving critical issues, and watching the industry evolve. As he now enters retirement, we ask him to look back and look forward in this career-spanning interview full of invaluable wisdom and insight.

 Episode Sponsored By:

Jim Palmer - U.S. Coast Guard Community Services Command - Quick Take 15

Now in his 15th year attending NRF Protect, Jim Palmer, CSO & Sr. Director, U.S. Coast Guard Community Services Command, tells Amber what he looks for in the conference each year when it comes to networking and finding new solutions. Also, learn about his unique reporting structure at the Coast Guard CSC.



Why Fighting Card-Not-Present Fraud Remains an Ongoing Challenge
EMV authentication has made card counterfeiting and fraudulent card-present transactions exceedingly difficult and consequently less common in regions with high adoption of EMV. But in response, many fraudsters have since altered their targeting to CNP transactions.

This shift, along with the growth of ecommerce, has contributed to a substantial increase in CNP fraud-otherwise known as fraudulent transactions that occur online, via telephone, or mail. This type of fraud is typically more challenging to detect than its card-present counterpart, largely because merchants cannot access the physical cards used in CNP transactions to verify their legitimacy. As a result, many of the common verification measures for card-present transactions, such as requiring the purchaser to provide a form of identification, aren't feasible.

While there are various largely effective verification measures for CNP transactions, some can still be circumvented by fraudsters with the right capabilities and resources. These types of transactions often require the purchaser to input the billing address associated with the card, for example, but many fraudsters are able to obtain this information fairly easily via sources ranging from public listings and social media sites, to the illicit marketplaces where stolen card data is bought and sold. Fraudsters often acquire such data long before using it to carry out a fraudulent transaction, which is why there is relatively little that merchants can do to combat the theft of payment card data aside from effectively safeguarding that which belongs to their customers.

Card shops in particular have become the primary means through which fraudsters and cybercriminals obtain stolen payment card data. In addition to dumps-which refer to card data stolen from magnetic-stripe cards that are typically used for card-present fraud-many of these shops also offer cards, which are packages of previously stolen card numbers and other information necessary for carrying out CNP fraud and related schemes. These shops are extremely appealing in the underground because they enable fraudsters to quickly and easily obtain the stolen data they need without having to steal it themselves, thereby lowering the barriers to entry for those with less-advanced capabilities or limited resources. techbizweb.com

13% have used bitcoin to buy stuff online: Kaspersky Labs study
According to a survey by Kaspersky Labs, about 13 percent of people have used cryptocurrency as a payment method. The study collected responses from more than 12,000 consumers in 22 different countries.

The results of the survey show that crypto use is still the least popular method with 81 percent of respondents saying they used credit/debit cards for online purchases. However, the implication of having 13 percent of people across multiple countries using Bitcoin is profound from an adoption point of view.

Cryptocurrency prices fell by more than 80 percent in 2018. However, a fraction of internet shoppers seem to have no problems using virtual currencies. More importantly, online retail outlets aren't shying away from accepting cryptos. bitcoinist.com

eMarketer: Amazon to capture 47% of all U.S. online sales in 2019

Tops Expands Grocery Ecommerce, Now Delivers to 90% of Its Shoppers

Amazon partners with Western Union

Savvy Online Retailers Add Connected Consumer-Friendly Payment Options

Why 3D and AR Could Be the Next Big Innovation Wave in E-Commerce



CAL-ORCA Annual Training Conference:
ORC - Past, Present and Future

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Pasadena Convention Center

Don't miss this essential education on Organized Retail Crime
Discounted Rate Extended!

Click here to learn more & register

Wayne, PA: High-end Multistate theft ring busted with a stolen fur coat
Radnor police say they've charged one woman and could soon charge at least two others in the theft of high-end merchandise at fur and other clothing stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware. So far police have charged Tamala Lee Tucker, 55, with retail theft, receiving stolen property and theft. In all, she is facing 38 felony counts related to the thefts, according to court records.

Officers were called to the Jacques Ferber store in Wayne Wednesday afternoon on the report of a theft of a fur coat. Police were given a description of the car with a tag that had red letters and numbers. Radnor Police made the stop. Once the stop was made, the black mink coat that had been reported stolen was located in plain view on the backseat of the car.

While on the scene, police also noticed a lot of other clothing items inside the car. Police noticed other merchandise including six bags filled with different items and all appeared to have been stolen. Most of those items were all believed to have been higher-end merchandise and include dresses, jackets and other clothing items. Police said the other two women were believed to be relatives of Tucker but had not yet been charged so their identities have not yet been released. However, police said as they continue their investigation, they also expect the other two women will also be charged. actionnewsjax.com

Paso Robles, CA: Over 50 high-end bicycles stolen from warehouse
Reports say Cambria Bicycle Outfitters, whose warehouse is located in Paso Robles, was targeted by thieves Super Bowl weekend. Thieves cut a hole in the Paso Robles warehouse, making it past security systems, according to reports. They stole more than 50 bikes, many of which were high-end bicycles with price tags close to $5 thousand. Clay Akey, CEO of Cambria Bicycle Outfitters, says they walked away with six-figures worth in merchandise. Police are still searching for information about the crime that could lead to an arrest. Police believe the theft was an organized crime. pasoroblesdailynews.com

Austintown, OH: JC Penney reports $12,000 sterling silver Jewelry theft
Someone stole about $12,000 in sterling-silver jewelry from the JCPenney store along Mahoning Avenue on Monday night, according to a police report. Officers responding just after 1:30 p.m. Wednesday found that a cable securing the jewelry counter display case had been cut by an unknown tool, the report states. There are no witnesses to the theft, according to the report. vindy.com

Tulsa, OK: Man accused of stealing $10K worth from Gap
Police are looking for a man accused of stealing $10,000 worth of merchandise from a midtown Tulsa Gap store. Police told FOX23 that between December 20th and January 8th the man stole clothes from the Gap at Utica Square on three different days. Officers say the man walked into the store, grabbed as many items as possible from their display table, and left with them in his car. Police say the stolen merchandise adds up to about $10,000 in clothing. fox23.com

Naugatuck, CT: Warrants issued for 2 Walmart thieves; retail theft of $5,300
Williams Higgins, 18, and Stephen Verity, 28, , are accused of stealing more than $5,300 worth of goods from the Naugatuck Walmart. On Feb. 13, both Higgins, and Verity were charged on a warrant stemming from a shoplifting incident that occurred on December 30, 2018 where officers responded to Walmart on a report of a shoplifting. Loss Prevention told police that they saw the two accused broke into a locked area and conceal $5,317 worth of merchandise and exit the store through the fire door without paying for the goods. patch.com

Cumberland County, Man charged with robbery after stealing $3k worth of tools, items from Lowe's
A York County man faces felony charges in Cumberland County after police said he twice stole tools and other merchandise from a local Lowe's store. After both thefts, Robert L. Kline Jr. of Windsor loaded the items into vehicles that were fitted with stolen license plates. Police said Kline stole a total of $3,381 worth of merchandise, including DeWalt 20V cordless power tools and Dyson DC10 vacuums. pennlive.com

Lisle, IL: Duo charged with stealing $1K in food, pharmacy items from Jewel-Osco store

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Shootings & Deaths

Lewisville, TX: C- Store Clerk Shot to Death During Armed Robbery
A convenience store clerk in Lewisville was shot to death during an armed robbery early Friday morning, police say. Authorities responded at 12:21 a.m. to reports of a shooting at the Valero located along the 300 block of East Corporate Drive. According to police, a customer interrupted a robbery and found the clerk lying on the floor with a gunshot wound. nbcdfw.com

Update - New York, NY: NYPD seek second man involved in Queens robbery
that led to NYPD detective's friendly fire death

Police are looking to question a possible second suspect in the cell-phone store robbery that led to the friendly-fire shooting death of Det. Brian Simonsen, cop sources said Thursday. Detectives believe Christopher Ransom, who tried to rob the T-Mobile store on 120th St. at Atlantic Ave. in Richmond Hill on Tuesday with a realistic-looking replica handgun, arrived at the store with a second man who may have stood lookout, sources said. nydailynews.com

Norfolk, VA: 2 hurt as fight leads to shooting at Norfolk mall; 3 people detained
Detectives detained three people, including one of the people who were shot, after a fight led to a shooting at MacArthur Center Thursday. A fight broke out between two groups of people inside the first floor of the mall at Nordstrom Court around 2:15 p.m. During the fight, two people were shot. Officers found a 16-year-old and 18-year-old suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds. Both victims are expected to be okay. wset.com

St. Louis County, MO: Argument leads to shooting outside Ross Dress for Less
Police say an argument inside a Ross Dress for Less led to a shooting in the store's parking lot Thursday morning. The shooting was just before 10 a.m. at the store on West Florissant Avenue. The male victim was shot in the lower body and was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No one else was injured. St. Louis County Police called out a canine unit, uniformed officers and a helicopter to search the area, but two suspects police believe were involved in the shooting have not been found, police said. stltoday.com

Jacksonville, FL: Robbery suspect shot by C-Store clerk
Jacksonville Police says it happened shortly after 11 p.m. Thursday at 1530 West Main Street. Officers were told by the clerk that a man walked in and put a handgun on the counter, then demanded all the money. The clerk then grabbed their own gun kept behind the counter and fired a shot toward the suspect which wounded him. The suspect was taken to the hospital but there's no further word on his condition. fox16.com

Garner, NC: Man arrested in shooting of 2 Walgreens Pharmacy employees
A 60-year-old man has been arrested in the shooting of two people at a Walgreens store in North Carolina. Police said Stephen Denning, of Garner, will be charged in the shooting Thursday morning of 31-year-old Sarah Wright and 33-year-old Brandon Gordon. Wright, a pharmacy manager, was listed in stable condition at WakeMed late Thursday. Gordon was listed in critical condition. abc11.com

Corpus Christi, TX: Police continue to search for suspects who shot a gun in the parking lot
of La Palmera Mall; no injuries

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Charlotte, NC: Employees nearly beat suspect to death after cell phone store robbery
An employee at a southwest Charlotte cellphone store caught and beat one of the suspects accused of robbing the business Thursday night, police said. It happened just before 7 p.m. at United Wireless Group on Green Park Circle. Police said two men came into the store and stole several cellphones. Employees caught one of them and nearly beat him to death. Paramedics had to use CPR to revive him, and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The other suspect sped away in a U-Haul truck, which police later found abandoned. Police also said an employee at the store had a gun and fired several shots, but it is not known if the robber who fled was hit. wsoctv.com

Las Vegas, NV: Store Manager injured by Police while trying to stop a Shoplifter
Jim Herndon is the assistant manager at Sportsman's Warehouse in Henderson, and someone was shoplifting last January. Herndon says he saw the guy shoving ammunition in his pockets and socks. Then he saw him drop a gun. Someone called 911. Police showed up, Herndon says he talked to them, and they went to find him.

"I see somebody coming towards the front of the store racks are flying, and then this guy falls in front of me," Herndon said. Herndon is a retired Police Officer. He decided he wasn't going to let this guy get away, so he jumped on top of the suspect, and pinned his hands to the ground. That's when he says; police jumped in.

"I got hit in the head somebody grabbed me by the throat and was pulling my head up, but I remember reaching up peeling whosever hands were on my throat, and I was yelling 'the bad guys on the bottom the bad guy's on the bottom," Herndon said. He says he walked away with a bloody nose, bruises on his face, hands, a concussion, blurry vision, and likely permanent nerve damage.

The City of Henderson responded in a statement, saying in part, "Mr. Herndon's actions added confusion to an already volatile situation and unnecessarily endangered officers, members of the public and himself." The city has 45 days to respond to the lawsuit. kxlf.com

Warren, OH: Two Men confessed to robbing 5 C-Stores in 4 hours

Rockford, IL: Suspect Jailed In 2017 Armed Robbery At Metro PCS

West Chester, PA: Burglar hits legendary bookstore, steals rare edition of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'


C-Store - Lewisville, TX - Armed Robbery/ Clerk shot & killed
C-Store - Los Angeles, Ca - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lawrence, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Boardman, OH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Warren, OH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Barry County, MO - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Jacksonville, FL - Armed Robbery /suspect shot, wounded
Cellphone store - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Jonesboro, AR - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Lawton, OK - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Jackson, TN - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Game Stop - Walker, LA - Burglary
Gas Station - Joplin, MO - Burglary
Gas Station - Warren, OH - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Youngstown, OH - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Tyler, TX - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Oberlin, OH - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Suffolk, VA - Armed Robbery
Liquor store - Hudson, MA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Colorado Springs, CO - Armed Robbery
Thrift store - Norfolk, VA - Burglary
Walmart - Horry County, SC - Robbery
7-Eleven - Gloucester County, VA - Armed Robbery



Daily Totals:
22 robberies
3 burglaries
2 shootings
1 killed


Weekly Totals:
86 robberies
14 burglaries
7 shootings
4 killed




None to report.

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