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June 13

Midwest Cargo Security Council One-Day Cargo Security Summit
June 20

RLPSA Annual Conference
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Q3 RAM LP Committee Meeting
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Redefining LP
Mike Lamb, Mark Stinde
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Quick Take #18

Organized Retail Crime
Lt. Tarik Sheppard, Jim Cosseboom and TJ Flynn,

Quick Take #17

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2018 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Community Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

7-Eleven AP and SOS Security Attend Awards Banquet
for Irving Police Department

Front Row, Left to Right:  Richard Williams w/SOS, Ashley Winkelmann and Joe Tabaniag w/ 7-Eleven, Don Gator w/ SOS

Back Row, left to right: Steve Paolino w/ SOS, Tim Hall, Todd Gipson, Alan Lott, Byron Smith and Tylyn Reeves w/ 7-Eleven

This past week several team members from 7-Eleven and SOS Security attended the annual awards banquet for the Irving Police Department. SOS is our partner that supplies our security team at the Store Support Center.

In its effort to support the officers in the community, 7-Eleven and SOS Security joined the Irving Police Department in Irving, Texas to honors its officers and staff for their accomplishments during 2017. The annual event gives the department an opportunity to spotlight outstanding examples of leadership and excellence with their officers and staff.

Among the prestigious awards given was the Officer of the Year and the Brass Pig award. In addition to honoring the men and women of the IPD, the silent auction proceeds from the event help support the Irving Family Advocacy Center. The FAC and IPD's partnership has been in response to families in need and victims of crime in the Irving Community. "We are very thankful for the tremendous support the Irving Police Department has offered at our Store Support Center and surrounding 7-Eleven locations." - Thank you Byron Smith, Corporate Asset Protection Manager, 7-Eleven for this submission!

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Pamela Velose named Vice President of Loss Prevention for belk

Pamela was previously the Regional Vice President of Asset Protection for Macy's for over three years before taking this new position. She's also held other roles for Macy's including Regional Director of Investigations and District Director of Loss Prevention. Congratulations Pamela!

Catherine Stasiowski promoted to Director, Loss Prevention & Safety for Total Wine & More
Catherine was previously the Sr. Manager - Audit & Investigations for the retailer, and has worked there since 2006. She has held additional roles including Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, LP Analyst, Corporate Investigator, and Regional Loss Prevention Business Partner. Prior to working for Total Wine, Catherine worked for Target as an ETL-Operations. Catherine earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Total Wine & More operates 174 stores in 20 States, and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. Congratulations Catherine!

Brian Huff named Director of Loss Prevention for rue21

Brian was previously the Director of Loss Prevention for Boot Barn before taking this new role. He's held a variety of loss prevention/asset protection and investigations positions including Manager of Asset Protection Operations and Regional AP Manager for Anchor Blue Retail Group, District LP Manager for Dick's Sporting Goods, Regional Investigator for Federated Department Stores and LP Manager for Lazarus/Federated Stores.  Congratulations Brian!

Kevin Plante named Senior Manager, Loss Prevention Technology & Data Analytics for Party City
Kevin was previously the Manager, Loss Prevention Operations/Physical Security for Staples for over a year before his new role at Party City. He's held a variety of different loss prevention leadership positions including Director, Loss Prevention Reporting & Analytics for CVS Health, Manager of US Retail LP Operations for Staples, LP Auditor for Pep Boys, LP Manager for BJ's Wholesale Club, Area AP Manager for Caldor Department Stores and Store Detective for Marshall's Department Stores. Kevin earned his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from University of Massachusetts Lowell. Congratulations Kevin!

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'Anyone Would Do The Same'
Russian Store Owner Saves 50 Lives During March 25th Siberian Mall Fire

"It was just an ordinary day and I was at work in our store at Zimnyaya Vishnya," Farzon Salimov recalls. "Suddenly, my nephew, who works at the shopping center, called me and said a fire had started on the fourth floor."

Within minutes the scene at the mall in the Siberian city of Kemerovo became chaotic, with smoke and fire filling the building and prompting visitors to run for safety. In the end, 64 people would lose their lives in the March 25 fire.

"First, we helped the customers in our shop to get out of the building," Salimov told RFE/RL's Tajik Service by telephone. "Then I saw that there were so many people gathered near the escalators, unable to get out through the main door."

Salimov, a native of the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, owns a business on the second floor of the Zimnyaya Vishnya (Winter Cherry) mall where he and four other Tajik workers sell shoes and clothes.

"There were many women, children, and elderly among the crowd stuck there," Salimov told RFE/RL on March 28. "The five of us helped them to get out of the building through our shop and by another door."

Salimov recalls running to the other side of the building along with his co-worker, Mahmud Khojaev, and several others who were helping to rescue people in the shopping complex.

Salimov, 32, estimates that he and co-workers may have helped up to 50 people get to safety.

"We didn't even take the money from the till. We only wanted to save people's lives," he says. "We did what anyone would do in that situation. It's just a normal thing." rferl.org

2nd Russian Mall Fire in 2 Weeks
Fire in Moscow Shopping Mall Kills 1 Person, Injures 6

Russian officials say a fire in a Moscow shopping center has killed one person and injured six. Ilya Denisov, head of the Emergency Situations Ministry's Moscow branch, said the fire Wednesday at a shopping center in an eastern Moscow district killed an employee and left six firefighters injured. Denisov said the employee went in the opposite direction from the emergency exit and suffocated. Authorities did not give the cause but said the fire started in a storage area on the top floor.

The fire happened just a week after a fire in a Siberian shopping mall claimed 64 lives, shocking the nation. Authorities vowed to step up fire safety, and stores and offices across Russia began conducting fire drills and checking fire-fighting equipment. usnews.com

Wife of Kemerovo mall technician says fire alarm was functioning during fire

About 15 malls closed in Russia since start of prosecutor's checks

USA Today Editorial: 'Amazon may be getting way too huge'
I've been investing in companies for many years, longer than even before the Trump Tower was built, and we've seen this happen before. The obvious previous villain was Walmart, but we were talking about its physical presence in small-town America.

That concern now pales in comparison with the impact Amazon has had on big cities and small-town America. You see packages piled high on the doorsteps of homes, apartment houses and now commercial and industrial locations touting the Amazon Prime smiley. What's behind them? Vacancy signs on every major street; shopping centers across the country shutting down; and, most important, small local stores putting up "For Rent" signs, resulting in people losing their jobs.

While Amazon isn't a monopoly in the same sense as Google and Facebook, the percent of retail spending it has taken over has no end in sight, and won't without some careful regulation. Whether Trump is right about Amazon benefiting from postal rates and sales tax laws, there is no question that this ginormous company is in a position to undermine the cost structures of thousands of competing businesses.

I believe in free and competitive markets, but perhaps we are creating destruction with unintended consequences, and society as a whole has to be concerned how to deal with it.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs fuel the growth of our society. We cannot afford to lose the thousands, if not millions, of people and businesses who are feeling the Amazon effect. usatoday.com

Opposing View: 'Donald Trump's attacks on Amazon are transparently political'

Trump attacks Washington Post, calls it Amazon's 'chief lobbyist'

Trump's issues with Amazon may be tied to retail rents

Amazon shrugs off Trump's tweets

Silicon Valley View of Security Does Not Include Armed Guards
Silicon Valley may tighten security after a shooting at the YouTube headquarters stunned the San Francisco Bay Area this week, but do not expect armed guards to take up protective posts around tech companies' campuses. They want broader integration with the community rather than militaristic protection, Valley security experts say.

The shooting on Tuesday at the headquarters of YouTube, a part of Alphabet Inc.'s Google led the video streaming service to say on Wednesday it would increase security at offices worldwide "not only in the near term, but long term."

YouTube did not provide details, but better security need not block out the public or frighten employees, planners said. More lobbies, hedges and other features to slow an approach would improve security without requiring armed guards, for instance, security experts said.

Emerging technologies including robots, drones and software that analyzes video footage for anomalies could allow companies to expand surveillance without having to adopt intrusive inspections, experts said.

Companies do not want "to make their offices look like Fort Knox,"
despite the threat of violent incidents, he said. "The last thing is 'How can I deter people?'" insurancejournal.com

Reassessing Security Following YouTube Campus Shooting
Companies looking to evaluate their physical security programs after Tuesday's shooting at the YouTube office campus in San Bruno, Calif., need to consider one main factor when considering the level of protection they want to put in place: How much risk will they tolerate?

"The goal isn't to eliminate risk - the risk is always going to be there - it's trying to manage that risk and bring it down to an acceptable level," said Tim Bradley, director of consulting at threat-assessment firm Incident Management Group Inc. "Each company has to determine what is an acceptable level of risk for them."

Mark Lex, senior vice president at TorchStone, a risk mitigation and security company, said security should be a topic boards discuss when considering operational risks. Forward-thinking companies put in place a crisis-management plan that involves expertise from all parts of the company and outside advisors as needed "to really examine risk and to make appropriate mitigation plans," he said. A solid mitigation plan could place the organization in a better defensible position from a litigation standpoint if something does happen, he said.

Organizations that evaluate their security programs must answer three questions, said Mr. Bradley: What are we trying to protect, what do we want to protect it from and how are we currently protecting it? That means knowing what is valuable to the company - employees, intellectual property, raw materials, art in the case of a museum - and then ranking from most important to least important the threats that could harm those assets, he said.

Organizations must consider, when planning security protocols, what Mr. Bradley calls the "criticality" of an event, which he defined as the probability an attack will occur multiplied by the impact on an attack on the organization.

"A shooting like the one at YouTube may happen once in a lifetime but look at the impact on that company, it's beyond measure how it will impact employees," he said. Conversely, employees may steal office supplies every day, but most companies won't spend much money to prevent that theft because it's of small consequence, he said. wsj.com

The Stores That Track Your Returns
J.C. Penney, CVS, Sephora among retailers using Retail Equation to generate customers' 'risk score'

More consumers are finding out that stores are using a third-party service to monitor their shopping behavior and limit the amount of merchandise they can return.

Best Buy Co. has been the target of a large share of consumer complaints on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other online forums about its efforts to police returns with the help of a firm called Retail Equation. But the same service is used by a variety of other retailers, including J.C. Penney Co., Sephora, CVS Health Corp., Advance Auto Parts Inc., Dick's Sporting Goods Inc., Home Depot Inc. and Victoria's Secret. Some only penalize shoppers if they bring back merchandise without a receipt, while others also ding them for receipted returns.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that Retail Equation develops a "risk score" on each customer based on their shopping behavior, then sometimes issues warnings and denials. The firm, based in Irvine, Calif., receives information about shoppers when they provide a form of identification to retailers.

The actions that hurt a shopper's score and the thresholds for getting declined from making future returns vary by retailer and often aren't disclosed in their policies. Behaviors that can harm a score include returning a large percentage of purchases in a short period and bringing back items that tend to get stolen at that retailer.

Retail Equation said its system is designed to identify 1% of shoppers whose behaviors resemble return fraud or abuse, which occurs when customers exploit the return process, such as requesting a refund for items they have used, stolen or bought somewhere else. The firm said it doesn't share a person's data from one retailer with another. wsj.com

Virginia: Governor Signs Bill Raising Felony Theft Threshold
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has signed legislation that will soften the penalties for people caught stealing smaller-dollar items. The Democratic governor announced Wednesday that he'd approved a bill that raises the state's felony theft threshold from $200 to $500.

Virginia has kept its felony bar at $200 since 1980 and is tied with New Jersey for the lowest in the country. Northam said raising the threshold was a legislative priority, but had previously pushed for it to be set at $1,000. House Republicans had blocked efforts to raise the threshold by any amount in past years but agreed to a $500 limit in exchange for Northam's support of legislation overhauling the state's criminal restitution system. wdbj7.com

The LPRC 2018 Research Agenda Has Been Released!
The Loss Prevention Research Council is excited to announce that their fully interactive 2018 Research Agenda is now available on their website. Learn more about the 60 planned projects by clicking on the Working Group blocks, located within the different Zone of Influence, and categorized by AP problem it helps to solve.

Interested in learning more about a project? Contact operations@lpresearch.org or tune back to the LPRC website for updates and finished reports as they are published.

View the full research agenda here.

Sally Beauty announces layoffs at corporate headquarters in Denton, TX

Buffalo Wild Wings to Cut 132 Jobs from Minneapolis HQ

Nike 'failing to gain traction' in diversity hires

SOS Security, Under Armour Partner to Support the Boomer Esiason Foundation

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Clermont, FL: Man arrested after worker discovers phone recording in Walmart restroom

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The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) has an unprecedented speaker line-up for this year's annual Elite Training Day event April 11 - 12, 2018.

Dr. Saul Kassin
Attend Dr. Kassin's Presentation at Elite Training Day 2018 where he will discuss false confessions and the research surrounding them.

"Avoiding the Pitfalls that Lead to Bad Confessions" - Retired Detective, Jim Trainum, Washington DC Metro. PD
He will go over how obtaining admissible, accurate, and reliable information from victims, witnesses, and suspects is the most important and most frequently used skill of an investigator.

"Interview Ethics" - Dr. Michael Skerker
In this presentation he will go over how interview ethics have to take into account three stakeholder groups: the interviewers(s), the suspect(s), and the wider public.

"The Truth That Binds" - Michael Reddington, CFI
Join him and learn how interviewers can take advantage of uncertain circumstance and bond with their subjects to inspire a commitment to the truth.

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Sears Holding, Delta Air hit by customer data breach at tech firm
Department store chain Sears Holding Corp and Delta Air Lines Inc said on Wednesday some of their customer payment information may have been exposed in a cybersecurity breach at software service provider [24]7.ai.

Sears said it was notified of the incident in mid-March and the incident led to unauthorized access to the credit card information of under 100,000 of its customers.

Technology firm [24]7.ai, which provides online support services for Delta, Sears and Kmart among other companies, found that a cybersecurity incident affected online customer payment information of its clients, it said. The incident happened on or after Sept. 26, 2017 last year and was found and resolved on Oct. 12, the company said.

Personal details related to passport, government identification, security and SkyMiles information were not impacted, Delta said. The No. 2 U.S. carrier said while a small subset of its customers would have had their information exposed, it cannot be said with certainty if their information was accessed and compromised.

Sears said its stores were not compromised and their internal systems were not accessed in the breach. There was no impact on the information of customers using a Sears-branded credit card, the retailer said. cnbc.com

[24]7.ai Issues Statement on Information Security

Shopping apps leading target as mobile fraud escalates
Fraud targeting mobile app marketers increased 30% in the first quarter of 2018, compared to the same period last year, reaching $700 to $800 million worldwide, according to the AppsFlyer State of Mobile App Install Fraud report. Shopping apps were among the hardest hit, the report said.

The share of fraudulent installations has increased 15%, affecting 11.5% of all marketing-driven installations. Shopping app fraud was up 35%, the report said. The most popular form of attack is now bots, which have replaced device farms, and are responsible for over 30% of fraudulent installations. retaildive.com

Amazon launches a service for securely storing company 'secrets'
Amazon's cloud business on Wednesday announced the launch of a service - called Secrets Manager - for storing important company information, such as passwords. The service is Amazon's latest effort to bolster its security software offerings, but it also comes after a string of reports about attackers stealing passwords improperly stored on Amazon Web Services. cnbc.com

Facebook Says Data on Most of Its 2 Billion Users Is Vulnerable
'Most people have had their public profile scraped'

Facebook Inc. said data on most of its 2 billion users could have been accessed improperly, giving fresh evidence of the ways the social-media giant failed to protect people's privacy while generating billions of dollars in revenue from the information.

The company said it removed a feature that let users enter phone numbers or email addresses into Facebook's search tool to find other people. That was being used by malicious actors to scrape public profile information, it said.

"Given the scale and sophistication of the activity we've seen, we believe most people on Facebook could have had their public profile scraped in this way," the company said. "So we have now disabled this feature."

Facebook also said data on as many as 87 million people, most of them in the U.S., may have been improperly shared with research firm Cambridge Analytica. This is Facebook's first official confirmation of the possible scope of the data leak, which was previously estimated at roughly 50 million. bloomberg.com

Equifax Can't Skip Mass. AG Suit Alleging Security Failures
Judge says Equifax should have taken protective measures

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey plausibly suggested that Equifax broke Bay State law when it failed to run a security patch before a September data breach, a state court judge ruled in a decision made public Wednesday that refused to let the credit reporting firm dismiss the case.

Suffolk County Superior Court Judge Kenneth W. Salinger ruled that, though the data breach itself - which exposed the personal information of 143 million people - doesn't amount to a violation of Massachusetts law, Equifax Inc.'s alleged failure to prevent that breach by taking protective measures might have, according to the decision issued Monday but made public on Wednesday.

Healey had contended Equifax knew for months it needed to patch its open-source code to keep its databases secure, or that it at least should have been aware that its software provider had publicly notified users of the problem and how to fix it, Judge Salinger noted in the ruling. law360.com

Equifax Hack Affected 145M Americans
What happens when half the nation's information gets stolen?

Mark Zuckerberg: Security on Facebook is 'never-ending battle'

Google employees protest: 'Stop work on AI for Pentagon drone video analysis'


2018 Group LP Selfie Drawing and 'Live in NYC' Sendoff

In our finale episode, Gus Downing, Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley draw three winners for the D&D Daily's "Group LP Selfie" competition (sponsored by NuTech National). See which three LP teams win free pizza parties!

Thank you to Hudson's Bay Co. and the team at Lord & Taylor's historic flagship store for hosting our LIVE shoot in NYC, all our sponsors for helping make this educational industry event possible, and all of you for tuning in!

Catch up on any episodes you may have missed here and stay tuned for our next live broadcast at NRF Protect in Dallas this June.

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Three E-Commerce Fraud Challenges To Beat In 2018
What will e-Commerce fraud prevention look like in 2018? Because the fraud landscape is evolving so quickly, the one sure prediction is that there will always be new challenges for merchants. But the rewards are worth the effort: the worldwide e-Commerce market was valued at $2.3 trillion for 2017, and 2018 should see even more growth. Here are three issues that will be front and center for online sellers in the year ahead.

The 2015 EMV transition in the U.S. led to a spike in Card Not Present (CNP) fraud. But two years after the EMV shift, fraud is still on the rise. This explosive growth in CNP fraud puts it first among card fraud methods in the U.S., despite the fact that Javelin's Fixing CNP Fraud study found that the transition to EMV will have a negligible effect on the volume of fraudulent e-Commerce in the United States through 2018.

If the EMV fraud bump is over, why is fraud on such an upswing? More merchants are selling internationally, giving fraudsters more opportunities to exploit cross-border fraud-prevention gaps. CNP fraud will continue to rise as long as U.S. e-Commerce does, according to the Javelin study.

Challenge: Balancing Fraud Prevention With Customer Satisfaction
Today's online shoppers expect an easy, low-friction shopping experience, and a growing number of them are making purchases on their smartphones. As m-Commerce gains ground on traditional desktop e-Commerce, mobile payments fraud is rising, too. To protect revenue and keep customers happy, merchants must understand that m-Commerce fraud prevention requires a different approach from desktop e-Commerce.

Challenge: More Fraud Collaboration And Sophistication
As identity theft and card fraud continue to be profitable for thieves, fraudsters are joining forces to share knowledge and leverage their own economies of scale. Small groups of thieves are giving way to international organized crime groups. These groups have the resources to use technology to infiltrate merchants' computer networks to watch for and exploit security weaknesses and steal information. retailtouchpoints.com

Omni-Channel Commerce Means Omni-Fraud

Ninety percent of retailers allow customers to shop across many channels, but only 46% are managing fraud across those channels.

U.S. cross-channel retail sales were projected to hit $1.8 trillion in 2017, up over 33% since 2012. Capitalizing on omni-channel retailing requires significant enhancements to multiple systems - supply chain, logistics, inventory, warehousing, marketing, payments and, one of the most important systems, fraud prevention. If they are not strategic, omni-channel merchants provide multiple opportunities for criminals to rapidly employ costly fraud attacks.

Read this eBook to learn about:

● Fraud trends impacting current and emerging sales channels
● Unique factors affecting fraud for omni-channel merchants
● Strategies for fighting and mitigating fraud kount.com

Aging US warehouses unfit to handle Amazon and e-commerce boom

Walmart now price matching Amazon on 53% of products


REGISTER NOW: 1st Annual METRORCA Information Sharing & Training Conference - April 17

The METRORCA will host the 1st annual Information Sharing and Training Conference at the New York City Police Department Academy, 130-30 28th Avenue, Flushing, New York, on April 17th, 2018. Parking is free for all attendees.

The agenda for this information sharing conference will include new and varied material from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies as well as private sector loss prevention professionals focusing on a wide range of topics including: the Opioid Epidemic and ORC, Crypto Currency, Cognitive Interviewing, and more.

This one day conference will commence with an open registration and networking. There is a $50 registration fee, which includes lunch and conference related materials. Parking is free for all attendees.

Click here to register & view the event flyer here

San Antonio, TX: $500,000 of Stolen merchandise discovered in illegitimate business' warehouse; 1 man arrested
One man is facing charges in connection to a half-million dollar fencing scheme police discovered Wednesday afternoon. Authorities said stolen items including tools, weed eaters and fixtures were discovered in a Northwest Side warehouse on Wednesday morning. Investigators were tipped off to the business operating under the name Guero Tools. While registered with the state, the business didn't pay federal or state taxes. Detectives from the Repeat Offenders Program said the group operated online through eBay, Facebook and Craigslist for some time. buying stolen items and making money by selling those items. Police said the business sent packages out all over the country. Police said at least four people were detained for questioning, but only 28-year-old Julio Deleon is facing charges as of Wednesday afternoon. ksat.com

Theft victims recovering $250,000 in property seized by Fontana Police
Police now hope other victims will come forward to claim their stolen merchandise, most of it expensive commercial-business property such as grills, tools, light bars, generators, tires, blowers, welding helmets, washing machines and air compressors. Fontana electrical contractor Juan Ruiz searched through the piles of stolen commercial property laid out at the Fontana Police Department on Wednesday, April 4, finding boxes of lights stolen from his business in December that an officer said were worth $60,000.

Adrian Smith, of Bull Outdoor Products in Rialto, wheeled out grills, burners and a small outdoor refrigerator that were taken in March when thieves cut a fence at that business and rammed a storage container with a truck. And Brandimir Kovac, who races Porches, recovered racing helmets and tools that were taken from his trailer in Rialto on Christmas. All were happy beneficiaries of the Fontana police bust of an organized commercial burglary ring in which three men and a woman - described as career criminals - were arrested and an estimated $250,000 in stolen property was found in a Bloomington storage unit. sbsun.com

Monticello, MN: Former Cub Foods Employee arrested the theft ORC Theft of Razor blades and White Strips
Scott M. Marthaler, 37, is a former Monticello Cub Foods employee is accused of stealing merchandise from the store and selling it on the online commerce site, Ebay. Marthaler is charged in Wright County District court with retail theft. He is accused of taking from the store $1,238.98 worth of Crest White-strips and Gillette razor blades. He was believed to be selling the items on eBay, a fact that was confirmed by a Wright County Sheriff's Department check of activity on Marthaler's eBay account. Marthaler is facing one felony count of theft, which, if convicted, is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. hometownsource.com

Richmond Height, OH: 28 Phones stolen from T-Mobile in Armed Robbery

Forsyth, IL: Woman tried to steal $400 in perfume, jewelry from Von Maur in Hickory Point Mall

Orland Park, IL: Police searching for a Walgreens thief who grabbed a large quantity of over-the-counter medications and ran

Guam: Supermarket Warehouse Manager arrested for theft of $12,500 of canned beef and mackerel

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Shootings & Deaths

Miamisburg, OH: Officer-involved shooting suspect wanted for Dollar General robbery
The man shot by police near a Miamisburg hotel has been identified as a suspect from a robbery at a Dollar General in Lawrenceburg, Indiana earlier this week, according to officials. The suspect was said to have entered the Dollar General on Stateline Road around 9:45 p.m. April 2 and showed a semi-automatic handgun and demanded cash from the clerk. Police said a gun was recovered at the scene of the officer-involved shooting near the Red Roof Inn on Byers Road Tuesday night. Police added the suspect had previous felony convictions. mydaytondailynews.com

San Antonio, TX: Security guard shot at Northwest side H-E-B expected to recover
The shooting at the store located at I-10 and Wurzbach Road prompted an overnight closure. The suspect walked into the break room at the store and stunned employees, who called security for help. When two security guards arrived, the suspect became upset and began struggling with them. During the struggle, he grabbed a guard's gun and shot him in the ankle. The two guards and the suspect were still fighting when officers arrived. Pepper spray and several zaps from a stun gun failed to get the suspect under control. Paramedics injected a dose of Ketamine into the suspect, which finally ended the struggle, according to SAPD. Both the unidentified suspect and the injured guard were taken to University Hospital; the guard, is expected to be okay. news4sanantonio.com

Leeds, AL: Person accidentally shot in parking lot of Grand River Outlet Mall

Robberies & Thefts

Orange County, FL: Search continues for crime spree suspect terrorizing Winter Garden and Orlando; Car Jackings and Armed Robberies at Petco, Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts and 7-Eleven
Orlando police released a composite sketch of the man, which was created with the help of a witness. The suspect struck again Wednesday morning, when he carjacked a woman's car in the Petco parking lot in Orlando. Not long after the carjacking, the man robbed a Walgreens on Sand Lake Road, where he pistol-whipped a victim and stole money. Shots were also fired, but no one was hit. wftv.com

Chester County, PA: Valley Township Employee with a QVC 'shopping addiction' allegedly stole $250K from utility payments

Skimming Thefts

Port Orchard, WA: Skimming gang bust
Four charged in multi-county 'skimming scam' that netted them thousands
Four men accused of running a "skimming" scheme, in which they planted devices on ATMs to collect bank card information, were charged Friday in Kitsap County Superior Court. Thousands of dollars were reportedly taken during the scam, much from Kitsap County residents, according to court documents.

However, Port Orchard police received reports that members of the group may have been using "cloned" cards made from the skimmed data to take cash from ATMs in Bothell, Gig Harbor, Shoreline and Puyallup. kitsapsun.com

Experts: Card skimmers growing more sophisticated, harder to detect
Security blogger Brian Krebs wrote in January that criminals are hiding harder-to-detect skimming devices inside legitimate card readers, especially as more banks and credit cards use more secure chip-embedded cards instead of just magnetic strips. Some devices, known as "shimmers," fit completely inside the card reader's slot to grab chip data, though they can only be used to clone another magnetic-stripe-only card, and would rely on banks not properly using security features in the chip, Krebs wrote. triblive.com

Harrisonburg, VA: 2 arrested with skimmer, counterfeit cards, and $35K

Secret Service agent: Beware of skimmers at gas pumps, cameras at ATMs

Eau Claire, WI: Royal Credit Union finds card skimmers on 4 ATMs

Ross Township, PA: Card-skimming device found on gas pump at GetGo

Watertown, NY: Two card skimming devices found at Mobil gas station

Maiden, NC: New type of skimming device found at gas pump

Angelina County, TX: Police find "skimming device" at Fairview Mini Mart


Houston, TX: Looter gets 20 years for stealing $5,228 of TVs, cigarettes during Hurricane Harvey
A man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for looting over $5,000 worth of TVs and cigarettes during Hurricane Harvey. Thomas Gamelin, 38, was arrested and charged with burglary of a building after a Houston police unit was driving by a Walmart on Aug. 29, four days after Harvey roared ashore in Texas as a Category 4 storm. The storm hovered over Houston for days, dumping record-breaking rainfall on the city. Officers saw Gamelin carrying a television out of the store. He was also captured on the store's surveillance cameras. wbal.com

Chowchilla, CA: Serial Central Valley Armed Robber Sentenced to 100 Years in State Prison; Metro PCS, Cricket Wireless and many others

Minot, ND: Woman sentenced for stealing $600 puppy from pet store; 1 day and 1 year probation


AT&T - Martinez, CA - Armed Robbery
AT&T - Albuquerque, NM - Armed Robbery
Blain's Farm & Fleet - Waukesha, WI - Burglary
C-Store - Medford, OR - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Pueblo, CO - Armed Robbery
CVS - Roscoe, IL - Robbery
CVS - San Roman, CA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Iberia, LA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Opelika, AL - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Sparks, NV - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Pueblo, CO - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Iberia, LA - Armed Robbery
Kay Jewelers - Jefferson County, OH - Burglary
Restaurant - Winston-Salem, NC - Armed Robbery/Store owner shot
Restaurant - Akron, OH - Armed Robbery
T-Mobile - Palm Desert, CA - Armed Robbery
Wawa - North Brunswick, NJ - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Orlando, FL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - San Antonio, TX - Robbery


Daily Totals:
17 robberies
2 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killings



Bret Graddy
named Regional LP and Safety Manager for Paradies Lagardere

Jason Anderson
named District AP Leader for CVS Health

Sarkis Grigorian
named Regional Manager Asset Protection for Follett

Matthew Edwards
named Supply Chain LP Manager for Ulta Beauty

Dale Loope
named Loss Prevention Partner for Qurate Retail Group

Jessie Alvarez
named District LP Manager for TJX Companies

Eric Agurcia
named West Coast Regional LP Manager for Hermes of Paris
Andy Santiago, CFI named Area AP Manager for Walmart Logistics

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Featured Job Spotlights


VP of Loss Prevention
Anaheim, CA

The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce. Reporting to the CFO, this position has overall leadership responsibility for leading the charge in driving shrink reduction...

VP, Internal Controls
San Francisco, CA
The Vice President, Internal Control will lead Sephora's cross-channel strategies to protect the company assets and business from all external and internal sources of losses. This role requires business, financial and leadership acumen...

Vice President Security
Greendale, WI

The Vice President of Security will set our long term strategic vision and oversee planning for the security and safety of employees, facilities, assets, customers, vendors, and participants. In this position, you will align financial and operational performance to create economic value and reports to the executive team on all functions of security...

Global Risk and Control Director
Beaverton, OR

As our Nike Direct Risk & Control Operations Director you will be responsible for aligning our resources and plans to the global strategy. In this role you will support teams in Stores, Digital and Operational Excellence to influence how we develop and deliver core programs in support of the Risk & Control mission around the globe, and help our teams to cut shrink, fight fraud and manage risk in Nike Direct...
Supervisor Asset Protection - Maurices Headquarters
Duluth, MN
We are currently looking for an Asset Protection Supervisor for our maurices Corporate Offices in in Duluth, MN. In this role you will oversee the day to day safety & asset protection operations as they relate to the corporate office with general direction from AP management & supervises a team of hourly AP associates...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager-West Coast Region Pasadena, CA
Crate and Barrel is America's most exciting housewares specialty retailer with 100+ locations and over 6,500 associates nationwide. We are seeking an experienced, committed and enthusiastic professional to join our Internal Audit department...

Regional LP Investigator - 10 Positions Nationwide
LA/San Diego/Northern CA/Central CA/Phoenix

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

Regional LP Investigator - 10 Positions Nationwide
Houston/Texas Border/Chicago/Boston/Miami

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

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Unlocking the Key to Productivity: Pizza, Shock your System, No Emails

Study Finds that Pizza Can Make You More Productive at Work
If you're looking for ways to motivate your team, a warm, gooey slice of pizza could do the trick. This study found that pizza, even more than cash or compliments, was the biggest motivator. Money isn't everything

How to Find Focus and Boost

For some of us, focus is something we have to work toward, and often it's hard to maintain. We all are overwhelmed with work and distractions. If you want to increase your focus and boost productivity, here are some tips to help. Shock your system

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The Essentials for Creating a Positive and Productive Atmosphere
Creating a positive and aesthetically pleasing work atmosphere for your employees goes beyond helping them remain productive. If done right, it can help them enjoy the time they spend working there! Here's what you can do. Find their strengths


While most people try to avoid risk and corporate America actually labels it to be avoided at all cost, ultimately life is filled with it. Risk taking is something everyone is faced with and, without it, life would become somewhat stagnate. Taking a risk once in awhile is a healthy thing. It pushes people to do sometimes their most creative work and reach new levels. The problem becomes the fear of risk and hesitation. It seems like our society has become so risk avoidance driven that people are applauded for not taking it. When in actuality it is those who take risk that pave the road for all others to travel. As Joseph Campbell, a famous American mythologist once said, it is the darkest path in the woods that holds the most treasure. Next time you're faced with taking a risk, give it some thought. Who knows - your career may take off!

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