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The Zellman Group, LLC adds industry veteran
Frank Luciano to their legislative affairs team

Greenvale, NY (April 24, 2018) - The Zellman Group, LLC is very pleased to announce Frank Luciano as the Head of Legislative Affairs.

As Founder and President of Civil Demand Associates, Luciano has devoted the last 30 years to the development of the civil recovery industry. During his tenure, the civil recovery industry was vastly expanded, modernized and nationalized. Luciano was the first to specialize in electronic transmission and online case management. He expanded civil recovery to include vendor fraud, employee procurement and court ordered restitution.

Luciano has also been active throughout his career with organizations such as the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), National Retail Federation (NRF), Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and the Retail Special Agents Association. While working with these groups he has had the opportunity to collaborate with legislators to help in the drafting and passage of various civil recovery laws through the country.

In his capacity with The Zellman Group, LLC, Luciano will continue his important legislative work. He will support efforts in key states where the civil recovery laws are being challenged or jeopardized. He will help educate and lobby to ensure retailers rights are equally heard by legislators.

"My strong feelings about this industry have lead me to work with leaders who are ethical and keep the clients interest first," said Frank Luciano. "State civil recovery laws are changing as well as the image of retail loss prevention. I find the challenge incredibly exciting and I look forward to working with all who have an interest in legal ways to help deter theft."

Zellman CEO & President Stuart Levine said, "I am pleased to welcome a thirty-year industry veteran to our team. The addition of Frank will ensure that Zellman stays fully involved with the ever-changing state legislative bills that could affect our industry."

About The Zellman Group
The Zellman Group, LLC, based in Greenvale, NY, is the industry leader in Civil Recovery, Court Ordered Restitution, ORC Recovery and ORC Investigation. The Zellman Group, LLC is a loss prevention services and consulting company working in the retail, food service and hospitality industries. For additional information please visit our website at www.zellmangroup.com or sales@zellmangroup.com.


Special Report Update: 1 Officer has died after Home Depot shooting
A Dallas police officer died Wednesday after a shooting that wounded another officer and an employee at a home improvement store, the city's mayor said

Mayor Mike Rawlings was presiding over a city council meeting when he announced the death of Rogelio Santander, a member of the police force for three years. Santander, officer Crystal Almeida and a loss-prevention officer for Home Depot were shot Tuesday by a man identified by police as 29-year-old Armando Luis Juarez.

Almeida and the loss-prevention officer, who hasn't been identified, were in critical condition Wednesday.

Police were called to the store to help an off-duty police officer to remove Juarez from the store. Police have not said if he was suspected of shoplifting or why he was being ejected from store. Juarez opened fire as he was being escorted from the store and made his escape. Several law enforcement agencies were involved in the pursuit that led to his eventual arrest.

Juarez was arrested in January on a charge of unlawful use of a motor vehicle after authorities say he was found in a stolen vehicle. He also pleaded guilty to a drug-possession charge.  Read more in Retail Crime. associatedpress.com

Intellicheck's Age ID Helping to Stop Fake ID's & Keeping America Safe
Tennessee ABC Enforcement Section Fortifies Underage Drinking Prevention with Intellicheck's Age ID

Tennessee's Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) enforcement section is using Intellicheck's Age ID® to prevent underage drinking and advance the enforcement of laws that make it illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to minors. Forty law enforcement agents are using Age ID throughout the state to authenticate driver licenses and other forms of identification to prevent the use of altered and fake IDs.

According to Chief Bond Tubbs, "Our law enforcement agents are committed to protecting our youth, and enforcing the laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors. It is essential that we equip our dedicated men and women with the most effective identity verification technology solution available to deal with the sophisticated fake IDs that are so easily obtainable by young people. I am confident that Age ID will be a vital tool for our agents in the field."

Age ID authenticates IDs and verifies age information in real-time with 99.9% accuracy. It can be deployed on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets and can be integrated with point-of-sale solutions. The cutting-edge technology solution draws on a comprehensive, proprietary database, updated on an ongoing basis, to ensure information is timely and accurate. Check out Intellicheck's Retail ID  businesswire.com

FDA warns retailers against illegal sale of e-cigarettes to children
Federal health officials on Tuesday announced a nationwide crackdown on underage use of a popular e-cigarette brand following months of complaints from parents, politicians and school administrators.

The Food and Drug Administration issued warnings to 40 retail and online stores as part of a month-long operation against illegal sales of Juul to children. Investigators targeted 7-Eleven locations, Shell gas stations and Cumberland Farms convenience stores as well as vaping shops.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the current "blitz" targeting Juul will continue through the end of the month, with additional actions in coming weeks. "This isn't the only product that we're looking at, and this isn't the only action we're going to be taking to target youth access to tobacco products, and e-cigarettes, in particular."  pbs.org

NYPD Calls UWS Duane Reade Stores Crime Magnets;
Asks Residents To Demand Better Security Investment By Corporate Owners

Capt. Timothy Malin, the 20th Precinct's new commanding officer, is taking aim at Duane Reade for what he considers a lax attitude to crime prevention.

By not investing in private security guards for the precinct's eight stores, he says, the company is drawing in repeat offenders from other neighborhoods who use these locations as their "personal shopping malls" and may commit other crimes of opportunity while visiting the Upper West Side.

"The vast majority of the larcenies (thefts) are coming from one place: Duane Reade," he told residents at Monday evening's monthly Community Council meeting.

So far in 2018 there have been 180 reported larcenies from area Duane Reade stores, up 35% over last year. Duane Reade makes up 42% of the precinct's total reported petit larcenies (stolen goods under $1000); multiple grand larcenies have also been reported. NYPD has made 76 larceny arrests in the stores this year; 97% of those arrested live outside of the precinct.

During his PowerPoint presentation, Capt. Malin highlighted the rap sheets of five recidivist arrestees as exemplars of his larger concern. Career criminals - sex offenders, gang members, robbers with upwards of 79 arrests - are traveling to the UWS to hit unguarded Duane Reades and perhaps swipe laptops and handbags elsewhere while they're here, he says.

"They have security guards in other parts of the city like northern Manhattan and the Bronx. We've asked them twice for the exact same thing for the Upper West Side but we haven't made any progress."

Capt. Malin urged residents to contact Walgreens and demand that the company take action. "We want the same preventative measures that the Bronx and other parts of Manhattan are getting...visible, well-run security in their UWS stores," he said. "They can't just be reactive. They need to be proactive for the safety of the community."  westsiderag.com

Johnson Controls minimizes storage, lowers costs with Illustra IntelliZip smart compression technology
Johnson Controls is introducing Illustra® IntelliZip, which enables users to lower the amount of bandwidth and storage needed by their video surveillance system while maintaining video quality and reducing costs.

The Illustra IntelliZip smart compression engine uses intelligent bitrate control to adjust the level of compression during live video streaming of Illustra cameras to VideoEdge® network video recorders, minimizing network bandwidth and storage requirements beyond H.264 and H.264+ video streams. tycosecurityproducts.com

Hackers built a 'master key' for millions of hotel rooms, buildings and where ever else Assa Abloy is used
New research shows how hackers can manipulate hotel room key cards to gain access to an entire building.

Security researchers have built a master key that exploits a design flaw in a popular and widely used hotel electronic lock system, allowing unfettered access to every room in the building.

The electronic lock system, known as Vision by VingCard and built by Swedish lock manufacturer Assa Abloy, is used in more than 42,000 properties in 166 countries, amounting to millions of hotel rooms -- as well as garages and storage units.

It took the researchers over a decade of work to get here and they could create a master key "basically out of thin air." Any key card will do. Even old and expired, or discarded keys retain enough residual data to be used in the attack. Using a handheld device running custom software, the researchers can steal data off of a key card -- either using wireless radio-frequency identification (RFID) or the magnetic stripe. That device then manipulates the stolen key data, which identifies the hotel, to produce an access token with the highest level of privileges, effectively serving as a master key to every room in the building.

Assa Abloy released a security patch and installed the patch at the central server, however the firmware on each lock needs to be updated. This requires someone to be physically present at the lock," the researchers wrote. Leaving millions of rooms, buildings and offices vulnerable. zdnet.com

Facebook Cleans Out Fake Accounts Selling SSN And Credit Card Info
Facebook has removed a number of accounts and pages that advertised the personal information of dozens of people, including Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers.

"Posts containing information like Social Security numbers or credit card information are not allowed on Facebook, and we remove this material when we become aware of it," a Facebook spokesman said, according to Reuters.

But Reuters pointed out that a Google search still turns up a few public Facebook posts offering to sell personal details.

The Motherboard report says that hackers have been advertising databases of private information on Facebook for years. Motherboard was even able to confirm the first four digits of the Social Security numbers, names, addresses and dates of birth for four people whose data appears in a post from July 2014.

Matt Mitchell, a digital security trainer, told the news site that Facebook has no excuse for allowing these posts to remain on the site for so long. In fact, he says it should be "easy" for the social network to stop and prevent these posts.  pymnts.com

Getting Press Coverage - Helps Funding Later
Ohio city sees success with retail theft deterrent program

Drug addicts who were shoplifting to support their habits sparked a drive against organized retail crime that has precipitated a sharp drop in theft from retailers and related return fraud in Mentor, Ohio.

"A few years ago, we noticed a trend where shoplifting was going up," says Patrolman James C. Collier of the Mentor Police Department. "When we were making arrests, [the suspects]were telling us they were addicts. A lot of them were on heroin."

The shoplifters would steal merchandise, return it and get credit in the form of gift cards. If they sold the stolen goods on the street, they would get about 50 cents on the dollar value, Collier says. Gift cards, on the other hand, could be sold at pawn shops and "gold and silver" stores for significantly closer to their value.

After noting that the police department's retail theft deterrence program entered its fourth year at the start of 2018, Collier recalls its genesis. "What we did back then was to go undercover, using an unmarked car obtained through forfeiture," he says. That meant mostly sitting in retailers' parking lots keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior.

"In the first month, we had 14 arrests for shoplifting," Collier notes.

Information sharing: As effective as the police efforts were in combatting retail theft and fraud, it was also expensive for the department to implement. They sought assistance from Ohio's Office of Criminal Justice Services. The grant money has made a big difference, Collier says.

"We've long had a dialogue with retailers. If a shoplifter was arrested or stopped by a retailer loss prevention associate, the police were called after all the paperwork was completed," he says. "Then, after we got the grant in 2015, we reached out, setting up meetings and compiling a mailing list. The large retailers and Great Lakes Mall security showed up. That was when we began developing a definitive strategy."  stores.org

12 retailers at risk of bankruptcy in 2018
Six have already filed

Already this year there have been six major retail bankruptcies, including that of Bon-Ton Stores, the first major department store in years to liquidate. Most executives expect retail bankruptcies in 2018 to increase or keep pace with last year, according to a study from consulting firm BDO. S&P analysts have also noted that retail defaults could increase this year, as could liquidations. Moody's analysts said last week that retail defaults in the first quarter of this year hit an all-time high, though the ratings agency expects that defaults likely peaked in March.

The following was culled from lists of retailers with FRISK scores of one or two in the first quarter 2018 provided by CreditRiskMonitor executives. retaildive.com

J Crew - FRISK Score: 1
Neiman Marcus FRISK Score: 1
Sears Holdings - FRISK Score: 1
99 Cents Only FRISK Score: 1
GNC FRISK Score: 1
Fred's FRISK Score: 1
Destination Maternity FRISK Score: 2
Ascena FRISK Score: 2
Stein Mart FRISK Score: 2
J.C. Penney FRISK Score: 2
Office Depot FRISK Score: 2
Vitamin Shoppe FRISK Score: 2

One of the Largest Liquidations in History
Toys R Us Will Create $156M Vendor Fund

To pay vendors for merchandise shipped after its bankruptcy filing in September, a lawyer for Toys R Us said the embattled retailer will create a $156 million fund. But lawyers representing the retailer's vendors said that amount doesn't cover the $760 million in trade claims, CNBC reported.

Some vendors thought their shipments would be paid through a $3.1 billion bankruptcy loan, but lenders and legal fees have priority for those funds.

If completed, the company's liquidation would be among the largest in retail history since Sports Authority closed nearly 500 stores, The Wall Street Journal reported. pymnts.com

The D&D Daily's 22.9% Unique Open Rate TOPS Industry's 18%
Email Trends Report: Opens on the Rise, But Click Rates Stagnate

The good news is that people are more likely to open your emails. But shed a tear for that all-important click-to-open rate, which is struggling to hold its own.

That's a key finding from email marketing firm SendGrid, whose latest Global Email Benchmark Report [registration], released last week, found a sharp increase in opens overall-an aggregate open rate of 18 percent, up from 14.6 percent in 2017-and a click-to-open rate that continues to slump. The report showed that while the aggregate click rate increased to 2 percent from 1.7 percent the year prior, the modest increase in clicks compared to opens meant the click-to-open rate fell from 11.6 percent to 11.1 percent.

In its report, SendGrid suggests that its findings, based on data from 50 billion emails sent by 100,000 senders to 2 billion recipients, highlight changes in the ways that users read emails. Another factor worth noting: Users are far more likely to open emails on mobile devices (55.6 percent) versus non-mobile devices (44.4 percent).

"These changes reinforce our belief that recipients are becoming more discerning on what they click on," the report states. "While recipients may open more emails, they aren't necessarily going to click on links within the message."

In addition, the report broke down click-and-open rates among 17 different industries, including retail, media, entertainment, telecom, and numerous others. associationsnow.com

IOBSE Spring Conference President's Welcome Reception
The IOBSE Spring Conference is only one week away. It's not too late to register. There is still a little bit of space still available. If you are unable to attend the full conference but would still like to do some networking you can join us on Tuesday night for the President's Welcome Reception at the Sheraton Stonebriar on Tuesday, April 24 at 6PM. Hope to see you there!

Posted by Donald Knox, CPP, CITRMS, President of the IOBSE

Oakbrook mall security officers start using license plate readers technology

Toys to buy 93 Toys 'R' Us Stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Toys 'R' Us will live on in Canada

Charming Charlie exits bankruptcy with 100 fewer stores

NCR to cut 360 jobs as company outsources work

Quarterly Results
Supervalu Q4 Retail comp's up 1%, retail net sales down 0.6%, wholesale net sales up 60%, total net sales up 42%, full year net sales up 30%
Canada's Metro Q2 comp's down 1.2%, sales flat

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R-CISC and Symantec Partner to Deliver Actionable Threat Intelligence Workshops Across the Country
"Helping the retail industry detect, prioritize and respond to threats"

The Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) and Symantec Corporation have teamed up to host a series of workshops designed to equip retail information security and cyber intelligence practitioners with practical strategies for actioning on cyber threat intelligence at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.

Whether it's attacks on point-of-sale systems, phishing attacks with malware, account takeover, crypto mining, or others, retailers and consumer-facing companies are continually strengthening their defenses to preserve their customers' information.

"Our goal at the R-CISC is make intelligence actionable for retailers and consumer-facing companies of all sizes. Being able to use intelligence to strengthen security controls is one of our top initiatives," said Suzie Squier, Executive Director of the R-CISC. "Partnering with Symantec to host regional workshops allows us to reach the broader community and educate attendees on how effective threat intelligence can help the retail industry detect, prioritize and respond to threats."

The regional workshops will address the increased volume and evolution of threats affecting retailers and customer-facing industries. Each will include a combination of informative presentations and practitioner-to-practitioner discussions that allow for stronger dialogue and continue to build trust among the community. R-CISC members hosting the workshops include Target, Publix and Sally Beauty.

Workshop Topics of Discussion Include:

● State of cyber threats and actors in the retail sector
● Cyber threat intelligence and program development within your organization
● Threat intelligence within mixed security operational environments

Dates & Locations:

● May 16 - Columbus, Ohio
● June 1 - Lakeland, Florida
● June 7 - Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
● June 28 - Dallas, Texas

Eligible workshop participants are cybersecurity practitioners from retail, gaming, hospitality, restaurants, grocers, consumer financial services, consumer products, and other customer-facing companies.

To RSVP, email events@r-cisc.org.

About the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC), the Retail ISAC

The R-CISC is the trusted cybersecurity community for retailers, consumer products, grocers, hotels, gaming, restaurants, and cybersecurity industry partners worldwide. The R-CISC supports its member base, representing over $1 trillion in annual revenue, by serving as the conduit for collaboration, threat and best practice sharing, and cooperation. Through building and sustaining valuable programs, partnerships, products and opportunities, the R-CISC enables its members to deepen their trust-based relationships, strategic knowledge and tactical capabilities. For more information on the R-CISC and how to join visit r-cisc.org.
Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn. r-cisc.org

Suspicious event hijacks Amazon traffic for 2 hours, steals $150K cryptocurrency
Almost 1,300 addresses for Amazon Route 53 rerouted for two hours

Amazon lost control of a small number of its cloud services IP addresses for two hours on Tuesday morning when hackers exploited a known Internet-protocol weakness that let them to redirect traffic to rogue destinations. By subverting Amazon's domain-resolution service, the attackers masqueraded as cryptocurrency website MyEtherWallet.com and stole about $150,000 in digital coins from unwitting end users. They may have targeted other Amazon customers as well. arstechnica.com

Research from Ponemon Institute and ObserveIT
Reveals Insider Threat Incidents Increasing in Frequency & Cost

Study finds the average cost of an insider-related incident over a 12-month period is $8.76 million

ObserveIT, the leading insider threat management provider with more than 1,700 customers around the world, today released a study, commissioned with Ponemon Institute, that uncovered the direct and indirect costs associated with insider threats.

The average cost of an insider-related incident over a 12-month period is $8.76 million, and it takes more than two months, on average, to contain an insider incident.

Types of Insider Threats: All types of insider threats are increasing. Since 2016, the average number of incidents involving employee or contractor negligence has increased by 26 percent, and by 53 percent for criminal and malicious insiders.

Negligent Insiders: The majority of respondents (64 percent) cited that the negligent insider is the root of most incidents, followed by criminal and malicious insiders (23 percent) and employee and contractor negligence (13 percent).

Costly Credential Risk: Credential risk (or imposter risk) is the costliest type of insider incident at an average of $648,846 per event. This type of incident is 2.5 times more costly than incidents involving employee or contractor negligence at $283,281 per incident. Criminal and malicious insider incidents cost an average of $607,745 per incident.

To read the full study, 2018 Cost of Insider Threats: Global Organizations, visit here. businesswire.com

Yahoo, now named Altaba, is fined $35 million over giant data breach
The company formerly known as Yahoo is paying a $35-million fine to resolve federal regulators' charges that the online pioneer deceived investors by failing to disclose one of the biggest data breaches in internet history. latimes.com

Sr. Director, Safety and Security for Paypal in San Jose, CA
The Sr. Director, Safety and Security is responsible for supporting the development, implementation and management of the security environment for PayPal people and assets. myworkdayjobs.com


2nd Annual Axis Canada Retail Leadership Forum
May 23 - 24 in Toronto, ON

The Retail Landscape is changing and with these changes providing safety and security for your customers, staff and business is of utmost importance.

This 2-day exclusive seminar will cover topics ranging in a variety of spaces including, but not limited to:
Organized retail crime
Cybersecurity and brand
Leadership styles during unlikely events
Workplace safety in a time of legal cannabis

If you are interested in attending this two-day complimentary seminar please email Rick Snook or call him at (647) 444-4672 for more details.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Update on Halifax Mall plotters

Woman Who Plotted Halifax Mall Massacre Sentenced To Life
A woman who plotted to go on a Valentine's Day shooting rampage at a Canadian mall was sentenced to life in prison Friday with no chance of parole for nearly a decade. Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Peter Rosinski said that Souvannarath is and will remain a threat to society. He said she has not expressed remorse for her plot.

Rosinski also said that if the plan to kill unsuspecting shoppers had not been interrupted by an anonymous tip and the quick actions of local police, it would have been carried out. Rosinski said his sentence was partly shaped by the principles that apply to terrorism.

He said the crime requires the court to "send a clear message" to those conspiring to kill multiple people that "they will pay a heavy price." Her co-conspirator, James Gamble, killed himself as police surrounded his Halifax-area home. Souvannarath was arrested at the airport. nbcchicago.com

Halifax mall plotters believed they were reincarnations of Columbine shooters

Halifax mall shooting plotter's parents say she was bullied, not capable of violence

RELATED STORY: Quebec City mosque shooter considered mall shooting 2 months earlier

Loblaws squares off with CRA in $400M tax fight
The grocery giant began a month-long trial against the federal government over the Canada Revenue Agency's claims that it set up a bogus offshore bank in the Caribbean to avoid tax on hundreds of millions of dollars in investment income over the last two decades.

At stake for Loblaws and controlling shareholder George Weston Ltd. is a potential $406-million assessment by the taxman - which the company is appealing - consisting of taxes on profits it booked in a Barbados subsidiary. The government has said the financial manoeuvre was designed to "circumvent" parts of the Income Tax Act.

In its battle with the CRA, Loblaws maintains that its offshore subsidiary Glenhuron Bank, even though it didn't accept deposits from any customers, was a legitimate foreign financial institution. cbc.ca

PC Optimum member hit by theft a 3rd time after Loblaws says password problem fixed

Alberta pharmacists facing fraud trial plead guilty to taking $300,000 worth in secret commissions

Mobile checkout coming to Canadian Nordstrom Rack stores in the next two weeks

Canada's retail sales are far weaker than we thought

Edmonton, AB: Good Samaritan injured while trying to stop mall theft dies
An Edmonton man who was critically injured while trying to stop an alleged theft has died, according to family and friends. Witnesses to the alleged theft told CTV Edmonton on Tuesday that a young male was trying to steal a cash register from an unattended kiosk at an Edmonton mall when a man--later identified as 61-year-old Iain Armstrong--confronted the alleged perpetrator. Police say the suspect--described only as a man in his 20s--severely beat Armstrong and fled the scene. ctvnews.ca

Dartmouth, NS: Man seriously injured after shooting in strip mall parking lot

'Easy targets': Spree of ATM thefts hits Ontario; 58 businesses hit since January

Grand Falls-Windsor, NL: Syringe full of blood used to rob convenience store

Winnipeg, MB: String of robberies, carjacking lead to arrests; Six retail locations hit by the thieves

Lasalle, ON: Two arrested after $300K in stolen beer tracked to warehouse

Garden City, MB: Employees stabbed by young teens in beer store robbery

Calgary police release surveillance video of violent armed robbery

Robberies and Burglaries

Beer Store - Garden City, MB - Armed Robbery/Employees stabbed
C-Store - Brampton, ON - Robbery (2 incidents)
C-Store - Grand Falls-Windsor - Armed Robbery
Petro Canada - Lac La Biche, AB - Robbery
Safeway - Thunder Bay, ON - Robbery

Ultramar - St. John's, NL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Dawson Creek, BC - Armed



Building a Worldwide LP Program for 14,000 locations
in 90 Countries

Van Carney, National Director of Safety & Loss Prevention, Domino's

With 14,000 locations worldwide, 5,700 domestically, and over 400 corporate locations in the U.S., Van Carney, National Director of Safety and Loss Prevention, has built a successful LP program at Domino's over the last 21 years that has led his industry and kept hundreds of people safe when making home deliveries. From robbery prevention and internal theft to delivery safety and defensive driving training, learn how Domino's LP is leading the way. Also, learn what RLPSA can offer food and restaurant retailers.

Episode Sponsored By

Amber Calls Out Joe's Oreo Habit

Co-MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley get a bit off topic in this fun LPNN Quick Take. Warning: This video might make you hungry.

Miss an episode? Catch all our "Live in NYC" 2018 videos here.

Get involved in our next broadcast in June at NRF Protect in Dallas. Contact us!



Merchants Fight Online Fraud, But Leave Some Customers Unhappy
Dynamic fraud detection methods, such as machine learning algorithms, are giving merchants the means to beat back bogus online sales orders. As the following article reports, while advanced fraud fighting methods are highly successful, there are sometimes legitimate sales that get rejected, leading to unhappy shoppers.

When people shop online at retailers like Macy's Inc. and Finish Line Inc., their visits are tracked and shared with an outside firm that scores their behavior and decides whether to approve or deny purchases. Shoppers who exhibit behavior that such scoring firms often associate with fraud, such as buying without checking the return policy or paying for the fastest shipping option, have a higher chance of getting declined. Sometimes they never find out why their transactions are canceled or who made the call.

Behind these decisions is a group of firms hired by retailers to weed out fraudulent online customers. They determine which indicators correlate with fraud and then evaluate shoppers based on hundreds of data points.

Online shopping has created new challenges for retailers trying to combat fraud, such as people using a stolen card or falsely reporting a transaction as fraudulent. Credit-card companies typically cover the cost of unauthorized purchases in stores. But with online transactions, retailers are usually on the hook when a customer reports a fraudulent charge.

Many fraud detection firms have delivered highly effective fraud identification results, so these measures should continue unabated. However, a problem occurs when there is a lack of communication between merchant and customer, when a legitimate sale has been rejected-or as the industry calls it-a false positive. Rather than be secretive about it, merchants should reach out to customers and let them know what is happening. paymentsjournal.com
Half of retailers find BOPIS adds fraud concerns
Many large retailers believe that offering customers a buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) option comes with increased fraud concerns, according to a new study by e-commerce protection firm Signifyd. In fact, 40% of retailers that make more than $100 million in annual revenue see BOPIS as a strategic initiative, but are looking to deal with added fraud concerns.

The same study found that almost 30% of fraud cost retailers 3% or greater of BOPIS revenue, with half to those reporting as much as 5% in BOPIS revenue.

Of those studied, 29% reported BOPIS makes up between 21% and 30% of all online revenue; and 28% cited that BOPIS was responsible for 11% to 20% of all online revenue. Almost half of retailers said their average basked size for a BOPIS purchase ranged between $51 and $250.

Still, BOPIS comes with its challenges. After fraud and security concerns-a primary hurdle for one out of every six retailers-almost half of retailers cited inventory tracking as the greatest challenge.

So why exactly does BOPIS increase a need for security?

Stefan Nandzik, Signifyd's VP of marketing, says that there are two main things that make BOPIS riskier in terms of fraud: the need for speed and the fact that the orders, naturally, lack a delivery address. fierceretail.com

Los Angeles, CA: FBI Raids Hollywood Apartment Complex, Arrests 5 Amid Investigation Into ID Theft/'Shimming' Ring
Federal agents and Torrance police officers stormed Vantage Hollywood Apartments, in search of four individuals charged with bank fraud in a criminal complaint on Tuesday morning. Members of the Secret Service also assisted in the enforcement. The suspects were arrested on charges of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aggravated identity theft. The initial criminal complaint alleges Cozma, Mirron and Tcaciuc were part of a scheme that, in part, involved inserting "shimming" devices into ATMs at banks across Southern California. Shimming is a lot like card skimming, but the technique is able to steal data from a card's EMV chip instead of the magnetic stripe. Multiple search warrants were also served Tuesday to turn up evidence in connection with the investigation, Eimiller said. Agents seized large amounts of cash and a piece of an ATM.  ktla.com

Rochester, NY: More than $200K in stolen goods seized from Brighton pawn shop
Monroe County sheriff's investigators and officers from the Rochester Police Department executed a search warrant at Mr. Deals pawnshop, 2862 West Henrietta Road, at 1:23 p.m. and confiscated between $200,000 and $300,000 worth of stolen merchandise, Sgt. John Watson said. The new and boxed property included pet supplies, pet vitamins, tools, electronics, printer ink cartridges, and over-the-counter medication, deputies said. The raid came after a six-month investigation. Store owner Marcus Luciano, 29, of Greece and store manager John Lombardo, 22, of Greece were arrested and charged. Customers were using fraudulent identification cards and Luciano and Lombardo allegedly knew the IDs were fraudulent, Watson said. democratandchronicle.com

Chesterfield, VA: Shoplifter flees Stein Mart with $1,500 in merchandise
Chesterfield police are looking for a suspect they say brazenly walked out loaded down with stolen merchandise. The theft occurred at Stein Mart, and the value of the items is estimated at $1,500. Police say a man entered the store, took clothes right off the rack and fled the store in a silver SUV. nbc12.com

Raynham, MA: Trio charged with shoplifting $850 of electronics from Walmart

Rome, GA: TJ Maxx Employee arrested for $4,000 ORC theft

Submit your ORC Association News

Visit the ORC Resource Center



Shootings & Deaths

(Update) Dallas, TX: Dallas Police Officer dies a day after Home Depot shooting that wounded 2 others
A Dallas police officer has died after a theft suspect opened fire at a Home Depot in Lake Highlands, a shooting that left a second officer and a security guard in critical condition. Multiple sources identified the officer who died as Rogelio Santander. He died about 8:10 a.m. Wednesday at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The 27-year-old is the ninth North Texas officer to be killed in the line of duty in about two years. The wounded officer is Crystal Almeida, 26. The third victim was identified as Scott Painter, a Home Depot loss-prevention officer. facebook.com

Scott Painter is an Asset Protection Specialist and has been with The Home Depot since April of 2014

Home Depot Shooting Suspect's Family says he's 'lovable'
Relatives of a man accused of shooting and critically wounding two Dallas police officers and a Home Depot employee say they can't believe he would be involved in such violence. Ruben Juarez, the father of suspected gunman Armando Juarez, told The Dallas Morning News, "there's no way ... (he) could've done this," and that he doesn't think his son even owns a gun. Armando Juarez's grandmother, Janie Longoria, told reporters Tuesday that her grandson is a "sweet, lovable person," but that his friends are a bad influence. The 29-year-old Juarez was apprehended following the shooting and a police chase Tuesday. He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a public servant. He was arrested in January after authorities say he was found in a stolen vehicle. He also pleaded guilty to a drug-possession charge. pilotonline.com

Norridgewock, ME: Sheriff's Deputy Shot, Killed During Cumberland Farms store
Robbery, FBI & Maine State Police assisting in search for suspect. Police say a Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy has been shot and killed. FBI agents are on the scene and assisting in the investigation. Law enforcement officials were on the scene in Norridgewock and Skowhegan area Wednesday morning after an early morning robbery at a Cumberland Farms on Waterville Road in Norridgewock around 1:45 a.m. Police have ordered schools closed in the area. newscentermaine.com

In case you missed it:
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Robberies & Thefts

Orange County, CA: Search Is On For Thieves Caught On Camera Striking Target Stores In OC
The search is on for burglars who are striking Target stores in Orange County. A spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff's Department says thieves recently targeted a location at Portola Pkwy. and Bake Pkwy. in Foothill Ranch, and another at Grand Ave. and 17th St. in Santa Ana. CBS2/KCAL9 obtained video footage from inside the Foothill Ranch Target, where three heavily-disguised men wearing masks and bandannas could be seen forcing entry into the location around 3:20 a.m. Tuesday, deputies say. The trio made their way around the line of shopping carts and went straight for the ATM with a sledgehammer. Officials believe it's the same crew that hit the Target in Santa Ana. cbslocal.com

Manitowoc, WI: Woman arrested after stealing panties, perfume, sunglasses

Counterfeit & Fraud

Europe's Counterfeit Problem
Counterfeit F&B worth $66.9M U.S. seized by Europol and INTERPOL

More than 3,620 tons and 9.7 million liter's of counterfeit or substandard food and beverages worth an estimated $66.9M U.S. were recovered by Europol and INTERPOL in the latest 4 month Opson investigation.

Run over four months (December 2017 - March 2018) across 67 countries, Opson VII involved more than 41,000 checks at shops, markets, airports, seaports, and industrial estates. In total 749 people were arrested or detained. Europol and INTERPOL said 49 criminal networks were dismantled and 66 illegal factories were shut down. foodnavigator.com

Massillon, Oh., based food-delivery business is under investigation for $8.5M food stamp fraud
Ohio Direct Distributors would exchange its meat and other products for SNAP payments. Federal investigators used confidential informants and undercover law enforcement officers to confirm the case. timesreporter.com

Counterfeit Trade Cost German Brands Almost $10 Billion in 2017


Fairfield, CA: Man sentenced to 32 to Life for Attempted Murder/Shooting of 2 men outside a Liquor store; claimed he feared for his life

Phoenix, AZ: Tuba City Man Sentenced to 84 Months for Gas Station Robbery


C-Store - Sipsey, AL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Hidalgo County, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - San Antonio, TX - Burglary
C-Store - Nashville, TN - Burglary
Dollar General - Lexington, KY - Armed Robbery
Gun Store - Madison, WI - Burglary
Ice Cream Shop - Suffolk County, NY - Robbery
Liquor store - Sacramento, CA - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - Michigan City, IN - Robbery
Pharmacy - Benton City, WA - Armed Robbery
Smoke Shop - Anchorage, AK - Armed Robbery
Smoke Shop - Brooklyn, NY - Robbery / Assault
Subway - Columbia, SC - Armed Robbery
Tanning Salon - Suffolk County, NY - Robbery
Tractor Supply - Glenpool, OK - Burglary
7-Eleven - Cypress, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Anaheim, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
13 robberies
4 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings




Linda Campbell
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for DSW

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VP of Loss Prevention
Anaheim, CA

The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce. Reporting to the CFO, this position has overall leadership responsibility for leading the charge in driving shrink reduction...

VP, Loss Prevention
Brentwood, TN

Key duties include developing and implementing strategies and programs to (i) reduce the Company's financial losses resulting from internal and external theft; (ii) improve the company's receiving and inventory control processes and procedures to reduce financial losses resulting from administrative errors; and (iii) identify and investigate fraud and theft of company assets...

Vice President Security
Greendale, WI

The Vice President of Security will set our long term strategic vision and oversee planning for the security and safety of employees, facilities, assets, customers, vendors, and participants. In this position, you will align financial and operational performance to create economic value and reports to the executive team on all functions of security...

VP, Internal Controls
San Francisco, CA

The Vice President, Internal Control will lead Sephora's cross-channel strategies to protect the company assets and business from all external and internal sources of losses...

Global Risk and Control Director
Beaverton, OR

In this role you will support teams in Stores, Digital and Operational Excellence to influence how we develop and deliver core programs in support of the Risk & Control mission around the globe, and help our teams to cut shrink, fight fraud and manage risk in Nike Direct...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Jacksonville, FL

● Manages and coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations

● Manages Loss Prevention initiatives and programs on facility levels which may include a combination of locations within a geographical area; travel required...


Manager of District Loss Prevention
Salt Lake City, UT

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...

Field Manager, Asset Protection (East Coast & Canada)
Atlanta, GA

The Field Manager, Asset Protection is based in Atlanta, GA and is responsible for executing AP programs and strategies relating to theft and fraud mitigation, operational integrity, and compliance supporting the East Coast and Canada facilities...

Fraud Operations Analyst
Atlanta, GA

The Fraud Analyst is based in Atlanta, GA and is responsible for protecting HD Supply Construction & Industrial through proactive review of internal and external transactions to identity fraudulent and/or inappropriate use which warrant further investigation. This role will also support Asset Protection through the ongoing development of reporting intelligence and administration...
Supervisor Asset Protection - Maurices Headquarters
Duluth, MN
We are currently looking for an Asset Protection Supervisor for our maurices Corporate Offices in in Duluth, MN. In this role you will oversee the day to day safety & asset protection operations as they relate to the corporate office with general direction from AP management & supervises a team of hourly AP associates...

Global Investigator I - GS
Bentonville, AR

● Acts as an internal and external liaison for assigned business segment

● Conducts investigations (for example, fraud, theft, misappropriation, diversion, personal conduct, major crime)...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager-West Coast Region Pasadena, CA
Crate and Barrel is America's most exciting housewares specialty retailer with 100+ locations and over 6,500 associates nationwide. We are seeking an experienced, committed and enthusiastic professional to join our Internal Audit department...

Regional LP Investigator
Northern CA/Phoenix

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

Regional LP Investigator

The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for analyzing internal & external theft trends in assigned market and to develop strategies to identify and resolve theft cases. The Regional Loss Prevention Investigator will work with the Investigative Risk and Fraud Analyst in the identification of internal theft cases, and ensure that all cases are brought to a successful resolution...

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