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OpenEye Recognizes S-TRON as a Long-Time Top Partner
S-TRON Becomes an OpenEye Partner for Cloud Video Surveillance Systems

Back in 2010 S-TRON was looking for a product to help transition some of our national retail client's analog CCTV systems to hybrid or IP systems. We were introduced to OpenEye and found their hybrid recording platform to be a perfect fit. It allowed our clients to transition to IP at a pace they were comfortable with. What we didn't realize is how valuable a partner they would become in the following years. Sales support was amazing.

Brent Gable, OpenEye Director of Business Development, and his team would bend over backward to make sure we were turning over every stone to put the best possible offerings together for our existing and potential clients. s-tron.com

Massachusetts: Career Criminal Thought it Was Now OK to Shoplift
After Seeing 'No-Prosecute' News

An admitted career crook who saw the news about Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins' no-prosecute list on a jailhouse TV couldn't believe it when cops in Weymouth slapped cuffs on him for shoplifting $126 worth of goods from a Stop & Shop. "It's not a crime, I thought. I saw it on TV when I was in prison," Glenn Kerivan griped to the Herald on Thursday. Kerivan, a 59-year-old Arlington man who the cops describe as having a "lengthy" criminal history, was arrested May 9 for shoplifting in a Weymouth store, to which he pleaded guilty the next day and was issued a $500 fine.

The cops say a Stop & Shop loss-prevention officer told them he watched Kerivan walk out of the store with a fruit platter before coming back in and returning it for cash. Then, according to the police report, he walked around the store, grabbing $126 worth of various items and putting them into a shopping bag before leaving. The Weymouth cops who arrested Kerivan wrote, "His demeanor was very relaxed and (he) stated on numerous occasions that he'd been 'put away for real crime,' and that he did not believe shoplifting was arrestable anymore. Only one problem. Weymouth is in Norfolk County, where DA Michael Morrissey and his prosecutors take a dim view of shoplifting.

Kerivan was referring to Rollins' list of crimes she has instructed her prosecutors not to bring. That includes 15 crimes she's pledged not to prosecute, from trespassing and shoplifting, to drug possession and resisting arrest, crimes she's described as minor and has said "are overwhelmingly crimes of poverty, mental illness and addiction." Weymouth Mayor Robert Hedlund said Kerivan "should have studied geography." bostonherald.com

Federal legislation introduced to ban cashless stores
Months after the city of Philadelphia and the state of New Jersey passed laws requiring retailers to take cash, two lawmakers in Congress have introduced bills that would put a ban on cashless stores nationwide. U.S. Reps. David Cicilline (D, Rhode Island) and U.S. Rep. Donald Payne (D, New Jersey) introduced separate bills that would force brick-and-mortar retail stores, including restaurants, to accept cash.

Cicilline's bill, called the Cash Should Always Be Honored Act, would authorize the Federal Trade Commission to enforce the prohibition on cashless stores, letting the agency fashion the regulations to implement the ban. Violators would be subject to unspecified penalties.

Payne's bill, the Payment Choice Act, is more similar to bans passed by Philadelphia and New Jersey in that it allows consumers to sue stores that do not accept cash, and sets fines of $2,500 for a first offense and $5,000 for subsequent violations. The legislation would allow attorneys general to intervene in civil cases brought against companies. chainstoreage.com

Police have used celebrity lookalikes, distorted images to boost facial-recognition results, research finds
Police agencies have used altered photos, artist sketches and celebrity lookalikes in facial-recognition searches while attempting to find and arrest criminal suspects, raising concerns over the unregulated technology's risks of inaccuracy and abuse, new research released Thursday found.

Facial-recognition systems have in recent years been used in thousands of law-enforcement investigations across the country as a way to quickly identify a person of interest, and the systems are designed to match two similar photographs: typically a photo of someone caught on camera, and a corresponding photo in an official database.

But a new review by Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy and Technology found police have used the systems in a number of questionable ways that could muddy the search results and potentially lead to misidentification or false arrest.

Some investigators edited the photos in hopes of revealing more matches, including swapping out facial features, blurring or combining parts of photos, and pasting in images of other people's lips or eyes.

In one case, New York police detectives believed a suspect looked like the actor Woody Harrelson, so they ran the actor's image through a search, then arrested a man the system had suggested might be a match. sfgate.com

Cities should regulate facial recognition instead of banning it, AI startup CEO says
SenseTime, the world's most valuable artificial intelligence (AI) startup, has called on governments to establish new regulation for facial recognition systems, following the recent decision in San Francisco to ban local police and other agencies from using such technology because of the potential for abuse.

"Governments should craft regulations, instead of restricting use [of facial recognition systems]," said Xu Li, co-founder and chief executive of SenseTime, on the sidelines of a company event in Beijing on Wednesday. "There should be standard guidelines to determine under which conditions certain emerging technologies can be used." thestar.com

This Chinese facial recognition start-up can identify a person in seconds
China plans to be the global leader in artificial intelligence by 2030, a market where the facial recognition piece alone is expected to garner $9.6 billion by 2022. China's facial recognition database includes nearly every one of China's 1.4 billion citizens.

One of the companies making huge strides in this space is Shanghai-based YITU Technology, which has gained wide recognition for its Dragonfly Eye System, a facial scanning platform that can identify a person from a database of at least 2 billion people in a matter of seconds. cnbc.com

Every move you make, every step you take,
this Japanese drug store will be watching you

This store either has a lot of faith in their security cameras or no faith at all.

A Twitter user recently snapped a photo from inside Cosmos, a Japanese drugstore chain. The picture shows countless hanging cameras, spaced about a meter apart from one another. Among the signs advertising all the great savings Cosmos has to offer, is a sign that reads, "crime prevention video is recording," just in case that wasn't evidenced by the lush field of surveillance overhead.

Ironically, online all eyes were on these constellations of cameras capturing consumers from all angles. Here are some of the Twitter comments, translated from Japanese:

  ● "Probably over half of those are fake."
  ● "They can catch up to 200 shoplifters at once!"
  ● "Is that a store or a prison?"
  ● "I think the manager of that store has trust issues." soranews24.com

CCTV Cameras Market Estimated to Record Highest 15.5% of CAGR by 2025
The commercial market for CCTV cameras will grow with an increase in the need for surveillance in commercial and retail stores. According to the market analysis, the residential segment is expected to grow at a CAGR 17.8% during the forecast period, which is the highest among all other end users of CCTV cameras. However, in terms of market share, the commercial sector dominates the global CCTV camera market. The commercial segment is expected to reach a market size of over US$ 13,100 Mn by the end of 2025.

The advancements in technology are driving the growth of the global CCTV camera market. The introduction of 4K cameras and advanced security camera technology are adopted in different sectors in order to ensure security against threats, shoplifting and terrorism. This factor helps in driving the growth of the CCTV camera market. The internet of things (IoT) is also playing a major role in CCTV camera related advancements and is contributing to the growth of the global CCTV camera market. newdailyherald.com

Macy's and Walmart execs warn of higher prices due to Trump's tariffs
Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette and Walmart CFO Brett Biggs have both said that price increases on the products they sell are inevitable after the Trump administration increased tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent on $200 billion worth of goods imported from China. reuters.com

Can grocers digest their way to zero waste?
A growing number of grocery stores are using anaerobic digester technology in their operations to minimize the amount of their food waste ends up in landfills. A recent order placed by a regional grocery chain in New York for six food digesters capable of breaking down 800 pounds of organic material per day, as reported by Waste Today, is one recent instance of the recycling method being implemented. retailwire.com

11th Circ. Revives Hoverboard Fire Suit Against Amazon
The Eleventh Circuit on Thursday resuscitated a Georgia man's suit over a hoverboard he bought through Amazon that started a fire, destroyed his home and severely injured him, finding it's plausible Amazon knew about the risk when it sold the product. law360.com

Skechers Light-Up Shoes Burn Kids, Mother's Suit Says
Popular light-up children's shoes made by Skechers USA Inc. contain a dangerous defect that can cause skin burns, an Illinois mother claimed in a proposed class action filed Thursday. Skechers knew or should've known about the defect that burned her son but concealed it and continued to sell the shoes, she said. law360.com

Children's Place to close up to 45 stores in 2019, but also open 25 new stores

Online luggage brand Away to open 50 stores

Apple's Former Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts Named to Airbnb's Board of Directors

Macy's Herald Square could get an office tower topper

Amazon Details Plans for First Phase of HQ2 Campus

Lakeland, FL: Publix goes from big to bigger with HQ expansion

Taco Bell Is Opening a Boutique, Branded Hotel Called 'The Bell'

Quarterly Results
Boot Barn Q4 comp's up 8.7%, net sales up 12.9%; full-year comp's up 10%, net sales up 14.6%

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Keep the Tick-R-Tape Tag, leave the base and seal on the product to go with the customer. Perfect placement for our exclusive decoder. Replaceable batteries make this alarming Tag reusable over and over again with unlimited lifespan.

Whether using the Tick-R-Tape Tag alone or on Keepers or Clam Shells, add an extra layer of security that will alert you to tampering, Rogue Detachers, and more. The Tick-R-Tape Tag will also self-alarm going through EAS Pedestals, and continue to alarm out the door.

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How Smarter Robots Will Impact Security Workforces
One area in which AI is aiding physical security applications is robotics. Indoor robots can be instrumental in providing security personnel with another set of eyes and ears in many locations and notify them of an event so they can respond.

Cobalt Robotics, a leading technology and solutions provider, builds indoor robots that work alongside human guards to provide security. Dr. Travis Deyle, Cobalt co-founder and CEO, reports that robots have the ability to learn which areas in a location need the most coverage.

"Security is all about identifying risks than matching tools to mitigate that risk relative to budget and a location's existing solutions," he says.

Robots are ideal for this, as they navigate around an indoor space, build up an understanding of what's normal and then identify anomalies, Deyle explains. When a robot detects them it remotely notifies a human who can speak through the robot via audio video chat.

Stacy Dean Stephens, executive vice president and chief client officer of Knightscope, a leader in developing autonomous security, adds, "A robot does the boring, monotonous routine work extremely well. By adding robots to an existing program, a user can change the dynamic and allow humans to do the things they do best."

A former law enforcement officer, Stephens explains that Knightscope robots come equipped with full 360° high definition video, which can be integral from a forensic standpoint. securitysales.com

Walmart Robot Workers: Why A.I. Just Might Save Your Job
Walmart's announcement last month that it's deploying thousands of robot "smart assistants" ignited fresh employment fears about the effect of artificial intelligence and automation on the American workforce. According to the largest U.S. employer, by February of next year Walmart expects to install autonomous floor scrubbers in nearly 2,000 stores, in addition to a smaller number of robots that scan inventory.

Widespread corporate investments in A.I. and automation have employees in many industries wondering, Will my job be the next to go? Here are two reasons that's not likely.

First, jobs will not disappear; instead, they'll evolve into more customer-focused positions.
"Our associates immediately understood the opportunity for the new technology to free them up from focusing on tasks that are repeatable, predictable, and manual," says Walmart's senior vice president of central operations. "It allows them time to focus more on selling merchandise and serving customers, which they tell us have always been the most exciting parts of working in retail."

Second, A.I. and machine learning are good for the bottom line, and history shows that might improve job security in the workforce. Remember the first ATMs? Bank tellers everywhere prepared for the worst. But by minimizing operating costs, ATMs actually empowered banks to open more branches, which roughly doubled the employment of bank tellers from 300,000 to 600,000 between 1970 and 2010. Similarly, employees also feared a loss of jobs when computers became commonplace in the standard office environment. Now, most folks work hand-in-hand with digital technologies comfortably and productively. fortune.com

Drones in Aisle 5? Grocery Stores Using Drones to Update Inventory
In a grocery store somewhere in North America, a small drone floats from aisle to aisle, hovering like a hummingbird that has traded its nimble wings for tiny propellers.

Each time the autonomous robot drops down to scan a crowded shelf using an onboard camera, the machine collects valuable data about the store's ever-changing inventory.

What would take a person hours to accomplish - tediously checking shelves for missing or misplaced products - is accomplished in minutes by the tiny aircraft. Once finished, the drone uploads its findings to the cloud, setting a massive supply chain in motion and offering the store's owners, and potentially brand manufacturers, the kind of precise data about shopping habits that has largely eluded brick-and-mortar stores.

It may sound like a sequence from some high-tech vision of the future, but the drone and the artificial intelligence behind it - created by an Austin-based startup and data subscription service called Pensa - already has been tested in multiple retail outlets and probably will begin appearing in grocery stores later this year. denverpost.com

US Charges Members of GozNym Cybercrime Gang
Group Attempted to Steal $100M from Organizations, Infected 41K Computers

US law enforcement authorities and their counterparts from five other countries have announced charges against 10 members of an international cybercrime operation that attempted to steal an estimated $100 million from organizations in the US and elsewhere in 2016.

An indictment unsealed Thursday by the US Attorney's Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania accused the individuals of committing bank fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering, in an operation of a sophisticated, international cybercrime network called GozNym. staradvertiser.com

CEOs and business leaders trust AI, but employees are more cautious

The Future Of Customer Service Is Humans And Machines Working Together



Nedap | Meet the Global Leader in RFID | RFID Software

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Our cloud-based RFID solutions enable our customers to unlock their full omnichannel potential, minimize shrinkage, optimize the on-shelf availability and create seamless check-out experiences. Our mission is to make it simple for retailers to always have the right products available.

We help your customers to:

● Shop everywhere and return anywhere
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● Minimize shrinkage, increase sales and boost customer loyalty

Learn more at www.nedap-retail.com




Online Retailers Face New Threats From Hackers
Death, taxes and data breaches - those are perhaps the only sure things in life, and new evidence is emerging that hackers are finding increasing profit in targeting online retailers. The news comes amid yet another online retail cyberattack, this one targeting Japan's Fast Retailing, the company that owns the Uniqlo retail chain.

A recent report from KrebsonSecurity said that "until quite recently, credit card data stolen from online merchants has been worth far less in the cybercrime underground than cards pilfered from hacked brick-and-mortar stores. But new data suggests that over the past year, the economics of supply and demand have helped to double the average price fetched by card-not-present data, meaning cybercrooks now have far more incentive than ever to target eCommerce stores."

Rising Prices

According to that analysis, criminals could, on average, fetch between $2 and $8 per account for credit card data stolen from online retailers - stolen goods that hackers reportedly call "CVVs." By contrast, what hackers reportedly call "dumps" - that is, "card data swiped from compromised retail stores, hotels and restaurants with the help of malware installed on point-of-sale systems," according to the report - generally go for $15 to $20 per card. That said, "over the past year, the demand for CVVs has far outstripped supply, bringing prices for both CVVs and dumps roughly in line with each other," the report said. pymnts.com

UK: ASOS and other online firms blacklist serial returners
Crackdown on £60billion-a-year ruse

A survey by Barclaycard found that 20 per cent of online stores have tightened their returns policy in the past 12 months and another 19 per cent plan to do so. This involves identifying serial returners from their shopping patterns and insisting items are in resale condition with original packaging and all the labels attached.

The survey found one in four retailers have seen an increase in the volume of returns in the last two years with one estimate putting the total cost to the industry at £60billion a year. This comes against the background of evidence from the survey that three in ten shoppers admit ordering items they intend to return, which rises to half of young adults aged 25-34.

Some YouTube vloggers and so-called influencers, mostly young women, try to make a career out of ordering clothes from fashion websites in order to model them once before sending them back. The problem has been exacerbated by the fact that many stores feel obliged to offer free returns, which means they face huge costs to fund couriers, handling and disposal. dailymail.co.uk

Walmart's online sales rise 37% in Q1

LVMH renames its ecommerce site 24 Sèvres to "24S"

Adobe Wants to Help Amazon Sellers Open Their Own Branded Stores


Ada County, ID: Couple steals credit cards from cars, used to purchase $7,000
in merchandise

Ada County Sheriff's deputies are looking for the people they believe broke into two cars Saturday morning at Seaman Gulch trailhead in the Boise Foothills. Police believe the two stole six credit or debit cards, then used them to make thousands of dollars in purchases, according to a statement from the Ada County Sheriff's Office. Both hikers called the credit and debit card companies to cancel the cards as soon as they got back to their cars. By then, though, the thieves had charged more than $7,000 in purchases, including $2,700 at a Boise-area electronics store. idahopress.com

Manteca, CA: Stockton trio nabbed at Kohl's in $1,000 Organized Retail crime bust
Three Stockton residents were apprehended Wednesday by Manteca police on suspicion of conspiracy and grand theft against Kohl's after security staff recognized an organized retail crime about to take place, police reported. In recent weeks, officers have started directed patrols where they coordinate theft operations with retailers' loss prevention staff members. This has resulted in numerous arrests on charges of theft, burglary, identity theft and credit card fraud. In Wednesday's operation, the three suspects were allegedly caught with about $1,000 worth of merchandise. Officers arrested Joseph Atalig, 25; Victoria Pichardo, 27; and Guy Franco, 57. mantecabulletin.com

Sterling Heights, MI: 3 suspects steal thousands in jewelry during Kay Jewelers smash and grab at Lakeside Mall, 1 in custody
Police say thousands of dollars worth of jewelry were stolen using a hammer to break the protective glass at the store. There also were no surveillance cameras inside the jewelry store when the robbery occurred at 9 p.m. wxyz.com

Jackson, MS: Truck used to smash store front, $10,000 of cellphones stolen

Lower Merion, PA: Florida man tries to pass a fraudulent check at Saks Fifth Avenue for $5,530 in merchandise

Pensacola, FL: Man accused of stealing nearly $2,000 in cologne from Belk and Ulta

Man charged, another wanted after duo steals over $1,100 from Weis Market; $200 in Shrimp and over $900 in health and beauty

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Shootings & Deaths

Los Angeles, CA: Suspect In Murder Of Downey Liquor Store Owner Dies
From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

A 24-year-old man suspected of shooting a Downey liquor store owner to death last week, and then firing at police during a wild pursuit from Maywood to Vernon three days later, has died. Dylan Andres Lindsey of Torrance passed away at 6 a.m. Thursday at a local hospital.

Lindsay appears to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head that occurred while he was firing at police and deputies during the May 10 pursuit, the sheriff's department said. He had been in critical condition since that time. At the time of the chase, Lindsay was wanted on murder charges in the May 7 shooting death of 44-year-old Gurpreet Singh at ASL Liquor and Market. cbslocal.com

Delano, CA: Police arrest man outside Bakersfield theater in connection to shooting that wounded 2 people
Delano Police say its officers arrested a man outside a Bakersfield movie theater on suspicion of attempted murder following a shooting that wounded two people earlier this week. Delano officers arrested Eduardo Medina on Thursday afternoon after he was identified as the suspect in a shooting on May 14. The two people wounded in the shooting are listed as stable at a hospital. Delano Police say they tracked Medina and arrested him as he walked out of the Reading Cinemas at the Valley Plaza Mall on Thursday at around 3:30 p.m. Medina was booked on two counts of attempted murder and other gun related charges, Delano police said. kget.com

Store clerk killer is 1st in SC sent to death row since 2014
South Carolina's death row is getting its first new prisoner in more than five years after a jury sentenced a man to death for the shooting of a store clerk during a robbery. Jerome Jenkins did not dispute he killed Balla Paruchuri at a Conway convenience store in January 2015. But he did ask a Horry County jury to spare his life. Instead, news outlets report the jurors chose the death penalty Thursday. Jenkins was only being tried this week for killing Paruchuri, but a few weeks after his death, authorities said he also killed Trisha Stull in a robbery at a different Sunhouse convenience store. Prosecutors also emphasized a letter Jenkins wrote his mother from jail. "Before I take my life, I want you to know I love you Mama, and I did kill that man and that woman. I ain't sorry for what I did, but I wish I can take it back," Jenkins wrote. charlotteobserver.com

Miami, FL: Police Officer accidentally fires gun inside Publix, woman wounded


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Houston, TX: Suspect disarms Police Officer, holds her at gunpoint during robbery at Verizon store
Surveillance video shows a different angle of a violent robbery at a Verizon Wireless store earlier this month. The footage shows a robber disarming a Houston police officer and then forcing her to the ground inside the store. As the robber enters the store, he is seen pointing a gun at the officer. Another robber begins snatching cellphones from store displays. It was the Officer's first day covering security at the store. Two were arrested after a brief police chase, a third suspect got away. Houston police said the officer's handgun and a number of stolen cell phones were recovered. abc7.com

Update: Waconia, MN: Jury convicts man of $25,000 Waconia T-Mobile burglary
A jury has found a St. Paul man guilty of burglarizing a Waconia T-Mobile store in 2018. Ramon Blakey, 31, was found guilty of felony theft and second-degree burglary on Monday. Blakey and an associate bored through a wall shared with a pizzeria into the T-Mobile room, immediately disabling the security system. They then tore out a security camera and used a power saw to cut into a large safe, which contained more than $25,000 worth of cellphones. fox9.com

San Antonio, TX: Two men threaten Walmart employee while fleeing with stolen merchandise

Lubbock, TX: Second arrest made in T-Mobile store robberies

Emporia, KS: Police continues investigation of burglary at Kari's Diamonds and Bridal

Minneapolis, MN: String of armed robberies in Twin Cities

Windsor, ON, CN: Real Canadian Superstore Loss prevention officer stabbed trying to stop shoplifter, suspect in custody


Auto Parts - Normal, MN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Kokomo, IN - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Deltona, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Norfolk, VA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Howe, TX - Burglary
Cellphone store - Jackson, MS - Burglary
Family Dollar - Hickory, NC - Armed Robbery
Hardware store - Corpus Christi, TX - Robbery
Jewelry store - Radnor, PA - Burglary
Jewelry store - Emporia, KS - Burglary
Jewelry store - Sterling Heights, MI - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Atlanta, GA - Burglary
Red Wing Shoe - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Restaurant - Staten Island, NY - Burglary
Restaurant - Santa Clarita, CA - Burglary
Walmart - San Antonio, TX - Robbery
7-Eleven - Lee County, FL - Armed Robbery/Shooting
7-Eleven - Orlando, FL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
10 robberies
8 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killed


Weekly Totals:
82 robberies
38 burglaries
3 shootings
1 killed



Carlos Morales named Logistics Loss Prevention Manager (Las Vegas) for Sephora
John McCourt named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Amazon
Shawn Salter named Loss Prevention Supervisor for Kohl's

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District Loss Prevention Manager
Eastern PA/NJ

The District Loss Prevention Manager ensures shrinkage control and improves safety in the stores through proper investigation and training. This position is responsible to provide feedback, guidance and protection for our Team Leaders and Associates. This role has oversight and responsibility for approximately 15-20 store locations...

Corporate Investigations Supervisor
Irving, TX
The Corporate Investigations Supervisor provides leadership and direction to the Corporate Investigators by overseeing investigative processes and work flow. This position is responsible for maintaining consistent execution of processes and support leading to recovery and litigation. The Investigations Supervisor motivates and model's efficiency, effectiveness and productivity with our team, department and company while providing feedback and guidance on both investigations and development...


Regional Asset Protection Manager
Austin, TX

Responsible for supporting field operations execution of asset protection processes in an assigned regional area. Leads investigation and recovery for losses within assigned Region, and manages liaison with external and internal partners to mitigate and prevent further losses...


Manager of District Loss Prevention
Fresno, CA

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results. District Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific operations district and for collaborating with Store Operations and Human Resources in an effort to prevent company loss...
Area Loss Prevention Manager -
Seattle, Portland or Salt Lake City

Seattle WA, Portland OR, Salt Lake City UT

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores...


Field Loss Prevention Manager
Dallas, TX

● Manages and coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations
● Manages Loss Prevention initiatives and programs on facility levels which may include a combination of locations within a geographical area; travel required...

Manager, Regional Asset Protection
Bay Area/San Francisco, CA

You will be accountable for execution of asset protection programs within an assigned geographical area. You will be key in assessing and reporting AP vulnerabilities, developing strategies to address vulnerabilities, have a high attention to detail and use critical thinking and good judgement to help make decisions and formulate solutions to work-related concerns...

Manager, Regional Asset Protection
Denver, CO

You will be accountable for execution of asset protection programs within an assigned geographical area. You will be key in assessing and reporting AP vulnerabilities, developing strategies to address vulnerabilities, have a high attention to detail and use critical thinking and good judgement to help make decisions and formulate solutions to work-related concerns...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Mid-Atlantic Region

The successful candidate will be responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function in their assigned area. Guide the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

Manager, Asset Protection Fraud & Investigations
Westchester, IL

The Manager of Asset Protection Fraud and Investigations is responsible for the global enterprise hybrid -ecommerce, digital product and traditional fraud investigation program. Primary responsibilities include conduct and manage analytically driven fraud and loss investigations, evolve fraud mitigation platforms and initiatives; manage a team of ecommerce analysts and internal investigators, maintain case management and financial fraud reporting metrics...

Area Loss Prevention Manager
New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities. Our Area Loss Prevention Managers plan and prioritize to provide an optimal customer experience to their portfolio of stores. They thrive on supporting and building high performance teams that execute with excellence...



Security Industry Specialists, Inc. provides unique security solutions to some of the most successful names in business. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, designer brands, international events, celebrities, and high-profile executives. You may not recognize our name, but that's part of the appeal. Our fantastic work is professional, private, and personal - for every client, every day.

We are currently looking for an experienced Loss Prevention Specialist - Undercover/Plain Clothes.

● Conduct undercover surveillance to detect and apprehend shoplifters
● Recover assets and/or make safe apprehensions
● Must be able to communicate with all levels of staff and management
● Get to create your schedule with your Supervisor

Loss Prevention Specialist - Tukwila, WA
Undercover/Plainclothes LP Specialist - San Jose, CA
Loss Prevention Specialist - Miami, FL
Loss Prevention Specialist - Minneapolis, MN
Loss Prevention Specialist - Philadelphia, PA

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