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Damien Barne promoted to Group Head of Profit Protection
for Compass Group (UK)

Previously, Damien was the Head of Profit Protection for the food service company for over a year, and their Profit Protection Manager before that for over eleven years. Prior, he held various role sat Home Retail Group PLC including Showroom & Distribution Profit Protection Manager, Divisional Security Manager and LP Officer. Congratulations Damien!

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"Look at camera for entry - Facial recognition in use."
Portland gas station using facial recognition technology to curb crime
The company installed facial recognition technology there and at other stores. They say it's to prevent theft and potential danger by controlling who's allowed in. There's a somewhat noticeable camera right above the entrance to the store. The idea is the camera recognizes the face of people caught for things like shoplifting and robbery at the store and doesn't allow them access inside. The sign next to the camera says "Look at camera for entry. Facial recognition in use." Regulars tell KGW they first noticed it a couple months ago.

KGW reached out to Jacksons Food Stores, Inc. corporate office in Idaho multiple times Monday to find out what time of day the software is in use, what crimes exactly get you banned from the store, or whether you can appeal it if you happen to get misidentified. The company did not return our emails. kgw.com

Costco Employee Claim to Proceed
Tourette's Syndrome & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Claim
Hostile Work Environment Under ADA Can Proceed Against Costco

The plaintiff began his employment with Costco Wholesale Corp. in 1996 in its Holbrook, N.Y., warehouse. During his tenure, his positions included serving as a member of the floor crew, an assistant cashier, a cashier and a greeter. In June 2013, the Holbrook warehouse came under new management.

Due to his conditions, the plaintiff would frequently touch the floor before moving and would cough to avoid swearing, which was a verbal tic. According to the plaintiff, following his transfer from greeter to assistant cashier, some co-workers would mock his condition by saying "hut-hut-hike" to mimic his verbal and physical tics. He further alleged that management overheard and was aware of these remarks, although management denied ever hearing such comments. shrm.org

7-Eleven Reaches $2M Settlement Over Background Checks
Did Not Provide "Standalone" Notice
7-Eleven Inc. has agreed to pay nearly $2 million to resolve claims that it violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act when it did background checks on nearly 60,000 prospective employees, according to a filing in California federal court Monday. law360.com

CVS Wins in Non-Compete Agreement - SVP Exec is Blocked
Former SVP CVS exec can't work for Amazon's PillPack, judge rules

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked a former CVS Health executive from working at Amazon.com Inc's PillPack online pharmacy unit, saying that allowing him to take a job where he would help drive its "disruptive strategy" would violate a non-compete agreement.

"Months after entering an independent standalone agreement ... for which he was well-compensated, Mr. Lavin, a high senior official at CVS with access to very confidential information, went to work for a competitor," Judge McConnell said. "That is wrong, and CVS is entitled to have the agreement enforced."'

In 2017, Lavin signed an agreement not to provide the "same or similar" service to a Caremark competitor or take a job that "will likely result" in his disclosing confidential information to a competitor for 18 months after leaving the company, according to the order. CVS paid Lavin in stock worth nearly $160,000 for his signing, the order said. reuters.com law360.com

San Angelo, TX: Governor Abbott Signs New Law
Making Mail & Package Theft a Felony

On June 10, Abbott signed in Texas House Bill 37 making package and mail thefts a felony charge. The law will begin being enforced on September 1. sanangelolive.com

Sacramento, CA: AutoZone Fined $11M for Illegal Disposal of Hazardous Waste
Yolo County was part of a statewide lawsuit brought by the Attorney General Xavier Becerra against AutoZone that resulted in an $11 million settlement. Becerra announced the settlement on Tuesday against the company, which resolves allegations that AutoZone violated state laws governing hazardous waste, hazardous materials, and confidential consumer information. AutoZone is charged with illegally disposing of millions of hazardous waste items, including used motor oil and automotive fluids, at landfills not authorized to accept hazardous waste. dailydemocrat.com

The CBD Market is Booming
But Hershey Says It Has 'No Plans' to Add CBD to Candy - Yet

Chocolates and gummy candy have become a popular vehicle for CBD, but the non-psychoactive cannabis compound won't be in Hershey products anytime soon. Hershey CEO Michele Buck said that the 125-year-old company is monitoring the trend but doesn't have any plans to add CBD to its food just yet.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration prohibits adding the compound to food and beverages because it is a main ingredient in a drug used to treat childhood epilepsy. The agency held its first hearing in late May to better understand CBD and how to regulate it.

As reported in the Daily last month, at $641 million U.S. sales in 2018, CBD sales are expected to grow significantly over the next three years. In its 2019 report, the Hemp Business Journal projects that total CBD sales in the U.S. could hit $1.5 billion by 2020 and $2.26 billion by 2022. cnbc.com



Forget the Mall, Shoppers Are Buying Gucci at Airports
Average Traveler - 3 or 4 Trips Per Yr.
72 Minutes Between Flights = "The Golden Hour'

Makers of luxury goods from liquor to perfume think they have found the antidote to the fading American shopping mall: airport terminals.

For the first time last year, Estée Lauder Co. generated more revenue at airports globally than at U.S. department stores, which for decades had been beauty companies' biggest sales driver. Other luxury-goods companies, from spirits maker Bacardi Ltd. to Kering SA's KER -0.56% Gucci, are also expanding their presence at airport terminals.

"Very few channels have almost guaranteed traffic," said Olivier Bottrie, who heads Estée Lauder's global travel-retail business. "When a department store goes away, it's not a major catastrophe. But if a major airport went away, it would be a major catastrophe."

Travelers, especially those coming from Asia, increasingly work high-end shopping sprees into their trips, planning layovers around access to lavish shopping, executives say.

Especially attractive is the influx of travelers with disposable income from emerging markets such as China, India, Russia and Brazil, where the fast-expanding middle class means untapped potential. wsj.com

How a Drop in Chinese Tourism Will Hurt Luxury Retail in the US
While Chinese buy roughly one-third of the world's luxury goods, 73 percent of this consumption occurs outside the country, according to estimates from Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm. Statistics released by the Chinese Tourism Academy and Ctrip show Chinese travelers spent more than $115 billion during their overseas trips in 2017. skift.com

NY Times: Adidas Sells Diversity - Black Employees Say It Doesn't Practice It
Fewer than 4.5 percent of the workers at the company's North American headquarters identify as black. Members of that small group say they feel ignored and sometimes discriminated against.

'A lot of lip service' "What is frustrating is that none of us are empowered to change it," he added. "Some companies have said for years that they want to create a diverse workplace, but if anything, the numbers are getting worse. And they don't care. It's a lot of lip service."  nytimes.com

KPMG: Women Executives Believe
They Must Adjust Their Leadership Style More Often Than Men To Advance

A majority of executive women say they must both change their leadership styles and be more adaptable than their male counterparts in order to lead successfully and advance in their careers, according to a new study released today by KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax, and advisory firm.

"Advancing the Future of Women in Business: A KPMG Women's Leadership Summit Report" polled 550 high-performing executive women who are 1-2 career steps away from the C-suite and have participated in the KPMG Women's Leadership Summit.

Key Findings:

Because of feedback like being "too bossy or demanding," "not aggressive enough," "not collaborative enough," and "too direct," 58% of women surveyed admit to changing their leadership style to combat such perceptions. prnewswire.com

Editor's Note: Does your company fit these last two articles? See today's Tip and 'Take the Challenge'

Albertson's to roll-out new self checkout systems and mobile operations solutions in all 2,200 stores

Forever 21 Hires Restructuring Firm

Quarterly Results
Barnes & Noble Q4 comp's down 2.3%, sales down 3.9%, full yr comp's down 1.9%, sales down 3%

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New Survey Getting Lots of Media Coverage
Turning Cybersecurity Into a Competitive Advantage

70% of Seniors Experienced Cyberattack in Last 12 Months
Survey: Cybersecurity becoming key business driver by C-suite
Executives that participated in the 2019 C-Suite Perspectives: From Defense to Offense, Executives Turn Information Security Into a Competitive Advantage study found that the four main business impacts of a security incident were customer loss (45%), brand reputation loss (44%) and revenue loss or operational (32% each).

Companies still have a long way to go to protect themselves. A majority (70%) of senior executives surveyed in North America and Europe report their company experienced a cyberattack in the prior twelve months.

The predominance of cybersecurity as a business issue extends to the board, with 72% of executives reporting information security is an agenda item for every board meeting. Respondents estimated an average cost per attack of about $4.6M and the proportion of respondents estimating that the total cost of cyberattacks to their organization is more than $10 million nearly doubled in frequency from 2018 (7%) to 2019 (13%).

At the same time, customers want to understand what companies have done to secure their products and services. Three-quarters of executives report that security is a key part of their marketing messages, and 50% of companies surveyed offer dedicated security products and services to their customers.

Additionally, 41% offer security features as add-ons within their products and services, and another 7% are considering building security services into their products. chainstoreage.com

Radware Survey: Cybersecurity is no Longer a Cost Factor for $1B Organizations,
Rather it's a Business Driver

● Cybersecurity is Becoming a Shared Responsibility Across All Members of the C-Suite
● 75% of Executives Say Security is a Key Component in Their Marketing Strategy
● 72% of Executives Note Information Security as a Recurring Agenda Item in Every Board Meeting

Its 2019 C-Suite Perspectives: From Defense to Offense, Executives Turn Information Security Into a Competitive Advantage report, in which Radware found that cybersecurity is now recognized as a key business driver by the C-Suite. Executives that participated in the survey found that the four main business impacts of a security incident were customer loss (45%), brand reputation loss (44%) and revenue loss or operational (32% each). The predominance of cybersecurity as a business issue extends to the board, with a majority (72%) of executives reporting information security is an agenda item for every board meeting.

Customers want to understand what companies have done to secure their products and services. 75% of executives report that security is a key part of their marketing messages. 50% of companies surveyed offer dedicated security products and services to their customers. Additionally, 41% offer security features as add-ons within their products and services, and another 7% are considering building security services into their products.  radware.com


Extreme Weather Poses Bigger Cyber Risk
Floods, storms and other natural phenomena caused half of all the hours of telecommunications downtime in Europe last year, highlighting an area of increased concern for corporate risk managers.

Outages occur more frequently because storms are causing more damage to network infrastructure across Europe.

Still, companies can prepare for the fallout. Hackers are more likely to launch cyberattacks when companies are vulnerable, such as during an outage or other crisis.

In particular, hackers might time their attacks around disasters if they aim to cause maximum damage to a company, he said. During a power outage, for example, corporate security professionals should watch out for suspicious activity on telecoms networks.

Some corporate cybersecurity leaders inform staff about emergency precautions before a storm is expected to hit, WSJ Pro Cybersecurity reported in September ahead of Hurricane Florence. Those measures can include avoiding email because cyber criminals are more likely to target employees during a chaotic period like a natural disaster.

Risk managers might rely on similar strategies to respond to weather-related and cybersecurity threats. Those include assessing the security of service providers and making sure employees continue to have access to emergency response manuals if internet service goes down, Mr. Brill said.  WSJ Pro

3.4 Billion of fake emails every day - Most still vulnerable
Valimail's Email Fraud Landscape Spring 2019
Phishing is a core cybersecurity risk, implicated in over 90% of all breaches - and a massive amount of phishing attacks are identity-based.

Valimail's Email Fraud Landscape for Spring 2019 shows that impersonation continues to be actively used by attackers worldwide, to the tune of billions of fake messages per day. This is the latest report in our ongoing research program, showing how the fight against fake email is progressing worldwide, in a variety of industry categories.

Download the report to learn more about these key findings:

● 1.2% of all email is suspicious and likely fake
● Globally, that represents at least 3.4 billion fake emails every day
● Nearly 80% of all inboxes worldwide - 5.34 billion in all - do DMARC checks on inbound email

As Cloud Adoption Grows, DLP Remains Key Challenge
McAfee's new "Cloud Adoption and Risk Report."

Most cloud adopters (87%) report business acceleration, and 52% claim to experience better security. A closer look at the numbers, however, reveals a need to better control information and applications in the cloud.

Only 26% of respondents say they can audit infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) configurations such as open access to storage buckets. One-third say they can control application collaboration settings. Slightly more (36%) can enforce data loss prevention (DLP) in the cloud. More than 35% of businesses with a cloud access security broker (CASB) are more likely to be able to launch new products and speed time to market - but only one-third of respondents use them.

Two years ago, security was the main obstacle to cloud adoption as companies hesitated to share data with providers. Now, with providers buckling down on security and business decisions accelerating the transition to the cloud, they've grown accustomed to the switch but fail to realize cloud providers don't cover all security. In some ways, they're still responsible. darkreading.com


Man files human rights complaint after Costco searched his backpack but not women's purses

Company says bag search policy is stated on signs and in membership brochure

A B.C. man says he was discriminated against because his backpack was searched while leaving a Costco store but female customers with large purses didn't get the same treatment. Ryan Morris filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal claiming discrimination on the basis of sex. The tribunal recently dismissed his claim.

"To some degree, Mr. Morris' complaint relies on the assumption that men carry backpacks while women carry purses," wrote tribunal member Pamela Murray in her decision. "I note that women may use backpacks and, equally, men may carry what may traditionally have been referred to as purses."

The decision says Morris, who describes himself as a white man and a Costco member since 2000, claims that on one day each in June and July 2017 a female attendant asked to check his backpack as he left the store. The incidents embarrassed him, the decision says, because other members stared at him as they left.

In response to his complaint at the time, the manager pointed out the sign at the store's entrance that reminds members that Costco may search their bags. The policy is also stated in Costco's membership agreement. cbc.ca

'Let Go of My Hand!': Old Navy Employee Follows Black Shopper Outside of Store, Attempts to Apprehend Her for Allegedly Stealing
A Canadian woman is speaking out after she says she was racially profiled and assaulted by an Old Navy staff member who accused her of shoplifting from the store.

Calderon, who arrived wearing a shirt with the tag still attached, said she was there to make an exchange and was considering buying a white dress she tried on, that is until she claims she was racially profiled. After taking her concerns to management, the woman said she decided to take her business elsewhere. That's when she says she was followed and confronted by an Old Navy employee.

Video from the incident shows the worker grabbing Calderon by the arm and refusing to let go, despite her repeated objections. "If she doesn't let go of me I'm going to press charges!" she shouts. "Stephanie, I'm going to press charges against you. Let go of my hand." A pair of security guards stand idly by as the two women go back and forth.

Stephanie, still holding Calderon by the arm, accuses the woman of leaving with an item - a $13 shirt - she did not arrive with and demands to see her receipt, proving she made a purchase. When Calderon refuses, the employee presumes she's guilty.

The video sparked a torrent of angry reactions from social media users, many who chided the employee for putting her hands on the woman. atlantablackstar.com

Canadian Businesses Fail to Prioritize Data Protection and Remain in Denial of the Consequences of a Data Breach: Shred-it Study Confirms
"The findings of this year's report should act as a wake-up call for Canadian business leaders," said Pete Vincett , Vice President of Stericycle Canada, provider of Shred-it information security solutions. "One data breach can have a devastating impact across all aspects of a business. Canadian C-Suite's and SBOs need to rethink their current practices and take action to implement stronger precautionary measures, or suffer the financial and reputational repercussions."  yahoo.com

Shoppers Drug Mart to pilot blockchain-secured traceability program for medical cannabis
At the second annual World Cannabis Congress, Shoppers Drug Mart announced a new initiative with software company, TruTrace Technologies, to develop and deploy a blockchain-secured pilot program intended to increase transparency, interoperability and product identification within the medical cannabis industry. The Pilot Program will use TruTrace's StrainSecure technology as a central hub for identity management, asset tracking, validation, and product authentication. StrainSecure will also serve as a master registry for standardized testing, product verification, and quality assurance. yahoo.com

In Case You Missed It
Did shortage of security & police lead to shooting at Toronto Raptors parade?
'I Am Amazed That There Weren't More Injuries'
There were significant security flaws in how the event was executed. I am amazed that there weren't more injuries. Had the Raptors played like this event was run they would have been eliminated in the first round. The square was already jammed to capacity, and there were too many people forced against fences.

The first sign that things may not go according to plan was when the media accreditation table had to be moved because of the crowds were so large and overwhelming. I have attended many significant events. The first thing I noticed was the total lack of police from other police forces. We do not have enough police in the entire city for a parade with one million never mind two million people.

There were not enough security or police in the square and there were too many people. There was no way to control the crowd. There was no way to police the crowd or help people in distress. There was also a lack of security and planning around the buses and the parade route which caused them to run massively behind schedule - causing more distress to the tens of thousands of people in the square. torontosun.com

Overcrowding becomes issue as millions of fans turn up for Raptors championship parade

Canada Store Openings & Expansions
Louis Vuitton Opens Standalone West Edmonton Mall Store
Fossil to Expand Canadian Operations as it Prepares to Open 2nd 'Maker' Concept Store

Edo Japan opens 1st Ottawa store as part of eastern expansion
Sarah Jessica Parker Visits West Edmonton Mall for Opening of 1st Canadian Store
Upscale Australian Furniture Brand 'King Living' Opens 1st Canadian Location
Ferrari opens new Calgary store in face of sluggish Alberta economy

Lululemon raises full-year forecast, beats quarterly estimates

Hudson's Bay shareholder objects to buyout offer

How Hudson's Bay can avoid becoming the next Sears

China suspends imports from Canadian pork company amid food safety issues

GTA: 22 males arrested in series of cellphone store robberies, 9 cases
remain unsolved
Toronto Police say an investigation into 32 reported cellphone store robberies in the Greater Toronto Area over a six-month period has resulted in the arrest of 22 males and laying 278 charges. However, nine of those cases are still unsolved. Insp. Lauren Pogue held a news conference detailing the investigation, dubbed the "Matrix Bandits," which started in December 2018. The string of robberies spread across the GTA in the areas of Toronto, York, Peel, Halton and Hamilton, according to police.

Police said that during the robberies, between two and five males would enter stores and control and intimidate employees and customers by using weapons, threats and zip ties. The employees were ordered to fill large gym bags with cellphones, said investigators. Police said the suspects would then flee the stores using stolen vehicles and car-jacking, said police. Investigators allege the group was using social media platforms to recruit more members. globalnews.ca

Hamilton, ON: Store clerk shot man through building's window
Police are continuing to investigate a shooting Monday afternoon at a Hamilton store. Emergency units responded to Singletary's Carry Out near Walnut and Second Streets at about 12:55 p.m. for a report of person shot and found a man sitting across the street with a gunshot wound to the back, according to the police report. "There was some type of fight inside between (him), and the clerk shot through the window," Burkhardt said. The clerk, who was not named by police, has been questioned, but no charges have been filed today. journal-news.com

Halifax, NS: 4 arrested after woman stabbed in McDonald's parking lot

Calgary, AB: Armed robber who assaulted c-store clerk wanted by police

Burlington, ON: More Than $700 Worth of Clothing Stolen From Hudson's Bay

Peterborough, ON: Woman arrested in connection with reported thefts at grocery store

Barrie, ON: Suspected shoplifter concealed items in his own reusable shopping bags


Robberies & Burglaries

C-Store - Calgary, AB - Armed Robbery / Assault
Circle K - Orangeville, ON - Robbery
Undisclosed Store - Canning, NS - Armed Robbery / Shots fired
7-Eleven - Orangeville, ON - Robbery

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'Live in Dallas' - Introduction with Gus Downing

Gus Downing, Publisher & Editor of the D&D Daily, introduces the Loss Prevention News Network's 10th LIVE Season - "Live in Dallas" at NRF Protect 2018. This only-one-of-its-kind Live LP Digital Conference brings you a host of LP/AP and Solution Provider Leaders discussing the hot topics, the ongoing issues and challenges, the programs, the latest technology, and the solutions these providers offer to the industry.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we re-broadcast our entire live shoot from start to finish.

MCs Joe LaRocca & Amber Bradley - Quick Take 1

MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley tell us what's in store for the day - from our upcoming agenda full of valuable LP insights and information to surprise guests, movie quotes, and lighting rounds. You never know what LPNN's dynamic duo will say or do! Tune in for their fun-filled, value-packed Quick Takes filmed LIVE between LPNN interviews at our "Live in Dallas" 2018 shoot.




Advertisers, agencies and social media combine to tackle online threat
Sixteen of the world's biggest advertisers have joined together to push platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube to do more to tackle dangerous and fake content online.

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media will also include media buying agencies from the major ad groups - WPP, IPG, Publicis, Omnicom and Dentsu - as well as the platform owners, the group said on Tuesday at the ad industry's annual gathering in Cannes, France. According to a statement by the group, the initial focus will be on content dangerous to society, such as that promoting or recruiting for terrorism. The alliance will work to to reduce the impact of such material by developing protocols and processes that platforms can use to police themselves.

Members of the alliance include Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Mastercard, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Omnicom Media Group, and GroupM.  reuters.com

Amazon Adding 30 Cargo Jets - Expanding Fleet to 70
Amazon is taking to the skies to help make one-day delivery a reality.

Amazon is partnering with GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) to lease an additional 15 Boeing 737-800 cargo aircraft. These 15 aircraft will be in addition to five Boeing 737-800s already leased from GECAS and announced earlier this year. In addition, Amazon expanded upon an existing 40-plane lease partnership with Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) by leasing 10 Boeing 767 cargo planes in December 2018.

Amazon launched Amazon Air in 2016 to support package delivery without relying on third-party shipping providers such as UPS, FedEx, or the U.S. Postal Service. Leveraging advanced algorithms and software used for capacity and route planning, the e-tail titan says Amazon Air can transport hundreds of thousands of packages per day.

The company's fleet of at least 50 leased aircraft will fly in the U.S. out of the more than 20 air gateways in the Amazon Air network. chainstoreage.com

Amazon called out to provide better transparency of its environmental impact
Amazon.com Inc., Exxon Mobil Corp. and Volvo are among more than 700 companies being targeted in a campaign backed by a large group of investors advocating for greater transparency when it comes to environmental impact. digitalcommerce360.com

71% of Customers Use Ecommerce Apps for Price Checking

FedEx teams up with Dollar General for drop-off and pickup services

Online Luxury Reseller Leads 5 IPO Launches Totaling $936M


Lincoln County, OK: Walmart shoplifter found on the roof of a house
Margie Snovell heard stomping on her roof Monday morning. Moments later her husband, called 911. "Lincoln county comm center?" "Hey, the guy you're looking for ... "Yes?" "He's on my roof" said Larry Snovell. The suspect was Kerry Rich. Police first got the call after Rich was caught shoplifting at the Walmart in Chandler.

"They went to make contact with him, he jumped up and ran a few feet away and then stopped. He then ultimately took off and ran out of the parking lot. Rich ran about a mile to the Snovell's home and climbed up onto their roof.

He was not alone, back at the Walmart, Carin Eberle and Kaila Bloss were also arrested. "The female subject went to her car to get her ID and never could find it, but while we made contact with them they both gave us fake names and date of birth," said Chief Mattheyer. Police found guns, and drugs inside their stolen car. "Inside the vehicle, we found numerous drug-related items, meth, and two stolen pistols," said Chief Mattheyer. "There was probably at least 15-20 drivers licenses for different people around the state stolen credit cards stolen checks and social security cards." All three have been arrested in other parts of the state before. kfor.com

Arcadia, CA: Roof Top Burglars get away with $135,000 in jewelry
Burglars in Arcadia got away with $135,000 worth of jewelry after breaking into a store through the roof, the store owner said. The incident occurred about 3 a.m. on June 10 at the Dorano Jewelry store along Huntington Drive. The burglars disconnected all of the security cameras and got into the store's concrete and steal safe. The 2 suspects got away with custom-designed and high-end jewelry items. ktla.com

Boise, IA: Man purchased thousands of dollars of goods at Treasure Valley stores with stolen card
A California man was arrested in Nampa this month after police say he used a stolen credit card to purchase thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Hector Alvarez, of Hollywood, CA, faces charges in federal court after his arrest in Nampa June 6. Police had been investigating him after he allegedly used a card, later determined to have been stolen, to purchase $4,500 worth of Nest cameras, doorbells and thermostats the day before, according to a statement from the Boise Police Department.

After that initial sale, the business Alvarez had purchased the merchandise from called police and also notified other business owners across the Treasure Valley through the Organized Retail Crime Association of Idaho.
Officers also learned the stolen card had been used at other locations in Boise and Meridian, according to the statement. idahopress.com

Slidell, LA: Walmart Power Tool Thief drags Deputy with truck; attempted to run down 2nd Deputy
The Slidell Police Department says deputies were called to the Walmart on Natchez Drive Tuesday regarding a man attempting to steal power tools. The suspect, 51-year-old Robert E. Myers, fled from the store, but officers located him in the parking lot sitting inside of his pickup truck. Two officers approached the truck and asked Myers to step out and speak with them. Myers refused and placed the truck in drive in an attempt to leave. One of the deputies tried to stop Myers, but was dragged through the Walmart parking lot. The officer was able to free himself to prevent being run over. Police say Myers aggressively accelerated through the parking lot and attempted to run over another officer. Myers was arrested by Mississippi State Police following the crash of his vehicle. fox8live.com

Kingsport, TN: Thief drives through Home Depot gate to make getaway
On 6/13 at 5 a.m., an employee arriving at Home Depot noticed tire tracks around a security gate. The worker then spotted a pickup, with merchandise "overflowing" from its bed, as it traveled across the parking lot and slammed through the fencing. The witness had to throw the car in reverse to avoid being hit by the suspect's vehicle, which fled the scene. Among the stolen items was a zero-turn mower, valued at $3,000, while damages to the property were estimated at $1,200. timesnews.net

Millburn, NJ: Bloomingdales at Short Hills seeking 2 suspect in the theft of 5 handbags valued at $3,750

Millburn, NJ: Salvatore Ferragamo store in Short Hills reports theft of 2 watches valued at $5,099

Cumberland County, PA: Man facing felony retail theft charges after stealing nearly $1,800 in merchandise from Weis Market and Walmart

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Shootings & Deaths

Mansfield, TX: Police Shoot Man With Gun Outside IHOP Restaurant
A suspect remains hospitalized after an officer involved shooting at a restaurant in Mansfield. The incident happened in the early morning hours at the IHOP restaurant off Highway 287. Witnesses tell said a man came into the restaurant, pulled out a weapon, and began waving it around. Concerned diners called 911 and when responding officers arrived they set up perimeter, allowing customers to exit out the back of the restaurant. Officers at the scene say they saw the man "pointing his gun in several different directions as he was moving through the restaurant," said Sgt. Travis Waybourn. The suspect, who has not been identified, also attempted to leave the building "while displaying the weapon." Police say the man ignored verbal commands and continued to approach an officer who then "fired on the suspect striking him in the lower torso." cbslocal.com

Rocky River, OH: Elderly man threatens to shoot Get Go employee over lotto number mistake
An 82-year-old man is no longer welcome at one Rocky River gas station after he became belligerent with employees. The elderly man reportedly entered the Get Go to purchase lottery tickets around 5:30 a.m. on June 16. The man, who is known to lawfully carry a concealed handgun, began complaining that the employees never get his lottery numbers correct. Police said he threatened to set his gun on the counter if the clerk didn't run the numbers correctly. He then threatened to shoot the clerk's fingers off. The man eventually left the store without further incident. We're told the clerk was understandably upset, but ultimately declined to press charges against the man. cleveland19.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Houston, TX: Security guard thwarts 2 masked robbers at Boost Mobile
A Security Guard is being hailed a hero after trying to stop a robbery and it was all caught on camera. Surveillance video shows a group of men pull up in a car at the Boost Mobile off Fulton in north Houston around 3:30 p.m. Saturday. A vigilant security guard, Tomas Garcia, said he was in the guard shack, monitoring the strip center. He saw the men get out of the car with masks. abc13.com

Danbury, CT: Reality TV Star arrested for Shoplifting at Walmart
Her name is Caroline Bedol and she was a cast member during the sixth season of the Bravo reality TV series Below Deck. According to Detective Lt. Williams of the Danbury Police Department via The Hour, she was arrested on Sunday, June 9 after she allegedly shoplifted clothing from the Walmart on Route 6/ Newtown Rd. Bedol was charged with 6th degree larceny for $80 worth of merchandise. kicks1055.com

St. Louis County: Instant Karma; Thieves steal a Boa Constrictor, bitten during get-a-way
It happened at the Exotic Amphibian Reptile Center. "The entire box, the whole cage and took it," said owner James Brumley about the Sunday theft. Brumley said the two women posing as customers first inquired about a particular pet. Brumley said that's when the two women saw an opportunity and went through with their plan to steal the boa while in its cage before driving off with the reptile. "The girl that was working said that as she realized they grabbed it and came outside as the car drove off and heard someone scream," Brumley said. That's because he believes the boa may have bitten one of them.  fox2now.com

Whiteville, NC: Restaurant Employee arrested in connection to $1,700 Burglary

Fairfield, CT: Bob's Store Shoplifter arrested for theft and smashing into a Police Cruiser

Spartanburg County, SC: After swiping Ribs, accused shoplifters led police on chase that reached 80 mph


Urbana, IL: Woman gets probation for using over $10,000 in fake cash for Target Gift Cards
An Urbana woman who admitted she took part in stealing gift cards from the Target in Champaign by buying them with fake cash has been sentenced to two years of second-chance probation. Assistant State's Attorney Kristin Alferink said Latavia Miller, 19, had no prior convictions. She pleaded guilty to theft, admitting that between Dec. 13, 2018, and Jan. 3, 2019, she took part, with four other women, in a number of purchases of Visa gift cards and other merchandise valued in excess of $10,000 using counterfeit money. The purchases were aided by a seasonal clerk who was working in concert with them, authorities said. news-gazette.com

Tampa, FL: Federal Jury Convicts Pawn Shop Robber; former felon will be sentenced to 7 years to life



Beauty Store - Gwinnett County, GA - Robbery
C-Store - Sierra Vista, AZ - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Clemson, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Ridgeland, MS - Armed Robbery
CVS - Dunwoody, GA - Burglary
Dollar General - Georgetown, SC - Burglary
Dollar Store - Craven County, NC - Armed Robbery
Flower Shop - Westmoreland County, PA - Burglary
Golf Shop - Groveland, NY - Burglary
Grocery Store - Waukesha, WI - Burglary
Jewelry Store - Arcadia, CA - Burglary
Restaurant - Whiteville, NC - Burglary
Restaurant - Bermuda Dunes, CA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Corpus Christi, TX - Burglary
Sally Beauty - Corpus Christi, TX - Burglary
Tobacco Store - Hoover, AL - Robbery


Daily Totals:
7 robberies
9 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed




Philip Johnson promoted to Senior DC Investigator for TJX Companies

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Regional Asset Protection Manager

Responsible for supporting field operations execution of asset protection processes in an assigned regional area...

Regional Manager LP, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Office location could be in AL, GA, IN, KY, NC, TN, VA & WV

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Stockton, CA

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Sacramento or Hayward, CA

Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Las Vegas, NV/Phoenix, AZ

Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Baltimore, MD/Northern VA

Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Rochester or Syracuse, NY

Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...
Regional Asset Protection Manager
Metro DC/Northern VA

The Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager will lead the Region in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts...
Regional Asset Protection Manager
The Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager will lead the Region in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
New York, NY

You will be key in assessing and reporting AP vulnerabilities, developing strategies to address vulnerabilities, have a high attention to detail and use critical thinking and good judgment to help make decisions and formulate solutions to work-related concerns...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Denver, CO

You will be key in assessing and reporting AP vulnerabilities, developing strategies to address vulnerabilities, have a high attention to detail and use critical thinking and good judgment to help make decisions and formulate solutions to work-related concerns...

Field Loss Prevention Manager
Dallas, TX

Manages and coordinates Loss Prevention and Safety Programs intended to protect Staples assets and ensure a safe work environment within Staples Retail locations...



Security Industry Specialists, Inc. provides unique security solutions to some of the most successful names in business. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, designer brands, international events, celebrities, and high-profile executives.

We are currently looking for an experienced LP Specialist - Undercover/Plain Clothes.

● Conduct undercover surveillance to detect and apprehend shoplifters
● Recover assets and/or make safe apprehensions
● Must be able to communicate with all levels of staff and management
● Get to create your schedule with your Supervisor

Loss Prevention Specialist - Tukwila, WA
Undercover/Plainclothes LP Specialist - San Jose, CA
Loss Prevention Specialist - Miami, FL
Loss Prevention Specialist - Minneapolis, MN
Loss Prevention Specialist - Philadelphia, PA

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Take the Pledge
Diversity - Inclusion - Equality
Hire 1 Diversity Team Member in Next 3 or 4 Hires
Two Executives Attend NRF Protect 2020 Free

As we challenged the attendees at the NRF's Ring of Excellence Award keynote session last Thursday we'd like to extend the challenge industry-wide by including it here in our Tip of the Day column.

For over twenty years the Daily has quietly sponsored Keith White's, EVP The Gap, International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) conference and website. With building and hosting the site for over twenty years now, while Keith White has helped literally hundreds of young college students enter the work force. His efforts have truly made a difference and impacted so many. Therefore we feel it's only appropriate to challenge every retailer out there to make concerted effort and make the pledge that they'll hire a diversity candidate within the next four hires and be more inclusive in their overall hiring practices.

With Joan Manson's NRF group, Women in LP, having made such an industry impact, let's keep it going and broaden it to include all the nation's retailers.

Take the pledge and let us know how it progresses over the next year and the two retailers making the biggest impact, percentage wise, will select one of these executives to attend NRF Protect 2020 free of charge and with absolutely no obligation. The two retailers will also be featured in a Spotlight on Leadership column sharing their story, all of which will be monitored and any ties decided by the NRF VP of LP Bob Moraca.

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Gus Downing

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