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Aug. 29

Retail Risk -
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Q3 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Sept. 14 -
DCU Center
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Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit
Oct. 2-3

CORCA Conference
Oct. 3-4

Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo
Nov. 6-8

Q4 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Nov. 7th
BJ's Wholesale Inc Corp. Office - Westboro, MA

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2018 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Dick's Sporting Goods Digital Loss Prevention Team

Winners of the 2017 AP Team of the Year at the North American Fraud Awards

Featured in Picture, Left to Right: (Back row) Jeff Musgrave, Ryan Dukovich, Josh Shoemaker, Eric Conjeski, Dan Kwiatkowski, Nick Verno, Aaron Bell and Scott Levengard

Featured in Picture, Left to Right: (Front row) Steve Somma, Jade Mrkich, Danielle McGowan, Lindsay Parker, Alexis Saunders and Mary Jo Tidd

Not in picture: Pete Barker

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WZ Response to Supreme Court Decision in Brendan Dassey Case

By Dave Thompson, CFI
VP of Operations, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates

After listening to hours of Brendan Dassey's interrogations, multiple times, there are many issues to highlight but there is one segment among them that plays on repeat in my mind. Hearing Brendan's curious and genuine concern if he is going to get back to "6th hour" in school after just "confessing" to a violent rape and homicide. Clearly, Brendan had no idea that his life was about to take a drastic turn based off of what he just discussed with investigators. He had faith in the system, a belief that authority figures wouldn't steer him wrong.

The power of influence that words and circumstances can have on a person during an interview or interrogation is vastly underestimated. While investigators need the appropriate tools to obtain the truth in the search for justice, often there are drastic missteps putting undue pressure on a confession. "Death by a thousand cuts" as stated by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is a perfect description of the psychological impact that the interrogations had on Brendan.

Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ) is proud to have supported Brendan Dassey and his advocates in the hopes to show the court that the interrogations he underwent were not only coercive and involuntarily - but also a representation of the need for further education when interviewing juveniles or those with any mental capacity deficiencies.

Read more here

WZ's Amicus Brief Filed with the Supreme Court

Reported on Monday:
Supreme Court declines to hear 'Making a Murderer' case
Interviewing Technique Stands Up in Courts

The 'Blue Light Special' Makes Big Time News
Posted on Yahoo Home Page Today

As the nation grapples with the harrowing effects of its massive opioid epidemic, many companies are trying innovative ideas to help solve the problem.

A handful of convenience stores and supermarkets are experimenting with an unusual strategy: Installing blue lights in bathrooms in order to quell drug usage by making it more difficult for people to inject themselves. The theory is that drug users, who often use the privacy of bathroom stalls to shoot up heroin and other drugs, would have difficulty finding their veins.

This LP Technique Has Over 900 Comments
Here's a Few For Your Review:

● "It seems like a simple solution that endangers no one - why not roll it out on a broader scale? There will never be a solution that works 100% but if it discourages half the junkies from shooting up, that seems like an effective measure of success." - Bree Zee

● "Strangely, we're also seeing a surge in flashlight and lantern sales at this same store." - JunkieM

● "As a nurse, I have to say, it'll result in more overdose deaths. Rather than injecting in the bathroom, they'll go to their apartment where nobody will find them until days later. There's no good solution to addiction. I'm just saying that this one will cost lives, and all it accomplishes is move the problem where we can't see." - dagger906

● "Can't wait for the first lawsuit brought due to a 'injection-related injury/death' by some drug addict's family. 'If that store had regular lights our son would still be here today.'" - Sikpilz

● "In the good old days they just tied a hubcap to the restroom key and you had to purchase something to get access, problem solved. My company had similar problems with homeless people sleeping in our restrooms, they changed out all the light bulbs and it's so bright now you feel like you are under a heat lamp, it solved the problem though. Sometimes the simple solutions work best." - Gmh Gmh

● "Wonderful. Now I can't touch up my makeup." - Marie

Using Blue Lights to Deter Drug Users Is "Symbolic Violence"
In one study on blue lights published in 2013 in the Harm Reduction Journal, researchers once again found that blue lights increase the risk of dangerous injection. Additionally, the study's authors call blue lights a form of "symbolic violence" against drug users, furthering the notion that people with substance use disorder are second-class citizens:

"Importantly, we support the suggestion that blue lights are a form of symbolic violence: They aim to tacitly control people who use injection drugs, forcing them to make choices about places to inject that are not in their best interests, and imposing upon them the belief that their own well-being is secondary to the interests of those responsible for installing the blue lights." yahoo.com

Amazon poached 30 executives from Microsoft in the past 3 years
6 times as many executives as the next lead poacher, Google

What do the names Dave Treadwell, Marc Whitten, and Dirk Didascalou, have in common? They're all former Microsoft employees who - as of 2016 - had become vice presidents at Amazon.

Microsoft's 40-year-old reputation for churning out marketable employees definitely precedes it, but while other tech giants like Apple, eBay, and Google have attracted some Microsoft talent, Amazon has poached more by a long shot.

From 2015 to 2017, 30 executives (director and above) left Microsoft to work for Amazon
, CNBC reported this week, citing the data-collecting startup Paysa. Just five went to Google, the next-leading company to poach from Microsoft, according to Kim's report.

CNBC pointed to a few factors that could contribute to Amazon's drastically higher number. From an outsider's perspective, it could be as simple as the fact that the e-commerce giant is having a bit of a moment: Its stock price has more than doubled in two years, and it seems to have a stake in almost every industry. businessinsider.com

Amazon merging marketplace and retail operations
Amazon has largely merged its marketplace and retail teams, according to a company statement circulated to multiple media outlets last week. Amazon didn't immediately return Retail Dive's request for more details.

"We've been working for some time on standardizing the products, tools and services we offer to the brands and resellers that sell on Amazon, and have made some organizational changes as a result," the company said in a statement. Bloomberg, citing former and current Amazon employees, first reported earlier this month that the marketplace and retail teams were merging.

Three months after Amazon Marketplace chief Sebastian Gunningham left for WeWork, the next highest ranking executive on that team, Peter Faricy, has been stripped of many of his responsibilities, according to internal documents viewed by CNBC. Most of those duties have been reassigned to Amazon executives in the retail group, which is led by Doug Herrington, according to the documents. retaildive.com

Bob MacLea LPC/LPQ Scholarships - APPLY TODAY!

The Loss Prevention Foundation hosted the first annual Swing for Certification Golf Tournament on June 10th in Dallas, TX on the eve of NRF Protect 2018. Thanks to the many sponsors and attendees, the Loss Prevention Foundation has the opportunity to offer 50 LPC/LPQ Scholarships to qualified candidates.

These scholarships are in remembrance and honor of Bob MacLea for his accomplishments and contributions to the Loss Prevention and Asset Protection industry.

If you are interested in applying for the Bob MacLea scholarships, please complete the application form at www.LossPreventionFoundation.org.

The LPF will be awarding 50 individuals with LPC or LPQ Scholarships.

Former Toys R Us CEO reportedly working to keep some US stores open
Former Toys R Us and Hudson's Bay Co. CEO Jerry Storch is involved in a bid to keep potentially hundreds of Toys R Us stores operating in the U.S., according to a Bloomberg report that cited unnamed sources. Storch did not reply to Retail Dive's request for comment. Involved in the discussions, according to Bloomberg, are Fairfax Financial Holdings, the buyer of Toys R Us' Canadian unit, and Credit Suisse, which is acting as financial adviser in the talks. retaildive.com

How tight is this job market?
Kohl's is already hiring for Christmas

Kohl's is getting a six-month head start on the holidays. The department store announced Wednesday that it is already accepting applications for seasonal positions. Kohl's is staking an early claim in a tight job market that has made it hard for companies to find workers.

Kohl's is filling jobs at 300 of its 1,100 US stores for the back-to-school and holiday seasons. Additional jobs at stores and fulfillment centers will come open later in the year. cnn.com

"Marijuana use is legal in Massachusetts
So why can employers fire people for using off-hours?"

While the Supreme Judicial Court ruled last year that workers in Massachusetts who hold medical marijuana cards can't be fired for simply using the drug, neither the courts nor state lawmakers have afforded any such protections for recreational users. Until something changes, employers can fire people for doing something that is both legal and wholly unrelated to their job.

This mirrors many states in which recreational marijuana is now legal. Maine's original recreational marijuana law included protections for employees in scenarios like Coughlin's, but those protections were recently undone by the Legislature there. bostonglobe.com

Fanatics to open shops in 650 J.C. Penney stores

Party City plans 'Toy City' pop-ups for a post-Toys R Us world

Home Depot adds lockers for pickup of online orders

Director of Loss Prevention job for Car Keys Express was removed from website

Corporate Security Coordinator job for Ulta Beauty was removed from website

RILA AP Summer Webinar Series
Starts Tomorrow!

These webinars are each worth 1 LPC Credit!

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All-Tag Releases Two New Premier Solutions

Q-Tag: A New Higher ROI Hard Tag

Q-Tag will deliver a higher ROI than any other EAS hard Tag on the market.

"The Q-Tag is an EAS and RFID solution that combines high security, versatility, efficiency, safety, and marketing/promotion," commented ALL-TAG's Vice President of Sales, Andy Gilbert.

"It is very challenging to create a revolutionary EAS hard tag these days, but I can honestly say we have done it with the Q-Tag. It is by far the most secure and attractive hard tag on the market, and it's the only one that can come equipped with AM, RF, and RFID technologies all in the same tag," Gilbert continued. "Due to the custom printing of brand logos, promotional messages, QR codes, etc., even marketing/merchandising departments will love the Q-Tag."

Read more here

Q-Wrap: A New EAS Clear Cover Label

The Q-Wrap is the premier solution for protecting high-shrink, high-value retail products that cannot be protected with traditional EAS tags or labels. The Q-Wrap provides a new, simple, quick, and effective way to protect articles from shoplifting such as small cosmetics, perfumes, and other high-value packaged or standalone items.

"Loss Prevention Executives had simply given up on protecting certain hard to protect merchandise such as cosmetics and other health and beauty products, but now they can circle back to those with the Q-Wrap," explained ALL-TAG's Vice President of Sales, Andy Gilbert.

"It is the only product on the market that will secure those high-value, high-shrink products without destroying them when customers remove the wrap from the products at home."

Read more here


First Nationwide Undercover Operation Targeting Darknet Vendors
Results in Arrests of More Than 35 Individuals Selling Illicit Goods
Seizure of Weapons, Drugs and $23.6 Million

Today, the Department of Justice, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the U.S. Secret Service (USSS), the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), announced the results of a year-long, coordinated national operation that used the first nationwide undercover action to target vendors of illicit goods on the Darknet.

Special Agents of the HSI New York Field Division, in coordination with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, posed as a money launderer on Darknet market sites, exchanging U.S. currency for virtual currency. Through this operation, HSI New York was able to identify numerous vendors of illicit goods, leading to the opening of more than 90 active cases around the country.

The Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section (MLARS) of the Department of Justice's Criminal Division, working with more than 40 U.S. Attorney's Offices throughout the country, coordinated the nationwide investigation of over 65 targets, that lead to the arrest and impending prosecution of more than 35 Darknet vendors. justice.gov

Online Fraud Attack Rates Spike Following Recent Breaches
Digital Goods a Favorite Target of Fraudsters - Easy to Liquidate

Online fraud attack rates have increased 13% since the beginning of 2017, resulting in billions of dollars of lost profits for ecommerce retailers and producing negative experiences for customers.

According to Forter's Fraud Attack Index, the significant data breaches of 2017 and previous years (Equifax, Verizon, Yahoo, and Uber), wreaked havoc on the private data of millions of individuals, and fed fraudsters with new batches of consumer data readily available for the taking.

As a result, the 2017 Equifax breach resulted in a 53% increase in account takeover (ATO) attempts. Perhaps the most influential and impacted of all the industries, digital goods continue to be a favourite target of fraudsters, according to the report. Fraud rates increased significantly in 2018 by 167%. The ease by which fraudsters can liquidate these goods continues to make it a high risk target.

Also, return abuse (when people return goods after using them) has increased 119% since the beginning of 2017 and policy abuse (when individuals cheat merchants through inappropriate use of coupons, discount codes, multiple account creation or reward programs) is also on the rise. Thus, coupon abuse in particular surged 217% between Q4 2017 and Q1 2018.

Given expected fraud spikes around Amazon Prime Day in July 2018, it is important that retailers take the appropriate measures to protect themselves and their customers. thepaypers.com

R-CISC Insights: Growth of business email compromise in the retail sector
Over the past few years, business email compromise (BEC) attacks have expanded significantly. Threat actors have employed these attacks due to their combination of simplicity and effectiveness and the low level of sophistication needed to execute the attacks.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has broken down the five most common BEC attacks into the following categories. Review this resource here.

Insider Dangers Are Hiding in Collaboration Tools
Digital collaboration technologies are accelerating productivity in the post-phone-call workplace, but tools like Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, and Slack have their dark side. While these channels can help speed group decision-making, they also serve as an enterprise blind spot for insider threats to do their worst - not to mention being open conduits for spreading negativity and toxic behaviors among the ranks.

In a study of over 1 million employee messages, the "Human Behavior Risk Analysis" report found that confidential information is shared in one out of every 118 public communications. Meantime, passwords are shared in one out of every 262 communications. Private communication channels are worse. Private conversation messages are 165% more likely to contain identification numbers and 76% more likely to contain passwords. darkreading.com

Akamai: DDoS attacks on the rise, become more specialized

56% of workers frustrated by employers' outdated technology, study finds

Director of Information Security job for 84 Lumber was removed from website


More than half a million prescription drugs are stolen from pharmacies each year - and most are opioids: Health Canada analysis
More than half a million prescriptions drugs are stolen from pharmacies each year, with the majority being highly addictive opioid painkillers that end up on the street, according to an analysis of Health Canada data by CBC News.

The analysis found that overall, 1.8 million doses of controlled drugs were reported missing to Health Canada in the first nine months of 2017, a 64 per cent increase from 2012, when 1.1 million doses went missing.

A majority of the nearly nine million doses that were stolen or unaccounted for over those five years were highly addictive opioid painkillers, such as oxycodone, hydromorphone and codeine. In about one-third of the cases, there was no explanation for how they went missing.

Some of the missing drugs inevitably end up on the black market, where they are in high demand by those addicted to opioids who can't get them by prescription. cbc.ca

Moving to Self-Checkout Could Hurt Your Bottom Line
Stephen O'Keefe Issues Warning For Retailers Adding Self-Checkouts
The proliferation of self checkout lanes in retail stores continues but companies need to consider some important things when implementing these systems, cautions a Canadian retail security expert. And one of the major considerations is theft, said Stephen O'Keefe, a Toronto-based veteran of the retail industry.

"If at the end of the day that math shows an ROI (return on investment), great. If it shows a bottom-line impact, then the retailer needs to decide if they will be the ones to lose market share if they do not put in self checkouts," said O'Keefe, President of Bottom Line Matters, a web-based loss prevention and risk management solutions company for small to mid-sized retailers.

"There are several things to consider when implementing a self checkout system. The sales must offset the anticipated increase in shrink just to break even," he said.

His advice to retailers is simple. Do a full analysis and return on investment research. Take into consideration some of the deferred expenses.

"If you're prepared to accept the fact that your shrink can go up a little bit because of that then you better make sure that your sales go up a lot more to offset it or at least to take market share away from a competitor. There's got to be a strategic reason why you're going to do it and not just I'm keeping up with the Joneses." retail-insider.com

Consumers in Canada are going Trump-free - until it becomes too expensive
Everywhere on social media, Canadians are encouraging one another to go "Trump-free" - that is, to shop for groceries without buying a single American product. Even restaurants are jumping on the bandwagon by serving "Trump-free" dishes. These are interesting reactions in the face of Washington's somewhat contradictory foreign trade policies.

But consumers have busy lives, fixed habits and, most importantly, specific budgets. Patriotism ranks second to price. Consumers are fickle and will opt for the product that offers the best quality for the lowest price. In other words, they will most often choose the lowest-priced item, regardless of country of origin.

If our trade war with the U.S. escalates, not only will we not have a choice in buying Canadian, it will also cost us a lot more to feed ourselves. retail-insider.com

Trade war with U.S. could tip Canada into recession, trade committee told

Trump's tariffs will be more painful for Canada than the U.S.

Canadian feds take aim at terrorist use of cryptocurrencies, prepaid cards
Virtual currency being used to commit fraud, buy illicit goods

The federal government is proposing measures that take aim at shadowy payments made by terrorists and money launderers using virtual currencies and prepaid credit cards.

The planned regulations would help close loopholes in Canada's anti-money laundering regime and address shortcomings pointed out by an international watchdog.

Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, are increasingly being used to commit fraud and cybercrime and to buy illicit goods and services in the darker corners of the internet, notes a federal summary accompanying the proposed changes. ctvnews.ca

Prime Minister Trudeau delays marijuana legalization until Oct. 17
At a news conference on Wednesday to mark Parliament's summer break, Mr. Trudeau said provinces asked for more time to prepare their retail cannabis outlets, online mail-delivery systems and production regimes before marijuana can be legalized in Canada. theglobeandmail.com

Store Openings in Canada
Jollibee to Open 100 Canadian Locations in 5 Years
'UNTUCKit' to Enter Canada this Fall with 1st Store
La Maison Simons to Open 1st Standalone Home Store
Laline Announces Canadian Entry with 7 Confirmed Store Locations
Chloé Opens 1st Standalone Canadian Store
Kimberlite Diamonds Opening 1st Store & Danier Opens Flagship
Furla Plans to Enter Canada with Standalone Stores
The Big Carrot opens second location
McDonald's to expand McCafe concept in Canada with two openings

Publishing Note
Due to next week's Fourth of July holiday, 'Canadian Connections' will return on Wednesday, July 11th

Canadian online retailers could face tax on U.S. sales after Supreme Court ruling

Canada April retail sales drop as bad weather hits auto sales

86% of Canadians Believe They are Increasingly at Risk of Identity Fraud: Study

Tim Hortons plans $100M investment in distribution after complaints

Ontario Restaurant Mistakenly Targeted By Trump Fans Over Sanders Spat

Toronto, ON: Man charged with murder after fatal grocery store stabbing
Toronto police have charged a 30-year-old man with murder after an altercation left another man dead at a Rexdale plaza. Officers were called to a grocery store at around 12:30 on Saturday. They found one man without vital signs. EMS tell CityNews he was suffering from stab wounds. He was rushed to hospital where he died of his injuries. Police allege the two men were involved in a physical altercation. The suspect then fled the scene and was located a short time later. citynews.ca

(Update) Edmonton, AB: Man guilty of first-degree murder in deaths of Mac's clerks
A jury has found Laylin Delorme guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the December 2015 shootings at two different Edmonton Mac's convenience stores that left two men dead. The jury made its decision on Friday, less than 24 hours after deliberations began. The first-degree murder convictions come with automatic life sentences with no chance of parole for 25 years. The jury was asked to weigh in on whether the sentences should be served concurrently or consecutively. The judge will make the ultimate decision. globalnews.ca

Oakville, ON: Witness overpowers suspect in two Ontario pharmacy thefts

Hamilton, ON: Man arrested for 5 armed convenience store robberies

Edmonton, AB: Cash, bike and gear stolen from cycle shop

Robberies and Burglaries

Alteen's Jeweller's - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL - Burglary
BikeWorks - Edmonton, AB - Burglary
Mac's - Thunder Bay, ON - Armed Robbery

Undisclosed business - La Ronge, SK - Armed Robbery



Developing High Performance Teams

"Good People, Good Everything"

Alisa Dart, VP of AP, Macy's


With all the changes the retail world is facing, there's one aspect of the industry, every organization and every team that's never changed and will never change. And that is the people - the human beings on your team who will determine your success or your failure. Alisa Dart, Vice President of Asset Protection for Macy's, oversees their entire field AP team, covering 600 stores nationwide, 5 operating regions and 39 districts. Hear her perspective and experience when it comes to developing high performance teams.

Episode Sponsored By:


Quick Take #11

As a nationally recognized LP spokesman who talks to reporters and journalists on a regular basis and has testified before Congress and a number of state legislatures, Joe LaRocca shares with Amber Bradley the key areas he focuses on when speaking about the topic of retail crime and why people steal




Top 5 reasons why counterfeit goods are getting harder to spot
A big reason for the increase in counterfeit goods is that quite simply, that they are getting harder and harder to spot, both by consumers and also by the authorities. Here are 5 key reasons why this is the case:

1. Increased quality - Counterfeit is no longer a code word for poor quality. In fact counterfeit products are increasingly manufactured in the same factories and using the same raw materials as their genuine counterparts. However, these products will have a fake label and serial number attached to them before leaving the factory through the back door.

2. Production moving abroad - The vast majority of counterfeited items originate in China, India, and Turkey. It therefore comes as very little surprise that as fashion houses and electronics companies increasingly move their production to Asia in an effort to cut costs, the level of fake products originating from these factories is also on the rise.

3. The role of the internet - The explosion of e-commerce has made it simpler not only for counterfeiters to avoid detection, but also for would-be customers to obtain these goods. Anyone can open an online selling platform, and can just as quickly close it down to avoid exposure should they believe the authorities are growing suspicious. Not only can personal identities can be hidden, but customers can easily be fooled regarding the location the product is being shipped from.

4. Improvements in packaging - It is not just the quality and look of the products which has improved, counterfeiters are now increasingly concerned with copying everything from the packaging, through to the label sewn in to a garment, making the products more and more difficult to differentiate from the genuine article.

5. Counterfeits are going unreported - The increase in quality of the products and the attention to detail put in to pass these goods off as genuine not only makes the items difficult for authorities to tell apart from authentic products, but it also means customers are much less likely to report these products as fake. ipwatchdog.com

E-retailers react to the Supreme Court's sales tax decision with confusion and frustration
In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision last week to allow states to require out-of-state merchants to collect and remit local sales tax on goods sold to their residents, some e-retailers are questioning what this means to their business.

While larger e-retailers and store operators are applauding the decision, citing how it "levels the playing field" among merchants, small and medium-sized online retailers say the court's decision leaves too many questions unanswered about how to proceed.

"I was waiting for clarity [from the Supreme Court decision]. I got none," says Leon Rbibo, president of The Pearl Source, a Los Angeles-based jewelry e-retailer that's been selling online for 12 years. He says that while the court did its job in ruling on the constitutionality of states' rights to collect, the question now is, what's next?

"The difficulty with the decision is the Supreme Court has left it up to Congress to come in and enact some rules, and that's a little scary because to enact legislation will take forever," says Danny Gavin, vice president and director of marketing at Brian Gavin Diamonds, an e-retailer of custom jewelry based in Texas. digitacommerce360.com



Sonoma County, CA: Safeway Shoplifting apprehension leads to $9,500 of stolen merchandise
An Antioch woman and a San Francisco man were arrested Sunday after deputies from the Sonoma Police Department, responding to a shoplifting in progress at the Safeway, discovered about $9,500 in purloined goods in the couple's vehicle. Deputies saw several items of store merchandise in plain view inside the back of the minivan. The witness was taken to the traffic stop and identified the woman as the suspect observed stealing several items of merchandise. The merchandise consisted of baby formula and multiple packages of over-the-counter medication that requires an ID to purchase. During the investigation, deputies recovered more than 400 items of similar store merchandise believed to have been stolen from other Safeway's in Napa County and Contra Costa County. The value of the suspected stolen merchandise is approximately $9,500. sonomanews.com

Sahuarita, AZ: Two charged with ORC theft after man Impersonates an Officer
Sahuarita Police officers arrested a man and woman involved in a shoplifting incident at a Walmart in Sahuarita, in which the man impersonated an officer. Police say Darrick Thomas used a Walmart phone application to upload receipts for items he did not purchase before entering the store. Thomas entered, gathered the items on the receipts, and left without paying. Thomas returned with the items wearing a Arizona Department of Corrections uniform in an attempt to receive a refund. He was arrested along with Tiffany Weilburg in the parking lot on Monday night. Detectives determined Weilburg acquired the uniform used by Thomas in the shoplifting. The pair was arrested on charges for impersonating a peace officer, organized retail theft, shoplifting and criminal trespassing. tucson.com

Marlin, TX: Tires, wheels worth nearly $100K stolen from car dealership
Dozens of wheels and tires were stolen from vehicles at the Apple Sport Ford in Marlin on Friday. According to Apple Sport Owner Sam Sinno, they received a call from the Marlin Police around 6 a.m. on Saturday about the theft of wheels and tires at their lot. Some of the cars, which were left on blocks, had some damage after the crime occurred. "We feel like it's nothing local, whether it's Marlin, Falls County or even in Central Texas. We think it's a bigger scale than that," Sinno said. ksla.com

Peachtree Corners, GA: Police looking for Two Women who tried to steal over $1,000 from Target
Gwinnett County Police Sgt. Jake Smith said, "The suspects exited the store with the full cart and were stopped by loss prevention officers," Smith said. "The suspects fled on foot through the parking lot; no vehicle was seen." gwinnettdailypost.com

Spokane, WA: Detectives searching for suspects who stole over $1,800 worth of power tools from North 40 Outfitters

Arlington, TX: Alleged Thieves Used a Stroller to Steal More Than $1,000 in Beauty Products from Ulta

New Zealand: Sticky-fingered thieves take $5,500 of manuka honey from Pak'n Save Supermarket

Submit your ORC Association News

Visit the ORC Resource Center


Shootings & Deaths

Hong Kong, China: One dead, 3 wounded in rare Hong Kong shooting; woman arrested inside Shopping Mall
One woman was killed and three other people wounded on Tuesday in a shooting at a Hong Kong park next to a busy shopping centre, a rare gun attack in a city ranked as one of the safest in the world. A 44-year-old woman was arrested for murder and attempted murder by police in a nearby mall and a pistol was seized. The police added that initial investigations revealed it had been "a dispute with the deceased and the three victims, during which the woman shot them with a pistol."

Local media said the suspect and the victims were two brothers and sisters involved in a dispute over an inheritance. It wasn't immediately clear how the woman had come to possess the handgun. Hong Kong strictly controls the possession of firearms and guns aren't generally available to the public. yahoo.com

Newport News, VA: Shots fired at 7-Eleven employee, no injuries reported

Robberies & Thefts

Detroit, MI: Possible serial smash-and-grab suspects arrested after crash; Suspects tried to escape on foot after crash
Two men who were arrested after a crash Wednesday morning are believed to be wanted in connection to a string of smash-and-grab robberies across the city of Detroit. Officers arrested the men after a blue Dodge Ram they were in hit a telephone pole. The suspects fled on foot in opposite directions. It took a couple of hours for police to catch them. Police said they had a task force working in the area. Police believe they could have been heading to commit another smash-and-grab robbery. The suspects may be connected to more than a dozen smash-and-grab robberies not only in Detroit but also in the suburbs. clickondetroit.com

Mason County, MI: Advance America Cash store Armed Robbery was inside job
Law enforcement has released the name of the three people accused of robbing an Advance America Cash in Mason County. Bryana Black, Taya Wrightsman and Koreana Reid are all facing charges. Detectives said Black works at the store and called in an armed robbery but she was actually in on the crime. upnorthlive.com

Columbus, OH: Pair accused of beating a JC Penney Loss Prevention officer at Polaris store
A simple shoplifting case turned into a robbery when police say one of the suspects started assaulting a loss prevention officer. It happened June 4 at the JCPenney at 1450 Polaris Parkway. Police say a man and woman were observed shoplifting. When a loss prevention officer confronted the pair, the man threw the officer to the ground and beat her in the face and head. nbc4i.com

Tulsa, OK: Police investigating Apple store Burglary at Woodland Hills Mall
Police are investigating an early morning break-in at the Apple store inside the Woodland Hills Mall. Officers say an Apple Store representative is now at the store taking an inventory. Police say the man broke into Woodland Hills Mall then headed straight to the Apple store. They say the man got the store's security gate open and was able to steal several items including some headphones and an Apple iPhone demo model. newson6.com

Greenfield, WI: Brother, sister charged in Burger King Burglary after stealing safe's key from friend
According to a Greenfield Police Department report released June 25: A manager of the Burger King reported all of the restaurant's money had been taken during the early morning hours of June 13. The manager reported $968 were taken from the safe. Surveillance footage showed two suspects entering the store at 1:06 a.m., using a key to enter the building and a key fob and passcode combination to access the safe. It took them two minutes to get in and out. jsonline.com

Anchorage, AK: Squirrel caught stealing doughnut from Police

Nashville, TN: 13 Year old arrested for Armed Robbery of a Cellphone store; serious Juvenile crimes are on an alarming trend

Cleveland, OH: Booze bandits may be linked to break-ins across 4 counties; same store hit 3 times in 6 weeks

Mobile, AL: Smash & Grab at Lawn Equipment Store; two stores hit in the same week

Lakewood Ranch, FL: Teen charged with dumping gator in Florida convenience store; Trapper catches 2-foot gator left at Wawa

Kay Jewelers in the Janesville Mall, Janesville, WI reported a Grab & Run on 6/24, item valued at $13,899

Piercing Pagoda in the St. Augustine Outlets Mall, St. Augustine, FL reported a Distraction Theft on 6/25, item valued at $279

Weisfield in the Tacoma Mall, Tacoma, WA reported a Grab & Run on 6/25, item valued at $3,699

Zales in the Portofino Center, Shenandoah, TX reported a Grab & Run on 6/23, item valued at $9,595


Philadelphia, PA: $289k worth of counterfeit goods seized
Thousands of pieces of counterfeit apparel are off the streets thanks to Customs and Border Protection officers in Philadelphia. Earlier this month, they seized some 13 boxes filled with knock off shoes and sports jerseys. Those items have officially been declared counterfeit. They were shipped from Hong Kong, headed for Cincinnati, Ohio. Officials say the items have a street value of $289,000. 6abc.com

Skimming Theft

Boston, MA: Brazilian woman will be deported after running ATM skimming scam
A Brazilian woman who pleaded guilty to helping skim ATM machines has agreed to be deported. Prosecutors say she helped her husband, 42-year-old Alexandre Kawamura, skim ATMs at four Eastern Bank branches in the state. Prosecutors say she received ATM skimming equipment from Brazil at a Chelsea hotel under an alias in January. They were arrested in March after Alexandre Kawamura allegedly used someone's bank information to buy clothing from a sporting goods store. bostonherald.com

Lincoln, NE: Skimming duo suspected of planting devices at ATM
A Brazilian duo arrested in Iowa in connection with planting skimming devices there is accused of stealing card information from 209 customers at a southeast Lincoln ATM in April, according to court documents. Those compromised accounts were used without permission 42 times at 13 ATMs in Omaha between May 13 and May 14. More than $71,000 was withdrawn by the couple. journalstar.com

Milwaukee, WI: Romanian national faces federal charges in ATM skimming case in Oshkosh

Sentencings, Charges & Arrests

Springfield, MA: C-Store clerk charged with running down suspected Shoplifter, faces charge of armed assault with intent to murder
Police have amended an initial charge of attempted motor vehicle homicide by reckless operation to armed assault with intent to murder. It began about 4:15 a.m. when the clerk, Jeremy Caicoya, confronted the shoplifter inside the store. A fight ensued inside the station, and when it spilled outside, both men were locked out. The shoplifter had a knife in his hand, and Caicoya was able to get into his own car. The man with the knife then threw a rock at Caicoya's rear window, shattering it. Caicoya then followed the man and eventually struck him. The victim was taken to Baystate Medical Center with serious injuries. masslive.com

Dupage County, IL: Man Pleads Guilty, Gets 15 Years For Villa Park 7-Eleven Robbery

Bangor, ME: Man charged in 2007 Pharmacy robbery after DNA match

Camden, NJ: Pennsylvania Man Charged In Three Armed Robberies In South Jersey


Apple Store - Tulsa, OK - Burglary
Burger King - Milwaukee, WI - Burglary
C-Store - Harker Heights, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Spokane, WA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Tulare County, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Birmingham, AL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Akron, OH - Robbery
C-Store - Stuart, FL - Armed Robbery
Cellphone store - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
Cricket Wireless - Alcoa, TN - Armed Robbery
Lawn Equipment - Mobile, AL - Burglary
Liquor Store - Cleveland, OH - Burglary
Little Caesars - Elk Grove, CA - Armed Robbery
Speedway - Burlington, NC - Armed Robbery
Zoo Gift Shop - San Diego, CA - Burglary


Daily Totals:
10 robberies
5 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings






Richard Wittman
named Market Manager, Loss Prevention and Safety for Paradies Lagardère

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Vice President, Asset Protection
Columbus, OH

Oversees and directs all Asset Protection related functions for a Corporate Office, multi-state distribution centers and large retail store network. Responsible for enterprise direction and strategy as it pertains to Asset Protection with a goal of minimizing shrink, reducing loss and maximizing security and associate safety...

Sr. Director Loss Prevention
Goodlettsville, TN

The Sr. Director of Loss Prevention will have full responsibility for implementation of loss prevention and shrink reduction initiatives for all stores...

Financial Analyst (Internal Fraud)
Anaheim, CA

This role is responsible for investigating internal fraud and Cast Privilege abuse at the Disneyland Resort, across all lines of business including but not limited to: merchandise, food & beverage, rooms, ticketing, and employee privileges. Specific investigative tasks will vary but may include: reviewing exception reporting to identify potential fraud trends, conducting in-depth point-of-sale research, reviewing camera surveillance, performing integrity shops and observations, interviewing employees, representing the Company at grievances and unemployment hearings, and partnering with law enforcement as needed...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Englewood, CO

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for protecting the assets of the company utilizing existing LP and Store Operations processes. This position is part of the Loss Prevention Department and reports to the Director of Loss Prevention...

Regional Safety & Loss Prevention Specialist
Baltimore, MD

The Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist is a subject matter expert responsible for partnering with both our corporate TUSA stores and franchise store operations to improve the safety and training processes...

Area Loss Prevention Specialist
We are currently looking for an Area Loss Prevention Specialist o join our team in the Boston / Springfield area. This position is responsible for conducting employee investigations, responding to and providing guidance during critical incidents, and assessing new/current retail store locations...

Area Loss Prevention Specialist
Jacksonville, FL
We are currently looking for an Area Loss Prevention Specialist to join our team in Jacksonville, FL. This position is responsible for conducting employee investigations, responding to and providing guidance during critical incidents, and assessing new retail store locations...

Area Loss Prevention Specialist
San Francisco Bay Area
We are currently looking for an Area Loss Prevention Specialist to join our team in San Francisco Bay Area. This position is responsible for conducting employee investigations, responding to and providing guidance during critical incidents, and assessing new/current retail store locations...

Loss Prevention Analyst
New York, NY

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Business Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

Loss Prevention Analyst
Richmond, VA

Protects company assets and increases profitability through the analysis, response and management of various data across a broad spectrum of internal financial and technology resources such as Exception Reporting, Sales Audit, FP&A, IT and Loss Prevention. The Loss Prevention Business Analyst works cross-functionally in a dynamic, fast paced and demanding environment providing critical guidance to the organization's asset protection and profit improvement initiatives...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist
Santa Monica, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

Senior Asset Protection Specialist - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

This job contributes to REI's success by mitigating and reducing shrink (including theft and fraud by customers and employees) and increasing physical security for people and products in a specified retail store...

District LP Manager Stores - Various Locations
As a District LP Manager, you'll lead several of our multi-million dollar stores to drive sales and deliver operational excellence. You'll control expenses and payroll budgets, handle personnel issues, merchandising, loss prevention and overall supervision of Store Managers in your District...

West Saint Paul, MN
Burlington, NC
Sacramento, CA
Orlando, FL
Arlington Heights, IL

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Mind Tricks to Skyrocket Your Focus and Productivity
If you're stuck in a summer slump, there are great productivity tricks you can use anywhere to get your head back into the game and kick it into high gear. Here's four mind tricks you can use to regain focus. Compete with yourself

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More people are working at coffee shops and finding it a better environment in which to work, and many people start their morning with a cup of joe, providing them with laser focus and energy. Here are some other reasons why coffee can help boost productivity and engagement. Alertness



In college Philosophy 101, they introduce the question "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?" My answer is yes, but you've got to listen and hear it. Listening and hearing what they say is oftentimes two entirely different functions that most of us don't do on a daily basis, if ever. One of the keys to success is listening and hearing what people say and don't say. It's not just the words, it's the meaning and the intention behind what everyone says in every conversation or interview. Listening is the key and hearing is the lock the key fits into. If you expect to lead a group or land that perfect job, you've got to listen and hear what they're saying in order to respond, influence and truly make a difference.

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