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Oct. 2-3

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7-Eleven's AP Leader Mark Stinde on Fox & Friends Tomorrow Morning at 8:50 a.m.
Fox & Friends calling out and helping to celebrate 7-Eleven's 91st Birthday

Stay tuned to the Daily and our LinkedIn and Twitter pages as we post on-set pictures of 7-Eleven AP leader Mark Stinde during his appearance on Fox News Channel on Wednesday, July 11.

Happy 91st Birthday To 7-Eleven!
Giving Away Free Slurpees Wednesday To Celebrate '7-Eleven Day'
The Fourth of July may have passed, but the summer celebrations aren't over yet, as Wednesday, July 11 is "7-Eleven Day." Customers can enjoy a free small Slurpee at any 7-Eleven across the U.S. from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. while supplies last.

To celebrate 7-Eleven's 91st anniversary, this year's featured Slurpee is Cap'n Crunch Berries flavored. This cereal-inspired flavor is only available for a limited time at select locations. Participating U.S. stores will give away an estimated 9 million free small Slurpee drinks.

But the deals don't stop on 7/11. The convenience chain store is also featuring a week-long "7 Deals in 7 Days," which includes all 7Rewards members receiving additional exclusive coupons as well as selects deals for a week.
cbslocal.com cstoredecisions.com

Reported on May 15
Operation Chill: 7-Eleven Donates 1.4 Million FREE Slurpee® Drink Coupons to Local Police
This summer, thousands of local law enforcement officers across the U.S. will be giving free Slurpee drink coupons to kids caught doing good deeds. For the 23rd year, 7-Eleven is working with police and sheriff's departments to distribute the coupons to deserving children and youth.

During 2018, 7-Eleven will issue 1.4 million Slurpee coupons to approximately 1,100 law enforcement agencies. Most will be distributed during the summer months and back-to-school season.  prnewswire.com

Watch Mark Stinde's LPNN interview
on 'Delivering LP Services in Different Brands'

As someone who successfully made the change from specialty to big box to c-stores, Mark Stinde, VP of Asset Protection for 7-Eleven, shares the experience and advice that helped him at every step along the way. Learn why going outside your comfort zone is essential and why LP is LP regardless of the box.

Watch the 7-Eleven AP Team Discuss the Spike
in Retail Violence and Armed Robberies Across the U.S.

With a significant increase in robberies across America, LP executives have been dealing with escalating retail violence for some time now. Mark Stinde, Art Lazo, and Jim Passarella, talk about the programs and safeguards their teams are implementing to provide a safe working and shopping environment.

Thank you to Mark Stinde, VP of Asset Protection, and the entire 7-Eleven Team
for keeping 'em all safe out there!

Emergency Management govtech.com
Bigger, Wetter, Costlier: Studies Suggest Trend of Slower, Wetter Hurricanes

A June article in National Geographic cites two recent studies that suggest storms are moving more slowly and carrying more water and could continue to do so in the future.

The forward speed of tropical cyclones had decreased globally by 10 percent over the period of 1949 to 2016. "Nothing good comes out of a slowing storm," Kossin told National Geographic. "It can increase storm surge. It can increase the amount of time that structures are subjected to strong wind. And it increases rainfall."

The other study, published in May in the Journal of Climate, by a team led by Ethan Gutmann, with the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, suggested that storms in a world warmed by climate change could be slower, wetter and costlier.

"Our research suggests that future hurricanes could drop significantly more rain," Gutmann said in that release. govtech.com

Seven Days In & Ellison Makes His Stamp
Lowe's eliminates roles of COO, chief customer officer amid leadership revamp

Ellison is hitting the ground running. The announcement comes seven days after Marvin R. Ellison, formerly head of J.C. Penney, officially began his duties as Lowe's new president and CEO.

Lowe's Companies is shaking things up with a new leadership structure that eliminates the positions of some high-ranking executives.

In addition to eliminating the COO and chief customer officer positions, Lowe's will eliminate the positions of corporate administration executive and chief development officer. It is creating two new positions: executive VP, supply chain, and executive VP, stores.

The responsibilities that formerly fell under the positions being eliminated will be assumed by other senior leadership roles that will report directly to Ellison. chainstoreage.com

Gartner: Top Six Security and Risk Management Trends
As business leaders become increasingly conscious of the impact cybersecurity can have on business outcomes, they should harness increased support and take advantage of six emerging trends (listed below) to improve their enterprise's resilience and elevate their own standing, according to Gartner, Inc.

Senior business executives are finally becoming aware that cybersecurity has a significant impact on the ability to achieve business goals and protect corporate reputation.

Legal and regulatory mandates on data protection practices are impacting digital business plans and demanding increased emphasis on data liabilities.

Security products are rapidly exploiting cloud delivery to provide more agile solutions.

Machine learning is providing value in simple tasks and elevating suspicious events for human analysis.

Security buying decisions are increasingly based on geopolitical factors along with traditional buying considerations.

Dangerous concentrations of digital power are driving decentralization efforts at several levels in the ecosystem.

Retailers Using Self-Checkout Have Double the Loss Rate, study shows
20% of Shoppers Admit to Stealing from Self-Checkout

Demand for self-checkout is growing from both retailers and consumers. As retailers adopt new payment and scanning technologies, though, the systems may be further opening the door to theft.

According to a report by Global Market Insights, self-checkout and mobile pay commerce will top $4 billion by 2024. A survey by SOTI revealed that 66 percent of shoppers prefer self-checkout, and 77 percent said they would be "somewhat comfortable" in a retail setting where self-checkout was the only technology offered.

Nevertheless, allowing shoppers to scan their own items can also create more headaches for loss prevention departments. In Europe, where self-checkout is more common, there's some evidence of higher rates of theft.

Coupon company Voucher Codes Pro surveyed more than 2,600 people and found nearly 20 percent admitted to stealing from self-checkout in the past; half said they did so because they didn't think they would get caught.

A 2016 study by the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom found retailers that use self-checkouts had a loss rate of 4 percent, double the industry average. In an audit of 1 million shopping trips, researchers discovered 850,000 of 6 million items purchased were not scanned. stores.org

Lawsuit: Police officer's grudge led to man's shoplifting arrest
Walmart's "Overzealously Prosecuting" to Build its Rep

A Hickman County man is suing the city of Fairview, TN and Walmart Inc. after a case of misidentification led to his May 2017 arrest for shoplifting from the company's Fairview store.

Walmart, the store's loss prevention employee, the city of Fairview and Dutton are all named as defendants. Walmart is accused of overzealously prosecuting suspected shoplifters in efforts to build a "tough on crime" reputation. The complaint says both Walmart and Dutton ignored evidence that proved Forsythe was not the suspect. tennessean.com

Survey Roundup: They Read It; Did They Retain It?
A survey of around 1,200 business professionals by compliance software firm Navex Global found while 86% said their organization requires employees to attest that they received and read a policy, just 15% use metrics to test employee comprehension of the policy, while about one in three didn't measure at all.

"Developing measurement programs and monitoring performance will be an increasingly critical aspect to gaining executive-level buy in and meeting regulatory expectations," the report said. "However, with four out of five respondents expecting their budget to remain constant or even decrease over the next year, this will be challenging." wsj.com

Shopping struggles: These 11 retailers may not survive 2018
The retail apocalypse is entering its ninth year.

Sears Holdings is the poster child of the retail apocalypse. Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores spun off from Sears and unfortunately, the new company fared just as poorly as the original Sears.

J.C. Penney was battered by the same headwinds that blew Sears off course. Unfortunately, it hit a brick wall during the first quarter. And Ellison abruptly resigned after the report, leading investors to believe that J.C. Penney's turnaround was falling short of expectations.

Barnes & Noble is still the largest brick-and-mortar bookseller in the United States. However, direct competition from Amazon wiped out 65% of its market cap over the past three years.

Office Depot, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Foot Locker, Payless ShoeSource, and Charlotte Russe. usatoday.com

Is Merchandise-Free Stores the Wave of the Future in Apparel?
Nordstrom to open two more "merchandise free" stores in LA

After the successful launch of its merchandise-free concept store in Los Angeles' West Hollywood neighborhood in October 2017, Nordstrom is planning to add two more such stores in the LA market and depending on its success, the concept may expand to other metropolitan areas like Manhattan. She could not share further details.

Nordstrom Local is something that you're going to hear more about, and we think we have the underpinnings of something very special there," Co-president Blake Nordstrom said last week at the shareholder annual meeting. The new stores would likely be similar to the current concept shop, which is focused squarely on services like buy online, pickup in store in addition to tailoring, stylist consulting and even nail services.

The industry has been bubbling about Nordstrom's "merchandise-free" store since before it opened. While technically, there is often apparel hanging on racks inside of the 3,000 square foot store, it's for appointments only. And that part of the concept has had many in the apparel world wondering: How does that work?

We're seeing nice growth in what we call our digitally enabled sales, and we'll continue to do that."

Editor's Note: Obviously this is Nordstrom, high-end, customers that not only gravitate to but expect top quality customer service and highly knowledgeable sales associates. So for the high-end this model appears to be working so far. And obviously Nordstrom's is growing it slowly by educating and acclimating the customers to the concept one city at a time and hopefully reducing the risk associated with such a new approach. retaildive.com

California Attorney General Reports: Statewide Violent Crime Up, Property Crime Down in 2017
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra Monday released five annual criminal justice reports that show violent crime overall up by 1.5 percent and property crime down by 2.1 percent statewide over 2016. The reports, as well as raw data supporting each report, can be accessed via the Attorney General's Open Justice website, https://openjustice.doj.ca.gov/resources/publications. The information contained in the 2017 publications reflects the statistical data submitted by California law enforcement agencies and other criminal justice entities. scvnews.com

Labor Costs Will Skyrocket Over the Next Decade
With the talent shortage only expected to worsen, companies will have to pay big bucks to hire and retain top talent.

Organizations around the world could add more than $2.5 trillion to their annual labor costs within 12 years as a result of the global shortage of highly skilled workers, according to new research from Korn Ferry.

The United States will face the biggest "wage premium" in 2030, at $531 billion, Korn Ferry says. The term refers to the additional amount employers will need to pay to secure the right talent, above the amount that wages would rise over time due to normal inflation. cfo.com

Forecast: Back-to-school sales to rise 5.1% - Biggest gain in 7 yrs.

The Fresh Market to close 15 stores

Lidl USA: What Went Wrong And What It Can Do To Recover

Corporate mergers and acquisitions hit all-time high

IHOP changes name back from IHOb

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The Loss Prevention Foundation Announces
Newest Board Member

The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announced the selection of its newest board member to assist in governing and providing strategic direction for the Foundation. Elected to the board of directors was:

Melissa Mitchell, CFI Director of Asset Protection & Retail Supply Chain, Lifeway Christian Stores

Each new board member must demonstrate their support for industry-specific loss prevention certification and are personally committed to obtaining the LPC designation. They must have a passion for improving our professional perception as an industry and feel professional certification is a critical step in achieving that goal.

"I am excited to announce Melissa as our newest board member," stated Terry Sullivan, LPC, President of the LPF. "With over 20 years of leadership, operations, loss prevention and asset protection experience, I know that she will be a great asset to the LPF."

The Executive Committee also accepted the retirement of the following board members:

  ● Dennis Wamsley, LPC Director, Loss Prevention & Safety Publix Super Markets
  ● Claude Verville, LPC Principle, Shrink & Safety Solutions, LLC

Elected to the LPF Board Member Emeritus Status were:

  ● Gene Smith, LPC, former LPF President
  ● Claude Verville, LPC, founding board member 

"The LPF grants Emeritus status to board members, upon retirement, who have served The Loss Prevention Foundation exceptionally over the years," explained Terry Sullivan, LPC, President of the LPF. "Both Gene and Claude are well deserved of this title. Gene for his leadership as the former President of the LPF and Claude for being a founding board member who was instrumental in the LPFs success and growth through his years of service to the LPF."

For a complete list of board members visit: LPF Board of Directors



Introducing the NEW Tick-R-Tape Tag

A Truly Universal Package Tag

For Big Packages - Small Packages - Soft Packages

Watch a video demonstration of the Tick-R-Tape Tag in action!

The Tick R Tape Tag is truly a universal Package Tag whether it is big package, small package or even a soft package. Similar tags, like the Spider Wrap, have a limited lifespan, require additional equipment, or require several styles of the same tag to accomplish different solutions in the same store. The patent pending Tick-R-Tape Tag is two products in one, that can be used in several configurations - whether in soft or hard packaging, that will protect your assets. This versatile tag can be used alone, or with our customizable conductive non-residue adhesive tape, creating up to 5-way alarming from one tag.

The Tick-R-Tape Tag is a smart tag that is versatile, sustainable, and economical. Replaceable Batteries give it unlimited life. Disposable bases eliminate the labor required to scrape, clean and replace adhesives.

Without our exclusive 2-in-1 handheld decoder, unauthorized detachers will set off the alarm. There is no need for different bases, because of the all-in-one Smart Tag. When the tag arms, it lets you know that 1, 2, or all 3 connections have been made with audible and visual indicators. The Tick-R-Tape Tag is small and sleek, but will alarm at 95+ decibels. Learn More Here

Tick Tag (standalone)

Tape Tag
(single wrapped)

Tape Tag
(double wrapped)

Tick Tag (standalone)

This is truly the next step in the evolution of the Smart Tag.


Bringing Vendor Risk Management to the Midmarket
RiskRecon CEO Kelly White Weighs In on New Initiative

With today's enterprises being digital ecosystems made up of many layers of vendors, a vulnerability in one becomes potentially a vulnerability in all. A new initiative by the Cyber Readiness Institute aims to address this by promoting to smaller enterprises the cybersecurity best practices used by Fortune 500 companies.

Microsoft, Mastercard, Exxon Mobil and A.P. Moller-Maersk are working with the not-for-profit CRI to help the companies they work with better secure their systems. This includes disseminating guidance recommending the use of passwords that take the form of phrases, administering security updates and providing advice on how to create a policy to ensure that outside USB devices have been approved by the IT team.

As a former CISO with significant insight into third-party risk, Kelly White, founder and CEO of RiskRecon, offers commentary on the initiative in an interview with Information Security Media Group. databreachtoday.com

SML Produced 1.4 Billion RFID Tags for Retailers in 2017
The company's says its growth in RFID technology for the retail market has exceeded the industry-wide 30 percent annual rise and that this indicates its focus on agility, using a large network of service bureaus, is paying off.

Currently there are about 35 billion non-RFID-enabled hangtags sold annually for the retail market in Europe and North America, and these are in use in about 200,000 stores, Frew says. About five percent of those stores have RFID systems installed today.

Industrywide, the RFID deployments underway represent about 10 percent of all retail products that could eventually be tagged. Frew estimates that 85 percent of goods may be tagged with RFID-enabled labels in the next decade.  rfidjournal.com

Update: Hackers attack Macys.com and Bloomingdales.com
Macy's Inc.'s e-commerce site suffered a data security breach between April 26-June 12 that allowed criminals access to credit and debit card information, names and birthdays of "a small number" of Macys.com and Bloomingdales.com customers.

"We have investigated the matter thoroughly, addressed the cause and, as a precaution, have implemented additional security measures," a Macy's spokeswoman tells Internet Retailer. "Macy's Inc. will provide consumer protection services at no cost to those customers."

Macy's has contacted the "potentially impacted customers," the spokeswoman says.

The login credentials that the criminals used to steal the customer information were not obtained from Macys.com. Macy's could not give further details. digitalcommerce360.com

Data Breaches at Timehop, Macy's Highlight Need for Multi-Factor Authentication
Two new data breaches revealed this week - one at Timehop and the other at Macy's - have once again focused attention on the continuing failure by many enterprises to implement strong authentication for controlling access to critical accounts.

Timehop, a service that helps users of Facebook and other social media platforms share nostalgic moments from old posts, on Sunday said someone using an access credential to its cloud account had illegally accessed names and email addresses belonging to some 21 million users. Phone numbers belonging to about 22%, or 4.7 million of them, were also compromised in the network intrusion the company said. Timehop blamed the breach on its failure to use strong authentication to protect the cloud administrator account that was beached.

Meanwhile, the intrusion at Macy's appears to have resulted from a similar authentication weakness. In an emailed statement, the company described the incident as impacting a "small number" of customers who shopped online at macys.com and bloomingdales.com. Macy's said it had implemented additional security measures and contacted all impacted customers but offered no other details about the incident.

The two breaches are similar to many in recent years involving the use of legitimate credentials to access and steal enterprise data. Often, the threat actors behind the attacks have first stolen the credentials or obtained them via social engineering, and then used them to access the target network. darkreading.com

CISOs map out their cybersecurity plan for 2018
First, he wants to look at how his team makes decisions. "There are always more opportunities to make more impact and add more controls than there are the resources and time to do so," he said. "So how do we create a decision-making framework so we get [our priorities in order]? And we're not doing things because it's a shiny object, but instead because it [has] real business impact?"

Second is organizational change management. The corporate security team needs to be confident that staff throughout the organization, and its subsidiaries, adapt practices and processes to maximize the value of the implemented security protocols and technologies.

Next, he wants to ensure his team's cybersecurity plan is aligned with the top business risks, so that the cybersecurity program "isn't a security program but a risk-management program."

"We absolutely have to understand what objectives we're trying to achieve and who our key stakeholders are," Khawaja said. "It's not that we just simply secure the place, but we do it in a way that's excellent. We have to do it at 100%, and we've got to be at 100% every single time."

The National Association of Corporate Directors' 2017-2018 Public Company Governance Survey found that cybersecurity threats ranked among the top five trends expected to have the greatest effect on business in the upcoming year. techtarget.com

From the Board of Directors
Spend More: A survey of 452 board members of large companies by the Economist Intelligence Unit and advisory firm Willis Towers Watson found their organizations on average spend about 1.7% of revenue on cyber resilience-and 96% said that isn't enough.

Cyber on Board:  A survey of around 1,130 executives by Deloitte found 63% said they expect more requests from their boards in the coming year about cybersecurity program effectiveness. wsj.com


Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Before placing an order at an online store, make sure it uses secure technology. First, verify that the web address begins with https. Also, check to see if a tiny locked padlock symbol appears on the page. If you don't see the lock and the "https," don't shop on that site. In the next 6-12 months browsers will start blocking all unsecure pages, which will hopefully further reduce risks of shopping online.



Educating the LP Leaders of Tomorrow

Introduction with Gus Downing, Publisher & Editor, D&D Daily

Filmed LIVE in NYC at Lord & Taylor's historic flagship store on Fifth Avenue during the 2018 NRF Big Show, where over 35,000 retail executives converge to hear visionary leaders and game-changing ideas that help them elevate their perspective of the industry and their business. It's with this same vision that we at the D&D Daily established this only-one-of-its-kind Live LP Digital Conference.

We'll be speaking with a host of LP/AP and Solution Provider Leaders about the hot topics, the ongoing issues, the programs and the solutions these providers offer to the industry.

These sessions are all about bringing the industry leaders to you LIVE on-demand so you can increase your knowledge, broaden your vision, and help deliver better results. Stay tuned!

Episode Sponsored By


MCs Joe LaRocca & Amber Bradley
Kick Off 'Live in NYC' 2018

LPNN's dynamic duo tells us what's in store for the day, as we kickoff LPNN's 9th season!


Live Video Streaming Continues to Gain Steam
Consumers favor watching content via social platforms

More people are streaming live video content than ever before, thanks in part to efforts from Facebook, Hulu and the NCAA.

For some people, live streaming video is already a constant. Roughly half of US internet users surveyed by Magid last year said they watch live streaming videos at least once a week, and some 23% said they do so at least once a day.




Alibaba Invests in Smartrac RFID IoT Platform to Enhance Brand Protection
Smartrac has developed a comprehensive suite of RFID-based solutions that utilize the company's Internet of Things platform, Smart Cosmos. Smartrac's IoT solutions enable brand product manufacturers to securely create and embed a unique digital identity into each individual product at the point of manufacture, at scale. This product identity can only be issued by the brand and can't be faked, copied, stolen or lost. businesswire.com

The Importance of Cybersecurity when Dealing with Customers Online
With the rise of cybersecurity technologies, online hacks have become more sophisticated. They have become extremely intelligent, being able to infect your system and spread through it at an astonishing rate, without you even noticing it.

So, the question is- how to strengthen your ecommerce site's security?

● Choose an ecommerce platform that has multi-layered security.
● Invest in SSL certificates to facilitate a secure connection.
● Do regular PCI scans and updates to prevent new vulnerabilities to viruses and malware.
● Leverage an Address Verification System to compare your customer's billing address to the one a credit card issuer has.
● Require your customers to choose stronger passwords with capitalization and at least one special character.
● Make sure your hosting provider is PCI-compliant, meaning that they have strict rules that guarantee the ultimate safety to your customers. customerthink.com

Canadian e‑retailers' sales continue to climb, but there is volatility
Canadian retailers'
online sales grew 13.4% year over year from January to April, according to estimates from Statistics Canada, Canada's national statistics agency. Those online sales totaled just more than C$5 billion ($3.8 billion) during the period.

Online sales by Canadian merchants accounted for 2.82% of total retail sales in Canada during the four-month period, up from 2.56% in the comparable period in 2017.

While online sales grew 13.4% overall from January to April, the
online growth of Canadian merchants appears to be losing some steam. Looked at by the month, year-over-year sales growth in January and February was 16.6% and 17.0%, respectively. It dropped to 12.0% in March and 8.8% in April. Total retail sales by Canadian merchants over the same period grew 3.0%. Canadian e-commerce growth figures in 2017 regularly exceeded 20%, and total retail sales growth was also higher. digitalcommerce360.com

Prime Day sales poised to surge 40%

Uber Hires Former Top Justice Department Lawyer for Compliance Post

Walmart's Jet to open Bronx fulfillment center for NYC push



Update: Fresno, CA: Video release of $27,000 Apple Store Grab & Run
Surveillance video captured four men who needed mere seconds to steal 26 items totaling $27,000 Saturday morning at the store inside the Fashion Fair Mall. The thieves ripped out the tethered electronics from display tables throughout the store as customers and Apple Store employees looked on. rt.com

Update: Salt Lake City, UT: Pawn shops bought items with store security devices still attached
Undercover investigators say not only did several pawn shops under investigation buy items still in their original store packaging; but in some cases, the items were purchased with the store security devices still on them, according to court documents. In June, investigators from the Utah Attorney General's Office served search warrants on seven pawn shops along the Wasatch Front following numerous complaints that some were acting as fencing operations, or knowingly purchasing stolen goods from people.

Investigators seized an "overwhelming" amount of property that day, according to the Utah Attorney General's Office, ranging from power tools to kitchen appliances to sporting goods. Over the weekend, several of those warrants were unsealed and additional details of the operation revealed. One man sold 393 items to pawn stores in 16 months, another 392, and a third person 327 items, the warrants state. deseretnews.com

Update: Thousand Oaks, CA: 4 Arrested in $3,150 Victoria's Secret theft
Four members of a theft crew that allegedly made off with more than $3,000 worth of Victoria's Secret merchandise from a Thousand Oaks store last week have been arrested, authorities said. The initial report came last Thursday when a patrol deputy from the Thousand Oaks Police Department responded to a theft call at the Victoria's Secret in The Oaks mall at 248 West Hillcrest Drive. Police services in the city are provided by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. The deputy determined about $3,150 of merchandise had been stolen from the retailer famous for stylish lingerie. vcstar.com

Stafford County, VA: 3 Arrested in $1,200 Walmart cell phone theft
The Stafford County Sheriff's Office arrested three suspects last week following the theft of over $1200 worth of cell phones from the Walmart in Washington Square Plaza. On June 24, Deputy T.A. Vasquez responded to the Walmart. A loss prevention employee advised the deputy that on June 21, 2018, at approximately 9:00 p.m., a male subject and two female subjects entered the store. They then headed to the electronics section and began filling the mask and purse with cell phones. One suspect admitted they pawned the cell phones and split the money between one another. fredericksburg.today

Niles, IL: Thieves steal merchandise from retailer, cause 3-car collision
during police pursuit

Patrice Baltimore, 46, was charged with retail theft on July 2. According to police, Baltimore and a male suspect, who was not apprehended, were accused of stealing $1,260 worth of merchandise from a store in Golf Mill Center before fleeing the area in a car. Police said an officer attempted to stop the car, but it ran a red light and caused a three-car crash. Both occupants of the car fled after the crash, but officers located a woman, identified as Baltimore, hiding in a bush. chicagotribune.com

Virginia Beach, VA: Police seeking suspects in Target refund scam
On April 30, police said this man and woman entered the Target store at Town Center and returned two external hard drives that had been bought on April 25. Loss Prevention opened the two hard drives and found the internal parts were missing and replaced with clay for weight. This same couple has done this at four other Target stores, police said. southsidedaily.com

Temecula, CA: 4 Arrested in Walmart theft; 'vehicle full of stolen merchandise'
Four thieves were arrested as they attempted to flee in a vehicle full of stolen merchandise from a Temecula Walmart before dawn today. Police received a report at 2 a.m. that a robbery had occurred at a Walmart, 32225 Temecula Parkway. An officer was dispatched to follow the getaway vehicle as it drove through the city.

The officer eventually pulled the suspects over and inside found "a significant amount of stolen property'' as well as "other items that are suspected to have been stolen at different locations,'' police said. All four people in the vehicle were arrested. myvalleynews.com facebook.com

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Visit the ORC Resource Center


Shootings, Threats & Deaths

Atlanta, GA: Man in 'angry clown mask' robs Atlanta Waffle House, shoots customer
A gunman in an angry clown mask is on the run after shooting a customer early Tuesday at a northwest Atlanta Waffle House. Officials said the customer was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in stable condition after being shot in the neck. The Waffle House is on Northside Drive. Police said a man in a black hooded sweatshirt was seen pacing the parking lot just before 6 a.m. He entered the restaurant and went straight for the bathroom. "When he came out, he had a (gold) mask on," Atlanta police Capt. Andrew Senzer said. "He produced a gun and he essentially demanded the belongings of everybody of the store." The masked man confronted a half dozen patrons and employees in the restaurant, though some of the customers did not comply with his demands. One of the customers, went to the window to watch the gunman's escape, and the man turned around to fire one round. ajc.com

Riverside, CA: Cellphone Store Armed Robbery Suspect Shot by Police
A robbery suspect armed with a handgun was wounded Monday night in an officer-involved shooting in Riverside. The shooting occurred about 7:45 p.m. according to Riverside Police Department Sgt. Brian Smith. The suspect was wanted for a robbery that occurred in Yucaipa, in San Bernardino County, about 12:30 p.m. He was pulled over by either California Highway Patrol officers or San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies for a traffic stop in Riverside but fled on foot into a half-mile-long drainage culvert, Smith said. About 7:45 p.m., he emerged from a manhole armed with a handgun and an officer-involved shooting occurred, Smith said. nbclosangeles.com

Man jailed after False Reports of Shooter at Town Square Mall
A 22-year-old man arrested in connection with false reports of an active shooter at a shopping center Friday night faces an assault charge. Rayvon Alexander Berton was booked Saturday, where he is being held without bail. He faces one count of assault with a deadly weapon and an additional gun charge that carries an allegation of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. The false reports of an active shooter at Town Square Las Vegas, prompted a heavy police response to the shopping center and confusion among many patrons.

Police said the situation unfolded after witnesses saw two groups of young men and teens enter the Gameworks store to fight. A handgun was pulled out during the fight, but no shots were fired. The weapon was later found on the floor at the scene. Officers evacuated the surrounding area and advised people to shelter inside neighboring businesses while they conducted interviews and gathered information. Several people were detained at the scene, police said. reviewjournal.com

Robberies & Thefts

San Antonio, TX: Man started fire at Walmart to distract from jewelry case robbery
Investigators believe a fire at a Northside Walmart on Friday was intentionally set to distract from a smash-and-grab jewelry case robbery. The San Antonio Police Department said Monday that surveillance video showed a man pouring lighter fluid on charcoal bags and igniting them, then running out of the Vance Jackson Road store with the rest of the crowd. ksat.com

Cape Coral, FL: Police credit the community for help identifying a suspect in Lowe's, Home Depot thefts
They arrested Calvin F. Kirchner, 31, of Cape Coral, on Monday. He is accused of stealing items from the Home Depot, on March 25. On March 29, police believe he stole items from the Lowe's. news-press.com

Maple Grove, MN: Pharmacist Pleads Guilty To Stealing 20,000 Pills
A Maple Grove man accused of stealing thousands of drugs while working as a pharmacist pleaded guilty to charges on Monday. Jeffrey Grothaus, 49, pleaded guilty to four felony counts of theft by swindle in the case. He had been accused of stealing 20,000 pills of five different drugs from May 1, 2015, to Aug. 2, 2016. Grothaus stole the pills from two pharmacies: Carlson Pharmacy in Minnetonka and Wayzata Pharmacy.
Surveillance video caught Grothaus making "adjustments" in the computer systems, and was seen taking the pills, putting them in his pocket and later putting them in his work locker. Grothaus will be sentenced Aug. 29. cbslocal.com

Hong Kong: Police seeking teens who spent the night in IKEA as part of viral challenge

Jared The Galleria of Jewelry in the Glenbrook Square, Fort Wayne IN reported a Grab & Run on 7/7, item valued at $16,850

Kay Jewelers in the Rosedale Center, Roseville, MN reported a Grab & Run (suspect Arrested) on 7/8, items valued at $5,198

Kay Jewelers in the Melbourne Square Mall, Melbourne, FL reported a Grab & Run on 7/7, item valued at $16,699

Kay Jewelers in the Ridgeway Trace, Memphis, TN reported a Grab & Run on 7/7, item valued at $6,748

Kay Jewelers in the Poplin Place Mall, Monroe, NC reported a Grab & Run on 7/8, item valued at $3,399

Kay Jewelers in the Blakeney Mall, Charlotte, NC reported a Grab & Run on 7/8, items valued at $4,498

Kay Jewelers in the Fashion Square Mall, Saginaw, MI reported a Grab & Run on 7/6, item valued at $13,899

Peoples Jewellers in the Fairview Mall, Willowdale, ON CN reported a Grab & Run on 7/8, item valued at $4,649

Piercing Pagoda in The Outlet Collection Seattle, Auburn, WA reported a Grab & Run on 7/6, items valued at $949

Piercing Pagoda in the Westfield Sunrise, Massapequa, NY reported a Grab & Run on 7/9, item valued at $529

Zales in the Walnut Square Mall, Dalton, GA reported a Grab & Run on 7/7, item valued at $8,129

Zales in the Southpark Mall, Strongsville, OH reported a Distraction Theft on 7/5, items valued at $2,785


Cottonwood Heights, UT: Couple arrested after passing realistic fake currency in The Home Depot
Two individuals from California were arrested Monday after allegedly passing realistic looking counterfeit bills in Cottonwood Heights. According to Officer Jeff Potter with the Cottonwood Heights Police Department, Helena Lucky and Clinton Curry Jr. went into a local Home Depot and bought merchandise with the fake money. The two then went to another store, where they were allegedly returning the merchandise for legitimate cash, Potter said. Details regarding how Lucky and Curry were arrested were not known at the time of this report. Cottonwood Heights Police released photos of the counterfeit currency in a Twitter post. fox13now.com

Fire & Arson

Peoria, IL: 2 C-Store Fires under investigation; over $200,000 in damage
The Peoria Fire Department says arson is the cause of two weekend fires. The first happened early Saturday morning in a vacant home and the second occurred Sunday at King Food and Tobacco Mart. No injuries were reported. peoriapublicradio.org

Sentencings & Charges

Spartanburg, SC: Man gets 20 years for 10 Armed Robberies in 2017
Dedrick Louis Belle, 47, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after admitting to robbing 10 local businesses at gunpoint over a span of six weeks back in 2017. Video helped connect Belle to the robberies at Circle K, Quik Trip, Domino's Pizza, Scotchman, Li'l Cricket Food Store, Dollar General, Spinx, Dollar Tree and Kangaroo Express. wspa.com

Charleston, WV: Three enter guilty pleas in 2017 CVS robbery
In May 2017, the three men entered CVS each carrying an air pressure gun. Brown ordered a customer and employee to the floor at the front of the store while Harvey and Smith proceeded to the pharmacy. Harvey demanded and took prescription drugs from a pharmacist. Smith demanded and took a wallet from a customer at the pharmacy. Disposition for all 3 will be in September. The maximum penalty is five to 18 years of confinement for each individual. wvah.com

Update: Elm Grove, WI: Ex-UPS worker charged with package theft from Distribution Center
According to a criminal complaint, Roberson admitted to police he took a cell phone SIM card, a $300 tennis bracelet and a pair of True Religion jeans from customer packages. The thefts were initially discovered by UPS drivers, who realized several packages they were to deliver were empty.

Roberson is charged with three counts of misdemeanor theft. Each count carries a maximum penalty of nine months in jail. He's due to make an initial appearance in Waukesha County Circuit Court on July 23. UPS issued a statement Monday afternoon reading in part, "UPS works with law enforcement authorities for their investigations. Mr. Roberson is no longer employed by the company." wisn.com


Boost Mobile - Greensboro, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - D'Iberville, MS - Armed Robbery/ Suspect shot & wounded
C-Store - Carbondale Township, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Manhattan, KS - Armed Robbery
Casey's General - Nixa, MO - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Danville, IL - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Paris, TX - Burglary
Fireworks - Anniston, AL - Burglary
Liquor Store - Dayton, OH - Burglary
Little Caesar's - Wisconsin Rapids, WI - Armed Robbery
Meat Market - New Orleans, LA - Burglary
Motel - Carlsbad, CA - Armed Robbery
O'Reilly Auto - Sylacauga, AL - Robbery
Pawn Shop - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
Pawn Shop - Jackson, AL - Burglary
Waffle House - Atlanta, GA - Armed Robbery/Customer shot
7-Eleven - Miami, FL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Mesa, AZ - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - West Haven, CT - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
14 robberies
5 burglaries
2 shootings
0 killings










John Carro, CFI named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Pep Boys

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Vice President, Asset Protection
Columbus, OH

Oversees and directs all Asset Protection related functions for a Corporate Office, multi-state distribution centers and large retail store network. Responsible for enterprise direction and strategy as it pertains to Asset Protection with a goal of minimizing shrink, reducing loss and maximizing security and associate safety...

Sr. Director Loss Prevention
Goodlettsville, TN

The Sr. Director of Loss Prevention will have full responsibility for implementation of loss prevention and shrink reduction initiatives for all stores...

Financial Analyst (Internal Fraud)
Anaheim, CA

This role is responsible for investigating internal fraud and Cast Privilege abuse at the Disneyland Resort, across all lines of business including but not limited to: merchandise, food & beverage, rooms, ticketing, and employee privileges. Specific investigative tasks will vary but may include: reviewing exception reporting to identify potential fraud trends, conducting in-depth point-of-sale research, reviewing camera surveillance, performing integrity shops and observations, interviewing employees, representing the Company at grievances and unemployment hearings, and partnering with law enforcement as needed...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Englewood, CO

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for protecting the assets of the company utilizing existing LP and Store Operations processes. This position is part of the Loss Prevention Department and reports to the Director of Loss Prevention...

Regional Safety & Loss Prevention Specialist
Baltimore, MD

The Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist is a subject matter expert responsible for partnering with both our corporate TUSA stores and franchise store operations to improve the safety and training processes...

Area Loss Prevention Specialist
We are currently looking for an Area Loss Prevention Specialist o join our team in the Boston / Springfield area. This position is responsible for conducting employee investigations, responding to and providing guidance during critical incidents, and assessing new/current retail store locations...

Area Loss Prevention Specialist
Jacksonville, FL
We are currently looking for an Area Loss Prevention Specialist to join our team in Jacksonville, FL. This position is responsible for conducting employee investigations, responding to and providing guidance during critical incidents, and assessing new retail store locations...

Area Loss Prevention Specialist
San Francisco Bay Area
We are currently looking for an Area Loss Prevention Specialist to join our team in San Francisco Bay Area. This position is responsible for conducting employee investigations, responding to and providing guidance during critical incidents, and assessing new/current retail store locations...

District LP Manager Stores - Various Locations
As a District LP Manager, you'll lead several of our multi-million dollar stores to drive sales and deliver operational excellence. You'll control expenses and payroll budgets, handle personnel issues, merchandising, loss prevention and overall supervision of Store Managers in your District...

West Saint Paul, MN
Burlington, NC
Orlando, FL
Arlington Heights, IL

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Great Leadership: Learn from Horses, Noble Traits
You Need, Amazon's "Day 1" Philosophy


New Perspectives on Leadership Learned from a 1,200 Pound Animal
We can learn a lot from animals, especially horses. This beautiful creature can also provide some wonderful insights from their own behaviors and mannerisms as to how we all can become better leaders. Here's what this equine coach learned from horses that can also apply to leadership. People will follow when they trust you

4 Traits of Leaders that Employees Will Happily Bend Over Backwards For
When you really look at the best servant leaders and the traits they embody and display, you'll find that employees thrive and are happy under this type of leadership. Here's the noble traits of great leaders everyone should have. Love in action

If You Want to Be a Great Leader, You'll Need 1 Simple Attribute
If you're already a leader, or aspire to become one, you might look to former leaders to find out what qualities lend a hand to successful and great leadership. However, in order to have these qualities of a great leader, you'll need this simple attribute first. Once attained, you can practice these six leadership skills. Courage

Leadership Lessons from Amazon: Jeff Bezos' "Day 1" Philosophy
Great leaders stay true to a 'first-day' mindset, which is what Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, does. Here's how you can apply Amazon's "Day 1" philosophy to boost your own leadership skills and be a great leader. Move fast




There is no second chance for the first impression. Whether it's an interview, a new management member, a new company, a new job or a new boss, the first impression can last a long time and it's something most don't give the thought, the time or the effort that it warrants. A first impression leaves a long-lasting mark in every situation and how you manage it can and will make a difference. So the next time you're in that position, gather your thoughts, your energy and your best performance and see the difference it makes.

Just a Thought,
Gus Downing


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