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Robert Oberosler named Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VOLO

Bob Oberosler industry veteran, most recently Group Vice President with Rite Aid Stores for over nine years is joining the VOLO team as VP of Sales & Marketing. Throughout his over 27 years in the loss prevention industry, he's held various senior level positions including VP of LP and Safety for Robinsons May Department Stores, VP for Lowe's, and Senior VP of Supply Chain for Pathmark Stores.

Of his new role, Bob said "Together with VOLO we were able to use the best in class VOLO OS platform to create new value-added solutions for Rite Aid such as Site Manager, IQ, Messenger and most recently automated fraud alerts for retail stores. These resources exceeded our expectations for acceptance and return on investment.

The decision to join VOLO was easy after hearing about the success of their newest lifesaving solution, VOLO ASAP (Active Shooter Awareness Program). ASAP is a game changer, a well-designed solution for schools, businesses and organizations." Congratulations Bob! Read More:

Cheryl Blake named Division Leader for Appriss Retail
Previously, Cheryl was the Division President for Verisk Retail before the acquisition. She'd been with them since 2012 and also held their VP of Business Development role and was their COO. Prior, Cheryl held a variety of loss prevention and operations roles for retailers including GameStop as Director of LP, FuncoLand as Director of LP, Caldor as Manager of LP Operations, Kids R Us as Director of LP, Toys R Us as Regional LP Supervisor and Lord & Taylor as Security Manager. She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University. Congratulations Cheryl!
Kathleen Garner named Director of Training & Implementation
for Appriss Retail

Previously, Kathleen held this same role at Verisk Retail for over twelve years. Prior, she was the Director of LP Administration, Training & Awareness for Kmart for over 13 years. Congratulations Kathleen!

Christopher Mukhar named Corporate Manager - Loss Prevention for Boston Market

Previously, Christopher was the Area LP Manager for Ross Stores for over three years before taking this new role. Prior, he held various loss prevention roles for Gap Inc. including Senior LP Manager, Acting Market LP Manager, Area LP Manager, Field LP Supervisor and Senior Roving LP Agent. He earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Technical Management with a specialization in Criminal Justice from DeVry University. Congratulations Christopher!

See All the Executives 'Moving Up' Here   |   Submit Your New Corporate Hires/Promotions or New Position


RILA's Industry 1st Workshop on:
How to measure and manage losses from self-checkout tech

See the D&D Daily's Special Report for RILA's blog about the event.

Disruption at the Front-End - True Omni is Mobile Pay - Self-Checkout - Scan-n-Go & Could end up including Facial Recognition

With the mobile-armed consumer now in control more so than ever before, Amazon Go's 'Just Walk Out' shopping experience spreading, and fast and frictionless checkout now being an expectation, thanks to online shopping, the retailers are now faced with having to adopt self-checkout technology that many had walked away from for a number of reasons, but mostly because of the increased losses.

As the consumer continues to evolve and spend more and more online, the traditional retailers are scurrying to transform every aspect of the customer journey to meet this new customer's expectations and demands. And yes this is a new customer that we haven't really seen before. As even the old ones are new ones because technology is redefining all of us.

Driven by technology and absorbed by mobile, this new customer expects fast and frictionless check-out regardless of the losses it causes for retailers. And the retailers have to respond regardless of the losses as well if they expect to keep the customers.

In traditional retailers, Scan-n-Go initially was a disaster. With shrink being as high as 33% in one big box retailer according to a Daily source. While Walmart's attempt last year was quickly stopped after high theft results, according to the former Walmart executive who ran the program and shared it with Business Insider Feb. 7th.

However, recently Walmart Canada built an Amazon Go style 'Fast Lane' in one Toronto store where the customer scans barcodes with phones, clicks checkout on the app at one of four scanning stations at the front end and shows the receipt to an employee before exiting. A modified scan-n-go application that's more akin to self-checkout then scan-n-go. Not even close to Amazon Go's Just Walk Out.

And Sam's Club's new 'Now' store - Cashierless 'beta lab' Scan & Go store in Dallas, which opened in November, still requires a 'host' posted at the exits to help scan the bar code. If successful it could get rolled out to all 600 Clubs.

And now we have a few tech start-ups bringing Amazon Go type technology solutions to market that could disrupt even more retailers. So it's incredibly important we find the solutions that fit the various retailers out there because how many can afford deploying hundreds if not thousands of cameras in each store.

Bottom line is that the entire retail industry is facing a total disruption of the payment processes and a complete reinvention of the front-end. And given the shrink implications and the sheer size of the effort, it's great to see the industry brought together in a collaborative cross-functional platform to help solve the issues and work towards the solution. Hats off to RILA and Lisa LaBruno and good luck with the effort.

   - Gus Downing

   Gus Downing

RILA: How to measure and manage losses from self-checkout tech



Sensormatic Releases New Whitepaper:
Why Personalizing the Customer Journey Returns Extreme Results

Today's retailers are challenged with striking a balance between their online and physical presence to get shoppers in the door, deliver their products and services in an instant, and make the entire experience simple, easy and convenient. The rise of online shopping has required retailers to improve how, when and where they interact with their customers. In 2018, leading retailers who have already personalized the customer journey resulted in a sales growth that was 55 percent higher than their competitors

So where do you start? In this latest IHL report, sponsored by Sensormatic, you will learn:

● The top 4 priorities for retail technology investments
● Why fifty-one percent of retailers are concerned with personalizing the customer journey
● Techniques for empowering store associate
● The top 5 tools retailers are planning on investing in over the next 24 months, including heat mapping and traffic counting

Read the White Paper Here


Police in Florida Ditch Amazon's Facial Recognition Technology
Riddled With Technical Issues & Lack of Resources

According to Orlando Weekly, the Orlando Police Department ended the 15-month Amazon facial recognition pilot experiment after they failed to get the technology working properly thanks to technical issues and not having enough resources.

The idea was that an Orlando police officer would upload a photo of someone's face to the system and receive an alert when Rekognition found a match within live surveillance camera streams. Cameras were placed around Orlando and in the police headquarters.

But according to Orlando Weekly, many of the city's surveillance cameras were not compatible with the technology and while Amazon did offer to supply its own cameras, the city reportedly declined.

"The city was not able to dedicate the resources to the pilot to enable us to make any noticeable progress toward completing the needed configuration and testing," Orlando's chief administrative office wrote in a memo to City Council, according to Orlando Weekly. The office said that the city has "no immediate plans regarding future pilots to explore this type of facial recognition technology."  businessinsider.com

Facial Recognition: When Convenience and Privacy Collide
The use of facial recognition in the United States public sector has received a great deal of press lately, and most of it isn't positive. There's a lot of concern over how state and federal government agencies are using this technology and how the resulting biometric data will be used.

Many fear that the use of this technology will lead to a Big Brother state. Unfortunately, these concerns are not without merit. We're already seeing damaging results where this technology is prevalent in countries like China, Singapore, and even the United Kingdom where London authorities recently fined a man for disorderly conduct for covering his face to avoid surveillance on the streets.

In addition to consumer concerns fostered by the notion of constant government surveillance, there are other factors that have led to the public outcry against the technology's use. These include:

● Less accuracy and higher bias, particularly when applied to women and minorities, when certain facial recognition technology is outdated.

Distrust in the security of data privacy and the potential loss of both personally identifiable as well as biometric information due to a data breach.

Lack of understanding or adequate (and honest) explanation of how and where the technology will be used (e.g. open areas vs. areas deemed private).

Plain old, general creepiness. securitymagazine.com

Casey's Seafood Wholesaler 2nd Exec Cops to $4M Crab Label Fraud
to Grocery Stores

Casey's owner James Casey already serving 4 years in Federal prison for this fraud. While his son, Michael Casey pled guilty in Federal court this week to helping his father falsely label millions of dollars worth of foreign crabmeat as "Product of USA". With Atlantic blue crab harvest started declining in 2010 the company couldn't meet the demand. The father and son ordered the employees to unact 183 tons of crab from Asia and Central America and repackage it into containers labeled as products of U.S. and then selling it to grocery stores. law360.com

Siemens Contract Employee Pled Guilty to Planting Logic Bombs
in Computer Programs

David Tinley, 62, of Harrison City, PA., pleaded guilty in federal court - faces 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine or both. In and around 2014 and continuing until on or about May 13, 2016, Tinley, a contract employee for Siemens Corporation at the Monroeville, PA location, intentionally inserted logic bombs into computer programs that he designed for Siemens Corporation. The logic bombs ensured that the programs would malfunction after the expiration of a certain date. As a result, Siemens was unaware of the cause of the malfunction and required Tinley to fix these malfunctions. justice.gov

Closer Ties: Private Security & Public Safety Need Interoperable Communications
'There Is A Gap That Needs To Be Bridged'
The private security guard who responded to the 2017 shooting at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas is one of a growing number of security professionals calling for closer ties between private security and public safety.

The Case for Communication
After-Action Reports published by FEMA and the Clark County Fire Department and Las Vegas police cite numerous missteps in the Mandal Bay response, and make a broad range of recommendations for the future. Yet these reports do not address what some in security consider to be a crucial gap: The lack of ready comms between private security and the public side.

Toward Interoperability
In order to create an interoperable comms environment between security and public safety, changes would have to be made on both sides. The security industry could earn a seat at the table by hiring high-caliber individuals and giving them adequate support and training.

On the public safety side, officials looking to deepen their engagement with private security can start by opening a dialog. "There is a gap that needs to be bridged," McCarthy said. securitymagazine.com

Lawsuit claims Academy Sports was negligent in selling guns to serial killer
The mother of one of serial killer Todd Kohlhepp's victims has filed a lawsuit against the man convicted of providing Kohlhepp with guns as well as the sporting goods store that sold the weapons in the first place.

The suit filed by Cindy Coxie, whose son Johnny Coxie was one of three people found buried on Kohlhepp's 95.6-acre Woodruff property in 2016, names 33-year old Dustan Lawson and Academy Sports as defendants.

Lawson pleaded guilty in May 2018 to 36 federal firearm charges after purchasing guns and silencers from various gun dealers in Greenville and Spartanburg counties and giving them to Kohlhepp.

The lawsuit filed in December states Academy Sports was negligent in selling Lawson five firearms, one of which Kohlhepp used to murder Johnny Coxie, during a 10-month period between 2012 and 2013.

The suit claims that Academy Sports, a national brand with more than 250 locations, should have recognized Lawson was making "straw purchases" - buying guns on behalf of someone legally prohibited from owning them - at its Spartanburg County store. greenvilleonline.com

Riot erupts at pop-up marketing stunt for $1 Adidas sneakers
When customers learn they might not get their shoes

A marketing stunt by Adidas and AriZona Iced Tea that promised dirt-cheap limited-edition shoes descended into chaos Thursday morning - with one person carted away in an ambulance and two arrests - when sneakerheads started rioting after learning they might not get their kicks fix.

Adidas and AriZona were selling a limited-edition crossover shoe bearing the drink company's branding for just 99 cents, which attracted hundreds of rabid collectors to descend on a two-day pop-up market at Bowery and Rivington. But the first shoes hadn't even been doled out when disorder erupted a little before 9 a.m., after some of the people on line learned they might not get a pair of the 1,000 limited-run sneaks.

"It was insane. Nobody got anything," witness Lucas Crespo, 24, told The Post. "People got robbed, mobbed and pushed." At one point, someone lobbed a glass bottle, striking a girl in the face. Adidas cancelled the pop-up planned for Friday. nypost.com

Family Claims They Were Racially Profile By Nike Employee
Chased For a Block Over a Basketball They Paid For

A family claiming racial profiling after being accused of stealing a basketball at a Santa Monica Nike store is speaking out. When they tried to leave, Stallworth and Dickerson said they were humiliated in public because a store employee didn't think they had paid for the ball. Stallworth said they were chased for about a block and a half by the store manager.

Video shows a dispute between the store employee and the parents, with police at the scene. Stallworth said he was upset that they just assumed the basketball had been stolen.

The couple eventually showed police their receipt to prove they had purchased the ball and were told they could leave. Instead, they went back inside to the store and returned the ball for a refund. Stallworth and his wife hired an attorney. They feel this is a case of racial profiling. abc7.com

NRF, Business Groups Slam the House for Passing $15 Minimum Wage Bill
The House of Representatives' decision to pass a bill raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour received almost immediate criticism from major business organizations. The groups say the bill, which the Democrat-controlled chamber passed in a 231-199 vote, would be expensive and lead to increased unemployment.

The National Retail Federation likewise emphasized the bill's potential consequences. "This unprecedented proposal to increase the minimum wage by 107% is a one-size-fits all approach that would lead to unintended consequences for American workers and the businesses that employ them," David French, senior vice president of government relations at the NRF, said.

A representative for the restaurant industry also criticized the bill. "Thousands of restaurant industry employees, leaders and community members have called and emailed Congress to share their concerns about how H.R. 582 would cripple small- and family-owned businesses," National Restaurant Association spokesperson Sean Kennedy said in a statement. "H.R. 582 is the wrong wage at the wrong time, implemented in the wrong way." cnbc.com

Review Promotion Practices to Avoid Turnover, Lawsuits
The HR department has a big stake in ensuring that an organization's promotions process is well-managed, by helping to guide employees' career paths, maintaining clear policies and keeping workers engaged when they're not promoted. Poor promotions practices can create dissatisfaction, high turnover and even charges of discrimination if people believe they've been passed over unfairly.

Frequent communication will help managers know if their reports want to, for example, move to a new department or learn a new skill. Experts advised never promising a promotion to employees prematurely, which could cause major disappointment.

Posting all open jobs internally and externally-including promotion opportunities for employees-can alleviate staff disgruntlement and even an expensive lawsuit. Employers are generally not required to post their job openings, but courts have ruled that employees can sue the company for not advertising open jobs if the company's policy states that it does. shrm.org

Walgreens Earns Top Score on Disability Equality Index
Benchmarking Tool for Corporate Disability Inclusion

For a third consecutive year, Walgreens has been given the top-score of 100% on the 2019 Disability Equality Index. DEI is a joint initiative by Disability: IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities, or AAPD. It is considered the most comprehensive benchmarking tool for corporate disability inclusion developed by disability advocates and business leaders, the Deerfield, Ill.-based company said.

Walgreens training and job readiness programs that are considered models for the organizations include its Retail Employee Disability Initiative, or REDI, which was established in 2010. chainstoreage.com


Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Vice President, Guest Data Protection for The Walt Disney Corporation in Seattle, WA
The Global Information Security (GIS) group provides services and solutions to protect the value and use of Disney's information through risk evaluation, collaboration, standardization, enforcement, and education across the enterprise. We protect the brand and reputation while enabling and supporting business objectives. GIS teams are located in Seattle, Burbank, and Orlando. disneycareers.com

● BA/BS in business or computer science or appropriate work experience
●  One of the following certifications: CISSP, CISM, CISA PCIP, ITIL V3 Foundations

Exclusive: J.C. Penney taps debt restructuring advisers: sources

Dress Barn Moving Forward with Closing All 650 Stores

Rite-Aid distribution center closing in Spartanburg County

David Jones slashes 120 jobs in pivot to online market

What The $15 Minimum Wage Means for Retail Workers

CISA and Washington Redskins Team Up to Exercise Emergency Response Plans

Quarterly Results
Skechers Q2 comp's up 4.9%, sales up 19.8%


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ALL-TAG Develops Customizable 31x32 mm SuperLabel Combines Security with Omni-Channel Marketing

- ALL-TAG, an American manufacturer of RF Labels, and a leading supplier of AM Anti-theft Security Tags, Security Labels, and other loss prevention products, announces the development of a customizable 31x32 mm SuperLabel®, a multi-purpose security label that will increase source tagging compliance by allowing Consumer Goods Manufactures (CGM) to promote their brand and enhance merchandising.

ALL-TAG's customizable security label offers many printing options, such as brand logos, slogans, and QR Codes. CGM's and other retail merchandise vendors that are required to source tag their merchandise for various retailers can now use the security label as an additional tool that will keep shoppers informed and ultimately increase sales of their products.

Our 31x32 mm SuperLabel is also equipped with patented technology that boosts the detection performance of the label. Therefore, users of this smaller label will not be sacrificing performance. The smaller footprint allows it to fit on more retail product packaging, does not conceal important printed content on the outside of the packaging.

"We're thrilled to have added new machines in our South Florida factory that enable us to produce this product in the US," commented ALL-TAG's Vice President of Sales, Andy Gilbert.

"Source taggers can now satisfy their source tagging requirements, but also make the security label work for them as well." Gilbert continued, "This is a win for everyone because it will increase source tagging compliance, decrease shrink, and increase sales all at the same time."

To find out more about the product listed in this release, please visit all-tag.com.

ALL-TAG is an American manufacturer of 8.2 MHz Radio-Frequency (RF) Labels, and supplier of Accousto Magnetic (AM) labels that are used to source tag retail merchandise. ALL-TAG also supplies RF and AM Hard Tags, Ink Tags, and other Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions that are fully compatible with Checkpoint® and Sensormatic® brand products. ALL-TAG has been manufacturing its RF Labels for source-taggers and retailers throughout the world since 1992. Our manufacturing facility is located in Boca Raton, Florida. The company also has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Mexico City, and Hong Kong, to service our customers throughout the world.





Ransomware: As GandCrab Retires, Sodinokibi Rises
Ransom Payments to Crypto-Locking Malware Extortionists Are Surging.

But a newer RaaS offering called Sodinokibi has quickly moved to seize the suddenly vacant major market share, Coveware reports.

Down and Out in GandCrab Land
GandCrab had been one of the most successful - as in notorious - RaaS offerings since it was first spotted targeting South Korean companies in January 2018. Security experts say "affiliates" could sign up to use GandCrab under terms and conditions that included the GandCrab gang getting a 40 percent cut of all ransoms paid by victims.

The FBI says users of the ransomware quickly began amassing victims in the U.S. after it was first spotted. "GandCrab rapidly rose to become the most prominent affiliate-based ransomware and was estimated to hold 50 percent of the ransomware market share by mid-2018," the FBI says. "Experts estimate GandCrab infected over 500,000 victims worldwide, causing losses in excess of $300 million."

But the tables have recently turned on GandCrab, with the FBI on Monday releasing a flash alert that includes the master keys needed to decrypt GandCrab.

That follows the release on June 17, via the No More Ransom portal, of a free decryption tool for all versions of GandCrab ransomware that have been seen in the wild. The tool was released thanks to the efforts of the FBI, working with eight European law enforcement agencies, as well as Europol - the EU's law enforcement intelligence agency - and Romanian security vendor Bitdefender.

Here are the two darkweb authors of Gandcrab signing off to go retire after generating $2 Billion in ransom money and getting their $150M cut. govinfosecurity.com

New, Rapidly Growing Fraud Technique Costing U.S. Businesses $50 Billion Per Year
Synthetic identity fraud (SIF) is one of the fastest-growing and most sophisticated forms of fraud in the United States today. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that SIF, which is difficult to detect and even harder to stop, currently costs American businesses $50 billion per year.

Chargebacks911, a leading dispute mitigation and loss prevention firm, notes that consumer-driven pressure to speed up e-commerce transaction times has opened the door to fraudsters who have the technological ability to create false identification and credit histories.

When U.S. businesses adopted chipcards as the standard for credit and debit cards in 2015, criminals were forced to channel their fraud efforts online, according to banking experts. That migration, along with large-scale data breaches, loosening credit standards and the exploitation of legacy credit creation practices and systems, laid the groundwork for fraud to flourish. particularly SIF. Today, SIF is responsible for an estimated 20 percent of credit losses, with an average charge of $15,000.

Unlike traditional identity theft, in which a criminal obtains valid personal information to open fraudulent accounts in the victim's name, SIF involves the creation of a fictional identity based on a stolen but inactive Social Security number (SSN).

The SSNs of children, who tend to have no credit history, are particularly prized. Using the valid SSN and invented information, the fraudster applies for multiple credit cards, pays the bills punctually and gradually establishes a favorable credit rating. This process can take several years. Once a significant amount of credit is established, the fraudster stages a "bust out" shopping spree and causes the fictitious identity to vanish. yahoo.com

Magecart Group Spotted Operating From War Zone
One of the groups using Magecart to steal customer card data from e-commerce sites is operating out of a war zone in eastern Ukraine, security experts have revealed. The Malwarebytes Threat Intelligence Team described in a blog post how the location of Luhansk near the border with Russia is an "ideal breeding ground where criminals can operate with total impunity from law enforcement or actions from the security community."

The attacks detailed by the vendor target Magento e-commerce sites, and use JavaScript disguised as a Google Analytics domain previously associated with the VisionDirect breach of last year. The researchers found usernames and passwords belonging to hundreds of e-commerce sites, indicating the scope of the campaign, as well as a PHP backdoor used in these attacks. infosecurity-magazine.com

Calculating the Value of Security
Companies Are STILL Not Taking IT Security Seriously

As much as we'd like to think things have changed in the wake of WannaCry, NotPetya, and other high-profile breaches, many companies still don't take IT security seriously. It's easy to see why: Target, Sony Pictures, Equifax, and Maersk are still very much in business and doing just fine.

Short of a breach, what will it take for companies to get it together and properly protect the organization? They must do the following:

1. Acknowledge how accessible their data is. Too many operate under the assumption that they can dump data into an S3 bucket in the cloud and it will be safe because it's on a secure platform. Cloud storage is only as secure as your protocols and endpoints used for accessing it.

2. Recognize outsourcing isn't the answer. Most companies believe by dumping their data into the cloud, they're also dumping the security responsibility onto the cloud host.

3. Match the value of their data with equivalent resources. Unless you're putting enough resources and investment toward protecting data, it's not going to be secure.

4. Assess the level of risk within their IT estate. Only about 60% of organizations report having a high level of control and visibility over endpoints on the network and software in use.

5. Migrate to Windows 10. There isn't a business case for upgrading to Windows 10 beyond security. Yet, whether you pay the extended support agreement for Windows 7 or you bite the bullet and migrate to 10, you'll still be forking over the cash for endpoint security.

6. Solve patching and bandwidth issues. Investing in the right tools to automate the process can help overcome patching challenges and the bandwidth deficits that are partly to blame. darkreading.com

Why Corporates Must Be Weary Of Crypto's Fraud Risks
Cryptocurrency is a Prime Target for Criminals

In this month's AML/KYC Tracker, PYMNTS dives into the growing threat of fraud in the world of crypto, and how regulators are beginning to step up oversight of crypto.

The Financial Action Task Force recently issued its final cryptocurrency guidelines to ensure the technology is not used for financial crimes like money laundering and terrorist funding. With the Group of 20 (G20) backing the guidelines, the FATF has taken measures to treat crypto transfers like traditional bank transactions with requirements related to collecting information on payment and benefactors.

Despite its promises of security, cryptocurrency is not immune to fraud and theft. Indeed, analysts estimate more than $1.2 billion has been lost in cryptocurrency scams and fraud in the first quarter of 2019 alone. The irreversible and anonymous nature of crypto - both of which are among its most attractive features for proponents of the technology - make them a prime target for criminals.

Amid this threat, more cryptocurrency firms are investing in ways to mitigate the risk of fraud and promote compliance. pymnts.com

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Firm iNSYNQ Hit in Ransomware Attack

Google, Firefox Browser Extensions Expose Data of 4 Million People

Google will now pay up to $30,000 for reporting a Chrome bug

Security is Biggest Digital Transformation Concern


Nedap RFID Software | !D Cloud | Virtual Shielding

The smart allocation algorithm in the !D Cloud RFID software prevents leakage and reliably determines the location of an item.

Virtual shielding eliminates the high costs for physical shielding and makes it possible to easily provide actionable data to the store staff. Sub-location information is vital to be able to do refill effectively

Learn more at www.nedap-retail.com




The Loss Prevention Research Council's
Impact Conference Oct. 2-4 2017, A Six Episode Series

Filmed on location at the University of Florida


The IMPACT Conference helps retailers & solutions partners better employ research tools
to assess the real-world impact their LP efforts have on sales, crime, and loss levels.


Future of LP: Innovation, Evaluation, Collaboration

Read Hayes, PhD, CPP, Director, Loss Prevention Research Council
John Voytilla
, Senior Vice President, Party City; Past Chairman LPRC
Brian Bazer
, Sr. Director LP, rue21; Chairman LPRC

In this 36-minute episode, learn how LP/AP leaders and solution providers are leveraging the Loss Prevention Research Council to boost success, and why Board of Advisor members are so heavily invested in LPRC.

We explore how the LPRC has evolved in recent years, what makes it different from other groups or conferences, how retailers can leverage their resources, and how they can get involved.


Sponsored By:


See more of our 1st LPRC series here. Watch our 2nd series here.
Take the time to learn. As this is the LP/AP academic "Think Tank".


How retailers can safeguard against serial returners
Why reducing the volume of returns must be a priority for all online retailers

In recent months, retailers have taken firm action against those abusing returns policies. In fact, one fifth of stores have already amended returns policies, with a further 19 per cent planning to do so within the coming year, according to Barclaycard.

In a bid to address the matter, ASOS recently announced plans to clamp down on 'serial returners', blacklisting those who display suspicious purchasing patterns. The statement from the e-commerce giant emphasised the need to ensure their returns remained sustainable for the environment, but also for their profit margins.

While free delivery and returns have been a major driving force behind the consumer allure of the likes of ASOS, these newly introduced policies highlight that even industry leaders are not immune to the crippling cost of returns.

As the industry threatens to wipe away the notion of 'free returns' and instead charge customers to send unwanted products back, shoppers risk a lose-lose scenario whereby they will, ultimately, end up spending more money, whether they're flouting the rules or not.

● Understanding the motivators
● Ensure your product information strategy covers all bases
● Provide a unique product experience retailsector.co.uk

Amazon Prime Day 2019 sales cross $7 billion
Amazon didn't provide specifics on sales or growth of its fifth-annual Prime Day. However, based on early analysis of marketplace sales, Amazon's top-selling product categories and key site metrics, like conversion rate and traffic, Internet Retailer estimates sales hit $7.16 billion globally over the 48-hour period. That's up 71% from the $4.19 billion sold during the 36-hour sales event last year.

While Amazon doesn't disclose total gross sales, it did say the retailer sold more than 175 million products during the two-day event (July 15-16). That compares with 100 million products sold during Prime Day 2018. Amazon also said sales of products from its marketplace sellers crossed $2 billion. Comparatively, last year Amazon said its marketplace sales "far exceeded" $1 billion. digitalcommerce360.com

Eyeing 'profitability', ecommerce platform ShopClues confirms 50pc workforce layoffs

Amazon Secured Card, 'Amazon Credit Builder' Move Throws Spotlight on Controversial Niche

Here are the 10 types of e-commerce fraud schemes you should know about

E-commerce Brands Find Value in a Jump to Bricks-and-Mortar Locations

E-commerce continues to feed the industrial beast

Study: Shipping crucial to e-commerce success


Manchester, NH: Pawn shop owners reaped $1 million-plus in retail crime enterprise
The owners of pawn shops in Manchester and Concord are accused of being the ringleaders of organized retail crime rings that prosecutors said reaped more than $1 million in profits by selling stolen items on eBay. "It is the most expansive retail organized crime enterprise I've ever seen," prosecutor Patrick Ives told Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Amy Messer on Thursday.

Ives said Kyle Perkins, 27, and his domestic partner, Shaira Clarissa, 34, used their pawnshops to solicit stolen merchandise and then sell items on eBay with an account created in their child's name. Merrimack County officials may bring additional charges after a raid on the couple's Concord home allegedly yielded more than an ounce of methamphetamine and evidence of a scheme to make counterfeit money, identifications and credit cards, Ives said.

After a lengthy joint investigation by Manchester and Concord police, on Wednesday police raided the couple's businesses, EZ Pawn and Apple Operation in Manchester and EZ Apple Repair in Concord, along with their Concord home. In raiding the home, Ives said investigators found "money scattered everywhere.'' Thousands of dollars worth of what are believed to be stolen goods were seized, police said. More than 450 items - from tools and electronics to home goods, some still in the boxes - were seized as evidence, Ives said. unionleader.com

Spartanburg County, SC: 7 of the 9 suspects wanted in a fraud ring arrested
On Thursday morning seven of the nine suspects accused in a fraud ring targeting residents at assisted living centers, appeared before a judge in Spartanburg County for a bond hearing. SCSO was able to identify the first suspect as 27-year-old Tamara Marqueeshia Shardana Taylor, who they say worked at all three facilities. SCSO says she confessed she used her position at the facilities to take pictures of residents' intake sheets, which included their date of birth and social security number. Taylor says she was paid $20 per picture and sent the information to 25-year-old Joshua Jonathan Rashaad Glenn.

Deputies say Glenn would then take the victims' information to different third party vendor stores in Taylors and Spartanburg. Once there, SCSO says he would talk to a third-party vendor or representative at the stores and pay them an unknown amount of money to bypass the identification checkpoints in wireless phone contracts using the names of one of the residents in the facilities. Deputies say he would leave the store with as many as five smartphones and re-sell them for an unknown amount. SCSO says a magistrate judge approved 201 warrants on all 9 suspects. foxcarolina.com

Fresno, CA: Burglars leave behind lots of DNA evidence after ransacking Police Tactical store
A bizarre burglary in Fresno: thieves stole tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise from Tactical and Practical Thursday morning. But, they left behind some big clues for investigators as well. Chris Denton, the store's owner, thinks his store got his between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. He got a rude awakening Thursday after finding out two rocks crashed through his store's window. Tactical and Practical is a supplier for law enforcement specialty units, like SWAT teams. It's typically stocked with firearm and patrol accessories, as well as knives. yourcentralvalley.com


Cedar Rapids, IA: Nordstrom Employee stole $20,000 in merchandise, then sold online
A Cedar Rapids man stole more than $20,000 in merchandise while employed at Nordstrom and was selling it online, according to a Linn County criminal complaint. Police say Nicholas W. Heins, 26, stole items from June 11 to Wednesday at Nordstrom. In a written confession, Heins admitted the total value of the property stolen was more than $20,000, the complaint stated. thegazette.com

Valencia, CA: Ulta Beauty Burglary Of $10,000 In Merchandise Prompts
Sheriff's Response

A burglary at Ulta Beauty in Valencia Thursday afternoon prompted a response from deputies after four individuals reportedly stole thousands of dollars worth of products, officials said. "While I was in line I heard the alarms go off near the cologne, but everyone was kind of desensitized to it," said a witness in the store at the time of the incident. "Next thing we saw was a man beeline it through the store and out the door. A man in an SUV in the parking lot tried blocking the suspect in but the suspects still got out, the witness said. hometownstation.com

Morgan Hill, CA: Thieves target Ulta, take $4,000 worth of merchandise
Four-thousand dollars worth of makeup was stolen from an Ulta Beauty store in Morgan Hill and police say this isn't the first time this has happened. In fact, this is the eighth robbery at the store in the past six months and police believe the same people are responsible for all of the crimes. kron4.com

Update: Ventura County, CA: How identity thief targeted Kohl's stores
across Ventura County

An identity thief has been sentenced to 12 months in Ventura County jail followed by three years of supervised release. On Thursday, James Robert Camacho, 35, was sentenced after pleading guilty in June to felony identity theft, felony grand theft and felony theft of a motor vehicle.

In August and September 2019, Camacho used mobile phone apps to predict Kohl's credit card numbers, prosecutors said. He then loaded these fraudulent credit card numbers on the Kohl's mobile app and made purchases at Kohl's stores of gift cards from other retailers, prosecutors said. He also used the information from a victim's lost wallet to re-encode a credit card and rent a car to perpetrate his thefts in Ventura County, then abandoned the car. During his fraudulent scheme, Camacho stole more than $15,000 from Kohl's stores in Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and Ventura, prosecutors said. Camacho was arrested in Arizona, prosecutors said. vcstar.com

Lafayette, IN: Suspects shoplifted more than $2K of clothing from Tippecanoe Mall
Two accused shoplifters from Indianapolis didn't make a clean getaway Wednesday as they fled Tippecanoe Mal. Police suspect the two stole an estimated $2,070 worth of clothing from Macy's, Finish Line and Zumiez. Leflore faces preliminary charges of theft and resisting law enforcement. She also is wanted on a warrant out of Bartholomew County. jconline.com

Killeen, TX: Police looking for man accused of shoplifting $2,000 in merchandise from Dillard's

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Shootings & Deaths

San Bruno, CA: Police announce 2 additional arrests in Tanforan mall shootout
San Bruno Police Department announced the arrest of two additional suspects involved in the shootings at The Shops at Tanforan on July 2. During the shooting, hundreds of people at the mall that afternoon were evacuated during the shootout between two groups. Four people were injured, all of which were said to be involved in the groups in the shootout. 18-year-old Deandre Lejon Gantt of San Francisco and a 14-year-old male resident, also of San Francisco, were both taken into custody Thursday, according to police.

Gantt was arrested by Martinez Police Department at approximately 1:23 a.m. for possession of a stolen vehicle in addition to the shooting incident at Tanforan's mall. He was taken into custody following a brief vehicle pursuit that ended in a foot chase. The 14-year-old boy, said to have acted in concert with one of the involved Tanforan shooters, was taken into custody with the assistance of San Francisco Police Department. ktvu.com

Update: North Versailles, PA: Surveillance video of Walmart shooting in North Versailles released
Surveillance video of a shooting inside the Walmart store in North Versailles earlier this month was introduced in court Thursday. The video was played at a preliminary hearing for Rojanai Alston, 22, of Penn Hills, who was ordered to stand trial on a charge of aggravated assault. The video shows Alston being attacked from behind by two women and repeatedly punched before pulling the gun from her purse and firing the weapon. One woman was injured in the shooting, which happened on the night of July 5. wtae.com

Torrance, CA: Man Pleads Not Guilty in Shooting at Del Amo Fashion Center
A Bellflower man pleaded not guilty today in connection with a gang-related shooting at the Del Amo Fashion Center that left one man injured. Jose Manuel Salazar, 18, is charged with one count each of attempted murder and possession of a firearm with violation of probation, with allegations that he personally and intentionally discharged a handgun and that the crimes were committed for the benefit of a criminal street gang. The shooting occurred a little before 3 p.m. June 3 at the Torrance shopping mall, which was locked down and surrounded by officers who searched unsuccessfully for the gunman. kfiam640.iheart.com


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Broward County, FL: FBI seeks robber believed to have targeted 2 Walgreens stores on July 12
FBI spokesman Jim Marshall said the robber, who was wearing a cloth covering his face, entered the store, pulled out a gun and demanded money from an employee. Marshall would not disclose whether any money was taken. He said no injuries were reported. local10.com

Nashville, TN: C-Store employees charged with assault, customer fires weapon in self defense
Two store employees have been arrested after a shooting at a Jefferson Street market on Thursday morning. Ayed Khawaf, 28, and Abdulrahman Ammari, 23, were in a fight with a woman they had told to leave Paul's Market. Khawaf told police that he asked the woman to leave the business because she was causing trouble. He told police they were arguing outside the market and she started shooting at him. Police reviewed a recording of the incident and discovered that Khawaf was inside and arguing with the woman through the window. He then went outside with a golf club in his hand and hit the woman in the face. Police said the female pulled a gun out and started shooting at the ground in the direction of Khawaf. Police said the victim was acting in self defense. wsmv.com

New York: Members of Jamaica-Based Set of Bloods Gang Terrorize Queens
and Long Island in robbery sprees

Seventeen members of a Jamaica-based set of the Bloods street gang have been indicted on charges related to their participation in a robbery crew that used guns and violence to steal property over a nine-month period in 2017 in Queens and on Long Island, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

As alleged in the indictment and other court filings, between May 2017 and December 2017, the suspects, ranging in age from 21 to 38, participated in 11 robberies or attempted robberies, brandishing or using guns during most of the crimes. They targeted individuals they believed would be in possession of large amounts of cash, electronics, jewelry or narcotics. theforumnewsgroup.com

New York, NY: Jewel Thief, 79 years old, nabbed after swiping $200,000 in baubles from Diamond District jewelry business

Mount Pleasant, TN: Man arrested with $30,000 in fake money he bought off the internet for $30

Greenville County, SC: Armed robber sprays Febreze on CVS clerk while running away with merchandise

Beach Park, IL: Employee charged with stealing nearly $28,000 from Domino's Pizza

El Sobrante, CA: California Highway Patrol Recovers Stolen Amazon Delivery Van, 70 Packages Still Missing



Vidalia, GA: Suspect takes plea deal, sentenced to life in prison for deadly shooting at clothing store in 2018

Indianapolis, IN: Man sentenced to 30 years in murder of Hayden gun dealer

San Mateo, CA: McDonald's Manager pleads No Contest to Armed Robbery/ forcing employees into cooler; facing 7 years instead of life



Boost Mobile - Manatee County, FL - Burglary
C-Store - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
C- Store - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
CVS - Greenville County, SC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Pinetops, NC - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Pensacola, FL - Robbery/ Assault
Jewelry store - Antioch, TN - Burglary
Jewelry store - Newark, CA - Burglary
Pharmacy - Mira Loma, CA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Geneseo, NY - Burglary
Restaurant - St Cloud, MN - Burglary
Restaurant - Cortlandt, NY - Burglary
Restaurant- Valdosta, GA - Burglary
Restaurant - Bluffton, SC - Robbery
Thrift store - La Plata County, CO - Burglary
Ulta Beauty - Valencia, Ca - Burglary
7- Eleven - Suffolk County, NY - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery



Daily Totals:
9 robberies
9 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed


Weekly Totals:
49 robberies
43 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killed



Stephen Valentine promoted to Head of Retail Profit Protection (South) for JD Sports
David Brothers promoted to Senior Sales Manager, Major Accounts & Business Development for CONTROLTEK USA

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The Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager will lead the Region in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts...



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