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Aug. 29

Retail Risk -
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Sept. 6

New England LP Expo
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Q3 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Sept. 14 -
DCU Center
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RCC Retail Secure 2018
Sept. 20

Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit
Oct. 2-3

CORCA Conference
Oct. 3-4

Q4 RAM LP Committee Meeting
Nov. 7th
BJ's Wholesale Inc Corp. Office - Westboro, MA

RLPSA Connect
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2018 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Community Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

7-Eleven "Gets LP Social"

Asset Protection Team Enjoys Pizza Party
as Winner of D&D Daily's
'Group LP Selfie' Competition

7-Eleven's winning photo!
Click image above to enlarge

7-Eleven's Asset Protection Team got together at their corporate office in Irving, Texas on Friday for a free pizza party courtesy of the D&D Daily, as one of three winners selected in a random drawing at our "Live in Dallas" at NRF Protect 2018 live broadcast last month. 

The winning photo was submitted back in March by Byron Smith, Corporate Asset Protection Manager - Corporate Security, International, Business Continuity & Supply Chain, 7-Eleven. The group picture was taken at 7-Eleven's Annual Experience Gathering at MGM Las Vegas.

Thanks again to the 7-Eleven AP Team for their participation! Hopefully you guys saved some of those leftovers!

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Michael Mayernik, CFI promoted to Director of Loss Prevention
for Ulta Beauty

Michael was previously a Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Ulta Beauty for nearly two years before taking this new role. He also spent two and a half years as an Area Loss Prevention Manager for the company. Prior to that, Michael served as an Asset Protection District Manager for Rite Aid for nearly two years and a Multi-Unit Asset Protection Manager for Walmart for over three years. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Eastern Michigan University. Congratulations, Michael!

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Apprehend your Merchandise, Not Shoplifters: Gatekeeper Customer Stories

Hear from Marcus Young, Director of Asset Protection for United Supermarkets, on how Gatekeeper Systems Purchek, a pushout theft prevention system, protects customers and associates, stops thefts as they occur, and provides confrontation free loss prevention. Apprehend your merchandise, not shoplifters.

Watch the video here.

New 4XG ATM Tracker Utilizes Latest Tracking Technology to Protect Cash Machines and the Cash Inside
According to the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), ATM deployers reported a double-digit crime surge in 2017. With the number of ATMs increasing every day, crime statistics will surely continue to rise as well. With thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars at stake, ATM deployers need a flexible and reliable solution to protect their investment, like the newly released 4XG ATM Tracker from 3SI.

3SI's 4XG devices expand on our highly successful NextGen3 platform. Over 100,000 NextGen3 trackers are deployed worldwide to protect customers in Financial and Retail locations. The new 4XG devices incorporate 4G/LTE technology and use GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) as well as WiFi for superior location accuracy. 3sisecurity.com

Police Foundation Creates Center for Mass Violence Response Studies
In an effort to further its mission to advance public safety through innovation and science, the Police Foundation - a national, non-partisan, non-profit research organization - is establishing the Center for Mass Violence Response Studies, which will prepare public safety, government, school, business and community leaders to think critically about mass violence events, which will help them develop and implement comprehensive prevention, response and recovery strategies. securitymagazine.com

Finance Chiefs Say Too Much Data Is Making It Harder to Keep on Top of Risks
Corporate finance chiefs say forming a cohesive and complete assessment of a company from proliferating data streams in an increasingly digital workplace has emerged as a top challenge.

Faced with the mission to modernize systems and processes to keep pace with competitors amid increasing global risk, only 39% of more than 670 finance executives around the world said they are highly confident about managing their company's risks, according to a survey by Workday Inc., WDAY -0.49% a digital technology provider, released Thursday.

Data and the ability to make sense of it has become critical for companies in recent years, as the digitization of the global economy picks up pace. wsj.com

EMPOWER Act - Holding Corp. America Accountable
#MeToo Movement Sparks Bill to 'Stop Culture of Silence' in Workplaces
A bipartisan bill was introduced Wednesday night in Congress that would prohibit employers from requiring employees to agree to nondisclosure agreements in cases of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Ending the Monopoly of Power Over Workplace Harassment through Education and Reporting (EMPOWER) Act also establishes a confidential tipline to report harassment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; outlines workplace training requirements; and mandates that public companies disclose workplace harassment settlements, judgments, aggregate settlements and repeat settlements in filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Additionally, it prohibits companies from benefitting monetarily from such settlements, such as by receiving tax deductions for expenses and attorney fees in connection with harassment litigation.

"This bill will help stop the culture of silence in cases of sexual harassment, ... bring more accountability to the perpetrators and empower victims," said Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-Va., in a news release. shrm.org

More Boards Getting Compliance Training
More organizations are requiring their board members to receive compliance training, spurred by having the spotlight shone on workplace harassment through the #MeToo movement, according to a poll of ethics and compliance professionals.

The survey of around 1,200 executives released this week by compliance software and services firm Navex Global found 73% said they now train their boards, up from 44% who said they did so last year and 58% who said they did in 2016. The numbers refer to compliance training in general, not specifically to sexual harassment training.

More needs to be done despite the gains reported in the last year, said Ingrid Freeden, vice president of learning content at Navex Global. "Sexual harassment is not a new issue and it's one that reaches the top echelons of organizations, harming value and reputation when allegations surface," she said.

The survey found 44% of respondents said their organizations' directors never received training on workplace harassment, 25% had none on the code of conduct nor on cybersecurity, 23% didn't get trained on conflicts of interest and 20% failed to receive training on bribery or corruption.

"Many boards are not trained on important topics and limited training is far from adequate. Given directors' oversight responsibility for organizational culture and behavior, critical topics should be addressed more regularly," said Ms. Freeden.

Creating a culture of ethics and respect ranked first among training objectives of the respondents, overtaking complying with laws and regulations, which topped the 2017 rankings. This may signal a shift by companies toward looking at training in a more holistic way, said Ms. Freeden. wsj.com

Workers are 'ghosting' interviews & start dates
In the hottest job market in decades, workers are holding all the cards. And they're starting to play dirty.

A growing number are "ghosting" their jobs: blowing off scheduled job interviews, accepting offers but not showing up the first day and even vanishing from existing positions - all without giving notice.

While skipping out on appointments and work has always happened on occasion, the behavior is "starting to feel like a commonplace" occurrence, says Chip Cutter, editor-at-large at LinkedIn, the job and social networking site, who has studied hiring practices.

While no one formally tracks such antics, many businesses report that 20  to 50 percent of job applicants and workers are pulling no-shows in some form, forcing many firms to modify their hiring practices.

Hiring managers are working harder during interviews to sell candidates on the benefits of working for the company. And they don't tell the losing finalists that they're no longer in the running until the new hire actually arrives at work.  usatoday.com

Secret Service 'Operation TGIF' Shutting Down "Bootleggers' Highway"
Raiding Liquor Stores in Northwest Indiana & Metro Chicago

Secret Service agents backed up by local police are raiding liquor stores in Northwest Indiana and metro Chicago in an apparent effort to shut down a "bootleggers' highway" that cheats Illinois out of millions of tax dollars.

Federal agents and sheriff's deputies descended on numerous stores Friday morning and were still at several locations hours later carting out case after case of alcohol products.

Liquor stores were being raided in Highland, Indiana, and in several Chicago suburbs including Blue Island and South Chicago Heights. - United Liquors in Blue Island.

In 2015 the I-Team began documenting apparent rampant "special deliveries" from Northwest Indiana to metro Chicago that were costing Illinois millions of dollars in lost tax revenue. Authorities believed there were elaborate schemes to skip paying taxes on alcohol purchased from Indiana stores, products then allegedly sold for millions in cash to Illinois stores via a back door register. I-Team surveillance cameras shot liquor being loaded into trucks in Indiana and delivered to liquor stores in Illinois. abc7chicago.com

The Customer isn't Always Right - Bravo HD
Home Depot Backtracks After Firing African American Employee Who Says He Stood Up To Racist Customer

Home Depot is offering an employee in Albany, New York, his job back after the company recently fired him for speaking up to a customer who hurled racist insults at him.

Maurice Rucker, who is black, was working in the garden center when he asked a customer with a dog to leash his pet while in the store, the Albany Times Union reported on Thursday. In response, the customer, who is white, reportedly cursed at Rucker and said, "You're from the ghetto. What do you know?"

Rucker, 60, told the Times Union that the customer said he would not have a job if Donald Trump wasn't the president and called former President Barack Obama a "Muslim who didn't know what he was doing." Rucker, who has worked at Home Depot for a decade and was named cashier of the month in July, said he responded because he was not going to stand for racist treatment. He asked the customer to leave and told him, "You're lucky I'm at work, because if I wasn't you wouldn't be talking to me like this."

Less than a week after the incident, Home Depot fired Rucker. His boss told him that he should have immediately called a manager and should not have approached the man, according to the Times Union. A Home Depot spokesperson told WNYT that Rucker was fired for not following protocol.

But the company backtracked on Friday, telling HuffPost that they had "taken another look at this situation, and we are offering Maurice his job back." yahoo.com

Baton Rouge, LA: Security Guard's gunfire justified and reminder of Big Issue in Security Industry; only 40% of Security Guard Company follow the rules
The security guard who shot and killed a man outside a Baton Rouge hookah lounge earlier this month was not registered to work in the industry, as required under state law. But police have nonetheless ruled the shooting justified based on the circumstances.

The case is representative of a larger problem: private security companies and guards failing to complete licensing and registration requirements. As a result of the shooting, state officials are doubling down on an industry that often lacks the rigorous training of law enforcement or the military, but still aims to protect public safety - and allows workers to carry a gun for that purpose. theadvocate.com

Will Artificial Intelligence Change the Way We Handle Critical Conversations?
Leaders get things done through others. Critical conversations with collaborators or partners to give feedback, negotiate, motivate and solve conflicts are the core of their daily activities. Those moments are the ones when the difference between a leader and a boss is made.

So, how can AI applied to soft-skill training help training professionals who want to leverage online technology to boost the effectiveness of their role?

Join the innovation: Consider subscribing to an online library of critical conversation simulations and use them in live sessions (such as classroom or one-to-one coaching). Research shows that class engagement grows two digits with interactive simulations.

Start by measuring: Most AI-driven conversational simulations offer the possibility to assess the skills of participants before you start training or coaching. This will help you adapt your agenda and will serve as a benchmark to show your impact.

Rebalance your schedule: By reducing the number of live sessions and adding more follow-up online practice, you will have more time for remote coaching driven by specific metrics showing where and when to help. Sponsors and learners will benefit from after-class, low-cost, high-end practicing sessions.

Sustain the change: By proactively providing change-oriented metrics, training professionals enforce their roles as change agent mentors who are crucial to drive a true behavioral change in leaders.

Demonstrate your impact: Much too often, the training and coaching industry is still relying on vanity or appreciation metrics in a world where tangible results are more and more in demand by clients and sponsors; be among the first to leverage the wave of AI. shrm.org

The 10 airports where your phone is most likely to get hacked
Business travelers beware: Connecting your company device to airport Wi-Fi networks could open up a host of cybersecurity issues. While this is a risk on any insecure Wi-Fi network, some airports have more vulnerabilities than others, according to a Wednesday report from Coronet, and professionals should take extra caution when traveling through them.

It's much easier for attackers to access and exploit data from devices connected to airport Wi-Fi than to do so within the confines of a well-protected office, the report noted. Hackers can use the poor cyber hygiene and insecure Wi-Fi at many airports to inject advanced network vulnerabilities like captive portals, Evil Twins, ARP poisoning, VPN gaps, honeypots, and compromised routers.

Here are the least cybersecure airports in America, according to the report:

1.San Diego International Airport, San Diego, CA (Score: 10)
2.John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport, Santa Ana, CA (Score: 8.7)
3.William P Hobby Airport, Houston, TX (Score: 7.5)
4.Southwest Florida International Airport, Fort Myers, FL (Score: 7.1)
5.Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, NJ (Score: 7.1)
6.Dallas Love Field, Dallas, TX (Score: 6.8)
7.Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, AZ (Score: 6.5)
8.Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Charlotte, NC (Score: 6.4)
9.Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Detroit, MI (Score: 6.4)
10.General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, Boston, MA (Score: 6.4)

In terms of the most secure airports, Chicago-Midway International Airport, Raleigh Durham International Airport, Nashville International Airport, and Washington Dulles International airport topped the list, the report found.

Business travelers can take a number of steps to ensure that their devices and data stay safe while on the road, including using a trusted VPN, avoiding public USB charging stations, and moving sensitive data to the cloud, according to TechRepublic's Tom Merritt. techrepublic.com

Burberry burns $37.5M of stock to guard against counterfeits
Luxury brand burns clothing and beauty items in practice said to be widespread in retail

Another Home Depot & JC Penney Exec Joins Lowe's - EVP Stores Joe McFarland - Follows Ellison

Ross Stores Opens 30 New Locations

Retailers compete early for seasonal workers amid strong U.S. jobs market

UK retail sales grow at fastest since 2004 in Q2, despite June dip

CDC Ties Cyclospra Illness to McD's Salads - 163 People in 10 States Sickened

Apparel retailers rank trade policy, tariffs as top business challenge

Retailer Brookstone Seeks Bankruptcy Financing - May Liquidate

Quarterly Results
VF Corp Q1 (no comp's listed) revenue up 23%, direct to consumer up 22%
Sketchers Q2 company owned global comp's up 4.5%, global retail sales up 12.8%, consolidated global sales up 10.6%

Last week's #1 article --

"No Touch" Shoplifting Policies on the Rise
News Team Visits Dr. Read Hayes and the LPRC Lab

The recent firing and subsequent re-hiring of a manager at Academy Sports gained national attention as he chased a suspected gun thief and tackled him outside. That incident fueling a fiery conversation about the nexus between following the rules and doing the right thing.

Academy Sports manager Dean Crouch tackled a man accused of fleeing the store with a stolen gun in his hand. Academy sports initially benched Crouch for violating a "no touch" shoplifting policy.

"What a powerful dilemma," said Dr. Read Hayes as he discussed the case with us this week. "This just happened. I know the policy. I know why we have this policy, but I just can't let this happen."

Dr. Read Hayes and his colleagues at the Loss Prevention Research Council in Gainesville, Florida tuned into the story. Hayes launched the research institute after years as a store detective.

"I still have scars," Hayes said, "From shoplifters resisting, grabbing you or cutting you."

Hayes says retailers are increasingly counting on technology - not people - to stop retail theft.

A recent survey by Loss Prevention magazine shows 78 percent of retailers have a no chase policy, 45 percent have a no touch policy, and 18 percent don't allow apprehension at all. wctv.com


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At Innovation Lock, we learned from the best- in addition, our collective 150 years of internal expertise is ready to share with you! Mechanical locks, Electronic locks, Electronic Security Devices and Interfaces are our business.

As the technology division of Delta Lock, Innovation has assembled a team of industry leaders in Engineering, Manufacturing, Loss Prevention, Locksmithing and Asset Security. Our global partnerships supplement and complement our internal strengths, providing industry leadership in creative solutions to reduce asset loss. Our team comes from various venues so we have a broad understanding of AP/LP in retail, healthcare, hospitality, gaming, entertainment and transportation.

We think outside the box, use AI (artificial intelligence) wherever possible, understand budgets and the issues at hand that need to be addressed. Our customers are our partners as well; their input drives our solutions. We custom design and manufacture what you need!

Discover the difference working with experts makes. Innovation Lock, securing the future.

Call Delta/Innovation Lock Toll Free at (855) 80-DELTA or visit deltalock.biz
and discover The Delta Difference!


Number of Retailers Impacted by Breaches Doubles
The retail race for digital transformation is being run without the safety of security measures.

As retailers of all stripes try to keep up with competitors through digital transformations, the data indicates they're still not building in security into those technical makeovers. A new report out this week shows the number of US retailers reporting being breached in the last year more than doubled to 50% in 2018, compared with only 19% in 2017.

The data was collected for the "2018 Thales Data Threat Report, Retail Edition," which also indicates that the pool of retailers being hit by breaches is broadening with the jump in incidents. The study shows that the rate of retailers reporting they'd been hit by at least breach anytime in the past shot up to 75%, from 52% last year. darkreading.com

GDPR Drives Down UK Insider Threat While U.S. Sees Increase
Ex-Employees Cause 13% of Cyber Security Incidents

Two months after the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline, data shows that the insider threat in European countries is declining.

The threat from inside an organization has fallen by 8% in the past 12 months to 65% of all incidents in the UK, while in the US it has grown by 8% to 80%, according to an independent study commissioned by data security company Clearswift.

The findings are based on a survey of 400 senior IT decision-makers in organizations with more than 1,000 employees across the UK, Germany and the US.

The study also shows that the insider threat was lower for companies with more than 3,000 employees (36%), which possibly indicates more robust internal processes and checkpoints at larger firms.

Threats from ex-employees account for 13% of all cyber security incidents across all respondents, highlighting a clear need for better processes when staff leave an organization, the study report said. computerweekly.com

6 Ways to Tell an Insider Has Gone Rogue
Malicious activity by trusted users can be very hard to catch, so look for these red flags.

The key to dealing with insider threats is to keep an eye on all those accessing your most sensitive data in a way that does not intrude on privacy. "There are many critical behavior red flags that you can look for in order to accurately and quickly pinpoint insider threats," Wyatt says. "Three of the major red flags we see are data exfiltration, obfuscation, and bypassing security measures."

1. Attempts to Access Unauthorized Systems Keep an eye on employees or trusted outside users - such as a contractor - who attempt to access systems to which they don't have the rights or have never accessed previously. "Watch for unusual patterns of access," "Insiders will be on the hunt for information and will open files they don't need to do their job."

2. Privilege Escalation Insiders who don't have access to target systems or data will often attempt to elevate their access privileges to get at it. So watch out for employees or contractors who suddenly gain admin rights or have access to documents outside of their departments or job functions.

3. Emailing or Downloading Data to Personal Accounts A big red flag that a user is going or has gone rogue is when she starts emailing or downloading data to her personal email accounts. There is a chance that all the user wants to do is work on the data at home - which is risky, to say the least.

In many instances of data and IP theft, rogue insiders have simply emailed sensitive data to their own accounts or downloaded it to personal thumb drives and other portable storage devices. IBM actually instituted a no-thumb drive policy this year in all facilities. Employees are not allowed to bring them on premises.

4. Behavioral Red Flags Not all rogue insider behaviors are motivated by financial gain. In fact, in a substantial number of incidents, malicious behavior has been triggered by disgruntlement, a desire to get revenge, and other personal triggers.

If an employee or other trusted user displays certain negative behavior traits in the workplace, monitor that behavior, says Jeffrey Slotnick, president of Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Management Services.

Behavioral indicators to look out for include sudden or unusual introversion, compulsive or destructive behavior, passive aggressiveness, a sense of entitlement, and the inability to assume responsibility or take criticism, he says. Lack of empathy and a predisposition toward law enforcement are other red flags, Slotnick says.

Monitor employees under financial distress, adds Gurucul's Nayyar. "Look for wage garnishment, loans on 401(k)s, large medical bills, in conjunction with travel to foreign countries," she says.

In addition, be wary of insiders who suddenly start behaving in an atypical manner. For example, if an HR employee who typically works between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday suddenly starts working after hours and on weekends, take note, Spinner says.

5. Attempts to Obfuscate Activity Watch for insiders trying to cover their tracks, Spinner says. An employee, for instance, might gain access to an executive's inbox, open and read emails, and then mark them as unread on the assumption his activities are not being monitored, Spinner says.

Some of the activities that indicate attempts at obfuscation are the use of Tor browsers, unusual use of encryption software, and Incognito and Private Browsing Mode

6. Attempts to Bypass Security Controls "Savvy rogue insiders know or assume that there are security measures in place to keep an organization safe," Wyatt says. So they will try and find ways around them. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye out for installation of proxies, use of password-cracking apps, copying and pasting sensitive data into seemingly innocuous files, and attempts to disable or tamper with security tools such as DLP. darkreading.com

Innovative Use Cases Leveraging RFID In Retail



Source-Tagging Specialists & EAS Tag Innovators


ALL-TAG is an American manufacturer of RF Labels and a leading supplier for all other RF, AM and RFID products designed to help retailers fight shrink. Founded in 1992, ALL-TAG specializes in helping retailers source tag their hard goods and apparel, as well as designing unique and customizable EAS tagging solutions that address very specific problems LP/AP executives face today.

Stuart Seidel, President
, and Lance Weeden, Account Executive, tell us about ALL-TAG's latest security innovations: the Q-Tag and the Q-Wrap.

How Cart Technology Can Help Reduce Violent Altercations

Amber Bradley shares some insights from the Calibration Group's latest whitepaper, "Violence in Loss Prevention," and how shopping cart control technology from solution providers like Gatekeeper Systems can help not only prevent pushout theft but also minimize the number of violent confrontations with shoplifters.




On Amazon, Fake Products Plague Smaller Brands
Making it Easy To Become Sellers Creates Loophole

Counterfeiters hijack companies' own listings with low-quality products and cut-rate prices

Counterfeiters, though, have been able to exploit Amazon's drive to increase the site's selection and offer lower prices. The company has made the process to list products on its website simple that also has allowed impostors to create ersatz versions of hot-selling items, according to small brands and seller consultants.

When retailers log into Amazon's website for sellers, most product pages have a button next to the item that makes it easy for someone to list the same product. That strategy works well for consumers and Amazon on widely distributed items like shampoo and sneakers because it increases competition and that usually leads to lower prices for consumers.

Most small brands, however, are closely held and harder to get access to outside of authorized distribution. So, in some cases, counterfeiters are listing their versions of hot-selling items on the same page and at lower prices. Amazon's pricing algorithms see the lower price and then assigns the default "add to cart" option to the counterfeiter, elbowing brands out of selling their own goods.

"The reality is this is a cat-and-mouse game," said James Thomson, a brand consultant with Buy Box Experts. "You have to find a way to remove more and more of the cheaters. As soon as [Amazon] closes one loophole, somebody else finds another loophole."

The Amazon spokeswoman said that less than 0.1% of site page views were flagged for potential infringements, and that the company investigated and takes action on 95% of brand-registered products within eight hours. The company also has developed algorithms and other systems to identify fraud. wsj.com

Amazon Workers' Suit Seeks Easier Path to Overtime Pay
A putative class action in federal court claims that workers' unpaid lunch breaks and time spent in end-of-shift security checkpoints should count toward the 40-hour weekly threshold they must reach before collecting overtime pay.

Amazon is accused in a wage-and-hour suit of imposing wrongful barriers to overtime pay for 10,000 New Jersey warehouse workers.

The suit, Vaccaro v. Amazon.Com DEDC, was brought under the New Jersey Wage and Hour Law on behalf of anyone who has worked in one of the company's facilities in the state over the past two years. law.com

Online apparel sales rose 7% in 2017
Last year, 21% of annual apparel sales came from website purchases, and 76% from in-store purchases, according to the report. And while in-store purchases declined 3% compared to 2016, online apparel sales rose 7% to $46 million. Almost half of U.S. online shoppers bought apparel last year, and the annual apparel online spend per buyer rose 11% compared to 2016, according to NPD. retaildive.com

Ebay slashing 274 jobs amid rising costs

Facebook to Start Taking Down Posts That Could Lead to Violence

Director of Data Privacy and Security, Legal posted for Netflix in Los Angeles



Update to Friday's Post: More than $9 million in goods stolen from Home Depot, CVS, others sold at flea markets; 3 charged
ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. - Two men and a woman are accused of fencing millions of dollars' worth of goods stolen from Upstate stores for resale at flea markets.

Anderson County deputies, working with several retail crime investigators, say they determined in June that shoplifters were stealing large amounts of merchandise from various stores in Anderson, including Home Depot, CVS, T.J. Maxx, Belk and Publix.

The shoplifters would then sell the merchandise for a fraction of the retail value to other people who acted as fences. The fences would resell the merchandise at flea markets for profit.

Investigators estimate that retailers lost $9 million to $12 million to the fencing operation over a five-year period.

Investigators identified Troy Fowler, 75, of Piedmont, and William "Billy" O'Leary, 44, and Peggy O'Leary, 41, both of Anderson, as suspected fences in the operation.

On July 12, investigators searched properties belonging to the O'Learys and Fowler. They recovered an estimated $121,997 in stolen merchandise was recovered from both locations.

The O'Learys and Fowler were arrested and charged with organized retail theft. wyff4.com

Polk County, FL: Nationwide ORC Ring busted; over $30,000 returned for gift cards
A group of suspected thieves allegedly involved in a nationwide theft ring, originating in Tampa, are now behind bars. The Polk County Sheriff's Office says the 4-member theft ring bought people's identities off the dark web, created cards in their names, and then made fraudulent purchases at three Bay Area JCPenney stores. They then returned the merchandise for gift cards totaling more than $30,000. The sheriff's office started investigating after receiving a call from JCPenney, which reported dozens of customers complaining, saying purchases were made in their name without their knowledge. Investigators linked the group to the stolen identities of at least 60 people, including three people in Florida. Deputies say the group made purchases at JCPenney stores in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk counties and then sold the gift cards for cash. Despite only four warrants being issued, deputies believe more people are involved. fox13news.com

Oconto, WI: C-Store Employee charged with $68,000 theft of Lottery Tickets
Linda M. Elliott, 60, of Lena, faces six felony counts of theft-business setting for taking the tickets over the course of 10 months, ending in early February 2017. That would mean the average amount of tickets stolen every day was nearly $222. Elliott told an Oconto Falls Police officer that she didn't think she was taking it directly from store's owner. greenbaypressgazette.com

Little Rock, AR: Police seek paint crew members in $54,000+ theft from Jos. Banks stores
Arrest warrants have been issued for three members of a four-man Texas paint crew accused of stealing more than $54,000 worth of clothing from Jos. A. Bank Clothiers while they were supposed to be renovating the two Little Rock stores. A fifth defendant, a security guard from Benton who had been hired to watch the crew, has already been arrested. All five men are charged with Class B felony theft, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. arkansasonline.com

Wyandotte, MI: Man charged with 22 crimes for selling items stolen from stores at pawn shop
Canton Township officers and Michigan State Police troopers investigated alleged criminal enterprise activity at Tony's Pawn Shop on Fort Street in Wyandotte for five months. On Wednesday, Canton Township police executed a search warrant at the pawn shop. Anthony Paul Wojtala, 25, was arrested during the search. Officials said Wojtala purchased high-value items that had been stolen from Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Sam's Club, Kroger and Meijer stores in Canton Township. He is accused of buying the stolen items and selling them through Tony's Pawn Shop. Wojtala is also accused of selling some of the stolen items from his home in Wyandotte. Wojtala was arraigned on 22 charges:

One count of conducting a criminal enterprise -- a 20-year felony; Two counts of using a computer to commit a crime -- seven- and 20-year felonies; Eight counts of organized retail crime -- five-year felonies

Six counts of second-hand dealer, failure to display or record transactions -- six-month misdemeanors; Five counts of receiving and concealing stolen property -- five-year felonies; Habitual offender -- fourth offense. clickondetroit.com

Skimming Gang of Two - Treasure Trove of Tools of the Trade
Florida Man Busted in Wisconsin Hitting Retailers Pleads Guilty

Western District of Wisconsin, announced that Jorge Consuegra-Rojas, 42, Miami, Florida, pleaded guilty on May 31, 2018, to one count of conspiracy to commit access device fraud and one count of possession of 15 or more counterfeit access devices. Sentencing is set for August 21, 2018.

Consuegra-Rojas and another individual were arrested in Mauston, Wisconsin, on September 12, 2016, after attempting to use a counterfeit credit card at a Festival Foods store. A search of Consuegra-Rojas's vehicle revealed counterfeit credit cards, false identification documents, 280 gift cards, multiple cellular telephones, two computers, three flash drives, six skimmers, and a credit card reader/writer.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the three flash drives and two computers contained a total of 1,679 stolen credit card numbers. The stolen credit card numbers were used to buy gift cards and other merchandise at a variety of retailers throughout Minnesota between September 6 and September 12, 2016, including Home Depot, Walmart, and Sam's Club.

FBI still looking for victims. justice.gov

Estill County, KY: 2 Burglars steal nearly $2,300 of cigarettes from C-Store

Hoboken, NJ: Liquor Store Burglary Suspect arrested; $4,000 of wine stolen and $6,000 in store damages

Soho, NY: Robbery suspect caught two days after escape from police during arrest for stealing shirt from Nike store; Derek Robinson has been arrested 23 times since 1995

Bloomington, IN: Two women arrested for theft on $1,300 of merchandise from Lowe's

Palmer Township, PA: Pair of Bath & Body Works shoplifters arrested for $700 theft

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Shootings & Deaths

Silver Lake, CA: Suspect ID'd in Trader Joe's Standoff That Left female employee dead, Others Injured
A 28-year-old man was booked on suspicion of murder after an hours long standoff with authorities at a Silver Lake Trader Joe's that left a woman dead as dozens of people remained barricaded inside the store, LAPD said Sunday. Gene Evin Atkins remained in police custody at a local hospital the day after the shootout, Officer Drake Madison told KTLA. He was being held on $2 million bail.

More than 40 customers and employees were held hostage during the standoff that lasted just over three hours, LAPD said. A gun was later recovered from inside the store. Atkins was allegedly armed when he hit a light post outside Trader Joe's and entered the store just after 3 p.m. on Saturday, according to officials. That happened after a pursuit that began about an hour and half before in South L.A., where he shot his grandmother and another woman, police said. ktla.com

Related: Trump Says He Watched Trader Joe's Stand-Off 'Very Closely'
"Watching Los Angeles possible hostage situation very closely. Active barricaded suspect. L.A.P.D. working with Federal Law Enforcement," the president tweeted. yahoo.com

Toronto, ON: Gunman kills two, injures 12
Two cafes or restaurants targeted

Two people have been killed and 12 others wounded, one of them critically, by a gunman who opened fire on a busy avenue in Canada's largest city. One of the dead was a young woman, while the person critically injured in the attack in the Greektown district of Toronto is a girl of eight or nine. The suspect, 29, had "an exchange of gunfire" with police officers before being found dead nearby, police said. The motive for the shooting, which reportedly targeted at least two cafes or restaurants, is unclear. Police have also not identified the suspect, only releasing his age. bbc.com

Las Vegas, NV: Security guard shot man to death on lunch break
Police have released the mug shot for Spencer Trevathan, the off-duty security officer accused of fatally shooting a man during an argument in a shopping center near Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. The shooting happened by Fun City Motel near the new Walgreens. Walgreens surveillance cameras caught the showing on camera. "The actual physical altercation is very, very brief," said LVMPD. , "From the time the first push occurred to the actual time of the shooting, we are talking less than four seconds. Four to five seconds." Police say the off-duty security guard works at a business not located in the area of the shooting. He was home on his lunch break when the altercation happened. Authorities will now need to determine whether the shooter acted in self-defense or if charges will be filed. The shooter is in custody. The victim died at the hospital. ktnv.com

Toledo, OH: Dollar General Armed Robbery suspect shot & killed by Police; 2 Victims stabbed, one dies
Toledo Police say two people are dead after a robbery at a Dollar General in South Toledo. This happened just after 10 p.m. Saturday on Heatherdowns Boulevard. Officers were called out to the scene and found suspect, 57-year-old Dale Slocum outside the store. That's when he began running away. An officer was able to catch up to him and shot him. Slocum was treated at the scene and was then taken to U.T.M.C. where he later died. Police on scene later found 53-year-old Tommy Thacker (customer) inside the store suffering from at least one stab wound. Thacker was pronounced dead. Police also confirmed a second person, a woman, was also stabbed inside the store. The extent of her injuries is not known. 13abc.com

Bountiful, UT: Suspect killed in Pawn Shop Robbery shootout
Police have released surveillance video that shows a deadly shooting during an attempted robbery at a pawn shop in May. The video shows the owner of Bountiful Pawn fatally shooting 40-year-old Kleydys Arbolaez-Hernandez, who attempted to rob the store with another man on May 4 of this year-according to Bountiful Police. msn.com

Orange County, FL: Walmart customer accused of fatally shooting diaper thief asks for new attorney
The man accused of shooting and killing an alleged diaper thief at an Orange County Walmart wants his attorney off the case. Lonnie Leonard is refusing to cooperate with court proceedings and orders until his attorney is removed. Leonard was very vocal in court Friday in addressing the judge about his case. He accused of shooting 19-year-old Arthur Adams to death outside the Walmart on Clarcona Ocoee Road in February of last year. He's facing a charge of manslaughter with a firearm.

Adams was stealing diapers at the time and Leonard was another customer in the store. Friday's hearing started with his attorney saying he thinks it would be best if he withdrawas from the case. He said Leonard has made it clear he's not going to cooperate with him, doesn't trust him and won't listen to his advice. wftv.com

North Lauderdale, FL: Man Surrenders to Deputies in Shooting Death of Store Clerk
The man accused of shooting and killing an innocent store clerk this week turned himself into deputies on Friday. Tyrone Fields, 19, is charged with robbery and murder. He's accused of shooting and killing 61-year-old Ayub Ali, a store clerk who ran Aunt Molly's food store for the past 4 years. Deputies said surveillance video along with multiple tips led them to Fields. cbslocal.com

Robberies & Thefts

Tulsa, OK: Family Dollar Manager violently assaulted during Robbery; will now require facial surgery
Suspects concealing Tide Pods was confronted by a Family Dollar Manager inside the store. One of the suspect violently struck the employee in the face breaking her nose and eye socket. The employee will now need surgery. The brazen suspects returned to the same store 5 days later, but fled when the employee identified them as they entered the store. fox23.com

Westchester County, NY: New police technology is catching suspects thanks to the Real Time Crime Center

Memphis, TN: 4 men wanted by FBI after string of business robberies

Sentencings & Charges

Kansas City, MO: 5 charged in armed robbery spree that ended with fatal shooting at gas station

Martinsburg, WV: Area man pleads guilty to 7-Eleven robberies

Corpus Christi, TX: Local Two-Time Felon Receives 144-month Sentence for Armed Robbery

Waterbury, CT: Man Sentenced to 8 Years in Federal Prison for Multi-State Robbery Spree

New Castle, DE: Habitual convenience store robber from Wilmington gets 12 years in prison

Woodbridge, CT: Man Sentenced to 8 years In Gun Shop Burglary


Auto Parts - Washington, PA - Burglary
Bakery - San Antonio, TX - Burglary
C-Store - Salem, NH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Tangipahoa Parish, LA - Burglary
Chocolate Shop - Boston, MA - Burglary
Clothing Store - Palm Desert, CA - Robbery
Cracker Barrel Restaurant - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
CVS - Ormond, FL - Robbery
CVS - Ventura County, CA - Burglary
Dollar General - Toledo, OH - Robbery/ suspect shot & killed by Police
Gun Store - Swansea, IL - Burglary
Gun Store - Chambersburg, PA - Burglary
Gun Store - Quincy, IL - Burglary
Liquor Store- Hoboken, NJ - Burglary
Metro PCS - El Centro, CA - Burglary
Pharmacy - College Station, TX - Burglary
Restaurant - Lehi, UT - Burglary
Restaurant - Washington, PA - Burglary
Restaurant - Stockton, CA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Columbus, OH - Armed Robbery
Spa - Lehi, UT - Burglary
Sprint - Lehi, UT - Burglary
Vape Store - Philipsburg, PA - Burglary
Walgreens - Grand Junction, CO - Burglary
7-Eleven - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Delray Beach, Fl - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Simi Valley, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
10 robberies
17 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killing








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