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James Nagle named Director, Global Security for Bose Corporation

Previously, James worked at Capital One in a variety of roles including Senior Director, Ethics and Investigations, Director of Ethics and Investigations and Director, AML High Risk Investigations. Prior, he worked for the US Department of Homeland Security for over 13 years as Deputy Special Agent in Charge, Attache, Operations Chief, Assistant Special Agent in Charge and Group Supervisor. He also worked for the US Customs Service for ten years. Congratulations James!
Jessica Tang named Director, Data Privacy and Security for Netflix
Previously, Jessica was the Senior Corporate Counsel for Amazon Lab126 for over four years. In that role, she was the lead product and privacy counsel for development of consumer electronic devices and digital services. Prior, she was an Associate at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP. Jessica earned her Bachelors Degree from Stanford University and her Juris Doctor from Stanford University Law School. Congratulations Jessica!

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Southaven, MS: Shooting at a Mississippi Walmart leaves 2 employees dead and an officer wounded; Shooter was terminated employee after 25 years
Four people have been shot, including a police officer at Walmart in Southaven. Two store employees were shot and killed early Tuesday morning, one outside the store, the other inside.

According to Baptist DeSoto, the police officer who was shot, was hit in his bulletproof vest and was not injured. The suspect was shot by an officer and is hospitalized in unknown condition.

A Walmart employee said that the shooter is a former employee who worked at the store for 25 years before recently being fired. The shooting happened around 6:30 or 6:45 a.m. at the Walmart store. kark.com

Portland, OR: Husband of Shaw's stabbing victim appeals civil case, says retailer at fault for 'failing to protect'
The husband of a Saco woman who died in a stabbing at the Saco Shaw's grocery store is appealing a federal court's dismissal of a civil case. Wendy Boudreau, 59, died on Aug. 19, 2015, after being attacked by Connor MacCalister, who stabbed her in the throat in the ice cream aisle at the Shaw's at Saco Valley Shopping Center. MacCalister pleaded guilty to murdering Boudreau and now 35, is serving a life sentence at the Maine Correctional Center in Windham. According to police affidavits, MacCalister told police she was angry with life and had been planning for a month to kill several random people at the Saco grocery store. MacCalister also told police she planned on targeting a small elderly woman who she knew wouldn't resist.

Wendy Boudreau's husband, Jeffrey, filed a civil suit in July 2017, against the Massachusetts-based Shaw's Supermarkets chain, asking for damages for "the conscious pain and suffering" of Wendy between the time she was stabbed at the grocery store Aug. 19, 2015, and her death at Southern Maine Health Care later that day.

White argued that MacCalister frequented Shaw's and "Shaw's acted with reckless disregard and/or indifference to the safety of its customers such as Wendy Boudreau in its failure to properly monitor and secure the store." Shaw's responded in August 2017 through attorney Elizabeth Strouder, that Wendy's death was caused by a third party, not Shaw's, and Jeffrey Boudreau failed to state a claim through which relief could be granted.

Judge D. Brock Hornby dismissed the case earlier this month. In a July 19 ruling, Hornby stated that Shaw's personnel could not have known or anticipated MacCalister's attack. journaltribune.com

Wauwatosa, WI: Man says he was racially profiled at Home Depot store, falsely accused of making a fraudulent return, then banned from the store
After buying blinds for his house, Terrance Westmoreland noticed they were a different shade than he had wanted, so he headed back to The Home Depot on July 24 to exchange them. Westmoreland, who is black, put the boxes in a cart and walked through the store to the blinds section. With his receipt in his hand, he compared the blinds to find the right shade. Westmoreland then walked to the customer service desk, where he tried to return two boxes and purchase three others.

"Before I could even finish, this Caucasian security guard kind of grabbed my arm," he said. He went with the loss prevention officer, expecting an apology once they realized what was going on. Instead, the officer accused him of trying to do an illegal return.

Westmoreland suggested they check surveillance video, which would prove his story, but was told they couldn't access the video footage. That's when Westmoreland decided to call Wauwatosa police. Police found no wrongdoing by Westmoreland, but The Home Depot asked him to leave and banned him from the store for stealing.

A district manager from The Home Depot called Westmoreland on July 26 to apologize and rescind the ban. Despite the apology, the ordeal has left Westmoreland feeling insulted and embarrassed. Westmoreland wasn't satisfied with just an apology. He said the loss prevention officer should be fired.

Westmoreland, who owns a business and is a member of Pro Xtra, a loyalty program at Home Depot for business customers, said he is looking for reimbursement of the money he lost on jobs since being accused of theft as well as the embarrassment the incident has caused him. jsonline.com

Securing the Cannabis Industry: Inside the LP Operation Behind MadMen
'The Starbucks of Pot' Growing Like... a Weed

The staggering growth of the cannabis industry has outpaced its often-non-existent approach to security and compliance. Chris Rodriquez, head of loss prevention for MedMen, the nation's largest boutique cannabis dispensary chain, with 19 licensed facilities nation-wide and more than 1,000 employees, has 26 years in corporate security and has been with MedMen for a year. He has been taken aback by the exponential growth of the industry which is reflected in his own company's expansion. With that growth has come a more sophisticated security profile.

"I think as more states come on board, people and businesses are encouraged. They understand the value of the cannabis industry and where it's going, which is really what got me into it. I think people see what that looks like down the road," says Rodriquez. "Our founder had never even tried cannabis before, but he saw it as a business opportunity 10 years ago and jumped in with both feet. But with that he demanded that everything be done right and by the book. Security became a huge issue for us as our business has grown across the country. We want to be the model of security proficiency in the industry."

In addition to its stylish retail outlets, MedMen also operates highly efficient growing facilities that require an integrated and advanced technology footprint. Rodriquez points to his Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), along with intel, physical security, retail loss prevention departments, and a crisis management response team that rounds out MedMen's security and risk management philosophy that is as diverse and multi-faceted as any Fortune 500 company.

While it might be a bit unconventional to some security professionals, this nascent industry is ripe with innovation and opportunities to those who are willing to climb aboard says Rodriquez.

"We're looking at a lot of different things when it comes to physical security, but we made a decision a long time ago that in terms of all our video management for security and all of our access control was to be run through a single platform. We're also looking at tracking plants from seed to sale and using something like an RFID solution, just because there's so much compliance requirements. We need to look at all technology options that allow us to substitute manual labor for an intelligent solution that will help us not only track the plants, but people and other assets as well," states Rodriquez, who is presently using Genetec solutions among others as his primary security systems vendor. securityinfowatch.com

ASIS International Announces Recipients of GSX 2019 Innovative Product Awards
ASIS International, the world's largest membership organization for security management professionals, announces the recipients of its 2019 Innovative Product Awards (IPA) for Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019, to be held September 8-12 in Chicago.

The ASIS IPA competition, formerly known as Accolades, recognizes the security industry's newest, most innovative products, services, and technology solutions. These peer-distinguished solutions address critical industry trends and reflect the best of the innovation shaping the security industry.

   See the full list of ASIS' 2019 IPA Winners here: asisonline.org

CEO fraud: It's human nature
While this type of attack is often called "CEO Fraud," it could refer to any senior executive who is being impersonated by the attacker in order to get a lower-level staffer to take a specific action. Sometimes the action itself is not sending money; it could be a request to unlock a door that is normally locked (creating a physical breach vulnerability) or perhaps sending employees' personal information, such as W2 tax documents or pay stubs, to a non-company email address in order to steal employees' identities.

"This is not a technology attack; it's a psychological attack," says Lance Spitzner, director of SANS security awareness at the SANS Institute, a security research and education group. The methods for stopping the attacks remain the same as they have since they began, says Spitzner: Start by training employees to view all suspicious emails, especially those with a rushed or emergency tone and unusual requests, as fake emails that are trying to steal money from the company.

Essentially, he says, employees need to be taught about the clues and indicators that point to email fraud attacks and then to always follow established procedures in response, such as verbally check with the CEO or other senior staffer to confirm that they sent the request. scmagazine.com

Walmart and Nordstrom are building stores that don't sell anything
Traditional brick-and-mortar stores alone are not enough to stay ahead in the digital era. America's shoppers want convenient, hassle-free experiences.

So Walmart and Nordstrom are building physical stores that don't actually sell anything. The two retailers are creating small hubs in big cities and dense suburban areas for shoppers to retrieve their online grocery and clothing orders. These new locations give them access to shoppers who want their stuff in a hurry without schlepping out to regular big-box stores or waiting around for home delivery. ksl.com

Where does J.C. Penney's turnaround stand? It's testing new ideas in Texas
J.C. Penney has time, options and skilled new management. But the company's stock and corporate bond prices signal that the odds are stacking up against the 117-year-old, Plano-based chain of 840 department stores.

Can CEO Jill Soltau fashion a turnaround? Since she was hired nine months ago, Soltau hasn't minced words while reporting weaker quarters that she inherited and saying "we need to move faster." She also said Penney "has the capacity to deliver improved results."

Looking around the retail landscape, some say there's an inevitable outcome when debt is an issue. Penney, which always prided itself in having a strong balance sheet, took on more debt after a failed attempt to remake the department store. That episode burned through the chain's cash and then some, and it's still feeling the heat of those heady-turned-scary days of 2011-13. dallasnews.com

Hurricane Erick, Tropical Storm Flossie to bring glancing blows to Hawaiian Islands
Hurricane Erick and Tropical Storm Flossie will pose a dual threat to the Hawaiian Islands beginning during the middle of this week and continuing into early next week.

As Erick continues westward through midweek, it will remain in an environment with very warm water and weak wind shear, two factors conducive for further strengthening.

Fortunately, Erick will encounter much stronger wind shear by the time it passes just south of the Big Island from Friday into Saturday. It is during this time that Erick is expected to lose wind intensity, and Erick is likely to be a tropical storm or tropical depression during its closest pass to the Hawaiian Islands. accuweather.com

Nordstrom Hires Former Macy's Attorney As General Counsel

NY: Gov. Cuomo signs bill to decriminalize marijuana use, expunge convictions

Amazon quietly launches AmazonCommercial, a private label for business customers

Kroger to charge for cash back on debit card purchases


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As an industry leader, Panda Express's culture sets an expectation of best-in-class results. So the company needed a state-of-the-art business intelligence solution to provide truly actionable information. Intelligence management they can act on is central to Panda's business strategy, which focuses on meeting high standards through continuous operational improvement.

Who did they turn to achieve best-in-class results?

Read the whole story in this 3xLOGIC case study outlining how Panda Express improved operational efficiencies in all of its 1,960 locations simultaneously.





Capital One Data Breach Affects 100+ Million
Former Amazon Web Services Engineer Charged as Hacker Boasted About the Hack On Social Media, Leaving a Trail of Clues for Investigators

A software engineer in Seattle hacked into a server holding customer information for Capital One and obtained the personal data of over 100 million people, federal prosecutors said on Monday, in one of the largest thefts of data from a bank.

The suspect, Paige Thompson, 33, left a trail online for investigators to follow as she boasted about the hacking, according to court documents in Seattle, where she was arrested and charged with one count of computer fraud and abuse.

Ms. Thompson, who formerly worked for Amazon Web Services, which hosted the Capital One database that was breached, was not shy about her work as a hacker. The F.B.I. noticed her activity on Meetup and used it to trace her other online activities, eventually linking her to posts describing the data theft on Twitter and the Slack messaging service.

According to court papers and Capital One, Ms. Thompson stole 140,000 Social Security numbers and 80,000 bank account numbers in the breach. In addition to the tens of millions of credit card applications stolen, the company said on Monday, the breach compromised one million Canadian social insurance numbers - the equivalent of Social Security numbers for Americans.

The information came from credit card applications that consumers and small businesses had submitted as early as 2005 and as recently as 2019, according to Capital One, which is the nation's third-largest credit card issuer, according to its website.

Amazon said it had found no evidence that its underlying cloud services were compromised. nytimes.com dailymail.co.uk

   Read Capital One's press release on the security incident here.

Capital One posts cyber security jobs on Indeed this morning:

Director of Enterprise Safety and Security Technology - based in Richmond, VA
The Director, Enterprise Safety and Security (ESS) Technology is focused on setting and driving to a security technology strategy that includes selection, design, installation and maintenance of all physical security systems, applications and devices. The Director will lead a team of ESS associates that includes a Technical Product Manager, Manager Enterprise Access Control and Badging Administration. The Director also leads cross functional teams and is considered the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in all facets of ESS Technology. indeed.com

Director, Cybersecurity Operations - based in McLean, VA
As a second line of defense organization, you will work closely with associates in operational divisions in first line Cyber, Technology, and the Lines of Business, as well as other second line of defense risk management organizations, to evaluate the effectiveness of the firm's cyber controls infrastructure and offer independent advice and recommendations regarding opportunities to further mature the firm's cybersecurity operations capabilities. indeed.com

Most Organizations Frustrated with SOC's Cybersecurity Effectiveness
More than half of organizations (53 percent) rate their Security Operation Center's (SOC) ability to gather evidence, investigate and find the source of threats as ineffective, according to the Improving the Effectiveness of the Security Operations Center study.

The top barrier to SOC success, according to 65 percent of respondents, is the lack of visibility into the IT security infrastructure and the top reason for SOC ineffectiveness, according to 69 percent, is lack of visibility into network traffic. On average, less than one-third of the IT security budget is used to fund the SOC and only four percent of respondents say more than 50 percent of the cybersecurity budget will be allocated to the SOC.

Additional key findings from the report can be found here:

Facebook admits cryptocurrency doubts
Facebook is warning investors that its plans to become a financial services provider may not come to fruition. In its most recent quarterly report, the social media giant said that it still intends to launch Calibra, a newly-formed subsidiary that will let consumers have access to and participate in the bitcoin-based Libra cryptocurrency network, in 2020. However, Facebook is disclosing potential obstacles, such as "significant scrutiny from governments and regulators in multiple jurisdictions," as well as "significant uncertainty" in whether the marketplace would accept Libra and Facebook's own lack of experience with digital currency or blockchain technology. chainstoreage.com

Can deepfake technology reduce retail returns without rattling reality?
The video editing technology that has been dubbed "deepfake" has some spooky potential implications, but startups are looking for ways it might be useful at retail.

A face-swapping app now in beta called Superpersonal allows users to map their faces, including the smallest facial gestures and expressions, onto a virtual body to create a highly-realistic, moving on-screen representation of themselves, Forbes reports. A second solution by an Austrian team called Reactive Reality allows users to make lifelike video avatars of themselves to interact with, try on and move around in virtual clothing.

For retail, deepfake technology represents a
potential evolution of remote try-on technology that promises greater convenience for shoppers and fewer product returns. Brands and retailers have rolled out numerous AR apps which in addition to clothing, allow for virtual try-ons of products like makeup and hair dye which can be time consuming or difficult to test out in real life. retailwire.com

Sephora Offers Monitoring Services in Wake of Data Breach - affecting parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand

Series of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Could Endanger 200 Million Devices

How Cybercriminals Break into the Microsoft Cloud


How to Get Real-Time Crime and Safety Alerts

The Neighbors app, from Ring, gives you real-time crime and safety alerts from your neighbors and local law enforcement. It's a quick and easy way to see when crime happens in a given area. It allows users and law enforcement to post emergency information, package theft and other criminal activity. It is available for both iOS and Android for free.




Amazon Admits to Fraud Risk
Uses word 'counterfeit' for first time in annual report

Amazon.com, Inc. recently filed a Form 10-K annual report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in which it officially acknowledged to shareholders that the company's online sales platforms face the risk of being found liable for fraudulent or unlawful activities of sellers on those platforms.

The filing, which include Amazon's year-end earnings for the 2018 fiscal year, include the company's first concession that Amazon may be unable to prevent sellers trafficking counterfeit and pirated goods.

Along with the specter of counterfeit sales, Amazon noted that its seller programs may render the company unable to stop sellers from collecting payments when buyers never receive products they ordered, or when products received by buyers are materially different than the sellers' description of those products at the point of purchase.

Although information regarding a corporation's potential risk of liability is a regular feature of SEC filings, news reports indicate that this is the first time Amazon used the word "counterfeit" in an annual report. inventorsdigest.com

Ecommerce websites in Europe hit by GDPR
Ever since the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, came into force 14 months ago, ecommerce websites in Europe have recorded lower page views, site visits and revenue.

Since the regulation came into force, page views fell by 9.7 percent, while website visits decreased by 9.9 percent, a study called 'Regulating Privacy Online: The Early Impact of GDPR on European Web Traffic and E-commerce' shows. For ecommerce websites in Europe the results are less damaging: recorded site visits fell 5.6 percent, while recorded revenue decreased by 8.3 percent. ecommercenews.eu

eBay builds safe harbor for sellers
eBay is providing new tools and protections for its sellers.

These include multi-user account access, which enables sellers to add employees or delegates to perform seller activities in their seller hub on their behalf without giving full access to their eBay account.

For top-rated sellers located in the U.S. and who offer 30-day returns, eBay is introducing two new financial protections. First, eBay will issue a seller invoice credit to cover return label cost if a buyer makes a false "item not as described" claim. Second, eBay will now allow these sellers to issue partial refunds for all items that are returned damaged.

The company is also making it easier for all sellers to report buyers who violate eBay policies and has created a set of consequences if something does go wrong. chainstoreage.com

Influencers with Fake Followers Will Cost Advertisers $1.3 Billion in 2019

Prime Day v. Google Shopping - the results are in


Bryan, TX: Two arrested for $25,000 AT&T Burglary
Two Houston men were arrested Sunday after officials say they stole more than $25,000 worth of electronics from a Bryan AT&T store over the weekend. According to reports, the two men broke into the empty suite adjacent to the cell phone store and used a battery-powered saw to cut through the drywall to gain entry into the business around 5 a.m. Sunday. Once inside, stole 30 cell phones, two smart watches and cash totaling around $26,000, authorities said. The two are accused of causing about $10,000 in property damage. Officers were able to locate the pair via a tracking device that was hidden among the items, according to a police report. theeagle.com

Fort Lauderdale, FL: Burglar gets away with $3,000 of Tommy Bahama clothing, returns 2 days later
A man was recently captured on surveillance video burglarizing a Tommy Bahama store in Fort Lauderdale, authorities announced Monday. The incident occurred just before 5:30 a.m. June 22 at the Tommy Bahama on E. Las Olas Blvd. Surveillance video shows the man entering the business through an unlocked rear door and then leaving with his arms full of clothing. Police said the same man tried to burglarize the store again just before 2:30 a.m. June 24. According to employees, it appears he is wearing a polo shirt taken from the store during the initial burglary. Surveillance video shows the man trying to open the same rear door, but it was locked this time. Police said the man picked up an object and repeatedly threw it at the door in an attempt to get inside, but he was unsuccessful. local10.com

Gwinnett, GA: "Theft Crew" flee with $2,700 of merchandise from Victoria's Secret
Gwinnett police need the public's help in identifying a "theft crew" of six people who stole about $2,700 of merchandise from the Mall of Georgia's Victoria's Secret. On May 29, the thieves entered the store in groups of two at different times, police said. There, they interacted with each other while in the store for approximately 45 minutes, carrying bags from other retailers. Police said they removed security tags and hid items in their bags while they looked like they were shopping. gwinnettdailypost.com

Hewitt, TX: Police investigating $1,800 Gift Card Theft from Walmart
The woman loaded and then stole almost $1,800 worth of gift cards at around 9:25 p.m. on July 8 from the Hewitt Walmart. Surveillance video shows the woman watching a staff member type in his employee number, and then going to an empty register in the back of the store to use that employee's number to load up multiple gift cards. The woman put the gift cards in her purse and walked out, he said. kwtx.com

Santa Rosa, CA: Shoplifter scales 2 buildings, climbs tree attempting to escape with $600 of merchandise from Friedman Brothers...ends with fall after being tazed

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Shootings & Deaths

Iowa City, IA: Officer shot with BB gun, shoots Shoplifting suspect
An Iowa City police officer investigating a shoplifting complaint Monday afternoon was shot several times in the face with a BB gun and returned fire with his real gun, authorities said. Both the officer and his alleged assailant were hospitalized, but neither had been publicly identified by police. An officer responded to a complaint from a business at 11 Highway 1 W., a strip retail center. Police said a shoplifting suspect was found nearby. As the officer was investigating, the suspect shot a BB gun at him multiple times, hitting him in the face. The officer returned fire, authorities said, and struck the suspect. The officer and suspect are both in stable condition at a local hospital. thegazette.com

Meadville, PA: Convicted man wants new trial in the 2017 GNC Store Manager Murder/ Robbery


Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Philadelphia, PA: $4,000 stolen during Chipotle Armed Robbery, 2 suspects wanted
On Monday, at 9:30 pm, Police say three masked suspects stormed the rear of the store while multiple employees and customers were still inside. Police say the suspects made off with roughly $4,000. No injuries were reported, and no personal belongings were stolen from the employees or customers. Police believe Monday's robbery may be connected to a weekend incident involving two Popeyes restaurants. 6abc.com

Sylvania Township, OH: "Flash mob" sparks Police response at Walmart
An overnight flash mob sparked police to show up at the Walmart on Central Avenue. According to Sylvania Township Police a large crowd pulled into the parking lot of the store around 1:00 AM Tuesday then went inside. Police tell 13abc employees called 911, concerned that a fight might break out. Police say the group didn't cause any damage, they performed a dance or display inside the store and then left. 13abc.com

Athens, GA: 4 former Domino's employees steal $20,000 in cash
Four former employees at a local Domino's Pizza allegedly stole over $20,000 in cash since April 2018, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police report. The franchise owner told police he was notified of "suspicious financial activity" by Domino's corporate security. More suspects will likely be identified in the future, and more money will likely be found to have been taken over a longer time period, the owner told police. redandblack.com

Suffolk, VA: Robbery spree suspect charged in connection to four Armed Robberies
Suffolk police said Monday 19-year-old Deric Simons is charged with use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, four counts of wearing a mask, four counts of possession of burglary tools and three counts of conspiracy to commit robbery. The new charges against Simons stem from four robberies across Suffolk: April 15: 7-Eleven July 18: Sprint store July 23: Raceway gas station July 23: 7-Eleven. Simons' charges in Suffolk come after he and 18-year-old Ronald Lee Brookins Jr. were charged with several counts in connection to robberies in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Simons and Brookins were two of three men suspected in a robbery spree around the region. The two men were caught after a customer shot and killed the third suspect, 18-year-old Michael Moore, during a robbery at a 7-Eleven in Virginia Beach last week. wavy.com

San Angelo Former PetSmart manager pleads guilty to Felony Theft from store

North Huntingdon, PA: Former Auto Parts store Employee arrested for Burglary

Bellefonte, PA: C-Store employee found Guilty of theft of $7,000 in lottery tickets

Radcliff, WI: Man faces felony for $24.78 Walmart theft; in possession of a loaded handgun



AT&T - Bryan, TX - Burglary
Auto Parts Store - North Huntingdon, PA - Burglary
C-Store - Buchanan County, IA - Burglary
C-Store - Richmond, VA - Burglary
CVS - Highland Park, IL - Armed Robbery
Clothing Store - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Burglary (Tommy Bahama)
Dollar General - Jonesboro, AR - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Campbellton, FL - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Odessa, TX - Burglary
Gas Station - San Antonio, TX - Robbery
Gas Station - Cleburne County, AR - Burglary
Gas Station - Calvert County, MD - Burglary
Gas Station - Heber Springs, AR - Burglary
Grocery Store - Lauderdale County, MS - Burglary
Gun Store - New Whiteland, IN - Burglary
Gun Store - Live Oak, FL - Burglary
Music Store - Cottonwood, AZ - Burglary
Music Store - Marshalltown, IA - Burglary
Pharmacy - Thousand Oaks, CA - Burglary
Restaurant - Valdosta, GA - Armed Robbery (Burger King)
Restaurant - Quincy, FL - Burglary
Restaurant - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery (Sonic)
Restaurant - Medford, OR - Robbery
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery (Chipotle)
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery (Popeyes)
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery (Popeyes)
Restaurant - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery (Subway)
7-Eleven - Fort Myers, FL - Robbery


Daily Totals:
12 robberies
16 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed




Christopher LaMonte promoted to Regional Risk Manager for Aritzia
Garrett Atkins named Loss Prevention Specialist for Publix Super Markets
Brian Sanders named Regional Loss Prevention Specialist for Publix Super Markets
Derek Bittner named Regional Asset Protection Manager for L Brands

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Area Loss Prevention Manager
Seattle WA, Portland OR, Salt Lake City UT

Our Area Loss Prevention Managers ensure safe and secure stores through the objective identification of loss and risk opportunities...

Manager of District Loss Prevention
Stockton, CA

You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Sacramento or Hayward, CA

Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Las Vegas, NV/Phoenix, AZ

Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Baltimore, MD/Northern VA

Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Rochester or Syracuse, NY

Proactive approach to preventing losses/injuries whether they are to our employees, third parties or customers valuables. They include cash in transit, auto losses or injuries...
Regional Asset Protection Manager
Metro DC/Northern VA

The Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager will lead the Region in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts...
Regional Asset Protection Manager
The Regional Asset Protection and Safety Manager will lead the Region in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts...



Security Industry Specialists, Inc. provides unique security solutions to some of the most successful names in business. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, designer brands, international events, celebrities, and high-profile executives.

We are currently looking for an experienced LP Specialist - Undercover/Plain Clothes.

● Conduct undercover surveillance to detect and apprehend shoplifters
● Recover assets and/or make safe apprehensions
● Must be able to communicate with all levels of staff and management
● Get to create your schedule with your Supervisor

Loss Prevention Specialist - Tukwila, WA
Undercover/Plainclothes LP Specialist - San Jose, CA
Loss Prevention Specialist - Miami, FL
Loss Prevention Specialist - Minneapolis, MN
Loss Prevention Specialist - Philadelphia, PA

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Easiest Job in The World
Giving Advice & Sounding Like a Guru or Dalai Lama

As long as you're well read on the subject, have some battle scars, experienced some major loses, have won more than you've lost, and have the ability and humility to admit and know your mistakes then you can sound great giving advice.

The real issue - the real key is being able to react fast on your feet when the heat is on. That's the challenge for everybody regardless of what you hear in the movies or on TV or where ever.

Very, very few people have the ability to instantly respond during the heat of a verbal battle with a response that not only shuts them down but also allows them to win if needed or just proves your point.

Most try to change the direction, switch blame to another person or modify the subject and avoid the conflict.

The good ones, they back off a little, even physically, and apply those disarming skills that are the hot topic right now. 

If you can modify them slightly, shroud them behind active listening, and buy time for another day. Then you delay the ninth inning for a time when you're ready.

The really good ones know that if something becomes a verbal battle then its usually been building up in that other person for some time and they've already had the conversation in their heads or maybe even with another colleague. And the only way out usually is to buy time, hear every word so you can replay it accurately and find the point or two - or reason that sparked it. Because some times it isn't what started it.

And the great ones usually know it when they're walking up to it, before the battle even starts.

With the point being - giving advice is easy - playing the game and winning is hard - the key is knowing what you're walking into and when nothing works just buy time and wait for another day, which fits the old expression - Lose with dignity - Win with humility.

Just a Thought,

Gus Downing

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