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Gary Cribb promoted to Senior Group Executive Vice President, Stores
& Loss Prevention for Ross Stores

Ross Stores, Inc. (ROST) announced today operational leadership changes that the Company believes will continue to drive the successful execution of its off-price strategies and maximize management's ability to deliver ongoing increases in shareholder value.

Gary Cribb has been Group Executive Vice President, Stores and Loss Prevention since 2018, Executive Vice President, Stores and Loss Prevention from 2009 to 2018, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer from 2005 to 2009, and Senior Vice President, Store Operations from 2002 to 2005. Before joining Ross in 2002, Mr. Cribb held several operational management positions over a 17-year period at Staples, Office Depot, Marshalls, and The May Department Stores Company. Congratulations Gary! Read more: yahoo.com

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Call for Proposals Now Open
RILA is seeking proposals for the 2020 Retail Asset Protection Conference! Share your expertise with fellow retail asset protection professionals at the 2020 Retail Asset Protection Conference in Dallas, May 3-6.

Speakers at RILA's Retail AP Conference have the unparalleled opportunity to expand their network and raise their profile by sharing successes and challenges, in a collaborative setting with fellow asset protection executives. And, conference registration is free for retail speakers! RAP2020 offers retail leaders, industry experts, and partners the actionable strategies they need to implement effective asset protection practices. We want to hear how you are creating and sustaining excellence in your asset protection practices!

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to speak, please submit your proposal by September 10, 2019. rilaforce.com

Genetec strengthens its access control offering
Company partners with Mercury Security and HID Global to bring nonproprietary FICAM-certified solutions to the U.S. federal market.

Genetec, a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, announced that it is now offering multiple FICAM-(Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management) certified options for its Security Center Synergis access control system.

In a market that has been traditionally weighed down by limited solutions that are often proprietary, these new options offer nonproprietary, open-architecture choices to efficiently validate Personal Identity verification (PIV and PIV-I) for federal employees and contractors.

Genetec offers two FICAM-certified options: Onboard authentication using Mercury LP4502 controller and authentication using HID PAM. genetec.com

Rephrasing Mass Shooting Events to Mass Casualty Incidents
Rephrasing Active Assailant Can Include Active Shooter

In the homeland security and emergency management world, the term has started to change from "active shooter" to "active assailant." The Department of Homeland Security has a resource page that lists "active assailants" along with "active shooters" on the same page. The former is far more inclusive than the latter.

Similar to changing the emergency planning wording to "all hazards" to be more inclusive, "active assailant" has the same effect. It broadens the focus of mass casualty incidents involving firearms and includes an all-hazard approach. This wording is important because it helps the general public to understand that there are many ways to categorize mass casualty incidents, potentially affecting how citizens should prepare for emergencies.

Proper phrasing is important because it involves connotations and meanings. Numerous experts have discussed how the phrasing of a concept can impact political decisions. An article in Psychology Today noted how political phrasing can be highly suggestive. Rephrasing "active shooter" to the more inclusive "active assailant" will do more to encompass the ideas, training and resources needed to address mass casualty incidents. edmdigest.com

It's Up To You: Keys to Preventing False Confessions
Written By Tony Paixão, CFI, CFE

Let me be clear.

The primary intention of this article is to serve as a reminder for any and all interview practitioners: before you begin an interview, make sure your mindset is rooted in one simple, unwavering objective. Identifying the truth.

Over the last few years, there has been an influx of documentaries and mini-series dedicated to the conversation of false confessions. This is a topic I have been passionate about for many years, so naturally, I have been keeping up with each new project as it's been released. The overwhelming result of this newfound mainstream interest has been positive-shining a long-overdue light on the terribly unfortunate reality that is, the false confession.

It hasn't been all kittens and unicorns, however. As with any topic, the message can sometimes be lost in translation and biases tend to surface in both the story's depiction as well as the way it's interpreted by the viewer. The one thing that is painfully true, regardless of the level of bias that may be infused into the films or brought on from the viewers, is false confessions DO HAPPEN. w-z.com

Published due to the importance of this message.

WSJ Article on Cashierless Technology - Use - Cost - Theft
'Cashierless Stores Make Inroads in U.S. & Worldwide'

Sam's Club, Giant Eagle and others are exploring the use of AI systems after Amazon Go paved the way

U.S. retailers large and small are pressing ahead with testing the use of artificial intelligence to track what products shoppers pick up and to automatically bill their accounts when they walk out the door, eliminating the need for checkout lines.

Several companies that sell cashierless technology-including Standard Cognition Inc. and Vcognition Technologies Inc., which does business as Zippin-said they are working with U.S. customers but declined to give details.

A global survey of about 400 retailers conducted in June found that 28% are testing or piloting cashierless systems, said Leslie Hand, vice president of IDC's Retail Insights division. Ms. Hand said she knows of nearly 100 companies world-wide that are trying out the systems, adding she can't discuss the details because of nondisclosure agreements.

"It's awoken that fire for retailers to understand that really this is the future of retail and they need to invest in it," Ms. Hand said.

Editor's Note: Due to this being such a critical subject we've posted the full article here.

Zippin Announces Strategic Partnership With Lojas Americanas, Brazil's Largest Retailer, To Power New Checkout-free Stores

Columbia, NC: Capt. Neil's Seafood Owner & CEO Pled Guilty to Selling $4M -
179K pounds of Mislabeled Blue Crab to Retailers

Capt. Neill's Seafood Inc., at the CEO's direction, falsely labeled millions of dollars' worth of foreign crabmeat as "Product of USA."

The company engaged in the business of purchasing, processing, packaging, transporting and selling seafood and seafood products, including crabmeat from domestically harvested blue crab. Carawan pleaded guilty to a one-count information charging him and Capt. Neill's with substituting foreign crabmeat for domestic blue crab and, as part of the plea, Carawan admitted to falsely labeling more than 179,872 pounds of crabmeat with a retail market value of $4,082,841. The falsely labeled crabmeat was then sold primarily to wholesale membership clubs, but also to other retailers.  Charges have also been filed against Capt. Neill's and a hearing is set for Sept. 11, 2019.

For individuals who wish to see whether they qualify for restitution and for further information on the prosecution, please visit the following site: https://www.justice.gov/usao-ednc/captneillsseafoodvictiminformationpage or http://justice.gov/largecases.

The maximum sentence for falsely labeling crabmeat is five years in prison and a fine of up to twice the gross gain of the offense, which in this case, is a $8,165,682.00 fine. justice.gov

App Bluetana - allows inspectors to find gas pump skimmers faster
Per-day revenue from a skimmer is $4,253 to $63,638

Not for sale to general public
Bluetana detects skimmers' Bluetooth signature and is more accurate than other apps

A team of computer scientists at UC San Diego and the University of Illinois has developed an app that allows state and federal inspectors to detect skimmers in as little as three seconds.

The app, called Bluetana, detects the Bluetooth signature of the skimmers, and allows inspectors to find the devices without needing to open up the gas pumps.

Bluetana was developed with technical input from the United States Secret Service and is only available to gas pump inspectors. It will not be available to the general public. It is now used by agencies in several states. In one year of operation, Bluetana has led to the discovery of 42 Bluetooth-based skimmers across three U.S. states, all of which were recovered by inspectors. In a few cases, our app was able to find devices missed by visual inspection."

Researchers will present their work on Bluetana at the USENIX Security 2019 conference Aug. 14, 2019 in the San Francisco Bay Area. ucsd.edu

7-Eleven reaches $1.5M settlement for improper hazardous materials training
7-Eleven Inc. has reached a $1.5 million settlement with California prosecutors in a civil case regarding illegal hazardous materials handling, the Ventura County District Attorney's Office said Tuesday.

The settlement was reached after an investigation into the improper training of 7-Eleven employees on how to handle carbon dioxide. The Texas-based chain, which operates 1,700 locations throughout California, stores carbon dioxide gas as part of its fountain beverage system. The gas can be harmful to employees if not handled properly.  vcstar.com

Spending Money Like Drunken Sailors - 70's, 80's & 90's
The Race to See How Many Stores You Could Open

In the 70's, 80's, and 90's as suburbia became 'Main Street USA', the economic developers of cities and towns across America sold their souls to the real estate developers and contractors that were consumed with building Malls and Strip Centers.

Once the momentum began the retailers seized the opportunity and caught the top line sales growth at any cost fever like never before. And the race was on.

With retailers growing faster then at any time in history. Malls began popping up within miles of each other and sometimes across the street from each other. With no regard to common sense, environmental impact (with a few examples in Niagara Falls), crime (such was the case with North Randall Park Mall in Cleveland) competition and long term viability.

And I'm sure a number of LP executives who were active during those decades would agree. Those three decades were like the Indy 500 with everybody focused on nothing but growth at any cost.

Which by the way drove a number of retailers out of business.

Meanwhile the group in the luxury boxes were very aware of the opportunity's it presented from an investment standpoint and they began cherry picking the retailers they could load up dept on and turn over quickly.

And then the music stopped and the man in the garage swooped in and took control. Jeff Bezos and the internet caught everyone flat footed and wondering what the hell happened.

And now we're dealing with the aftermath and more mall space then anywhere on the planet. What happens next? Just a thought - Gus Downing


Senior LP & AP Jobs Market

Director, Global Security Operations Center posted for FedEx in Memphis, TN
Leads and supervises all Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) operations to ensure state-of-the-art delivery of the following activities/capabilities on a global basis: security system monitoring and response, intelligence gathering and analysis, risk assessments, communications, reporting, emergency response & security officer dispatching, all in a center that operates 24/7.

Collaborates with internal IT teams and multiple IT partners and vendors whose services and technologies must seamlessly integrate into the GSOC's operations. 

FedEx serves more than 220 countries and territories around the globe. We can serve this global network due to our outstanding team of FedEx employees. FedEx has over 400,000 talented employees who are tasked with making every FedEx experience outstanding. fedex.com

Kroger Reduces Food Waste 9% in 2018 in it's Zero Hunger / Zero Waste efforts

Avenue to close all 260 stores, sources say

Quarterly Results
Canada's LXRandCo Q2 comp's up 13%, sales down 8%
Canada's Metro Q3 comp's up 3.1%, pharmacy comp's up 3.4%, sales up 12.8% (generated by Jean Coutu purchased)
Macy's Q2 comp's up 0.3%, sales down 0.3%
Canada's Indigo Books & Music Q1 comp's down 7.6%, sales down 6.2%


LPF Announces June & July's LPC and LPQ Professionals

The Loss Prevention Foundation would like to recognize and congratulate the following individuals who successfully completed all of the requirements set forth by the board of directors to be LPQualified (LPQ) and/or LPCertified (LPC):

● Michael Houde, Jr., LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
● Christopher Austin, LPC - Ulta Beauty
● Amanda Buell, LPC - Amazon.com
● Timothy Corse, LPC - The TJX Companies, Inc.
● Stephen Feldman, LPC - Fanatics, Inc.

Jacqueline Lange, LPC - Retail Business Services LLC, an Ahold-Delhaize company
Shirley Phinney, LPC-  Walgreens
● Isaac Sandoval, LPC-  Amazon.com

● Jeffery Schartung, LPC - The Lowes Companies Inc.
● Andrew Bailey, LPQ - HomeGoods

● Frank Barczewski, LPQ - Meijer Inc.
● Kenneth Cooper, LPQ - Lyft
Megan Richardson, LPQ - Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
Kimberly Sakevich, LPQ - The Wireless Experience
Joanna Wilk, LPQ - Macy's, Inc.
Cary Young, LPQ - The TJX Companies, Inc.
Brandy Parrish, LPQ LPC - The TJX Companies, Inc.
Brittany Phillippy, LPQ LPC - Walmart

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Five Factors Influencing the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape
2019 Cyber Threatscape Report from Accenture

Cybercrime campaigns and high-profile advanced persistent threat groups are shifting how they target victims and focusing more on intricate relationships with "secure syndicate" partnerships to disguise activity

Compromising geopolitics: New threats emerge from disinformation and technology evolution Global businesses may find themselves in the crosshairs as geopolitical tensions persist. As cyberthreat actors take advantage of high-profile global events and seek to influence mass opinion, these actors will not only sustain current levels of activity but also to take advantage of new capabilities as new technologies enable more-sophisticated threat TTPs.

Cybercriminals adapt, hustle, diversify and are looking more like states. Despite high-profile law enforcement actions against criminal communities and syndicates in 2018, the ability of threat actors to remain operational highlights the significant increase in the maturity and resilience of criminal networks in 2019. Analysis indicates conventional cybercrime and financially-motivated, targeted attacks will continue to pose a significant threat for individual Internet users and businesses.

Hybrid motives pose new dangers in ransomware defense and response. The ransomware threat will be exacerbated further by the sale of access to corporate networks-through which an attacker can deploy ransomware on a corporate-wide scale-and the potential of ransomware with self-propagating abilities (such as WannaCry) to reemerge could pose a significant threat to businesses, particularly those with time-critical operations.

Improved ecosystem hygiene is pushing threats to the supply chain, turning friends into frenemies. The global interconnectedness of business, the wider adoption of traditional industry cyberthreat countermeasures and improvements to basic cybersecurity hygiene appear to be pushing cyberthreat actors to seek new avenues to compromise organizations, such as targeting their supply chains-including those for software, hardware and the cloud.

Life after meltdown: Vulnerabilities in compute cloud infrastructure demand costly solutions. The discovery of multiple side-channel vulnerabilities in modern CPUs over the last two years could pose a high risk to organizations running their compute infrastructure in the public cloud. Adversaries can use this class of side-channel vulnerabilities to read sensitive data from other hosts on the same physical server. Mitigations are available for most platforms, cloud deployments, and software. However, most of the mitigations come at a cost of reduced performance, leading to a potential increase of compute costs for enterprises. securitymagazine.com

A Framework for Responsible Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is increasingly embedding itself into our daily lives. But what are the social, ethical, and legal implications of this technology? It's time to consider some core principles for responsible AI.

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming integrated into our world, and in some cases it's happening without people even noticing. So far, the outcomes of this technology are mixed. Some are positive, like faster cancer diagnoses, and others negative, like discriminatory resume vetting

Since the legal, ethical, and policy issues raised by AI know no boundaries, the members of the International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw) are taking a multi-jurisdictional approach to AI issues. Fifty-four lawyers and AI experts from 16 countries volunteered to craft an ethical framework of eight principles that begins the conversation about the core principles of responsible AI. The eight principles are:

● ethical purpose and society benefit
transparency and explainability
fairness and non-discrimination
safety and reliability
open data and fair competition
intellectual property

The framework provides guidance in how to think about the execution of responsible AI, which benefits the public good and minimizes unintended consequences, especially outcomes that may infringe on individual rights and liberties. asae.org

The California Consumer Privacy Act's Hidden Surprise Has Big Legal Consequences
What security professionals may have missed is that the CCPA contains a surprise in the form of a provision devoted to "reasonable" cybersecurity procedures and policies.

Many businesses hope that the CCPA will change - serious amendments remain in the California legislative pipeline and should hit the governor's desk this fall. However, the meat of the CCPA will likely remain the same. Now is the time to start preparing, especially for the cybersecurity standards, as the regulation goes into effect on January 1, 2020, with enforcements starting July 1, 2020.

The Hidden Security "Duty" in the Private Cause of Action
Tucked into the CCPA's provision on consumers having a private right of action to sue businesses when their "nonencrypted or nonredacted personal information" is subjected to "unauthorized access, theft, or disclosure" is the security requirement. The CCPA specifies that people can sue "as a result of the business' violation of the duty to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices appropriate to the nature of the information." This is, in effect, a regulatory mic drop. Suddenly, baked into the CCPA is a business's "duty" to maintain "reasonable security procedures and practices" appropriate to the sliding scale of the sensitivity of the information. Unfortunately, those reasonable security procedures and practices are left undefined in the CCPA itself.

Without additional guidance from the California legislature or Attorney General, businesses will need to build reasonable security measures from additional sources, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology'.

But that's not enough; the CCPA also states that a business must have various policies in place as well. The Act remains silent as to what policies beyond specific mentions of updating privacy policies, but it is clear that the Act also intends that businesses dust off ancient incident response plans, bring your own device policies, and various other security policies to make certain they are up to date. darkreading.com

The changing face of DDoS attacks:
Degraded performance instead of total takedown

The number of DDoS attacks might be getting higher, but they are not all massive nor do they always trigger DDoS defenses. In fact, small-scale DDoS attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, according to new research from Neustar's SOC.

According to the company's Q2 2019 Cyber Threats and Trends report, between April and June of this year, over 75 percent of all attacks mitigated by Neustar were 5 Gbps or less, while large attacks - those of 100 Gbps and over - decreased by 64 percent.

At first glance, the evolution of DDoS attacks on enterprises seems to follow a pattern. The overall number of attacks during Q2 2019 compared with the previous year grew by 133 percent, which, though down from last quarter's 200% growth, is still high. Stepping outside an analysis of the numbers of attacks to their composition, however, shows some interesting changes.

Small and secretive

Smaller and more carefully targeted incursions are growing in quantity, intensity and duration. Such attacks do not seek to saturate the network link - and draw unwanted attention in the process - but to degrade or disable specific infrastructure within the target. Such lower volume incursions may enable the perpetrator to get in and get out unnoticed or allow the attack to continue for quite a long time undetected. In fact, the longest duration for a single attack in Q2 was nearly two days. helpnetsecurity.com

Judge Delays Ruling for Forever 21 Half a Million Customers 2017 Data Breach

Top Five Best Cybersecurity Best Practices


Update & News Release Coming Monday!


Montreal grapples with privacy concerns as more Canadian police forces
use facial recognition

City council debating whether to follow San Francisco's lead in banning the technology

Independent Coun. Marvin Rotrand said the city's bylaws should be updated so that they can keep pace with advances in artificial intelligence, to protect citizens' "privacy and the protection of our democratic values."

He's preparing a motion that would put a moratorium on using the technology until clear rules are put in place. It will be debated at the city council meeting on August 19.

Montreal police would not say whether or not it is already using facial recognition technology, but it is being used by police elsewhere in Canada. The Toronto Police Service said last year a pilot project using the technology was an "immediate success" in helping identify suspects.

A 2012 study by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers concluded that more work needs to be done to shrink that demographic gap in the reliability of the technology. Rotrand wants the federal government to create laws governing the use of facial recognition, but for the time being he says it's important that city council send a clear message to police that they aren't free to use it as they please. cbc.ca

'Smash and grabs' prompting more security in North Bay's downtown
According to the Downtown Improvement Area, an organization created by the city to "preserve and develop the heart of North Bay," the downtown is seeing an increase in crime, homelessness, poverty and addictions.

Recently, a well known downtown business was broken into for the third time. At the end of July, Pearls Inc, a jewlery store that's been a staple in the downtown for many years was broken into again.

Break-ins and other crimes are some of the factors that prompted the DIA to start looking into solutions to improve the safety of the downtown. Trudeau says they're looking into hiring security and other ways they can ensure their customers and business are safe. cbc.ca

Stores say construction on Dundas St. making it easier for thieves & vandals to go undetected

Federal court rules that Toronto woman must pay damages to luxury retailers, including Dior & Louis Vuitton, in counterfeit sales case
Justice John Norris writes in a ruling dated August 8 that Natalie Mary Tobey, who operates an unregistered business named TBF Accessories, sold counterfeit Celine, Givenchy, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton handbags and apparel out of multiple locations, including a Toronto home.

The ruling, which covers four separate actions from the companies, says Tobey's defence argued her merchandise substantially differed from the companies' goods and that reasonably informed people would not confuse them. But Norris writes "this defence has no hope of success whatsoever."

He also dismissed other potential issues for trial, including whether the defendant is personally liable for the trademark infringement or the corporation.

Norris ruled a trial should not take place and the amount she owes the defendants could be determined by a court appointee. citynews.ca

Loblaw won't face lawsuit over Bangladesh factory collapse after Supreme Court refuses to hear case
One of the country's largest retailers is finally off the hook for the devastating collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh six years ago. In a decision on Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear a group of Bangladeshi victims and relatives who wanted to sue Loblaw over the tragedy.

The key issue in the lawsuit was whether a Canadian court had jurisdiction to consider the claim - of importance to companies that source product from abroad.

Both Ontario's Superior Court and Court of Appeal had previously denied the plaintiffs class-action certification in their quest for $2 billion in compensation. financialpost.com

Couche-Tard Looks to Be 'Key Player' in Cannabis Retailing
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. and independent adult-use cannabis retailer Fire & Flower Holdings Corp. have confirmed the closing of their transaction announced on July 24.

Fire & Flower will leverage Couche-Tard's international infrastructure and experience for global expansion opportunities. The investment will provide Fire & Flower with additional capital to further accelerate its expansion strategy, significantly accelerating the number of stores it is able to open as well as the number of markets it is potentially able to access.

Laval, Quebec-based Couche-Tard's network consists of approximately 9,900 mostly Circle K convenience stores throughout North America. cspdailynews.com

Canada Store Openings & Expansions
Canadian Fashion Brand EMMYDEVEAUX Opening 2nd Store Amid Cross-Country Expansion
Canadian Retailer 'Mark's' Launches New Mall Concept Store
Winners to replace closing Chapter store
Popular Store Reopens at New Location in Square One in Mississauga

Canadian Tire buying Party City business for $174.4 million in cash

Vodka most often targeted in N.B. liquor store thefts

Canada Launches Small Business Cybersecurity Certification Program

Edmonton, AB: Fraudsters using 'advanced methods' steal $683,000 in elaborate gift card scam
Police said scammers using "advanced methods" have made off with $683,000 since the beginning of the calendar year. A Tuesday news release said EPS has received 136 reports of the gift card-related scam in that time period. The scam begins with a phone call informing the victim their online banking has been hacked. The caller will provide an employee number to gain trust. The target will then be asked to login to their online banking after downloading a software program that will provide the scammer with remote access to the computer. The scammer will then transfer funds from your account to someone in India and continue to ask the victim to purchase more scratch cards. This process will continue until the scammer can no longer convince the victim to send any more money. thestarphoenix.com

Calgary, AB: Man shot near Chinook Centre; runs into movie theater bathroom
to treat wounds
Calgary police say a man dashed into a washroom in a shopping mall cinema to treat a gunshot wound before he was greeted by officers and taken to hospital. The shooting happened just after 9 p.m. Sunday near Chinook Centre. Police say it appears the 30-year-old victim was shot along a road that runs parallel to the west side of the mall. The man was taken to hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Earlier reports that the shooting was targeted have yet to be substantiated, said Olson.

Lower Truro, NS: Nearly $50,000 worth of tires stolen from store
Colchester RCMP responded on August 2 to a complaint of theft of nearly $50,000 of tires stolen from a store on Robie Street in Lower Truro. Police said the theft occurred during the overnight hours between August 1 and August 2. The tires that were stolen were mostly winter truck tires, with three kayaks and two stand-up-paddle boards stolen as well. Investigation has determined a moving-style truck approached the fenced-in area in the early morning hours, and was there for approximately an hour. globalnews.ca

Guelph, ON: Police seek woman in connection to $2,500 theft investigation

Edmonton shipping container coffee shop shuttered due to theft - again


Robberies & Burglaries

C-Store - North Bay, ON - Armed Robbery
Smoke Shop - West Shore, BC - Burglary
Tire Store - Lower Truro, NS - Burglary

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2019 'Group LP Selfie' Pizza Party Drawing!


Gus Downing, Amber Bradley and Joe LaRocca draw three winners in our latest 'Group LP Selfie' drawing. See which three lucky retail LP/AP teams win a FREE pizza party - sponsored by Domino's!

Submit your team's 'Group LP Selfie' and you could win at our next drawing in June at NRF PROTECT. We'll also send you a free GLPS team plaque for your office wall. Show the industry your team pride and have some fun!

Joe & Amber Discuss ORC - Part 2

Quick Take 9

with MCs Joe LaRocca
and Amber Bradley


LPNN Co-MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley continue their conversation on Organized Retail Crime, discussing the importance of educating the C-Level executives at your company about ORC and partnering with law enforcement and local ORCAs to help fight the growing epidemic.




Consumers Are More Open to Biometrics
Half of consumers worldwide have used biometrics-typically based on facial recognition technology-to make some form of payment, according to a Paysafe study.

For many, the benefits are pretty straightforward. Among internet users surveyed in the US, UK, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada and Germany, 44% of respondents identified speed as one of the main advantages of using the technology to pay for goods or services.

While biometrics can bring opportunity, they can also raise privacy concerns. In the Paysafe survey, respondents were somewhat split on the topics of security and identity fraud.

When asked whether they worried that using biometrics as a form of payment would cause the amount of identity fraud to dramatically increase, 56% of internet users said they at least slightly agreed with that statement.

However, 47% also slightly agreed that using facial or fingerprint recognition technology to verify their identity means they will never be a victim of fraud. emarketer.com

Counterfeits Cost Global Economy $323 Billion In 2018
More than one in four consumers have unknowingly purchased non-genuine goods online, in many cases through seemingly legitimate channels: online marketplaces (39%), search engines (34%), mobile apps (22%) and advertisements (20%). All told, counterfeiting sucked $323 billion in value from the world economy in 2018, and in some cases, counterfeit products have caused consumer injuries or deaths.

The most commonly counterfeited product categories are:

● Makeup (32%)
● Skincare (25%);
● Supplements (22%); and
● Medication (16%). retailtouchpoints.com

Online retailers are transforming warehouse construction
Two decades ago, those facilities were simple structures that relied on forklifts to retrieve goods that were stored on pallets until they were shipped to a store, he said. Since then, storerooms have morphed into high-tech distribution hubs that are the last stop in the e-commerce supply chain. CBRE reports that available warehouse space has come up short by about 170 million square feet every year since 2015. retaildive.com

UK Online shopping anti-fraud scheme delayed

Online Retailers Like Wayfair Opening Pop-Up Shops at Malls

JD.com's Partnerships With Prada, Giuseppe Zanotti and More Help Propel Blowout Q2 Profits


Abilene, TX: About $48,000 in electronics stolen from Best Buy
Multiple suspects broke into Best Buy early Tuesday and stole about $48,000 worth of electronic equipment, Abilene police said. Police were alerted at about 3:10 a.m. of the break-in at the store located at the Mall of Abilene. "Detectives are working with other agencies as this burglary may be related to other similar burglaries around the state," Abilene police said in a news release. More than five suspects were involved in the burglary that lasted "minutes," said Abilene police spokesman Rick Tomlin. The suspects were in a light-colored passenger truck. The suspects may have been responsible for similar burglaries in Tulsa, McKinney, Houston and possibly other cities, Abilene police said. reporternews.com

Falcon, CO: Trio suspected of assaulting Walmart employee, stealing 23 iPhones, arrested; total value $23,000
The assault and robbery happened at about 8:40 p.m. Monday at Walmart, 11550 Meridian Market View, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office said in a news release. On Tuesday, the sheriff announced that three suspects have been arrested in the case. Colorado Springs police, the Colorado State Patrol and Pikes Peak Community College police assisted the sheriff's office in the investigation. denverpost.com

Houston, TX: Thieves ram truck into shoe store, make off with dozens of shoes
The incident happened around 1:40 a.m. at a new WSS shoe store on South Gessner Road near the Southwest Freeway. e thieves backed a stolen, white Ford F-250 into the business and used the trash bags to steal the shoes -- most of them Nike - before fleeing the scene. Police said the store manager will have to do inventory to see exactly how many pairs were taken but estimate the number to be around 50. click2houston.com

St Louis, MO: Burglary Suspects Pick Wrong Store to Sell Stolen Comics
When someone broke into a storage locker earlier this month and stole Martin Casas' personal collection of 3,000 comic books, which he'd painstakingly built up over three decades, he was put out but not hopeless that they were gone forever. Just days later, a call came in from a woman who said she had a box of comics to sell, and when she dropped the box off to be appraised. He called the woman to ask if she had even more to sell, and if she could come in the next day so he could pay her for "her" wares. Yes, she said, per Casas: "Me and my boyfriend, we do storage units." Casas arranged for the police to hide out in the store for her arrival, and when she and her boyfriend showed up, they were taken into custody. newser.com

Grand Rapids, MI: Group nets $20,000 using bogus bottle return slips at Meijer stores
Bogus bottle return slips cashed in at numerous Meijer stores netted participants thousands of dollars before the criminal enterprise was tripped up by a Michigan State Police fraud unit. Hundreds of photo-copied bottle return slips were redeemed at between five and seven Meijer stores in the Grand Rapids area, according to investigators and court records. The ringleader, 35-year-old Jonathan Alan Bosch, was sentenced to prison and ordered to pay Meijer more than $19,100 in restitution. Four others were given jail and probation. wzzm13.com

Walnut Creek, CA: Three women steal 16 iPhone in Snatch & Grab at Apple store

Millburn, NJ: Neiman Marcus at Short Hill investigating $3,296 merchandise theft

Millburn, NJ: Christian Louboutin at Short Hills apprehended 2 handbag thieves, totaling $2,780

Bannockburn, IL: Woman charged with theft of $2,800 of merchandise from Uncle Dan's Outdoors

Brooklyn, OH: Menards makes a $700 apprehension at one of its new Cleveland area locations

Clark, NJ: Target apprehends Shoplifting suspects in $580 theft, suspect has warrants in 4 other cities

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Shootings & Deaths

Kansas City, KS: Man armed with AR-15 rifle killed in shootout with police
near Kansas City outlet mall

Kansas City police shot and killed a man they say was heavily armed Tuesday morning and shot at them. Police say the gunman also told a hotel manager he killed his wife and was headed to Legends Outlets with a military-style rifle.

Pearson told a hotel manager before the shootout that he killed his wife, was dangerous and that the manager needed to call police. Then the witness said he went out to a red Maserati and peeled out of the parking lot. fox2now.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Burke County, NC: Customer hits shirtless C-Store Armed Robber with truck
Police are investigating after they said a customer followed a man who had just robbed a Burke County convenience store and hit him with his truck. Surveillance video captured the suspect, identified as Andrew Michael Davis, waving a gun around during the overnight armed robbery at the Shop and Save on Highway 18, north of Morganton. A shirtless Davis walked into the store just before closing time, around 1 a.m., wearing a mask, according to police. He pointed a gun at the clerk throughout the robbery. The sheriff said that after running from the store, a customer followed Davis and struck him with his truck. Davis was rushed to the hospital and has serious injuries after being found in a ditch near the store. wsoctv.com

Palm Coast, FL: Tire Shop Employee busted for $1,600 theft of merchandise and services
Police arrested a Palm Coast man who swindled a local tire shop out of approximately 20 tires and 10 oil changes. The man was employed by the business, according to a police report, and the store's general manager said the thefts had been occurring since May 2019.

The store's asset protection manager advised police that he was conducting an internal theft investigation for all the tires the man sold "on the side." The man is suspected of selling these tires on the street for cash. The 20 tires are worth over $1,300, and the oil changes just under $300. ormondbeachobserver.com

Norfolk, NY: 12- and 14-year-old with guns stole $1,400 in cigs
from Upstate NY store

A 12-year-old and 14-year-old were arrested in Norfolk, NY, after breaking into a convenience store and stealing $1,400 worth of tobacco and e-cigarette products. New York State Police say the pair each had handguns with them when they climbed through the drive-through window at the Parkway Express in Norfolk at 3 a.m. on Saturday. newyorkupstate.com

Massena, NY: St Lawrence Centre Mall burglars caught after hitting same stores two nights in a row
St. Lawrence Centre mall stores were burglarized two nights in a row. Police say it was the same three burglars each time. It seemed to work out fine for the suspected burglars on the first night, so they came back for a second night. That didn't work out as well. They were caught red-handed at a nail salon. They allegedly pried open a plate glass window at the front of the store in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday, but state police had already been called. wwnytv.com

East St Louis, MO: Truck used to Smash Save A Lot store front to attempt to steal safe; attempt Failed

West Allis, WI: Woman accused of leaving 2 kids in car while she shopped at Target

Arapahoe County, CO: Still no arrests after nearly 24 brazen smash-and-grabs at strip malls



Apple - Walnut Creek, CA - Robbery
Best Buy - Abilene, TX - Burglary
C-Store - Newberry County, SC - Burglary
C-Store - Victorville, CA - Robbery
C-Store - Hamilton, NJ - Burglary
C-Store - Burke County, NC - Armed Robbery
CVS - St Louis, MO - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Halifax County, VA - Armed Robbery
Dollar Tree - Meridian, MS - Burglary/suspect shot
Gas Station - Derby, VT - Burglary
Grocery - East St. Louis, MO - Burglary
Hardware - Buckhannon, WV - Burglary
Home Depot - Suwanee, GA - Armed Robbery
Kmart - Chico, CA - Armed Robbery
JC Penney - Spokane, WA - Armed Robbery
Nail Salon - Massena, NY - Burglary
Pharmacy - Belton, TX - Robbery
Restaurant - Fresno, CA - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Manitowoc, WI - Burglary
Restaurant - Danville, IN - Burglary
Restaurant - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery (Wing Stop)
Restaurant - Indian River County, MI - Armed Robbery (Domino's)
Shoe Store - Houston, TX - Burglary
Walmart - Falcon, CO - Robbery
7-Eleven - New Windsor, MD - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Suffolk County, NY - Robbery
7-Eleven - Elkhart, IN - Robbery
7-Eleven - Portsmouth, VA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
11 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killed





Michael Kingrey named Program Manager, Compliance North American Transportation for Amazon

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