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Angie Cahill named Director of Loss Prevention
for Forty Five Ten

Angie was previously an Independent Contractor for Loss Prevention Innovations before taking this new role. She's held other loss prevention positions for retailers including Field LP Manager for Kirkland's, Zone LP Manager for Tuesday Morning and Regional LP Manager for Linens N Things. Congratulations Angie!

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August's Moving Ups

22 New Senior LP's - 14 Appointments - 8 Promotions

Aldi USA named Ron Bigelow Corporate Security
American Freight Furniture and Mattress named Kelly Murphy-Iversen Director of Loss Prevention
Appriss Retail named Christopher Hoffman Senior Program Manager
AT&T named Bart Zarzour Senior Investigator - Jackson, Mississippi
Belle Tire promoted Sean Kecskes to Senior Loss Prevention Manager
Checkpoint Systems promoted Carl Rysdon to Vice President of RFID Solutions
Cracker Barrel named Christie Hale Vice President of Internal Audit & Loss Prevention
Estee Lauder named Christian Placencia Corporate Loss Prevention Manager
Forty Five Ten named Angie Cahill Director of Loss Prevention
GameStop promoted Monica Trevino to Director, Corporate Loss Prevention
Genetec promoted Jarrod Fullerton to Business Development Manager, Signature Brands
Goodwill Industries of Central Florida named Lawrence Hartman Director of Risk Management, LP, and Safety
Guitar Center named Gary Johnson named Director Asset Protection and Safety
Gulfstream Goodwill Industries named Elizabeth Grill Director of Risk Management, Safety and Loss Prevention
Hudson's Bay Corporation promoted Tom Kilgallon to Director of Investigations
Johnson Controls named Martin Renkis CEO Smartvue IoT/Video Cloud Surveillance & GM Exacq Technologies VMS
Nordstrom promoted John Morris to National Director of Investigations - Loss Prevention
Office Depot promoted Shannon Hunter to Vice President, Loss Prevention & Sustainability
Ollie's Bargain Outlet, Inc. named Bruce Pyke Director of Loss Prevention
Paycom named Adam Walker Director of Safety and Physical Security
TAL Global named Stanley Kirsch Worldwide Manager of Sales
7-Eleven promoted Lauren Freede to Asset Protection Manager of Investigations & Anti-Money Laundering

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The Evolution of Facial Recognition: From Bodycams to Video Surveillance
Facial recognition has a long history dating back to the 1800s. To track down criminals, such as infamous bandits Jesse Woodson James and Billy the Kid, law enforcement would place "Wanted Alive or Dead" posters advertising bounties and soliciting public cooperation to help locate and even apprehend the alleged criminals. In addition to the bounty, these posters would include a photo and brief description of the crime, which would then be circulated to law enforcement agencies around the country and displayed in every US Post Office to speed up apprehension.

Facial Recognition
Today, technology such as social media, television and other more specialized communication networks play a more influential role in the recognition process. Advancements in artificial intelligence and biometric technology, including the development of Machine Learning capabilities, have led to increased accuracy, accessibility and the widespread use of computerized facial recognition. The significance of this means that facial recognition can occur on an even larger scale and in more challenging environments.

This article explores key milestones and technological advances that have resulted in the modern incarnation of facial recognition, before discussing the capabilities of cutting-edge "one-to-many" technology which is increasingly being used by counter-terror defense, police and security forces around the world.

Facial Recognition Edges Toward the Mainstream
The push toward commercial biometric identification is part of a century-long trend toward extreme personalization, said Joseph Turow, a professor of communication at the University of Pennsylvania.

Retailers and restaurants want to know as much as possible about each customer. The problem with singling out specific computers or credit cards is that they can be shared by relatives - unlike faces, which by definition belong to just one person.

But will biometrics go viral? Turow says yes, but when it does, voice identification may take off before facial recognition. "This is not just an incremental change," he says. "Passing into the world of biometrics is a major step in how we allow our data and our body to be used." axios.com

3rd Day in Use Facial Recognition Catches 1st Imposter at Dulles Int'l Airport
An identification card from the Republic of Congo was found hidden in the man's shoe, officials said.

"So he was trying to enter the country illegally, we apprehended him, processed him and returned him back to Brazil," CBP Area Port Director Daniel Mattina told NBC News at the airport.

The arrest was the first identity scammer detected using the new technology, U.S. officials said. The fledgling technology is already being tested at 14 airports, including Dulles. nbcnews.com

Jim Palmer faces $80 million judgment from loan for Kelly Park Crossing project at Wekiva Parkway in Apopka
Jim Palmer, the developer of the proposed 1,500-home Kelly Park Crossing in Apopka, has been ordered to pay huge sums to creditors.

He has judgments of $80 million and $2.3 million against him on behalf of two lenders, who also accuse him of hiding assets.

"Palmer orchestrated a series of purported secret transfers," states litigation started last year by MMA Realty Capital LLC. That lender previously had won the judgment of $2.3 million against Palmer, a lawyer and former member of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Asked about the accusations of fraud, Palmer's lawyer Ric Keller said: "I'm not aware of any misconduct or fraudulent dealings by anybody."

This month, Palmer appealed the $80 million judgment signed in April by an Orange County judge on behalf of a Delaware lender, PSP/MRC Debt Portfolio S-1, L.P.

According to court documents, the judgment stems from the failure of Palmer and his company, Project Orlando, to repay a 2006 loan of $46 million for development of Kelly Park Crossing. orlandosentinel.com

U.S. Jewelers Connected to Multi-Billion-Dollar Bank Fraud
Indian Bank Can Depose Ex-Exec Of Modi's US Jewelry Cos.

Following a damning report that three U.S. jewelry companies owned by billionaire Nirav Modi participated in India's largest ever bank fraud, a New York bankruptcy judge ruled Wednesday that the former president of those companies cannot block subpoenas probing his knowledge of the alleged scam.

Indian government-owned Punjab National Bank has defeated efforts to quash a bankruptcy court probe into two individuals closely tied to an alleged $2 billion bank fraud believed to have been masterminded by fugitive diamond jeweler Nirav Modi (pictured left), who fled India earlier this year as accusations were brought against him.

Mihir Bhansali, who abruptly resigned as president of the debtors in May after a failed bid to sell A. Jaffe's assets, has already invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid discussing conversations he had with Modi after the Chapter 11 cases were filed. Despite Bhansali's refusal to testify about suspected links between the U.S. jewelry businesses and the alleged bank fraud, a case examiner concluded last week that it was "highly likely" Bhansali and the debtors' CFO, Ajay Gandhi, had been directly involved in Modi's fraud. law360.com

Reported in the Daily Aug. 8th:
Multi-Billion-Dollar Overseas Bank Fraud Shuts Down U.S. Retailer
Samuels Jewelers Files for Bankruptcy - Will Close 100+ Stores
Retailer was controlled by jewelry magnate wanted in Indian bank fraud probe

Security Bag Check Pay Struck Down
High Court's FLSA Ruling Blocks Amazon Workers' Claims

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling denying Amazon warehouse workers pay under federal wage law for time spent undergoing security checks blocks such claims under the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act, a Kentucky federal judge ruled Thursday in a decision tossing part of a multidistrict litigation against the e-commerce giant.

"The court therefore finds that time spent undergoing or waiting to undergo security screenings is not compensable under the PMWA," Judge Hale said, granting Amazon's motion for summary judgment. law360.com

Class Action Lawsuit Claims McDonald's Violated FCRA
with Background Checks on Job Applicants

A class action lawsuit filed in a Florida court claims that fast food giant McDonald's allegedly violated the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) when it conducted background checks on job applicants by failing to obtain proper authorization and disclosure in violation of the FCRA, according to a report from Top Class Actions.

Top Class Actions reports that plaintiff Danny O'Neill claims he and other job seekers were subject to background checks when they applied to work at McDonald's and were unaware that a consumer report would be pulled because the disclosure in the hiring paperwork contained other distracting information. esrcheck.com

Sacramento, CA: 'Grocery shopping while black'
Raley's shopper pushes for change after shoplifting accusation

Grocery shopping while black. That's all Zhalisa Clarke said she was doing, when she was falsely accused of shoplifting from a Raley's in Citrus Heights last month. Clarke said she has been informed that the employee involved was terminated for calling police against a store manager's orders. However, Clarke wasn't looking for vindication or publicity. What Clarke wanted was change. This is an issue happening all over the country," Clarke said. "It's bad for business."

Clarke would know, she has her MBA from Harvard, which is also partly why she admits she never expected something like this to happen to her. "I was shocked and a lot of friends were shocked that this would happen to someone like me," Clarke said. "This incident is an example or evidence that this is happening to everybody in this country that looks like me, regardless of education or socioeconomic status."

Clarke and her friend, both from the Bay Area, were stopping through Sacramento while on a road trip. "We spent over $200 at the grocery store," Clarke said. "I would later find out I spent too much time in the deli meat section." Clarke said she was accused of stealing deli meat, which she found ironic because she is vegan. As they were leaving the parking lot, a Citrus Heights police officer approached. She was surprised when the police approached her and asked if they had paid for their groceries. Clarke said they were asked to show their receipt and match each of the grocery items. Clarke added that the officers looked through all of their camping gear. She later posted about her experience online and reached out to Raley's leadership team, hoping to have an impactful discussion and move forward with change. "The ACLU got involved," Clarke said. "They agreed to commit to some of the things I requested." abc10.com

Sydney, Australia: 'It's a scary situation'
7-Eleven franchise store owner begs to be allowed to close at night

A 7-Eleven owner has begged the convenience store giant to allow him to close his outlet at night after a spate of armed robberies. Paresh Davaria's 7-Eleven convenience store in Campbelltown in Sydney's West was held up at 2am on January 22 by a knife-wielding bandit, and again at 3.20am on April 28 by someone with a sawn-off shotgun.

Police recommended the closure of the store between 11pm and 4am, however 7-Eleven has refused Mr Davaria's request.

Instead, 7-Eleven installed a "safe-haven door" to the back office area, replaced the front doors with fully framed doors, installed additional CCTV cameras and removed window posters and point of sale material to increase visibility. smh.com.au

ASIS International Develops Active Assailant Best Practices
For Security Professionals

When an active assailant strikes, it's over fast, and most of the damage happens before help arrives. Responding appropriately can save lives, and it takes training and practice to know what to do as a tragedy unfolds: Where can I hide? Can I get out? Where do I run? If you hear shots or see someone with a knife, your training empowers the best response, and thorough and repetitive training avoids being paralyzed by panic.

Active Assailant Supplement Elements

Prevention - A key to preventing active assailant incidents is awareness, such as identifying behaviors that suggest a potential for violence. In addition to recognizing troubled behaviors, companies should have policies and procedures in place to report concerns to supervisors, and then policies to follow up.

Intervention - Training equips companies to react effectively in the case of an active assailant attack. Repetition and practice ensure an appropriate reaction, and inform decisions about where to hide, the nearest exits, etc. Employees might hide in a washroom or a conference room that locks, or they might use furniture to block the door.

Response - It also takes training for employees to understand what happens when first responders arrive. Private security and employees have specific roles when first responders show up.

Recovery - After the incident, other issues include cleanup, providing a gathering place for employees and family members, and counseling. securityinformed.com

Global Firearm Deaths Reach 250,000 Per Year
The results are from a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers counted about 209,000 gun deaths in 1990 compared to 251,000 in 2016. The average rate, about 4 per 100,000 people, was mostly unchanged.

Two-thirds of the deaths in 2016 were homicides, although the U.S. is among wealthy countries where suicides by gun outnumber gun killings, the study found.

● Gun deaths in the U.S. climbed from 35,800 in 1990 to 37,200 in 2016, but the rate dipped slightly to 11 per 100,000. Gun suicides increased from 19,700 to 23,800.

● The U.S. had the second-highest gun suicide rate in 2016, just over 6 deaths per 100,000 - a slight dip from the 1990 rate. Greenland had the highest, 22 per 100,000 but that amounted to just 11 suicides. securitymagazine.com

Cargo Thieves Work Hard on Labor Day
$15.7M in Cargo Theft Over Labor Day Weekends from 2013 to 2017
CargoNet has been studying Labor Day cargo theft trends since 2013. Looking at the days leading up to and after the Labor Day holidays of 2013 through 2017, it has recorded 98 cargo thefts in the U.S. The value of all the stolen goods exceeded $15.74 million in that analysis period. By contrast, there were 741 total cargo thefts in the U.S. and Canada last year.

Thieves love holidays because there tends to be an increase in consumer demand for goods and at the same time, more opportune periods when staff is reduced at guarded facilities holding cargo. Within the period that CargoNet analyzed, the 2015 weekend was a particularly expensive one, due to a single $5.7 million cell phone heist. While electronics are valuable and sought after, food and beverage loads still top the list of the most targeted commodities, making up 22% of all cargo thefts in 2017. truckinginfo.com

NSC Estimates 420 Motor Vehicle Deaths Over Labor Day Weekend
Please Drive Carefully

Practice defensive driving. Buckle up, designate a sober driver or arrange alternative transportation.
Get plenty of sleep to avoid fatigue, and drive attentively, avoiding distractions.
Recognize the dangers of drugged driving, including impairment from prescription opioids.
Stay engaged in teens' driving habits.
Learn about your vehicle's safety systems and how to use them.
Fix recalls immediately.
Ask lawmakers and state leaders to protect travelers on state roadways.
Join the Road to Zero to understand how safety professionals are addressing motor vehicle fatalities.

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend
Drive Safely & Let's Keep them all SAFE out there!

Vail Valley woman sues Walmart for wrongful firing after store's surveillance video exonerates her from theft allegation

Nedap's AEOS Installed At ING's Branch Offices In Belgium

BJ's Hits Tyson, Perdue And Others With Price-Fixing Suit

In-N-Out target of boycott for GOP donations

Starbucks' early pumpkin spice latte rollout lambasted as 'seasonal creep'

Quarterly Results
lululemon athletica Q2 comp's up 20%, revenue up 25%
Ulta Beauty Q2 comp's up 6.5%, net sales up 15.4%
Build-A-Bear Q2 revenue up 5%

In observance of Labor Day, the Daily will not be publishing
on Monday, Sept. 3. We will resume publishing Tuesday.
Enjoy your holiday weekend!


New England Loss Prevention Expo - September 13, 2018

Please join us as we bring Loss Prevention, Security, Risk Managers and Solutions Partners together with law enforcement, prosecutors and policy makers to learn more about how to keep our stores, employees, and customers safe and secure. There are many things to consider when protecting the profitability of a retail business.

This expo will aim to collaboratively and comprehensively discuss subjects such as Organized Retail Crime, external and internal theft, private/public sector partnerships, asset protection technology, financial crimes and emergency preparedness. Billions of dollars in revenue, tax dollars and man hours are lost each year while industry professionals and law enforcement tirelessly work to investigate, prosecute and punish crimes against retailers. The New England Loss Prevention Expo strives to propagate an environment where learning, preparedness and networking arm us all with the tools to combat those crimes.

For more information, including registration, click here

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From Spotting Terrorists to Preventing Shrink

StopLift Founder Shows How Artificial Intelligence Helps Stop Shoplifters


CAMBRIDGE (CBS) - Theft is a huge problem for retailers, particularly in grocery stores where customers use self-checkout lanes. According to the Loss Prevention Foundation, stores that operate on a thin margin, have to sell dozens of items to make up for just one that was stolen.

In an effort to solve that problem, Malay Kundu tapped into his knowledge of visual technologies. "I used to develop facial recognition systems to look for terrorists in airports," he told WBZ-TV.

But instead of terrorists, Kundu is now looking for un-scanned items at grocery checkouts and other retail stores. His Cambridge Company is called StopLift and the owner of Vicente's grocery store in Brockton is a big fan.

"It has saved us a good amount of money," said Brian Vincente. Vicente's store has a loss prevention room filled with dozens of cameras watching every checkout aisle and the entire store. It would be impossible for the human eye to keep a close eye on all of them at once. That's where the computers come in.

"Our software is analyzing the video and it is also looking at what's actually being rung up on the checkout. It's comparing those and it can tell when you are trying to give yourself a deal," Kundu said.

The program can catch a number of different ways both self-checkout customers and cashiers cheat the system. Kundu pointed to video of a woman ringing up bags of potato chips using the produce lookout system, paying just the price of loose carrots, which is considerably cheaper than the chips.

According to Kundu, when stores spot an issue they will approach the customer and politely ask if they need help using the self-checkout system. StopLift is used at hundreds of checkouts in stores across Massachusetts and thousands around the world.

Read the full story by WBZ-TV (CBS Boston) here.


Security teams and C-suite exec views not aligned
There are key differences and potential challenges when it comes to security teams and C-suite executives communicating and aligning about cyber threats, a study shows

While 96% of cyber security professionals are confident that their companies' security planning is in line with the organisation's risks, only 73% of the C-suite believe this to be the case.

This is one of the main findings of a poll of more than 300 C-suite executives and security pros in the UK, France, Germany and the US by security firm Varonis, suggesting there is more communication and teamwork to be done.

While corporate executives share the same concerns as their security teams, with both groups citing data loss and data theft as the top cyber security concerns for their organisations, the two groups differed when it came to their third main concern.

Security pros focused on ransomware, with 30% naming it as a top concern, but executives are more concerned with risks stemming from data alteration or manipulation, with 32% citing it as a top concern.

When asked what type of data they were most concerned with protecting, both groups prioritised customer or patient data and intellectual property. However, the executives named protecting employee data as their third biggest concern, while financial data was the third biggest data worry for security pros.

When asked which business issues were affected by cyber security, both groups listed the same top three concerns, but in a different order. Security pros cited brand perception as their top business issue, followed by intellectual property (IP) loss and costs associated with breaches, while the execs named costs associated with security breaches, such as recovery costs and fines, as their top business issue, followed by brand perception and IP loss.

Further underlining differences in perceptions, 94% of cyber security experts said they believe their company's leadership teams act on their advice, but only 76% of the C-suite said they take input from their security staff on cyber security threats. This suggests that security teams and IT pros could benefit from more face time, if not a seat at the executive table, the Varonis report said. computerweekly.com

New Online Course: Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Practitioners
Johnson Controls has introduced Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Practitioners, an online cybersecurity course exclusively for Johnson Controls integrators.

Stemming from the acknowledgement that cybersecurity proficiency is increasingly becoming an integrator selection factor with many customers, this online course is designed to enhance an integrator's knowledge of cybersecurity, so they may better support Johnson Controls security products throughout their lifecycle.

Wayne Smith of Tech Systems, an industry veteran and longtime Johnson Controls integrator, agrees with the need for training. "Our customers are facing unprecedented threats against their data and systems, and it is no longer optional to be educated on how cybersecurity affects physical security," said Smith. "Protecting the entire customer enterprise is the expectation today and courses like this are incredibly valuable."

The extensive online course addresses core cybersecurity concepts and "how-to" topics, as well as important questions integrators should be asking customers to help reveal their cyber vulnerabilities and requirements. tycosecurityproducts.com

Cyber attackers switching to covert tactics
Cyber criminals are moving away from mass, high-profile attacks to ones that are stealthy and more subtle - as well as attacks targeting systems typically used in critical infrastructure, researchers say.

Illicity cryptocurrency mining, also known as cryptojacking, is having the biggest impact so far this year, according to the latest mid-year security roundup report from security firm Trend Micro.

The report reveals a 96% increase in cryptojacking detections in the first half of the year compared with the whole of 2017, and a 956% increase in detections compared with the first six months of 2017. computerweekly.com

Inside Alibaba's new kind of superstore: Robots, apps & overhead conveyor belts

Walmart could have you shopping in The Matrix



ADA Website Lawsuits a Growing Problem for Retailers
While ADA requirements in physical stores are, by and large, easy to understand, the standards are less black-and-white when it comes to online shopping. It is far more complex to accurately measure or predict how a specific website will interact with a specific assistive technology and its user. So, as ecommerce grows, retailers are increasingly faced with ADA lawsuits that claim their websites are not accessible, particularly for the visually impaired.

Website accessibility lawsuits have already hit a record this year, with
retail being the most frequently targeted industry. More lawsuits were filed in federal court in the first six months of 2018 (1,053) than in all of 2017 (814). With legal action skyrocketing, the number of cases so far this year is more than four times the 262 filed in 2016 and nearly 20 times the 57 seen in 2015.

What's driving this issue? Lack of clarity. Title III of the ADA - the section under which retailers are being sued - prohibits disability-based discrimination in "any place of public accommodation." But while the law defines many types of businesses with physical locations as "public accommodations" it makes no mention of non-physical marketplaces like websites. That has led to a patchwork of inconsistent court decisions that attempt to interpret Title III and its reach. nrf.com

Fake products on social media call for smarter brand protection methods
A study conducted by Red Points, an online brand protection company, monitored the number of fake soccer jerseys sold on social media channels for a select group of European clubs. Researchers from Red Points state that in
2017 over 50% of these items were sold on either Facebook or Instagram.

However, the scale of the problem isn't just limited to the sale of fake soccer shirts -
other industries such as cosmetics and fashion have suffered at the hands of counterfeit vendors diversifying their sales tactics.

Red Points offers several explanations for this increase in the number of IP-infringing posts on social media channels; one of these being
better policing systems on ecommerce platforms like Alibaba. Vendors who sell counterfeit goods are now being forced to make use of alternative sales channels, and social media has provided the perfect replacement for ecommerce.

In addition, tools on social media channels allow advertisers to target and segment their posts, enabling sellers to identify relevant consumers with a much greater degree of accuracy. Red Points also highlights that fake products on social media has become a 'cottage industry', where vendors only sell a narrow selection of items in comparison to ecommerce websites, enabling them to make substantial cost-saving measures which otherwise wouldn't be possible on an ecommerce platform. consumerelectronics.net

Amazon continues to expand Whole Foods delivery service

Black Diamond demands Walmart remove gear from website

FDA warns 21 more websites to stop selling opioids

E-commerce sales account for 25% of Express Inc. sales in Q2

Pet e-commerce retailer, Chewy, considering opening facility in Louisville, KY

Walmart is opening a $41M fulfillment center in Bullitt County, KY

With Most Efficient Logistics, Wildberries Becomes Russia's Biggest Web Retailer

61% of shoppers have purchased from an e-retailer they were visiting for the first time



State College, PA: Baby's Burgers and Shakes Manager accused of stealing
almost $80,000 over 3 years

A former Baby's Burgers and Shakes employee confessed to stealing more than $66,000 from the restaurant between 2017 and July 2018, according to State College police. Co-owner Fred Wood audited his business in July and believed that Cassandra Lopez - the restaurant's manager - stole more than $13,000 in 2016, more than $42,000 in 2017 and more than $23,000 in 2018. Wood reported the total thefts were $79,661.21. Lopez, a 54-year-old from Philipsburg, told police she agreed with the 2017 and 2018 amounts, but questioned the 2016 amount. She initially said she took less than the amount Wood reported, but later said she doesn't remember taking any money in 2016. centredaily.com

Albuquerque, NM: Man posed as contractor to steal thousands in tools and supplies
Police have arrested a man they say has been posing as a contractor and stealing construction equipment and supplies from local stores. Police say the suspect, 33-year-old Elias Sisneros, walked into the shops wearing a company vest, pretending to be a contractor for different plumbing companies. They say he stole hundreds of dollars worth of copper wiring from a store off Menaul and I-40 on two separate occasions, and used different company account numbers to get away with supplies. Police also say Sisneros has been stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools and selling them at local pawn shops. krge.com

Bellefonte, PA: C-Store Employee busted for theft of $7,000 of Lottery tickets;
she did win over $4,000

A Bellefonte Mart employee stole nearly $7,000 worth of lottery tickets from the store during a three-month period, according to Bellefonte police. After speaking with the store owner, a compliance manager for the Pennsylvania Lottery and a witness, police arrested Donna Hepfer on Wednesday after she allegedly stole 25 packs of lottery tickets from May 1 to June 11.

Hepfer, a 55-year-old from Bellefonte, initially denied stealing the tickets, but later said she could only remember stealing four packs of tickets. She referred to March, April and May as her "big months" and thought she stole about $8,000 from the store. Police said she stole $6,990 of lottery tickets and won $4,435 - bringing the total thefts to $11,425. centredaily.com

Elmhurst, IL: Chicago man charged with stealing $9,000 worth of cigarettes from a gas station

North Haven, CT: Police seek DSW thief; stole 14 pairs of shoes valued at over $1,000

Pierce Township, OH: Police search for female Walmart felony theft suspect

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Shootings & Deaths

Toronto, Canada: Lockdown at Yorkdale Mall after reported Shots Fired;
two injured during evacuation

Yorkdale Mall in Toronto is scheduled to reopen at 10 a.m. on Friday after shots rang out inside the busy shopping centre on Thursday. Police said emergency crews were called to the north-end mall at around 2:50 p.m. with reports of the sounds of gunshots. The incident happened in the southeast corner of the mall near a café and the security office. Police said two male suspects were last seen leaving an exit in the same part of the mall. No one was hit by the gunfire, but authorities said two people received minor injuries while exiting the mall. Video captured by witnesses at the scene showed shoppers running for cover. Toronto police said they are looking for multiple suspects after an altercation broke out between two groups of men. No arrests have been made. newsweek.com

Sylacauga, AL: C-Store Clerk shot and killed, unknown motive
Sylacauga Police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened at the A.O.C Food Mart on Highway 21 Thursday morning. Police say the female store clerk in her 30s was killed. Authorities do not believe this was a robbery. Police have not identified her yet. wbrc.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Salem, MA: 'Willy Wonka' arrested in New England ATM robbery spree called 'Operation Golden Ticket'
There was no golden ticket to riches for a Lawrence man called "Willy Wonka" and his alleged theft ring. "Wonka" instead got a trip to Salem Superior Court, where he and others faced more than 100 charges in what prosecutors call an ATM robbery spree across New England. Lawrence men William "Willy Wonka" Rodriguez, also dubbed "Chocolate Man," and Nelson "Pito" Rodriguez, pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges linked to an alleged ATM robbery operation that crossed state lines.

"Wonka" Rodriguez, 47, is known as "one of the most prolific and notorious burglars in New England," Sgt. Robert LaBarge Jr. said in an affidavit. He was arraigned on more than 60 counts, including conspiracy, assault with a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering, receiving a stolen motor vehicle, possessing "burglarious instruments" and more. masslive.com

Roanoke County, VA: Shoe Store Burglar make off with a haul of Right shoes
Burglars who hit a Roanoke County shoe store took for the most part right shoes. The nighttime burglars who triggered the alarm at Clean Soles on Williamson Road could have been grabbing too fast to notice. Or maybe this is just another stupid criminal story. Not much good "unless you have two right feet," said Rob Wickham, who operates the shop. "Pretty much risking their freedom for nothing." Clean Soles specializes in buying, trading and selling sneakers and in sneaker cleaning. roanoke.com

Bellingham, WA: Police arrest 4 suspected in $20,000 Burglary at Marijuana store

Avoyelles Parish, LA: Dollar General Burglary suspect arrested

Tuscaloosa, AL: Federally indicted in string of store holdups; gas Station and multiple Dollar General stores

Helzberg Diamonds in Portage MI reported a Robbery on 8/30, value to be determined

Kay Jewelers at Assembly Row in Somerville, MA reported an Armed Robbery on 8/30, value to be determined

Jared in the Sierra Commons, Palmdale, CA reported a Grab & Run on 8/29, item valued at $6.799

Kay Jewelers in the Chalmette Walmart Pad, Chalmette, LA reported a Distraction Theft on 8/29, item recovered

Piercing Pagoda in the Las Vegas Premium Outlet South, Las Vegas, NV reported a Grab & Run on 8/25, items valued at $549

Piercing Pagoda in the Parkway Plaza, El Cajon, CA reported a Grab & Run on 8/28, item valued at $750

Zales in the South County Mall, St. Louis, MO reported a Grab & Run on 8/29, items valued at $1,113

Zales in the Glendale Galleria, Glendale, CA reported a Diamond Switch on 8/29, item valued at $13,335

UK: Worthing, England: Burglar raids Tesco store from the ceiling

UK: Cranwell, England: Smash & Grab Burglary at C-Store; 2 men arrested

Credit Card Fraud

Rogersville, TN: Cuban National gets 57 months in Credit Card Fraud;
$21,000 of restitution to Walmart

U.S. District Judge Ronnie Greer on Tuesday threw the book at Amaurys Mendez Companon, 40 when he sentenced him to 57 months in federal prison, the maximum penalty. In July, Greer sentenced Companon's partner, Odemnis Prats Leiva, to 54 months in a federal lockup, which was also the highest guidelines-rage sentence. Companon and Leiva, who are responsible for paying more than $21,000 in restitution, will get credit for time served since they were taken into custody at the Rogersville Walmart in August 2017. Federal authorities seized more than $32,000 in cash, $16,000 in money orders and $7,000 in gift cards, along with a credit card encoder and laptop computer. citizentribune.com

Florida Man Sentenced to Prison in Expansive Credit Card Fraud Scheme
Judge James Peterson sentenced Jorge Consuegra-Rojas, 43, of Miami to 60 months in federal prison for conspiracy to commit access device fraud and possession of 15 or more counterfeit access devices. Consuegra-Rojas pleaded guilty to the charges on May 31.

In September 2016, police arrested Consuegra-Rojas and another individual. They had attempted to use a counterfeit credit card inside a grocery store in Mauston, Wisconsin. During the arrest, police searched Consuegra-Rojas's vehicle. In the vehicle, they found false identification documents, counterfeit credit cards, multiple cellphones, two computers, three flash drives, six credit card skimmers, a credit card reader/writer and 280 gift cards valued at over $23,000. Then police performed a forensic search of the flash drives and computers and recovered 1,679 stolen credit card numbers. Consuegra-Rojas and his partner had used some of these cards to purchase the recovered gift cards. usaherald.com


Anti-Counterfeit & Currency Expo / November 6-8, 2018Spring Hill, TN: Police investigate counterfeit $20 bills used at Target
Police were contacted by Target staff at around 10 a.m. on Monday, after two black females were allegedly trying to purchase vacuum cleaners with counterfeit $20 bills, according to Lieutenant Justin Whitwell. springhillhomepage.com

Broken Arrow, OK: Counterfeit bust puts area merchants on alert
30-year old Jarod Wilson was arrested recently after officers found a bag full of fake hundred dollar bills inside the SUV he was driving with a stolen license plate during a traffic stop. krmg.com

Sentencings, Indictments, & Charges

Multi-State "Serial Armed Robbers Reign of Terror" Hitting 20 Stores
Ends with 15 & 16 1/2 Yr Fed. Prison

Two men who robbed twenty stores in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland were sentenced today. Michael Kolmonen to 15 years & Brian Branch to 16 and a half years in prison.

In sentencing the defendants, Chief Judge Stark stated that the defendants engaged in a "reign of terror for several months and both defendants had equal roles in it." In the summer and fall of 2016, Branch entered the store, brandished a gun, and demanded money from the register. The two men victimized thirty (30) people, most of whom were teenagers or the elderly. The victims were as young as 17 and as old as 76 years old. They robbed:

1. BP - 2360 Pulaski Highway, New Castle, DE

2. Walgreens - 4114 Ogletown-Stanton Rd, Newark, DE

3. Walgreens - 1500 Beaverbrook Plaza, New Castle, DE

4. Walgreens - 2608 Naamans Creek Road, Boothwyn, PA

5. Walgreens - 19 Marrows Road, Newark, DE

6. Rite Aid - 738 Pulaski Highway, Elkton, MD

7. Walgreens - 2719 Pulaski Highway, Newark, DE

8. Walgreens - 372 Possum Park Road, Newark, DE

9. CVS - 366 East Chestnut Hill Road, Newark, DE

10. CVS - 1545 Pulaski Highway, Bear, Newark, DE

11. Dunkirk Liquors - 2 Dunlinden Drive, Wilmington, DE
12. Walgreens - 1508 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, DE

13. Walgreens - 1120 Pulaski Highway, Bear, Newark, DE

14. Walgreens - 2608 Naamans Creek Road, Boothwyn, PA

15. Walgreens - 301 East Pulaski Highway, Elkton, MD

16. Rite Aid - 501 East Basin Road, New Castle, DE

17. Papa John's - 529 East Basin Road, New Castle, DE

18. Rite Aid - 4607 Stanton-Ogletown Road, Newark, DE

19. CVS - 366 East Chestnut Hill Road, Newark, DE 

20. Valero Shore Stop - 796 N. Old Baltimore Pike, New Castle, DE

Chicago, IL: 10 Teens Face Misdemeanor Charges For Flash Mob Action, Theft Near Wrigleyville
Chicago Police caught a group of teens near Wrigleyville after what's being described as mob violence was caught on surveillance video. CBS 2's Jeremy Ross reports the incident happened on Clark near Eddy Street after the Cubs game Wednesday night. The surveillance video was posted on blog site, CWB Chicago, and shows a group of teenagers punching and pushing. Chicago Police believe the criminals could be linked to a string of retail thefts, threats, and attacks. Police say the children in the video ranged from about ten 13 to 16 years old. cbslocal.com

Cleveland, OH: Two men indicted for two armed robberies


C- Store - Sylacauga, AL - Armed Robbery/ Clerk shot & Killed
Dollar General - Seelyville, IN - Robbery
Dollar General - Swartz, LA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Coudersport, PA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Portage, MI - Robbery
Jewelry - Somerville, MA - Armed Robbery
Liquor store - Beaumont, TX - Armed Robbery
Marijuana Shop - Bellingham, WA - Burglary
Motel - Clarksville, TN - Robbery
Shoe Store - Roanoke County, VA - Burglary
Solstice Sunglasses - Camarillo, CA - Burglary
Valero - New Iberia, LA - Burglary
7-Eleven - Greece, NY - Robbery
7-Eleven - Woodway, TX - Robbery
7-Eleven - Cheektowaga, NY - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
11 robberies
4 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killing


Weekly Totals:
70 robberies
49 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killing




None to report.

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Director Loss Prevention
Irvine, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention at Tillys builds and implements policies, programs, and procedures that control risk, reduce shrink and protect the employees and assets. The director is responsible for leading and developing LP team members in the corporate, retail, and distribution centers...

Vice President, Asset Protection
Columbus, OH

Oversees and directs all Asset Protection related functions for a Corporate Office, multi-state distribution centers and large retail store network. Responsible for enterprise direction and strategy as it pertains to Asset Protection with a goal of minimizing shrink, reducing loss and maximizing security and associate safety...
Vice President, Loss Prevention
Houston, TX

This pyramid head position is responsible for developing and leading this company's shrinkage reduction efforts and integrating these efforts throughout the entire organization...

Vice President, Asset Protection
New York, NY

The Vice President (VP) of Asset Protection is responsible for developing, coordinating, and leading the execution of all asset protection and risk management programs. Included in these responsibilities is the leadership of investigations and fraud mitigation teams to improve bottom line results...

Asset Protection & Fraud Manager
Westchester, IL

We offer you the challenging opportunity of Asset Protection and Fraud Manager. This position will support Corporate and Field Asset Protection functions including protective systems, vendor management, Incident Call Center; commerce and point of sale fraud systems; as well as other investigative/ administrative duties as needed...

Project Coordinator (LP Technology)
Dublin, CA

Provides support for all types of LP technology installation projects, (e.g. new stores, upgrades, remodels, maintenance/repair, etc.). Serves as the point of contact on all projects as assigned, interfacing with vendors, field management, and various corporate teams...

Project Lead (LP Technology)
Dublin, CA

The Lead, Project Coordinator facilitates the development, implementation, and ongoing execution of multiple Loss Prevention technology projects, programs and systems. This is accomplished by leading projects from concept to completion, acting as a subject matter expert, and working effectively with internal partners (i.e. Store Operations, Store Planning, IT, HR, Logistics, Purchasing, etc.) and external resources (i.e. vendors, service providers, etc.) to drive results, and monitoring to ensure all projects meet scope, timeline, and budget needs...

Asset Protection Analyst
Norcross, GA

AP Analyst based in Norcross, GA reporting to the Director of Asset Protection. This high-visibility role will be responsible for business-wide security administration, multiple fraud detection programs and functional communication...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Sacramento, CA
● Develops and implements shrink reduction strategies and action plans for their coverage region and for individual stores as needed
● Creates and conducts training sessions at the regional, district, and store level to educate and bring awareness to loss prevention and shrink related topics...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Atlanta, GA

● Develops and implements shrink reduction strategies and action plans for their coverage region and for individual stores as needed
● Creates and conducts training sessions at the regional, district, and store level to educate and bring awareness to loss prevention and shrink related topics...

Asset Protection District Manager
Chicago, IL

The Asset Protection District Manager will lead the District in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts. The position will proactively seek to bring economic value to the company, promoting profitable sales and world class customer service while ensuring a safe place to work and shop...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Pacific Northwest
Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
● Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports.
● Formal interview training, i.e. Wicklander-Zulawski or Reid Techniques...

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A Leader's Two Most Effective Tools: Ears and Mouths
How to Be a Better Leader Through Communication and Listening


5 Ways to Help Managers Communicate With Their Teams
Communications is a leader's most effective tool to help their organization and team be successful. However, there are many ways to get this wrong like misinformation or lack of listening. Here are some ways leaders can boost their communications skills. Be specific and clear

These 6 Communication Styles Should Be in Every Leader's Toolbox
As a leader, one of the most critical skills to develop is the ability to adapt your communication style to best fit the situation at hand. When you're able to use the right communication style, you're able to ensure your team is performing at their peak and everyone is on the same page. Sometimes you'll listen, sometimes you'll encourage

Listening is an Underrated Leadership Tool
As important as communication is to a leader's role, listening is also an incredibly powerful tool to building trust with your team and increasing your employees' levels of engagement. Here are some tips any leader can use to connect with their teams and really listen to what they have to say. Make space and time

Effective Communication Can Build Stronger Trust Between Employees and Leaders
Gary Ludgood, President of Field Operations for AT&T, knows a thing or two about leading large teams, and how impactful a leader's communication strategy can be. He shares his advice in this interview on how other senior leaders can help their teams thrive through effective communication. Inform, educate, share




Education is a broad term, usually defined by an individual as a singular focus with an end result that oftentimes stagnates the brain and limits horizons. Reaching milestones is incredibly important, but keeping your curiosity and wonderment is the key to reaching beyond. No singular degree or certification will bring you the success - it merely opens the door to more learning and the realization that if you don't know something, you go find someone who does and learn it from them.

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