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Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall Amid Rising Flood Concerns
Home Depot & Lowe's Send 1,750 Trucks to the Affected Areas
Hardware Stores Make Post-Storm Plans
Two major home-supply chains have activated emergency response centers this week to track Hurricane Florence and get supplies to stores before and after the storm. A Home Depot spokeswoman says the company sent about 750 trucks to areas affected by the hurricane, and a Lowe's spokeswoman said it sent more than 1,000. The supplies include generators, trash bags and bottled water. The companies say they plan to open their stores as soon as possible after the storm, and both are posting updates on store closures on their sites.

Home hardware stores are bursting with business as residents in Southern states that could be affected by Hurricane Florence are trying to protect their property. Ace Hardware managers Tom Roberts and Harold Cook said Wednesday that employees were wrapping up five of the busiest days they have ever seen in their store in the tiny village of Calabash, North Carolina.

Roberts says the store sold hundreds of gas cans and ran out of generators, but still had bottled water, sand bags and other items. But he says now it's time for the employees themselves to get their own homes ready. They also need to rest up, Roberts says, because the stores are "going to be just as busy with cleanup once this thing is gone."

Florence may bring as much as a 0.6 percentage point sales boost in the second half of the year for both Home Depot and Lowe's
, according to Consumer Edge Research. journalnow.com  bloomberg.com

Looters are getting arrested as Hurricane Florence slams North Carolina
As Hurricane Florence slams North Carolina, people are getting arrested for looting businesses and homes. At least four people in Brunswick County have been charged with efforts to break and enter a store.

Authorities have seen car, business and home break-ins, calls of suspicious people - and arrested one after a police chase. In response to the crimes, Brunswick County Sheriff's Office shared a Facebook post advising "deputies are still on duty! You will be arrested!"

In Myrtle Beach, S.C., Knuckleheads Bar & Grill had a not-so-subtle message for anyone planning on breaking in. "Looters will be shot," employees wrote on wooden boards covering the bar's windows. sandiegotribune.com

New Hanover County preparing for looters after Hurricane Florence's landfall
"There is a vacancy sign on our jail," David said as southeastern winds began picking up at Trask Middle School Wednesday afternoon, where he, Judge Corpening and Sheriff Ed McMahon were touring Wilmington's first established hurricane shelter. "We have room for people who are going to show the worst about humanity after something like this."

Such people include those who enter unoccupied residences due to the city's mass evacuation, loot properties suddenly exposed to the elements, or practice in price gauging that often follows in the wake of hurricane cleanup, according to David. portcitydaily.com

Home-Improvement Retailers Get a Boost as Storm Approaches

Southeastern Grocers Launches Community Donation Program for Hurricane Florence Relief

7-Eleven Raises Funds for Red Cross Ahead of Hurricane Florence

Gilmer​, TX Tractor Supply Company Partners with Arbor Day Foundation to Help Hurricane Reforestation Efforts

Retailers in the forefront of hurricane preparedness

Click here to read more on Hurricane Florence's retail impact

Labor Board Moves Anew to Limit Employers' Workplace Liability
Unions Take A Hit in New Proposed Rule on Joint Employers

The board announced on Thursday that it was set to publish a proposed rule redefining a company's responsibility under labor law for workers engaged at arm's length, such as those hired by contractors or franchisees.

The proposal, reversing an action taken during the Obama administration, would make it less likely that a company in such a situation would be deemed a joint employer liable for labor abuses like firing workers seeking to unionize.

This more liberal Obama era standard, in addition to potentially exposing more companies to legal liability, made it easier for workers to unionize at fast-food restaurants and hotel chains. It may be illegal for a parent company to terminate a franchise agreement in response to a union campaign by employees of a franchisee if the parent company is considered a joint employer.

The proposed rule could be even stricter than the pre-2015 standard because, according to the board's announcement, it adds the word "substantial" to the words "direct and immediate" in listing the criteria for whether a company exercises enough control to be considered a joint employer.

Once the proposed rule is published on Friday, the public will have 60 days to submit comments, which the agency is supposed to consider in formulating its final rule. nytimes.com

SHRM: NLRB Reins in When Companies Are Joint Employers
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) proposed rule will clarify who has to be at the bargaining table during union negotiations, which would include a "joint employer"-a company that directly controls another entity's workers. A joint employer, for example, might be a contractor or franchisor. The definition affects contractors, subcontractors, franchisors, franchisees and staffing firms. shrm.com

NRF: Retailers Welcome Proposed Joint Employer Rule
The National Retail Federation today issued the following statement from Senior Vice President of Government Affairs David French in response to the National Labor Relations Board's proposed joint employer rule. The rule would provide legal clarity surrounding business-to-business relationships and reverse the controversial Obama-era joint employer standard. nrf.com

Primary Considerations and Pitfalls for Security Control Room Design
Developing an effective SOC requires more than just the streamlining of physical security systems

The fact is there are a number of different factors that organizations seeking to build an SOC need take into consideration beyond what video surveillance, access control and emergency communications technologies they will contain. First and foremost, organizations must think about who is going to staff the center and whether they have the prerequisite abilities to carry out the necessary functions of the facility.

Beyond determining who will staff it, you will need to decide what kind of authority operators in the SOC will have to make decisions that could mean the difference between life and death depending on the situation. And, perhaps just as importantly, you will need to consult an integrator who specializes in the development of security command centers to not only figure out the types of audio/visual (A/V) technology and technical furniture that will be required for the project, but also how the equipment will need to be arranged within the command center.

Hiring a Control Room Integrator

Consulting with a specialized integrator that has experience in designing and deploying SOCs is a critical step every organization must make early in the building process so the integrator can provide recommendations about the systems that will best support the operations of the center and enhance the responsiveness of those who will staff it.

Ergonomics Are Key

Though many security managers tend to have tunnel vision on the techy aspects of building a SOC, often the most important things to consider are the most basic and in a command center environment, that begins with an operator-centric design. The primary goal of every SOC is to enhance communication and responsiveness during security incidents, but that cannot be achieved unless the jobs of operators are made easier and more efficient by the tools around them.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Chief among these is lack of scalability. Let's say you get your SOC up and running, and then a year from now there is a new software application you want to run or additional cameras you need to integrate, but you lack the capability to do so because adequate scalability wasn't baked into the original design. It is critical that security managers talk to employees and other stakeholders to understand what types of future capabilities may be required of their SOCs.

You also want to benchmark the best by talking to like-minded people within your organization or field to learn some of the mistakes they've made along the way and where they've found success. securitymagazine.com

Cashierless store, Standard Market in San Fran, has a plan to catch shoplifters
Using Article Intelligence & Ceiling Cameras
Standard Cognition's approach is different than Amazon Go and other cashierless stores. It relies exclusively on the ceiling cameras and artificial intelligence software to figure out what you are buying. The cameras document shoppers' movements, speed, stride length and gaze. The store knows when I glance at a poster and for how long. It knows if I slowed down, grabbed a chocolate bar and put it back. It knows if my body is facing the dried mangoes but my face is set on the popcorn.

And it knows (or is trying to know) when I am planning to steal.

The goal is to predict, and prevent, shoplifting, because unlike Amazon's Go stores, which have a subway turnstile-like gate for entry and exit, Standard Market has an open door, and the path is clear.

"We learn behaviors of what it looks like to leave," said Michael Suswal, Standard Cognition's co-founder and chief operating officer. Trajectory, gaze and speed are especially useful for detecting theft, he said, adding, "If they're going to steal, their gait is larger, and they're looking at the door."

Once the system decides it has detected potential theft behavior, a store attendant will get a text and walk over for "a polite conversation," Mr. Suswal said. nytimes.com

Paying Is Voluntary at This Selfie-Friendly Store
From Self Checkout to Self-Pay - WOW - Good Luck With That One in NYC

First there was self-checkout. Then Amazon's cashier-free Go stores. Now there's pay when you feel like it - we trust you.

At Drug Store, a narrow, black-and-white-tiled store that opened Wednesday in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood, there is no cashier or checkout counter. Anyone can walk in, grab a $10.83 activated-charcoal drink and leave.

But the beverages, typically sold online by the case by Dirty Lemon, a start-up that runs the store, are not free. Dirty Lemon has made a bet that customers will pay the same way they order its pricey lemon-flavored drinks for home delivery: by sending the company a text message.

In the store, customers are expected to text Dirty Lemon to say they have grabbed something. A representative will then text back with a link to enter their credit card information, adding, "Let us know if you need anything else."

Zak Normandin, the company's chief executive, said he was not worried that Drug Store's honor system would encourage theft. "I do think a majority of people would feel very guilty for continuing to steal," he said in a recent interview at the store.

When asked how much money Dirty Lemon was willing to lose to theft, Mr. Normandin demurred, noting that the company would write down any losses as sampling costs.

Founded in 2015, Dirty Lemon counts 100,000 customers, around half of whom order at least a case of six beverages each month. Its high prices, text-message ordering.

The company is closing a round of venture capital funding from celebrities and investors, including Winklevoss Capital, Betaworks and the investment fund of the YouTube stars Jake Paul and Cameron Dallas. nytimes.com

Dozens of retailers testified about Trump's trade war with China
Here's how some of them said it could impact them
Hundreds of company and industry representatives testified before trade officials in Washington last month about how the next round of tariffs could affect them. Here's what some of those from the retail and distribution industries had to say, drawn from US Trade Representative transcripts.

Jo-Ann Stores

"The proposed tariffs would unintentionally amount to a Made in America tax on sewing and crafting projects completed by Americans. As a result there will be an incentive to move production and jobs away from the United States." - Jill Soltau

Flying Circle
"Looking closer at the proposed tariffs we already pay about a 17 percent import duty on most of our items. A 42 percent tax on our product would erase any profit margins and would be sustainable for a very short period before we would have to close." - Jimmy Chittim

Micro Electronics
"Given that the profit margins on these products are very slim, as well as the fact that we expect to see a steep drop in sales due to this action, Micro Center cannot sustain an additional ten percent tariff, let alone 25 percent." - Richard Mershad3

Lamplight Farms
"We are glad that the U.S. Government is taking steps to position the United States as a global leader in cutting-edge 21st century technologies. ... But we question in the strongest terms how a reduction on U.S. imports of Tiki torches and citronella candles can be a key part of that strategy." - Mark Werner

Max Home
"This will not benefit U.S. producers, U.S. jobs or U.S. furniture. On the contrary, it will eliminate U.S. jobs and shift the majority, if not all of the production processes, oversees." -Martin Silver businessinsider.com

Robot Workers Coming to a Store Near You?
People around the world think that robots will soon take most human jobs
A new poll shows that in several countries around the world, large majorities of people believe it is most likely that robots will be doing much of the work done by humans within 50 years.

The effects of this technological leap are not viewed optimistically by most, however. Instead, people largely say they think humans will struggle to find meaningful work and inequality will rise, the research found.

The polling was conducted earlier this year by the Pew Research Center in Greece, Japan, Canada, Argentina, Poland, Brazil, South Africa, Italy and Hungary. Pew also compared the responses in those countries to polling done in the United States in 2015 that asked about automation.

In general, the poll found that majorities in most countries were in agreement that robots would soon do humans' work, with only limited differences in their views of how this would effect society despite some countries being advanced economically and others still developing.

In all of the countries surveyed, more than two-thirds were found to believe that automation meant that robots would take over work done by humans within a half-century. washingtonpost.com

"'It's going to be a real battle' to hire staff"
Target, Macy's, Kohl's dangle discounts, gift cards for holiday workers

Retailers won't just be battling each other for customers this holiday season - they're also gearing up to fight over the temporary workers who will make the sales. With unemployment near historic lows, staffing up to handle extra demand could be a challenge.

The workers losing jobs on the sales floor at closing stores aren't necessarily the same ones getting new jobs in fulfillment centers, but more new jobs have been announced than cut, Challenger said.

There are fewer unemployed job seekers too - the nationwide unemployment rate was 3.9 percent in August, down from 4.4 percent during the same month last year - and there are signs retailers expect more competition for seasonal hires.

Target said all new hires would start at a minimum wage of $12 per hour and get store discounts. As a new perk, the retailer will randomly select one hourly worker at each store and distribution center to receive a $500 gift card and $500 donation to a local community organization of their choice.

Kohl's, which plans to hire more than 2,300 seasonal workers in the Chicago area, has competitive wages, a weekly pay schedule and certain days when employees get larger-than-usual discounts, spokeswoman Julia Markun said. Macy's also said it gives seasonal workers competitive pay, merchandise discounts and the ability to earn quarterly incentives if they achieve certain goals.

It's not clear how influential perks like giveaways and extra discounts are compared with hourly wages, but it suggests retailers are looking for ways to stand out, Challenger said.

"They're getting creative because they have to figure out ways to get people in the door," he said. chicagotribune.com

Director, Security & Loss Prevention for Purolator in Mississauga, Ontario, CA Posted
Since its establishment in 1960, Purolator has become Canada's leading integrated freight, package and logistics solutions provider.

Reporting directly to the Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, this position is accountable for the overall strategic direction of Network Security and Loss Prevention. Responsibilities include developing and implementation of programs and protocols designed to control risk, prevent losses and protect personnel & assets through the organization. Lead and develop a national team of 8 direct reports and 36 indirect reports. purolator.com


MedMen is Building a Loss Prevention Program out of Culver City, CA
Posting two Associate Director LP positions reporting to the Director of Loss Prevention, Chris Rodriguez.

Associate Director of Investigations

Assoc. Director of Security and Safety

Today, MedMen is the most dominant cannabis enterprise in the emerging legal marijuana industry. MedMen is the single largest financial supporter of progressive marijuana laws at the local, state and federal levels, giving directly to pro-legalization groups, industry organizations and political candidates.

Currently with 19 licensed facilities this retailer and manufacturer employs 800 and is positioned for substanial growth with an executive management team obviously put together to drive just that.

"We do not run pot shops, we manage class leading retail stores that happen to sell marijuana and marijuana products. MedMen operates several dispensaries in the most strategic markets in the country and we continue to grow rapidly."

Editor's Note: This is the first time we've seen a cannabis retailer building an LP program and it certainly won't be the last. As this represents a great job growth opportunity for LP and for the retail industry as a whole, which Canada is now experiencing with their Oct 17th nationwide roll-out. It'll be interesting to see how many jobs it actually creates in LP and in retail.

Cannabis 'Gold Rush' will boost retail in Canada, RioCan says
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust said it's anticipating a "gold rush" from Canada's legalization of recreational marijuana in October, bringing premium rents and boosting demand for retail real estate across the country's biggest markets. RioCan chief executive officer Edward Sonshine said on an earnings call with analysts Wednesday. The "gold rush" will come as retailers start "looking to stake a claim at the best locations, many of which we own."

Marijuana retail "could be a large opportunity for them," Matt Kopsky, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co., said in an interview. "Obviously it's a growing segment within the retail market, and I'm here in Colorado and there's stores all over the state," he said. "With retail struggling, it's good to have any sort of growth opportunities." thestar.com

Once cannabis is legal, don't expect Canada's 'grey market' to vanish
On paper, it all seems perfectly simple: five weeks from now Canada will flip a cataclysmic switch. And just like that, cannabis will be legal.

Goodbye, century of marijuana prohibition. Farewell, black market. Hello officer, put that badge away and sit for a while. There's no crime here. Not anymore.

As the new law takes hold, few expect the vast black and grey markets that carried Canadian cannabis to this moment to vanish like so many puffs of smoke, surrendering lock, stock and barrel to Bay Street's new publicly traded titans of factory-scale production.

"As far as Canada is concerned, I feel strongly that you can't just turn off one tap and turn on another. You've got to somehow incorporate the grey market into the new legal framework. I know from our own experience that the people who care most about the end product are the ones who have been doing it for years." thestar.com

Bloomingdale's Vice President of Asset Protection job removed from website

Nike enjoys 31 percent bump in online sales after debut of Kaepernick campaign

Amazon will announce the home of its 'HQ2' this year

HBC Sells 50% Stake in European Department Stores to Competitor

L Brands Closing Down All 23 Henri Bendel Stores

Bed Bath & Beyond Closing 2 More Stores After Saying 40 Months Ago

Big winners after Toys R Us' death are still Walmart and Target, but also Costco

August Retail Sales Increase 0.1% Over July - 5% Year-over-Year

The D&D Daily Quarter 3 'Data Week'
Coming October 15-19

Quarterly Results

Canada's Dollarama Q2 comp's up 2.6%, sales up 6.9%
Canada's Empire (Sobeys grocery stores) Q1 comp's up 1.3%, sales 3%
Fred's Q2 comp's down 3.5%, net sales down 4.4%
Sears Holdings Q2 consolidated comp's down 3.9%, sales down 25.5%, net loss of $508M - up 100% over LY
   Sears comp's down 4%
    Kmart comp's down 3.7%


Friday FunDay!
The Funniest Walmart Moments
Captured by Store Security!

When your customer is Captain America, you better bag those groceries quickly!

"Attention customers:
We've got a traffic jam on aisle 3."

Someone is looking for a way to cool
down on a hot day

This should act as a reminder to check yourself after using the bathroom.

Click here for more laughs!


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Stopping Pushout Theft & ORC:

Gatekeeper Customer Stories

Hear from Marcus Young, Director of Asset Protection for United Supermarkets, on how Gatekeeper Systems Purchek reduces pushout attempts by 54%, limits confrontation and helps bring organized retail crime to a halt.

A cart based pushout prevention system thwarts ORC and shoplifters at the moment a theft occurs. As a thief attempts to leave, the pushout prevention system locks the cart in place keeping your merchandise in the store, with most thieves walking away empty handed. As shoplifters experience less success, professional thieves will be driven to easier targets.

An automated pushout prevention system is your key to lowering shrink, increasing sales and improving safety at your stores.

Learn how Gatekeeper can help your business push back against pushout theft here


#RockYourSOC Spotlight on Insider Threat
Speaking at the Spotlight18 conference in Las Vegas today, Deloitte experts weighed in on how to build an insider threat program during a round table discussion.

The success of Deloitte's user entity and behavior analytics (UEBA) projects stems directly from the fact that they are built within the framework of an overarching risk-program approach, and the Deloitte team said its three key pillars of a successful insider threat program include people, process and technology.

"Scaring people doesn't work well," said Walsh, who spent 21 years working on insider threats for the FBI. A common problem that Walsh has seen throughout her career is with system admins who leave access open to be able to perform tasks or with admins who have turned into disgruntled employees and maliciously leave access open in order to steal user credentials. "That type of problem, that lateral movement is a hard thing to solve for," she said.

Developing an insider threat program requires that organizations first define who and what insider threats actually are. "There are not a lot of organizations that have not defined what insider threat means to them. Insiders can be current employees, privileged IT users/admins, contractors/service providers, customers/clients, and their behaviors can be malevolent or unintentional," said Adib. "Defining insiders and understanding the motivational factors of their behaviors is foundational to building your program."

Every organization should develop an insider threat working group. A working group is the first step and a key answer to the often-asked question of how to get mobilized.

Running simulation attacks, such as a Phishme (now Cofense) campaign, can be enlightening. "Now they get it," said Walsh, "and it oftentimes works so well that they are not opening things they should. That's the type of awareness you can start. Those are your quick wins."

The key guiding principles of building a successful insider threat program are that it must be holistic, coordinated, proactive and risk based. "It's about setting the right policies and standards so that users understand the expectations.  infosecurity-magazine.com

IoT Botnets Increase
DDoS Attacks Increase in Size by 500%

According to the Q2 2018 Threat ReportNexusguard's quarterly report, the average distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack grew to more than 26Gbps, increasing in size by 500%.

"Due to the increase in IoT-related malware exploits and the rampant growth of large-scale DDoS attacks, research conclusions point to the continued use of IoT botnets.

"Telcos and other communications service providers will need to take extra precautions to guard bandwidth against these super-sized attacks to ensure customer service and operations continue uninterrupted."

Nexusguard analysts advise communications service providers (CSPs) and other potentially vulnerable operations to augment their preparedness so that they are able to maintain their bandwidth, especially if they lack full redundancy and failover plans in their infrastructures. CSPs and vulnerable organizations that enhance bandwidth protection will be better positioned to stay ahead of the surging attack sizes. infosecurity-magazine.com

Defense is Your Best Offense:
Understanding the Fundamentals of Risk-Based Security
Risk-Based Security Gets in the Game
The traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to physical security is cumbersome. It typically involves security officers physically inspecting every person entering a facility, relying heavily on the limited capabilities of metal detectors.

This approach is costly and slow, and often ineffective without additional capabilities to screen more aggressively. A risk-based approach recognizes that while there is no perfect security solution, those solutions that strategically balance security, access, usability and cost can provide the best long-term protection.

How RBS Can Combat Modern Threats

Attackers have shifted their focus from hard targets such as airplanes and government facilities to soft targets such as sporting venues and music arenas. This shift has created need for a new approach to venue security. It is no longer enough to just to screen visitors and guests as they enter the stadium. We need to expand the security perimeter beyond the walls of the building and focus on new strategies, such as RBS, for long-term protection against an evolving risk landscape.

The potential benefits of implementing a risk-based screening program are significant. It can make entering a venue easier while maintaining a level of safety, allowing faster throughput, and thereby mitigating the risk of long lines.  securitymagazine.com

2 Billion Bluetooth Devices Remain Exposed to Airborne Attack Vulnerabilities
One year after security vendor Armis disclosed a set of nine exploitable vulnerabilities in Bluetooth, some 2 billion devices - including hundreds of millions of Android and iOS smartphones - remain exposed to the threat.

The BlueBorne vulnerabilities exist in Bluetooth implementations in Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS before Version 10. The flaws allow attackers to take complete control of vulnerable devices, steal data, distribute malware on them to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks, and spy on users. darkreading.com

Romanian Hacker 'Guccifer' to Be Extradited to US
Hacker of Hillary Clinton's Email Server

A Romanian court has ruled that the notorious hacker "Guccifer," who discovered the existence of Hillary's Clinton's private email server, will be extradited to the U.S. to serve a 52-month prison sentence after he finishes serving a seven-year sentence in his home country. govinfosecurity.com




Tyco Retail Solutions is known for the Sensormatic brand of loss prevention products, the ShopperTrak brand for people counting, also known as traffic insights, and the TrueVUE brand for inventory intelligence. Using sensors, Tyco Retail Solutions captures 40 billion retail transactions and interactions a year.

Joan Sparks tells us about some new solutions coming out of Tyco's development lab, including their Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS), the InFuzion anti-theft tags, a self-checkout station and a Synergy EAS pedestal with interactive video displays.

MCs Joe LaRocca & Amber Bradley - Quick Take 3

"It's not if you get breached, but when you get breached."

Joe and Amber discuss the new challenges facing retailers when it comes to cyber security, brand reputation, and the growing scope of what LP/AP departments are challenged to protect.



Balancing Fraud Protection and Frictionless Checkout
Retailers attempt to improve customer experience without increasing exposure to cyberthreats

As an industry, retail is one of the most vulnerable to cybercrime. Ecommerce transactions can provide a wealth of fodder for fraudsters, including personal information and credit card details.

According to a Q2 2018 ThreatMatrix report, ecommerce companies using its digital identity network experienced 91 million attacks, which is business as usual as the figure was consistent with the same period last year.

The types of cybercrime, however, are changing. An attack rate of 24.2% means nearly one in four new accounts created on ecommerce sites in Q2 2018 were fraudulent, a 130% increase year over year. Account login fraud using stolen credentials was the second-most common attack (10.2%) while using stolen payment credentials made up 3.0% of total attacks.

Reducing friction at checkout-one way digital retailers are trying to improve the customer experience-is often at odds with cybercrime protection. This is especially true with mobile commerce. emarketer.com

Live Webinar: 7 Little Known Ways to Prevent e‑Gift Card Fraud
Thursday, September 20 | 9:00 am PDT / Noon EDT

Learn how to run a high-performance e-gift card program and prevent fraud.

Because customers love e-gift cards, 81% of online businesses offer them. Unfortunately, criminals target these beloved gifts, costing businesses over $950 million in fraud losses last year. E-gift cards and other stored value cards are an exchange currency that criminals can easily steal and resell with very little trace. Discover how to stop e-gift card fraud before it starts and avoid the double penalty of paying for chargebacks and redeeming stolen cards. kount.com

Jet Brings Wider Selection, Faster Delivery To eCommerce Site

Overstock.com Selects Kansas City For New Distribution Center

Amazon may be dominant in online transactions, but its growth is tapering



Gloucester Township, NJ: 4 Arrested In $130K Home Depot Fraud Ring
Four people were arrested and an organized retail theft ring that defrauded Home Depot out of $130,000 was taken down following a one-year investigation in Gloucester Township, police said on Thursday. A search warrant was executed at the home of one of the accused on Mary Ellen Lane on Aug. 3, police said on Thursday. During the investigation, detectives identified Raymond L. Wylie, of Erial, as the leader of the ring that targeted Home Depot stores in Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties.

Steven R. Wylie, Neal C. Kendall, and Toscha L. Kendall-Cook, were also arrested in connection with this investigation, police said. Raymond Wylie is accused of organizing a ring that used stolen items and fake merchandise cards to conduct thousands of fraudulent sales transactions, police said. An undercover detective infiltrated the ring, selling power tools and merchandise cards to Raymond Wylie, who believed the items were stolen. During the search of the Mary Ellen Lane home detectives said they seized numerous store merchandise cards, stolen power tools, hundreds of Home Depot store receipts from fraudulent transactions and approximately $700 in cash.

Gloucester Township Police lead this investigation with the assistance of the Winslow Township Police Department, the New Jersey State Police-Interstate Theft South Unit, Washington Township Police, Waterford Township Police, Cherry Hill Police, Camden County Prosecutor's Office Major Crimes Unit and the Corporate Loss Prevention Department of Home Depot Corporation. patch.com

South Glens Falls, NY: Felony Theft: Attempt to steal 2 TVs fails,
thief couldn't get them inside her car

A South Glens Falls teen was charged with burglary for an aborted attempt to steal two televisions from the Walmart store in Wilton. Jacklyn M. Parker, 18, was charged with third-degree burglary, a felony, in connection with a Sept. 12 theft attempt from the store. Troopers said she put two televisions in a cart and left the store without paying, but was unable to fit them in her vehicle so she left them in the parking lot and drove off. Walmart store security identified her as someone who had been banned from the store because of a prior issue, so she was charged with burglary. poststar.com

UK: Nottingham, England: Gang used Security Jamming Device to try and steal
from TK Maxx stores

A gang of men bought a shop security jamming device and downloaded details of local TK Maxx stores in the hope that they could get away with theft. But it didn't work - and Dorin-Vasile Talpos was caught thieving twice in his first six days in the UK. The second time was at TK-Maxx in the city centre. That earned the Romanian ten weeks in jail when he was brought to Nottingham Magistrates' Court on Thursday, September 13. He was told about the electronic jammer after getting off a coach from Brussels and trying to get work at a Chinese restaurant in London. When the job plan failed, he hitched a lift to Birmingham where he met two fellow countrymen, who gave the names of Mario and Johnny. They told him of the equipment and recruited him. One suspect admitted to theft of $967 of clothing on 9/11. nottinghampost.com

Altoona, WI: Employee enters guilty plea to $5,700 theft from Woodman's Grocery

CVS Pharmacy Employee busted for $2,500 Prescription Theft

Raleigh, NC: 5 thefts in 2 weeks from Apple Store at Crabtree Valley Mall blamed on 1 man; totaling $9,200

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Shootings, Assault & Deaths

Covington, GA: Update: Wounded Covington Police Officer moved to Shepherd Center for rehabilitation; shot during Shoplifting incident on Labor Day
Officer Matt Cooper, the Covington police officer wounded in the line of duty, was transferred to the Shepherd Center on Thursday for brain injury rehabilitation. It has been 10 days of steady progress since Cooper, 34, was shot in the head while responding to a shoplifting call at a Walmart on Labor Day.

"He (was) admitted to Shepherd Center's Intensive Care Unit for evaluation, care and observation," hospital official Kerry Ludlam said in a statement. "Soon, he will move into the hospital's brain injury rehabilitation program, where he will begin therapy under the guidance of a full team of medical and rehabilitation specialists."

Cooper has been in the hospital since he was shot pursuing a shoplifting suspect from a Walmart on Industrial Boulevard. He was hit between his eyes, and the bullet traveled down to his carotid artery, clotting his blood and saving his life. ajc.com

Miami Township, OH: DoubleTree hotel worker shot and killed
A hotel worker was killed in a shooting at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Thursday night, according to police and a 911 caller. Jayren Graham, 19, of Miamisburg, who a 911 caller identified as dishwasher for the hotel, was killed, according to the Montgomery County Coroner's Office. Police and medics were called to the hotel on Prestige Place, around 11:15 p.m. It's not clear what led to the shooting, however the 911 caller said he saw a vehicle come into the parking lot a few minutes before he heard the gunshot. daytondailynews.com

Elkton, MD: Shoplifter in Maryland ran over and killed her accomplice
while fleeing Walmart

A woman is accused of running over and killing her shoplifting accomplice while fleeing a Walmart. Elkton Police Capt. Joseph Zurolo said Keneesha Cunningham, Chermaine Tee Mayo and Donisha Jaquil Harris pushed a cart with nearly $1,200 in clothing, food and household goods out of a Maryland Walmart early Saturday. Zurolo says the Delaware women ignored a guard who asked for a receipt. Cunningham sat on the car trunk to shield the license plate. Cunningham fell and was pinned underneath as Mayo drove off. Zurolo says Mayo kept trying to drive, but with the car stuck, she and Harris fled on foot. They were arrested nearby. Cunningham was pronounced dead at the scene. baltimoresun.com

Akron, OH: Shooting outside Akron C-store; two seriously wounded

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Pasco County, FL: Walgreens video catches man activating $1,000 in gift cards
On August 25 at approximately 7:03 p.m., the unidentified subject was captured on security video inside the Walgreens on Land O' Lakes Blvd. The subject took two Visa gift cards from the store display. He then activated those cards at the cash register for $500 each. The subject was accompanied by a juvenile female. Anyone who can identify the suspect is asked to call the Pasco Sheriff's Office Crime Tips Line at 1-800-706-2488, reference case #18-34287. facebook.com

Glenview, IL: T-Mobile Armed Robbers try to swim Lake Michigan
Following a pursuit that extended across nearly 20 miles and included an attempt at an aquatic escape, multiple people wanted in connection with an armed robbery in Glenview Thursday were taken into custody at North Avenue beach in Chicago by Illinois State Police. The incident began shortly before 12:30 p.m. when three men entered the T-Mobile on Waukegan Road. At least two of them brandished a handgun and forced the store's two staffers into a back room. The robbers stole 10 to 20 cellphones and fled the scene. patch.com

Milford, CT: Sears Shoplifter Eats Counterfeit Bill While Being Questioned
The investigation into the alleged shoplifting incident found that Mizraim Diaz-Rivera, 42, was allegedly attempting to steal more than $120 in merchandise, possibly with a counterfeit $20 bill. While he was being detained, police said that Diaz-Rivera realized that the counterfeit bill would also be investigated and he went on to eat the counterfeit money. dailyvoice.com

Boardman, OH: Female Walmart Shoplifter arrested for Theft and Indecency
A woman was arrested for shoplifting and exposing herself at the Walmart on Doral Drive. The loss prevention officer informed police that that Angela Orr and Kendall Johnson attempted to exit the store carrying a hoverboard they had not paid for. When confronted, Orr pulled her pants down and lifted her shirt, "stating that she is handicapped," according to the report. The pair then fled the store. Police stopped the vehicle, noting a hoverboard in the backseat of the car. vindy.com

Salisbury, NC: Man in jail for Harris Teeter Armed Robbery, Hostage Situation in July

Port Arthur, TX: Man asked for change for a $20 at a C-Store then fired a shot outside the store after clerk refused

Wareham, MA: Shoplifters Dragged Elderly Walmart Employee With Car

Pueblo, CO: Police looking for man who shoplifted from Home Depot

Cape Town, South Africa: Sarah Jessica Parker's lawyer denies theft allegations: 'She's no jewel thief'

Jared in the Mall at Fairfield Commons, Beavercreek, OH reported an Armed Robbery on 9/12, items valued at $166,500; suspects arrested

Kay Jewelers in the Tanger Outlets at Westgate, Glendale, AZ reported a Grab & Run on 9/3, items valued at $6,827

Kay Jewelers in the Oakwood Center, Gretna, LA reported an Attempted Distraction Theft on 9/12, no loss

Kay Outlet in the Philadelphia Mills, Philadelphia, PA reported a Grab & Run on 8/28, item valued at $79.99

Kay Jewelers in the Ontario Mills Mall, Ontario, CA reported a Grab & Run on 9/12, item valued at $27,950

Piercing Pagoda in the Chambersburg Mall, Chambersburg, PA reported a Grab & Run on 9/12, item valued at $709

Zales Outlet in the Concord Mills, Concord, NC reported a Grab & Run on 9/12, Rolex valued at $11,400

Sentencings, Indictments & Charges

Nashville Man Gets 30 Years in Fed. Prison for Violent Armed Retail Robbery
Killed One Suspect & Severely Injured Store Clerk


C-Store - Dillon, SC - Armed Robbery/ Shooting - clerk wounded
C-Store - Memphis, TN - Burglary
C-Store - Crisp County, GA - Burglary
Car Dealership - Mobile, AL - Burglary
Check into Cash - Benton Harbor, MI - Armed Robbery
Cricket Wireless - Dellwood, MO - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Furniture Store - Muscle Shoals, AL - Robbery
Gas Station - Sherman, TX - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Alpharetta, GA - Burglary
Ice Cream Shop - Atascadero, CA - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - West Hartford, CT - Armed Robbery (3rd in a month)
Liquor Store - Nashville, TN - Burglary
McDonalds - Lansing, MI - Robbery/ Assault
McDonalds - Overland Park, KS - Robbery/ Assault
Restaurant - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery
T- Mobile - Glenview, IL - Armed Robbery
Tobacco Shop - Bryan, TX - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
Walmart - South Glen Falls, NY - Burglary
7- Eleven - Northridge, CA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
15 robberies
6 burglaries
1 shooting
0 killings


Weekly Totals:
104 robberies
18 burglaries
2 shootings
0 killings




David Kern
named Manager Internal Audit and Loss Prevention for Pei Wei

Joe Hall
named Executive Team Leader - AP for Target

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Director Loss Prevention
Irvine, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention at Tillys builds and implements policies, programs, and procedures that control risk, reduce shrink and protect the employees and assets. The director is responsible for leading and developing LP team members in the corporate, retail, and distribution centers...

Vice President, Asset Protection
Columbus, OH

Oversees and directs all Asset Protection related functions for a Corporate Office, multi-state distribution centers and large retail store network. Responsible for enterprise direction and strategy as it pertains to Asset Protection with a goal of minimizing shrink, reducing loss and maximizing security and associate safety...
Vice President, Loss Prevention
Houston, TX

This pyramid head position is responsible for developing and leading this company's shrinkage reduction efforts and integrating these efforts throughout the entire organization...

Asset Protection & Fraud Manager
Westchester, IL

We offer you the challenging opportunity of Asset Protection and Fraud Manager. This position will support Corporate and Field Asset Protection functions including protective systems, vendor management, Incident Call Center; commerce and point of sale fraud systems; as well as other investigative/ administrative duties as needed...

Project Coordinator (LP Technology)
Dublin, CA

Provides support for all types of LP technology installation projects, (e.g. new stores, upgrades, remodels, maintenance/repair, etc.). Serves as the point of contact on all projects as assigned, interfacing with vendors, field management, and various corporate teams...

Project Lead (LP Technology)
Dublin, CA

The Lead, Project Coordinator facilitates the development, implementation, and ongoing execution of multiple Loss Prevention technology projects, programs and systems. This is accomplished by leading projects from concept to completion, acting as a subject matter expert, and working effectively with internal partners (i.e. Store Operations, Store Planning, IT, HR, Logistics, Purchasing, etc.) and external resources (i.e. vendors, service providers, etc.) to drive results, and monitoring to ensure all projects meet scope, timeline, and budget needs...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Harrisburg/State College, PA

The Regional Asset Protection Manager will lead their region in Shrink Reduction, Asset Protection and Safety efforts through an in-depth understanding of the overall business, effective partnerships and by directing the region with integrity and professionalism...

Loss Prevention Market Specialist
Jacksonville, FL

To monitor store locations to detect, investigate and resolve internal and external situations and circumstances that could lead to or result in losses to the company. All actions and conduct within the scope of the position must be performed according to performance standards set by Burke's policies, procedures and Code of Ethics...

Loss Prevention/Asset Protection Investigator
Boston, MA

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
● Protect the assets of the store as well as the associates and visitors.
● Maintain surveillance of the store via CCTV and conduct physical inspections including perimeter checks...

Asset Protection Analyst
Norcross, GA

AP Analyst based in Norcross, GA reporting to the Director of Asset Protection. This high-visibility role will be responsible for business-wide security administration, multiple fraud detection programs and functional communication...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Sacramento, CA
● Develops and implements shrink reduction strategies and action plans for their coverage region and for individual stores as needed
● Creates and conducts training sessions at the regional, district, and store level to educate and bring awareness to loss prevention and shrink related topics...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Atlanta, GA

● Develops and implements shrink reduction strategies and action plans for their coverage region and for individual stores as needed
● Creates and conducts training sessions at the regional, district, and store level to educate and bring awareness to loss prevention and shrink related topics...

Asset Protection District Manager
Chicago, IL

The Asset Protection District Manager will lead the District in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts. The position will proactively seek to bring economic value to the company, promoting profitable sales and world class customer service while ensuring a safe place to work and shop...

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As a manager, you're accountable to a lot of different people, and it's easy to get caught up in the fast-paced day. However, making yourself available to your team when they need it can reap benefits in the long term. Here's how to make time for your team, even in the busiest schedule. Office hours

10 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Bond with Your Team Members
As a leader, your primary job is to motivate your team and help guide them to reach their goals. However, you won't be able to do much if your team doesn't feel a strong sense of trust and loyalty to you. Here's how you can bond with them to build a strong personal relationship. Small talk

4 Tips to Help Unify Your Team of Employees
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