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Nov. 7th
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Michael Burch, CFI named Director of Asset Protection for S-Type Armored/The Green Solution
Prior to taking this new director role, Michael served in positions with various other retailers. He worked as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager for The Disney Store, Brookstone and PETCO for a combined total of 10+ years. After that, Michael served for over 12 years with Tillys, first as Director of Loss Prevention and then as Divisional Vice President of Loss Prevention & Risk Management. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Congratulations, Michael!

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ADT and Amazon Team Up to Provide Customers
With New Home Security Features

Amazon Announces ADT Pulse as Professional Installation
and Monitoring Solution for Alexa Guard

ADT Inc. (NYSE: ADT), the leading provider of monitored security and interactive home and business automation solutions in the United States and Canada, today announced a new strategic initiative with Amazon.

Starting later this year, ADT will support integration of Amazon's new Alexa Guard feature with the ADT Pulse security system, helping ADT customers enhance their home's security capabilities by detecting specific sounds via the customer's Echo device when they're away from home. Once available, ADT professional installation and monitoring solutions will be offered to customers through the Alexa Guard website and Amazon mobile app. globenewswire.com

Recap: 5th Annual Genetec Retail Leadership Summit

Over 20 of North America's largest retailers, representing over 45,000 sites, gathered in Nashville for the 5th annual Genetec Retail Leadership Summit.

In addition to hearing presentations from Genetec customers in Hospitality, Sporting Goods and Mass Merchandise, attendees were given a keynote speech from Dr. Read Hayes of LPRC on key performance metrics and methodology for measuring the effectiveness of retail loss prevention solutions.

The day's agenda also included discussions on Genetec's product roadmap, key partnership integrations and how they can maximize their Genetec solutions.

Genetec Annual Retail Leadership Summits are user driven, open conversations between Genetec users and Genetec on industry trends, new innovations and increasing the value of their Genetec open architecture unified platform.

See more pictures from the event below

Dr. Read Hayes, Director of the Loss Prevention Research Council, delivers keynote speech.

Scott Thomas,
Global Director of Market Development, Genetec, welcomes attendees.

Traegon Hon, Director, Global Security Infrastructure, Starbucks

Jake Gillette, LP Director,
DICK'S Sporting Goods

Ryan Themm, Corporate Investigations Manager, Meijer

Walmart Rolling Out VR Training For Their 1 Million Associates
"How VR is Transforming the Way We Train Associates"
Focused on Technology-Soft Skills & Compliance

Last year, Walmart introduced VR to the world of employee training and development by using the technology to upgrade training at Walmart Academies nationwide. With the huge success of that program, the company is now providing Oculus VR headsets to all stores in the U.S. to bring the same level of training to more than 1 million Walmart associates.

The great thing about VR is its ability to make learning experiential," said Andy Trainor, Walmart's senior director of Walmart U.S. Academies. "When you watch a module through the headset, your brain feels like you actually experienced a situation. We've also seen that VR training boosts confidence and retention while improving test scores 10 to 15 percent - even those associates who simply watched others experience the training saw the same retention boosts."

Starting next month, VR training will begin its launch across the country, sending four headsets to every Walmart supercenter and two units to every Neighborhood Market and discount store. With more than 17,000 Oculus Go headsets in stores by the end of the year, every associate - including those on the floor who interact with customers the most - will have access to the same training that their managers and department managers do at the Academies.

There are already more than 45 activity-based modules using industry-leading software provided by STRIVR.

Walmart plans to use VR to train associates in three main areas: new technology, soft skills like empathy and customer service, and compliance.

"We are entering a new era of learning, and Walmart continues to lead the way," and beyond the investment in innovation and associate training, VR technology helps teach skills that enrich the careers of associates across the U.S. walmart.com

Chicago-Based Enterprise Operations Specialist Charged With 300 Fraud Incidents
A New Twist to Call Center Fraud/Competitor Espionage

'Former Employee of Restaurant Reservation Company Charged with Fraud
For Intentionally Disrupting the Business of a Competitor'

An employee of a restaurant-reservation company used fake names and email addresses to create hundreds of fraudulent restaurant bookings through a competitor's system, according to a criminal charge filed today by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago.

STEVEN ADDISON worked as an Enterprise Operations Specialist in the Chicago office of a San Francisco-based company that provides an online reservation system for restaurants. From November 2017 until February 2018, Addison booked more than 300 fraudulent reservations at Chicago restaurants that use Reserve, a competing reservation service, according to a criminal information filed in federal court in Chicago. Many of the bogus reservations were made on busy days, including New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day, when Addison knew restaurants would suffer financial losses when no diners showed up to claim the reservation, the information states. Addison's scheme intended to demonstrate to Chicago restaurants that Reserve had an inferior reservation system, the charge alleges.

Addison made the reservations on his own accord and did not personally profit from the scheme, the information states. justice.gov

H&M Is Closing Exterior Doors to Open Savings
With more than 4,500 stores worldwide, H&M is one of the world's most well-known leaders in fashion for men, women, teenagers and children. After previously keeping many exterior storefront doors propped open, the clothing retailer used a 2015 NYC law as an opportunity to understand if closing the doors to save money and energy would impact their consumer foot traffic.

Like any retailer, H&M wants customers to feel welcome and excited to enter their stores, and historically, propping exterior doors open was thought of as one way to entice customers in. However, open doors have financial and energy efficiency consequences that are not insignificant. Many retailers are concerned that shutting their doors, though it saves energy, would discourage foot traffic.

Under a new campaign and legislation passed in 2015, stores and restaurants in New York City are obligated to keep front doors closed while building air conditioning is running. After its first year in compliance with the law, H&M decided to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of both energy usage and foot traffic of open versus closed exterior doors. Based on the operational change in New York, H&M began to evaluate its implications on future savings in various US locations.  Read the Results.  rila.org

Credit Freezes are Free: Let the Ice Age Begin
It is now free in every U.S. state to freeze and unfreeze your credit file and that of your dependents, a process that blocks identity thieves and others from looking at private details in your consumer credit history. If you've been holding out because you're not particularly worried about ID theft, here's another reason to reconsider: The credit bureaus profit from selling copies of your file to others, so freezing your file also lets you deny these dinosaurs a valuable revenue stream.

Enacted in May 2018, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act rolls back some of the restrictions placed on banks in the wake of the Great Recession of the last decade. But it also includes a silver lining. Previously, states could charge a confusing range of fees for placing, temporarily thawing or lifting a credit freeze. Today, those fees no longer exist.

With a freeze in place on your credit file, ID thieves can apply for credit in your name all they want, but they will not succeed in getting new lines of credit in your name because few if any creditors will extend that credit without first being able to gauge how risky it is to loan to you (i.e., view your credit file). krebsonsecurity.com

Trump's trade war brings unexpected boom for knockoff designer bags from China
The shadow industry - already a big moneymaker - stands to reap another potential windfall from the trade war, which escalated this week.

Knockoffs of famous brands - Coach, Kate Spade and others - are mostly made in China and arrive at U.S. shores through clandestine channels built to dodge authorities. The authentic purses and their components, also made in China, are shipped through official routes and would face Trump's proposed new duties of 10 percent effective next Monday.

This all stacks up in favor of the counterfeit labels at every step of their illicit journey: from factory floors in China to street vendors in cities worldwide. chicagotribune.com

Amazon Under Attack From All Sides

Should cashless retail stores be banned?
New Jersey Bill Requires Retailers to Accept Cash

If you own a retail store, should you be required to accept cash? That's what lawmakers in New Jersey hoped to make you do. Until Amazon stepped in.

The e-commerce giant has joined other big retailers like Walmart to force a delay in a bill that prohibited retailers in the state of New Jersey from refusing to accept cash, according to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The bill - which would require all brick-and-mortar stores in the state to accept cash with the exception of transactions made online, by telephone or by mail - was scheduled to advance this week through a state senate finance committee until it got delayed. Legislators aren't giving up, though.

"We believe that during this particular time, we hope to be able to work with a number of different groups in coming up with various other possible options that will help the unbanked population," the Democratic state senator Nellie Pou, chairs the committee and is sponsoring the legislation.

There's no federal legislation that governs this issue, so its treatment is mostly left up to the states. New Jersey isn't the first to pursue this type of bill. Massachusetts has long had similar - though infrequently enforced - legislation on its books. Other states put restrictions on the types of cash transactions certain businesses - like auto impound lots - may conduct.

Assuming this bill gets back on track (it's not scheduled to appear before the senate committee again until December), should retailers be forced by law to accept cash at their businesses? The better question, I think, is this: why would a retailer not accept cash? theguardian.com

Union Says: Amazon Go is an "existential threat" to millions of jobs, supermarket workers warn
When reports emerged earlier this week that Amazon is planning to open up to 3,000 cashierless Amazon Go stores by 2021, supermarket and grocery workers around the country held their breath. After all, developing thousands of new stores that lack human employees will undoubtedly pressure competitors like 7-Eleven, Walmart, and Safeway to cut back on their labor costs by adopting similar technology.

Today, the United Food and Commercial Food Workers International Union, representing over 1.2 million supermarket and retail workers in the U.S., struck back at Amazon with a statement, attacking the company as an "existential threat" that is opening the cashierless stores out of greed.

"It is time for Amercia's elected leaders to wake up to the econmic threat Amazon poses to our economy.

Make no mistake, creating cashierless stores is not about convenien, rather, it is about greed."

Jeff Bezos and Amazon and deploying a business model that poses an existential threat to millions of American jobs, and it is time we are honest about the devastating impact this will have on our nation and tens of millions of hard-working American families.

Will the EU's anticompetitive investigation follow Amazon back to the U.S.?
It's long been alleged that Amazon.com uses data from third-party sellers on its marketplace to its own advantage. It has been claimed that Amazon discovers hot sellers, adds those items to its own inventory and then prices the products at points that its marketplace merchants can't match. Now, the European Union is investigating the allegations and, if found to have merit, the repercussions could extend across the Atlantic for the e-tailing giant.

The EU's investigation into Amazon's use of third-party seller data comes at a time when the e-tail giant finds itself dealing with unwanted attention from political critics pursuing ideological and personal agendas.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has criticized Amazon for its employee compensation practices and "dangerous" work environments, charges disputed by the company.

President Trump, unhappy over Washington Post coverage of himself and his administration, has made unsupported claims about Amazon not paying state sales taxes and receiving special U.S. Postal Service deals. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns the paper, which is not affiliated with the e-tailer.

Should Amazon be worried about the EU investigation into its use of marketplace seller data? Do you see a similar investigation taking place in the U.S.? retailwire.com

Amazon plants fake packages in delivery trucks as part of an undercover ploy to 'trap' drivers stealing
Amazon plants empty packages with fake labels in the trucks of delivery drivers, sources told Business Insider. If drivers fail to return the packages to Amazon, then they are suspected of swiping the package, sources said. The drivers are managed by third-party courier companies that work out of Amazon facilities.

"It's meant to be a trap... to check the integrity of the driver," a former Amazon logistics manager told Business Insider.

This story follows an earlier investigation: Missing wages, grueling shifts, and bottles of urine: The disturbing accounts of Amazon delivery drivers may reveal the true human cost of 'free' shipping. businessinsider.com

New FCRA Disclosure Notice Takes Effect Today
Class-Action Lawsuits Could Await Employers That Don't Update

The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection has issued a revised model summary of rights disclosure notice. Employers must give the document to job applicants and employees who've had adverse action taken against them-such as not being hired or being disciplined or fired-based on a background check.

Specifically, the form titled "A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" has been updated to include information about security freezes and fraud alerts, stemming from a law passed in May 2018 in response to high-profile data breaches. shrm.org

Dir-Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) For American Express
in Phoenix, AZ

AT&T to open 1,000 stores

US and China trade war makes 1 million new jobs impossible, says Alibaba's Ma

New Zealand: Police Powers Give Instant Fines to Shoplifters

Quarterly Results
Pier 1 Imports Q2 company comp's down 11.4%

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eBay seller pleads guilty to $65k embezzlement

A Martinsburg man, Curt David Danner, was sentenced Monday in Berkeley County (W.Va.) Circuit Court to one to 10 years in prison in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars of merchandise from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Danner was an assistant manager at the Bed Bath & Beyond store at 172 Retail Commons Parkway when the items were taken from the store between January 2015 and December 2016 and sold online, records said.

Danner, who allegedly used another person's eBay and PayPal accounts to sell the stolen items online, admitted to the embezzlement. Read more

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com.



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Walmart CISO: Data Fueling a 'Web of Profit' for Today's Cyber Criminals
New research shows that cybercriminals are gaining momentum with connected infrastructure and collectively earning billions annually from a cybercrime economy. Now what?

Walmart CISO Jerry Geisler said this emerging threat landscape and the frequency and sophistication of attacks is a key challenge for modern CISOs.

"If you go back to when you first started seeing cybersecurity issues in the 1980s, the attacks were not consumerized," he said. "They required someone with a fairly high degree of knowledge to execute the attack, and the attack may not have been that sophisticated."

Instead of dealing with a handful of skilled individuals with some technical savvy, today organizations may face thousands of potential cybercriminals with limited knowledge who purchase malicious software, namely exploit kits and other crimeware, to carry out illicit activities online.

According to McGuire, data is what fuels this "web of profit," and valued information has expanded beyond personally identifiable information on credit and debit cards to include login information for banks and other accounts, schemes involving travel loyalty points, and government hacking tools. The revenues from cybercrime -- which include illicit and illegal markets (50%), trade secrets and IP theft (35%), stolen data trading (11%), crimeware as a service (less than 1%) and ransomware (less than 1%) -- have already reached an estimated $1.5 trillion annually, according to the cybercrime study. techtarget.com

New Walmart CISO discusses protecting the world's largest retailer
Earlier this year, then new Walmart CISO Jerry Geisler conducted an in-depth interview about the retail giant's evolving cloud strategy, vulnerability management and risks the company is focused on across its environments. Read the Q&A here.

Think Like An Attacker: How a Red Team Operates
Seasoned red teamers explain the value-add of a red team, how it operates, and how to maximize its effectiveness.

If you want to stop an attacker, you have to think like an attacker.

That's the general mindset of someone on the red team, a group of people within an organization responsible for, well, attacking it. Their goal is to act like the adversary and figure out different ways to break into a company so it can strengthen its defenses.

The whole idea is, the red team is designed to make the blue team better," explains John Sawyer, associate director of services and red team leader at IOActive. It's the devil's advocate within an organization; the group responsible for finding gaps the business may not notice.

Red teaming is markedly different from penetration testing, though the two are often confused, he continues. In the early days of pen testing, it resembled modern-day red teaming.

"The main function of red teaming is adversary simulation," says Schwartz. "You are simulating, as realistically as possible, a dedicated adversary that would be trying to accomplish some goal. It's always going to be unique to the target. If you're going to get the maximum value out of having a red teaming function, you probably want to go for maximum impact." darkreading.com

Retail Sector Second-Worst Performer on Application Security
A "point-in-time" approach to PCI compliance could be one reason why so many retailers appear to be having a hard time.

The retail industry's cybersecurity preparedness continues to lag behind almost every other sector despite efforts by the major credit card associations to bolster retail security via the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Third-party risk management firm SecurityScorecard recently analyzed a total of 1,444 domains in the retail industry with an IP footprint of at least 100. Researchers from the firm passively monitored externally facing IPs of the retail domains for a period of about five months to see what vulnerabilities they could find.

The exercise showed the retail industry had the second-lowest application security performance among major sectors. In a list of 18 industries, the retail sector ranked 17th, just above the entertainment industry, in terms of having the most vulnerable applications. Last year, the retailer industry was the fourth lowest performer, meaning it dropped in application security performance in the preceding 12 months rather than improved. darkreading.com

RFID Technology Addresses Consumer Woes Over Out-of-Stocks
Q&A with Pat Glennon, VP of North America Retail Sales, Zebra Technologies

WWD: How has RFID technology changed over the past decade? Are the chips less expensive? What's new?

PG: Over the past decade, RFID technology has significantly evolved and greatly impacted the dynamic of operations across various industries such as retail. Processes like cycle counting in stores and warehouses used to solely focus on counting pallets and cases but with recent advancements in the technology, cycle counting can now be done at the item level. Hardware and tag providers have contributed to the technological progress by improving data-scanning performance and tag sensitivity, allowing modern RFID solutions to routinely achieve 98 percent-plus accuracy for cycle counting.

WWD: Given the current retail environment, how can RFID help brands and retailers deliver a better shopping experience - online and in-stores?

PG: Out-of-stock merchandise is high on the list of reasons for customer dissatisfaction - which is not surprising amid the rising expectations of today's technology-empowered consumers who can tap into any retailer's stockroom right from their smartphones. Zebra's 10th Annual Shopper Study found that out-of-stocks continue to plague retailers, as 70 percent of shoppers reported having left the store without purchasing what they were seeking. wwd.com

VP, Chief Information Security Officer, Gamestop - Job Based in Grapevine, TX
The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the GameStop executive responsible for leading our global information security organization and will have officer level fiduciary responsibility. The CISO will be responsible for GameStop information security strategy, security governance, and training and awareness. myworkdayjobs.com



The Shrink Story... By the Numbers:
The National Retail Security Survey - 25 Years and Counting

Dr. Richard Hollinger, lead author of the National Retail Security Survey (NRSS) for over 25 years, shares the findings of the 2018 report. Are industry shrink numbers shifting upwards? Do LP executives expect staffing to increase? Hear the numbers and delve into the insights behind the data in this LPNN interview.

Dr. Hollinger also shares some of the key and emerging trends in LP, while Bob Moraca talks about the National Retail Federation's role in the industry-benchmarking NRSS study.

Episode Sponsored By:

Dr. Richard Hollinger - Quick Take 5

Dr. Richard Hollinger, Professor Emeritus, Sociology Criminology & Law, University of Florida, explains what data is hardest to capture in the annual National Retail Security Survey and what surprised him the most about this year's results.



Christmas In September?
Holiday Fraud Planning Is In Full Takeover Mode

The criminals have already started. They are buying fraud tutorials and data from other criminals online. They are eyeing juicy targets such as gift cards and loyalty programs, both of which are of increasing importance to merchants' holiday revenues. They are setting up fences and other methods to sell stolen goods - as well as rewards points and those gift cards - and win paydays.

The 2018 holiday shopping season has already started for people and organizations bent on fraud. It's not just about stealing products from shelves, of course. This year, fraud will probably bring more account takeovers than last year, according to experts - along with the theft of gift cards, loyalty points and other consumer data ID.

In a new PYMNTS interview, Tricia Phillips, SVP of product at Kount, discussed the fraud trends for the upcoming fourth quarter. Though many consumers have yet to shift focus onto the season (Halloween is next on their agenda, after the rush of back-to-school shopping), retail preparations, of course, are well underway.

The 2018 holiday shopping season seems likely to feature account takeover as a bigger fraud feature than in years past. Phillips said, "It's easier to take over an account if you use credential-stuffing attacks with bots." The appeal of such an attack is increased because many consumers use simple, similar or the same passwords and emails for multiple retail accounts, which "exposes" those customers widely in the larger eCommerce and retail landscape.

Gift cards and loyalty programs, too, present attractive targets for criminals. As retail competition increases, merchants and brands beef up their loyalty programs, often enabling easier transfer and use of points that can accumulate to high amounts and make the return on investment (ROI) positive for fraudsters. Stolen gift cards, meanwhile, can be resold online, via Craigslist or other channels. pymnts.com

Holiday 2018 e‑commerce sales expected to increase 15.5%

Amazon will have the third-largest ad platform in the US by year-end

Gap Inc. Is Launching New Ecommerce Menswear Brand

Amazon reportedly plans 4-story warehouses



Detroit, MI: Fencing Operation: West Bloomfield Man Charged In Organized Retail Crime Scheme
The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office said Wednesday that 37-year-old Robert Yono conducted an organized crime operation out of a liquor store on W. Seven Mile Rd. in Detroit. It's alleged that Yono would request certain items to be stolen from various stores around metro Detroit -- including Walmart, CVS and Rite Aid -- then paying thieves for the stolen goods and reselling them. Prosecutor Kym Worthy has charged Yono with the following: One count of Conducting a Criminal Enterprise; five counts of Organized Retail Crime; five counts of Receiving and Concealing Stolen Property, $1,000 but less than $20,000; and three counts of Food Stamp Fraud, $250 - $1,000. It's unclear at this time if any suspect have been arrested in connection with the thefts themselves. wwjnewsradio.com

Geneseo, NY: Men arrested for lifting whitening strips: one charged with Felony
Two men were arrested after an investigation of a theft from Wegmans in Geneseo. On Sept. 7, Wegmans Asset Protection contacted the Livingston County Sheriff's Office to report that two men had stolen over $150 worth of Crest White Strips from the store. Sheriff's Investigator Dan Rittenhouse was able to identify the two men as Daniel J. Cooke, 40, and Ian E. Evaniak, 30, through collective efforts of members of the Sheriff's Office. Evaniak was later located and arrested by the Sheriff's Investigator and charged with petit larceny. Cooke was also located and arrested. However, it was also determined that Cooke had been arrested before for stealing from Wegmans and had been banned from all Wegmans properties. As a result, Cooke was charged with felony third-degree burglary and petit larceny. dansvilleonline.com

Hot Springs, AR: Two women arrested for $3,000 theft from Sears
Two Pine Bluff women were arrested Wednesday after allegedly stealing almost $3,000 worth of merchandise from Hot Springs Mall and fleeing in a vehicle. Brittney Nicole Nelson and Danyelle Migon Robinson were taken into custody and each charged with a felony count of theft of property more than $1,000. Shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday, HSPD Officer Richard Davis responded to Sears, regarding a theft that had just occurred and while en route he was told the two female suspects had fled the scene. Davis spotted the vehicle, occupied by two women and stopped it. The loss prevention manager for Sears came to the scene and reportedly identified the two women. The affidavit notes the total value of the items taken from Sears was approximately $2,709 and about $505 worth of the jewelry items were "damaged and unsalable." hotsr.com

Chesapeake, VA: Police looking for man in wheelchair accused of stealing $1,000 of camping merchandise
The crime happened at Ballahack Outdoor just before 2:30 p.m on August 25.
Officers said the suspect concealed the stolen items on his wheelchair. The suspect has been caught on surveillance looking at merchandise and sitting it on his lap, but he's accused of lifting himself out of the seat with his arms and then stuffing items underneath him. Police said the man stole two tents and two waterproof sleeping bags that cost $921.00. wtkr.com

Oak Creek, WI: Shoplifters try to 'return' Menards items for cash but reveal their identities and get nailed
A pair of shoplifters attempted "returning" more than $100 worth of stolen merchandise for cash just minutes after taking those good from a Menards in Oak Creek, and in the process, one of perpetrators volunteered some of his personal information. The manager was suspicious and asked the man for his information, so he could send him a check in the mail, records said. The man provided his real contact information. The manager then consulted the store's surveillance footage and realized the merchandize had been stolen 10 minutes prior. He pieced together that the man had been waiting in a vehicle outside the store while a woman stole the items. Officers were able to track down the two suspects' parents and confirmed their identities. Bailey L. Acker, 21, was mailed a citation for retail theft, while Mark J. Karshna, Jr., 25, was mailed a citation for receiving stolen property. jsonline.com

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Shootings & Deaths

(Update): Disgruntled Female Employee Argued With Co-Workers Before Killing Three, Fatally Shooting Herself At Maryland Rite Aid Distribution Center
Multiple people were shot and killed Thursday at a Rite Aid distribution center in northeast Maryland.
The lone suspect has died after self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler of Horford County confirmed that six victims were shot, and three had died. Two of them died at the scene one at a hospital.

Authorities are not yet releasing the name of the suspect, who was a 26-year-old female last known to be living in Baltimore County. Gahler said she appeared to be armed with one handgun and several magazines. He said the suspect was a "temporary employee" with the distribution center who "had reported for her work day as usual" before she began the assault. Gahler said she shot victims both inside and outside the building. thedailystar.com  cbsnews.com

Palm Beach Gardens, FL: Violent Robbery of 77 year old man outside Steinmart turns to Homicide
The attack happened at a popular shopping plaza in Palm Beach Gardens filled with shops and restaurants that families go to every day. On Wednesday, we learned an elderly couple witnessed the brutal attack outside the Steinmart in the Shoppes of Oakbrook. Police said the couple tried to step in and help the victim who was being overpowered by a much younger man. The brutal beating death of 77-year-old Bernard Fairman of Jupiter has left even law enforcement in disbelief.

"It's one of the most horrendous and heinous crimes that we have seen," said Major Paul Rogers withPalm Beach Gardens Police. Maj. Rogers said Fairman was attacked during a robbery last Tuesday night.
"The level of brutality against Mr. Fairman was just absolutely terrible," Maj. Rogers said. Palm Beach Gardens Police still haven't identified a suspect, but they do have a person of interest.
The agency released photos and a video of a man caught on camera at a Publix grocery store located in the plaza where the attacked happened. cbs12.com

Brookland, AR: Vape Store Employee shot & killed suspect in attempted Robbery
Police in northeast Arkansas say a suspect was fatally shot by an employee during an apparent attempted robbery at a vape shop. Craighead County Sheriff Marty Boyd says officers responded to a shots fired call Thursday afternoon at Emerald's Triangle LLC about 125 miles northeast of Little Rock. Boyd says the robbery suspect was found dead when officers arrived. No arrests have been made, no employees were injured. usnews.com

Longmont, CO: Longmont Police fatally shoot armed man outside Regal Cinema
A wanted man was shot and killed by Longmont police after he pulled a gun as they attempted to arrest him outside a movie theater Thursday evening. The shooting happened around 9:45 p.m. Thursday outside the Regal Cinemas at the Village at the Peaks Mall. Three officers were attempting to arrest a 28-year-old Longmont man on a sex assault warrant, said Deputy Chief Jeffrey Satur. The officers, two in uniform and one in plainclothes, approached the man, who was near the patio area in front of the theater.

"During the arrest, officers attempted to subdue the armed man with a Taser and later shot the individual when he pulled his firearm from his waistband," Satur said. Two officers fired multiple rounds, striking the suspect, who died at the scene. thedenverchannel.com

Arlington, VA: Shooting outside 7-Eleven injures one victim, 2 suspect flee the scene

Robberies, Thefts & Incidents

Riverhead, NY: Police detectives charge woman in Charlotte Russe outlet store robbery
A Riverhead woman has been charged with an April 28 robbery at a outlet store in Riverhead. Lakea Staton, 26, forcibly removed property from the Charlotte Russe store at Tanger Outlets and fled the area prior, police said. The Riverhead Police Department detective division's investigation led to Staton's arrest yesterday. Staton was held for arraignment in Riverhead Justice Court on a charge of robbery in the third degree, a class D felony. riverheadlocal.com

Salem, NH: Dad accused of putting toddler in mall game machine to steal prizes
Massachusetts teacher has been charged with putting his toddler into a game machine at a New Hampshire shopping mall and using her to steal prizes. Police in Salem say 34-year-old Anthony Helinski, turned himself in Wednesday, five days after witnesses at the Mall at Rockingham Park recorded video of a man encouraging the girl to hand out prizes from within the KeyMaster game. The video then shows the toddler climbing out of the machine. Andover Public Schools said that Helinski has been placed on leave from his job as a Middle School Teacher. torontosun.com

Philadelphia, PA: Serial robbery suspects strike again; over a dozen drug stores, dollar stores and pizza shops since August 17

Madison, WI: Police investigating sixth Pizza delivery driver robbery in recent months

Kay Outlet in the Opry Mills Mall, Nashville, TN reported Distraction Theft on 9/19, item valued at $1,799

Kay Jewelers in the Friendly Town Center, Greensboro, NC reported a Grab & Run on 9/19, items valued at $13,899

Piercing Pagoda in the Oak Park Mall, Overland Park, KS reported a Theft on 9/18, item valued at $149


Sentencings, Indictments & Charges

Chicago, IL: Getaway driver sentenced in $16,000 Cellphone Store Armed Robbery linked to boy's shooting
Gary man was sentenced to more than eight years in prison for his role as a getaway driver in a robbery last year of more than $17,000 in cellphones and cash. Vondell Henry Jr., 21, pleaded guilty in March to Hobbs Act Robbery and brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence. Henry was sentenced Thursday in Hammond's federal court to 105 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release.

Around 5:45 p.m. on Aug. 1, 2017, Henry drove three others to rob the Cellular Connection Verizon Wireless store in Munster where "there were a number of customers, including children," inside. Henry waited in the car as the others went in the store. Deshalone Davis and another person had handguns, and they ordered employees to hand over 25 cellphones worth $16,640.05 and $371 from the register. Police spotted the car in Gary, IN and followed it to an apartment building. "The car parked and Henry surrendered to police but the other four robbers all fled on foot," the memorandum states. Police gave chase and Ke-Monte Cobbs was shot by a Gary police officer. Cobbs died Aug. 2 and the Lake County prosecutor's office later ruled that the officer was justified in the shooting. chicagotribune.com

Dubai Man & Member of International Credit Card Takeover Gang Indicted
A Dubai man was indicted today for his alleged participation in a long-running credit card fraud and aggravated identity theft conspiracy, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced.

From October 2015 to January 2018, Akinlade, Henry Abdul, a conspirator who pleaded guilty in August 2018 to his role in the scheme, and others participated in a conspiracy to obtain control of and use credit card accounts of others through a fraudulent scheme commonly referred to as a "credit card takeover."

Akinlade and his conspirators allegedly purchased the victim account holders' personal identifying information from hackers located outside of the United States. They then used the stolen information when contacting victim banks to carry out the account takeovers, or to open new accounts. Akinlade, who was in Dubai during the scheme, received from Abdul and other conspirators merchandise that they had purchased with the compromised credit card accounts, and a percentage of any profits the conspirators made selling such merchandise.

The bank fraud conspiracy charge carries a maximum potential penalty of up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $1 million. justice.gov

Columbia, SC: Robbery Crew Shooter Responsible for Killing Store Owner Sentenced to Fifty-Five Years Imprisonment
On May 16, 2016, Altman drove Miller and Vanderhorst from Tabor City, NC to Loris, SC to rob the Loris Market and Beverage store. The only occupants of the store were the owners, a husband and his wife, both of whom were working behind the checkout counter. After entering, Vanderhorst fired a shot at the female victim, fortunately missing her. Thereafter, the store owner took the money out of the register and passed it to Vanderhorst who took the money handed it to Miller. Vanderhorst then turned and fired two shots, striking and ultimately killing the store owner. justice.gov

Pittsburgh, PA: Detroit Man Pleads Guilty to $680,000 Robbery of Jared store in Pennsylvania
An inmate who is now serving a prison sentence at FCI McKean pleaded guilty in federal court on Thursday September 20th, 2018, to a charge of robbing a Jared Jewelry store in North Fayette Township in 2015. miheadlines.com

Ellicott City, MD: Baltimore man gets 1 year in jail after Walmart shooting

St. Louis, MO: First of Three Atlanta Men Charged with Theft of Mail Pleads Guilty


C-Store - Whitfield County, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Miami Township, OH - Robbery
C-Store - New Castle, PA - Robbery
Cash Store - Taylorville, IL - Armed Robbery
Charlotte Russe - Riverhead, NY- Robbery
Circle K - Tucson, AZ - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Madison, WI - Armed Robbery (BP)
Gas Station - Muskegon County, MI - Armed Robbery
Jewelry - Victorville, CA - Robbery
Liquor Store - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
McDonald's - Columbus, OH - Robbery
Metro PCS - Philadelphia, PA - Robbery
Perfume store - San Diego, CA - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - New Castle, PA - Robbery
Pizza Delivery - Madison, WI - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Madison, WI - Armed Robbery



Daily Totals:
17 robberies
0 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings


Weekly Totals:
97 robberies
14 burglaries
3 shootings
4 killings





Tim Berry
named Area Loss Prevention Manager, Philadelphia Market
for Ulta Beauty.

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Director Loss Prevention
Irvine, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention at Tillys builds and implements policies, programs, and procedures that control risk, reduce shrink and protect the employees and assets. The director is responsible for leading and developing LP team members in the corporate, retail, and distribution centers...

Vice President, Asset Protection
Columbus, OH

Oversees and directs all Asset Protection related functions for a Corporate Office, multi-state distribution centers and large retail store network. Responsible for enterprise direction and strategy as it pertains to Asset Protection with a goal of minimizing shrink, reducing loss and maximizing security and associate safety...
Vice President, Loss Prevention
Houston, TX

This pyramid head position is responsible for developing and leading this company's shrinkage reduction efforts and integrating these efforts throughout the entire organization...

Asset Protection & Fraud Manager
Westchester, IL

We offer you the challenging opportunity of Asset Protection and Fraud Manager. This position will support Corporate and Field Asset Protection functions including protective systems, vendor management, Incident Call Center; commerce and point of sale fraud systems; as well as other investigative/ administrative duties as needed...

Project Coordinator (LP Technology)
Dublin, CA

Provides support for all types of LP technology installation projects, (e.g. new stores, upgrades, remodels, maintenance/repair, etc.). Serves as the point of contact on all projects as assigned, interfacing with vendors, field management, and various corporate teams...

Project Lead (LP Technology)
Dublin, CA

The Lead, Project Coordinator facilitates the development, implementation, and ongoing execution of multiple Loss Prevention technology projects, programs and systems. This is accomplished by leading projects from concept to completion, acting as a subject matter expert, and working effectively with internal partners (i.e. Store Operations, Store Planning, IT, HR, Logistics, Purchasing, etc.) and external resources (i.e. vendors, service providers, etc.) to drive results, and monitoring to ensure all projects meet scope, timeline, and budget needs...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Harrisburg/State College, PA

The Regional Asset Protection Manager will lead their region in Shrink Reduction, Asset Protection and Safety efforts through an in-depth understanding of the overall business, effective partnerships and by directing the region with integrity and professionalism...

Loss Prevention Market Specialist
Jacksonville, FL

To monitor store locations to detect, investigate and resolve internal and external situations and circumstances that could lead to or result in losses to the company. All actions and conduct within the scope of the position must be performed according to performance standards set by Burke's policies, procedures and Code of Ethics...

Loss Prevention/Asset Protection Investigator
Boston, MA

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
● Protect the assets of the store as well as the associates and visitors.
● Maintain surveillance of the store via CCTV and conduct physical inspections including perimeter checks...

Asset Protection Analyst
Norcross, GA

AP Analyst based in Norcross, GA reporting to the Director of Asset Protection. This high-visibility role will be responsible for business-wide security administration, multiple fraud detection programs and functional communication...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Sacramento, CA
● Develops and implements shrink reduction strategies and action plans for their coverage region and for individual stores as needed
● Creates and conducts training sessions at the regional, district, and store level to educate and bring awareness to loss prevention and shrink related topics...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Atlanta, GA

● Develops and implements shrink reduction strategies and action plans for their coverage region and for individual stores as needed
● Creates and conducts training sessions at the regional, district, and store level to educate and bring awareness to loss prevention and shrink related topics...

Asset Protection District Manager
Chicago, IL

The Asset Protection District Manager will lead the District in shrink reduction and profit maximization efforts. The position will proactively seek to bring economic value to the company, promoting profitable sales and world class customer service while ensuring a safe place to work and shop...

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As all of us progress in our careers, we carry our past with us. And as one pointed out yesterday in response to our tip, that past is written in "indelible ink" that can't be simply erased in the process of attempting to reinventing ourselves. On the contrary, it must be recognized, accepted, and critically reviewed for any of us to successfully reinvent ourselves. Self-reflection and self-assessment is a difficult task for all of us, however, without it how are we to truly grow. Reinventing one's self is not a transaction, it's a process that continues through life and can only happen if we're honest with ourselves and truly willing to make changes. But in paraphrasing a famous 20th century philosopher, Joseph Campbell, he said we are today what our yesterdays made us, but we can be tomorrow whoever we wish to be as long as we start being it today. It may not be simple, but it does start with a first step.

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