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Tina Sellers named Director of Asset Protection for Retail Business Services, an Ahold Delhaize USA Company
Tina has been in a variety of leadership roles in the Loss Prevention Industry. She was most previously the Director of Loss Prevention for Delhaize group. Prior, Tina was the Vice President for GameStop for over eleven years as well as their Director of Loss Prevention for over six years. She has also worked as Director of Loss Prevention for Wherehouse Music and Wet Seal/Contempo Casuals, Regional Loss Prevention Manager for OfficeMax and Staples, and District Asset Protection Manager for Mervyn's. Tina has been in this industry for over 28 years. She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Public Law and Government from Eastern Michigan University, and acquired her Juris Doctorate in Law at the University of Toledo College of Law. Congratulations Tina!

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C-Store Security Recommendations from Bob Moraca, VP of LP, NRF
25-Year LP Veteran of the C-Store Industry

Convenience store owners and operators are increasingly exploring advances in technology that can help stem shoplifting by customers and employees, not to mention it can help ensure vendor pricing errors don't translate into margin erosion over time.

In planning security steps to prevent losses, convenience retailers can access the CAP Index, the leader in crime risk reports at www.capindex.com, said Robert Moraca, vice president, loss prevention with the Washington, D.C.-based National Retail Federation.

CAP Index allows you to enter your store addresses and tap into crime statistics, traffic data and other insights in a massive data base, Moraca said. The average CAP Index score is 100. Where your store falls above or below that mid-point should determine the extent of security provisions. "It also acts as an affirmative defense," said Moraca, who spent more than two decades of his career with a major retailer and its 850 company-operated convenience stores.

"If you have an ugly crime at your location, you can go to court and say that you've matched the level of security in your store with the level of crime risk at that location."

Moraca recommends every retailer have a digital closed-circuit TV system with multiple cameras and multiple views of what's going on in the parking lot and the store, "because the parking lot is where your liability begins," he added. "The other key is to have a really good old-fashioned drop safe, where you'll drop envelopes with, for instance, $100 counted out, or a technically advanced drop safe that counts money for you as you drop it in. The key is you've got to control your cash. Inside the stores, it's still a high-cash business. You've got to drop that money in to keep your cash register inventory of cash low."

Moreover, Moraca urges retailers to deter crime by ensuring a camera system is visible in the store. "If the criminal sees there's no system, that will entice them," Moraca said "The next thing you could add is a public view monitor."

A final recommendation is to develop a great relationship with local law enforcement. Let police in your area know they're welcome to free coffee and soft drinks. Get to know each officer's name. cstoredecisions.com

EBay Accuses Amazon of Illegally Poaching Sellers
EBay Inc. is accusing Amazon.com Inc.'s sales reps of trying to poach sellers for its own marketplace through eBay's messaging system.

EBay sent a cease-and-desist letter to Amazon on Monday to stop the alleged recruiting practice after determining roughly 50 Amazon sales representatives world-wide sent more than 1,000 messages to sellers on its platform, according to the letter, which was viewed by The Wall Street Journal, and a person familiar with the investigation.

EBay investigated the matter after a seller alerted the company about 10 days ago of someone using the messaging system on eBay's site to convince this seller to move to Amazon, the person said.

In the cease-and-desist letter, eBay claims Amazon has violated California's Comprehensive Computer Data Access and Fraud Act, a law covering computer crime, in addition to its own user agreement.

"We can confirm that we have uncovered an unlawful and troubling scheme on the part of Amazon to solicit eBay sellers to move to Amazon's platform," an eBay spokesman said in a statement. "We have demanded that Amazon end its unlawful activity and will take the appropriate steps, as needed, to protect eBay."

An Amazon spokeswoman said they are investigating the allegations. wsj.com

Amazon cutting bonuses and stock benefits as it raises minimum wage to $15
Amazon made a big splash this week with its $15 an hour minimum wage announcement, but lost in the fine print: Existing warehouse workers will no longer receive stock in the company or collect bonuses. The online giant says next month it will end bonuses, which paid workers extra based on their attendance and warehouse productivity, as it boosts its minimum wage.

Amazon will also phase out its restricted stock unit program, which gave shares to workers if they stayed with Amazon for a certain amount of years. Amazon says it will replace it with a program next year that will allow workers to buy stock, but didn't provide details. cbsnews.com

Verizon Planning Cuts to One-Fourth of its Workforce
Severance Offers Sent to 44,000 Managers

Verizon Communications Inc. is offering buyout packages to as many as 44,000 management employees as part of a cost-cutting drive, potentially eliminating more than a fourth of its workforce.

The offer, which excludes executives in sales or crucial company roles, is part of a four-year, $10 billion cost-reduction program that Chairman Lowell McAdam put in place last year. A Verizon spokesman declined to say how many of the 44,000 managers are expected to take the offer and leave the company. bloomberg.com

Sears is closing 11 more stores
With some layoffs starting 2 days before Christmas

Sears is quietly closing another round of stores ahead of the holidays, with some layoffs set to begin two days before Christmas. The latest store closings involve at least six Sears stores and five Kmart stores, according to company filings. Most of the closings are scheduled for November and December.

Layoffs at a store in Poughkeepsie, New York, that employs 71 people are scheduled to begin December 23, according to a filing. businessinsider.com

Shopping-Mall Vacancies Are Highest in Seven Years After Big-Box Closings
Mall vacancy rates rose to 9.1% in the third quarter, their highest level in seven years. Many of the older shopping centers that lack trendy retailers, lively restaurants, or other forms of popular entertainment continue to lose tenants, or even close down. wsj.com

Barnes & Noble exploring company sale
The beleaguered US book chain has announced "a formal review process to evaluate strategic alternatives" for itself - among them, it seems, a possible sale. According to a press release yesterday (Oct. 3), "This decision follows expressions of interest from multiple parties in making an offer to acquire the Company, including from the Company's Chairman, Leonard Riggio."

In its annual report, released this week, the company said store sales in its fiscal year were down 5.4% from the year before. Its total sales have been in steady decline since 2014.

As a bookseller, B&N has struggled on the one hand to keep up with the speed and ubiquity of Amazon, and on the other, to attract people to stores the way small, local indies have. It's also suffered from the decline of US shopping malls.

B&N's leadership has been flailing as well; the company abruptly fired CEO Demos Parneros after less than 15 months on the job. In August, Parneros sued B&N for wrongful termination, publicly attacking Riggio in the process. qz.com

Months after CEO's ouster, Barnes & Noble still searching - for a search firm
Barnes & Noble shareholders anxious for a new chief executive officer have some more waiting to do. The bookseller, which ousted its CEO in July, hasn't yet picked a recruiting firm to lead the search for a new chief, Chairman Leonard Riggio said on the sidelines of the chain's annual shareholder meeting in New York. The company is still interviewing search firms, with the executive hunt really expected to begin in earnest next year. chicagotribune.com

Survey: More shoppers to seek out brick-and-mortar stores this holiday season
Retailers should expect holiday shoppers to integrate their online and in-store activities more than ever this upcoming season. That's according to a new survey released by global consulting firm AlixPartners, which also found that 87% of Americans say they will spend as much or more this season, with 36%) falling into the more category. (In a forecast released Sept. 17, the firm predicted an increase in holiday sales of 3.1% to 4.1%.)

Thirty-three percent of consumers plan to do the majority of their holiday shopping online this season, up from 29% in AlixPartners' survey last year. Only 4% said they don't plan to make any online holiday purchases at all, versus 7% in last year's survey. However, brick-and-mortar retail also stood out: A whopping 94% of respondents said they are planning to perform various shopping activities in-store this season - from browsing to trying out products to returning products. That's up from 88% in last year's survey. chainstoreage.com

ICSC Predicts Robust Holiday Retail Spending
Consumers are hitting the stores again this holiday season, sustaining the ongoing "retail renaissance" and the convergence of digital and physical, the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) has found in its annual Holiday Shopping Intentions Survey. ICSC forecasts that shoppers will spend $807 billion, an increase of 4.5 percent over last year, with $685 billion being spent on gifts and other holiday items and $122 billion on food and beverage. businesswire.com

Director, Loss Prevention for Dollar General - job posted - based in Orlando, FL

Associate Director of Investigations for MedMen - job removed from website

Chipotle's head of food safety to retire in 2019

6.5 million pounds of beef recalled due to possible salmonella contamination

1 dead as 89,000 pounds of ham products are recalled over listeria concerns

Amazon will sell and deliver live Christmas trees this year

Quarterly Results
Pier 1 Q2 comp's down 11.4%, net sales down 12.8%


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Join retail loss prevention professionals, law enforcement, and industry solutions providers from all over the southeast for FRF's 2018 Loss Prevention Conference.

Hear from the best in the business, share information, and promote awareness on the latest issues associated with organized retail crime.

This year's conference includes sessions from Dave Thompson, CFI, Wicklander -Zulawski, Dan Fakkety, SE Grocers, Lt. Jim Ostojic & Sgt. Christopher Mason, Polk County Sheriff's Office, Anthony Gabino, CFI, Chico's FAS and more!

CFE, CFI and LPC Continuing Education Credits are anticipated for attendance

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eBay's PROACT Program Continues to Support Retailers'
ORC Investigations

Did you know that eBay has a team that is not only dedicated to assisting law enforcement with criminal investigations, but also retail partners as well? This is known as eBay's PROACT program (Partnering with Retailers Offensively Against Crime and Theft), and it started in 2008 to assist retailers who are investigating Organized Retail Crime cases.

To date, eBay has enrolled hundreds of retail partners globally into the PROACT program, and we have investigators in the US and UK that are able to assist retailers on their investigations. We are able to provide information on individual accounts as well as volumes associated to those accounts. We also maintain a rolodex of thousands of law enforcement contacts around the globe, so we can assist our partners in getting in touch with the correct law enforcement agency for their investigation.

To obtain additional information on the PROACT program, please contact proact@ebay.com. We look forward to working with you!


Name, Rank and Serial
Number - Lock!

Your Lock and Your Key now have intelligence via Mobi

Mobi is a patent pending modular retrofit solution that works with any existing or new analog or digital camera system and VMS.

It can do what the Drill Sergeants cannot: provide the lock's I.D., time of opening and closing, date, and video analytics!

See this amazing new technology for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Call Delta Lock at 855-80-DELTA or visit deltalock.biz
to experience The Delta Difference


International Corporate Espionage

China reportedly carried out a 'hardware hack' on Apple and Amazon
30 U.S. companies targeted for intellectual property and trade secrets
All sides are refuting the allegations

Data center hardware used by Apple and Amazon may have been fitted with surveillance micro-chips by Chinese server company Super Micro, claims Bloomberg in a new report. Almost 30 US companies reportedly fell prey to the "attack," with the chips used to snatch intellectual property and trade secrets, according to Bloomberg's anonymous government and corporate sources.

The report notes that no "consumer data is known to have been stolen."

Apple has flat-out denied the allegations, claiming that it did not find the chips, while Amazon said it had "found no evidence to support claims of malicious chips or hardware modifications." As for Super Micro, it denied that it introduced the chips during the manufacturing phase. And China's foreign ministry has said that the country "is a resolute defender of cybersecurity."

That just leaves Bloomberg, which claims the issue was first discovered by Apple in May 2015 and quietly reported to the FBI. Later, Amazon independently found the chip and also informed US authorities. Apple reportedly severed ties with Super Micro in 2016. A follow-up investigation was then conducted, which reportedly remains open to this day. Apple and Amazon, however, both deny working with the FBI on a top-secret probe.

The report lays the blame for the so-called "hardware hack" squarely at the feet of China's regime.

This isn't the first time a Chinese company has come under fire for surveillance in the US. Earlier this year, Donald Trump signed an act banning government personnel from using Huawei and ZTE devices, following years of concerns over the companies' ties to China's government. engadget.com bloomberg.com

The Big Hack: Statements From Amazon, Apple, Supermicro, & the Chinese Gov't

What Facebook's Latest Security Failure Means For Retail
As many as 50 million Facebook accounts have been made vulnerable by a flaw in the network's "View As" feature, giving attackers access to Facebook security tokens used to sign into other sites and apps.

It's hard to overlook that the exploit's scope stemmed from the fact that so many outside sites - including online shopping destinations - use Facebook logins as a convenience feature for consumers. The idea is that, by granting permissions for access tokens, they won't have to log in over and over again across different web sites and apps.

"While Facebook data are different from sensitive financial information related to credit cards or bank accounts, the data potentially contains a significant amount of personally identifiable information that can be pieced together to form a profile that can then be used fraudulently," said Scott Grissom, vice president of product leadership, marketing and sales at LegalShield. wwd.com

Malware Outbreak Causes Disruptions, Closures at Canadian Restaurant Chain
Recipe Unlimited, a publicly traded company that operates nearly 1,400 restaurants under 19 different brands in Canada, has experienced what appears to be a significant security incident impacting several of its brands.

The company - formerly Cara Operations - on Monday noted that a malware outbreak caused a partial network outage at nine of its franchises. Among those impacted were Swiss Chalet, Harvey's, East Side Mario's, and Kelseys. A "small number" of restaurants have been closed for a "temporary period of time" because of service issues related to the malware, the company said in a statement. darkreading.com

Justice Dept. indicts 7 Russian officers in hacking schemes
A grand jury in the Western District of Pennsylvania has indicted seven defendants, all officers in the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), a military intelligence agency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, for computer hacking, wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering.

According to the indictment, beginning in or around December 2014 and continuing until at least May 2018, the conspiracy conducted persistent and sophisticated computer intrusions affecting U.S. persons, corporate entities, international organizations, and their respective employees located around the world, based on their strategic interest to the Russian government. justice.gov

U.S. Links North Korean Government to ATM Hacks
The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of the Treasury (Treasury), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) this week released a joint technical alert to share information on an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cash-out scheme attributed to the North Korean government.

The financially-motivated malicious campaign was attributed to the North Korea-linked threat actor the U.S. government refers to as Hidden Cobra, but which is better known in the infosec community as the Lazarus Group.

Considered the most serious threat to banks, the actor is believed to have orchestrated the $81 million heist from the Bangladesh bank. This year, the group was said to have been involved in numerous attacks against financial institutions and banks and to have also shown interest in crypto-currencies. securityweek.com

How researchers are using DNA to create images of people's faces
Advancements in facial recognition and DNA sequencing technology have allowed scientists to create a portrait of a person based on their genetic information. The leap could have applications in criminal investigations, by sketching out the face of a perpetrator based on genetic material left at the scene such as blood or other bodily fluids. Researchers have already produced images of faces based on genetic material or genome. ctvnews.ca

Facial recognition payment trials launch in Korea and Finland

Highlights from R-CISC's 2018 Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit



Inside the Battle: How Reducing Theft Penalties
Impacts Community Safety

California's Prop 47 & Raising Felony Thresholds

The negative consequences of California's Prop 47 and the raising of felony thresholds across the U.S. have been unmistakable for retailers. Nearly all are experiencing a rise in shoplifting - some by as much as 15%. With more states evaluating similar measures, what's a company's defense?

Kathleen Smith, VP of Asset Protection, Albertsons-Safeway, and Anne Marie Schubert, District Attorney, Sacramento County, discuss how these laws have impacted employee safety and violence in stores, and what retail LP investigators and executives can do to make shoplifting and ORC cases easier to prosecute.

Episode Sponsored By:

Karl Langhorst - ALTO Alliance - Quick Take 8

Karl Langhorst, Executive Vice President, ALTO US, talks with Joe LaRocca about increased felony thresholds, repeat shoplifting offenders, and how ALTO Alliance's three-pronged approach - based on intelligent prosecution, deterrent marketing, and comprehensive analytics - can help break the recidivist cycle.



Amazon Promotes Private-Label Brands On Rival Websites
According to CNBC, some users searching for various products in beauty, health and household and baby items have reported seeing the link "Similar item from Our Brands" show up at the bottom of the listing. The link, which is not an advertisement, then takes shoppers to the product page for Amazon's own private-label offering.

The eCommerce giant is becoming a direct competitor for more sellers as its private label sales have been exploding. The company has significantly increased the number of private-label brands in recent years and currently has over 120 of them, according to a new report published by TJI Research. Last week, it was reported that Amazon is getting into the mattress business, and in terms of clothing and footwear on Amazon, the retailer's own private labels are the fourth most purchased brand, with only Nike, Under Armour and Hanes ranking higher.

It is expected that Amazon's private-label business will generate $7.5 billion in sales in 2018 and $25 billion by 2022. pymnts.com

Going, going, gone: e-Commerce and DNS attacks
A particular threat retailers face all year round, but especially on high-traffic days like Black Friday, are DNS attacks. In the rush to make sales, many businesses can get it all wrong.

EfficientIP's 2018 Global DNS Threat Report revealed the businesses in the retail sector alone experienced an average of seven attacks in the past 12 months. Over that period, these attacks cost retail organisations an average of almost $4m ($3.99).

The 2018 Global DNS Threat Report also revealed 91 per cent of retailers agree and understand the importance of DNS security for their business. However, their approach to DNS security is not the best. More than any other sector, nearly a third (32 per cent) of retailers choose to add more firewalls to protect their network, specifically against data theft.

The retail sector seems to be taking note of the importance of logging DNS queries, as 87 per cent of retail brands claim to analyse their DNS traffic. However, adequate education to combat DNS threats seems to be an issue as 37 per cent retailers claim to take three days for patching a vulnerability and 27 per cent, a full week!

Brands can only protect themselves if they understand the variations of these stealthy DNS attacks. As the complexity and sophistication of attacks increase, retailers are hit by newer, and more diverse, attacks. DNS-based malware and phishing stand out as the preferred modus operandi. In the past twelve months, they constituted 31 per cent and 39 per cent of attacks in the retail sector respectively.

Applying adaptive countermeasures via graduated security measures relevant to threats will ensure business continuity for retailers, even in situations when the attack source is unidentifiable. It also mitigates the risk of blocking legitimate traffic.

Monitoring and analysis of DNS transactions will reduce the risk of data theft, often achieved by hackers via DNS tunnelling currently impacting over a quarter (26 per cent) of retailers. By embedding a security layer at the heart of the protocol in the DNS server itself, you're able to get real-time, context-aware threat detection and remediation.  itproportal.com

Blue Apron plans to test selling on‑demand in New York

DHL's New Alliance to Power Global e-Commere for Retailers and Brands

Amazon breaks ground on $325 million Bessemer, AL fulfillment center



Anaheim, CA: Couple suspected of high-end liquor thefts from 55 Ralphs locations throughout SoCal
The Aug. 11 theft at the Ralph's supermarket in Anaheim was brazen. During the after-work rush hour, at 5:40 p.m., thieves made off with $1,600 worth of high-end liquor from the store at 711 S. Weir Canyon Rd. They used a burglary tool to break into a locked display cabinet in the alcohol aisle when no one was looking. They then removed several bottles from boxes and placed the boxes back in the cabinet, went to a different aisle, and used a special tool to pull security labels off the bottle caps.

Then they put the bottles in bags they had brought into the store, and then split. The two weren't concerned about surveillance cameras, apparently - just store alarms. Anaheim PD Officer Robert Lopez, a detective on the agency's Burglary/Auto Theft Detail, was assigned the case Aug. 17. That case would turn into a much broader one involving a husband and wife with L.A. gang ties who are suspected of stealing expensive booze from 55 Ralphs supermarkets throughout Southern California over a 10-month period, culminating in a courthouse chase in San Diego straight out of the movies.

"It was like a spider web that kept on growing," Lopez said of the series of liquor thefts at Ralphs supermarkets, about a dozen of which occurred in Orange County -including at least two in Anaheim. The hooch heists, which began in October 2017, stretched from San Diego to Santa Barbara counties and east to Palm Springs. A handful of times in Palm Springs, the thieves walked into the same store three times to unload the pilfered goods into their car, and go back inside to steal more.

The thieves made off with between $200 and $6,000 worth of high-end liquor - including the labels VSOP, Grey Goose, Cîroc, Patron, Hennessy, and Rémy Martin - during each theft. In all, the thefts amount to a loss to Ralphs in the thousands of dollars, said Mike Patterson, an Organized Retail Crime Investigator with Ralphs and Food 4 Less who probes crimes involving people who steal in bulk from the grocery stores. behindthebadgeoc.com

Torrance, CA: 3 arrested for $40,000 Burglaries at a Camera Equipment shop
Three suspects have been arrested in connection with multiple burglaries at a Torrance camera equipment store in August, officials announced Wednesday, Oct. 3. The investigation began after Torrance police responded to a commercial burglary alarm at Paul's Photo on Hawthorne Boulevard just past 2 a.m. on Aug. 8. That night, officers found the front door of the business smashed. They also found a vehicle next to the business containing over $40,000 worth of stolen camera equipment, Sgt. Ronald Harris said.

Colomba Contreras, 29, of Argentina was arrested that morning and detectives began an in-depth investigation, Harris said. About midnight on Aug. 20, Torrance police responded to another burglary at Paul's Photo. Though multiple suspects were involved, only one, 37-year-old Hugo Sanchez of Van Nuys, was taken into custody on suspicion of commercial burglary and being in a stolen vehicle, Harris said. Detectives then connected 41-year-old Claudio Bravo of Panorama City to the burglaries using DNA analysis, Harris said. dailybreeze.com

Woodstock, GA: $16K In Dresses Stolen; Owner is accusing a former employee of taking dresses, gowns, cash and accessories
The owner of a Woodstock business said a former employee stole cash, dresses, gowns and accessories valued at more than $16,000 from her shop last month. According to an incident report released by the Woodstock Police Department, an officer was dispatched around 12:48 p.m. Sept. 22 to Queen Custom Couture and met with the owner, who said a former employee stole the apparel and shoes and $580 in cash. The owner told police said she hired the employee on Aug. 31 to manage the store, and left to go on a cruise Sept. 16. She left the former employee in charge to handle the store's day-to-day operations, but has been unsuccessful in making contact with the woman since returning from her vacation. patch.com

North Plainfield, NJ: Serial Cell Phone Thieves wanted by Authorities Statewide; merchandise valued at over $10,000
Two men are wanted by state and local authorities for allegedly stealing multiple cell phones across the state in the past two months. On Aug. 4, two men reportedly entered the Verizon Wireless Store on Cedar Lane in Teaneck in Bergen County. The suspects were captured on video surveillance prior to stealing six cell phones valued at $5,058, New Jersey State Police reported. The two men also matched the description of the suspects wanted in recent cell phone thefts in Parsippany, Bergenfield, Paramus, Teterboro, Edison, Jersey City, Clifton, Hazlet, and North Plainfield. The merchandise stolen has a total value worth more than $10,000, state police report. patch.com

Tucson, AZ: 2 Men wanted in $400 TJ Maxx Shoplifting turned Robbery
The Pima County Sheriff's Department says two men at the TJ Maxx on Oracle Road loaded a shopping cart with about $400 of items and tried to leave the store without paying. When confronted, the men tried to push past employees to the exit. It was then, according to the Sheriff's Department, that a store employee pushed the shopping cart over to stop the two men. One of them then pushed the employee, grabbed about $100 worth of items and left. kgun9.com

Update: Oakland, CA: Teen, 2 men charged in $30,000 take-over robbery of
T-Mobile store

A 14-year-old boy and two men have been charged in the takeover robbery last week of a North Oakland cell phone store. Deandre Lennox, 18, Isaiah Blackmon, 20, and the youth all were charged Monday with second-degree robbery and kidnapping to commit a robbery. They are accused in the Sept. 26 robbery of a T-Mobile Store, 4937 Telegraph Ave., where more than $30,000 worth of phones and other items were taken. eastbaytimes.com

Christiansburg, VA: Former Montgomery County employee gets 4 year sentence for credit card fraud and theft from Target
A former Montgomery County worker pleaded guilty Tuesday to using a county credit card to buy power tools, then selling them at a pawn shops. Wesley Eugene Duncan, 26, of Floyd County, also pleaded guilty to stealing an assortment of watches, a GoPro camera and other items from the Target in Christiansburg. Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Robert Turk convicted Duncan of felony charges of embezzlement and shoplifting. Duncan also was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of shoplifting and two misdemeanor counts of obtaining money from false pretenses. The judge imposed various terms of incarceration for each charge, but ordered that they run concurrently so that Duncan was left with a total four-year prison sentence. roanoke.com

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Shootings & Deaths

Lakeland, FL: Owner/ City Commissioner shot and killed Shoplifter at Surplus Store
Lakeland Police are investigating a deadly shooting that took place at a military surplus store. According to Lakeland Police, the shooting happened around 2:32 p.m. Wednesday at the Vets Army & Navy Surplus on N. Florida Ave. Lakeland police confirm an altercation inside the store lead to the shooting. When police arrived on scene, they located a man, 50-year-old Cristobal Lopez, at the entrance of the store with gunshot wounds. According to statements, Lopez entered the store with his father. As his father was making a purchase, store owner Michael Dunn reportedly witnessed Lopez trying to steal a hatchet. Dunn stopped him and asked if he was going to pay for the item, then a confrontation ensued. Police confirmed that Lakeland City Commissioner Michael Dunn, who is a co-owner of the store, shot and killed the suspect. abcactionnews.com

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Sacramento, CA: Apple Hires Police To Stand Guard At Stores Amid Rash of Robberies
You might see new faces at Apple stores across the Sacramento region because Apple has contracted with several local police departments to bring police officers in as extra security. Apple is contracting with Sacramento police for tighter security, and so far, it's helped thwart potential robberies. Unfamiliar but friendly faces now stand behind glass windows at Apple stores in Roseville and Sacramento. The police officers are paid by Apple and are privately contracted, no taxpayer dollars at use. cbslocal.com

Newport, KY: Police arrest 2 men suspected of stealing $26,000
from Brinks employee

Police say the two men accused of stealing cash from a Brinks truck driver in Newport have been caught. Tyron White, 21, and James Rachel, 19, are believed to be the men seen in surveillance video. Police have been searching for the pair since Friday. "Two male subjects went into the Levy at the same time the Brinks was emptying the machine and replenishing the money in it," said Lt. Paul Kunkel with the Newport Police Department. Shortly before the Brinks employee arrived, the surveillance video shows the two men talking to each other for a while. Then, like clockwork at 9:30 a.m., the two split up. One walked ahead as the Brinks employee walked up to the ATM machine with the blue bag filled with cash. "One of the subjects came up from behind and took the bag with more than $26,000 in it and fled," said Kunkel. fox19.com

Atlanta, GA: 10 arrested in the Mall West End parking lot following Atlanta Police investigation
Ten men were arrested Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta on various drug and weapons charges. The group was arrested in the parking lot of the Mall West End in southwest Atlanta. Police said they have been investigating them for months. Several undercover purchases of narcotics and weapons led officers to the suspects. Police said they expect more arrests. fox5atlanta.com

Spokane, WA: Man wanted for felony assault after threatening Rite Aid Loss Prevention staff with gun
Spokane Police are searching for a man wanted for second-degree felony assault after they say he brandished a gun in the face of Rite Aid Loss Prevention staff Wednesday evening. The altercation occurred at the Rite Aid located in the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center on E. 29th Avenue shortly after 7:30 p.m. According to SPD, Rite Aid loss prevention staff confronted the man in the store over merchandise they had seen in his pocket. The man then pulled a gun and made a death threat toward the staff before leaving the scene. kxly.com

Kennewick, WA: Man used pellet gun to threaten Walmart employees during theft
Kennewick police are trying to identify a man they say pulled a pellet gun on Walmart employees when he was confronted about not paying for his items. Police said the man pictured pulled what appeared to be a handgun from his waist Wednesday around 2:40 p.m. while leaving the store with unpaid merchandise as Walmart Loss Prevention tried to stop him. The employees backed off and called 911. Police said drivers in the area saw the man tossing the gun in some bushes near highway, police said. Officers took possession of the gun and determined it to be a pellet gun that looked real. keprtv.com

Phoenix, AZ: So-called 'Mismatch Bandit' accused of robbing 14 Phoenix businesses
The FBI call him the Mismatch Bandit because he never wears the same outfit during the crime spree and there appears to be no pattern to the businesses that he chooses to rob. During the robberies, the man enters the business, goes to the counter, demands money while displaying a gun in his waistband or simulating a weapon under his sweatshirt and leaves on foot. He has worn a hooded sweatshirt, a bandana to cover the lower half of his face, baggy sweatpants and gray shoes. The stores effected included Goodwill, Subway, CVS, Denny's, Walgreens, Domino's and Family Dollar. ktar.com

Cartier in Manhattan and Long Island: Credit card fraud suspect arrested
On 09/29 NYPD arrested John Crane for Grand Larceny/ID Theft. On multiple occasions the subject did make purchases using a fraudulent credit card bearing another name and account information

Atlanta, GA: Search for Burglars behind string of break-ins

Dearborn, MI: 4 Charged in T- Mobile Armed Robbery

Los Angeles Burglary Ring that targeted Rihanna's home also planned to hit LeBron James

Midtown Jewelers in Reno, NV reported a Burglary on 10/3, value to be determined

Piercing Pagoda in the Auburn Outlets, Auburn, WA reported a Grab & Run on 10/1, item valued at $699


AT&T - Concord, CA - Robbery
C-Store - Fresno, CA - Robbery / Assault
C-Store- Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
Coffee Shop - Reno, NV - Burglary
Cookie store - Charlotte, NC - Armed Robbery
Department Store - Reno, NV - Armed Robbery
Jewelry Store - Reno, NV - Burglary
Liquor Store - Queens, NY - Armed Robbery
Pawn Shop - Hilton Head, SC - Burglary
Pharmacy - Marysville, OH - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Lake Charles, LA - Burglary
Rite Aid - Spokane, WA - Armed Robbery
Sprint - Concord, CA - Robbery
Sprint - Chattanooga, TN - Burglary
TJ Maxx - Tucson, AZ - Robbery
Verizon - Pleasant Hills, CA - Robbery
Walmart - Kennewick, WA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
12 robberies
5 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings





Kelly Jones
named International Account Executive for Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates

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Director Loss Prevention
Irvine, CA

The Director of Loss Prevention at Tillys builds and implements policies, programs, and procedures that control risk, reduce shrink and protect the employees and assets. The director is responsible for leading and developing LP team members in the corporate, retail, and distribution centers...

VP, Asset Protection
Dallas, TX

As the Vice President of Asset Protection you will provide leadership and direction in the development, implementation and monitoring of effective, coordinated programs to reduce the possibility of internal and external theft, to reduce shrinkage, to ensure physical protection of associates, customers and Company assets, and to investigate losses...
Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer
Grapevine, TX

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the GameStop executive responsible for leading our global information security organization and will have officer level fiduciary responsibility...

Vice President, Asset Protection
Columbus, OH

Oversees and directs all Asset Protection related functions for a Corporate Office, multi-state distribution centers and large retail store network. Responsible for enterprise direction and strategy as it pertains to Asset Protection with a goal of minimizing shrink, reducing loss and maximizing security and associate safety...
Vice President, Loss Prevention
Houston, TX

This pyramid head position is responsible for developing and leading this company's shrinkage reduction efforts and integrating these efforts throughout the entire organization...

Project Coordinator (LP Technology)
Dublin, CA

Provides support for all types of LP technology installation projects, (e.g. new stores, upgrades, remodels, maintenance/repair, etc.). Serves as the point of contact on all projects as assigned, interfacing with vendors, field management, and various corporate teams...

Project Lead (LP Technology)
Dublin, CA

The Lead, Project Coordinator facilitates the development, implementation, and ongoing execution of multiple Loss Prevention technology projects, programs and systems. This is accomplished by leading projects from concept to completion, acting as a subject matter expert, and working effectively with internal partners (i.e. Store Operations, Store Planning, IT, HR, Logistics, Purchasing, etc.) and external resources (i.e. vendors, service providers, etc.) to drive results, and monitoring to ensure all projects meet scope, timeline, and budget needs...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Baltimore MD

This position is responsible for managing all aspects of loss prevention for a geographic area to reduce and control shortage and other financial losses in 120 to 140 company stores. The coverage areas average $550 million in sales revenue and $3.5 million in shrink losses annually...

Loss Prevention Investigator
Wawa, PA

The Loss Prevention Investigator is responsible for utilizing proper investigative techniques and act as the primary liaison with field operations management. Conducts investigations into cash losses, deposit shortages, associate theft, overall shrinkage, and other matters...

Regional Asset Protection Manager
Harrisburg/State College, PA

The Regional Asset Protection Manager will lead their region in Shrink Reduction, Asset Protection and Safety efforts through an in-depth understanding of the overall business, effective partnerships and by directing the region with integrity and professionalism...

Loss Prevention Market Specialist
Jacksonville, FL

To monitor store locations to detect, investigate and resolve internal and external situations and circumstances that could lead to or result in losses to the company. All actions and conduct within the scope of the position must be performed according to performance standards set by Burke's policies, procedures and Code of Ethics...

Loss Prevention/Asset Protection Investigator
Boston, MA

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
● Protect the assets of the store as well as the associates and visitors.
● Maintain surveillance of the store via CCTV and conduct physical inspections including perimeter checks...

Asset Protection Analyst
Norcross, GA

AP Analyst based in Norcross, GA reporting to the Director of Asset Protection. This high-visibility role will be responsible for business-wide security administration, multiple fraud detection programs and functional communication...

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