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How to Be Everywhere: Tackling Multi-Store Security
Rob Holm, Director, Global Safety & Security, McDonald's; Jon Groussman, President & COO, CAP Index

Quick Take 17

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2016 ORC Report

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Walt Hall promoted to Director of Loss Prevention & Safety for Office Depot

Walt has held a variety of roles while with Office Depot since 1996, including Director of Loss Prevention and Safety, North America Retail and Supply Chain; ISCE Change Agent, Sr. Regional LP and Safety Manager, and Loss Prevention District Manager. He's also held other loss prevention roles such as District LP Manager for Service Merchandise, and District LP Manager for Wal-Mart. Walt earned his Bachelors of Science in Business from Auburn University at Montgomery. Congratulations Walt!

Derek McCarthy named Director of Loss Prevention for MadRag/10Spot
Derek was previously the Region Manager for Loss Prevention and EHS For FleetPride before taking this new role with the fashion retailer. He's held other loss prevention leadership roles during his 15+ years in the industry including District LP Manager for TJX Companies, Director of Loss Prevention and Safety for O'Reilly Auto Parts, Regional LP Manager for Family Dollar, Regional LP Manager for Forever 21 and Corporate LP and Compliance Manager for Retail Group of America. Congratulations Derek!

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7-Eleven Cuts 14 AP Positions out of Team of 85
As the company had a round of company cuts Friday impacting the entire organization.

Two Other Retailers Are Making Cuts This Week
One today, which we'll be reporting on tomorrow, and the other towards the end of the week.

The Urban Rush - Smaller Stores - Bigger Risks
Millennials Deserting Suburbia
Competing With Amazon on Last Mile Delivery

With retailers from Walmart to Target, and a host of others, now rushing to open smaller urban stores after recognizing that the Millennials, now the biggest consumer group out there, are deserting suburbia. Quite frankly given the over saturated suburbs and the online sales vacuum it makes a lot of sense, especially if you can use them to fill online sales and service the Mellennials now flocking there and if you're looking for any domestic store sales growth.

The problem is, as evidenced by today's article about Portland's urban crime spike (listed below), those stores are going to be facing a multitude of risk factors that the suburbs don't normally contend with. From the spiraling homeless rates, burglaries, theft, panhandlers, drug use, violence, and regretfully tightened city budgets causing police shortages and impacting response times.

We're already hearing these issues out of a number of North American cities. From Toronto to San Francisco to Los Angeles, the urban markets are going to be new challenges for Loss Prevention and keeping stores safe is going to take center stage even more sp than it is today for many. As in virtually every documented report the number one concern is customers don't feel safe shopping in a number of large and growing sections or Districts within these cities. Even if some are used as black markets, as is the case in San Francisco.

Just in the last few months retailers have just gotten the attention of the police chief to start dealing with it in the Bay and that program really hasn't even gotten off the ground yet, and that's after media coverage that should have had city leaders fuming.

The issue is, that as retailers start this small store urban push, Loss Prevention has to be a critical part of the roll-out, which isn't going to be easy. Given the overwhelming need to level the playing field with Amazon on last mile delivery and the constant pressure for domestic sales growth.

This past Friday we reported on how retailers need to look at China now for store growth and that's because we saturated Canada to get out of the great recession and Europe is feeling the same pressures and issues we are. So what we have for growth is China and the small store push in urban America for many.

How we get out in front of this is the question and developing a strong LP model for these stores is the answer. Just a thought. Gus Downing

Downtown Portland's paradox: Crime, public perceptions threaten growth, retailers say
Employment and wages are up, and more businesses have opened than have closed. Vacancy rates remain near historic lows. Skyscrapers command record prices, and cranes loom over the skyline as development dollars and new residents continue to pour in.

Paradoxically, downtown retailers and others are faced with theft, break-ins, human waste and the detritus of the opioid epidemic on a regular basis. These problems are made worse by a shortage of police making the rounds, they say.

As the year drew to a close, the problems remained vexing and defied solutions that are both compassionate and effective. The underlying data raise as many questions as answers, and city leaders, pressed to respond to a situation some retailers feel has reached crisis levels, vow to keep downtown livability and safety as top priorities.

But just the presence of panhandlers or others lingering on the sidewalk can discourage some from visiting downtown's restaurants or shops. Meanwhile, recurring crime, no matter who commits it, wears thin for some.
Now, with more calls and a smaller force, Portland officers spend more time responding to high-priority calls, rather than looking for crime or people in trouble, Turner said.

Overall, Portland crime rates have dropped since the 1990s, mirroring a nationwide decline.

But data show that this year, reported crime has climbed in Portland overall and in downtown, Old Town/Chinatown and the Pearl District. oregonlive.com

Editor's Note: We're starting to see this all over North America, from Toronto to Miami to Portland and San Francisco. All under tight police budgets lacking staffing while the homeless rates continue to climb and the drug market deepens, driving the crime rate and pharmacy robberies.

The one major point the media has left out in their reporting is that with legalizing marijuana across the country we're taking Cartel cash flow away from them, and reports are that they intentionally drove up the potency of heroin and introduced this new drug to the market at cheaper prices to jump start their own cash flow.

So is it all the prescription problem or is it a combination of huge factors driven by supply and demand with the Cartels mainly to blame? The one recent ATF report showing a 163% increase in pharmacy robberies in California alone speaks to the epidemic certainly. Just a thought

Walmart attempts to combat theft while easing burden on police
Walmart reported losses of nearly $3 billion dollars last year - or 1% of its $300 billion in revenue.

"It's a foot-traffic issue," said Walmart spokesperson Ragan Dickens. "Our stores tend to have more foot-traffic than other retailers."

Walmart is stepping up anti-theft efforts. Nationwide, new high-tech techniques and training to deter crime lowered theft in Walmart stores by 15 percent this year.

Walmart's newly appointed vice president of asset protection, Joe Schrauder, has been tasked with lowering theft and reducing police calls at Walmart stores.

Anti-theft training has improved, Dickens said. Customer hosts, formerly called door-greeters, are also trained in theft prevention and detection.

Our asset protection teams are now using mobile video, and we have an increased (closed circuit television) presence throughout our stores," he said. "We've added more cameras to our parking lots, and have improved those at our self checkout stations."

Additionally, Dickens said the company has also started more covert and advanced technologies to bolster anti-theft efforts.

"We, as a company, have taken a very serious stance against theft," Dickens said. palestineherald.com

North Texas Dillard's Hires Cops to Check All Outgoing Customer Bags & Receipts - Illegal Searches
Videos obtained by CBS11 show hundreds of customers at a Collin County department store may have unknowingly been subjected to illegal searches. Some of those customers are outraged and demanding answers from a Dillard's department store as well as Fairview Police and the Collin County Sheriff's Department.

Ed Thayer started recording video inside the Dillard's department store in Fairview on Monday. That's after the former law enforcement officer saw armed, off duty Fairview Police officers and Collin County Sheriff's deputies, hired by the store, going through shopping bags of customers before they were allowed to leave.

"There was a line of people probably 30 deep waiting to get out of the store," he says. "No one could get past the officers unless they had the receipt in their hands and open their bags."

Fairview Police say the store misled them and should never had put its officers in that role. cbslocal.com

Announcing December's LPQ and LPC professionals!
The Loss Prevention Foundation would like to recognize and congratulate the following individuals who successfully completed all of the requirements set forth by the board of directors to be LPQualified (LPQ) and/or LPCertified (LPC):

Casey Alexander, LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Sherry Cramer, LPC - Levi Strauss & Company
David Cuva, LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Douglas Fessenden, LPC - Vector Security Services, Inc.
Jessika Fields, LPC - Stage Stores
Amye Goady, LPC - Stage Stores
Frank Gunning, III LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Bryan Halbur, LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Juan Interiano, LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Jennifer Keisler, LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Michael Mazze, LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Joshua Meins, LPC - Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc.
Sean Odell, LPC - Sears Holdings Corp.
Stephanie Ojeda, LPC - Walmart Stores, Inc.
Emery Orozco, CFI LPC - Rite Aid Corporation
Ruben Quinonez, LPC - Bloomingdale's
Jeffrey Tungol, LPQ - Walmart Stores, Inc.
Dennis Wamsley, LPC - Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Brokerage Firm's Top Management Running for the Hills
Mattress Firm $40M Real Estate Fraud Suit Update
Founder/Boss & EVP of Real Estate Broker/Fraudster Abruptly Retires From Colliers International's Retail Platform

The founder of Colliers International's Atlanta retail platform - and the one-time boss of its embattled former top broker Alexander Deitch - has retired from the firm and given up his Georgia broker's license.

Colliers Executive Vice President and principal Jon Barry resigned from the firm late last month. Barry said his decision had nothing to do with Mattress Firm's lawsuit. He surrendered his broker's license Jan. 2.

Resignations come during a time when a cloud hangs over Colliers' Atlanta office, especially its retail division. Late last year, the nation's largest mattress retailer, Mattress Firm, sued Colliers International's Atlanta office, Deitch and two former in-house real estate executives, Bruce Levy and Ryan Vinson, for allegedly steering the retailer to locations with leases well above market rates.

Mattress Firm claimed Deitch, Levy and Vinson received kickbacks and lucrative gifts from developers. Mattress Firm did not name the specific stores that it alleges were part of the fraud, but during the trio's time steering the retailer's real estate growth, Mattress Firm inked more than 1,500 new stores.

Last week Mattress Firm announced plans to close 200 locations of their 3,400, on top of 90+ they've already closed. bisnow.com

IT Director & 2 Others Sells Employers Products Thru Shell Co. - $12M Fraud
Buying at Cost From Employer 'The Wholesaler House' - Selling to Retailers & Consumers

Justin Pennington, the mastermind, was employed as an Information Technology Director at The Wholesale House, an Ohio-based company with offices in Jacksonville, he and his co-conspirators created a fraudulent company, 3 Kings, LLC. who purchased $40M in products from The Wholesale House at or near cost and then resold those products to consumers and retailers and also ran up a huge debt for non-payment.

"The subjects in this case developed a sophisticated scheme to deceive a local business owner using a competing business."

Justin Pennington sentenced to five years and five months in federal prison and ordered to pay $4,075,000 in restitution. Two Co-Conspirators Sentenced - three years and five months' imprisonment and were also ordered to pay $4,075,000 in restitution each. justice.gov

Walmart Looks To Decertify 80K Cashier Seating Class
Walmart asked a California federal court on Thursday to decertify an 80,000-member class of cashiers alleging the retail giant violated state law by failing to provide them seats, claiming that the members can't provide common answers in light of a recent state high court ruling.

The trial is scheduled for this falllaw360.com

JCPenney CEO Marvin Ellison says he's "Going after Sears"
JCPenney says it's helping to suck the life out of its embattled rival, Sears. JCPenney started zeroing in on its competitor two years ago, when it resumed selling home appliances - which represents Sears' most important category - after a 30-year hiatus. He suggested that Sears may eventually close all of its brick-and-mortar locations. businessinsider.com

Jobs are everywhere--except at stores
Retailers lost a total 66,500 jobs in 2017

The job market looks like it doing well right now. Unless you head to the mall.

Record numbers of store closings and a surge in retail bankruptcies, as well as the shift to online shopping, have forced retailers to slash jobs even as other employers scramble to find qualified workers.

General merchandise stores, the segment that includes department stores, were hit the hardest, losing 90,300 jobs, according to the Friday's December jobs report from the Labor Department. Clothing stores cut another 28,600 jobs. Drug stores lost 18,400.

The Labor Department's raw data shows that in December of this year retailers added 55% fewer jobs than they did in the same period of 2016. It was the lowest number of December retail hires ever, according to records that go back to the Great Depression.

"A lot of those jobs are being transferred to fulfillment which is included in warehouse workers or transportation workers. news8000.com

Amazon could buy Macy's, Kohl's, or JCPenney over Target
An analyst's prediction this week that Amazon would buy Target has ignited a fury of speculation about the ecommerce giant's acquisition plans in 2018. Many analysts, like Munster, are confident that Amazon will make another major retail acquisition this year.

Amazon is more likely to go after retailers that have strengths in apparel, furniture, home improvement, and other categories that are still deeply rooted in physical retail. businessinsider.com

Moody's: US retail - Apparel industry woes set to ease as 2018 progresses
As retail and apparel companies emerge from their worst year since the Great Recession, many will be happy to put 2017 behind them, Moody's Investors Service says in a new report. But while more defaults and rating downgrades are expected in the next several months, this year will be brighter overall, even for department stores. moodys.com

East Coast storm disrupts food retailers
Stores reopen quickly as powerful Nor'easter rumbles through. Food retailers along the East Coast appeared to keep their stores open as much as possible as the first major storm of 2018 dropped snow and caused heavy winds from Florida to New England.

Several food retailers, including The Fresh Market, Fairway, Stew Leonard's, ShopRite and others, used social media to keep customers posted throughout the day Thursday about store closings. Several stores in the Northeast closed early, while others in the Mid-Atlantic re-opened as the storm passed. supermarketnews.com

Rumors Of Flash Mob Spur Increase In Security At Oak Court Mall in Memphis
This weekend, a Memphis mall is bulking up security and banning teenagers without adult supervision. Friday through closing Sunday, Oak Court Mall set up a "parental escort policy" for anyone under the age of 18. It comes a week after gunfire and fights by young people at Wolfchase Galleria, and social media chatter of a similar gathering this weekend at Oak Court. Mall management hopes this weekend's escort policy eases concerns, maintains order, and avoids more bad headlines. localmemphis.com

Holiday Sales Surpass Forecasts, Reflecting Consumer Rebound
Holiday sales were paced by:

● Online/direct-to-consumer sales: up 11.7%
● Home improvement: up 9.5%
● Off-price stores: up 8.4%
● Superstores/clubs: up 5.6%
● Apparel: up 5.1%

Not all retail sectors thrived, however, with women's apparel retailers and sporting goods seeing sluggish sales at best. Department stores, while far lagging peak performance levels of many years ago, accelerated strongly from prior dismal results, with improved same-store-sales seen at many stores - albeit enabled by multiple store closures. chainstoreage.com

Looming Real ID Deadline Could Cause Airport Headaches for Some
The federal deadline on Real ID compliance has been extended for many states until October, though residents of a few states - Louisiana, Michigan, and New York - could face issues using their driver's license at the airport in a few weeks.

A forthcoming deadline could cause some big problems for people traveling to your upcoming meetings, depending on where they live. On the plus side, the deadline is later for most states, and the number of states facing a January 22 deadline is far fewer than it could have been.

The federal government's long-in-the-works Real ID requirements designate that states have ID cards that meet certain minimum standards for security. The deadline for Real ID compliance at airports is supposed to take place later this month, at which time travelers going through a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at an airport would need to have an ID that meets federal standards. However, the TSA revealed to Condé Nast Traveler this week that it was extending the deadline until October 11, 2018, for a number of states in the process of complying with the Real ID regulations. associationsnow.com

Security Guard Saves Osage Beach Premium Outlets From Massive Fire

Vivint to pay ADT $10 million in deceptive sales lawsuit settlement

Sexual Harassment 101 for Convenience Stores

Holiday Sales

Kohl's holiday sales comp's up 6.9%
Ollie's Bargain Outlet comp's up 3.9%, sales up 19.4%
Barnes & Noble holiday sales comp's down 6.4%

Last week's #1 article --

Macy's to announce 11 store closings & Cost Cutting
AP Takes Cuts According to Sources
Eliminating a number of RVP's, DDAP's and APM's

Store operators are being placed in new AP/Ops positions and the current APM's can apply for remaining positions.

The retailer said it would close 11 Macy's stores as part of the August 2016 plan to shutter 100 doors. With these closures, the retailer will have closed 81 of the 100 stores. Since 2015 Macy's has eliminated 124 doors.

Macy's is also planning to cut costs through a new plan that will see staffing adjustments across the store's organization, with locations losing headcount and others gaining. The effort will also lead to a streamlining of non-store functions as well as one-time charge of about $160 million in the fourth quarter. wwd.com

Update on Macy's AP Realignment
They combined the Operations positions and AP positions at the store, district and regional levels, with keeping investigations and ORC as a separate function. They're also naming 3 Central AP VP's responsible for stores.

Only 2 Days Left!
It's Not Too Late to Show Your Team Pride!

Submit your Group LP Selfies!

Send us your team pictures by January 10th and you'll be entered into our drawing at 'Live In NYC' Broadcast on January 15th for the chance to win a pizza party or trip to NRF Protect 2018!

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Nedap introduces 3rd iSense Lumen antenna

Nedap recently announced the international launch of its iL33 Plexiglas article surveillance antenna for loss prevention in retail stores. The iL33 is the 3rd antenna in Nedap's iSense Lumen product line, which was introduced last year. It has an elegant design and delivers intuitive user feedback.

New Plexiglas design

The iL33 antenna easily blends in with a multitude of store designs with its combination of a Plexiglas body and a metallic foot. The transparent design makes the antenna an unobtrusive element in the store entrance while the light effects are reinforced in case the alarm goes off. Additional sensors for customer counting and metal detection are fully integrated in the design.

Hilbert Dijkstra, Product Manager at Nedap Retail, comments: "We always strive to make loss prevention a natural part of the store design and the store processes. The new Lumen antenna is a great addition to our iSense Lumen product range. It truly reflects design and functionality ambitions with its elegant looks and multiple alarm options for a variety of events."

Intuitive user feedback

In line with the other iSense Lumen antennas, the iL33 antenna offers different light and sound effects, which enables store employees to react more effectively to an alarm. The multi-colored lights and state-of-the-art speakers notify the store staff about the cause and urgency of specific events, such as incoming and outgoing RF alarms, metal detection alarms, and 'wrong way' detection to alert when the store entrance is used as an exit.

Learn more about the new iSense Lumen antenna here.


Cybersecurity Legislation Slated for Action in 2018
U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., said he hopes to propose a breach notification bill in the first quarter, and he is in talks with leaders from the House Energy and Commerce Committee about the issue, according to the article.

Similar efforts have yet to develop in the Senate, but leaders of the committees with jurisdiction on cybersecurity have called for legislation, it reports. acainternational.org

Be a More Effective CISO by Aligning Security to the Business
The recently released F5 and Ponemon report, "The Evolving Role of CISOs and their Importance to the Business," unearthed some disconcerting results about CISO effectiveness. In particular, the survey asked specifically: Are security operations aligned with business objectives? The answer: Fully - 26%, Partially - 34%, Not - 40%

If security isn't aligned with the business objectives of the organization, then how can the security program function effectively? Security always exists in context to something else, and that context is the organization's business objectives. If you're one of those 40% not aligning at all with your business goals, here are X things you can do.

Step 1: Understand the Business
To build a security program that matches business objectives, you first have to understand the business. How do you do this? By asking questions and doing your homework, and not just about your organization but about your industry sector.

Step 2: Leverage the Business Understanding
Use this information to get buy-in on risk reduction programs. Remember that when a security incident occurs, it can have many different kinds of impacts: loss of customer confidence, reduction in sales advantage, regulator fines, operational overhead, and loss of competitive advantage due to breached trade secrets. Find the hot buttons and push them.

Step 3: Break Down Barriers
The F5 Ponemon survey also touched on how much silo and turf issues can impede a security program's effectiveness with the question: Do turf and silo issues diminish security strategy? The response: Yes, significant influence - 36%; Yes, some influence - 39%; Yes, minimal influence - 15%; No influence - 10%

Step 4: Empathetic Listening
A key to building cooperation is to develop the skill of empathetic listening to engage your ears before you start hammering a message into people. You listen with the goal of understanding the other person's point of view and acknowledging how they feel about the situation.

Step 5: Leverage Contextual Business Knowledge
To break down barriers and silos, you'll need to align users' daily practices with security. Hopefully your examination of organizational processes and goals provides the information you needed for this.

Step 6: Talk about Threats and Impacts
Using the institutional knowledge, you've gathered, explain why you're implementing particular security processes. Be specific and detailed about what you're trying to prevent, and clarify how the process will control it. darkreading.com

Kaspersky Antivirus Software - "The Perfect Cybercrime" Tool
It has been a secret, long known to intelligence agencies but rarely to consumers, that security software can be a powerful spy tool.

By downloading security software, consumers also run the risk that an untrustworthy antivirus maker - or hacker or spy with a foothold in its systems - could abuse that deep access to track customers' every digital movement.

"Ironically, though, these products share many characteristics with the advanced cyberespionage collection implants they seek to detect."

Mr. Wardle would know. A former hacker at the National Security Agency, Mr. Wardle recently succeeded in subverting antivirus software sold by Kaspersky Lab, turning it into a powerful search tool for classified documents.

In short, Mr. Wardle found, "Kaspersky's antivirus software could be the ultimate cyberespionage spying tool." nytimes.com

GPS tracking vulnerabilities leave millions of products at risk
After months of failed notification attempts, only four website operators confirmed a fix.

It's an IoT nightmare. One that is entirely preventable.
Two researchers have disclosed problems with hundreds of vulnerable GPS services using open APIs and trivial passwords (123456), resulting in a multitude of privacy issues including direct tracking. Further, many of the vulnerable services have open directories exposing logged data.

Tuesday's disclosure seriously widens the scope of the earlier research, including millions of devices on the market using A8 mini GPS trackers and S8 data line locators. Like many IoT gadgets, these devices are being sold by scores of white label re-sellers with little or no security. csoonline.com



How DSW Redefined Shrink and EBR
to Drive Loss Prevention Success

Jordan Rivchun, Director, LP, DSW
Guy Yehiav, CEO, Profitect
Thomas Marcellino, VP Sales & Marketing, Zebra Technologies

In today's fast-paced retail environment, AP teams are tasked with juggling multiple priorities and doing more with less. Jordan Rivchun, Director of Loss Prevention for DSW, shares how his team leverages internal data using prescriptive analytics and machine learning to guide decision-making to predict and manage shrink, as well as take Exception Based Reporting to the next level. Guy Yehiav, CEO of Profitect, and Thomas Marcellino, VP of Sales & Marketing for Zebra Technologies, tell us how their solutions help empower retailers to take action with limited resources.

Episode Sponsored By:


Quick Take #18


What do law enforcement agencies across the country think about increased state felony thresholds, EMV, self-driving cars and drones? Lt. James Ostojic of the Polk County Sheriff's Office shares some insight with Joe LaRocca. Also, learn about the annual FLAORCA conference and how you can get involved.

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Five ways to minimize e‑commerce chargebacks
Online retailers should provide legitimate customers with ways to communicate complaints before they become chargebacks. And they should have a procedure in place for when chargebacks inevitably occur.

Adhere to PCI compliant practices.
All merchants accepting credit cards as payment must be PCI compliant. This essentially means that a business' security operations adhere to a certain standard to protect the information of customers. For e-commerce sites, this is particularly important as web-based transactions tend to be more susceptible to fraud.

Facilitate points of customer interaction throughout the transaction process.
Customer interaction has always been a critical element of brick-and-mortar loss prevention strategies. Internet retailers, with a lack of face-to-face interaction, cannot leverage this strategy outright. Instead, they must intentionally create customer interactions throughout the transaction process.

Have policies in place to manage chargebacks.
Half of the battle with chargebacks is defending the charge. In this instance, being proactive, rather than reactive, has its advantages. By creating policies for managing chargeback disputes, the process will become much more fluid and less time-demanding.

Make sure the billing and shipping addresses are the same.
Not every customer will ship to the same address as their billing address, but a discrepancy between the two can be a quick identifier for fraud, and the potential for a future chargeback dispute.

Mitigate the risk.
Services exist for e-commerce merchants that will subject the card-issuing bank to the authorization of a credit card instead of the credit card processor. This will put the onus of the chargeback back on the card-issuing bank as opposed to the merchant, for many chargeback reason codes. While the service is expensive, and only certain merchant processors know how to facilitate this, it might be a viable option for bustling e-commerce businesses as a way do decrease costly chargeback disputes. digitalcommerce360.com

Amid Robust Online Sales Growth, a Dark Side Emerges
Optoro estimates that 5 billion pounds of waste is generated by returned products

Since UPS declared this past Wednesday "National Returns Day," with over 1.4 million packages expected to be returned during this post-holiday period, does the growth of online shopping have a dark side?

Reverse logistics solution provider Optoro thinks so, and said as returns this holiday season are predicted to total $90 billion (driven by 16 percent online sales growth, according to Mastercard data) the downside is massive waste. The company estimates "that each year 5 billion pounds of landfill waste is generated by returns in the U.S." Analysts at Optoro said that "as sales increase, volume of returns increase" and it is "exacerbated by e-commerce" as online sales transactions see higher overall return rates.

"Estimates of e-commerce returns vary from 25 percent of all goods bought online to upward of 50 percent for apparel," the company said, adding that the rate of growth for returns is 10 percent year-over-year. Moreover, 24 percent of annual returns occur over the holiday shopping period.

In a survey of consumers, Optoro found that 88 percent of shoppers "aren't aware that returns are often thrown away," while 66 percent "think returned goods are placed back on the shelf and resold." wwd.com


Detectives recover more than $50,000 in cash and property following multiple Sprint store burglaries
On Jan. 1, deputies from the Rancho Cucamonga Police responded to a burglary alarm at the Sprint Wireless on Foothill Blvd. When deputies arrived, they found the front glass door was shattered and several cell phones and tablets missing from inside; totaling $8,300. Detectives learned four suspects were linked to other Sprint Wireless store burglaries in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. On Jan. 4, detectives from the Rancho Cucamonga Police, San Bernardino County Sheriff's Valley Gang Team, detectives from Riverside County Sheriff's and detectives from Riverside Police, executed a search warrant for a residence in Perris. Two adults and two juveniles were detained, more than $50,000 worth of stolen property and a large amount of money was recovered. fontanaheraldnews.com

West Palm Beach, FL: Bed Bath & Beyond employee accused of stealing
more than $10,000

Officers arrested Mandela Matasu, 29, Friday after finding that Matasu fraudulently took money from the store 15 times, court records show. Surveillance video found many instances of Matasu "pulling out his own debit card, reaching over the counter from the employee side to the customer side, and swiping a card at the customer's credit card terminal machine," an officer wrote in an arrest report. Records state Matasu transferred in June 2017 to be a manager at the Palm Beach Lakes store. Loss prevention officers were notified about a high number of return percentages from their online registry orders at the West Palm Beach store in December 2017. At first, the loss prevention officers found returns for a bridal shower went to a debit card belonging to Matasu. Their investigation uncovered a total of $10,545.79 refunded to Matasu since September in 15 transactions. wptv.com

Minot, ND: $4,000 Hobby Lobby Shoplifter gets stuck in the Snow
Police say 22-year-old Dustin Johnson filled up a cart with about $4,000 in products at a Hobby Lobby store in Minot on Wednesday. After the cart got stuck in the snow in the parking lot and tipped over, Johnson allegedly ran off. Police say that along with the merchandise, Johnson left behind his wallet - which contained identification with his address. fox61.com

Ludlow, MA: Three month investigation ends with 3 Shoplifters arrested at Big Y
Police have arrested a local man and two Springfield residents accused of a spree of shoplifting cases. Over the past three months there have been series of shopliftings at the Big Y supermarket, which detectives have been working to solve. Using surveillance footage and information provided by the Big Y loss prevention department and estimates of merchandise value, police arrested three residents recently, he said. masslive.com

Waukon, IA: Police Traffic Stop ends with 2 Arrested and over $1,000 of stolen merchandise recovered

Decatur, AL: Belk nabs 3 female shoplifters, recovering $1,160 in merchandise

Naples, FL: Stein Mart apprehends Purple Haired Shoplifter with $700 of perfume

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Workplace Violence

Las Vegas, NV: C- Store Cashier shot and killed by estranged husband; turned gun on himself
The man, who shot himself in the head, was in critical condition, said Metro Lt. Dan McGrath. The man, who is in his late 50s, walked into Herbst Market on Desert Inn and Fort Apache roads, went around the counter and shot the woman multiple times, McGrath said. Video surveillance shows that there apparently was no confrontation before gunfire erupted, he added. The man then sat down and shot himself, McGrath said. lasvegassun.com

Robberies & Thefts

Thieves Steal Qatari Jewels in Brazen Theft at Ducal Palace Museum in Venice
ROME - The Italian news media called it a "movie-worthy heist." In just a few minutes on Wednesday, the last day of an exhibition at the Ducal Palace in Venice, thieves made off with a gold brooch and a pair of earrings, easily disarming what had been described as a sophisticated alarm system and then disappearing into the sea of tourists who daily swarm St. Mark's Square. nytimes.com

Update: Sunrise, FL: Police release video of $11,400 Zale's Rolex Robbery; fireworks set off in Mall as a Distraction
According to the video, a man is seen interacting with clerks inside of a Zales store at the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise. At the end of the video, everyone in the store can be seen running. The video does not show fireworks shooting off. Originally, the incident was reported as a shots fired call. newschannel5.com

Sumter County, SC: Burglars bash their way into Piggly Wiggly
Just before 3 a.m Sunday, 3 men used sledge hammers and crow bars to break into the Piggly Wiggly in Sumter. In addition to burglary, the suspects are likely to be charged malicious injury to property, though nothing was stolen. The damage to the store is estimated at $1,000. thestate.com

Chili, NY: Parolee allegedly robs Subway; ankle bracelet alerts authorities

Kay Jewelers in the Miami International Mall, Miami, FL reported a Grab & Run on 1/5, item valued at $11,999

Kay Jewelers in the University Mall, Orem, UT reported a Distraction Theft on 1/4, item valued at $7,299

Kay Jewelers in the Shoppes of West Wind, Fond de Lac, WI reported an Attempted Burglary on 1/6, $0 loss

Kay Jewelers in the 5th Avenue Mall, Anchorage, AK reported a Grab & Run on 1/6, item valued at $5,199

Peoples Jewelers in the Park Mall, Kitchener ON, Canada reported a Grab & Run on 1/5, item valued at $2,149

Piercing Pagoda in the Great Mall of the Bay Area, Milpitas, CA reported a Grab & Run on 1/6, item valued at $399

Piercing Pagoda in the Florida Mall, Orlando, FL reported a Grab & Run on 1/6, items valued at $7,299

Piercing Pagoda in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, San Francisco, CA, reported a Grab & Run on 1/6, item valued at $264

Sentencings & Arrests

Madison, WI: Convicted 7-Eleven murderer receives 4 life sentences in federal court for charges across state
Curtis J. Langolis, 37, pleaded guilty in federal court to two counts of armed robbery, two counts of using a firearm during a crime of violence, one count of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and one count of facilitating the straw purchase of a firearm. Court officials said the felony was enhanced based on previous felony convictions. channel3000.com

Dixon, IL: Man sentenced to 13 years in cellphone robberies

Abington, PA: 4 Men Arrested In 7-Eleven Armed Robbery

Orland Park, IL: Toys R US Associate busted for Felony Theft; passing merchandise/ voiding transaction


Adult Store - Iowa City, IA - Robbery
C-Store - Iowa City, IA - Robbery
C-Store - Little Rock, AR - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Jefferson County, OH - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Centralia, WA - Robbery
C-Store - Chesterfield County, VA - Robbery
C-Store - Winston-Salem, NC - Armed Robbery
C- Store - Decatur, TX - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Festus, MO - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Orange, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Durham, CT - Robbery
Circle K - Sarasota, FL - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Oklahoma City, OK - Armed Robbery
CVS - Evansville, IN - Robbery
Dollar General - Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - White Township, NI - Burglary
Family Dollar - Topeka, KS - Armed Robbery
Goodwill - Shreveport, LA - Burglary
Gun Store - Anne Arundel County, MD - Burglary
Liquor Store - Hicksville, NY - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Madison, WI - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Colorado Springs, CO - Armed Robbery/Shooting - victim found in parking lot
Liquor Store - Lawrence, MA - Armed Robbery
Mapco Express - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
Metro PCS - West Covina, CA - Robbery
Metro PCS - Vancouver, WA - Burglary
Pharmacy - Volusia County, FL - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Greenville, OH - Armed Robbery
Piggly Wiggly - Sumter County, SC - Burglary
Restaurant - Shively, KY - Armed Robbery
Subway - Chili, NY - Armed Robbery
Trucking Dealer - Cedar Rapids, IA - Burglary
Verizon - Menomonee Falls, WI - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Sacramento, CA - Robbery
7-Eleven - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
7- Eleven - Newport News, VA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Austin, TX - Robbery
7-Eleven - Waynesboro, PA - Robbery
7 - Eleven - Dallas, TX - Robbery


Daily Totals:
33 robberies
6 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killing





John O. Nicholson
named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Nordstrom

Kathy Farrell
named Regional Security and Loss Prevention Manager for FedEx Office

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VP of Loss Prevention
Anaheim, CA

The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce. Reporting to the CFO, this position has overall leadership responsibility for leading the charge in driving shrink reduction...



Senior Financial Analyst
Lake Buena Vista, FL; Orlando, FL

This role is responsible for identifying potential fraud and privilege abuse at the Walt Disney World Resort, across all lines of business including but not limited to: merchandise, food & beverage, rooms, ticketing, and employee privileges. Fraud is identified through exception reporting by using in house systems and databases to establish trends for investigations...

Senior Market AP Manager- Southern California
Burbank, CA
This Senior Market Asset Protection Manager contributes to REI's success by supporting improved profitability for the co-op through reduced inventory shrinkage, improved margin, reduced Workers Comp and GL claims and premiums, retail and supply chain management...

Regional Asset Protection Director
Seattle, WA

The Regional Loss Prevention Director will lead Loss Prevention programs for designated Districts and Stores within assigned Region. Reviews Loss Prevention program processes in stores to drive shrink reduction and bottom line profits. Provides leadership to LP teams and stores in the management of critical incidents...

Senior Manager of Investigations
Dublin, CA
● This position will lead the Internal Theft Investigations Team - based out of our Dublin Corporate Office
They are responsible for company-wide theft lead generation, field/corporate investigations and case closures...

Senior Manager of Crisis Operations
Dublin, CA
This position will lead a team of Crisis Mangers, Senior Analysts and Crisis Analysts based out of our Dublin Corporate Office
They are responsible for all crisis response efforts, company-wide communication, safe travel program and any company threats...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Pacific Northwest
Sacramento, CA

● Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports.
Monitors compliance with loss prevention policies and programs including routine audits/checklists for internal/external controls...

Retail Asset Protection Team Leader
Cadillac, MI

Collaborates with the Market Asset Protection Team leader and Store Leadership to support a Culture of Safety and 200% accountability. Oversees and ensures the effectiveness of the asset-protection, safety and fire-protection efforts and stock loss reduction...

Regional Manager Loss Prevention - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
The Regional Asset Protection Manager is responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function to a group of the 1,200 campus stores Follett operates. The RAPM guides the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

Area LP Manager - Nor Cal
Sacramento, CA

The Area Loss Prevention Manager (ALPM) drives shrink improvement and asset protection programs for two (2) to four (4) Districts which contain approximately 25-65 Ulta Beauty Stores. The Area Loss Prevention Manager is responsible to assess store procedures, promote awareness and methods to prevent, protect and control losses and protect company assets and make recommendations to improve inventory shrinkage, safety and overall store controls...

Store Loss Prevention Manager
Daly City, CA

Store Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific location and for partnering with Store Operations in an effort to prevent company loss. You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results...

Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Indianapolis, IN

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigates and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets...

District Asset Protection Manager - Detroit/Saginaw
Taylor, MI

Amazing opportunity! High profile, fast paced district available for a Multi-Unit Asset Protection professional with operational savvy or a General Manager passionate about Asset Protection and Safety. As the District Asset Protection Manager you will lead administration of Asset Protection programs and training for an assigned district in order to drive sales, profits, and a customer service culture...

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