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ORC Leader Claude Poucher
Using Decades of Experience to Fight Shoplifting & Fraud

Claude Poucher has held a variety of senior investigative positions over the last 25 years, from big box retailers and supply chain to discount and specialty.

He started in Loss Prevention at Rich's Department store, which was six stories and covered two city blocks in Downtown Atlanta.

"It was a great learning ground for Loss Prevention," he told the Daily. "We processed about 800 shoplifting apprehensions a year."

In his most recent role, Claude served as Director, Field Investigations and ORC at Office Depot for more than two decades.

The key to addressing ORC, he says, is to look at the issue from a multi-channel perspective.

"Fraudsters have learned that they can commit crimes anonymously through the internet," he said. "In order to be effective, you need to address all facets of prevention across all of your business channels."

He says traditional ORC shoplifting teams are best addressed through strong training, product protection, and awareness programs. Swift communication with stores in the area, ORC organizations and the Law enforcement community can also greatly enhance success, as well as documenting losses and filing police reports in all jurisdictions. Additionally, CCTV footage is critical as you build a case.

Claude points to a recently busted ORC group as evidence that these strategies, as well law enforcement and retail partnerships, are effective.

"This past year, a large ORC group was sending out three shoplifting teams across the U.S., targeting two office supply retailers and one electronics retailer," Claude explained. "The Attorney General in NY worked with the retailers over a 6-month period to bring down this large organization."  (See case below)

Read Claude's full story here

Date Reported: March 16, 2017
New York: New York: 12 Indicted in $12M Scheme in 'Operation Sticky Fingers' Criminal gang making millions from stolen ink cartridges
In a takedown codenamed 'Operation Sticky Fingers', law enforcement said the suspects - if convicted - will face up to 25 years in prison. The gang stands accused to reselling products on eBay and Amazon stolen from shops including BestBuy, Staples and Office Depot. An indictment unsealed Wednesday charged 12 people with stealing and reselling more than $12 million in high-end electronics and other merchandise, in what the authorities called one of the largest-ever busts of a retail-theft ring. mytwintiers.com wsj.com ibtimes.co.uk pocononews.net

Check out our special ORC Shark Week episode series in the LPNN column below


Arecont Vision® Enhances Executive Leadership Team to Position Company for Continued Growth

Arecont Vision®, the industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology, announces important changes to its executive leadership to better position the company for continued growth. Arecont Vision has promoted several executives to larger roles as part of these changes.

Raul Calderon, who joined us in 2007, has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, and will continue to report to Dr. Kaplinsky (CEO and founder) and Dr. Berezin (President and founder).

Kyle Parker, most recently Vice President North America Sales - West, is promoted to Vice President, Americas (US, Canada, Mexico, Latin/South America).

Mitch Fagundes has been promoted to Vice President of Global Strategic Accounts from his previous role as Director of Business Development.

Sanjit Bardhan is now Vice President of EMEAI, adding Europe to his previous leadership responsibilities for the Middle East, India, and Africa.

Paul Tagger is promoted to Managing Director, Europe under Mr. Bardhan. He previously was country manager for the UK and Ireland.

Read full press release here


Submit Your New Corporate Hires/Promotions or New Position

Q3 Internet Job Postings Down 15%

Third quarter asset protection and loss prevention internet jobs postings down 15%

     2017 Q3: 1,199 jobs
     2016 Q3: 1,409 jobs

Month Q3 '16 Q3 '17 % Change
July 455 384 15% down
August 496 445 10% down
September 458 370 19% down
Totals 1,409 1,199 15% down

In the Featured Jobs column in Q3 2017, the Daily posted two vice president positions, 18 Senior Director/Director level positions, 1 Regional, Market or Field Director position, and 3 Senior Manager or Corporate Manager positions.

Although we've posted various job titles this quarter including some from EHS, Information and IT Security, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Asset Protection/Loss Prevention, Safety, and Investigations industries, with the amount of store closures (up nearly 200% this year), bankruptcies and job cuts, not to mention Mother Nature wreaking havoc on retail sales with Hurricane Harvey and Irma also impacting retail budgets long term, it's taking a toll on the number of available positions in both categories.

Couple this with the decreased seasonal hiring at Big Box stores, like Walmart offering extra hours to current associates, Macy's holiday hiring decreasing 4% from last year, and Target only hiring 4,500 as opposed to the 7,500 they hired last year and what we see is the continued impact on the consumer transition to online retail.

Layoff plans this year are highest in retail
Plans for job cuts decline 27% from last year; retail leads year to date

Outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas says companies announced plans to cut 32,346 jobs in September. It says the number is down 27 percent from last year. Layoff plans this year are highest in retail. The firm says the year-to-date figure for the third quarter was the lowest since 1996.

Retailers have announced the most cuts this year - 71,057. That's nearly 37 percent higher than the period last year. cnbc.com

US economy lost 33,000 jobs in September as hurricanes hit hiring
The US lost 33,000 jobs in September after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Texas, Florida and other Southeastern states. It was the first decline in six years. Last month's drop was driven by huge losses in restaurants and bars, which shed 105,000 jobs, a sign of the damage to Florida's tourism industry. nypost.com

Nate Fizzles Quickly - At Least We Get One Break
Lowe's - Walmart & Other Retailers Closed Coastal Mississippi Stores Saturday for Hurricane Nate

Hurricane Nate, the fourth to lash the United States in just over six weeks, made landfall on Saturday in southeast Louisiana, near the mouth of the Mississippi River, as a Category 1 system. It made landfall again hours later, this time near Biloxi, with roaring wind and heavy rain, and dragged in flooding that overtopped Highway 90 and poured into the bottom level of some parking garages.

The storm weakened rapidly after the second landfall. The National Hurricane Center downgraded the hurricane to a tropical storm and then a tropical depression as it rapidly moved farther inland over Mississippi and Alabama.

"And Waffle House is still open," Mr. Hazen said, citing the ever-reliable barometer of Southern disaster. nytimes.com

Security After the Las Vegas Incident
This incident also is a wake up call for the hospitality industry. Changes to US hospitality security will occur very quickly in an effort to prevent another tragedy. Count on it. As Warren Buffett once said, "It takes 20 years to build up a reputation and less than 5 minutes to destroy it. If you think about that, everyone will do many things differently." In this instance it took 9-11 minutes. A single act of violence placed hotel guests, the property and the brand reputation at risk. The hotel could be held liable for inadequacies and for criminal acts committed on, or from their property.

The hospitality industry must work to provide safety and security in addition to privacy and comfort of guests. They must examine:

Event security -Comprehensive Threat & Risk Assessment.
Hotel security. Security personnel at all hotels need to immediately initiate a complete review of every aspect of their security apparatus, which includes updating and strengthening each facet of security policies, procedures, hiring and training.

"Do Not Disturb". At any hotel, as long as you do not create a disturbance or there is not an engineering issue, you have a limited expectation of privacy within your room.

Do hotels need to rethink this policy and limit a DND sign to a shorter amount of time? This would also allow housekeeping to apply awareness training and report any concerns to hotel security. A tough issue, but it should at least be discussed and considered.  

Transport. Attention and intense scrutiny is certain to focus upon transportation of so many pieces of luggage and personal effects.

Security staffing. The hospitality industry must employ sufficient numbers of quality security personnel who are paid fairly and trained in more than just asset protection procedures.

General Hotel Personnel. All employees must receive specialized awareness training to identify, recognize and report suspicious activity. They must be comfortable reporting suspicious behavior such as a nervous or evasive attitude, a severe concern with privacy, denial of entry to a room, and more. Specific indicators may include: did a guest ask for a specific room, arrive with large amounts of luggage and then refuse bellman assistance, use cash only or a credit card in another person's name, refuse housekeeping services?

In the future, hotel security may employ (or increase it, if it's already being used):

Plainclothes Surveillance Operatives. Plainclothes security personnel walking the hotel premises who can maintain a covert posture, who are trained in behavior and situational awareness and who have knowledge of indicators of suspicion and terrorist activity.

Bag Checks and Luggage Screening. This policy is coming, I believe. And initially, hotels and guests will complain that is is intrusive.

Magnetometers. Many say magnetometers are not a viable solution for hotels. Unfortunately, our open society mandates this necessity. Similar to bag checks and luggage screening, the use of magnetometers and hand-held wands will be used.

Significant changes and increases to current hospitality security measures are coming.  securitymagazine.com

Walmart Reinvents the Returns Process
Marrying the Power of the Walmart App with Stores, Walmart Creates Faster, Simpler Returns Process Unlike Any Other in Retail

Walmart is preparing to launch Mobile Express Returns - an innovative, industry-first experience that combines Walmart's more than 4,700 locations with the Walmart app to make returning an item fast, easy - and maybe even a little enjoyable.

The new simplified returns process will be available starting in early November for items sold and shipped by Walmart.com, followed by store purchases in early 2018. Walmart is also working to create a similar streamlined returns process for items sold by third-party sellers on Walmart.com.

"By leveraging our physical stores and the Walmart app, we're changing the returns game in ways that only Walmart can do.

1. Initiate the Return: Using the Walmart App, select the Walmart transaction and item(s)* to return and follow the prompts to start the return process.

2. Finish the Return at the Store: At the store, fast-track through the line via the Mobile Express Lane** at the Customer Service Desk. Scan the QR code displayed on the card reader with the Walmart app, and then hand the item to the associate. *Certain restrictions may apply.

That's it! Refunds will be credited to customers' payment account as soon as the next day, and they will no longer have to send off their product and wait days for an online return to be credited.  businesswire.com

Walmart New Return Process - Getting People in Stores
New Fraud Risk: "Keep It" Program For Bulky Items
Closed Mouth on Monitoring For Fraud

"In certain cases such as orders with bulky items, customers can simply keep them and still get a refund, a program it referred to as "keep it" in an interview last week."

We asked, and Walmart told us that it would not detail how it will monitor "keep it" returns for fraud.

"We will be using technology to help us spot irregular behavior," a spokesperson said. "We aren't able to share any additional details for competitive reasons." I'm guessing that people will be monitored if they make repeat return requests as part of it.  techcrunch.com

UK's Biggest Retailer $327M Fraud Trial Friday Testimony
Whistleblower Delivers Smoking Gun in Tesco's Sr. Exec's Fraud
Tesco's UK boss told 'word by word' of hole in accounts
Whistleblower, Amit Soni, senior accountant at Tesco, told the court on Friday that he attended a Sept. 16 2014 meeting with Scouler and group commercial director Kevin Grace, with Bush also present via conference call. Scouler read out "the legacy paper", Soni had actually commissioned, that was a "very detailed reading out...almost word by word," that showed how around 250 million pounds ($327 million) of income had illegitimately been "pulled forward" in Tesco's accounts a week before the stock market was informed.

"He (Bush) said to the effect that the legacy number read out will have to be discussed with Dave Lewis, the new CEO of the company. Equally there is a responsibility, a corporate responsibility, for everybody to hit the numbers and hit the budget," Soni told the court.

Soni said he had expected to be informed when discussions would take place with Lewis but did not hear anything on either Sept. 17 or 18. Later on Sept. 18 Soni visited Kay Majid of Tesco's legal team and presented the report to her.

Neither Lewis, Clarke or Grace face any charges.

Lewis then became aware of the report and he dealt with it as an emergency. After two board meetings on Sept. 21 a corrective statement was issued to the stock market on Sept. 22.

Christopher Bush, 51, who was managing director of Tesco UK, Carl Rogberg, 50, who was UK finance director, and John Scouler,49, who was UK food commercial director, all deny any wrongdoing and have pleaded not guilty.

The case follows Tesco's announcement in September 2014 that its profit forecast had been overstated mainly due to booking commercial deals with suppliers too early. gearsofbiz.com

Sprint merger with T-Mobile
Could Cost 30,000 Jobs & 3,000 Stores

A widely anticipated and close to proposing a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile US could cost the nation more jobs than exist at Overland Park-based Sprint, according to one analyst.

Together, the companies reported employing 78,000 in their most recent disclosures. Sprint accounts for 28,000 of those, T-Mobile 50,000. Merging the companies, said a report by Jonathan Chaplin of New Street Research, could eliminate "approximately 30,000 American jobs" - which is more than Sprint employs.

Sprint and T-Mobile would be expected to shed some suppliers, vendors, and other business partners which would lead to secondary job cuts.  Another researcher said 20,000 job cuts with most of them being retail workers because they wouldn't need as many and some are so close to each other.
Estimates are that they'd close a total of 3,000 stores with each of those employing five full time jobs, or 15,000 retail jobs gone.

"Headcount reductions would be a significant part of the story." kansascity.com

Office Depot to transform into IT service giant after $1B deal
Office Depot last week agreed to acquire CompuCom Systems for $1 billion, thereby incorporating a sizable tech-assistance platform into its traditional office products retail operation.

Founded in 1987, CompuCom procures, installs and manages the lifecycle of hardware and software for businesses, and offers IT support services including remote help desk, data centers and on-site IT professionals. It has over 5.1 million unique end users and approximately 6,000 licensed technicians, the largest in the country.

CompuCom is expected to bring IT support services to all of Office Depot's customers, particularly underserved small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), near its approximately 1,400 retail stores. "Technology is the office supply of the future," said Gerry Smith, CEO of Office Depot, in a statement. "The combination of CompuCom's enterprise IT services with our millions of customers and approximately 1,400 distribution points gives us the credibility and scale to build a sustainable platform and stand apart from the competition."  retailwire.com

Manager Corporate Security for Hertz in Estero, FL
Overall responsibility for security at Estero, Florida global headquarters including the safety and security of employees, subcontractors, visitors and Hertz assets. Assist the Senior Director Corporate Security with the protection of the CEO and Senior Management Team, security during major events, termination of employees, etc. icims.com

IAI Announces 2018 Elite Training Day Event Dates and False Confession Expert Saul Kassin as the Keynote Speaker
The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is proud to announce false confession expert, Dr. Saul Kassin, will be the keynote speaker at IAI’s annual Elite Training Day event April 11 – 12, 2018.

“We are very excited to have such a renowned expert speak at our annual Elite Training Day,” said Wayne Hoover, CFI, IAI Executive Director. “False confessions are a real concern in our industry, and we are confident Dr. Kassin will provide relevant, captivating content to the professional interviewers and interrogators attending this year’s event.”

Saul Kassin is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York and Massachusetts Professor Emeritus at Williams College, in Williamstown, MA.

Read more here.  To register and find out more about Elite Training Day 2018, click here.

America's Retailers Have a New Target Customer: The 26-Year-Old Millennial

Ross Stores Opens 40 New Locations - 96 Total in 2017

5 Retailers Struggling as We Head Into the Holiday Season

Perfumania Reorganization Plan Confirmed - Reduced Store Count

UK's Tesco Pilot testing Amazon-Go Type Stores

Chicago: 9 shot since Friday evening, 500th shooting death this year

Last week's #1 article --

Gunman Stephen Paddock was an accountant who played $100-a-hand-poker

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WEBINAR: Anatomy of a Cyberattack - Register Today!

Anatomy of a Cyberattack: Scenarios to Learm from to Mitigate Future Threats Register Now

Join Us: ‌Oct 12th, ‌2PM ET
Duration: 60 Minutes

As cyber criminals continue to evolve their tactics, it is imperative that businesses become more vigilant to combat cyberattacks.

Join us for the webinar "Anatomy of a Cyberattack", as our panel of cyber experts dissect recent cyberattacks that brought businesses to their knees globally. The webinar will also provide a roadmap for navigating potential future attacks and how to reduce your business' exposure.

You'll learn:

  ● Practical guidance about the types of cyberattacks on the horizon.
  ● The latest cybersecurity regulations
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London, England plans new Economic & Cyber Crime Court
The new state-of-the-art 18 courtrooms will help "cement the City's position as a pre-eminent legal cluster and the leading global financial centre" It will primarily hear fraud, economic crime and cyber crime cases, but it will also hear some other criminal and civil cases. The announcement comes amid a drive by the City of London Corporation to protect the status of the UK's financial services sector. Editor's Note: The first cyber crime court in the world. fnlondon.com

Third-Party Breaches Batter 56% of Businesses
A survey by Ponemon Institute and compliance services firm Opus of 625 executives who are familiar with their organization's management of data risks found 56% said their business suffered a breach caused by a third party, up 7 percentage points from 2016. Forty-two percent said a cyberattack against a third-party partner resulted in the misuse of their organization's sensitive or confidential information, up from 34% last year. Seventeen percent said their organization was effective in mitigating third-party risks.

"Smart companies are learning from those that have implemented clearly defined third-party risk management programs supported by good governance and robust technology." wsj.com

6 Best Practices that Reduce Third-Party Cybersecurity Risk
Third-party risk management (TPRM) platforms are emerging to guard against attacks that originate in an organization's supply chain.  Ideally, these help an organization map its attack surface, and monitor changes to the companies that are part of that attack surface, with the result being risk insights that let security management anticipate problems and work with its vendors to remediate these risks.

Getting started with TPRM requires an organization to do a self-analysis that will form the foundation for its program. The following best practices can be used to set a foundation for successful TPRM:

Develop a list of high-impact vendors. You may interact with a large number of vendors, so the first step in TPRM is to consider which vendors would be of highest-impact to your organization if a breach occurred.

Identify assets exposed to vendors and vendor assets that store your data. Next, by scanning or spidering against a vendor's domain, you can determine a great deal of information such as what services are running or which ports are open on firewalls.

Manage the relationship with your vendors. When working with a vendor, you need to be able to understand and monitor their cyber hygiene. Consider what you are doing to ensure your data is not commingling with other companies' data. And then you need to ensure the risk of the data stored is in alignment with the content terms that you've put in place with the vendor.

Refine the vendor list for ongoing monitoring. It's not enough to assess a vendor just once, but it's also not realistic to assess all vendors all of the time. After your analysis of which vendors are of highest priority, make a plan for ongoing (continuous) assessment of these vendors to ensure your data remains safe.

Develop initial "threat scenarios." Even with ongoing assessment, threats will still loom. Organizations with a more advanced TPRM program can "visualize" or map out what the impact would be of a particular risk.

Ongoing risk mitigation. Understanding that attackers may still get through, how will you prepare for risk mitigation? securitymagazine.com

Critical Reading For Every Sr. LP & AP Leader
IoT Tipping Point: Connection Capacity
The Fog - Real-Time Response - It's Coming

All that data generated by IoT devices won't be valuable without a robust network.

For most folks, the focus of any discussion about the internet of things (IoT) tends to devolve to data. That's because all those devices and sensors are generating a lot of what pundits expect will be the digital gold that drives business to be more efficient and profitable in the future.

For NetOps, data means bandwidth, and all that data is going to put a strain on current network capacity. In today's multi-cloud world, networking pros must consider not only inbound but outbound traffic because a significant percentage of business operations today is conducted via off-premises, cloud-based applications like Office 365, Workday, Dropbox, and Salesforce. IoT adds to the already growing load on the network, which in turn puts pressure on NetOps to ensure that everyone has their fair share of bandwidth.

This is all true, but there's an aspect of IoT that's rarely mentioned, let alone considered: connections. You know, those things that must be established before the data is ever transferred.

"With the advent of IoT, operators will also have to address the need for massive increases in control plane capacity to handle the sporadic transmissions generated from billons of devices. IoT traffic generates a substantially higher volume of signaling traffic relative to data traffic.

The bottom line is that IoT is going to put a strain on connection capacity as readily and perhaps even sooner than it does on bandwidth.

So every one of those devices better be able to handle those hundreds, thousands, or millions of connections that must occur to transfer all that data pundits are in a tizzy over. That's in addition to all the existing connections to apps, inbound and outbound, that need to be supported for all those other business operations to keep moving with alacrity.

Answers to this dilemma range from a network-wide upgrade to ensure every device has the capacity to handle those connections to moving off-premises.

But neither option may help your network support the massive number of connections growing from CCTVs, digital door locks, sensors, monitors, and alarms. The answer to this conundrum is often "edge" or "fog" computing.

Both terms refer to the practice of moving the systems and services responsible for making sense out of IIoT data closer to those little devices. Data might still be shipped out to the cloud by those devices that live in the "fog" between the cloud and the data center, but the data is analyzed first and in very near real-time. Any actions that might be necessary based on the data can be executed immediately because the devices in the "fog" are imbued with the intelligence to make that call, perhaps literally.

This model reduces the number of devices required to support massive connection capacity and simultaneously relieves the core network from needing to handle them

Connections are the real "tipping point" for IoT. Data is significant, yes, but it's got to get there first. If we don't take the appropriate architectural steps now to ensure the network can handle all the connections that need to be made, that data isn't going anywhere.

Editor's Note: Every LP and AP team better be heavily involved in this upgrade because everything you have in the stores is dependent on it. networkcomputing.com


Organized Retail Crime
The Great Debate #2

Chris DeSantis, VP of Asset Protection, Macy's; TJ Flynn, Market Inv. Sr. Mgr., J.C. Penney; Jim Cosseboom, Mgr., Inv. & Corp. Security, Ahold USA; and Tarik Sheppard, NYPD Lt. Dep. Comm. of Public Information

Originally Published 5-6-16

Hear from four professionals with unique skills in developing and leading ORC programs in the public and private sectors: Chris DeSantis, VP of Asset Protection, Macy's; TJ Flynn, Market Investigations Sr. Manager, J.C. Penney; Jim Cosseboom, Manager, Investigations & Corporate Security, Ahold USA, Inc.; and Tarik Sheppard, NYPD Lt. Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.

Learn why technology is a double-edged sword when it comes to ORC, how decriminalization laws are forcing retailers to build bigger cases, and where we're at in establishing a national information-sharing database.

Episode Sponsored By:

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us



To fight counterfeit, MVMT Watches outsources brand protection
Retailers whose brands are prized by customers as trendy or luxurious are almost inevitably targeted by fraudsters infringing on their intellectual property rights.

Growing numbers of imposters rack in easy sales by counterfeiting popular brands online and sometimes even replicating legitimate websites, resulting in tarnished brands and lost sales.

An estimate from a 2015 report commissioned by the International Chamber of Commerce placed the size of the global counterfeit market at more than $1.7 trillion in 2015, up from $600 billion in 2010. Those sales are estimated to increase to $2.8 trillion by 2022.

Fighting fakes

MVMT, a fast-growing international brand created to meet a need for high quality, stylish watches at affordable prices, launched its website in 2013. It also has distribution in about 80 Nordstrom stores throughout the United States.

Spallone says the company discovered growing incidents of brand counterfeiting about a year after its launch. After trying to deal with the incidents and becoming frustrated by the amount of time it was taking - "about two days a week," he says, "and these were 50 hour weeks" - MVMT turned to Red Points, a company dedicated to brand and copyright protection.

Six months after MVMT's partnership with Red Points began in November, Spallone says Red Points' Magda software program had found more than 25,000 listings of counterfeits of its watch brand on 80 marketplace sites. The typical price at which the counterfeits were being sold was between $5 and $15, for items that retail for $95 to $160.

Red Points also found 11 incidents of counterfeit websites effectively replicating the look and feel of the MVMT website. When customers would order a watch from one of these websites, the owner of the site would take the order, then order that item from the legitimate MVMT website, effectively using MVMT to "dropship the order to the customer," Spallone says. "The fraudsters were making money because they were buying from us using promotional discounts, plus they were charging higher retail prices."

So far, Red Points has shut down all but four of those sites, he says, with the threat of lawsuits hanging over the rest. stores.org

Fencing Operation: Pawn Shop Raided in Colonie (Albany Area), NY
Walmart, Target & Home Depot Assist Local PD

With the help of three retail giants, police raided a Central Avenue pawn shop on Thursday, Oct. 5, and shut down what they are calling the "primary receiver of stolen property in our town."

The investigation began in April, said Lt. Robert Winn, and investigators interviewed shoplifters, burglars and drug users who all said they were selling stolen property at the Xchange Cash and Trade at the corner of Osborne Road and Central Avenue.

Police then provided undercover operatives with what appeared to be stolen property - some even had security tags still on them thanks to Home Depot, Target and WalMart - and/or made it known to the owners the items were just stolen.

The company's website boasts "We buy almost anything" and Winn said there were items as large as generators to things as small as jewelry and electronic smart switches that control lights or thermometers with a cell phone.

There is no regulation covering pawn shops in Colonie like there is in the City of Albany. But, owners of pawn shops are not supposed to knowingly deal with stolen property.

Winn said the investigation is continuing and more charges are possible. The federal government could get involved, he said, if the two attempted to sell stolen property across state lines via the internet. He said when the younger Fanos was arrested he had a number of packages ready to mail and investigators are waiting on a search warrant so they, and investigators from the U.S. Postal Service, can open them up.

Loss prevention officials at the three retailers not only provided merchandise to Colonie police to sell to the pawn shop, they also provided cash so stolen items could be purchased and the technical expertise of dealing with similar cases of stolen merchandise throughout the U.S.

"We received an amazing amount of cooperation from the three stores. We have worked with their local loss prevention all the time but we had not worked with the corporate level," he said. "In this case it was a successful partnership."

Sophisticated Counterfeit Operation Busted in Selma, AL
Three arrests in identity theft, counterfeiting operation

Three Selma men, including a former Dallas County constable, were arrested Thursday night for running an alleged identity theft and counterfeiting operation.

Jackson said the criminal operation was under investigation for nearly nine months and is responsible for frauding citizens, businesses and even the city of Selma out of a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Equipment and other evidence found inside the hotel room. "It was very extensive and sophisticated," Jackson said. "They had all kinds of computers, credit card machines, counterfeit money machines, they had ledgers, they had people's social security numbers and names."

All of that and more was found inside the hotel room, which was a makeshift headquarters. Jackson said the operation was responsible for producing counterfeit credit cards, checks and even money, along with stealing identities.

Donaldson said they also recovered blank Visa and Mastercard credit cards and blank check stock paper, as well as two handguns and drugs. There were also several printers and laptops. selmatimesjournal.com

Serial thief linked to more than 130 cases across Texas, other states
A mystery man has been going on shopping sprees for about a year, and not paying, says the Georgetown police. "This individual has been linked to about 130 other cases from Texas to Colorado, California, Washington," explains Cpt. Roland Waits with the Georgetown Police Department.

Williamson County is the scene of the latest crime. Investigators say the suspect bought electronics from the Best Buy in Georgetown in August, after stealing credit cards from a gym locker in Round Rock. "He'll go into the locker room, observe people, go in cut their locks off, take their information," explains Waits.

Earlier this week, the New Braunfels Police Department sent out an alert stating the same suspect used stolen credit cards at its Best Buy.

If you recognize the suspect, you're asked to contact your local police department, or Officer Merideth Welborn with Georgetown PD at 512-931-7662. You can also email her at merideth.welborn@georgetown.org. kxan.com

Chicago, IL: 3 charged after Mag Mile, Louis Vuitton store purse theft, crash
Three men face various charges after a Magnificent Mile shoplifting incident Friday morning led to a crash a short time later on the Near North Side. Officers on patrol about 11:45 a.m. saw Sellers running out of a Louis Vuitton store carrying multiple purses. He then got into a vehicle with 2 other suspects and drove off. The officers followed the vehicle, which eventually crashed into multiple other vehicles. The three men got out of the vehicle and tried to run away, but were taken into custody. abc7chicago.com

Monroe, LA: X-Mart Employee arrested for stealing $1,200 of sex toys
Police say Calvin Adams stole more than $1,200 worth of merchandise from the X-Mart Adult Supercenter in Monroe. Police say video surveillance from 9/5/17-9/14/17 and from 10/1/17-10/3/17 show Adams stealing from the store. knoe.com

Hamden, CT: Shoplifter busted after making 2 attempts to steal over $1,200 in merchandise from The Home Depot

Carroll County ORC Detective Profiled in Local Media

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Visit the ORC Resource Center

Shootings & Deaths

Houston, TX: McDonald's Security Guard kills shooting suspect in parking lot
A security officer on duty at a local McDonald's restaurant was forced to shoot and kill a man that he saw shooting another person. Police said that they responded to the shooting at the McDonald's parking lot at Cullen Boulevard and Phlox Street in south Houston at around 10:30 Saturday night. Investigators say it started when two men got into a fight inside the restaurant and one man reportedly pulled out a gun and shot the other man in the stomach. The security officer followed the man outside and ordered him to drop his gun and then shot the suspect. That man died on the way to the hospital. The other shooting victim is in stable condition. Police are checking to see if surveillance video will give them a better idea of what led to the shooting. Police detectives say that the investigation is continuing but that they do not expect charges to be filed against the security guard at this time. abc13.com

Nashville, TN: Unarmed Rite Aid Security Guard shot & wounded
A security guard was shot during a robbery at the Rite Aid on West End early Monday morning. According to the Vanderbilt University Police Department, the suspect demanded money from the clerk just after 4 a.m. The gunman then shot the security guard before leaving the store. The Security Guard is believed to be in critical condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Police Officers on scene said the security guard was not armed. wsmv.com

Ellicott City, MD: Police Investigating Shooting at Walmart
Police in Maryland are investigating a shooting inside a Walmart store that left one man injured. Howard County Police said in a news release Sunday that officers were called around midnight for a report of a fight with shots fired at a store in Ellicott City. They arrived to find a man with a nonfatal gunshot wound. Police believe the victim went to a vehicle in the parking lot after he was shot, got a gun and fired "multiple retaliatory shots" toward the store. No one was hit by that gunfire, and he was taken to a hospital. Witnesses told police that the suspect who fired the initial shots inside fled. nbcwashington.com


Robberies & Thefts

Bellevue, WA: Jewelry courier stabbed, robbed in Bellevue parking lot
The courier suffered a non-life-threatening stab wound in the attack just after 2 p.m. on Thursday, in the Kelsey Creek Center, 15015 Main St. Police said the courier was delivering an undisclosed amount of jewelry when a man approached him while he was seated in the car. The man broke the drivers-side window and pulled the courier from the car, police said. yakimaherald.com

Valparaiso, IN: Aldi Customers take down would be Robber
Police responded to a robbery at the Aldi around 7:20 p.m. on Friday. Police said Thomas Powell, 36, came into the store with a mask on, approached a cashier and demanded money. He inferred that he had a weapon on his pocket. He got money from the cashier and was immediately restrained by a customer. Additional customers helped and held Powell down until police arrived. When officers arrived, they saw five or six men holding him down. wgntv.com

Modesto, CA: Shoplifter Releases Pepper Spray At Modesto Mall, 50 People Treated
Modesto Police say a woman was being taken into custody by mall security when she deployed the pepper spray. The woman got away and authorities are still looking for her. modbee.com

San Leandro, CA: Police identify suspects in 19 Bay Area Armed Store Robberies
The robbery spree started in July and ended in September, police say. Police say the robberies occurred in Oakland, Dublin, and unincorporated parts of Alameda County, and included sandwich shops, gas stations, dry cleaners, and liquor stores. eastbaytimes.com

Solving Gun Store Burglaries has become a top ATF priority in Colorado; gun thefts more than doubled from 2015 to 2016
Solving gun store burglaries has become a top ATF priority in Colorado, said William Henderson, assistant special agent in charge of the ATF's Denver field division. In fact, records show the problem is growing faster in Colorado than in the rest of the country. The number of gun thefts from federally licensed gun dealers across the U.S. increased 51 percent in one year to 9,281 stolen guns in 2016. By comparison, Colorado gun thefts more than doubled from 121 stolen in 2015 to 273 taken in 2016, said an ATF spokesperson. Federal agents have not yet tallied the number of guns stolen in 2017. denverpost.com

Dublin, Ireland: Mark & Spencer Employee stole nearly $7,000 from the register; facing 131 counts of theft

Oak Creek, WI: Bakery Employee stole $66,000 in company equipment from employer

4th Cell Phone store Armed Robbery in Pasadena area in recent weeks

Zales in the Chandler Fashion Mall, Chandler, AZ reported a Grab & Run on 10/7, item valued at $7,229

Jared in the Woodland Corner Shops, Grand Rapids, MI reported a Smash & Grab Armed Robbery on 10/6, items valued at over $125,000

Fred Meyer Jewelers in the Tacoma Mall, Tacoma, WA reported a Grab & Run on 10/8, item valued at $3,140

Fred Meyer Jewelers in Kirkland WA reported a Grab & Run on 10/8, item valued at $14,700

Zales in the Concord Mall, Wilmington, DE reported a Grab & Run on 10/7, item valued at $12,789

Zales in the Broadmoor Center, Hobbs, NM reported a Grab & Run on 10/7, items valued at $13,498

Kay Jewelers in the Memorial City Mall, Houston, TX reported a Grab & Run on 10/7, items valued at $14,798

Kay Jewelers in the Pecanland Mall, Monroe, LA reported a Grab & Run on 10/8, items valued at $9,899

Kay Jewelers in the Eastridge Mall, San Jose, CA reported an External Diamond Switch on 10/3, item valued at $8,399


Arrests & Sentencings

Getaway Driver Gets 84yrs/1st Degree Murder Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer/Security Guard - C-Store Armed Robbery 2011

Trial date set for suspect in 2014 Murfreesboro Walmart slaying

Andrew Garza Charged in San Antonio West Side Pawn Shop Robbery


Concord, CA: Officials probe suspected arson at Sunvalley mall

Bomb Threat

Heights, TX: Police investigating bomb threat at Heights-area Walmart




AT&T - Mequon, WI - Armed Robbery
Aldi - Valparaiso, IN - Robbery
Aldi - Madison, WI - Armed Robbery
Appliance Store - Englewood, CO - Burglary
AutoZone - Albuquerque, NM - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Revere, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Philadelphia, PA - Armed Robbery / owner shot & wounded
C-Store - Bibb County, GA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Holly Hill, FL - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Phoenix, AZ - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Kalamazoo, MI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Cheyenne, WY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lincoln, NE - Burglary
Circle K - Albuquerque, NM - Armed Robbery / customer shot & wounded
Circle K - Cape Coral, FL - Armed Robbery
Crazy 4 Yogurt - Penn Valley, CA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Springfield, TN - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Avondale, LA - Armed Robbery
Exxon - Denton, TX - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Buffalo, NY - Robbery
Gas Station - Bogota, NJ - Armed Robbery
Grocery - Rockford, IL - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Englewood, CO - Burglary
Liquor Store - Dartmouth, MA - Armed Robbery
McDonalds - Henrico County, VA - Armed Robbery
Pharmacy - Russellville, TN - Robbery
Speedway - Pittsburgh, PA - Armed Robbery
Subway - San Diego, CA - Armed Robbery
Target - Toledo, OH - Robbery
The Game Station - Hanover Township, PA - Armed Robbery
Tobacco Store - Winston-Salem, NC - Armed Robbery
Valero - Jackson, MS - Armed Robbery / One killed-1 wounded
Verizon - Pasadena, CA - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Manchester, CT - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
30 robberies
3 burglaries
3 shootings
1 killings




Chris Stines
named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for CVS Health

Bill Maxwell, CFI named Regional Asset Protection Manager for L Brands

Brent Kleinfelder
named Executive Team Lead Asset Protection for Target

Ronnie Beye named Area Supervisor at The Home Depot

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