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Trump's Immigration Impact on Retail
More Audits & Sweeps Coming to a Store Near You
ICE conducts sweeps of 100 7-Eleven stores, targeting employers in immigration probe

U.S. immigration agents descended on dozens of 7-Eleven stores before dawn Wednesday to open employment audits and interview workers in what officials described as the largest operation against an employer under Donald Trump's presidency.

Agents targeted about 100 stores nationwide, broadening an investigation that began with a 4-year-old case against a franchisee on New York's Long Island. The audits could lead to criminal charges or fines over the stores' hiring practices.

The action appears to open a new front in Trump's sharp expansion of immigration enforcement, which has already brought a 40 percent increase in deportation arrests and plans to spend billions of dollars on a border wall with Mexico. Hardliners have been pressing for a tougher stance on employers.

Derek Benner, a top official at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told The Associated Press that Wednesday's operation was "the first of many" and "a harbinger of what's to come" for employers. He said there would be more employment audits and investigations, though there is no numerical goal.

Utah: 2,000 7-Eleven customers possibly exposed to hepatitis A
Health officials in Salt Lake County, Utah, are warning residents that an estimated 2,000 of them could have been exposed to hepatitis A at a local 7-Eleven convenience store. People who visited the location in West Jordan between December 26 and January 3 could be at risk if they used a restroom in the store or consumed certain food items, according to the Salt Lake County Health Department.

"The possible hepatitis A exposure occurred when an infected employee worked while ill and potentially handled certain items in the store," the department said on Sunday. The case is believed to be connected to a wider hepatitis A outbreak in the area that has been ongoing since August. cnn.com

'Weaponized' Social Media
Atlanta: Starbucks briefly closes after a hoax about a barista defiling white people's food went viral

The admissions from a Starbucks employee were apparently too revolting not to share. Spitting in a woman's coffee, sprinkling dog feces in a child's hot chocolate, mixing blood into jam - all were disgusting acts, presumably committed by a black woman, Shanell Rivers, targeting white customers in the Atlanta area and detailed on Facebook for the world to see.

By Sunday night, as images of the post mushroomed on social media, Starbucks was trying to reassure customers that the post was a fake that was "maliciously" created. But that was after a store's phone started ringing in an Atlanta suburb, with threats coming from the other end of the line.

The digital outrage spurred real-life consequences Sunday, forcing the store in Brookhaven, north of Atlanta, to close two hours early, a Starbucks corporate staffer told The Washington Post. Maj. Brandon Gurley, a Brookhaven Police Department spokesman, said police responded with additional patrols in the area. Authorities have also launched an investigation to determine how the false information spread, Gurley said.

The incident marks a growing headache for law enforcement: accusations or claims of salacious behavior weaponized on social media and taken offline to produce real-world potential for harm. washingtonpost.com

California c-stores, gas stations combat human trafficking
IOB links c-stores and rest stops in the fight against the heinous crime and has launched its newest program, Convenience Stores Against Trafficking, which raises public awareness and trains c-store staff to recognize and report human trafficking.

With more than 11,000 storefronts along California's roads and highways, convenience stores can serve as trafficking prevention centers in local communities and on the front lines.

"With January being recognized as Human Trafficking Awareness Month, CIOMA could not be more proud of this partnership and the commitment to eradicate trafficking from our communities for good," said Ryan Hanretty, Executive Director of CIOMA.

CIOMA is the statewide trade association of independent wholesale and retail marketers of gasoline, diesel, lubricating oils and other petroleum products; transporters of those products; and retail convenience store operators. petrolplaza.com

Johnson Controls introduces C●CURE Go Install app from Software House
Johnson Controls announces the introduction of the C●CURE Go Install app for use with the Software House iSTAR Ultra LT. The new app provides a more efficient, convenient means of configuring or updating information on the iSTAR Ultra LT controller without having to physically access the unit.

Working with an embedded Bluetooth antenna that can be turned on and off remotely to ensure network security, users simply log into the C●CURE Go Install app to perform a host of tasks, including configuring the network settings on the controller, rebooting the device and checking its status. The app is ideal for use with iSTAR Ultra LT controllers that are difficult to access for manual configuration, such as units located high above doorways or behind ceiling tiles. tycosecurityproducts.com

DTT Closes $80 Million Facility with Capital One & Completes Acquisition of LP Innovations Inc.
DTT, the leading provider of video-based managed service solutions to the hospitality and C-Store industries, announced the closing of an $80 million debt facility led by Administrative Agent, Capital One and CapitalSource, a division of Pacific Western Bank. The facility will be utilized primarily for the acquisition of LP Innovations Inc. (LPI), a loss prevention provider to the retail industry and for additional growth capital.

"We are very excited to join forces with the LPI team led by Steve May. LPI is a venerable Loss Prevention company with over 20 years of excellence in the retail industry" said Sam Naficy, CEO and Founder of DTT. Read more in today's Press Release column below.

Intellicheck Sees Sweeping Fraud Threat in Wake of Surging Data Breaches
Intellicheck Interim CEO Bill White believes the real impact of the tidal wave of data breaches has yet to be fully recognized. He cautions that financial institutions, retailers and businesses in general are at a crossroads because of the unprecedented compromise of consumer information from the more than 1,200 data breaches that occurred in 2017 and what is yet to come in 2018.

"Data breaches involving critical personal identifiers that include social security numbers and dates of birth have created a new dimension in identity theft that goes far beyond the threats that everyone from financial institutions to retailers have been faced with to date. Fraudsters have been provided with a treasure of information that has an infinite shelf life compared to typical stolen credit card data," White said. businesswire.com

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Anti-Harassment Complaint Procedure
As employers revisit their anti-harassment policies, they also should finetune their complaint procedures. Without a robust complaint procedure that employees trust, an anti-harassment policy is not worth the paper on which it is written.

1. Make Clear Who Can Bring Complaints
2. Have Multiple Points of Contact
3. Detail What Constitutes Prohibited Conduct
4. Provide Robust Protection Against Retaliation
5. Take Strong Corrective Action  shrm.org

SuperValu Says Whistleblowers Destroyed Evidence
SuperValu Inc. asked an Illinois federal judge to sanction a pair of whistleblowers who sued the grocery store conglomerate over claims it was overcharging the federal government for medication Tuesday, saying they destroyed all evidence of specific conversations they used to back up the suit's allegations.

Pharmacists Tracy Schutte and Michael Yarberry sued SuperValu and several of its grocery chain pharmacies in 2011, claiming the companies misled government payors like Medicare and Medicaid on how much it usually charged for prescription medications. The suit said SuperValu omitted its price-match discounts when it reported its usual and customary pricing to the government, information the payors use to determine reimbursements. law360.com

Predictions, Observations for 2018
● Expect returns from holiday 2017 to be a big challenge. With the short labor and logistics problems that have begun to emerge, trying to return items in-store - still the preferred method even if goods were purchased online - is likely turn nightmarish

● Expect a burst of bankruptcies early in the year followed relative calm. Following that, retailer financials will have stabilized enough to be able to say we have passed through the storm.

● Store labor is already one of 2018's biggest retail challenges. Between short sales staff even at some high end stores, and the need for more highly trained staff even at regular and mass retailers caused by the in-store experience imperative, labor looks to be one of the most sizeable cracks in retail's infrastructure.

● Logistics and tech breakdowns will be another area retailers will really need to focus on in 2018.

● Expect a growing number of cross-segment, cross-industry mergers. We refer to these as neumarkets with CVS-Aetna as an example.

● Investments in supply chain - from origination to last mile - will accelerate as retailers try to get their physical assets on par with the investments they have made in digital data and customer insights.

● Reacting to a fear of being left behind, retailers will begin to experiment with cryptocurrencies in ways that will be clunky and potentially disastrous financially. chainstoreage.com

Sears 'will consider all other options' if refinancing fails, CEO Eddie Lampert warns
Department-store chain Sears Holdings warned Wednesday that it recorded a net loss in the fourth quarter, which included the crucial holiday shopping season, as it continues store closures.

Sears CEO Eddie Lampert said in a blog post that if the company can't refinance certain debt to get more financial breathing room, the company "will consider all other options to maximize the value of Sears Holdings' assets."

The retailer wants to renegotiate $1 billion in debt by extending the due-date on certain loans and overhauling other terms.

That would allow the company to "unlock value in our other brands and major assets, including Kenmore, DieHard, Sears Home Services, Sears Auto Centers and our real estate portfolio," Lampert said. usatoday.com

Sears to Cut Extra $200 Million to Focus on Little-Known E-Commerce Platform
Taking its frantic fight against bankruptcy into 2018, Sears Holdings Corp. will cut costs beyond store closures to focus on a digital initiative as well as its home repair program, it announced Wednesday. thestreet.com

Regis Corporation Closing 600 SmartStyle Salons Located in Walmart Stores
Regis Corporation has announced that it will be closing 600 underperforming SmartStyle hair salons by January 31, 2018. These salons are all located inside Wal-Mart Stores Inc brand department stores.

All of the salons that will be closed by the end of the month are owned and operated by the company. This will account for a decrease of approximately of 6.7% in Regis' overall store count. americaclosed.com

Kohl's ready to partner with grocer or convenience store to fill vacant store space
Kohl's plans to partner with retailers like grocery stores or convenience stores to lease the white space left by the roughly 300 stores it has "right-sized" over the past several years, CEO Kevin Mansell told CNBC at ICR's conference this week.

The department store has created operationally smaller, more profitable stores within its roughly 87,000-square-foot boxes. That downsizing leaves unused footage, which Mansell said would benefit from traffic-generating retailers like those that sell food. cnbc.com

Bass Pro CEO challenges former Cabela's execs to give to severance fund for Sidney, Nebraska workers - And pledges to match them up to $10M
Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops' chief executive and the new owner of Cabela's, is asking former Cabela's executives and owners who made big bucks in the sale of the company to donate some of that payout to a severance fund for Cabela's employees in Sidney.

As part of that challenge, Morris has said he will personally match all of the contributions to the severance fund, up to $10 million, said Bass Pro spokesman Jack Wlezien. omaha.com

Dunkin' Donuts wants to double the number of stores

Land's End to unveil new store concept; launch brick-and-mortar expansion

'Live in NYC' Full Filming Schedule for Monday's LPNN Shoot Released - Click Here

Holiday Sales

Nordstrom comp's up 1.2%, net sales up 2.5%
Signet Jewelers comp's down 5.3%, total sales down 3.1%
Sears Holdings: Sears comp's down 16%, Kmart comp's down 17%

Quarterly Sales

SUPERVALU Q3 comp's down 3.5%, net sales up 31%

Have a 100% Confession Rate?
See what WZ says about that on the latest TalkLP.com Podcast

Obtaining an admission of guilt for a crime for which the confessor is not responsible - Dave Thompson - VP of Operations at W-Z

TalkLP.com's second episode is a conversation with Dave Thompson, an interview and interrogation expert. Dave has been heavily involved in the national conversation regarding false confessions for the past few years. His expertise and perspective on the future of interviewing and interrogation is certainly interesting!


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DTT Closes $80 Million Facility with Capital One & Completes Acquisition of LP Innovations Inc.

DTT, the leading provider of video-based managed service solutions to the hospitality and C-Store industries, announced the closing of an $80 million debt facility led by Administrative Agent, Capital One and CapitalSource, a division of Pacific Western Bank. The facility will be utilized primarily for the acquisition of LP Innovations Inc. (LPI), a loss prevention provider to the retail industry and for additional growth capital.

"We are very excited to join forces with the LPI team led by Steve May. LPI is a venerable Loss Prevention company with over 20 years of excellence in the retail industry" said Sam Naficy, CEO and Founder of DTT. "The merger makes DTT the first and only company that can provide clients with a full suite of LP solutions across multiple industries, merging standard LP solutions together with leading-edge solutions, including BI Tools, POS integration, video analytics and remote audits."

DTT has grown tremendously since its founding in 1999 through customer referrals, new product launches, and the development of its professional staff. The acquisition of LPI will enable DTT to continue developing innovative data analysis and risk mitigation technology and to maintain its position as the leading provider of managed loss prevention solutions in all of retail.

"At LPI, we are focused on protecting the investments of our clients" said Steven May, President of LPI. "Our solutions are a great fit for DTT's service offerings, and as a result of this merger, we will now be working together to deliver the value of our combined companies to our customers, helping them grow their businesses and increase their operational efficiency."

John Robuck, Managing Director and Head of Security Finance at Capital One, remarked, "We continue to enjoy the long-standing partnership with DTT and we're excited to play a role in this significant expansion opportunity for the business."  Read more here


Walmart expanding 'Scan & Go' mobile checkout to 100 more stores this month
Walmart is expanding the Mobile Express Scan & Go app to 100 additional stores this month, the retailer announced in a blog post Tuesday. With the app, customers can skip the register and instead scan and bag items and pay for them directly using a mobile phone.

The expansion brings the test program, which has also rolled out across Sam's Club stores, to 125 Walmart stores in 33 states. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. Additional handheld devices will be available at Scan & Go kiosks at some Walmart locations so customers can try the service before downloading onto their phones.

Walmart isn't the only retailer streamlining the checkout process. Kroger is rolling out its own Scan, Bag and Go program to 400 locations this year, and Amazon has had similar plans in the works for years, Business Insider noted. retaildive.com

Hackers and a Shrinking Talent Pool Top CEO Concerns for 2018
Corporate leaders see cybersecurity threats, disruptive technologies and stiffer competition for talent as some of their most pressing issues in the new year, according to interviews with nearly a dozen CEOs.

The threat of data breaches poses a critical risk, according to Jim Loree, who just finished his first full year in the highest job at Stanley Black & Decker Inc., and several other chief executives.

"These bad actors keep getting smarter and more aggressive," Mr. Loree said. "It's an ongoing war."

About 64% of 1,031 human-resources professionals believe data security and the threat of a cyberbreach will become a very challenging or extremely challenging issue in 2018, according to a recent survey by XpertHR, an online provider of compliance guidance. wsj.com

CISOs' Cyber War: How Did We Get Here?
Before we can stop fighting battles and start winning this cyber war, we need to understand how it got started. Every company today has some level of technical underpinning, and what makes it all work is software. One of the most powerful attack vectors for IT, therefore, has been software vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities, which can range from simple to fundamental, are intrinsic to every software product in every industry.

We've come to accept software vulnerabilities as part of the package, but the question is why? Why are vulnerabilities part of doing business?

The simple answer is unavoidable: market pressure. Markets are constantly evolving and demanding new ways to work smarter, faster, and more cost effectively. The prize, in terms of market share, often goes to the company that gets there first. As a result, products are sometimes forced out the door before they have gone through thorough testing and quality assurance. In the balance between getting the job done first and getting the job done well, being first usually wins and often wins big. darkreading.com

Whitepaper: Payment Fraud Threatens Retail Business
With the incessant pressure on reducing retail fraud costs and keeping their customer payment data safe, merchants are looking to reduce the time and effort spent on PCI compliance without compromising on security.

This new whitepaper, from Verifone and Foregenix, provides valuable insight into payments fraud and the role of Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) in preventing it and reducing PCI scope. It also offers practical guidance on how to accelerate P2PE, so you can start benefiting from safer sales as soon as possible. verifone.com

Anonymous no more: Reusing complex passwords gives your identity away

Microsoft Patches Exploited Office Bug


#MeToo Campaign Impacts Canada
Ontario expands employer obligations in dealing with harassment claims
Employer's guide to workplace sexual harassment
The #metoo campaign has seen countless women come forward with their tales of sexual harassment, and this has impacted many workplaces. So what should an organization do if an employee is accused of sexual misconduct?

Investigate first
Last year, amendments to the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act expanded employers' obligations with respect to dealing with workplace sexual harassment. Now, if an employer becomes aware that a problem may exist, even if a harassment complaint is not filed, the employer is obligated to thoroughly investigate the matter.

To fire or not to fire
In Canada, employees can be dismissed either without cause or with cause. Most dismissals are without cause, in which case the employee is entitled to notice or compensation. However, some misconduct will warrant dismissal for cause. In that case, the employee is not entitled to any notice or pay at all. thelawyersdaily.ca

Loblaw Avoids Criminal Charges - What About The Conspirators?
Ontario Anti-Poverty Activist & Ontario Consumer File Two $1-Billion Class-Action Lawsuits
Against All Retailers Named in Competition Bureau's Bread Price Fixing Investigation

News reports indicate more parties are looking to do likewise.

The suit names grocers Canada Bread, Walmart, Sobeys, Giant Tiger and Metro as well as Loblaw Companies Ltd. and George Weston Ltd. as defendants.

Just before Christmas Loblaw and Weston admits they took part in a bread price-fixing scheme from 2001 until 2015.

And Loblaw says it will start offering $25 gift cards on Jan. 8 to customers who declare they bought certain breads at some of its chains before March 1, 2015 - a gesture that the company says could cost as much as $150-million.

As a result of their co-operation, Loblaw and George Weston will not face criminal charges or other penalties in the continuing investigation.

Competing grocer Save-On-Foods is to follow Loblaw's actions of offering $25 gift cards to customers. Although it was not a target of the investigation, its stores sold bread supplied by Weston, owner of Loblaw.

Other companies targeted by the investigation - retailers Sobeys, Metro, Walmart and Giant Tiger, along with bread producer Canada Bread - are co-operating with the bureau's probe.

Giant Tiger and Metro Inc. say they did not engaged in the scheme.

Penalties for price-fixing include fines of up to $24-million, imprisonment of a maximum of 14 years, or both.

Editor's Note: While avoiding criminal charges the question remains who were the executives inside Loblaw who took part in the conspiracy and what will they face? calgarysun.com thestar.com

Bread price fixing cheats the poor, gives to the rich
Since 2001 George Weston Ltd., plus other major grocery store chains as well as the major bread producers in Canada [editor's note: other corporations have denied the allegations] have been colluding to fix the price of bread, i.e. keep prices high and eliminate the consumer benefits of honest competition. cowichanvalleycitizen.com

Loblaw's bread-fixing gift card assailed as 'deceitful public relations' campaign

Loblaw acting fairly in $25-gift-card offering, judge rules

Record number of international retailers set up shop in Canada in 2017 - but with a much smaller footprint
Roughly 50 international merchants set up shop for the first time in Canada last year by opening standalone boutiques or opening small "stores within a store" at larger retailers, according to data from Retail Insider. That compares with 21 international retailers that opened in 2016, and 28 in 2015.

"This is probably an all-time record for Canada, not just for recent years," said Retail Insider president Craig Patterson.

The new entrants arrived in a very strong year for Canadian retail. Year-to-date sales to the end of October were up 7 per cent year over year, according to Statistics Canada.

"At this pace, 2017 is poised to be one of the strongest years for Canadian retail in recent memory," Toronto based retail consultant Ed Strapagiel wrote in an analysis this week. financialpost.com

"2018 - More challenges for Canadian retailers"
Canada Has Reached Amazon "Tipping Point"
And They're Just Getting Started in Canada

"I think the point is that Canadian retail needs a real wake-up call about what's coming in 2018 and in the future, based on what we are seeing today," Kruh told the CBC's Meegan Read in a recent interview.

Bruce Winder, co-founder and partner at Retail Advisors Network, said online shopping has grown to a point in the U.S. that it is creating casualties in traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers that are weak financially or strategically, or that have not adapted to the new normal. He said the same thing will happen in Canada in a few years, as we are behind the U.S. and the U.K.

"This has been happening for a few years but we are now at a tipping point where larger, well-known chains are being impacted," he said, pointing to Toys "R" US, Macy's and HBC.

Canadians will continue to shop more online through companies such as Amazon, which is increasing its infrastructure in Canada with a new Calgary warehouse and hiring in Vancouver, he said.

He said no one will be able to catch Amazon. cbc.ca

'Too little, too late': Sears a cautionary tale for other retailers
Stores in Ottawa and Across Canada Close For Good

Miniso to grow to 500 Canada stores in the coming years

Buyer, Beware: Canada Goose Warns Against Fake Parkas

Montreal's citywide ban on plastic shopping bags comes into effect

Toronto, ON: Suspects on the run as man shot down in busy shopping centre
A man was injured by gunfire after shots were fired at Lawrence Square Shopping Centre Monday. Multiple shots rang out at the busy shopping centre shortly before 3:30 p.m. Toronto police said a male discharged multiple rounds near the north entrance of the mall before getting into the rear of a vehicle that appeared to be waiting. The vehicle then went north on Blossomfield Road before heading off in an unknown direction. Police said they will be poring over security camera footage from the mall to try and learn more about what happened. express.co.uk

Vernon, BC: Man and woman arrested following thefts, dramatic getaway attempt

Quebec City, QC: $5K stolen from Salvation Army during Christmas Eve break-in

Burlington, ON: Trio Sought After $5,000 Music Store Theft

St. John's, NL: Stolen backhoe used in narcotics theft at Dominion store

Kingston, ON: Police seeks woman after credit card fraud spree - hit four stores

Guelph, ON: Shoplifter arrested after committing two thefts at same store

Strathmore, AB: RCMP seek 2 suspects in theft of ATM

St. Margarets Bay, NS: French Village storekeeper's killing unsolved 50 years later

Robberies and Burglaries

Adultz - Kamploops, BC - Armed Robbery
Blue Ox Dispensary - Hamilton, ON - Armed Robbery
Cavendish Jewellers - York, ON - Burglary
C-Store - Malton, ON - Armed Robbery

C-Store - Kingsville, ON - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Ottawa, ON - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Clarenville, NL - Armed Robbery
Daily Sweets - Halifax, NS - Robbery
Downtown Wine & Liquor - Lacombe, AB - Armed Robbery
Eastwood Variety - Hamilton, ON - Armed Robbery
Evoy's Video - Benoit's Cove, NL - Robbery
Fruitland Food Mart - Hamilton, ON - Armed Robbery
Jewelery Store - Roseville, ON - Armed Robbery
JT's Store & Diner - Blumenort, MB - Burglary
Jubiliee Food Shop - Halifax, NS - Robbery
Mac's Convenience Store - Hamilton, ON - Armed Robbery
Mac's Convenience Store - Thunder Bay, ON - Robbery (Oliver Rd.)
Mac's Convenience Store - Thunder Bay, ON - Robbery (Cumberland St. - 2x)
Mac's Milk - Halton Hills, ON - Armed Robbery
Needs - Dartmouth, NS - Armed Robbery
Parkland Mall - Red Deer, AB - Armed Robbery
Petro Canada - Regina, SK - Armed Robbery
Pickering Food Fair - Pickering, ON - Robbery
Shoppers Drug Mart - Halifax, NS - Robbery
Super Store Pharmacy - Halifax, NS - Robbery
Tim Hortons - Regina, SK - Robbery
Undisclosed business - Saskatoon, SK - Armed Robbery (2 businesses)
7-Eleven - Regina, SK - Robbery



'Live in NYC 2017' Top 5


NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill addresses
the Retail Loss Prevention community

Originally Published 2-9-17

At the D&D Daily's "Live in NYC" dinner event on Jan. 16, 2017, keynote speaker NYPD Commissioner "Jimmy" O'Neill, took time for pictures with attending LP teams and vendors, then addressed the crowd in a speech focusing on current issues facing the retail community.

O'Neill was appointed the 43rd police commissioner of the City of New York by Mayor Bill de Blasio in September 2016. He had served previously as chief of department, the NYPD's highest uniformed rank. Widely experienced in both the patrol and the investigative sides of the department, Commissioner O'Neill is a hands-on police practitioner and a dedicated police reformer.

Having the opportunity to hear from the nation's top cop was a valuable experience for everyone in attendance, and the D&D Daily thanks him for taking the time to join us.

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us 



Amazon captured 4% of US retail sales in 2017
Amazon accounted for 4% of US retail sales and 44% of US e-commerce sales in 2017, according to a study from One Click Retail.

This marks an increase in e-commerce market share from 2016, when it was responsible for 38% of e-commerce sales, as Amazon's share has grown from an estimated$149 billion to hit $197 billion. The e-commerce titan's ability to grow in its biggest categories while developing in new ones is a big part of its continued success.

Amazon grew its sales in its top product category, consumer electronics. Consumer electronics was Amazon's biggest product category in 2017, as it brought in an estimated $8.5 billion in sales, up 4% year-over-year (YoY). This growth suggests that Amazon, which has been a noteworthy name in consumer electronics in recent years, could become the leader in the space. Amazon created its own version of Geek Squad last year, and continued to push its Echo products, which likely helped it grow in the category. businessinsider.com

Your Seemingly Innocent Amazon Order Could Get You in Trouble
With Border Control

Harper Reed, the former chief technology officer at Obama for America, tried ordering a Rimowa suitcase off the online marketplace "awhile back," Racked reported. The suitcase never arrived, Amazon refunded the order and Reed purchased it in person at a Neiman Marcus. It appeared that the ordeal was over.

However, Reed didn't know that the suitcase had been seized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and that he had been flagged for importing a counterfeit.

As Amazon becomes a more sophisticated middle man - setting up warehouses, allowing third-parties to take part in Prime two-day shipping - it can be difficult to tell the difference between the real thing and a knock-off. Particularly when counterfeit companies can use misleading names, take imagery directly from a company, and undersell them by just a few dollars. travelandleisure.com

JD.com opens grocery stores, following Alibaba into traditional retail in China

Consumers Are Increasingly Researching Purchases Online

As E-Commerce Increases, So Do Shipping Costs

Visa Checkout Available to BigCommerce Merchants


San Jose, CA: Man Sentenced To Over 3 years for role in Conspiracy To Transport Stolen Wine In Interstate Commerce; restitution ordered for $585,000
Alfred Georgis was sentenced this morning to 37 months in prison following his guilty plea to conspiring in the transportation of high-end wines stolen from a number of businesses in the Bay Area which he sold to a buyer in North Carolina. justice.gov

Palo Alto, CA: $100,000 in Gucci bags stolen by mob of thieves at Nordstrom
Between nine and 20 people, armed with knives and wire cutters, ran into Nordstorm at the Stanford Shopping Center at 8:37 last night (Jan. 8) and stole Gucci purses. Initially store employees said the stolen purses were worth a total of $100,000, but that figure might change when they do inventory today, police said. The crew used the knives and wire cutters to snip the purses from display racks, said police agent Marianna Villaescusa. Nobody was injured though one of the female robbers attempted to hit a store security officer on the way out, but the punch didn't connect. nbcbayarea.com

Martinsburg, WV: Two sentenced in $65,000 Bed Bath & Beyond employee theft
Curt Danner, 50, was placed on probation for five years and ordered to pay $45,000 in restitution. Co-defendant Heather Hutzler, 41, separately entered an Alford plea Tuesday to one felony count of conspiracy to commit transferring stolen property. Danner was an assistant manager at the store when the items were taken between January 2015 and December 2016 and sold online. The stolen items, which were valued at $65,931.72, included 47 Illumnibowl motion-activated toilet night lights, 25 Fitbit Flex wireless activity-and-sleep wristbands and 23 Breville the Barista Express 8-cup espresso machines, court records said. Danner, who allegedly used Hutzler's eBay and PayPal accounts to sell the stolen items online admitted to the embezzlement. heraldmailmedia.com

Abilene, TX: Walmart worker accused of stealing $5,000 faux On-Line Orders
Juan DeSantos was taken into custody after a search warrant was executed at his home in Abilene Friday morning and charged with theft. Police Chief Stan Standridge says DeSantos, who was employed at both Abilene Walmarts as an online shopping associate, took around $5,000 worth of merchandise from the stores by creating fake online orders, filling them, and taking them to his car. More than $2,000 worth of property was recovered from DeSantos' home. bigcountryhomepage.com

Saratoga Springs, NY: 4 charged in $8,000 Victoria's Secret theft at Wilton Mall
Saratoga County Sheriff's deputies were called to the store just after 9 p.m. They found a vehicle connected with the larceny leaving a restaurant and pulled it over on I-87. All four were charged with felony criminal possession of stolen property and misdemeanor conspiracy. Two suspects had outstanding parole violations, a third suspect has an active warrant. timesunion.com

Fulton County, NY: 3 Retailers accused of Welfare Fraud
A cashier at Country Farms Store, the manager of the Fulton Street Deli, and the owner of Primo's Pizza, Pasta and Deli are facing charges for accepting EBT cards for purchases of items including beer, gasoline and hot food. Retailers are also accused of trading cash for funds on the EBT cards. spectrumlocalnews.com

Pierre, SD: $1,000 Walmart Shoplifter charged with Grand Theft

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Shootings & Deaths

Thomasville, NC: Three charged in jewelry store robbery; witness shot and wounded
Three men have been arrested and charged with robbing the Avis Fine Jewelry store and shooting a witness who was following them in Thomasville on Tuesday afternoon. The witness followed the moped as two of the suspects were attempting to flee. The witness stated before the accident that the moped's back passenger retrieve a handgun and pointed it at him. At that time, the witness stated he "feared for his life" and hit the moped with his vehicle, knocking both suspects off. One suspect fled on foot while the other picked up the gun and shot the witness before also fleeing. the-dispatch.com

Update: East Stroudsburg, PA: New details emerge in shooting death of Domino's Pizza delivery driver

Belle Glade, FL: Shot fired inside Glades Food Market injures woman

Robberies & Thefts

Update: Seattle, WA: Jewelry bandits caused $750K in damage, Rolex theft; Prosecutors accused a man designated as the lookout in the heist
Authorities believe Nathaniel McRae served as the "lookout" for three other men who invaded the store Dec. 22 and stole $236,000 in Rolex watches after smashing out display cases with sledge hammers. seattlepi.com

Houston, TX: Burglars attempt to steal an ATM by smashing through the wall of a Burger King
The 3 thieves got away empty handed after using an SUV to smash down a wall connected to the Handi Stop's ATM. khou.com

Houston, TX: Man wanted in 6 Armed Robberies has SSN tattoo on his forehead and Area Code on his neck

Lancaster, PA: 3 people arrested in connection with Family Dollar and two C-Store robberies

Radcliff, KY: Police looking for help after 20 business burglaries in past 2 months

Decatur, IL: Walmart employee stole 2K for mother's surgery

Jared the Galleria of Jewelry in the Tuttle Crossing, Dublin, OH reported a Grab & Run on 1/9, item valued at $3,199




Daily Totals:
18 robberies
7 burglaries
2 shootings
0 killings





None to report.

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VP of Loss Prevention
Anaheim, CA

The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce. Reporting to the CFO, this position has overall leadership responsibility for leading the charge in driving shrink reduction...


Senior Financial Analyst
Lake Buena Vista, FL; Orlando, FL

This role is responsible for identifying potential fraud and privilege abuse at the Walt Disney World Resort, across all lines of business including but not limited to: merchandise, food & beverage, rooms, ticketing, and employee privileges. Fraud is identified through exception reporting by using in house systems and databases to establish trends for investigations...

Senior Market AP Manager- Southern California
Burbank, CA
This Senior Market Asset Protection Manager contributes to REI's success by supporting improved profitability for the co-op through reduced inventory shrinkage, improved margin, reduced Workers Comp and GL claims and premiums, retail and supply chain management...

Regional Asset Protection Director
Seattle, WA

The Regional Loss Prevention Director will lead Loss Prevention programs for designated Districts and Stores within assigned Region. Reviews Loss Prevention program processes in stores to drive shrink reduction and bottom line profits. Provides leadership to LP teams and stores in the management of critical incidents...

Senior Manager of Investigations
Dublin, CA
● This position will lead the Internal Theft Investigations Team - based out of our Dublin Corporate Office
They are responsible for company-wide theft lead generation, field/corporate investigations and case closures...

Senior Manager of Crisis Operations
Dublin, CA
This position will lead a team of Crisis Mangers, Senior Analysts and Crisis Analysts based out of our Dublin Corporate Office
They are responsible for all crisis response efforts, company-wide communication, safe travel program and any company threats...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Pacific Northwest
Sacramento, CA

● Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports.
Monitors compliance with loss prevention policies and programs including routine audits/checklists for internal/external controls...

Retail Asset Protection Team Leader
Cadillac, MI

Collaborates with the Market Asset Protection Team leader and Store Leadership to support a Culture of Safety and 200% accountability. Oversees and ensures the effectiveness of the asset-protection, safety and fire-protection efforts and stock loss reduction...

Regional Manager Loss Prevention - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
The Regional Asset Protection Manager is responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function to a group of the 1,200 campus stores Follett operates. The RAPM guides the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

Area LP Manager - Nor Cal
Sacramento, CA

The Area Loss Prevention Manager (ALPM) drives shrink improvement and asset protection programs for two (2) to four (4) Districts which contain approximately 25-65 Ulta Beauty Stores. The Area Loss Prevention Manager is responsible to assess store procedures, promote awareness and methods to prevent, protect and control losses and protect company assets and make recommendations to improve inventory shrinkage, safety and overall store controls...

Store Loss Prevention Manager
Daly City, CA

Store Loss Prevention Managers are responsible for leading Loss Prevention functions within a specific location and for partnering with Store Operations in an effort to prevent company loss. You will be responsible for driving company objectives in profit and loss control, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and shrink results...

District Asset Protection Manager - Detroit/Saginaw
Taylor, MI

Amazing opportunity! High profile, fast paced district available for a Multi-Unit Asset Protection professional with operational savvy or a General Manager passionate about Asset Protection and Safety. As the District Asset Protection Manager you will lead administration of Asset Protection programs and training for an assigned district in order to drive sales, profits, and a customer service culture...

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10 Ways to Tell if Your Employees Actually Trust You As a Leader
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3 Steps Leaders Should Take Right Now to Build and Maintain Trust
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Five Simple Tips for Building Trust As a Leader
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