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Jeweler's Security Alliance 40th Annual Security Seminar & Expo
Mar. 13-15, 2018

ISC West
April 10-13

MetrORCA Conference
April 17

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April 24-26

Miami-Dade Police Departments Global Cargo Theft Symposium
May 1-4

CNP Expo
May 15-16

NRF Protect 2018
June 11-13

RLPSA Annual Conference
Aug. 5-8

LPRC Impact 2018
Oct. 1-3

CORCA Conference
Oct. 3-4

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2018 GLPS - Group LP Selfies
Your Team - Your Pride - Our Industry
Building Industry Pride - One Team Selfie at a Time

Domino's Loss Prevention Team

"Working to protect the brand, our business, and the people who make it all happen."

Featured in Picture, left to right: Bryan Lee, Amir Puraj, Kevin Kent, Ryan Berkey, John Gregg, Matt Egnot, Cleopatra Kilonzo, Steve Waligora, Tykiesha Clifton, Shawn Rynerson, Van Carney, Tim Erb

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The DOJ Could Show Up at Your Corp. Office - Soon
Justice Department Targets Companies That Use Nonpoaching Agreements
Official says employers should expect criminal enforcement this year

Department of Justice (DOJ) is planning criminal enforcement actions against employers that agree not to compete for workers, a top official announced.

Makan Delrahim, the assistant attorney general for the department's antitrust division, said that his team has been reviewing potential violations of the antitrust law prohibiting nonpoaching agreements and that added enforcement actions will be taken this year.

Delrahim said that even after his office and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued an antitrust guidance for HR professionals in October 2016-affirming that it is against the law for employers to agree to fix wages or to not hire one another's workers-employers have continued to violate the law. They risk severe sanctions, including criminal prosecution.

"In the coming couple of months, you will see some announcements, and, to be honest with you, I've been shocked about how many of these there are, but they're real," he said.

"While no criminal charges have yet been brought against employers for entering no-poach or wage-fixing agreements, that is about to change," said Dee Bansal, an attorney in the Washington, D.C., office of law firm Cooley LLP. "The Trump administration has voiced support of this Obama-era policy."

The DOJ can bring a criminal prosecution against individuals, the company or both, depending on the facts of the case. The guidance states that an individual likely is breaking the law if he or she reaches an agreement with someone at another company about:

● Limiting employee compensation, benefits or other terms of employment, either at a specific level or within a range.

● Refusing to solicit or hire the other company's employees.

Even discussions-without an oral or written agreement-to limit employee compensation or recruiting may lead to an investigation.

The FTC guidance outlined additional actions to guard against, including:

● Exchanging, giving or receiving company-specific information about employee compensation or terms of employment with another company.

● Participating in a meeting, such as a trade association meeting, where wage-fixing or nonpoaching is discussed.

● Discussing these topics with colleagues at other companies, including during social events. shrm.org

Editor's Note: Non-poaching agreements usually are verbal mutually beneficial agreements that were quite prevalent in the 90's and even in the last decade, with dozens if not hundreds of senior retail executives knowing all too well not to steal from certain competitors or specific retailers for fear of a recruiting war or loss of a friendship, and in a number of cases HR would actually advise you of who not to touch.

How far do they take this Obama policy and what about recruiting from former employers? This could become a slippery slope. Fact is they intend to make an example here and obviously they have a list and most certainly a few retailers have to be on it. Just a thought.

Federal immigration agents say there will be more workplace raids like 7-Eleven
"The enforcement operation that happened on Jan. 10 will not be the last one that you hear about in 2018," said Matthew Allen, assistant director for investigative programs at ICE Homeland Security Investigations. Future enforcement operations won't be focused on specific industries or only large employers - "we'll go where our information and evidence takes us," he said.

Making it clear that the workplace is not free from immigration enforcement is a main goal of the operations, he said.

"Part of our job is to create that deterrent effect," Allen said. "But I want to make it clear that we're trying to impact not only employers, but employees and people who are thinking of coming to the United States."

When ICE agents show up at a business, they don't always make arrests. They may just serve audit notices, requiring documentation. And if employers are found to have hired unauthorized immigrants, they can face steep fines.

But Michael Wishnie, a professor at Yale Law School, said it can be hard - and at times impossible - to prove that employers knew someone's papers were fake, and fines can usually be whittled down.

The last time large-scale workplace raids made headlines was under President George W. Bush. Agents rounded up hundreds of workers at meatpacking plants, factories and farms.

"And to any worker who's just seen ICE raid a bunch of businesses, they're going to be a lot more worried about actually reporting wage theft," said Casey Raymond, a lawyer with the nonprofit Bet Tzedek.

Raymond helps unauthorized workers file claims when they deal with workplace violations, like not being paid minimum wage or given required breaks. He said he's seen a rise in cases of workers who confront their bosses only to be threatened flat out with being reported to ICE. Other times, the threats are more subtle, with employers asking questions like "'Oh, so where are you from again?' or they'll start asking a lot of questions about country of origin."

Raymond said raids embolden some employers to further silence their workers. marketplace.org

EMV's Impact on Bank Fraud - CNP Doubles
Skimming Gangs & Fraud Rings Slam Banking Industry
Banking industry suffered $2.2 billion in fraud losses in 2016

Losses due to fraud in the banking industry rose to $2.2 billion in 2016, up 16 percent from 2014, according to the latest American Bankers Association (ABA) Deposit Account Fraud Survey Report.

Debit card fraud accounted for 58 percent - or $1.3 billion - of losses for the industry, similar to 2014. However, the study found that check fraud is on the rise, accounting for 35 percent of fraud losses. Most of it occurred at larger banks. This is the first increase in check fraud since 2008.

Additionally, 7 percent of fraud losses were attributable to online banking and other electronic transactions.

Attempted fraud against bank deposit accounts reached $19.1 billion in 2016, up from $12.9 billion in 2014 - a 48 percent increase. Banks stopped about $16.9 billion in fraud attempts in 2016. By comparison, there was $10.95 billion in fraud attempts in 2014, with $1.9 billion in fraud losses. In other words, banks prevented $9 out of every $10 of attempted deposit account fraud in 2016. In the face of increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes, banks are investing in new technologies and enhancing overall customer protections to thwart them.

Counterfeit cards are the leading type of debit card fraud. In addition, card-not-present's share increased to 30 percent of debit fraud loss from 15 percent two years ago.

Further, 65 percent of respondents experienced gas pump skimming attempts in 2016, while 54 percent experienced ATM skimming attempts. In the check fraud categories, the most common scams were counterfeit checks and return deposited items.

"Fraud moves like water trying to find cracks in the system," Chessen said. "We have long anticipated that fraudsters would change their tactics once chip card technology was implemented in the U.S. The survey shows attacks have shifted more to other payment platforms like checks and online transactions." financialregnews.com

'There Will Be Blood'
Union Warns UPS - The Push Back We All Expected
Teamsters Tell UPS: No Drones or Driverless Trucks

The Teamsters union wants to prohibit United Parcel Service Inc. from using drones and driverless vehicles to deliver packages. That was one of the labor union's initial demands as it kicked off high-stakes contract talks with UPS this week. The Teamsters also want the parcel giant to eliminate late-night deliveries and add another 10,000 workers to the ranks, among other things. wsj.com

Retailers are bullish on 2018 - Top 4 Concerns
But remain worried about online competition

That's according to a survey of retail executives at the National Retail Federation's Big Show that was undertaken by TD Bank. Competition from e-commerce giants was the top concern (25%), followed by traffic to brick-and-mortar stores (23%). Inventory management (17%), along with consumer conversions to mobile channels (13%).

Retailers are positive about 2018, with 82% expecting sales to increase during the next 12 months. What's more, a majority (close to 89%) of the surveyed retailers said their businesses exceeded revenue goals in 2017. chainstoreage.com

Update on Walmart Cuts:
Wal-Mart Job Cuts Rise to 1,000 in Company's Latest Shake-Up

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is cutting as many as 1,000 jobs at its headquarters this year and next, the latest effort to streamline a retail empire under threat from Amazon.com Inc.

The first wave of layoffs totaled between 400 and 500 jobs and hit the company's marketing, human resources, merchandising, real estate and other divisions this week, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based chain said. Those affected will have 60 days to find a new role.

A second phase of cutbacks will come in 2019, when some buildings are consolidated to make way for the company's new corporate headquarters. Under 500 positions will be part of that wave, Wal-Mart said. bloomberg.com

Still January and 352 Stores Already Slated to Close
In addition to 1,052 known planned store closings in 2018

Barely one month into 2018 and already there are 352 store locations slated for closure in 2018.

On Wednesday Toys 'R' Us said it would close 182 stores, including some Babies 'R' Us locations, as it tries to right its ship so the company can exit bankruptcy court proceedings. Wal-Mart is also slated to shutter 63 Sam's Club locations. Earlier this month, Sears Holdings Corp. said it would close 64 Kmart stores and 39 Sears domestic store locations. And J.C. Penney reportedly is closing four locations.

That's on top of the 1,052 known planned store closings in 2018 that were disclosed by companies last year. wwd.com

Here's a First
Toys R Us won't release holiday sales results

The bankrupt Toys R Us chain is not releasing its holiday sales results, for the first time in at least a dozen years, abandoning a longstanding tradition of letting the business world know how it fared during the two most crucial months of the year.

People with knowledge of the meeting Tuesday said, that the company ended the year with U.S. sales down 9 percent and online sales down 20 percent.

"I do not believe that holiday 2017 is the new normal for our business," the company's chief executive, Dave Brandon, wrote in a memo to employees Tuesday. "However, it is clear that we must take aggressive action to emerge from bankruptcy before the next holiday season." northjersey.com

"The fastest growing segments of retail trailing only off-price & dollar stores"
Convenience Stores Outnumber All Other Channels of Trade
160 million shoppers daily - Accounts for 34.4% of Brick-and-Mortar Universe

Among the states, Texas continues to lead in store count at 15,813 stores, or more than one in 10 stores in the country. California is second at 11,946 stores, followed by Florida (9,891), New York (8,725). The U.S. convenience store count has increased by 55% over the last three decades. Except for the dollar store channel, all other major channels have fewer units at year-end 2017 than 2016:  

Channel 2016 2017 Unit Change % Change
Convenience Store 154,535 154,958 423 0.3%
Drug 43,636 43,169  467 -1.07%
Supermarket 51,191 51,134 57 -0.11%
Dollar 28,832 30,332 1,500 5.20% cstoredecisions.com

Only a Few States Require Employers to Provide Advance Notice of Noncompetes
The recent cases reaffirm that Minnesota remains among the small, but growing, list of states that require employers to provide advance notice of any noncompete to a potential future employee prior to the commencement of employment.

Several other states have or are considering similar requirements, although unlike Minnesota, the requirements have been established by statute, not case law. Whether by case law or statute, the advance-notice requirement appears designed to protect employees from the perceived disparity in bargaining power between employers and employees. The fear is that an employee will quit his/her job, perhaps even move to a new city or state, and then upon his/her first day on the new job be presented with an onerous noncompete. The employee may feel compelled to sign having already started the job. shrm.com

Reminder: Post your OSHA Form 300A by Feb. 1

Quarterly Results
Starbucks Q1 Global and U.S. Comp Store Sales Up 2%, China Comps Up 6%, Net Revenues Up 6% to a Record $6 Billion

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2018: Companies Will Make Major Enterprise-Wide Changes to Address Cyber Risk
As cyber attacks increasingly threaten every aspect of business and grow in volume and scale, companies will be forced to take new measures to address cybersecurity risk holistically, integrating it more aggressively into their enterprise risk management, according to Aon's Cyber Solutions industry specialists in the 2018 Cybersecurity Predictions report. The report outlines a number of specific actions that Aon believes companies will take in 2018 to address cyber threats, as well as other cyber trends that it anticipates in the New Year.

"In 2017, cyber attackers created havoc through a range of levers, from phishing attacks that influenced political campaigns to ransomware cryptoworms that infiltrated operating systems on a global scale. With the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), we have also witnessed a proliferation of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on IoT devices, crippling the device's functionality," said Jason J. Hogg, CEO, Aon Cyber Solutions. "In 2018, we anticipate heightened cyber exposure due to a convergence of three trends: first, companies' increasing reliance on technology; second, regulators' intensified focus on protecting consumer data; and third, the rising value of non-physical assets. Heightened exposure will require an integrated cybersecurity approach to both business culture and risk management frameworks. Leaders must adopt a coordinated, C-suite driven approach to cyber risk management, enabling them to better assess and mitigate risk across all enterprise functions."

Highlights of the report include:

Businesses adopt standalone cyber insurance policies as boards and executives wake up to cyber liability. 

As the physical and cyber worlds collide, chief risk officers take center stage to manage cyber as an enterprise risk.

Regulatory spotlight widens and becomes more complex, provoking calls for harmonization. EU holds global companies to account over GDPR violation; big data aggregators come under scrutiny in the US.

Criminals look to attack businesses embracing the Internet of Things, in particular targeting a small to mid-sized company providing services to global organizations. 

As passwords continue to be hacked, and attackers circumvent physical biometrics, multi-factor authentication becomes more important than ever before. 

Criminals will target transactions that use reward points as currency, spurring mainstream adoption of bug bounty programs.

Ransomware attackers get targeted; cryptocurrencies help ransomware industry flourish.

Insider risks plague organizations as they underestimate their severe vulnerability and liability while major attacks fly under the radar.

To download the full report, click here. securitymagazine.com

3 Day Downtime of Top Cloud Service Provider Could Cost U.S. Wholesalers & Retailers $3.6B Losses
Businesses in the United States could lose $15 billion if a leading cloud service provider would experience a downtime of at least three days. A new study finds that if a top cloud provider went down, manufacturing would see direct economic losses of $8.6 billion; wholesale and retail trade sectors would see economic losses of $3.6 billion; information sectors would see economic losses of $847 million; finance and insurance sectors would see economic losses of $447 million; and transportation and warehousing sectors would see economic losses of $439 million.

Lloyd's, in partnership with the risk modeler, AIR Worldwide, on Tuesday released a new report, Cloud Down: The impacts on the U.S. economy, which analyzes the financial impact of the failure of a leading cloud provider in the United States.

"Clouds can fail or be brought down in many ways - ranging from malicious attacks by terrorists to lighting strikes, flooding or simply a mundane error by an employee. Whatever the cause, it is important for businesses to quantify the risks they are exposed to as failure to do so will not only lead to financial losses but also potentially loss of  customers and reputation."

We hope the report will help raise awareness across the industry as to how significant losses could be, how likely they are, and provide an opportunity for insurers to better understand and manage cyber risk. With proper models such as AIR's, the industry will be able to grow the market by confidently writing more cyber policies. The goal is to make insurers and all organizations that rely upon cyber insurance more resilient if the cloud does go down." homelandsecuritynewswire.com

Mastercard to Implement Biometrics for In-Store Card Payments
Mastercard is implementing biometrics for card payments, with plans to go live by April 2019.

The financial giant said that all consumers will be able to identify themselves with biometrics such as fingerprints or facial recognition whenever they pay in stores with Mastercard. Biometric options will also be implemented for all contactless transactions made at terminals with a mobile device.

In practice, that means that banks issuing Mastercard-branded cards will have to be able to offer biometric authentication for remote transactions, alongside existing PIN and password verification.

The increased availability of biometric capabilities on tablets and smartphones - like Apple's FaceID - and the EU's new regulatory requirements for strong authentication are driving Mastercard's move, the company said. infosecurity-magazine.com

Security innovations need to catch up with technology trends
When we asked CISOs and venture capitalists about technology that could transform enterprise security models -- and how to prepare -- security innovations in a few major areas stood out. Not surprising, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation were at the top of many experts' lists.

"There is not that much time before the cybercriminals [are] fully autonomous."

The complexity of clouds is another major security concern raised by CISOs and venture capitalists. As Steve Zurier reports, some companies have turned to startups to find new tools that promise better visibility into public cloud configurations and compliance. These services alert your staff when a potential mistake occurs.

Greater visibility and automation should help enterprise security models, but security innovations are desperately needed. techtarget.com

IoT needs to be a part of continuity plans, experts say
There's a new factor that needs to be taken into consideration when creating a business continuity plan, and that is the Internet of Things.

Research from Databarracks' has found that a shockingly small amount of companies have policies in place to help protect against IoT threats, meaning they could be at risk of attack from a variety of threats.

The company's latest Data Health Check survey revealed that only 13 per cent of businesses saw IoT threats as a major concern with just 27 per cent of organizations (27 per cent) having set policies in place designed to protect against IoT threats

The growing number of connected devices globally means there is an increased risk of DDoS attacks through IoT botnets - but our data suggests firms are ignoring these threats. itportal.com

"2017 was the year of ransomware for businesses"
2018 will be the year of 'More Mirai'-Like Attacks

Last year, cybercriminals shifted from consumer to enterprise targets and leveraged ransomware as their weapon of choice.

Malwarebytes' findings support a growing body of research highlighting the 2017 ransomware spike. The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) states attacks targeting businesses nearly doubled from 82,000 in 2016 to 159,000 last year. Ransomware attacks hit 134,000 in 2017 - double the 2016 count - and were the primary driver for the overall growth in cybercrime.

In its "2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report," NTT Security found 77% of all detected ransomware was in four industries: business and professional services (28%), government (19%), healthcare (15%), and retail (15%). Ransomware-related incidents were the most common, at 22%.

Cybercriminals are pivoting toward banking Trojans, spyware, and hijackers to attack enterprise targets and spy, move throughout their networks, and steal data, including login credentials, contact lists, and credit card data. Banking Trojans were up 102% in the second half of 2017.

"The biggest threat this year, in my opinion, is another Mirai-like attack," Kleczynski continues. "We'll see several this year that will take down major websites." darkreading.com


Taking an AP Team & Program to the Next Level

Jim Connolly, Sr. VP of AP,
Burlington Stores

Originally Published 3-31-14

Jim Connolly, SVP Asset Protection for Burlington Coat Factory, talks about the keys to establishing a successful LP program - and how you take that program "to the next level" once it has matured.

In 2010, Jim successfully engineered the biggest re-organization of Burlington's LP program in the history of the company.

Here, he offers tips on how to retain, challenge and develop team members, while keeping it fresh and exciting for the executives.

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Jack Ma Says Counterfeiters Should Go To Jail
As Alibaba Remains A 'Notorious Market' For Fakes

Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Alibaba, has entrenched himself in the position that he is an avid fighter of counterfeits and has repeatedly demanded Beijing to take a hard line towards fakes, even going as far as to recommend throwing counterfeiters in jail. However, if Ma's advice was followed, he himself would be on his way to the slammer, as Alibaba has once again been classified by the Office of the United States Trade Representatives as a "Notorious Market," a designation for the world's biggest violators of IP, trademark, and copyright law, sitting on the list right next to thepiratebay.org.

Craig Crosby of The Counterfeit Report -- a consumer advocacy firm that is spearheading the fight in the USA against counterfeits -- feels that Alibaba's "notorious" destination is well deserved and jested at the appropriateness of Jack Ma's company being named after the fable "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves."

"The counterfeits remain, consumers are deceived, and manufacturers and retailers are being harmed in a big way with little recourse," Crosby wrote about Alibaba in a recent press release, claiming that the platform, "facilitate[s] and enable[s] distribution of counterfeits throughout the world. In fact, it's Alibaba who can't knock off the knockoffs, and enforcement action should be directed at Ma."

In 2016, Alibaba boasted that it took down 380 million products and closed 180,000 stores on Taobao.com for selling counterfeits and in 2017 the number of store closings rose to 240,0001.

"Alibaba purports to be on a mission to fight the rampant counterfeiting problem on its platform, and make it easier for brands to remove fakes, but that's also not true," Crosby wrote. "Alibaba's "AliProtect" counterfeit enforcement program presents a gauntlet of obstacles, cryptic conflicting instructions, and absurd responses to rights holder's notifications."

While Jack Ma insists that the sellers of counterfeits should be jailed, he continues to directly profit off of them. In March of 2017, he wrote a statement to China's parliamentary delegates which stated that, "The majority of counterfeiters are not held legally responsible for their actions." This is something that Ma should know better than anyone else. forbes.com

283 Cities Respond - 20 Get Calls
Amazon Calls Finalist Cities

A top Amazon official reportedly told more than a dozen Newark, N.J., representatives what to expect during the remainder of the competition for HQ2. Amazon told Newark that the company "wanted the public discourse to stop."

Amazon also plans to make private site visits to each of the 20 cities announced last week. Amazon said in its announcement last Thursday that it will be requesting additional information from cities in the coming months. geekwire.com

Gucci Is Going Gangbusters Online, Leaving Louis Vuitton In The Dust
Throughout 2017, Gucci's web traffic more than doubled, going from 1.8M site visits in January '17 to 4.2M visits in December '17 - a 130% increase in web traffic overall. By year end, Gucci greatly surpassed Louis Vuitton in online traffic, its next closest competitor in the online luxury space. In December 2017 alone SimilarWeb tracked 4.2 million US visitors to Gucci.com, as compared with 2.9 million for LouisVuitton.com. forbes.com

More shoppers choosing mobile apps rather than websites, says NRF

Ralph Lauren names its first chief digital officer and other e‑commerce execs

Online fashion retailer's U.K. sales growth rebounded to 23%

Walmart partners with Japanese etailer Rakuten to take on Amazon

Carrefour Ramps Up eCommerce To Compete With Amazon


London's Female Shoplifting Mafia of Yesteryear
Gang 'terrorized' London for over two centuries
Enter the "Forty Elephants", also the "Forty Thieves", an all-female gang that terrorized London and the surrounding area for over two centuries and were responsible for the largest shoplifting operation ever seen in Britain between the 1870s and 1950s.

While many of the male gangs of the era were violent "smash & grab" thieves and crooks, the Forty Elephants was a group of tightly organized and efficient crime cells operating across London and the surrounding area.

They wore specially tailored clothing that would allow for easy stashing of expensive items in high end retail stores. Women were traditionally afforded a fair amount of privacy while shopping, which the elephants took full advantage of, making their exit with thousands of pounds worth of stolen merchandise.

They traveled in small groups and as security personnel were distracted by inexperienced thieves, the elephants gang would have come and gone without the shop owner even knowing they had been hit.

The Forty Elephants became so infamous in the West London area that their mere presence near shops would bring alarm. Too famous for their own good, the women were eventually forced to target smaller towns nearby, bringing empty suitcases with them on their journeys that would come back filled with goods.

Once a member was initiated into the 40 elephants, she was involved for most of her life, many of them starting as young as 14 and continuing into old age. Even if they were captured, they were never sentenced to more than 3 years in prison.

As security became much tighter in the 1950's and shoplifting became a much riskier endeavor, The Forty Elephants eventually faded away, but not without leaving a legacy of terror in the hearts of many a London shopkeeper. messynessychic.com

Roeland Park, KS: Roeland Park Retail Crime Enforcement Unit cracking down on crime, incidents decreased 30 percent
The City of Roeland Park is trying to reduce crime - and it's working. In just one year, crime is down 30 percent from 257 reports in 2016 to 178 last year. "This past year is when we've been working on zero tolerance to try to make a difference in the community," said Sgt. Cory Honas with the Roeland Park Police Department. Sgt. Honas says the majority of that crime is theft. So, officers have saturated the city - especially the business district.

He believes that dramatic increase in visibility is an effective deterrent. "I think it has people talking," he said. "That's a pretty significant decrease in crime." Part of the new Retail Crime Enforcement Unit in Roeland Park - the blue Mustang. The Ford Mustang was donated, and meant to be a clear sign of police presence. kmbc.com

St Louis, MO: 6 Thieves pull Smash & Grab at North Face store; $20,000 in merchandise
A smash and grab at the North Face at West County Center nets six thieves about $20 thousand worth of merchandise. Des Peres Police said the suspects arrived in three cars, broke out a window with a concrete block, and three minutes later walked out with armloads of clothing. Detectives are hoping surveillance video helps them identify the suspects, who were wearing hoodies and gloves. cbslocal.com

Merced, CA: Suspect steals nearly $7,000 worth of merchandise from Costco
Merced Police are using a Facebook post to help them find a man they say stole $6,999.90 worth of products from Costco. abc30.com

Kenosha County, WI: Five arrested following high-speed chase, over $6,000 in stolen merchandise recovered
The Pleasant Prairie Police Department says officers were investigating a theft from the Tommy Hilfiger store at the Premium Outlet Mall when they learned the suspect vehicle, a silver Pontiac, was last seen heading northbound from the mall. The Pontiac then ran a red light at CTH H, causing a crash involving two other vehicles. Those inside the two vehicles were not hurt. After the crash, five people inside the Pontiac tried to run away but were later taken into custody. Two of the suspects were treated for minor injuries they received in the crash. When the car was searched, authorities say they found more than $6,000 in stolen merchandise. cbs58.com

Elk River, MN: Home Depot serial Shoplifter thief may be tied to 9 store thefts
The suspect in a shoplifting incident at the Elk River Home Depot, may be linked to a string of similar thefts in other cities. In the Elk River case, the suspect parked in front of the store, entered the building for 20 seconds, grabbed two power tools off a display and left the store. The suspect was confronted by staff, but continued out to a waiting silver Ford Focus and left. The tools are valued at $1,248. The suspect in the Elk River theft and an associate are suspected in a string of nine similar Home Depot thefts in Forest Lake, Blaine, Coon Rapids and Eden Prairie, according to the Elk River Police report. hometownsource.com

Peabody, MA: Police Arrest Man, Woman Twice In Same Day
The two were arrested Wednesday night at 7-Eleven for shoplifting, shortly after being released by Peabody Police for Shoplifting at Sears. In addition to being charged with shoplifting , credit card fraud and trespassing, the female suspect also had two outstanding warrants out of Boston. patch.com

Topeka, KS: Sprint reports Theft of over $3,000 worth of phones
The thefts were reported to have occurred between 10 a.m. Friday, Dec. 1, and 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 5, from the Sprint store in the West Ridge Mall. cjonline.com

Oklahoma City, OK: Group of Suspects stole over $5,000 for Apple Store in Penn Square Mall

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Shootings & Deaths

San Antonio, TX: Target Shoplifters pulls knife on Police and is Shot and Killed
A man is dead after an officer-involved shooting on Loop 410. According to Chief William McManus, a suspect robbed the Target Store near Loop 410 and San Pedro and fled on a BMX bike. Store security tried to stop him, but couldn't and called police. The suspect rode up the freeway entrance ramp of Loop 410, but three police vehicles were able to get in front of him and block the freeway. Officers managed to stop him and get him off the bike. As they were trying to subdue him, the suspect pulled out a knife and stuck one officer on his hand. Another officer backed away and fired one shot in the suspect's abdomen. When police came to the scene, the suspect was dead on arrival. The officer who was stuck with the knife was taken to the hospital. news4sanantonio.com

Hamden, CT: C-Store Armed Robbery Suspect Shot by Police Officer
A police officer investigating reports of a robbery at a convenience store in Hamden, CT has shot and injured a suspect. Police say an officer was flagged down by a witness at about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and told there was a robbery in progress at Krauszer's Food Stores. Police say the suspect fired first and the officer returned fire. No officers were hurt. usnews.com

Little Rock, AR: Shooting outside Citi Trends leaves 1 critically wounded

Robberies & Thefts

Las Vegas, NV: LVMPD searching for suspect in 14 robberies in the Las Vegas Valley
The robberies began around May of 2016, tapering off in the fall and then picking up again in around December of 2017. The most recent happened on Wednesday at a cash loan business in the northwest then again near East Tropicana and Eastern. news3lv.com

Valencia, CA: Sheriff's Office investigating a Grab & Run at Valencia Town Center
Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station officials confirmed deputies responded to a 211-Robbery at the Valencia Town Center around 2:20 p.m. Thursday. "A male, black adult suspect stole two jewelry items and took off," Sgt. Maurizi, Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station. "It is being investigated as a grand theft which puts the price of the stolen merchandise over $950." hometownstation.com

Tulsa, OK: Police Arrest 14, 17, 18 year old For Multiple Armed Robberies, Shooting

Texarkana, AR: Used car dealer accused of 7 robberies, suspected of 7 more

Evanston, IL: Black Doctor from Illinois upset after being mistaken for Armed Robbery suspect

Tokyo, Japan: Police arrest 7 members of 'Pink Panda' gang over $140,000 thefts at jewelry show

Sentencings & Arrests

Providence, RI: Credit Card / ID Thief purchased up to $90,000 from retailers in MA, RI, sentenced to 4 years in Federal Prison
A Central Falls man who used stolen identities to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was sentenced Thursday to four years in federal prison. A federal judge also sentenced Reynaldo Martinez to three years of supervised release and ordered him to pay back more than $38,000 to several businesses. Martinez, 25, pleaded guilty in November to numerous federal charges, including aggravated identity theft, multiple counts of fraud, and transporting stolen goods across state lines. Martinez admitted he bought personal information stolen from at least half a dozen people in nine states. He then used those stolen identities to shop at several stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including Sprint, Best Buy, Kohl's, Cardi's Furniture, Raymour & Flanigan and Home Depot. Prosecutors said he made between $40,000 and $90,000 worth of fraudulent purchases. wpri.com

Billings, MT: Man who fired at Rimrock Mall Shoplifters gets deferred sentence
The man who fired a gun at suspected shoplifters last year received a deferred sentence on Thursday. James Ellis Newman, 30, got a cumulative one-year deferred sentence and a $500 fine for misdemeanor charges of negligent endangerment and unlawful discharge of a firearm. On Feb 25, Newman opened fire on two suspected shoplifters who were in a vehicle in a Rimrock Mall parking lot. He confronted them when the vehicle was parked and pointed a handgun at them. When the car began driving away, he fired six shots. The final bullet struck a snow pile as the car rounded a corner in the lot. billingsgazette.com

Calistoga, CA: Life Sentence For Windsor Armored Car Robber, Attempted Murderer
Sergey Gutsu was sentenced Thursday for the attempted murder of an armored car guard and a Calistoga police officer. A Southern California man who was convicted of the premeditated attempted murder of an armored car guard during a bank robbery in Windsor and of a Calistoga police officer in Napa County in 2016 was sentenced Thursday afternoon to 51 years to life in prison. Sergey Gutsu, 25, pleaded no contest to the attempted murders and robbery of an armored car guard, weapons assault charges and driving a stolen vehicle. patch.com

Update: Garland, TX: Third Arrest Made in Garland Store Clerk's Murder
Two days after two cousins were arrested in connection with the murder of a Garland store clerk, a third suspect has been taken into custody, police say. On Thursday, Garland police said 31-year-old Tristan Rashad Bowles, of Dallas, had been arrested in connection with the murder of 35-year-old Manish Panday.

On Tuesday of this week, after releasing surveillance video of two men they said fatally shot Panday during a robbery, police arrested 19-year-old Chavez Nash and 23-year-old Darrell Dewayne Nash. Police said a relative of the pair, and other witnesses, came forward with information about their identity after seeing the video. nbcdfw.com

Orlando, FL: Man Sentenced To Prison For Trafficking In Counterfeit Headphones, Cellphone Cases, Perfume, And Fashion Accessories

Brooklyn, NY: Man Sentenced to 100 Months' Imprisonment for Gunpoint Robberies of Pharmacies

Spotsylvania, VA: Jury recommends two life sentences for Spotsylvania man convicted of shooting C-Store clerk

Lincoln, NE: Grocery Store Employee pleads guilty to Embezzling $64,000 in Money Orders; 5 years Probation and full restitution

Minot, ND: TJ Maxx Employee pleads guilty to hundreds of fraudulent returns - sentenced to 1 year Probation, $8,700 restitution and $1,100 in court fees


Hubbard, OH: 2 charged in credit/debit card skimming scheme
Stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Northeast Ohio customers

Two men have been busted for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a credit card skimming scam that swept Northeast Ohio. They were operating an intricate scheme out of a storage unit. That's were the FBI uncovered a jackpot of incriminating evidence. And it's where the stolen bucks stopped because an observant bank employee in Hubbard, Ohio saw them covering up an ATM camera and called the cops. wkyc.com

Number of skimmers found on Florida gas pumps nearly tripled in 2017
613 skimmers found on gas pumps last year

News 6 found, despite the stickers, the number of credit card skimming devices found on gas pumps is dramatically increasing year after year in Florida. Data obtained by News 6 show state investigators found a record 613 skimmers on gas pumps last year.

Last year, inspectors discovered 26 skimmers at gas stations in Brevard County, 22 in Volusia County and 14 in Orange County. At a Chevron station on South Orange Blossom Trail in South Orange County, more than four skimmers were recently found. clickorlando.com

New app helping detect credit card skimmers in Butler County, Ohio

St. Francis, WI: Police seek at least 5 suspects in ATM skimming scheme

St. Clair, IL: Police Chief Gives Tips on Preventing Skimming after dozens report being victimized

Ithaca, NY: Duo used skimmed credit card info in Walmart purchases

Arlington, VA: Skimming device spotted inside ATM

Hot Springs, AR: Skimmers found on gas pumps prompt police PSA

Chicago, IL: ATM skimmer found at PNC Bank
Upper Southampton, PA: Police search for ATM skimming suspect

Rocky Mount, NC: Card skimmers found on Circle K gas pumps

Warrenton, VA: Skimming device found on ATM at Warrenton UVA

Chicago, IL: Skimmer discovered a Walgreens store

Bakery - Medford, OR - Burglary
Boost Mobile - Benton Harbor, MI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Akron, OH - Armed Robbery/Shooting
C-Store - Fortville, IN - Burglary
C-Store - Drummond, MT - Robbery
C-Store - Hamden, CT - Armed Robbery / suspect shot & wounded by Police
C-Store - Hopkins, MN - Robbery
C-Store - Cairo, GA - Armed Robbery/Shooting
Cash Loan - Las Vegas, NV - Armed Robbery
Domino's Pizza - Newport News, VA - Armed Robbery/ Driver shot and wounded
Family Dollar - Essex County, NJ - Armed Robbery
Gun Store- Las Vegas, NV - Burglary
Jewelry Store - Valencia, CA - Robbery
Laundromat - Kenai, AK - Robbery
Liquor store - Candler, NC - Armed Robbery
Sprint - Topeka, KS - Robbery
Taco Bell - Cottonwood, AZ - Armed Robbery
Target - San Antonio, TX - Robbery/Shooting - suspect shot, killed
Valero - San Bernardino County, CA -Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Cleveland, OH - Robbery
7-Eleven - Plainfield, IL - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Bonita Springs, FL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
19 robberies
3 burglaries
5 shootings
1 killing


Weekly Totals:
100 robberies
24 burglaries
13 shootings
5 killings




Jamie Van Dusen
promoted to Regional Director of Asset Protection - Northwest Region for Macy's

Al Robinette
named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Talbots

Earnest Stewart, CFI
named Executive Team Leader - Assets Protection for Target

Michael Dinner, CFI
named Regional Operations Manager for Burlington Stores, Inc.

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VP of Loss Prevention
Anaheim, CA

The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce. Reporting to the CFO, this position has overall leadership responsibility for leading the charge in driving shrink reduction...


Senior Financial Analyst
Lake Buena Vista, FL; Orlando, FL

This role is responsible for identifying potential fraud and privilege abuse at the Walt Disney World Resort, across all lines of business including but not limited to: merchandise, food & beverage, rooms, ticketing, and employee privileges. Fraud is identified through exception reporting by using in house systems and databases to establish trends for investigations...

Senior Market AP Manager- Southern California
Burbank, CA
This Senior Market Asset Protection Manager contributes to REI's success by supporting improved profitability for the co-op through reduced inventory shrinkage, improved margin, reduced Workers Comp and GL claims and premiums, retail and supply chain management...

Regional Asset Protection Director
Seattle, WA

The Regional Loss Prevention Director will lead Loss Prevention programs for designated Districts and Stores within assigned Region. Reviews Loss Prevention program processes in stores to drive shrink reduction and bottom line profits. Provides leadership to LP teams and stores in the management of critical incidents...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Portland, OR

DICK'S Sporting Goods is seeking an experienced multi-unit Loss Prevention manager for our Portland, OR district. Leaders in our organization are passionate about supporting the True Athlete in everything we do!

Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Nashville, TN

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigates and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Pacific Northwest
Sacramento, CA

● Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports.
Monitors compliance with loss prevention policies and programs including routine audits/checklists for internal/external controls...

Market Asset Protection Manager - Northern WI
St. Charles, IL

The individual selected for this position works collaboratively with Market Directors and Store Directors to support a Culture of Safety and 200% accountability. This position ensures the execution of programs surrounding the safety of people, the security of assets, compliance with internal and regulatory standards and the prevention of shrink within the assigned market, thru root cause analysis, deployment of solutions that protect the assets of the organization and audit to determine the effectiveness of the initiatives as designed...

Retail Asset Protection Team Leader
Cadillac, MI

Collaborates with the Market Asset Protection Team leader and Store Leadership to support a Culture of Safety and 200% accountability. Oversees and ensures the effectiveness of the asset-protection, safety and fire-protection efforts and stock loss reduction...

Regional Manager Loss Prevention - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
The Regional Asset Protection Manager is responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function to a group of the 1,200 campus stores Follett operates. The RAPM guides the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

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