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Super Bowl Security Largest in Minnesota History

Minneapolis Deploys Massive Security Operation
Preparing for Protests - Terror Threats - Hundred of Thousands of Fans

Super Bowl LII and its corporate partners have begun their 10 days of events in and around Minneapolis. The National Guard, federal agencies, and law enforcement from across the country are patrolling festivities in the Twin Cities from January 26th until February 5th. Super Bowl LII (SB52) has been labeled a National Special Security Event (NSSE) SEAR-I by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Anyone visiting downtown Minneapolis can detect hints of beefed-up security: Streets have been closed, a chain-link fence and concrete barriers now surround the Downtown East park near the stadium, part of its secure perimeter. Parking garages have some exits blocked. And in days to come, more and more officers will take to the streets.

The game-day plan calls for some 15,000 ticket holders to be screened at the Mall of America before they board the Blue Line light rail.

Security around the area will be openly militarized. Since 2001 (after the 9/11 attacks), every city that the Super Bowl has been held in (except Houston which has over 5,000 police officers) has called-in the National Guard to provide extra security on the streets during Super Bowl festivities. Only three of the last 17 Super Bowl's have actually been labeled NSSE's.

The SEAR-I classification is questioned by some who say that throughout the 52 years of Super Bowls, there has never been an attack at the site of the event. Security experts say the high visibility of this international event makes it "an attractive target [for terrorists] in that sense. However, the amount of security makes it less attractive for someone who wants to launch an attack."

All told, security in Houston cost $5.5 million, plus an additional $1.6 million for security at NRG Stadium.

Protests are planned by community members, organizations, unions, and other activists spanning the week leading up to SB52 and on game day itself. A coalition of organizers and community members have created the Super Bowl Anti-Racist Anti-Corporate Coalition aiming to highlight racial and class disparities. startribune.com unicornriot.ninja

Multi-Agency Command Center Activated for Super Bowl Security
Yes, the Super Bowl public safety team is watching you. And not just with the 2,000 fixed cameras throughout downtown Minneapolis and neighboring areas.

About 2,000 of the 3,000 officers working the Super Bowl have an app that allows them to broadcast any video they take of suspicious activity to the command center where 80 individuals will be stationed to monitor the event.

"This is really law enforcement at its finest," said Minneapolis Police Commander Bruce Folkens.

Key law enforcement figures from all over the state are working from the Multi-Agency Command Center near U.S. Bank Stadium to monitor Super Bowl crowds and shift resources as necessary. It's a critical portion of Super Bowl safety efforts several years in the making. The command center was first activated Friday, Jan. 26.

Law enforcement officers and state officials aren't the only ones working there. Representatives from places like Xcel Energy Center and the Mall of America - "anybody we could possibly need to interact with," said Folkens - are stationed there as well.

"Everybody's got their own individual lane of traffic where they're monitoring and controlling and keeping up with what their purview is. And we have a common operating platform that we can electronically talk to each other and post information back and forth," Folkens said.

They're seated as if in a classroom, but rather than a teacher at the front of the room, three large screens show real-time video footage of areas surrounding and inside the stadium. bemidjipioneer.com

As crowds flock to Minneapolis for SB52, so do counterfeit goods
Some federal agents are spending some of their Super Bowl week seizing counterfeit goods such as jerseys and hats. It's part of Operation Team Player, conducted by the National Intellectual Property Rights Center, a multi-agency effort led by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

"We've been at major mailing facilities, we've been intersecting packages, we've been seizing counterfeit goods," said Matthew Bourke, spokesperson for the National Intellectual Property Rights Center. "We have targeting capabilities; we know where it's coming from. We know who's getting it."

Bourke said any Super Bowl week brings a flood of counterfeit goods to the host cities, mostly flown in from China, and mostly sold on street corners, flea markets or small stores.

Some of the groups involved in the black market sale of fake goods also engage in drug trafficking and other crimes, he said. fox9.com

Webinar: Safety and Security at MetLife Stadium
MetLife Stadium is home of two National Football League teams: the New York Jets and New York Giants, in addition to numerous entertainment events and concerts each year. The stadium's security team, led by Danny DeLorenzi, Vice President, Security and Safety Services, faces a myriad of challenges to keep players, fans, high-profile guests and employees safe. Those challenges include fan conduct, behavior and counterterrorism for large gatherings, and more. DeLorenzi will discuss how he and his security team employ education, training and security technology, in addition to a people-focused approach and strong collaborations with external law enforcement agencies, to create a top-notch and award-winning security strategy at MetLife Stadium.

This webinar takes place on Thursday, February 15 at 2:00pm EST. Learn more here.

Helicopters buzz Minneapolis at 80 mph, freak people out

Why the Super Bowl is a touchdown for retail

NRF: Consumers to spend $15.3 billion on 2018 Super Bowl

CEO of sportswear brand Quiksilver missing in sea off France
Search operations resumed Wednesday after an empty boat belonging to the CEO of surfwear brand Quiksilver washed ashore off the coast of southwest France.

Pierre Agnes was reported missing Tuesday after his "beloved" vessel Mascaret III was found on an Atlantic beach at Hossegor, near his hometown of Capbreton, which is located about 20 miles north of Biarritz.

The father-of-three hasn't been seen since going on a regular morning fishing expedition, according to his company.

Quiksilver was founded in Australia but is now part of Boardriders, a California-based apparel group. Agnes served as the head of Quiksilver's France-based European headquarters before taking charge of the entire company in 2015. nbcnews.com

Workplace Fatalities Rise for 3rd Consecutive Year
The number of annual workplace fatalities rose for the third consecutive year in 2016, according to data recently released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Transportation incidents, workplace violence and drug overdoses are key issues that contributed to the rising numbers.

There were 500 workplace homicides and 291 on-the-job suicides in 2016. "This is the highest homicide figure since 2010 and the most suicides since [the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries] began reporting data in 1992," according to the BLS report.

Although the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) doesn't have a federal rule on preventing workplace violence, the agency does have guidelines and recommended practices on how to reduce workers' exposure to violent incidents.

Regardless of legal requirements, employers should consider having a security plan in place that deters violence and mitigates risks in the event of an incident. shrm.org

Food Distributors Sue Tyson, Pilgrim's Pride, and Others Alleging Collusion
The two largest food distribution companies in the U.S. have launched lawsuits against the chicken industry, accusing Tyson Foods Inc., Pilgrim's Pride Corp., Sanderson Farms Inc. and other poultry suppliers of manipulating wholesale chicken prices.

Sysco Corp. and US Foods Holding Corp., which supplies food to U.S. restaurants, hotels and hospitals, alleged in separate lawsuits that the big chicken processors engaged in a yearslong conspiracy to limit poultry supplies, while pushing prices higher by manipulating a pricing benchmark. wsj.com

AutoNation Just Decided to Stop Caring About Pot Smoking
The largest U.S. auto-dealer chain has lightened up on lighting up. AutoNation Inc. no longer refuses to hire job applicants who test positive for marijuana in drug screenings, Chief Executive Officer Mike Jackson said in an interview. The shift, which Jackson said was made quietly two years ago, shows that corporate America's hiring practices are evolving along with pot's legal status.

"If you tested positive for marijuana, you couldn't join our company," said Jackson, 68. "At a certain point, we said, 'You know what? That's wrong.'" AutoNation will still bar anyone who tests positive for other illegal drugs, including cocaine, Jackson said.

AutoNation may represent the first wave of a coming trend as marijuana becomes more socially acceptable and companies vie for workers in the tightest labor market in 17 years. bloomberg.com

Aldi's U.S. store expansion is paying off
Deep-discount grocer Aldi is winning over customers as it continues to grow at a torrid pace. The company's new stores are motivating new shoppers to try Aldi - 40% of first-time shoppers cited they wanted to experience a new store, according to a study by IRI.

The report, the second in a series of IRI Market Shift Studies, analyzes the expansion impact of Aldi, which has plans to add more than 900 stores in the United States for a total of 2,500 locations by 2022, and what it means for retailers' local markets. chainstoreage.com

Lidl bound to rebound in 2018, report says
Daymon on Monday reported that more than 63% of consumers surveyed indicated that Lidl's entry into the U.S. market had exceeded their expectations. And yet Lidl's U.S. debut, by many accounts, fell flat.

"While there have been mixed reports about Lidl's initial U.S. success, rest assured, they are in for the long haul," Daymon noted in its first-ever Private Brand Intelligence Report. "Lidl has a proven track record of adaptability if they are faced with market challenges or in a position to gain a competitive advantage." drugstorenews.com

Trump State of the Union Sets the Stage for Some of Retail's Top Issues

Amazon's New Plan to Sell Stuff at Whole Foods Is to Sell It in the Parking Lot

H&M to open fewer stores in '18 as it struggles to respond to e-commerce growth

The 2018 Retail Asset Protection Conference convenes asset protection professionals from around the country for extensive networking and in-depth content. Register now and join us in Orlando, Florida on April 29 - May 2 to challenge traditional approaches, and explore what the AP Revolution means for you and your business.

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eBay welcomes Lyndi Foote to the Global Asset Protection team

Lyndi Foote is a Criminal Analyst for the North America Criminal Investigations, and PROACT team, located in Salt Lake City. Lyndi is the primary contact responding to law enforcement requests for user information and records related to their criminal investigations, and will be supporting the PROACT program.

Lyndi spent the last 2-years at a Utah based cosmetics company, where she helped establish a Brand Protection and Counterfeit Investigations Department. Prior to that, she enjoyed a 3-year stint at eBay in Global Customer Experience Trust and Safety - responsible for review of Account Takeovers, New Seller Risk, and Counterfeit item/listings.

Outside of work, Lyndi enjoys skiing, motorcycle rides, video games, binging on Netflix, and reading. She has a family, and is an avid lover of animals.

For further information on PROACT, email inquiries to PROACT@eBay.com.




New Survey Finds Americans Favor Face Recognition
to Combat Rising Retail Theft and Violence

Face recognition provider FaceFirst has announced that a majority of Americans are in favor of face recognition as a means of identifying potential shoplifters, thieves and violent criminals in retail environments, according to a new FaceFirst poll conducted between Jan 4 to 5, 2018.

The survey asked a national sample of 1,008 adults from varying ages and income levels their opinions on surveillance, public safety and face recognition. The survey found that only 22 percent of Americans think face recognition should not be used in retail environments to safeguard stores against serial shoplifters, thieves and dangerous criminals. The majority (56%) stated that face recognition should be used by retail stores to safeguard against crime. prweb.com

Digital Extortion to Expand Beyond Ransomware
The criminal extortion framework has been around in the physical world for a long time, he continues. Now, in the digital world, it's just getting started. Attackers are learning their chances of getting paid increase exponentially if they target certain files, systems, or databases. While ransomware will remain popular, but other types of threats are starting to appear, according to Trend Micro.

"Going forward, you would be remiss to just focus on files," says Cabrera. Cybercriminals will begin to leverage the growth of IoT, specifically industrial IoT, to extort money from victims. Businesses that need to be up and running at all times are especially vulnerable.

"Any organization that has real-time services, real-time operations that are impacted, will be targeted," he continues. Critical manufacturing and healthcare are prime examples, with attacks that target manufacturing plants and robots as well as sensitive files and documents.

These plants and machines typically run on legacy systems and diverse hardware that would be difficult - if not impossible - to patch or upgrade. For attackers seeking old vulnerabilities, these systems are prime targets. Trend Micro's report highlights supply chain disruption, in which attackers insert logic bombs or Trojans into specific network locations, as one example. Victims will need to pay to find the bugs' locations so they can disable them.

Social media extortion is another growing threat. One form is the smear campaign, which spreads fake information and demands victims pay in order to stop it. These campaigns, once more common among celebrities and politicians, have begun to target brands and executives. Once a business's reputation has been tarnished online, it is difficult to rebuild. darkreading.com

Walmart to share inventory data with suppliers in battle with Amazon
Wal-Mart Stores Inc said on Tuesday the company will share more data with suppliers to move faster in replenishing out-of-stock items as it tries to better compete with rivals like Amazon.com Inc.

The company said its On Shelf Customer Availability (OSCA) data, which was only accessible internally, will be shared at the Supplier Growth Forum, a two-day event at Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The retailer will also tighten deadlines for delivery. In 2017 the company told suppliers it ultimately wanted orders delivered on time 95 percent of the time or they would pay a fine. The company hoped to add $1 billion to revenue by improving product availability at stores. reuters.com

Juniper: Retailer AI spending set to explode
The need to personalize the customer experience is prompting retailers' increasing investments in artificial intelligence. AI spending will reach $7.3 billion per year by 2022 - up from an estimated $2 billion in 2018, according to "AI in Retail: Disruption, Analysis and Opportunities 2018-2022," from Juniper Research.

When it comes to AI priorities, retailers are leveraging the technology for operations that range from automated marketing platforms that generate tailored, timely offers, to chatbots that provide instant customer service. However, spending will be strongest in customer service and sentiment analytics (54%), where AI can be applied to understand customer reaction to the products purchased and the service received. chainstoreage.com

World revenue for Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security to surpass $2.3B in 2027

Will the end of net neutrality be a security nightmare?


NAFTA agreement with U.S. could cost Canada 300,000 jobs
Retail Council of Canada Study Shows Rise in duty free allowance would lead to $12 billion hit to the economy
Canada's retail industry is warning that raising the duty-free allowance for cross-border shipments could lead to hundreds of thousands of job losses and cut billions of dollars from the Canadian economy.

The numbers come from a Retail Council of Canada-commissioned PwC study out Friday that shows the potential fallout if Canada agreed to requests from U.S. lawmakers to increase the duty-free allowance from $20 to $800 as part of NAFTA talks.

The study found the net economic impact of raising to $800 the allowance for charging taxes and duties on international shipments would lead to a $12-billion hit to Canada's GDP by 2020 and upwards of 300,000 job losses. canadianbusiness.com

Businesses have no Plan B if there's no NAFTA: poll
Most Canadian businesses are not making emergency plans in preparation for the United States potentially pulling out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), according to a recent poll of 245 owners across the country.

The latest round of NAFTA negotiations in Montreal took place in late January, with Canada and Mexico both anxious about Washington under the protectionist, Donald-Trump-led White House and potential changes to the decades-old free-trade pact. biv.com

Toys 'R' Us stores in Canada to stay open as troubled retailer closes 180 in U.S.
Toys "R" Us, squeezed by Amazon.com and huge competitors like Walmart, will close 20 per cent of its U.S. stores within months.

Hobbled by $5 billion in debt, analysts said around 180 of the company's 900 locations in the U.S. will be shuttered.

Meanwhile, Toys "R" Us Canada president Melanie Teed-Murch said all 83 stores are open for business. financialpost.com

Bell Canada Data Breach Could Be 'Stepping Stone' To More Fraud, Espionage
The recent Bell Canada data breach might not have contained any compromised financial information, but it could still create "stepping stones" to more serious cases of fraud and espionage, according to a cybersecurity expert.

On Tuesday, the company alerted customers that the information of "fewer than 100,000" users was illegally accessed by hackers. The RCMP announced it had opened an investigation. One expert pointed to multiple factors that could lead to more data breaches. An abundance of new tools at hackers' disposal and the emergence of a new "actors" have created a perfect storm, he said. huffingtonpost.ca

Equifax Canada seeks to regain trust in its security after major U.S. breach

Canadian E-commerce sales up 25.5% year over year in November
Now account for 3.47% of total retail sales in Canada

Casper Partners with Indigo to Expand Canadian Brick-and-Mortar Presence

How Tim Hortons became a symbol of Canadian heritage

'Paralyzing sense of fear': Canadians recall shock, sadness of Quebec mosque shooting one year later

St. John's, NL: 2 intruders arrested during break-in, separate hammer attack at gas station
Police in St. John's arrested two intruders inside a home early Saturday morning in centre city St. John's, and responded to a call of an armed robbery with a hammer at the Ultramar downtown just over 30 minutes later.

At 1:20 a.m., members of the RNC patrol services, K9 unit and forensic identification unit were called to a report of an armed robbery at the Ultramar gas station in downtown St. John's. Police were told a man went into the store carrying a hammer and demanding money. While in the store the man caused damage with the hammer and fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. cbc.ca

Winnipeg, MB: Main Street business locks doors after recent run-ins
with suspected meth users
The owner of a Winnipeg pet store is locking her doors during business hours, asking customers to knock to get in, because she feels unsafe after several run-ins with people she suspects were high on crystal meth. Thompson said she's had several close calls with people who have wandered into her store.

Thompson decided to lock the doors during business hours after a man who appeared to be high entered her store carrying a metal pipe and walked around with it on Jan. 14. The Winnipeg Police Service has reported a significant rise in meth-related incidents across the city over the past few years. cbc.ca

Burlington, ON: Tim Hortons fire deemed to be arson; two suspects sought
Damage estimated at $250,000

Nanaimo, BC: Suspect leaves getaway bike behind after garden-store
theft gone wrong

Nova Scotia man hunts down fraudster who used his stolen credit card info

Robberies and Burglaries

Brant Smoke & Gift Shop - Halton, ON - Armed Robbery
Circle K - Barrie, ON - Armed Robbery

Hasty Market - Halton, ON - Armed Robbery
Mac's - Thunder Bay, ON - Armed Robbery
Undisclosed business - Kelowna, BC - Armed Robbery
Undisclosed business - Vernon, BC - Armed Robbery


America's Funniest LP 'Quick Takes'

With MCs Joe LaRocca & Amber Bradley

Joe Rants About Social Media

Originally Published 2-19-15

MCs Joe and Amber talk about finding the right balance between work and life on social media in this fun, honest LPNN Quick Take. Amber puts Joe on the "hot seat," asking about his social media policy - Would Joe accept a Friend Request on Facebook from a work colleague? His answer may surprise you.

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E-Commerce Fraud, False Positives Surging: Report
Nearly three-quarters of business executives are more concerned about online fraud now than they were 12 months ago, according to a new report. Experian's 2018 Global Fraud and Identity Report lays out the challenges merchants are facing (as well as the mixed messages they are receiving from consumers) that make e- and m-commerce unique, even as they are expected to meet consumers on the terms they demand.

According to the report, online fraud prevention has generally focused on detection at the transaction level. This emphasis on permission rather than trust has resulted in the growing problem of false positives (when fraud detection systems are too restrictive and flag legitimate transactions as suspected fraud). Experian found that
71% of companies know they are denying more transactions than they should. At the same time, 63 percent of businesses have experienced the same or more fraud losses in 2017 as they did in 2016. The result in many of those cases? The screws will be tightened and more false positives generated.

Another apparent paradox is that, while cart abandonment remains high and merchants do all they can to streamline the user experience, Experian found that a
lack of visible security measures-which introduce friction-was the number one reason consumers abandoned transactions. At the same time, 35 percent said they would transact more online if there were fewer security hurdles. And, consumers in different countries have different tolerances for friction caused by security. cardnotpresent.com

How to deal with 'friendly' fraud when your business's online customers
aren't so friendly

Friendly fraud occurs when a customer makes a purchase online with their credit card, receives the good or service, and then contacts their card-issuing bank to dispute the charge, often claiming they did not make the purchase. The act is particularly problematic for businesses, because not only do they lose the merchandise but they also experience a damaging drain on revenue from the loss of the sale and the cost of responding to disputes.

This type of fraud is often called "friendly" because the customer makes a claim that seems believable. However, if this type of fraud were to occur in a brick-and-mortar shop, it would be called theft or shoplifting. With e-commerce on the rise, it's vital that both big and small businesses are aware of how to spot it and what steps to take to prevent it.

Here are some examples of customer fraudulent claims:

● Reports that the item wasn't delivered
● States that the item purchased doesn't match the online description and now they don't want it
● Tells their credit card issuer that they returned the item, but a refund was not processed
● Says they cancelled the order but it was still sent to them
● Claims they don't remember making the purchase so their credit card must have been compromised

Being aware of tell-tale signs of friendly fraud is one step towards a more vigilant and effective strategy to prevent it; however, there are best practices businesses can employ to minimise its impact:

1. Check the billing address
2. Authenticate at every stage
3. Over-communicate with customers
4. Be clear on returns
5. Analyse your sales records dynamicbusiness.com.au

Amazon expands its delivery trial and entices sellers with lower delivery costs

Older shoppers 'less comfortable' with e-commerce AI

NPD: More apparel consumers going online for outerwear


Michigan State Police execute search warrant at Detroit store in Organized Retail Crime investigation
The raid happened at a store at the corner of 7 Mile Road and Lauder Street. The convenience store buys stolen items and resells them. Michigan State Police fraud investigators say a number of convenience stores in the Metro Detroit area are participating in similar retail crimes. "This is not the only search warrant that is being conducted today," Det. James Graday said. "Our biggest concern right now is to go and look for the supporting evidence and the different things we need to support the case." clickondetroit.com

Chandler, AZ: Man arrested in 21 thefts of Home Improvement stores in 5 Valley cities
Chandler man has been arrested in connection with 21 thefts of home improvement stores, in five valley cities, since August. Chandler police report they arrested 35-year-old Jude Arthur Gonzalez on January 23 at a home in Chandler, near Arizona Avenue and Frye Road. Police say Gonzalez is connected to 21 thefts of Lowe's, Home Depot and Walmart stores in Chandler, Gilbert, Avondale, Mesa, and Glendale. Police say additional reports from the stores are still coming in, but they estimate the total loss to be between $30,000-$40,000. abc15.com

Johnstown, NY: Pair tried to steal cartload of power tools
Kyle J. Hart, 32, and Ruth L. White, each face one count of fourth-degree grand larceny, a felony. The pair loaded the cart with power tools at Runnings in Johnstown, bypassed the checkout and left the store. When security approached them, they fled. dailygazette.com

Tyler, TX: 60 pairs of underwear stolen from Victoria's Secret
in Broadway Square Mall

Tyler Police are looking for a suspect that stole nearly $1,000 in merchandise from Victoria's Secret at Broadway Square Mall Monday evening. cbs19.tv

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Shootings & Deaths

Durham, NC: Man shot, killed outside shopping center
Store manager unsuccessfully tried to save victim's life

A man was shot to death Tuesday in a Durham parking lot, police said. Officers responded to a shooting call at the Triangle Village Shopping Center and found Darelle Marquis Harper dead in the parking lot.

The shooting occurred in in front of a Colonial Tire & Automotive shop in the strip mall, and an employee said Harper was sitting in his car when someone walked up and shot him in the neck. Harper got out of the car to try and run for help, but he made it only a few steps before collapsing in front of Colonial Tire, the employee said. Colonial Tire service manager Ron Brewer administered CPR until paramedics could take over, but their efforts were in vain, and Harper died. wral.com

St. Paul, MN: Woman found fatally shot at Quick Stop Market
A woman who was fatally shot at a convenience store is St. Paul's first homicide this year. Police were called to the Quick Stop Market about 7:30 p.m. Monday in the city's Railroad Island neighborhood. They found a woman with a gunshot wound. She was pronounced dead at the scene. It wasn't immediately known if the woman was a customer or an employee of the store. No one else was injured. No suspects have been arrested. therepublic.com

Independence, MO: Two men shot by police at Dollar General
Independence Police said the shooting occurred Tuesday night at the Dollar General on 23rd Street after police were called to the store around 5:40 p.m. on a report of armed person. The two men shot were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, Syme said. No officers were injured in the incident. Information about what led up to the police shooting and the severity of injuries was not immediately available. fox4kc.com

Moapa, NV: Police look for gunman after clerk shot

Robberies & Thefts

New Brunswick, NJ: C- store employee charged with stealing $1 million
Lottery Ticket

A convenience store employee has been charged with stealing a $1 million lottery ticket from a customer last year. Rayhan Sorwar, was charged on Jan. 26 with one count of theft of moveable property over $75,000 in the second degree, one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and one count of attempted money laundering, both in the first degree.

During the investigation, it was determined that on Sept. 6, 2017, a customer presented a winning scratch-off lottery ticket to Sorwar, who was a c- store employee at a store in Edison. Instead of presenting the customer with a claim form for her $1 million prize, Sorwar allegedly took the ticket, and gave her two other tickets stating that the two tickets were her winnings. When Sorwar's wife tried to cash the winning ticket at the Lottery Commission in Lawrenceville, Mercer County, on Sept. 19, 2017, officials reportedly became suspicious, and an investigation ensued, which resulted in Sorwar's charges. centraljersey.com

Pico Union, CA: Flash Mob of Cyclists Rob Small Market in LA; $3,000 in losses
An overwhelming amount of cyclists rushed into a small market in Pico Union as many stuffed drinks and snacks into backpacks before they took off, prompting a grand theft investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was taken from the small market on the corner of Union Avenue and 12th Street before the mob of robbers took off on their bicycles. Garcia had to buy new merchandise to replace the stolen goods - a costly inventory restock that he estimated to be nearly $3,000. nbcbayarea.com

Shoplifting suspect suffers seizure after foot chase ends at Sam's Club
A shoplifting suspect suffered an apparent seizure after a foot chase ended at Sam's Club. Andrea Toni Jamez, had been suspected of shoplifting Monday morning and was approached by a loss prevention officer at Kohl's, according to an arrest report from the Lady Lake Police Department. Jamez and another woman ran across U.S. Hwy. 27/441 and were detained when they reached the parking lot at Sam's Club. A syringe containing heroin was discovered in Jamez's purse. She was arrested on charges of possession of heroin and retail theft. villages-news.com

Bellingham, WA: Couple sought in Armed Robbery at Bellis Fair Macy's
Bellingham Police are looking for two suspects after one of them pointed a gun at Macy's employees as they stole merchandise on Saturday. A man and a woman grabbed clothing in the Bellis Fair Macy's and left the store. The man pointed a handgun at two loss-prevention officers who confronted the couple. They left in a station wagon, possibly an Audi. They face charges of robbery, theft and assault. kpug1170.com

Arson & Fire

Accused Arson set store fire over a set of headphones
Court documents show the man accused of setting a fire at Fred Meyer committed the act after he couldn't return a set of headphones. According to court documents, police reviewing security camera footage saw Daniel Wright enter the store and attempt to return the merchandise. When the cashier refused, saying his identification was unreadable, Wright went to the back of the store and lit the blaze. As it engulfed the aisle, police said footage shows him grabbing two electronic items, including a PlayStation game system, before taking off. keprtv.com

Sentencings & Arrests

Arlington, VA: Armed Robbery suspect of 7-Eleven and Advance Cash facing 82 years

San Diego, CA: Man pleads guilty to robbing 5 stores in 12 days; facing 36 years

Cary, NC: Man sentenced to 15 years in C-Store Armed Robbery



None to report.

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The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce. Reporting to the CFO, this position has overall leadership responsibility for leading the charge in driving shrink reduction...


Senior Financial Analyst
Lake Buena Vista, FL; Orlando, FL

This role is responsible for identifying potential fraud and privilege abuse at the Walt Disney World Resort, across all lines of business including but not limited to: merchandise, food & beverage, rooms, ticketing, and employee privileges. Fraud is identified through exception reporting by using in house systems and databases to establish trends for investigations...

Senior Market AP Manager- Southern California
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The Regional Loss Prevention Director will lead Loss Prevention programs for designated Districts and Stores within assigned Region. Reviews Loss Prevention program processes in stores to drive shrink reduction and bottom line profits. Provides leadership to LP teams and stores in the management of critical incidents...


Loss Prevention District Manager
Negotiable in one of the following areas: Eugene, Medford, Eastern Oregon, Central Washington, Boise or a city surrounding these areas

The Loss Prevention District Manager (LPDM) manages all store and district level loss prevention operations for the stores within his/her area to include: internal investigations, safety and Loss Prevention audits, hiring, training, and supervising Loss Prevention Officers (LPO), and maintaining physical security equipment (locks, panic hardware, CCTV, etc.)...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Portland, OR

DICK'S Sporting Goods is seeking an experienced multi-unit Loss Prevention manager for our Portland, OR district. Leaders in our organization are passionate about supporting the True Athlete in everything we do!

Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Nashville, TN

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigates and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Pacific Northwest
Sacramento, CA

● Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports.
Monitors compliance with loss prevention policies and programs including routine audits/checklists for internal/external controls...

Market Asset Protection Manager - Northern WI
St. Charles, IL

The individual selected for this position works collaboratively with Market Directors and Store Directors to support a Culture of Safety and 200% accountability. This position ensures the execution of programs surrounding the safety of people, the security of assets, compliance with internal and regulatory standards and the prevention of shrink within the assigned market, thru root cause analysis, deployment of solutions that protect the assets of the organization and audit to determine the effectiveness of the initiatives as designed...

Retail Asset Protection Team Leader
Cadillac, MI

Collaborates with the Market Asset Protection Team leader and Store Leadership to support a Culture of Safety and 200% accountability. Oversees and ensures the effectiveness of the asset-protection, safety and fire-protection efforts and stock loss reduction...

Regional Manager Loss Prevention - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
The Regional Asset Protection Manager is responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function to a group of the 1,200 campus stores Follett operates. The RAPM guides the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

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