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Artificial Intelligence Helps Retailers Bust Thieves At Self-Checkout
StopLift's Scan-Avoidance Technology Featured by CBS New York

Theft has always been a problem for retailers. Losing an item means having to sell fifty more to make up for what was lost. Many of those losses occur at checkout scanners - by cashiers and customers. The National Retail Federation said an estimated $14-billion is lost annually in 'scan avoidance.'

The scams are brazen - as blatant as throwing items down the belt - sometimes accidental - forgetting to scan things left in a cart, or customers getting frustrated at the self-checkout.

Intentional or not, there's technology that can spot scan avoidance at the checkout as it happens: StopLift Checkout Vision Systems. Using artificial intelligence, it can read and flag checkout behaviors; suspicious transactions can be questioned on the spot; and mistakes can be corrected before anyone is labeled a thief.

StopLift CEO & Founder Malay Kundu says: "It can ping you in real time."

Miguel Garcia, owner of Big Deal Supermarket in the Bronx, installed StopLift without telling his staff. "I never expected to find something done purposely," he said, "And I was happy afterwards to see it was mistakes."

Garcia said cashiers now know to look for items on the bottom of carts, and even slow down to not miss a scan. cbslocal.com

The Banana Trick and Other Acts of Self-Checkout Thievery
1 in 5 admit to stealing at self-checkout

Beneath the bland veneer of supermarket automation lurks an ugly truth: There's a lot of shoplifting going on in the self-scanning checkout lane. But don't call it shoplifting. The guys in loss prevention prefer "external shrinkage."

Self-checkout theft has become so widespread that a whole lingo has sprung up to describe its tactics. Ringing up a T-bone ($13.99/lb) with a code for a cheap ($0.49/lb) variety of produce is "the banana trick." If a can of Illy espresso leaves the conveyor belt without being scanned, that's called "the pass around." "The switcheroo" is more labor-intensive: Peel the sticker off something inexpensive and place it over the bar code of something pricey. Just make sure both items are about the same weight, to avoid triggering that pesky "unexpected item" alert in the bagging area.

How common are self-scanning scams? If anonymous online questionnaires are any indication, very common. When Voucher Codes Pro, a company that offers coupons to internet shoppers, surveyed 2,634 people, nearly 20 percent admitted to having stolen at the self-checkout in the past. More than half of those people said they gamed the system because detection by store security was unlikely.

A 2015 study of self-checkouts with handheld scanners, conducted by criminologists at the University of Leicester, also found evidence of widespread theft. After auditing 1 million self-checkout transactions over the course of a year, totaling $21 million in sales, they found that nearly $850,000 worth of goods left the store without being scanned and paid for.

The Leicester researchers concluded that the ease of theft is likely inspiring people who might not otherwise steal to do so. Rather than walk into a store intending to take something, a shopper might, at the end of a trip, decide that a discount is in order.

Whether out of social responsibility or frustration with shrinkage, some retailers, including Albertsons, Big Y Supermarket, Pavilions, and Vons, have scaled back or eliminated self-scanning, at least in some stores. But others continue to add it. Worldwide, self-checkout terminals are expected to number 325,000 by next year, up from 191,000 in 2013. theatlantic.com

After Proposition 47: Crime and No Consequences in California
The 2014 ballot initiative had unintended results galore. California's Proposition 47 downgraded a variety of "non-serious, nonviolent crimes" that had previously been considered felonies to misdemeanors. These include shoplifting, grand theft, receiving stolen property, forgery, fraud, and writing bad checks. As long as the total value of the stolen property is under $950, only a ghost of an offense has occurred. A thief may now steal something under that limit on a daily basis and it will never rise to felony status.

In the event that a perpetrator is pursued and apprehended, the consequence can be a small fine or a brief stay in jail, In reality, these repercussions are rare. In addition, DNA samples aren't collected from misdemeanor offenders. Thus the DNA database has shrunk, making it more difficult for law-enforcement agencies to solve cold cases, including those involving rape and murder.

The underlying premise of Proposition 47 was to free up funds so the state could focus on violent and serious offenders. Savings would be diverted to school-based prevention and support programs, victim services, and mental-health and drug treatment. Therefore petty thieves, who might be drug addicts, would avoid costly and ultimately detrimental incarceration.

What could possibly go wrong? That question is best asked of the people in California who are robbed and call the police for help. Overall, they're blindsided by the slow (or non-) response. The surprise and anger they feel is tremendous. Nearly a thousand dollars in stolen property is hardly minor, especially to those who have little to lose. It's not just the loss of personal possessions they'll probably never see again that is so distressing, but the ruined trust in the system that they assumed was designed to protect the innocent.

For law enforcement, however, there is little incentive to chase down low-level criminals. Even if the person is escorted to the station, odds are great he'll be back on the street in an hour or so.

Thankfully, some are attempting to fix the unintended consequences of Proposition 47. State assemblyman Jim Cooper (D., Elk Grove) and Sacramento County district attorney Anne Marie Schubert are behind Assembly Bill 16, a ballot initiative that will reverse some of its damage. People convicted of a third theft of property worth $250 could be charged with a felony, and DNA collection would be reinstated for certain misdemeanor convictions. If proponents can gather the 370,000 signatures necessary to put the measure on the November 2018 ballot, California voters will have the power to pass it into law. nationalreview.com

Amazon Fights Cert. Bid In Background Check Suit
Amazon.com urged a Florida federal judge on Wednesday to deny certification to a proposed class of job applicants who claim the e-commerce giant performed consumer background checks on them without following strict legal requirements.

The company said each plaintiff was shown a single document, conspicuously labeled "background check disclosure" that explained that Amazon would run a background check as part of their employment application. The plaintiffs had to click "I accept" and electronically sign a separate background check authorization that gave them the option to consent to the background check, according to Amazon. law360.com

Does Amazon's Newly Opened Cashier-Less Grocery Store Threaten Retail Jobs?
Amazon has opened the first of what may become a string of grocery stores that don't have cashiers or self-checkout machines, which leaves labor groups and HR experts asking if the jobs of America's 3.5 million cashiers are at risk.

It's unclear how this technology will change the workforce. Experts say that industries that face automation often end up adding more employees over time. A Quartz analysis, however, found that Amazon - with its dependence on robots and its appeal to customers who'd rather shop online than at brick-and-mortar stores - is killing more jobs than it is creating. Amazon Go may exacerbate that problem. shrm.org

Retail jobs increased by over 11,000 in January
Retail industry employment increased by 11,100 jobs in January over December, the National Retail Federation said today. The number excludes automobile dealers, gasoline stations and restaurants. Overall, the economy added 200,000 jobs, the Labor Department said. nrf.com

Tesla partners with Home Depot to open in-store shops
Tesla will test the appeal of its renewable energy products to a mainstream audience with the help of the nation's largest home improvement retailer. Tesla will have dedicated spaces featuring its residential solar panels and Powerwall batteries at about 800 Home Depot stores, Bloomberg reported. The spaces will be staffed by Tesla employees and will allow the company to demonstrate its technology in a one-on-one environment with potential customers. chainstoreage.com

Turning the tide: Retail pharmacy grapples with the opioid epidemic
The opioid crisis is one staggering statistic after another. Opioid-related deaths - including those due to prescription opioids, heroin and fentanyl - have more than quadrupled since 1999, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention logging 42,000 opioid-related fatalities in 2016. That year, 40% of all opioid overdose deaths - about 17,000 - involved prescription opioids.

That the crisis is something to be reckoned with is not news to the healthcare industry, which is arguably the one closest to it, particularly when it comes to community pharmacies. What is changing is that the industry is more aggressively looking to offer solutions - from overdose prevention to safe disposal and educational programs - as it waits for legislative solutions that codify preventive measures against opioid abuse and misuse. At the same time, it still wants to ensure that patients with chronic pain can retain access to necessary treatment. drugstorenews.com

Flu is gaining foothold in Northeast, Walgreens reports
While the flu continues to appear most prevalent in the deep South, influenza illness appears to be gaining a foothold in the Northeast, according to the latest Walgreens Flu Index released this week. Outside of the South, Connecticut, New Jersey and North Carolina are seeing significant gains in flu activity.

Texas markets, however, still dominated the top 10 designated market areas with flu activity for the week ended Jan. 27. drugstorenews.com

Minneapolis gets 'significantly heightened' security measures and resources for Super Bowl

NFL changes Super Bowl security procedures after Tom Brady's jersey was stolen last year

Sears gets more financing from Eddie Lampert

Bon-Ton Stores clinches financing to file for bankruptcy protection

Whole Foods plans 16 additional 365 stores

Guess stock plummets after Kate Upton accuses exec of harassment

Celebrities fill in for an ailing Alexa in Amazon's Super Bowl spot

Michigan Regional Organized Crime (MiROC) Association holding ORC Seminar March 8

MiROC's 2018 Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Seminar is a one day event expected to bring together nearly 150 attendees comprised of law enforcement, ORC retail investigators, and personnel from county prosecutor's offices throughout Michigan.

● Information about ORC law
● ORC's impact on the community
● How to investigate and prosecute ORC
● Intelligence building and analyzing
● Case examples
● Networking opportunities with active ORC task forces and investigators, who can provide assistance and insight as to their success.

The deadline to register is March 2, 2018. Learn more here

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ORC Violence is On the Rise:
Here's How to Solve the Problem

The National Retail Federation's (NRF) 2017 Organized Retail Crime Survey was just released, and not many retail Loss Prevention professionals are surprised to learn losses from ORC have increased over the last year. But the bad new gets worse. According to the survey, 26% of survey respondents report that ORC offenders are exhibiting more violence and aggression than prior year. This information seems to agree with all of the industry statistics measuring this phenomena.

In the D&D Daily's Retail Violent Death Report (August 2017), it was reported that retail deaths attributed to violence increased by 13% in the second quarter of 2017, and by 15% in the first half of the year. The report also indicated the victims were "predominately shot and killed." In 2016, five loss prevention/security officers and four police officers were killed during incidents involving retail crimes.

Scrambling to Strategize

Armed with all of the recent information regarding increased shoplifter violence, Loss Prevention professionals are trying to create the best strategies to combat this growing problem. Current policies do not seem to be enough, as retailers continue to deal with serious and costly injuries and deaths attributed to apprehending shoplifters.

As loss prevention executives contemplate possible remedies, innovative solutions providers continue to create technological offerings that protect employees and merchandise. In a recently released whitepaper by The Calibration Group entitled, Violence in Loss Prevention: Dissecting Shoplifter Apprehensions, Robert Harling, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Gatekeeper Systems stated, "Apprehending shoplifters continues to be a risky business. As stated in one of Gatekeepers' recent blogs, the frequency of violent confrontations during the act of apprehending shoplifters appears to be increasing with no end in sight. Using shopping cart management and control technology to recover stolen merchandise at the door, rather than confronting shoplifters, is arguably the safest way to protect a retailers' employees and their merchandise."

The challenge is clear: loss prevention executives must find new ways to prevent their merchandise from being stolen, while at the same time keep their respective company employees out of harm's way. Only technological solutions can accomplish both.

Click here to learn about the most effective solution for apprehending merchandise instead of shoplifters.


Walmart's new robots are loved by staff - and ignored by customers
Walmart may be grabbing headlines for its embrace of cutting-edge technologies, but at the heart of those changes are companies like Bossa Nova. The San Francisco-based robotics firm created the robots now roaming the aisles in 50 Walmart locations around the US.

Bossa Nova's robots are able to perform tasks such as identifying when items are out of stock, locating incorrect prices, and detecting wrong or missing labels. We spoke to Martin Hitch, chief business officer at Bossa Nova, about the technology behind the machines and how they are being received by shoppers and employees.

How have employees responded to the robots? Have you received any pushback because of the "robots are taking my job" idea?

Martin: When we first deployed a robot in a store, the associates were the people that understood it first. This boring, repetitive task of scanning the shelves - we have yet to meet someone who has liked to do that. Employees instantly become the advocates for the robot.

One way they do that is by giving it a name - the robots all have Walmart name badges on. The employees have competitions to see what the right name is for each robot. They also advocate for the robot to the general public. It's the store staff saying, "It's helping me." We see them now defending the robot.

What about shoppers?

It's typically one of two different extremes. One of them is natural curiosity. They are going to go ask what it does, and why. When a robot is first deployed, we have a chaperone in the store to answer those questions. But at least 50 percent completely ignore it like it is any other device, which surprised us. technologyreview.com

H-E-B tests smart glasses in warehouse facilities
H-E-B recently concluded a pilot test program involving computerized augmented reality glasses that are designed to improve employee productivity by providing them with more real-time information and visual cues enabling them to be more efficient - while ensuring continued safety and compliance.

Augmented reality is when computer-generated holographic images are projected in the real world using a smartphone camera or smart glasses. For its test, San Antonio, Texas-based H-E-B teamed with Vuzix Corp., a pioneer in smart glasses technology, based in Rochester, N.Y. supermarketnews.com

Mandatory Breach Notification is not a silver bullet
If we consider the US example, where mandatory breach notification laws have existed in California since 2002 (California Senate Bill 1386) and are now found in 48 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, the number of data breaches reported is increasing at an almost exponential rate.

Judging by the data available, it would appear that a Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) is having a limited effect in the US. Why would this be the case? There are a number of factors at play, including the trends in interconnectedness, the ubiquitination of cloud compute services, the breakdown of the traditional network perimeter and of course the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks. But it would also appear that the threat of reputational damage, regulatory actions and the costs from a technical, business and legal perspective associated with cleaning up a data breach are simply not enough for many organisations to address their cyber risk. csoonline.com

Louisville wants drones that zip to gunshot sites
Louisville could become the first US city to send automated drones equipped with cameras to gunshot sites, giving officers a live assessment of what's going on at the scene, according to Insider Louisville.

The Kentucky city has submitted an application to the Federal Aviation Administration's drone innovation pilot program, which allows local, state and tribal governments to apply for zones where drone operations could go beyond recreational consumer uses. The program was established as part of a directive issued by President Donald Trump in October, which relaxed some of the rules governing commercial drone use. cnet.com

8 Ways Cyber Threats and Business Security Will Change This Year

'Ransomware' Added to Oxford English Dictionary


America's Funniest LP 'Quick Takes'

With MCs Joe LaRocca & Amber Bradley


Joe and Amber Do Bad
Philly Accents

Originally Published 8-29-16

MCs Joe LaRocca and Amber Bradley go off-script in this LPNN Quick Take - from attempting Philadelphia accents to revealing someone's secret crush on Siri.

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Report: Retailers unprepared to handle serious online fraud threats on their own
As of September 2017, data breaches were 375% higher than 2016 - and this was only based on incidents detected in the "2017 Fraud Index," from Radial.

Combine this with the majority of retailers being EMV compliant, "and it's Christmas every day for cyber criminals. Any retailer that is trying to manage this massive and extremely complex problem alone is risking the viability of their business," according to the study.

The following five trends can help retailers decide if managing fraud on their own is a wise decision:

● Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud continues to rise with some market segments - but the blame does not lie solely with EMV.

● Data breaches are igniting fraud attacks, with 2017 reporting the highest number of breaches since tracking began.

● Digital gift cards steadily increase in risk year-over-year (YoY).

● Shipping and fulfillment methods carry different risk, but all areas saw an increase in attacks in 2017.

● Credit card bank identification number (BIN) country and IP country are red flags for fraud. chainstoreage.com

Kount Launches Inaugural Report on the State of Chargebacks

Joint Study Reveals Incredible Insight into Chargeback Influence of Online and Mobile Merchants

Acceptable Fraud and Dispute Organized by Industry
The report found that while most merchants are actively disputing chargebacks (82%), 10 percent are in excessive chargeback programs and almost one in four (24%) state they had no idea what their actual win rate was when it came to those disputes.

Success in Disputes
Of the 82 percent of surveyed organizations that reported they are actively disputing chargebacks, one-fifth of merchants are winning less than 15 percent of their dispute cases and more than one-third win less than 30 percent of their disputes.

Chargebacks' Origins
Nearly half of respondents overall (48%) claimed CNP fraud was their biggest source of chargebacks, followed by friendly fraud (28%), account takeover fraud (7%), and merchant error (4%). Meanwhile, 12 percent of organizations reported that they don't know the cause of the majority of their chargebacks.

Chargeback Challenges
The two most cited challenges with chargebacks were disputing them (59%) and being able to identify friendly fraud (58%). Gripes with disputing chargebacks, a process known as re-presentment, can include low win rates and the operational requirements or burden of conducting chargeback re-presentment. Friendly fraud is another major source of frustration as merchants struggle with how to handle dishonest customers and a payment chargeback system that can often favor cardholders.

Most of the organizations surveyed (88%) deploy multiple tools or services for fraud and chargeback prevention, with more than three-quarters using three or more fraud fighting features or technologies, and nearly two-thirds using four or more. kount.com

Amazon sales surge 38% during best holiday-quarter growth since 2009

92% Of Checkout-Savvy Merchants Use Reviews To Drive Conversions

Data: 52% of Americans name Amazon as favourite online retailer


Stuart, FL: Baby Formula donated after Walmart theft
Walmart returned over 100 cans of baby formula to police for a community donation after an investigation into men stealing from their Stuart store, Stuart police announced. Dejun Yan, 30 and Xu Zhang, 26, both of Flushing, New York are accused of using counterfeit $10 off coupons to purchase a large quality of baby formula from the Walmart in Stuart. Investigators say the pair traveled throughout the state during a crime spree. A Stuart police detective reported finding a large stash of baby formula inside the car used as a getaway vehicle.

According to a police report, the suspects had over 500 cans of Enfamil Powdered Formula. Police said in a Facebook post that they worked with Walmart Asset Protection and were able to account for most of the formula. Over 100 cans were given back to the Stuart Police Department to be handled as donations. The remaining baby formula was donated to Mary's Shelter, Compassion House, Care Net, and Whole Child Connection on Thursday. wflx.com

Seattle, WA: Police find suspect's to-do list in serial Rolex smash-and-grab robberies, 'Hit a Ben Bridge'
King County prosecutors have charged three of the four suspects accused of stealing $236,000 worth of Rolex watches during a smash and grab robbery at the downtown Seattle Ben Bridge jewelry store on Dec. 22, 2017. The suspects used a large sledge hammer to smash the glass, causing half a million dollars in damage to 50 other watches in the case. Christopher Patterson, Aufu Snow and Nathaniel McRae are all in the King County jail charged with first degree robbery.

Patterson is also a suspect in similar smash-and-grab robberies at Ben Bridge stores in Lynnwood and Seattle, as well as two other robberies. Police say anonymous tips from Washington's Most Wanted viewers to Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound helped identify the suspects. q13fox.com

Indianapolis, IN: Suspects smash glass jewelry cases with hammer,
steal more than $100K in merchandise
Police say the men were caught on camera stealing more than $100,000 worth of merchandise from two Kay jewelry stores around the city. Last week, investigators say the duo hit the Kay Jewelers at Castleton Square Mall. "One of them took control of the two employees while the other one did the smash and grab with the hammer," said Commander Barker. "We believe it is the same individual or individuals that were involved in the robbery of the Kay Jewelers on E. Washington St. from last May," said Commander Barker. In that case, police say the suspects stole more than $100,000 in merchandise at once. fox59.com

UPDATE: Ravenna, OH: $30,400 Giant Eagle employee theft sends woman to jail for 90 days, probation and full restitution
In addition to owing her former employer a total of $30,400 to be paid within the next 30 months, 44-year-old Judith L. White is banned from all Giant Eagle stores in Portage County for the next five years. White pleaded guilty in November to grand theft, a fourth-degree felony, following a Ravenna Police Department investigation into allegations she stole more than $30,000 worth of groceries while working at the Giant Eagle store. Giant Eagle Loss Prevention investigators used surveillance video and store records to build a case, which they turned over to Ravenna police for further investigation. In court filings, White's attorney said her behavior was the result of substance abuse issues. record-courier.com

Bristol, CT: Man Indicted on Rite Aid $1,000 Theft
William Burke, 28, is facing a Class B felony charge of theft by unauthorized taking in connection with merchandise removed from the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Bristol on Oct. 16, 2016. Burke is alleged to have taken between $1,000 and $1,500 worth of merchandise from the store, including two 19-inch televisions, portable speakers, headsets, a camcorder, and other electronics and accessories, as well as deodorant. laconiadailysun.com

North Olmstead, OH: C-Store Employee arrested for $1,500 Lottery Ticket Theft

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Shootings, Assaults & Deaths

Tulsa, OK: Woman killed in shooting outside of Woodland Hills Mall
Tulsa Police responded to a shooting outside Woodland Hills Mall near 71st and Memorial. Dispatch confirmed the shooting happened at the mall, near Cheesecake Factory. When they arrived, police said they found the woman dead with a gunshot to the chest and the gun nearby. Investigators know who the woman is, but have not released her identity. She is not from the Tulsa area. fox23.com

Las Vegas, NV: Two people shot near Walmart Neighborhood Market
Two people have been shot multiple times in northeast Las Vegas Thursday night. Metro Police say the shooting happened at the Walmart Neighborhood Market before 10:30 p.m. on East Charleston. Police say an employee and a man got into an argument outside of the store. The man shot the employee multiple times. The employee ran inside and a second employee intervened wrestling with the man. The man who shot the employee wound up with a gunshot wound to his leg, according to police. The shooting victims are expected to survive. lasvegasnow.com

Houston, TX: Woman detained after man shot near PlazAmericas jewelry shop
Houston police responded to a report of shots fired near the PlazAmericas Mall on Thursday evening. Police were notified of the incident just before 6:30 p.m. at a jewelry store at 7500 Bellaire Boulevard. Police tape was set up around the store and multiple shell casings were scattered around the parking lot. A man was taken to the hospital and a woman was detained at the scene. It is unclear what the relationship is between the man and woman. click2houston.com

Chicago, IL: Teen found critically injured outside Ace Hardware
The man was found unresponsive with blunt force trauma to the head around 8:50 p.m. in the 6900 block of West Archer Avenue. The circumstances surrounding the man's injuries are under investigation. chicagotribune.com

Olivette, MO: Suspects shoot, kill dog in jewelry store robbery
Police said no one was injured, but the owner's dog was shot and killed during the robbery. ksdk.com

Lufkin, TX: CVS Employee assaulted by woman during a disturbance

Robberies & Thefts

Duquesne, PA: Teens arrested, held gun to Dollar General clerk's head during Armed Robbery
Two teenagers are under arrest after an armed robbery in Duquesne Thursday night. According to investigators, the robbery happened just before 9 p.m. at the Dollar General store on Hoffman Boulevard. Once officers arrived at the scene, they reviewed surveillance video which showed one of the teens put a gun to the clerk's head, demanded money and took off with cash, investigators said. Police arrested the teens, ages 15 and 17, in West Mifflin. Both teens are being charged as adults and facing a number of charges including robbery and aggravated assault. wpxi.com

Boardman, OH: 3 Jewelry store robbers at large; theft of $25,000 from Jared's
Area police officers are still looking for two men connected to a robbery that netted $25,000 in diamonds at the Jared's jewelry store at 7415 Market St. A clerk at the store told authorities a man who was acting suspicious took a 1.5-karat and a 2-karat diamond, along with a pair of jewelry tweezers, and fled the store. The clerk told police she attempted to alert the alarm company off a key fob, but it didn't work. tribtoday.com

Ex-Police Officer sentenced for pharmacy robbery, high-speed chase
A former Massachusetts police officer convicted of robbing a pharmacy and leading police on a 75-mile high-speed pursuit has been sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison. The 39-year-old Adam Bartlett entered a Chicopee pharmacy on Sept. 12, 2015, told a clerk he was armed, and demanded oxycodone pills. bostonherald.com

Lehigh Acres, FL: Walgreens the latest target in string of armed robberies
Deputies are investigating after two armed men robbed a Walgreens in Lehigh Acres on Friday morning. It's the sixth overnight store robbery in Lee County in the past week. nbc-2.com


$15M in counterfeit Super Bowl merchandise seized
More than $15 million in bogus Super Bowl merchandise and other items has been seized through Operation Team Player, which has also resulted in 65 arrests and 24 convictions, authorities said Tuesday. In all, nearly 172,000 items were confiscated, representatives of federal law enforcement agencies and the Minneapolis Police Department said at a news conference Tuesday. foxnews.com


Salinas, CA: Man sentenced to 2 years for Pizza Hut and C-Store Armed Robberies


Dayton, OH: Feds seize ATM skimmers, 400 fake credit cards; charge 4 Brazilian men
The U.S. Secret Service arrested four Brazilian-born men for allegedly producing sophisticated ATM skimming equipment and having more than 400 counterfeit credit cards, according to a criminal complaint unsealed Tuesday in Dayton's U.S. District Court.

Two of the men admitted to being part of a counterfeit operation ranging from Florida to New York, Illinois and Ohio in which fraudulent credit cards were used to buy electronics such as iPhones, laptops, virtual reality glasses, electronic cigarettes and clothing, according to an affidavit written by Secret Service special agent Jennifer Tron. he electronics were then shipped to Florida to a specific address. daytondailynews.com

Baton Rouge, LA: Romanian man in custody for connection to $100K+ skimming ring in southern Louisiana
Police have in custody a man who they say was part of an organized ring that committed multiple skimming and credit card cloning schemes throughout Southern Louisiana. One financial institution claims $100,000 in losses due to the scheme.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office has in custody 27-year-old Costinel Matei, of Memphis, on the charge of violating the anti-skimming act. Matei was arrested back in December 2017, along with five others, after secret service agents raided a hotel in Memphis. Upon arrest, agents discovered Matei and one other had warrants throughout south Louisiana. wafb.com

New skimming scam clones card in pocket

64 Percent of Banks Experienced Some Type of Skimming Attempt in 2016
Banking Industry suffered $2.2 billion in fraud losses overall

Thefts using gas pump skimmers increase in Carolinas
North Carolina cases double in 2017

(Update): 2 Chinese nationals involved in skimming fraud sentenced to 1 year in jail

Colonial Heights, VA: Two men arrested for skimming could be part of larger ring

Wichita, KS: Skimmer found on downtown convenience store ATM

Mt. Juliet, TN: Bank card-skimming device found on local ATM

Wappinger, NY: State police looking for suspect who installed ATM skimmer

Harrisburg, PA: Three skimming devices found on PSECU ATMs

Cape Coral, FL: Skimmer found inside of 7-Eleven gas pump

Montgomery County, PA: Skimming Devices Found at ALDI Supermarkets
Elmore County, AL: Authorities Search for Card Skimming Suspect

Palm Coast, FL: Skimming device found on gas station pump at Mobil station

UK: NSW credit card skimming syndicate broken, two men arrested

Muscle Shoals, AL: Police searching for Listerhill Credit Union ATM skimmer suspect

Holly Hill, FL: Two accused of 'skimming' credit card information

Effingham County, GA: Debit card skimming suspected after suspicious reports

Graham, NC: Suspect sought in Graham ATM skimming case

AT&T - Huber Heights, OH - Robbery
BP - Winston-Salem, NC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Winthrop, MA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Summerton, SC - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Lafayette, LA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Appleton, WI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Metairie, LA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Hermiston, OR - Robbery
C-Store - Cutten, CA - Robbery
Casey's General - Cedar Falls, IA - Armed Robbery
Dollar General - Port Barre, LA - Armed Robbery
Gen X Clothing - Ogden, UT - Armed Robbery
Indian Grocery Store - State College, PA - Robbery
Jewelry Store - Springfield, MA - Armed Robbery
Jewelry Store - Olivette, MO - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store- Everett, WA - Armed Robbery
Liquor Store - Belleville, IL - Armed Robbery
Restaurant - Plainfield Township, MI - Armed Robbery
Save-A-Lot - Bibb County, GA - Armed Robbery
Walgreens - Lehigh Acres, FL - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
20 robberies
0 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killings


Weekly Totals:
74 robberies
24 burglaries
3 shootings
1 killing



Martin Pyne
promoted to Manager of Operations & Asset Protection for Macy's Inc.
Martin Hernandez named Regional Loss Prevention Manager for Goodwill Southern California

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The Vice President is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of the company's Loss Prevention program across more than 400 stores nationwide, and ecommerce. Reporting to the CFO, this position has overall leadership responsibility for leading the charge in driving shrink reduction...

Senior Market AP Manager- Southern California
Burbank, CA
This Senior Market Asset Protection Manager contributes to REI's success by supporting improved profitability for the co-op through reduced inventory shrinkage, improved margin, reduced Workers Comp and GL claims and premiums, retail and supply chain management...

Regional Asset Protection Director
Seattle, WA

The Regional Loss Prevention Director will lead Loss Prevention programs for designated Districts and Stores within assigned Region. Reviews Loss Prevention program processes in stores to drive shrink reduction and bottom line profits. Provides leadership to LP teams and stores in the management of critical incidents...

Loss Prevention District Manager
Negotiable in one of the following areas: Eugene, Medford, Eastern Oregon, Central Washington, Boise or a city surrounding these areas

The Loss Prevention District Manager (LPDM) manages all store and district level loss prevention operations for the stores within his/her area to include: internal investigations, safety and Loss Prevention audits, hiring, training, and supervising Loss Prevention Officers (LPO), and maintaining physical security equipment (locks, panic hardware, CCTV, etc.)...

District Loss Prevention Manager
Portland, OR

DICK'S Sporting Goods is seeking an experienced multi-unit Loss Prevention manager for our Portland, OR district. Leaders in our organization are passionate about supporting the True Athlete in everything we do!

Regional Manager Loss Prevention, Audit & Firearms Compliance
Nashville, TN

The Regional Loss Prevention Manager is responsible for the control and reduction of shrinkage at the stores in their Territory. Investigates and resolves all matters that jeopardize or cause a loss to the company's assets...

Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Pacific Northwest
Sacramento, CA

● Conducts internal investigations related to theft, business abuse, and safety violations by conducting interviews, determining course of action, and writing reports.
Monitors compliance with loss prevention policies and programs including routine audits/checklists for internal/external controls...

Market Asset Protection Manager - Northern WI
St. Charles, IL

The individual selected for this position works collaboratively with Market Directors and Store Directors to support a Culture of Safety and 200% accountability. This position ensures the execution of programs surrounding the safety of people, the security of assets, compliance with internal and regulatory standards and the prevention of shrink within the assigned market, thru root cause analysis, deployment of solutions that protect the assets of the organization and audit to determine the effectiveness of the initiatives as designed...

Retail Asset Protection Team Leader
Cadillac, MI

Collaborates with the Market Asset Protection Team leader and Store Leadership to support a Culture of Safety and 200% accountability. Oversees and ensures the effectiveness of the asset-protection, safety and fire-protection efforts and stock loss reduction...

Regional Manager Loss Prevention - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
The Regional Asset Protection Manager is responsible for the management of the Asset Protection function to a group of the 1,200 campus stores Follett operates. The RAPM guides the implementation and training of Asset Protection programs, enforcement of policies and procedures, auditing, investigations and directing of shrink reduction efforts...

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Knowing the basic interview questions is one thing. Having the answers is another. What's more important is communicating openly and honestly in a professional manner that shows thought, vision and your business knowledge. Try to apply your background to the interviewer's business and how you can impact it and add value. The key to a successful interview is bridging the gap between your background and the prospective employer's company and needs. Preparation-preparation-preparation!

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