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Mar. 12

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April 3-4

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May 14

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Army and Air Force Exchange Service Dan Daniel Distribution Center Loss Prevention Teams

"Maximize Earnings by Reducing Losses"

First Shift

Featured in picture, left to right: Exchange Safety and Security Assistant Bianca Jackson, LPM Charles Roehler, Exchange Safety and Security Assistant Yousuf, Distribution Center LPM Melissa Cooper, and Exchange Safety and Security Assistants Virginia Jenkins, Tanisha Izzard, and Pamela Potts

Second Shift

Featured in picture, left to right: LPM Charles Roehler, Exchange Safety and Security Assistants Daniel Aguek and Tevin Andrews, Distribution Center LPM Melissa Cooper, and Exchange Safety and Security Assistants Felycia McSwine and Anthony Taylor

Third Shift

Featured in picture, left to right: LPM Harrie Jones and Exchange Safety and Security Assistants Shyheiim, Linwood Alston, Stacey Alston, and Alverez Milline

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Bloomingdale's AP Team

7-Eleven AP Team

Goodwill-Easter Seals

Marshall's Region 32 LP Team

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Nate Frazier promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations
for GNC

Prior to his promotion to Senior VP of Operations, Nate spent nearly two years as Vice President of Franchise Development and Store Operations for GNC. Before that, he held various leadership roles in the LP industry, including Vice President of Field Operations and Loss Prevention for Mattress Firm, Divisional Vice President of Enterprise Risk for Helzberg Diamonds, and Director of International AP & Operations for Abercrombie & Fitch. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Asset Management from Eastern Kentucky University. Congratulations, Nate!
Linda Campbell, CFI promoted to Senior Manager - Field Asset Protection for DSW Inc.
Linda was with DSW Inc. for nearly three years before her promotion, first as Regional Loss Prevention Manager - Northeast and most recently as a Senior Regional Loss Prevention Manager. Before that, she spent two and a half years with Burlington Stores as a Regional Loss Prevention Manager. She also held leadership roles with Bloomingdale's and Toys R Us. Congratulations, Linda!

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Inside Facebook's Corporate Security Operation

  ● 6,000-person security army guards Facebook employees around the world
  ● Plain-clothes armed guards covertly patrol idyllic Silicon Valley HQ
  ● Mark Zuckerberg has an emergency 'panic chute' escape tunnel

After a disgruntled YouTube user shot three people at the company's headquarters in Silicon Valley in April 2018, Facebook sprang into action. The social networking firm's offices are just a 30-minute drive away from YouTube, and it swiftly redoubled its own defenses - spooking some employees in the process. Though most workers don't realize it, Facebook quietly has off-duty police officers in civilian clothes covertly patrolling its headquarters with concealed firearms in case of emergencies.

In an interview, Facebook's chief global security officer Nick Lovrien said that the company immediately increased its "security posture" following the YouTube shooting. "Not everybody was aware that we had those on campus, so there was a population that was concerned that we had armed off-duty officers," he said.

"But I will say that the majority of people expressed they were much more comfortable having them, and in this role my job is really to weigh that risk versus anything else, and safety is the number one priority, and this was the right investment to be able to mitigate that."

All told, there are now more than 6,000 people working in Facebook's Global Security team - including legions of security officers. CEO Mark Zuckerberg also has armed guards outside of his Bay Area residences, and executive protection officers in civilian clothes quietly keep watch over him while he works in the office and accompany him wherever he goes. His closely monitored patterns of life now far more closely resemble a head of state than a typical 34-year-old engineer, with the stricter security practices mirroring the increasing fortification of Facebook over the years.

Forewarned is forearmed
Global Security has extensive plans and best practices for a broad array of security incidents, Business Insider learned as part of its investigation into Facebook's security practices.

Executive kidnapped? Notify law enforcement, get proof of life, contact the kidnap-and-ransom-insurance company, and go from there. Active shooter? Gather critical information about the location and description of the shooter, call law enforcement, send out emergency notifications, lock down or evacuate the buildings as necessary, and so on.

The rumored 'panic chute'
During company all-hands meetings, members of Zuckerberg's Praetorian Guard sit at the front of the room and are dotted throughout the crowd, just in case an employee tries to rush him. They wear civilian clothes to blend in with nonsecurity employees.

Zuckerberg doesn't typically work in a cordoned-off office like a traditional corporate executive. Instead, his regular desk is on the floor of Facebook's open-plan office, just like everyone. But executive-protection officers sit near his desk while he works, in case of security threats. Facebook's offices are built above an employee parking lot, but it's impossible to park directly beneath Zuckerberg's desk because of concerns about the risk of car bombs.

He also has access to a large glass-walled conference room in the middle of the space near his desk that features bullet-resistant windows and a panic button. There's a persistent rumor among Facebook employees that he has a secret "panic chute" his team can evacuate him down to get him out of the office in a hurry. The truth of this matter remains murky: One source said they had been briefed about the existence of a secret exit route through the floor of the conference room into the parking garage, but others said they had no knowledge of it. Facebook declined to comment.

A $10 million security plan
All told, there are now more than 70 people on the executive-protection team at Facebook, led by former US Secret Service special agent Jill Leavens Jones. In July, Facebook's board approved a $10 million security allowance for Zuckerberg and his family for the year.

He receives numerous death threats each week, and the security team monitors social media for mentions of him and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, to detect them. The pair also have stalkers, who alternately declare their undying love for the execs and harbor worrying vendettas against them. businessinsider.com businessinsider.com

Johnson Controls, Formerly Tyco, Releases New White Paper

Gunshot Detection, Mass Notification & Critical Event Management

Most active shooter situations are sudden and unpredictable, making it difficult to effectively respond. Knowing where an incident is occurring - and moving people out of harm's way - is the best way to mitigate its impact and protect lives. Get our white paper to learn how integrating a Gunshot Detection system and Mass Notification/Critical Event Management (CEM) system can:

● Help determine that gunshots have been fired and provide a location
● Promptly notify security personnel and first responders
● Provide building occupants with instructions for safe evacuations

September 2013 FBI Raid of Lumber Liquidators Case Finally
Reaches Conclusion

Lumber Liquidators Enters into Corporate Resolution for Securities Fraud and Agrees to Pay $33 Million Penalty

Resolution Comes after Company Lied to Investors Following March 2015
"60 Minutes" Episode

Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc. (Lumber Liquidators) has agreed to pay a total penalty of $33 million for filing a materially false and misleading statement to investors regarding the sale of its laminate flooring from China to its customers in the United States.

Lumber Liquidators, a public corporation headquartered in Toano, Virginia, and one of the largest retailers of flooring products in the United States entered into a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) in connection with a criminal information filed today in the Eastern District of Virginia charging the company with securities fraud. The case was primarily focused on the fact that Lumber Liquidators knowingly filed a false and misleading statement to investors broadly denying the allegations featured in a March 2015 episode of 60 Minutes, and affirming that the company complied with California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations.

"Lumber Liquidators lied to investors and to the public about its compliance with formaldehyde regulations for the flooring it sold - all to protect its stock price," said Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski.

"This resolution holds Lumber Liquidators accountable for misleading the investing public," said U.S. Attorney Terwilliger. "It also recognizes that the company has cooperated with the government's investigation, completely replaced its senior executive team, and installed experienced executives who have displayed a commitment to building an ethical corporate culture.

The employees involved in wrongdoing either were terminated or resigned from Lumber Liquidators, and the company replaced its executive management team with experienced executives who have displayed a commitment to building an ethical corporate culture.

"This penalty should serve as a warning to other corporations who seek to mislead investors," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Archey. justice.gov

First Lumber Liquidators Series Starts with FBI Raid on 9-27-13
Greenpeace Protesters At the Corp. Door - Federal Investigators Raid - Talk About Walking Into Pressure

That's exactly what happened to a fellow Loss Prevention executive on his first day with Lumber Liquidators with Greenpeace at the gates.

Greenpeace protestors were at the entrances. All the executives looked at Ray Cotton and said go handle this. As he had just been hired as their VP of Global Security and Risk obviously he was responsible for physical security and therefore the protestors.

The FBI had already raided the offices a few months previously in September 2013 and Greenpeace showed up the morning of Feb. 20th, 2014 with Ray Cotton starting that day.

Shortly afterwards he was promoted to chief compliance officer, while the entire executive team was being replaced by the founder. With Ray dealing with all of the obvious issues.

It all started when agents with Homeland Security Investigations began investigating the company in September 2013 after allegations surfaced that the company was knowingly buying illegally-sourced timber. The federal investigation was followed by multiple lawsuits and criticism from two environmental non-profits, the Environmental Investigation Agency and Greenpeace. Now the embattled company is responding by creating a new sustainability policy.

Our series of articles covering this entire case is on a second page. With the bottom line being that at the end the executive team all got fired, they are paying a $33M fine, and now the founder has entered into a deferred prosecution agreement. Meaning they better keep their act clean or the founder gets prosecuted. But quite frankly that will never happen.

Just look at Jimmy Haslam the CEO over at Flying J Pilot truck stops. His former CEO just reported for a 12 year federal sentence for running a $55M rebate fraud scheme against the truckers in a rebate program with Pilot. But Jimmy Haslam, who's company paid over $50M in fines and he'll never see a court house. Because he didn't know about it apparently and didn't fall the FBI trick on the first raid and arrest of a sales executive in Pheonix. When the FBI instructed the sales executive to call Haslam directly and try to get Haslam to say something incriminating himself.

Click here to read the Daily's full coverage of the Lumber Liquidator controversy.

Day 2 Recap: #ISCPO2019

International Supply Chain Protection Organization

ISCPO Chainman Byron Smith kicked off the second day of the conference with opening remarks and reflections from day one. The attendees share some great feedback on day one's events.

The first session of the day was the panel discussion on Global Fulfillment lead by Rod Fulenwider with panelists Glenn Master with Pitney Bowes, Howard Stone with Amazon and Bill Atwell with Neiman Marcus. Our second session had Stephen Tracy with the USPIS discuss the Fentanyl, Opioid and Precursor Chemical Smuggling Schemes out of China which sparked a great deal of conversation with the attendees. Gene Maddox III, Sr. Manager International Security & Corporate Security (HDQ) with American Airlines shared with the attendees Ecommerce Partnerships during our third session of the day. The conference's final session of the day had Terry L. Boling, President of Watchpoint and MJ Giorgi, VP of Development of Watchpoint cover Loss Prevention Vs. Loss Reaction: Utilizing Data and Controls to Impact Investigation.

Chairman Smith invited the Board of Directors to join him on stage to help close out the 2019 conference. The possibility for break-outs sessions at future conferences was encouraged by the attendees and group meeting opportunities to review growing safety issues were a couple of points raised. Smith also shared the social media platforms that ISCPO uses today and reviewed the new podcast program launched in 2019. He thanked the solution providers and the attendees for their participation and expressed that he felt this was the best conference to date for the organization.

Over 30 attendees took advantage of the Amazon Fulfillment Facility tour and the ISCPO Team thanked Amazon for allowing the attendees the opportunity to see behind the scenes. Big thanks to the 7-Eleven SSC for hosting the 2019 ISCPO Conference! See you in March 2020 for #ISCPO2020.

Click here to see more pictures from the event.

Former KPMG Executive And Former PCAOB Employee Convicted Of Wire Fraud For Scheme To Steal And Use Confidential PCAOB Information
As this trial revealed, David Middendorf and Jeffrey Wada were two links in a chain of corruption, where confidential PCAOB inspection information was taken at the behest of high-level executives at KPMG so they could cheat on inspections. This confidential information was critical to the PCAOB and its core mission of ensuring audit quality. As a unanimous jury found, the actions of Middendorf and Wada defrauded the PCAOB."

KPMG's efforts to improve inspection results, however, were not limited to legitimate means. Instead, between 2015 and 2017, MIDDENDORF and others worked illicitly to acquire valuable confidential PCAOB information concerning which KPMG audits would be inspected in an effort to game the system and improve inspection results.

The conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud charges each carry a maximum prison term of 20 years. justice.gov

Rap Sheets Haunt Former Inmates. California May Change That
Under a bill now making its way through the California State Legislature, millions of people in the state who have misdemeanor or lower-level felony records could be spared those problems: their criminal records would automatically be sealed from public view once they completed prison or jail sentences. The legislation would not apply to people convicted of committing the most serious crimes, like murder or rape.

The legislation, introduced last week in the State Assembly, would make California - where an estimated eight million people have criminal records - the first state in the nation to automatically scrub the rap sheets of people whose records qualify. The law would apply retroactively, meaning that people arrested or convicted of various crimes dating back decades would have their records automatically sealed. The records would still be accessible to law enforcement agencies, but not to members of the general public, including potential landlords and employers. nytimes.com

Fighting Fakes Was a Big Reason Behind Last Weeks Big Amazon Vendor Purge
Online retailer reinstates many accounts, apologizes for pause - Its sudden, unexplained move sowed panic among vendors

Amazon.com Inc. on Saturday hinted that fighting counterfeits was a reason for its sudden and unexplained purge of thousands of vendors that sowed panic among long-time suppliers.

The company selectively reinstated some accounts, apologizing for "any inconvenience" caused by the "temporary pause" in orders, according to communications reviewed by Bloomberg. It encouraged those reinstated to enroll in "brand registry," a tool to help brands knock counterfeit products off the platform.

The communication sheds further light on why Amazon abruptly canceled routine merchandise orders from thousands of its long-time suppliers over the past two weeks.

Amazon's web store includes a mix of inventory. The company buys some products directly from wholesalers and resells it in a traditional retail model. Other goods come from independent merchants who post their inventory on Amazon and give the company a commission on each sale, similar to EBay Inc.'s online marketplace model or a consignment shop.

The two models complement one another, making sure Amazon has an ample supply of must-have products at competitive prices and giving it a bigger inventory than you'd find at a nearby store.

A key challenge has been maintaining relationships with brands who complain counterfeit products flourish on Amazon's free-wheeling marketplace. Counterfeiters can take advantage of Amazon's system which is designed to let merchants post products quickly and easily after setting up accounts online. bloomberg.com

Walmart to Allow Customer Hosts, an AP job, to Manage Returns at the Door
In the near future, employees called "customer hosts" will personally process shopper returns at the front door of brick-and-mortar stores. Greg Foran, president and CEO of Walmart US, briefly announced this new service during comments he made at the UBS Global Consumer and Retail Conference on March 6

Foran said that the customer hosts will be equipped with technology to manage refunds, including providing customers with cash, at the front door. The cash will not come out of Walmart's self-checkout terminals.

What Retailers Need To Know About The New
Telephone-Based Payment Card Data Guidance

In November 2018, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) unveiled its newly revised guidance for Protecting Telephone-based Payment Card Data. Updated for the first time since 2011, this guidance underscores the urgency for protecting telephone-based payments in light of the evolving technology, and an ever-changing regulatory and fraud landscape. retailtouchpoints.com

Director, Asset Protection (Investigations) Posted Today for Luxottica Group in Mason, OH.
Works with Asset Protection leaders, Internal Audit, IT Security, Finance, Brand Managers, and Operational Retail brands to ensure investigations and business intelligence is compliant, and effectively managed through asset protection, risk assessment, and training. Responsible for the development, training, execution, and management of investigation programs and tactical strategies focused on fraud and/or loss directed against company assets and/or other misconduct involving integrity. Responsible for developing and maintaining extensive networks with Sr. level internal partners, external investigative units of other retail organizations, key law enforcement agencies, custom officials, and internal investigative departments.

Luxottica is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion, luxury and sports eyewear. Our wholesale network covers more than 150 countries and our retail presence consists of over 7,200 retail stores across the globe. Supporting over 4,500 retail stores in North America, a career in our retail headquarters allows us to stay in touch with the end customer and use their ever-changing behaviors and preferences to shape our offerings of the best eyewear and services. luxottica.com

Quarterly Results
Dick's Sporting Goods Q4 comp's down 2.2%, net sales down 6.5%, full yr. comp's down 3.1%, net sales down 1.8%

U.S. Government Will Be Scanning Your Face at 20 Top Airports, Documents Show

Meijer Launches "Shop & Scan" in Chicagoland Area

Sporting-Goods Retailer Modell's Hires Restructuring Adviser & Maybe Bankruptcy


Connect & Collaborate Conference
Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
Draper, Utah

Please join eBay's Global Asset Protection team for Connect & Collaborate 2019, our biennial opportunity to host some of the nation's leaders in combatting organized retail crime at the eBay facility in Draper, Utah, just fifteen minutes south of Salt Lake City. The event provides retailers, law enforcement, and eBay an opportunity to "Connect and Collaborate" on challenges, strategies, tools, and solutions related to organized retail crime.

More details to follow, including an agenda and suggestions for travel accommodation. Please feel free to send the invitation to any Law Enforcement or Retail Investigator that would be interested in attending!

Please send your RSVP by April 1st, with number and names of attendees, to: proact@ebay.com

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Hanwha To Showcase Latest Cameras and
New Version of WAVE VMS at ISC West 2019

Focus on modular, easy to install, high-resolution cameras
plus advanced analytic support in V4 of Wisenet WAVE VMS

Teaneck, NJ -
At ISC West 2019, in booth #14079, Hanwha Techwin America, a global supplier of IP and analog video surveillance solutions, will showcase version 4.0 of its Wisenet WAVE VMS solution along with new features and functionality across several Wisenet camera lines. Focusing on ease of installation, the new, highly modular Wisenet X series Plus cameras will be shipping at the show. Attendees will also be able to see the affordable new 5MP Q series cameras and the latest XRN / QRN NVRs supporting instant configuration of mobile phone monitoring via QR Codes.

Wisenet WAVE 4.0
The Wisenet WAVE VMS has seen significant development since its introduction last year. Designed to support the advanced features and onboard analytics that are unique to Hanwha cameras, it is ideally suited to meet the needs of customers looking for reasonably priced, easy to use, end-to-end video surveillance solutions. Version 4 adds support for Q series NVRs with integrated PoE, improved PTZ support & functionality on NVRs and SPE encoders, additional in-camera analytic functions including queue management, shock detection, and temperature change detection (for thermal cameras) as well as sound classification and descriptive alerts for events like explosions, glass breaking, gunshots, and screams. System scalability has been enhanced to support more servers, devices and users. Additionally, a new metadata SDK allows the rapid integration of object metadata (coordinates, tags) generated by 3rd party computer vision applications. This allows for the integration of several functions including the ability to overlay bounding boxes and object paths within video tiles, as well as integrate custom actions and events.

Wisenet X series Plus
With a focus on modular design, the Wisenet X series Plus is one of the easiest cameras to install, service and upgrade saving installers time and money. X series Plus cameras utilize magnets to lock sensor modules into the housing for instant configuration. Electricians can run conduit with a single PoE connection to the housing or backplate, without the camera module, allowing security professionals to snap the camera into place after the job site is clean in just minutes. X Plus cameras feature extended temperature handling, increased tilt angle, removable color skins, and PTRZ (pan, tile, rotate, zoom) for ultimate flexibility. Pre-recorded audio messages and warnings can be triggered by in-camera analytics and played out directly from the cameras. The X series Plus cameras will be shipping at ISC West.

5MP Q series
The Q series camera line has been enhanced with 5MP resolution at up to 30fps, representing a highly affordable entry price-point without sacrificing essential features and performance. For ease of installation, an onboard CVBS output enables installers to connect a portable analog monitor directly when making precise adjustments at the camera location. Featuring true WDR and a motorized vari-focal lens, Q series cameras also support H.265 and WiseStream II compression technology, keeping bandwidth and storage requirements to a minimum.

Enhancements to XRN and QRN NVRs include a new Smart Search feature. Easy remote monitoring access via mobile app is configured instantly via QR code scanning without the need to configure DNS settings or port forwarding. XRN and QRN NVRs support H.265 recording for the most efficient media storage with select models support built-in PoE / PoE+ ports negating the need for a dedicated PoE switch.

Visit www.HanwhaSecurity.com



3 Places Security Teams Are Wasting Time
Dark Reading caught up with RSA Security president Rohit Ghai at the RSA Conference to discuss critical areas where CISOs and their teams are spinning their wheels.

Juggling Security Vendors
Vendor fatigue is increasingly wearing on CISOs today, as the allure of acquiring best-in-class features has turned into an integration and vendor management nightmare for many. Right now organizations must sift between 4,700 different security vendors and systems integrators vying for attention, according to figures from the Cyber Research Databank. More than eight in 10 midsize business security leaders say it takes them and their staffs anywhere between 20 and 60 hours per week procuring, implementing, and managing security products.

Low-Priority Problems
The second area Ghai pinpointed as a security time sink is on low-priority problems and vulnerabilities. Most security professionals, he said, don't have an "innate sense of what's important" to their organizations.

Manual Labor on Automatable Problems
Finally, Ghai said, the third biggest area where cybersecurity teams are wasting their times is in plugging away with manual processes where automation would make more sense.

"We have a cyber talent issue, and we're still doing a lot of work that can be automated," Ghai said. "I envision a SOC where humans are collaborating with machines together to advance the agenda. We need to free up the human analysts from the mundane tasks of cutting and pasting URLs."

CISOs are definitely coming around on this front. Approximately 58% of security decision-makers agree that machine learning and AI should help make the job of security professionals easier in the future. darkreading.com

Hidden third-party tags could be leaving Fortune 100 companies at risk
Crownpeak found more than 1,700 tag redirectson websites belonging to companies in the Fortune 100. These hidden third-party tags leave the sites open to potential data breaches under the GDPR and cause a total average latency of 5.2 seconds, in a world where every 100 milliseconds costs sites 1% of their conversions.

In the study, researchers separated the tags found on Fortune 100 websites into three categories:

First-party tags - tags added directly to the source code of a web page by the website owner
Third-party tags - tags which are selected to run and are made to look like first-party tags by the website owner
Hidden third-party tags - tags which latch onto first-party tags and other third-party tags unintentionally.

It is the hidden third-party tags that give unidentified third parties - possibly even the dark web - access to user data, without their consent and can cause security issues, violate privacy laws, and degrade user experience. However, the greatest risk posed by these tags is that many companies are unaware of the third-party tags their martech implementation might pull onto their sites, and therefore even companies with the strictest of data privacy and protection policies have no control over the data being syphoned by unknown third parties. helpnetsecurity.com

Maximize Cybersecurity Risk Ratings in 2019
Insights from the Forrester New Wave: Cybersecurity Risk Rating Solutions, Q4 2018.

If you are a security or risk leader, you know that even with a formal third-party risk program in place, you are not effectively keeping track of all of your third parties. But there is something you can do, and that is to get help from a cybersecurity risk rating solution provider. According to Forrester, these solutions don't merely report on your third-party partners' security flaws, they also contextualize and prioritize the risk information they collect so you can more strategically allocate resources and mitigate risk.

Hit play above to watch this OnDemand webinar featuring Christopher McClean, Vice President, Research Director serving Security & Risk Professionals with Forrester Research, and Kelly White, CEO and Co-founder of RiskRecon to learn about:

Insights from the Forrester New Wave: Cybersecurity Risk Rating Solutions, Q4 2018;
Lessons learned and best practices to mitigate third-party cyber risk;
Leveraging the ratings data to identify and address root cause issues exposing you to excessive risk in your digital supply chain. govinfosecurity.com

Complete Guide to RFID: Benefits, Applications, and Challenges




Axis Communications

Integrated Systems & Solutions - Finally Able to Do More in Your Store

Hedgie Bartol, Retail Business Development Manager,
Axis Communications


As the global leader in network video, Axis Communications is helping retailers create the connected smart store of the future. With more secure, open and flexible platforms, Hedgie Bartol explains how retailers can utilize their network infrastructure and bring together their video surveillance, physical access control, audio systems, and now, add analytics to develop creative solutions that go beyond security, helping to grow the business and improve customer experience.

Quick Take 5 with Gatekeeper Systems

Robert Harling, CEO,
Gatekeeper Systems

with MCs Joe LaRocca
and Amber Bradley


Loss Prevention professionals work in dramatic environments. With shoplifter confrontations becoming increasingly violent, many retailers have shifted from an apprehension to a prevention approach. Robert Harling shares how Gatekeeper's Pushout Theft solution supports this approach by helping retailers stop merchandise from leaving the store in the first place.



Here's Why AI is the Solution to eCommerce Business's Biggest Woes
When AI first started to really buzz in the business world, it seemed like a farfetched technology that only the most prominent companies could benefit from. AI is more accessible than ever these days, and virtually any company can use it to grow and scale their business.

Eliminates Issues with Inventory
Through its ability to gather and analyze large amounts of data, AI can use machine learning capabilities to assess the future sales trends of specific products. This information is typically based on past consumer behavior as well as overall market trends. If an upward or downward trend is identified, drop shippers and inventory management will be notified so the proper amount of product can be manufactured based on demand.

Offers Meaningful Automation
AI-assisted e-commerce automation can be a total gamechanger for overwhelmed entrepreneurs who have too much on their own plates, yet not enough money to hire additional help. Plus, it can save massive amounts of time and effort spent on mission-critical tasks.

More Effective Retargeting
AI takes the guesswork out of targeting and re-targeting and can be much more effective in reaching customers at the right place and right time. Most of your first-time visitors are going to leave without a purchase, especially if they are just in the research phase of the buyer's journey. Retargeting them can be helpful for re-engagement and increasing the likelihood of a sale. readwrite.com

Website Bugs Lead to Cart Abandonment
58% of Customers Have Abandoned Purchases

Ninety-percent of people have bought items online, but 58% of those people have abandoned purchases because of website bugs or a poor user interface, according to a report by SurveyMonkey emailed to Retail Dive.

In cases where website users abandoned purchases, only 29% of them reported the existence of the site bug to the website operator. The survey was conducted online during the last week of February and polled 3,313 adults over the age of 18 living in the U.S.

SurveyMonkey also reported that 66% of those surveyed have encountered bugs on websites and 75% of people have left websites as a result of encountering a bug.

For some website operators, finding and fixing a bug may not be a high priority, but for retailers and brands with e-commerce sites, even a minor bug can represent a lost opportunity to make a sale. retaildive.com

5 Reasons Why Ecommerce Fails



Auror's New ORC Platform - Coming April 2019

Helping retailers work smarter, not harder to solve crime in stores

In early 2018, Auror made the decision to completely rebuild their platform from the ground up. Now, they're on the cusp of a revolution against Organized Retail Crime. In a recent thought piece, Auror shared their experiences of re-imagining retail crime reporting. Getting good intel from stores is a great first step, but it's what you do with that intel that can disrupt crime at your stores. In their latest article, Auror shares their perspective on how crime reports should WORK FOR YOU, making it easier for LP teams and investigators to solve more crime, faster. Read More Here

#WhoIsYourJohnDoe   #ComingApril2019

Round Rock, TX: UPS employee stole $37,000 in jewelry
Marcus Mitchell, 37, was charged with theft, a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. A Loss Prevention employee for Helzburg Diamonds told Round Rock police in December that 121 pieces of jewelry worth $37,159.86 shipped through UPS to be delivered to a Helzburg store at Lakeline Mall never arrived, the affidavit said. It said a UPS security officer told police that three packages sent by Helzberg that were supposed to be on a driver's truck on Dec. 7 were missing. The security officer also said Mitchell was one of the employees responsible for loading the truck, according to the affidavit.

Mitchell did not show up for work Dec. 8 or any of the following days, the affidavit said. It said police discovered that Mitchell had pawned four pieces of the missing jewelry, including a bracelet and a braided gold necklace on Dec. 26 at Cash America Pawn in Austin. Mitchell also pawned two pieces of the stolen jewelry at Smart Pawn in Round Rock, the affidavit said. Mitchell was released from the Williamson County Jail on Saturday after posting bail set at $20,000.  statesman.com

St George, UT: Couple arrested after police find over 50 stolen Credit Cards and mail in vehicle
Arturo Arellano and Amy Mcbride have a history of theft and fraud. During an investigation, officers approached Arellano and Mcbride's vehicle as they sat in a business parking lot. Officers reported seeing financial cards on the floorboard at the back of the car. A search warrant was obtained for the vehicle. Police say they recovered over 50 credit cards, something that appeared to be a financial card reader and a large amount of mail not addressed to either of the suspects. The pair both face numerous felony charges for credit card fraud, theft and misdemeanor charges for mail theft.  abc4.com

Louisville, KY: JCPenney shoplifters drive off with $2,600 in merchandise
Two women are accused of shoplifting from a local JCPenney store, then hustling off into busy traffic with two small children in their vehicle. Yakyma Walton and Sharlisa Outlaw stole nearly $2,600 in merchandise from the JCPenney location at Mall St. Matthews. They had loaded the goods onto a baby stroller. Being pursued by store security, the women ran to the parking garage, then "hurriedly threw subjects 2 children and stolen merchandise into her car. When officers caught up with the vehicle, it was discovered that Outlaw had a suspended license, no insurance and a warrant. Outlaw faces six charges; Walton faces three counts.  wave3.com

Bloomfield Township, MI: Man steals $838 worth of merchandise from TJ Maxx
The incident happened on Feb. 19 at the store at 2139 Telegraph Road. The Loss Prevention manager told police the man was seen on surveillance footage exiting the store with multiple handbags and shoes.  clickondetroit.com

Savannah, GA: Detectives hunt for Home Depot shoplifting suspect

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Shootings & Deaths

Seymour, IN: Feud between family ends with murder outside C- Store
Police have identified the suspect and victim in a fatal shooting at a southern Indiana grocery store over the weekend. Police say the victim, identified as 33-year-old Dustin Payne, was shot around 6 p.m. Sunday after a fight in the parking lot of the Jay C Food Store on West Tipton Street in Seymour, Indiana.
Payne died from his injuries at University Hospital in Louisville Sunday night. Police arrested Payne's brother-in-law, 61-year-old William Baker, at the scene after the shooting. Abbott says the shooting was the result of an on-going feud among family members. wdrb.com

Manhattan (Kips Bay), NY: Suspect in Target security guard shooting charged with attempted murder
The suspect who allegedly shot a Target security guard in Manhattan was ordered held on $200,000 bail at his arraignment on attempted murder and assault charges on Monday. Prosecutors alleged Christian Vargas, 25, became enraged when the security guard, a former NYPD cop, made a comment about a woman Vargas was with when he walked by the Target store in Kips Bay early Sunday morning. Vargas then walked away, but returned a short time later and tried to kick down the door of the store, prosecutors said. A "wrestling match" between Vargas and the security guard then broke out. The guard dropped his gun during the scuffle, and Vargas shot him three times while squeezing off eight rounds. During the fight, Vargas dropped his keys and wallet and was arrested when he returned to the scene of the shooting to retrieve them. His defense attorney argued he is a native New Yorker who works full time as a carpenter and is not a flight risk. He also has no criminal history, his lawyer argued. The judge ordered him held on $200,000 bail. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.  nypost.com

New York: NYPD, after Officer's death, pushes cell industry to help thwart black market for stolen phones
The NYPD says the cell phone industry must do more to crack down on a thriving black market for stolen phones by making them completely useless once they have been ripped off. Over the past few years, about 39% of robberies of individuals involved a stolen phone, according to the NYPD. The city recorded 12,913 robberies in 2018, down 7.7% from 2017 and 16.9% from 2016. At the same time, robberies of cell phone stores declined to 71 last year compared with 82 in 2017 and 87 in 2016. A spotlight has been cast on cell phone robberies since Feb. 12, when Detective Brian Simonsen was shot dead by a fellow officer during the robbery of a Richmond Hill, Queens, T-Mobile store.  nydailynews.com

Roseville, MI: 22-year-old man shot by Police at Home Depot after allegedly waving firearm around
Police were called to the Baymont Motel in Roseville on reports of an altercation on the second floor and that one of the men involved had a gun. Police were unable to locate a suspect at the motel. While officers checked the area, a report came in about a person inside the Home Depot at 13 Mile Road and Little Mack Avenue waving a gun around. Witnesses identified the suspect to police and as a Roseville officer tried to make contact, the suspect allegedly raised a handgun. Two officers fired at the suspect, according to police. The man tried to flee the scene on foot and an officer tackled him. Officers called for medical assistance and gave the suspect first aid, according to a news release.  clickondetroit.com

Laurens County, SC: Walmart Distribution Center employee shot and wounded; female shooter violated Protection Order against her fellow associate
The Laurens County Sheriff's Office said law enforcement responded to a shooting at a Walmart distribution center Sunday afternoon. Sheriff Don Reynolds said shots were fired and a man was shot in the leg around 3 p.m. at the facility, located at I-385 and Highway 221. The man was taken to the hospital and was "in no grave danger." The Sheriff said no other employees were hurt in the incident. Deputies said they found the suspect sitting in a break room near the main entrance while searching the building. Deputies arrested Deborah Morgan in connection with the shooting. She faces several charges, including assault and battery with the intent to kill, violation of a protective order and other weapons charges.  foxcarolina.com

Hoover, AL: Family of man killed by Police in Mall Shooting sues Alabama Attorney General and Hoover Police Department

Corcoran, CA: Jewelry Store employee Killer Among 2 Inmates Found Dead In Cells At NorCal Prison; has been on Death Row since 1984

Lake City, FL: Man charged in deadly Tampa Liquor store shooting arrested

Paterson, NJ: Liquor store shooting leaves 4 people injured

Robberies, Incidents & Thefts

Deltona, FL: Electric Toothbrush thief charged with 3 counts of Kidnapping
After a daylong search, Volusia County Deputies on Monday arrested a man accused of trying to steal an electric toothbrush from Publix, dropping two baggies of heroin as he grappled with a deputy, crashing his car into a tree, and carjacking another vehicle with a woman and two young children inside, a sheriff's spokesman said.  orlandosentinel.com

Lincoln, NE: Adult Store Employee charged with staging Armed Robbery

College Station, TX: Macy's Shoplifter fights back, injuring 2 Macy's employees

Colorado Springs, CO: Two arrested for the Safeway Armed Robbery last month

Grocery Bargain Outlet shoplifter swallows Meth to hide it; OD's in parking lot

Kenner, LA: Police investigating 5 burglaries at Esplanade Mall

Davie, FL: Police release video of Whole Foods Shoplifter stealing $300 of meat and seafood


Blue Ridge, GA: Bizarre trial ends with 55 year sentence for an AT&T store
Armed Robbery
Hamond Mormon, 22, along with his mother and cousin were accused in the Labor Day 2017 armed robbery of the AT&T store. The resulting chase between the trio and law enforcement involved speeds over 100 mph. Mormon made his intentions known to the court that he would be defending himself and opted out of representation by a public defender. Mormon also exercised his right to declare Sovereign Citizenship, a move that has repeatedly been struck down by higher courts and considered an invalid claim. As a result, they believe they don't have to answer to any government authority, including courts, taxing entities, motor vehicle departments, or law enforcement". Mormon also refused to wear clothes to court and instead sat in the courtroom cloaked in a blanket. Despite his seemingly odd behavior, an extensive mental evaluation was performed by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and found Mormon to be of sound mind and competent to stand trial. Deliberation only took 21 minutes before the jury informed the court that they had reached a verdict in the case. fannin.fetchyournews.com

Columbia, SC: Man pleads guilty to 6 Dollar General Armed Robberies in North and South Carolina; facing life in prison

Decatur, GA: Man who robbed Subway restaurant sentenced to 10 years in prison

Wichita Falls, TX: Man pleads Guilty to C- Store Armed Robbery/ Shooting; sentenced to 7 years

Golden, CO: 2 men sentenced for string of King Soopers robberies in Jefferson County


Detroit, MI: Federal Task Force seizes $1M in Counterfeit Goods and Prescription Drugs in Michigan
A new federal task recently seized an estimated $1 million in counterfeit goods and prescription drugs at the Detroit Metro Airport and Port Huron Blue Water Bridge ports of entry, officials announced Monday. The seizure was part of Global Trade Task Force, a recently launched U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations-led, multi-agency effort that works to curb illegal commercial activities. During a week-long surge targeting merchandise and shipments entering and exiting the country from foreign countries, investigators recovered items including counterfeit Xanax pills and Botox, e-cigarettes, Rolex watches and iPhones.  detroitnews.com


Adult Store- Lincoln, NE - Armed Robbery
Bike Shop - Bozeman, MT - Burglary
C-Store - Madison, WI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Webster Groves, MO - Robbery /Assault
C-Store - Wausau, WI - Armed Robbery
Gas Station - Bloomington, IN - Robbery
Gas Station - Terre Haute, IN - Robbery
Gas Station - Nashville, TN - Armed Robbery
Liquor - Cumberland, MD - Robbery
Macy's - College Station, TX - Robbery/ Assault
Pawn Shop - North Fort Myers, FL - Burglary
Restaurant - Pasadena, MD - Armed Robbery (Domino's)
7-Eleven - Portsmouth, VA - Robbery/ Assault
7-Eleven - Abilene, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - San Antonio, TX - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Anne Arundel County, MD - Armed Robbery
7-Eleven - Pittsburgh, PA - Armed Robbery


Daily Totals:
15 robberies
2 burglaries
0 shootings
0 killed



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