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ADT Further Strengthens Footprint in Commercial Security Market
With Acquisition of Acme Security Systems

Expansion Follows Recent Addition of Aronson Security Group, Establishing Commitment to Growth and Leadership in Commercial and National Account Segments

ADT Inc., the leading provider of monitored security and interactive home and business automation solutions in the United States and Canada, today announced the completed acquisition of Acme Security Systems. Acme will join forces with recently acquired Aronson Security Group (ASG) to further drive commercial growth and expansion.

Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 1974, Acme is among the largest privately held security systems integrators in the Bay Area, focusing on electronic security systems, access control, video networks and more. adt.com

InVue Unveils Latest Innovation to Help Retailers Improve On-Shelf Availability
and Increase Sales

InVue, the leading global provider of merchandising and security solutions for brands and retailers, unveiled their latest innovation for helping retailers both protect and promote high-value hanging merchandise. Part of InVue's vast portfolio of products that empower retailers to balance inventory security with dynamic merchandising requirements, the new T1000 is a unique inventory dispenser designed to be easy for customers to use while simultaneously improving on-shelf availability of merchandise. Already in place at retail stores across pharmacy and home improvement categories, the T1000 is the only self-service fixture that can increase sales and prevent theft while ensuring planogram compliance. globenewswire.com

Appriss Retail Achieves ISO 27001:2013 Certification
Appriss Retail, the industry leader in retail performance improvement solutions, today announced that it has received ISO 27001:2013 certification for its Information Security Management System (ISMS).

ISO 27001:2013 is an information security standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the world's largest developer of voluntary international standards, and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Appriss Retail's certification was issued by A-lign, an independent and accredited certification body based in the United States on successful completion of a formal audit process. globenewswire.com

How RC Willey is Using Surveillance to Reduce Shrink
In order to fulfil its promise of same or next day delivery, home furnishings retailer RC Willey manages $500 million of inventory in warehouses and stores throughout the Western US. With millions of dollars of product in constant motion, tracking inventory discrepancies and investigating shrink was a challenge without video support. The company installed analog cameras to document the inventory flow, but when that system reached the end of its life, RC Willey began searching for a high resolution IP video surveillance system that could deliver better video with greater forensic value.

Solution - Axis Communications

After lengthy on-site testing of 15 IP camera vendors, RC Willey selected Axis Communications' network cameras to track inventory in transit from its distribution centers, retail stores and delivery trucks.

Advanced imaging features, such as Wide Dynamic Range-Dynamic Capture, provide the company with sharp, identifiable details under widely diverse lighting conditions - from vast warehouse racks to open dock bays, retail stockrooms and will-call pick-up centers. RC Willey stores the video locally at each site where it can be accessed remotely by loss prevention staff and other authorized personnel through a video management system.


Since the Axis cameras were installed, inventory shrink has dropped significantly to 0.01 percent, a full 170 percent below the home furnishings industry average. securitymagazine.com

How Sexual Misconduct Threatens the Security Industry
Real and Reputational Risk

American society is currently experiencing an unprecedented conversation about sexual misconduct in the workplace. Industries such as news, entertainment and technology - and more recently, government - have seen male leaders, most of whose long-occurring deviant or dishonorable behaviors were open secrets, fall from grace. Other sectors dominated by men at most levels of employment and certainly in leadership, such as finance, science, law enforcement, intelligence, military, academia and security, have yet to experience similar exposure or upheaval. But do not take this to mean such experiences do not occur, only that victims have not yet felt the security to come forward.

Why not? Well, in her frank opinion piece for the New York Times, actress Amber Tamblyn writes: "Throughout history, women haven't been in a position to come forward with their stories and be taken seriously as a rule. That's the reason we sometimes wait 20 years to report something - harassment, assault - if we say anything at all. We haven't been silent because we forgot or made our stories up. We've been silent because we've been silenced. But women now feel comfortable telling such stories."

Our field is not a well-known profession; our leaders are not celebrities. Women in security remain afraid to discuss the harms incurred in our workplace, because we do not trust our disclosures will be taken seriously. Yet we care deeply about the work, the environment in which it occurs and the field's capacity to improve as well as grow. So, I will start this importance conversation by disclosing my experiences and the experiences of others, but not to just spur discussion in the workplace. The greater goal is to suggest specific ways in which we can work together to make our all colleagues feel welcome at work. Specifically, I write in response to the sincere request of my many right-thinking, well-meaning male friends and colleagues who have asked: "What can we do, and how can we help?"

"The majority of us who work in small offices or organizations, our exposure to such misconduct occurs off-site - tradeshows, conferences, subject-specific trainings, sponsored-industry events."

Workplace Misconduct Discredits Individuals and Damages the Profession
"Security professionals are tasked with addressing reputational risk as well as physical risk, but are our own departments and industry doing enough to avoid being a risk to the enterprise as a whole?"

The First Steps Are Shockingly Simple
"The first step to solving this problem is acknowledging that one exists at all." Read full article here

'Tracking Returns' - Makes Five Media Outlets in Two Days
Turns Into Nationwide Hot Button for Media Left
It's interesting to see the ripple effect to certain articles and stories as they cross the nation, and as journalists pick up the news and re-spin it based on their readership and personal opinions.

Making National News In WSJ
How Your Returns Are Used Against You at Best Buy, Other Retailers

Best Buy is among retailers that pay a third-party service to help track customers' shopping behavior and limit the number of items they can bring back

Every time shoppers return purchases to Best Buy they are tracked by a company which has the power to override the store's touted policy and refuse to refund their money.

That is because the electronics giant is one of several chains that have hired a service called The Retail Equation to score customers' shopping behavior and impose limits on the amount of merchandise they can return.

Some retailers monitor return fraud in-house, but Best Buy and others pay The Retail Equation to track and score each customer's return behavior for both in-store and online purchases. The service also works with Home Depot Inc., J.C. Penney Co., Sephora and Victoria's Secret. Some retailers use the system only to assess returns made without a receipt.

Best Buy uses The Retail Equation to assess all returns, even those made with a receipt. Dozens of shoppers have complained on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and other online forums that they were prevented from making returns despite following the store's policy.

The Retail Equation said its services are used in 34,000 stores, but declined to provide a full list of its clients. The Wall Street Journal learned of the relationship between some retailers and the firm by reviewing return activity reports from customers.

"We are hired by the retailers to review the returns, look for suspicious situations and issue approvals, warnings or denials," said Tom Rittman, a marketing vice president at Appriss Inc., a Louisville, Ky., data analytics firm that acquired The Retail Equation in 2015.

The company said its system is designed to identify 1% of shoppers whose behaviors mimic return fraud or abuse. Its statisticians and programmers have built a customized algorithm for each retailer that scores customers based on their shopping behavior and then flags people who exceed a certain score. The company said it doesn't share a person's data from one retailer with another. wsj.com

Retail Wire Picks Up WSJ Article Above
'Will return bans burn retailers that impose them?'
Creates Discussion Thread

Product returns represent a tricky situation for retailers. On one hand, research shows that generous return policies are a factor that drives retail sales. On the other, processing returns are expensive, particularly when fraud is involved. To address this negative aspect, some retailers including Best Buy are turning to third-party vendors to track and limit the amount of merchandise accepted as returns.

A Wall Street Journal article, citing a National Retail Federation survey of 63 retailers, reports that 11 percent of sales are returned, with 11 percent of those being fraudulent.

While limiting returns may help reduce costs, there's also the potential for alienating good customers. The Journal article pointed to customers who were frustrated by a policy that is essentially hidden from plain sight until a ban is placed.

Product returns made the news recently when L.L.Bean revised its lifetime satisfaction guaranteed policy to cover items for a year after purchase.

While some retailers placing more limits on returns, others are looking to simplify the process. Walmart introduced Mobile Express Returns last October to enable customers who purchase items from the retailer online to process returns in 35 seconds or less. The retailer is adding the feature to its mobile app this year so customers can more easily return items bought in its stores.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Do you think that retailers using in-house or third-party systems to limit returns are on the right or wrong track? Do companies such as Best Buy need to be more transparent about the system they have in place to track returns to avoid alienating customers?

Editor's Note: RetailWire allows followers to comment on articles and creates a unique thread of opinions. retailwire.com

Best Buy is punishing customers who return too many items - and it's a disturbing trend sweeping across the retail industry
Best Buy, Home Depot, Victoria's Secret, and other retailers use a third-party company to discreetly track how often shoppers return purchases. businessinsider.com

Meet the vendor who can void your Best Buy return - Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

94% of retail execs expect as many - or more - bankruptcies in 2018
In a survey conducted in November, 40% of retail executives said they expect bankruptcy filings in the sector to increase in 2018, according to a new report from accounting and consulting firm BDO.

Another 54% of executives said they expect the level of bankruptcy filings to stay consistent with last year, which surpassed 2008 in retail bankruptcies. The year has already seen four major retail bankruptcies, including that of department store Bon-Ton. Others, including Claire's and Nine West, are said to be readying filings, and there are many more at risk

The report authors pointed out that rising consumer debt levels, combined with anticipated interest rate rises, "may put the brakes on consumer spending as consumers pay down credit card tabs." In turn, distressed retailers with large debt loads were likely to face higher interest payments, "limiting their ability to remodel stores to adapt to changing consumer preferences or to develop more meaningful in-store experience offerings and services," according to the report.

There could be no end in sight for what has colloquially (if somewhat dramatically) been dubbed the "retail apocalypse." retaildive.com

Taco Chain Owner Stole $5.6M In Taxes, Wash. AG Says
The owner of six Seattle-area taco restaurants was criminally charged with theft for allegedly using illegal technology in cash transactions that let him pocket more than $5.6 million in unpaid taxes, in what is the largest "sales suppression software" case in state history, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Friday. law360.com

Does Arming Police with Semi-Automatic Rifles Make a Community Safer?
The rifles can have their place as history reveals, but there can be a cost as well.

It's been a long-running theme - police are being outgunned.

The debate about whether police forces should have rifles, like the AR-15, or even need them, may involve viable arguments on both sides. govtech.com

Florida Retail Federation say blocking Criminal Justice proposal was among 'biggest successes'
The head of the Florida Retail Federation said Tuesday that one of the trade association's "biggest successes" was helping block a criminal justice reform that would have raised the threshold for a felony theft charge. "Keeping the threshold at its current limit of $300 will help to protect retailers by deterring theft, discouraging criminals from stealing larger amounts of merchandise and reducing the impact of organized retail crime," said R. Scott Shalley, FRF's president and CEO. The bipartisan measure was championed by Sen. Randolph Bracy and state Rep. Byron Donalds. The proposal intended to raise the threshold for a felony theft charge from $300 to $1,500. Florida has three of the lowest thresholds in the country and has not raised the amount since 1986.

Advocates of the measure said it would have helped reduce the population at adult and juvenile detention facilities and helped lower the amount of convicted felons in the state who are stripped from their right to vote, hold public office or sit on a jury. But Shalley viewed the proposal as one that would have made retailers more vulnerable. floridapolitics.com

Seattle, WA: World's Largest Trademark / Intellectual Property Event
to Be Held in May

This gathering at the Washington State Convention Center marks INTA's 140th Annual Meeting and comes at a time when brand owners worldwide are identifying new opportunities and challenges. The Annual Meeting will cover timely topics, such as strategies for battling counterfeit goods in the global marketplace-including enforcement against counterfeiters of sports merchandise; IP issues in the era of artificial intelligence and other innovations; and influencer marketing insights into return on investment. prweb.com

New Position: Vice President Security for Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin & Metropolitan Chicago, in Greendale, WI
At Goodwill, we know Results Matter; it's one of our 3 Guiding Principles. We run successful businesses that give people the opportunity to work and meet community needs. Each of us impacts our mission and we take pride in operating with integrity and owning our results. We operate diverse business units, including retail, manufacturing, and program services in over 100 locations in SE WI and Metro Chicago. We are currently recruiting for a Vice President of Security to ensure safety for our operations.

The Vice President of Security will set our long term strategic vision and oversee planning for the security and safety of employees, facilities, assets, customers, vendors, and participants. In this position, you will align financial and operational performance to create economic value and reports to the executive team on all functions of security. ultipro.com

80,000 Workers Seek Sanctions Against Walmart Over Missing Data on Law-Required Seating in Calif.

New Position: Senior Risk Management & Compliance Manager for Verizon, Basking Ridge, N.J.

Sears Hometown & Outlets - Corporate LP Manager - Closed

James Avery Jewelers - Risk Management LP Manager - Internal Candidates Only

Quarterly Results

DSW Q4 comp's up 1.3%, sales up 6.7%, full yr comp's down 0.4%, sales up 3.3%
Tilly's Q4 comp's flat, net sales up 2.6%, full yr. comp's up 1%, net sales up 1.4%
Dick's Sporting Goods Q4 comp's down 2%, sales up 7.3%, full yr consolidated comp's down 0.3%, sales up 8.4%

Join LP Leaders in Dallas

With 2,500+ retail and restaurant loss prevention professionals attending NRF PROTECT 2018, you're going to want to be there, too. Hear how others approach the loss prevention and asset protection issues you face and see what LP technologies they recommend.

Major Brands Will Be There

What Do They Know That You Don't?

There are no trade secrets in loss prevention-we all want to protect our people, assets and brands. That's why dozens of retailers are coming to share their experiences at NRF PROTECT.

Don Burkett
Director, Loss Prevention Technology

Office Depot
Tara Nutley
Director of Asset Protection Training & Communications

Caleb Popow
Regional Manager, Asset Protection, Southeast

Abercrombie & Fitch

Retailers, save up to $550 on a Full Conference Pass to NRF Protect 2018. Savings end March 17th at 11:50pm EST. Discount automatically applies through this link:


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ADT Further Strengthens Footprint in Commercial Security Market With Acquisition of Acme Security Systems

Expansion Follows Recent Addition of Aronson Security Group, Establishing Commitment to Growth and Leadership in Commercial and National Account Segments

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 13, 2018 - ADT Inc. (NYSE: ADT), the leading provider of monitored security and interactive home and business automation solutions in the United States and Canada, today announced the completed acquisition of Acme Security Systems. Acme will join forces with recently acquired Aronson Security Group (ASG) to further drive commercial growth and expansion.

Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 1974, Acme is among the largest privately held security systems integrators in the Bay Area, focusing on electronic security systems, access control, video networks and more.

"ADT and Acme have a shared vision for exceptional service, and this alliance not only enhances our leadership in the market, but substantially extends our service capabilities for our valued customers," said ADT President, Jim DeVries. "We're thrilled to welcome the talented Acme team members as contributors in a significant chapter of ADT's history."

"For our employees to unite with one of the most successful and recognizable security brands in history is a true honor," added Steve Harris, Founder of Acme Security Systems. "ADT believes in their ability to provide unparalleled service to the commercial and national account market, and their enthusiasm is infectious. Together, we'll be able to provide significant value for current and future customers."

For more information, visit www.news.adt.com.

About ADT
ADT is a leading provider of security and automation solutions for homes and businesses in the United States and Canada, people on-the-go and their networks. Making security more accessible than ever before, and backed by 24/7 customer support, ADT is committed to providing superior customer service with a focus on speed and quality of responsiveness, helping customers feel more safe and empowered. ADT is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and employs more than 18,000 people in the United States and Canada.


New DHS bill has some cybersecurity trimmings
Private Sector Included in Cyber Incident Response Teams

The new DHS bill includes a headquarter for DHS and advanced strategies for the department. It authorizes new responsibilities for chief privacy officer and chief information officer. The department, which was enacted more than ten years ago, will soon see some new changes including like remodeling the National Protection and Programs Directorate as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which will be headed by the director of national cybersecurity and infrastructure security.

The suggested modifications include reorganizing DHS' National Protection and Programs Directorate, securing personally identifiable information, along with supporting cybersecurity research. The new legislation would also allow Customs and Border Protection to remove personally identifiable information like social security numbers, passport numbers and residential addresses from manifests before demonstrating in public.

The House Homeland Security committee passed the Cyber Incident Response Teams Act, empowering DHS' National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center to form cyber hunt and incident response teams. The act allows this department to fill the Cyber Incident Response Teams with cybersecurity experts from the government and private sector. cisomag.com

Hybrid Cyber-Risk Solutions May Lower Cost of Insurance
Requiring businesses to buy certain IT products to get better cyber insurance coverage may be an idea whose time has come.

Going beyond simply adding coverage to existing policies, Allianz Group, an insurance company seeking to gain a bigger share of the U.S. cyber market, made news along with Cisco, Apple, and Aon by announcing that the four companies would be offering "a new cyber-risk management solution for businesses."

To obtain the enhanced and sometimes cheaper insurance, companies will have to buy Cisco's ransomware product (which defends companies against "cloud-delivered malicious internet site-blocking" and other malware) or purchase Apple iPhones, iPads, or Macs for their employees. Corporate applicants must also undergo a cyber security assessment administered by Aon specialists. cfo.com

Think Tank: Weighing the Risk of Employee-Owned Devices on the Sales Floor
Even with the current retail challenges of store closures and the growth of online shopping, survey after survey reveals that shoppers still want an in-store experience. The "experience" is what retailers are truly focusing on, whether it be a retailer such as Bonobos which has opened physical stores or the show-rooming concept that Restoration Hardware has embraced. Companies that are offering customer engagement at the highest level need their sales associates to be brand ambassadors. That means knowing more than the savvy shopper about products and being aware of brand perception even on social media.

The challenge today is that only those retailers who invest in effective associate training and evaluation strategies, and in providing up-to-the minute, on-floor communications can keep their employees one step ahead of today's demanding, tech-savvy consumers. Providing both enterprise class hardware and software may be an expense, but it will create a long-term cost savings from doing things correctly without having the negative effect of compromised security, productivity and consistency - not to mention maintaining a professional appearance to your customer.

Is the risk worth the reward?
It's not just the attorneys who retailers need to listen to - it's store operations, HR, loss prevention and the IT department. A Tech Pro Research survey found that 76 percent of the 259 IT professionals polled said their companies allow staff to use their own devices. Yet only 30 percent said their IT departments support these devices. (Subscription required) wwd.com

Nearly 90% of Firms Will Use Biometrics by 2020
The vast majority of organizations will use biometric authentication technology by 2020, but concerns over vendor transparency persist, according to a poll by Spiceworks. It found that 62% use it already in some form, while an additional 24% will do so in the next two years.

However, although most believe it to be a more secure alternative to static passwords, PINs and personal security questions, just 10% claimed biometrics are secure enough to be used as the only form of authentication. That means in most cases the tech will be used in a multi-factor authentication scenario.

Fingerprint scanners were by far the most popular form of biometrics among respondents (57%), followed by facial recognition (14%), hand geometry recognition (5%), iris scanners (3%), voice recognition (2%) and palm-vein recognition (2%).

The largest number of respondents claimed their organization uses biometrics via the smartphone (46%), while a quarter use it to authenticate employees on laptops and 22% use it on tablets. Some 17% of organizations use biometrics to authenticate employees on time-clock systems, and 11% use it on door locks for the server room. infosecurity-magazine.com

Yahoo users can sue over data breaches, judge rules
Verizon, which now owns the web giant, sought to dismiss the case.

Yahoo customers affected by three massive data breaches that resulted in the theft of more than three billion users' data are allowed to sue the company, a judge has ruled.

At the heart of the case, Yahoo was accused of taking too long to notify users of the breaches, which put customers at risk of identity theft and fraud. The filing, dated Friday, cited several customers whose data was stolen by criminals and used for filing fraudulent tax returns or credit card charges. Other customers had to pay out to credit bureaus to freeze their accounts.

Koh said that customers may have "taken measures to protect themselves" had they known about the breaches sooner.

The case began in 2016 after the company admitted it was hacked in 2014, in which 500 million user accounts were stolen.

Later in the year, the company revealed that it was hacked again -- a year earlier in 2013 -- in which one billion accounts were stolen. Yahoo later said that all its three billion users were affected by that breach.

A separate attack on the company's systems allowed hackers to steal portions of the company's source code. Attackers used that code to generate cookies, allowing access to accounts without requiring a user's password. zdnet.com

4 Data Issues to Act on Now, as Europe's GDPR Looms
Stores in Europe? New Data Management Regulations
This impacts you as well & does U.S. use it as a model?

Official enforcement of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, imposing new requirements for how organizations process and maintain personal data, is less than three months away. At a recent event for association professionals, experts pinpointed four key member data issues to address now.

GDPR enforcement begins on May 25, and it's bound to shake up businesses both big and small. That includes associations that process and control a lot of member and customer data. Although the regulation protects the personal data of EU residents specifically, the implications for your organization are many.

GDPR represents a major shift in data management and affects who has the right to access, control, and manage personal data. It significantly enhances the rights of data subjects. Under the new regulations, EU residents have the right to access their personal data, the right to rectify incomplete or inaccurate data, the right to be forgotten, and the right to restrict the processing of their data. And this is a regulation with teeth-fines for violations are substantial.

"I tend to call GDPR 'getting your data protection ready' or 'getting data protection right,'" says Carol Tullo, associate consultant at the UK-based consulting firm the Trust Bridge. "In this world of information and trade without boundaries, many [organizations] will be capturing data. ... That data is personal information, and the standard that GDPR is setting is to ensure that the individual and their data footprint is being treated with respect." associationsnow.com

Your face as big data


Are You Shredding Your Boarding Passes?

Over the last two years multiple web sites and news agencies published warnings about how dangerous it was to discard boarding passes. Dangerous may be a little overdramatic, but some precaution is warranted. There is a lot of personal information in that little box that's scanned by the gate agent. You full name, frequent flyer number and other personal information are some of the details stored there. You can even scan it yourself with a free smartphone app! Privacy continues to be under attack from multiple angles, so it's just good sense to shred your boarding passes after use.


Coming March 14/15:

Critical Incident Management - Technology - Response

Pat McEvoy, Sr. Dir of AP Administration, Hudson's Bay Company
Bryan Granata
, Managing Dir of AP,
Saks Fifth Avenue

With lone wolf terrorist attacks happening more frequently in the greater NYC area and active shooter incidents increasing nationwide, the need for critical incident management programs, technology and hardware has never been more important.

Pat McEvoy, Sr. Director of Asset Protection Administration, Hudson's Bay Company and Bryan Granata, Managing Director of Asset Protection, Saks Fifth Avenue, tell us about the preventative measures their stores are taking from training drills and K9 dogs to gunshot detection systems.

Episode Sponsored By

Rex Gillette Shares How the
ADT/Protection 1 Merger is Going

Rex Gillette, Vice President of Retail Sales for ADT/Protection 1, tells us why a great employee culture with top notch customer service have helped Protection 1 and ADT set itself apart as a leading integrator in the retail security business.

Solution Providers: Have a video or commercial you want to publish? Contact us 



Behind the scenes with eBay's fraud busters:
We learn how to spot if that designer handbag is FAKE... and the other tricks it uses to catch out crooks

Around 24 million buyers and sellers in the UK use eBay every month. With 1.1 billion listings live at any one time, it is an enormous - and expensive - undertaking.

And investigators have to be quick. Pablo, who works in the counterfeit team, deals with anything from 80 to 100 cases every day.

There is also a team that combats fraud and another for tackling the sale of prohibited items.

eBay's investigators work closely with law enforcement and regulatory bodies across the globe, and on more than one occasion their evidence has helped put criminals in jail.

But what are the secret signs of fraud that they use to spot dodgy listings? And how can you use them to stay safe online?

EBay relies heavily on its computer system to root out suspect listings. It is programmed to block any suspicious activity based on what listings are called, their description, the images used and information about the seller.

It means that many of the most dodgy listings often never even make it on to the website.

Major brands have their own teams dedicated to finding counterfeit items on online marketplaces such as eBay. Some send their own experts to help train eBay staff on how to spot fakes. This might include the exact position of a brand's logo on an item or whether a zip is engraved, for example.

Many of us treat a suspiciously cheap price as a big giveaway that something is a fake; eBay uses the same rule of thumb. Customers also shouldn't rely on the fact that the item comes with a dust bag or box, as this is not always a reliable indication that something is genuine.

The eBay experts pay particular attention to new sellers on the website who start flogging pricey, designer goods. The same goes if a seller who has previously sold only cheap T-shirts suddenly lists a dozen iPhones or expensive watches.

eBay controls the part of the website where seller information appears and assigns these logos so they cannot be faked. And while sellers can ask eBay to remove comments, they can't change their star ratings. Read more at thisismoney.co.uk

10 Inevitable Ecommerce Risks You Should Watch Out For
Running an ecommerce store might be much simpler than opening a brick-and-mortar store. However, it also comes with a whole new set of risks you might not have thought about.

This infographic shows the 10 common risks of running an ecommerce business that you need to beware of:

1. Online Security
2. System Reliability
3. Privacy Issues
4. Customer Disputes
5. Credit Card Fraud
6. Intellectual Property Issues
7. SEO
8. Taxation
9. Return of Goods and Warranty
10. Warehousing and Logistics Issues business2community.com

Americans are now more impatient online shoppers than ever
And it's all because of Amazon

Americans are demanding faster and faster shipping times for their online shopping orders, according to a survey by consulting firm AlixPartners. The maximum amount of time considered acceptable to wait for a package is now just an average of 4.1 days, down from 5.5 days six years ago. Amazon Prime members are even more demanding. According to the survey, they expect packages nearly a day earlier than non-members, on average. This represents a new reality for online shopping. businessinsider.com

Amazon recalls 260,000 portable power banks for fire hazard

Nordstrom acquires two e‑commerce technology companies

Amazon Seeks New Avenues Of Growth For Amazon Prime

Boxed Rejects Kroger's $400 Million Purchase Offer


Pembroke Pines, FL: 2 job applicants linked to $1 million theft at marine store
Investigators say two men posing as job applicants are connected to a crew of thieves who stole $1 million worth of equipment from a Florida marine supply store. Broward Sheriff's spokeswoman Joy Oglesby said that the burglary was carried out over a dozen visits during a weekend in January. The sheriff's office released a video of men in hopes that someone will recognize them. She says the men applied for jobs Jan. 5. Later that night, thieves broke into a rear cargo door. Surveillance video shows the two applicants walking through the warehouse. seattletimes.com

Coldwater, MI: Police arrest suspect in $10,000 merchandise theft from Meijer
A major theft case involving a large amount of merchandise stolen in November from the Coldwater Meijer store has resulted in the arrest of a suspect taken into custody last week. 36-year old Derek Butler surrendered at the Branch County Jail Friday and was arraigned on 3 counts of first degree retail fraud and also on a child support charge. The items with an estimated value of $10,000 were reported stolen on November 23 and November 29, 2017. The surveillance camera at Meijer spotted the license plate on the car used in the thefts. A search warrant signed in early February allowed officers to enter the suspect's home where they found much of the merchandise including TV's, computers, electronic games, drones and children's toys. Police also said items taken from the Walmart store in Coldwater were discovered at Butler's residence. wtvbam.com

South Windsor, CT: Macy's employee arrested for stealing $3,400 from a Distribution Center
South Windsor police say they arrested 48-year-old Adolph Forsythe of Hartford on an arrest warrant early Tuesday morning. The arrest stems from a larceny investigation that took place in January of this year at Macy's Logistics warehouse. Police say an investigation began after store security found that an employee had been taking women's fragrances and hiding them in his vehicle. They say officers recovered 31 bottle of fragrances, which altogether were valued at $3,433. As a result of an investigation, officials say they were able to obtain an arrest warrant for Forsythe and he then arrested early Tuesday morning. nbcconnecticut.com

Shippensburg, PA: Man's 6th Retail theft arrest leads to felony charge
A 28-year-old Cumberland County man is facing a third-degree felony charge after being busted for retail theft for the sixth time. According to Shippensburg Police, Terraill Patterson took $14.38 worth of items from a Sheetz store last Friday and left the store without paying. fox43.com

ORC Duo: Woman Stealing Guns From Three Jacksonville Stores Pleads Guilty
Throughout the summer of 2017, Griffin and another individual worked together to steal firearms from at least three Jacksonville gun stores. At each location, Griffin's co-conspirator would distract the sales staff, while Griffin would sneak behind the counter to steal handguns. She stole as many as five guns from a single location. On August 23, 2017, Griffin was arrested after she attempted to leave a gun store with two stolen pistols in her purse. She eventually admitted her involvement in the conspiracy, explaining that after she stole the firearms, her co-conspirator would either keep, sell, or trade the guns for drugs. justice.gov

Whitehall, OH: Police kick off 2018 crime blitzes
Whitehall police deployed the first of their crime blitzes of 2018 late last month, arresting 20 people on either drug- or theft-related offenses on back-to-back days. This year's crime blitzes use a saturation of uniformed, plain-clothed and undercover officers focused on one objective in a specific location, Deputy Police Chief Dan Kelso said. They're a continuation of blitzes Whitehall police first carried out last year. Those included initiatives directed at retail theft, drug trafficking, human trafficking and juvenile crime. thisweeknews.com

Bolingbrook, IL: Two Women facing charges of stealing a Swimming Pool from Walmart

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Shootings, Brawl & Deaths

Owings Mills, MD: Police Investigate Shooting Inside Owings Mills Target
Around 5:40 p.m., surveillance video shows two men got into a verbal altercation at Target, Officer Jennifer Peach said. Another man was in the cafe area, she said. At point, one of the men in the argument began to walk away, turns back around and shoots at the other man, Peach said. Peach said the shooter and the third man who was in the cafe are then seen running out of the Target, followed by the victim. All men are currently being looked for. Peach said police know at least one gunshot was fired. Officials are not sure if the man who was shot at was struck by the bullet. As officers held the crime scene, Target employees were sent home. wbal.com

Harris County, TX: Man shot during argument outside Kroger
Authorities said the man was shot outside of a Kroger at FM 1960 and Cypress Station Drive around 8:45 p.m Monday. Authorities said two men got into an argument outside of the store. One of the men pulled a gun and shot the other in the leg before leaving the scene in an unknown direction. The man who was shot was taken to an area hospital in good condition with non-life-threatening injuries. click2houston.com

Charlotte, NC: Person found with gunshot wound outside SouthPark Mall
The person was found before 3 p.m. in the parking lot outside Macy's at the SouthPark Mall on Sharon Road. Officials said the victim was found shot in a vehicle and the gunshot appeared to be self-inflicted. wbtv.com

Sterling Heights, MI: Man charged in Lakeside Mall mass shooting threat;
gun found in home

A 20-year-old man has been charged with threatening a mass shooting at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights. Tyler Tindell was arrested within hours of police receiving a tip about the plans early Friday and working with a task force to find a suspect who sent threatening texts about opening fire at the mall.

During the probe, Sterling Heights police stepped up security at the mall, Chief Dale Dwojakowski said. "At no time was the safety of anybody at Lakeside Mall in jeopardy; this, in large part, was because of the communication between all law enforcement agencies involved in this case." Investigators executed a search warrant Friday at his Shelby Township home and found a gun, according to the release. clickondetroit.com

Memphis, TN: Suspect charged in Oak Court Mall fight, shooting in parking lot
One of the five suspects wanted in connection to a recent fight and shooting at the Oak Court Mall has been taken into custody. Tyquan Quinn has been charged with reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of a gun. The other four suspects are still at large. Officers stated the entire thing started as a fight on the upper level of the mall. Once outside in the parking lot, shots were fired, but no one was hurt. wreg.com

Mobile, AL: Video released of the weekend brawl at The Shoppes of Bel Air
It appears the fight started in the middle of the mall near the tables and chairs between a small group of people. In the video, several moments later, more people get involved and start to push and throw punches at each other. During the video people attempt to stop the fight. Towards the end of the video you can see two people fighting each other. They fall and slam into the floor where more punches are thrown. It is unclear who was involved and what the fight was about. Within the last year we reported 3 instances where the Mobile Police Department investigated violent situations at or near the Shoppes at Bel Air. fox10tv.com

Robberies & Thefts

Pagosa Springs, CO: The owner of ski shop in downtown Pagosa Springs surprised a burglar and paid with his life
Larry Fisher, 71, owner of the Ski and Bow Rack interrupted a burglary at his own store on Sunday and was shot in the chest. Fisher would later die after crews airlifted him to a trauma center in Lakewood. Investigators are now searching for the gunman. cbslocal.com

Reno, NV: Former Casino cafe manager admits to $2,000 cash theft

Hammond, IN: Police release images of 4 suspects in 4 Distraction Theft; Beauty Supply, Liquor and C-Stores

Dublin, GA: Man arrested for Armed Robbery of Family Dollar , Ollie's and 2 C-Stores

Spotsylvania County, VA: Police charge man in sex assault on 7-Eleven store clerk

UK: London Acid Attack moped mugger is jailed for more than 10 years

Fredric's Jewelry in the Shops at Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, CA reported a Smash & Grab Robbery on 3/12, no items lost, no injuries

Skimming Theft

From Russia With Love
Romanian 'Hornea Crew' of 12: Romanian National Sentenced 1 yr & 1 day for East Coast ATM Skimming

In May 2017, Trifu and Bonculescu indicted in connection with the ATM skimming scheme along with 12 others. Bonculescu is the eighth defendant to plead guilty.

Over a period of 18 months, the Crew installed skimming devices and made unauthorized withdrawals in seven states, including Massachusetts. In particular, members of the Crew installed skimming devices in the following locations: Amherst, Bellingham, Billerica, Braintree, Chicopee, Quincy, Southwick, Waltham, Weymouth, and Whately, Mass.; Enfield, Conn.; Columbia, Greenville, Greenwood, Mauldin, and Saluda, S.C.; Savannah, Ga.; and Yadkinville, N.C. The Crew made unauthorized withdrawals at ATMs in approximately 29 Massachusetts towns; seven Connecticut towns; six New York towns; Salem, N.H.; and Sumter, S.C.

Members of the Hornea Crew and Trifu transferred money throughout the United States and to Romania and the People's Republic of China. Some of those transfers were for the purchase of skimming devices and related components from abroad. justice.gov

Bradford County, FL: Undocumented immigrant fugitive arrested with credit card skimmer, police say
Sheriff's deputies in Bradford County arrested a man they say had a "suspicious electronic device" in his underwear they believed to be a credit card skimmer. Gordon was taken to the Bradford County Jail where upon further search of his clothing he was found to be concealing 11 credit cards under his foot in his sock. He also had a suspicious electronic device in his underwear. Bradford County Detectives believed the device to be some kind of credit card skimming tool so contact was made with the Florida Department of Agriculture as well as the Secret Service in Jacksonville. news4jax.com

Bomb Threats

Kent County, MI: Woman accused of making bomb threat at Target to assist shoplifting spree
A woman accused of phoning in a bomb threat to a Target store in southern Kent County to create a diversion for a shoplifting spree has been ordered to stand trial for the late November incident. Kent County deputies say she called in a bomb threat to the Target store on Nov. 28 to distract employees so she could pilfer items from the Gaines Township retailer. Smith told Target employees on the phone that they had eight minutes to evacuate the building before a bomb would blow up, investigators said. Target and a Staples store, which is next door, were evacuated. Law enforcement searched the buildings; they did not find any suspicious packages. wzzm13.com


Kansas City, MO: Two Men Plead Guilty to Armed Robbery Conspiracy; Face at Least 15 Years in Prison


C-Store - Cowlesville, NY - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Mosherville, MI - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Manatee County, FL - Robbery
C-Store - Pacifica, CA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Greenwood, DE - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Susquehanna Township, PA - Armed Robbery
C-Store - Terrebonne County, LA - Burglary
Circle K - Richland County, SC - Armed Robbery
Family Dollar - Nashville, TN - Robbery
Jewelry Store - Mission Viejo, CA - Robbery
Liquor Store - Detroit, MI - Burglary
Restaurant - Grangeville, ID - Burglary
Rite Aid - Caribou, ME - Robbery
Ski Shop - Pagosa Springs, CO - Burglary / Owner shot & killed
Specialty store - University City, MO - Burglary
Verizon Wireless - Fremont, CA - Robbery


Daily Totals:
11 robberies
5 burglaries
1 shooting
1 killing



None to report.

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